The Presidential Portrait has been completed!

Let’s Play A Game.

If a dead tree falls on a Dolt’s head in the forest….

If a dead tree in the forest falls on a dolt’s head and there’s nobody there, is he still a dolt?

Hint: That is not Henry David Thoreau.

I maintain that Ivanka has her mother’s brains and her father’s Sleazy “Trust me Sucker” personality.

The Dolt Brothers, on the other hand, have their father’s brains and Sleazy personality. Well, Donnie Jr does, Eric is too dumb to even have a personality. It’s a damned good thing grandpa left daddy rich or they would both be skimming charge cards at a gas station.

You can just see in the above photo op that Donnie Jr. is asking a question while sitting on a stump in the woods under a dying tree. The poetic symbolism is astounding. And also, he is fortunate that the endangered species he will be sneaking up on to kill hasn’t found him first. So far.

So what’s the question Donnie Jr. is asking, you ask? You are asking that, right?

Which brings me to the answer. The answer is,

“No Donnie, you just aren’t hot enough for Daddy. Ivanka is his favorite and always will be. Live with it, Donnie. She’s FLOTUS now and you are relegated to hiring a thousand  H-2A people to pick your grapes. Which is okay, because Daddy made a point not to include them in his Executive Order so as not to disturb you and Mar-A-Lago staff. Atta boy, Donnie. Hire American! Merika! Because we’re sure you will make a killing providing all the White House wine at a snappy price.

And stop worrying about the obvious fact that you are nothing to your father compared to Ivanka. You’ll always have Pepe The Frog to love you. And after all, you ARE still a member of the our own Romanov family.

**Next, we will discuss the rumor that Eric could possibly be Gary Busey’s biological son.

Worried About A Subpoena, Lying Sack of Shit Alex Jones Apologizes For Fake Pizzagate

So here’s what this fat psycho pig has to say about his Pizzagate Hoax while he craps his jeans:

Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy theorist and the host of a popular right-wing radio show, has apologized for helping to spread and promote the hoax known as Pizzagate.


The Pizzagate theory, which posited with no evidence that top Democratic officials were involved with a satanic child pornography ring centered around Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., grew in online forums before making its way to more visible venues, including Mr. Jones’s show.

We’re still waiting for him to admit his bullshit about Sandy Hook.

Well, that’s what he had to say about Pizzagate. And here’s what I have to say to him and all the people I once respected who helped to spread this disgusting demented SHIT. At long last, have you NO shame?

I hope this Skeevy bastard gets prosecuted for his part in attempting to impact the election with bogus news…..and gets put in charge of the soap in the shower. If not, I hope he gets his ass sued right down to his shorts. Actually, I hope he suffers both things.

Most likely, Comet Ping Pong is suing him, and they will make that wish come true. They’ve had to hire guards since Fat Alex pimped his junk, the death threats have been horrendous. Eat it, Fat Alex. You’re done.

In any event, I hope whatever Alex Jones is afraid of –enough to make his demented self apologize– is really really horrible.

I wish him everything he deserves, just so long as it’s not good. And that’s mild compared to what I wish for Trump and all his Russian Assets who are about to throw him onto the tracks for a deal.

Wanted: A Better Health Care Assessment Committee

Yesterday this photo appeared on Twitter of Mike “I didn’t know” Pence’s own personal Health Care Committee. They were working busily to “Fix” “Obamacare by culling the herd. Do I see Dr. Death Price there? The guy who basically said that if you have cancer, it’s so horrible, you’re really better off dead and, well, it costs less too?

Thank goodness these are all “Christians” else we would never be able to cull the herd fast enough! Let’s just call that dead plan The Kill The Poor, Disabled, Sick and Elderly For Jesus Program.

You can already guess the way in which Tweeters responded to this photo. It was a meeting of a bunch of Old White Men who probably have their suits permanently tattooed to their bodies.

These are the same silly old white men who enjoy discussing over lunch what they would like to do to those goddamned women next.

So, a Tweeter “fixed” the photo for them.

Having already enjoyed watching Eddie Munster Ryan and The Donald be dealt a #Fail blow, nobody really gave a crap about this, save for the reality that anybody who isn’t a white male in the USA right now is a target.

So that’s when the real fun hit. Not to be outdone…this photo appeared under the tweet entitled….

Then this happened, a reminder that when there’s nothing left to do but laugh, we laughed– at the whole lot of those cockroaches and their convoluted beliefs.

First the Poodles showed up wanting to be on the Committee.

And then, of course, I couldn’t resist, partially out of fear of pissing off MKBill by saying Nothing.

Then an obviously male dog piped in and…

And then a cat named Bitches started to Bitch.

And of course, Tosca, having long ago given up, piped in:

There was much more and it seems the thread is still alive. So go take a look…….and join in if your spirit moves you. Click on the tweet: