The Last Thing She Did…

Was vote for Hillary Clinton for President. 

“How did Hillary do?” Mama asked me on Monday, 15 days before the election.

At 94, bedridden in my home in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mama was going down quickly. Her heart was beating irregularly; just days before, she had lost the ability to walk. When she turned away her favorite strawberry rhubarb pie, I knew it was only a matter of time.

Mama’s absentee ballot had finally arrived that morning. It was a moment she had been living for since she was a girl: the chance to elect our first female president. She cast her ballot; I sealed it and drove it to the post office. But even by the time I came back, she was slipping in and out of consciousness, confused, and thinking the election had already happened.

Get your tissues ready Uppityites and read the rest of this article…you’ll be glad you did.

The Republic in the balance

Two things stand out among all others that threaten our Republic right now: false equivalency and civic ignorance.

Rachel did a segment on Justice Souter’s prescient talk four years ago. Souter warned that the Republic would not be destroyed from a foreign invasion but rather by civic ignorance. That’s how the Donald Trump, wannabe dictators get in. “Democracy cannot survive too much ignorance.” Rachel called his words prophetic. The video is at that link. Give it a watch.

Media Matters did a video on How False Equivalence Ruins Trump-Clinton News Coverage. It’s incredibly well-done and is long overdue.

2016 Presidential Debate #3 at U of Nevada

unlv-logo-and-tagline-legacy Tonight is the third and last presidential debate, airing at 9 PM Eastern on nearly every channel, including NBC.  Evergreen advice: CSPAN, PBS, or online streaming. No networks or cable stations and their rotten pundits.

This debate is an actual debate and will be “moderated” by Chris Wallace of Fox News who is on record as admitting he will be nothing more than a timekeeper or perhaps a potted plant. Fact-checking is sooooo hard, which is why Joy Reid can do it in real time without knowing the content in advance. (His Twitter handle is @FoxNewsSunday.)

Wired said they are fact-checking it live but didn’t say if it would be at their website or Twitter.

I heard that Roger Ailes and Trump broke up, each claiming the other lacked focus. So, now that his “shackles are off” and he doesn’t have a responsible guide like Roger around, how will he maintain his legendary composure?

Once again, the pundits are pushing their advice on Hillary and raising the bar—hers. She’s gotta do this, she needs to do that, and if she can’t do this other thing…

Hillary, ignore their advice. All you need to do is keep doing what you’ve been doing: Winning.

The media really loves Donald’s reality show format, even those who don’t particularly like Donald. Usually, when you have two normal candidates, they compete against each other in a debate. The media has decided they’d rather have a different game, wherein each candidate needs to beat their personal bests. She must exceed Debate 1 & 2 Hillary whereas he can’t do worse than Debate 1 & 2 Donald. Backwards and in high heels.

I heard one of Donald’s guests will be Obama’s half-brother from Kenya. I have no idea what he has to do with anything.

I am grateful that this is the last time she has to be on the same stage as that disgusting animal.

On the other hand, maybe he won’t show up.

Anyway, for good luck:


Imagine a President…

I thought this video from The Briefing deserved it’s own post. It’s narrated by Clinton Press Secretary, Brian Fallon and connects all the dots of Trump’s Russian ties.

Tracking Voter Fraud By Counting Red Hats…..

This is being passed around among the Deplorables, and to assorted places of  Far Right worship.

laughinggifPlease tell me it’s meant to be a joke, because I was crying with laughter when I saw it.

You ready?

How do you prove voter fraud? Why, by counting red hats of course! Yeah! That’s the ticket!