An Essay by Member William:

Sometimes, when I was a boy, I would read something in a book which just seemed so vivid and meaningful, that I would always remember it.

One particular image which made a strong impression on me, came from “The Land of Oz,” which was the sequel to “The Wizard of Oz,” and every bit as good. There was a bad witch named Mombi, and she was fighting against the heroic figures: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and others. She threw up what looked like a wall of fire which terrified the Scarecrow and made him want to flee. But someone in the group had the intuitive sense that the wall of fire was an illusion, that he could walk right through it and not be burned. It took an immense effort of will for him to do it, but he did; and he was not harmed; and the heroic effort could proceed.

Then when I was a few years older, I read “The Valley of Fear” by Arthur Conan Doyle. I vividly remember a scene when the protagonist, a Pinkerton agent, was trying to infiltrate the group called the Scowrers, which was Doyle’s version of the Molly Maguires (Doyle was pretty much a Tory, so he made the Pinkerton agent the hero here). The Scowrers tested the man, who was trying to be admitted into their secret society. They had him close his eyes. Something very sharp was put next to both of his eyes, and he was told to walk forward. Of course fearing that he would be blinded, he still did so; and as he did, the sharp points melted away, and he had passed the test.

What always impressed me with these two scenes was that the protagonist had to trust to his or her sense of things, that the supposed danger was not real, but completely illusory. That the courage was in sensing that, and going forward even if it seemed most dangerous. In fact, the more dangerous it seemed, the more was the need to take the risk, because the illusion was all that the other side had. In the case of Mombi the witch, she did not actually have the power to destroy the heroes, she could only try to terrify them into giving up their efforts.

Now we will leave the world of fiction, and look at something of today: the increasingly desperate and pervasive efforts of Republicans and the media to scare people into voting against Hillary Clinton. Their goal is to somehow make this into the nature of a horror story, where Hillary is described and conveyed in such unnatural and unsettling terms, that maybe they can frighten the voters into being afraid to vote for her. It sounds weird and even insane, but that is what they are doing. This kind of thing did work, most horrifyingly, in Nazi Germany, where Goebbels’ “Big Lie” was repeated over and over again,, until it became reality to vast numbers of Germans.

What really brought home to me how this was now taking on the nature of one of those fiction stories I had read, were two things: An article in “HIllary Men,” about the virtually rabid attacks on Hillary from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, which are clearly orchestrated by the management of MSNBC. Apparently (I won’t watch it) they become more vicious by the day. And then there is this new nonsense story about Hillary, or “the Clintons” being the ones who originated the “birther” attacks on Barack Obama. Of course Hillary had zero to do with it, though the darling of much of the media, Donald Trump, carried on with it for years, as did much of the far right wing.. Further, Obama appointed Hillary Secretary of State, which is probably the second most important position in any administration. It is literally an insane suggestion, except to people who are highly suggestible, or who are being primed to hate and fear HIllary Clinton so much that they will believe anything.

So what is next? Hillary bombed Pearl Harbor? She sunk the Lusitania? She cleverly started the Great Fire of London? She is a witch, who travels through time, and is responsible for all the bad things that have happened over the centuries? Well, it wasn’t that long ago that people believed in witches; and burned women whom they thought were witches, and burned men they accused of being sorcerers. I am not sure how far the human race has progressed since then. Hopefully, most reasonable people will not believe idiocy like “Hillary started the ‘birther’ movement.” But hey, the media has all the air time, so they have endless opportunity to make up things and then go on to other ones if the first ones do not work.

Clearly, the corporate funded right wing is desperately afraid of Hillary Clinton. They cannot afford to have her win, and somehow transfer some of their trillions to the hands of working people; or to try to stop them from depredating the environment; or to give more power to women or the disenfranchised. So they have to try to frighten the voters so much that they are terrified of what will happen if she is elected. Push that lever for Hillary, and they will apparently be cast into the fiery pits of perdition.

Of course, it is all a complete illusion. Hillary would be an excellent president; and she is very accessible and warm, and would always be concerned about the voices of the people. But scaring people has proven effective many times in history. Rest assured that assuming Hillary is nominated, the Republicans will do everything possible to make it look as if the voter should choose their “nice” candidate; a friendly man who will smile at them (while he takes their money), and whom you might want to have a hamburger with, over Hillary, the archdemon,, who will despoil the land, create famines and wildfires, and laugh as she ascends to power. “Do not pull that lever, do not!!” ‘Do not walk into the fire, Scarecrow, or you will burned to ashes!!”

It is all illusion, all an evil magician’s trick to frighten people into giving the corporate powers what they most want, which is all the money, all the power, all the control of the terrified populace. I do hope that enough people are rational and brave enough to just see through this complete illusion; and realize that if they are trying to frighten you to this extent, then pretty clearly, Hillary is the best candidate in a half-century, the one who would slay the evil magicians. Never forget that the person the corporate powers most hated, and most tried to demonize, in the last hundred years, was Franklin D. Roosevelt. I am ashamed as a human being to note that bankers were literally dancing in the streets when his death was announced. So realize all this, American voters, and be brave; just walk right through the illusory wall of fire, or the phantasmagoric daggers being waved in front of you to try to get you not to do the right thing, the thing that will save you, but to instead be frightened into doing the very thing that the evil forces want you to do.

An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders Supporters

An Essay by Member William:

I am under no illusion that anything I write will change your minds, but I am going to try, anyway. At the very least, I would hope that you would consider some of it.

You are supporters of Sanders, and you want him to be elected President. At least I am assuming that this is your goal; and that it is not just to make a splash, or to give HIllary Clinton some anxious moments, or to indulge yourselves. Because as I think you would know, elections and governance are serious business, affecting all of us.

To me, this is the most crucial election ever. I know that we are fond of saying that, and it always seems to be at the time. But this one feels more important; so much so, that I find myself waking up some nights, worrying about it. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that the Republicans have virtually taken over the country. Yes, Democrats hold the Presidency, but Republicans have a large majority in the House of Representatives, and are not that far away from a veto-proof majority in the Senate. They continue to hold a very conservative majority in the Supreme Court, which has gone on for so long that it is difficult to remember what a liberal Court was like. You do realize that if a Republican wins the White House, they will have maybe three Court seats to fill, and they will stock them with doctrinaire Radical Right individuals who will control the Court for another two decades at least.

And the state legislatures are in dreadful shape , with Republicans controlling most of them, even in states which have long been Democratic in voting patterns. Most of these takeovers have been accomplished during the Obama Presidency. And I don’t think it is a coincidence. Obama has tried to do some good things while in office, but he has rarely identified himself much with the Democratic Party since the beginning of his campaign in 2007. And he certainly has scarcely done any campaigning for Democrats running for Congress and for state legislature positions.

Now some people, maybe some of you, do not care much about such things. But they have grave national effects. First, those state legislatures dominated by Republicans have the ability and the machiavellian will to fix things in their states so that the Democrats can never win back control. They gerrymander districts. They change voting rignts laws. In the case of Florida under Jeb Bush, they basically locked the Democrats out of the statehouse, in a horrifying display of incipient fascism. (You can read about this in a long article from the Washington Post written in 1995). The Republicans play to win, and by any means.

Further, the lack of Democrats in state legislatures across the country means that there is a very sparse field of potential candidates for U.S. Senate, Congress, and state governorships. In sports terms, the Democrats hava a very weak bench. Do you see any upcoming liberal senators and governors who might someday be legitmate presidential candidates? I don’t; no more than a very few, to even be generous. And those are almost all from small Eastern states, very unlikely to ever be elected nationally. The Democratic Party is in serious danger of disappearing as an effective counterforce to the Republicans. And this is at the most dangeous period imaginable, when the Republicans are absolutely dominated by know-nothing people who would destroy the entire government in order to make a point; who have absolutely no concern for working people, minorities, the poor, education, the safety net; or any protections against contaminated land, air and food. And they are backed by the most evil people imaginable, who unfortunately have trillions of dollars to get their way, and who are given cover by a media which is now essentially bought and owned by them.

And one more thing to consider: the Republicans, who value winning and power above all, have lately been trying to get some states to divide up their electoral votes by district, or proportionally by vote. The states where they trying to achieve this are Pennsylvania and Michigan. It is one of those typical “oh, this seems fair,” Republican carny hustles. If they get this done, the Democrats will be permanently locked out of winning the electoral college, even if they should carry a national election by four percent. And America will be an oligopolistic dictatorship.

What this all has to do with you, is that the only person running for President who would have at least some chance to arrest this frightening trend, is Hillary Clinton. She has already vowed to try to create grassroots strength among Democrats at the state level. She wants to develop a deep bench of state candidates; and she wants to encourage young people to participate in politics, on the Democratic side. In so many words, she wants to rebuild the Democratic Party to where it is a consistent and strong national force. Do you really think that Sanders has any interest in this, or any capacity to do it? He doesn’t even identify as a Democrat. He has never campaigned for any Democrat across the country. He would have no downticket strength whatsoever. Can you not see that even if Sanders were somehow nominated, he could not help the Democratic Party one iota in state races?

And what do you think Sanders could do even if he were incredibly, against all odds, elected President? You do know that all bills originate in the House of Representatives. The right-wing House would send up only right-wing bills, which would be similarly passed by the right-wing Senate. Then Sanders’ only power would be to veto them; at which time they would send up more such bills. Sanders could get absolutely none of his own preferred legislation passed. He could make a few speeches. Two years from the election, the Republicans would make the same kind of gains in the midterms that they made in midterms running against Obama. If you do not identify as a Democrat, or only scarcely so, like Obama, you have do not have any cachet or power to influence the midterms. And so eventually, the Republicans will obtain their veto-proof majority.

I am sure that at least some of you are concerned about climate change. To me it is by far the most important issue. Hillary Clinton has made it a centerpiece of her campaign. I don’t think that the planet can afford to wait another four years. We need to make drastic changes now. She will fight to do that. She has the ability to be elected President, and to bring a few Senate seats with her, and to gain some seats in the House. We need every Democrat we can get, to pass climate change legislation. A one-man maverick who identifies as a Socialist, is not going to pass anything. And the planet will burn. I would hope that you care about such things.

Right now, Sanders is getting a free ride. He is not being attacked at all by Republicans, who would dearly love to see him be nominated, or at least to force Hillary to spend a lot of money. And if he were somehow to win, it would take about two weeks for his poll numbers to plummet to where he would be lucky to get 40% of the vote in a national election. He is a Socialist by self-description. Americans will not elect a Socialist to anything, outside of a small state like Vermont. Sanders has a 0% chance to win a national election. I might generously give him a 1% chance, if Trump were nominated, and committed some unpardonable act in the campaign. If the Republicans nominate an establishment candidate like Bush, it is 0%. Sanders will lose by something like 62-38%, maybe win five to seven states, thus do slightly better than McGovern, but get completely routed; and the Democrats will lose several Senate seats and another twenty or so House seats. And then where we all be?

Elections are not a game; they are not a fun competition, though the media in its unending quest for dollars, likes to pretend so. When the election is over, the reality sets in. What are you going to do if Jeb Bush is elected President? Look for another country to move to? Go back to playing video games, or watching television? Write blog posts about how hopelessly screwed up this country is, while the temperature records continue to be broken? Laugh about how at least you managed to keep Hillary Clinton from being elected? Do you know that Hillary’s voting record in the Senate was slightly more liberal than Obama’s, and about on a par with Sanders’? So is this just a personality thing for you? Did you have so much fun in the ’08 campaign, that you are looking to repeat that high? How did it feel afterwards, and for the last seven years, when Obama felt that he had to make bad deals with Republicans in order to keep them from shutting down the government or refusing to raise the debt ceiling? And when we got absolutely “shellacked” (his words) in the midterms, both times?

You obviously can support and vote for anyone you like. It is your right as an American citizen. But I think that with that, also goes a responsiblity to other people, and to the country. Let the Republicans win this election, and we will all suffer the very serious consequences. Hillary can win, Sanders cannot. Hillary can govern the country, Sanders cannot. Hillary is far more experienced, particularly in dealing with world leaders, but we won’t even go into that kind of thing. This isn’t like voting for your favorite on one of the TV talent shows. It is about getting the best electable candidate elected.

Maybe if it were a different era, someone could afford to take a stab at a wishful candidate, and think that the country could survive the other side winning the election. But not now. You should have a good idea of what the Republicans will do if they control the one branch of government which they currently do not hold. Maybe some of you can psychologically deal with that, by ignoring it; or maybe some of you have long ago given up hope, and are just into having a fun time with it all. But there are hundreds of millions of people out there who are going to have to live with the reality of no Social Security, no Medicare, no FDA, no FEMA, no SEC, no HHS, no EPA; no protections against contaminated food and unsafe medications; no right to abortion; no controls on corporate greed, and destruction of the environment; the creation of massive asset bubbles which will ultimately lead to a severe Depression costing tens of millions of jobs. And they cannot just walk away from it as easily as some of you might seem to be able to, at least in your mind.

Some things that I hope that you will think about in the next few crucial months, when the future not only of this country, but of this planet, is at stake

Dog Panics, Escapes Watching Debate of A Boatload of USA’s Creme de la Crappe

Behind high fences with a TV tuned to CNN, dog panics, knowing he Must Escape this punishment and run for his life.

I know how ya feel, boy!

I was unable to find a usable copy of the Muppets singing Another Opening, Another Show any longer, so I found an even better opening song for this carnival:

I think we could safely say we can all become sloshed if we downed something 100-proof every time one of these kooks mentions Hillary. Two drinks if they add the word “Stop” before “Hillary”.

Now wait………….why am I putting this thread up early you ask. You are asking that, right? Well because your predictions count! Who’s gonna win? Who will be the Winning Loser tonight? Come on! What are your predictions? Here are mine!

I predict:

Rand Paul will bite the head off a puppy right on National Tee Vee! And, given the nature of the Paulies, his numbers will go up!

Donald will go out into the audience and ‘cherish’ and touch as many women’s breasts and crotches as possible–but not the ugly ones!  His numbers will go Up, especially among the Christian Right! And  as a bonus….Tomorrow, Bernie Sanders will Scream………”So he touched a buncha women! So What?To hell with all this political correctness!!!!” Bernie’s numbers will go up too.

Mike Huckabee will tearfully discuss the epiphany he has received since returning to his Gluttony For Jesus Program.

Bobby Jindal will talk about how he doesn’t want his numbers to peak too soon, but you just Watch!

Carly Fiorina will look Donald square in the face and tell him he looks like he has a dead squirrel on his head and she heard he can’t get it up.

Scott Walker will…………….zzzzzzzzz……oh sorry, I fell asleep in the  middle of thinking of what he will say.

Not to be outdone, Ted Cruz will bite the heads off of TWO puppies. He will then stroll across the stage and passionately French Kiss his Friend, Donald Trump, so that Trump’s supporters remember to switch to him if someone would just figure out how to get rid of the guy. He will also promise to give women permission to leave the home un-escorted during select times of the year.

Rubio will force himself to pretend he actually gives a shit about Latinos, and he will finally admit he got a boatload of money from Nestle for gulping Poland Springs water in the middle of his Important Speech about………….about…

John Kascich, or however you spell it, will try to say something stupid like maybe we should all work together, and he will be pelted with tomatoes by the audience.

?Jeb will finally admit that, if his old man weren’t filthy rich, he and his brothers would be pumping gas for a living.

George Pataki will demonstrate one more time that he can talk out of the side of his crooked mouth almost as well as Dick Cheney. He will categorically deny that he is so crooked he can hide behind a corkscew.

Finally, Ben Carson will deconstruct an Oreo Cookie and explain the correlation between it and himself, while further discussing how stem cell research made his success as a neurosurgeon possible — and that is why we must stop doing it.

I know there are probably more of them. I just keep forgetting who they are.

OOOoooo! Wait! I forgot Rick Sanitarium! Rick is going to discuss the importance of a stable family, with a slideshow of his family album. Preview:


Your Turn!

UPDATE: OMG I forgot Chris Christie! How could I miss something that big!?

I also forgot Lindsey Graham! He’s going to admit tonight that he’s gay.

Hillary: A Bigger Threat To The GOP Than……Say What?

Let’s get right into the statistics.

As of today:

1. Time spent by the House Committee investigating HURRICANE KATRINA:

5 months and 1 day

2. Time spent by the House Committee to investigate the attack on PEARL HARBOR:

9 months and 15 days

3. Time spent by the President’s Commission to investigate the ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY:

9 months and 27 days

4. Time spent by Select Committee to investigate covert Arms Transactions AKA IRAN-CONTRA:

10 months and 13 days

5. Time spent by House Select Committee to harass, harangue, derail and otherwise try to find a way to destroy Hillary’s strong election potential:

15 months, 16 days

hillary clinton reuters 660 smilingConclusion: Hillary Clinton scares the shit out of the GOP more than the Iran-Contra, Pearl Harbor, Assassinations and Hurricanes.

She must really make that patriarchy’s collective little dick shrivel.

In further conclusion, please Google the definition of Existential Threat. Oh here, let me help you:

An existential threat is a threat to something’s* survival. An existential question is a probing, philosophical question that gets down to the nature of what we are or why we are here.

*See definition of Patriarchy.

That is all. Carry on! Hillary certainly will!

The Sky is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

The Chicken Littles are at it again……”The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.23.56 PM According to some, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are “plummeting”, her campaign is “failing”, scandals abound! Emails! Private servers! And emails! Oh my! Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.26.18 PM I forgot, did I mention emails?!??? Who besides CNN, MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell care about where Secretary Clinton’s server was housed? Okay, I forgot the RNC and Fox News, they’re obsessed with two things…. going through the Clintons’ underwear drawers, and all things electronic mail. Never mind that she used emails as a quick form of communication for information that was NOT classified. Or, used it as an efficient way to instruct some head of state to call her from a secure line, if it was classified. Oh silly, silly imust….don’t bore us with your facts!

The Chicken Littles say they are so worried that Hillary won’t survive, they have to find a back up candidate. A sure fire winner! So who is this wunderkind? The new “One that they’ve been waiting for?”
Is it this guy?? Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.31.54 PM

No, of course not…’s this guy! Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.34.25 PM
Who they seemed to have confused with this guy: Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.38.04 PM
I think I can understand the confusion.
Run Joe, Run!

PITTSBURGH — The calls of encouragement could be heard on nearly every block as Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. jogged his way through the Labor Day parade here.

There were chants from the steelworkers’ union marching behind him (“Run, Joe, run!”), shouts from onlookers (“Hope you run, Joe!”) and quiet pleas when Mr. Biden stopped long enough for a handshake, smile or selfie (“I’m sorry for your loss, and I look forward to your win,” said one man, referring to the recent death of Mr. Biden’s elder son, Beau).

But all the appeals went unanswered. The vice president, who has indicated he will decide later this month about whether to run for president, repeatedly responded with a word of thanks but no hint of what he may do.

Joe Forest-Gump Biden! Life is like a box of bourbon…..

……you never know if you’re gonna run for President.

Okay, back to the facts, and I don’t mean FAX, please, nobody mention FAX! That could create a whole new line of inquiry for Trey Howdy Gowdy!

I'm Trey Howdy Gowdy!  Pull my string and I can talk!  Hillary!  Email!  Hillary!  Server! Email!!

I’m Trey Howdy Gowdy! Pull my string and I can talk! Hillary! Email! Hillary! Server! Email!!

So Trey, Andrea, and the rest of you Hillary Haters, chew on this fact:
Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 6.53.14 PM

And this:
Impression of Hillary Clinton (among Dem. voters):
Favorable 71%
Unfavorable 17
No opinion 12
(Monmouth U. 8/31-9/2)

Hmmmm… me, that looks like a candidate who is winning, and winning big! So take heart Uppityites. Hillary has been through this before……too many times to think about. She knows what she’s doing. She’s got this…….

Madam President

Madam President


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