The Losers’ Museum

So many statues, so few options!

What to do? What to do!! What to do with all those statues of the Founders of the Misfits Society that later morphed into the varying versions of the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists/Supremacists, and other assorted borderline-humans under the partially Euphemistic name of the “Alt Right,” guys who can’t get dates with women who have all their teeth. There is that ongoing inbreeding problem too, but we’ll save that for another day. For example: Think of that joke about West Virginia. 2 million people, 6 last names.

ImTinyGirls never liked them. And everybody knew why. Except them. So all that built up testosterone created angst. They had to blame somebody. They needed something to convince themselves of their own superiority. If only their ancestors, also known as participants in treason, had won that war, they’d have somebody to pick on regularly in order to validate themselves!  I know! Let’s pretend we’re still fighting it! That way we could have big-assed guns, because nothing says “I’m fat and disgusting and my penis is tiny” like a really big gun.

They’re mad. Really mad! Like crazier-than-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can mad!  Just ask one of their leaders, Christopher Cantwell.

He’s a really tough character. Man, I wouldn’t want to fuck with him, you know? I mean he carries firearms in every available body slot, except up his own ass. Well, maybe he did have one up his ass and just didn’t want to bend over and show everybody what a complete asshole he is. But this guy has guns up the ying-yang! See?

This adds a whole new meaning to having a License To Carry. And Carry. And Carry.

Incidentally, that clip didn’t include his remark of how sick it makes him to see that Kushner Jew walking with that beautiful girl that Trump gave to him.

Anyways…..Tough guy! Well……at least he SEEMED tough — until he found out there was a warrant for his arrest. Then he cried like a baby.

Okayyyyyyy. You see what I mean? Nobody loves this guy because he’s not lovable. And he wants love. Any volunteers?

I didn’t think so.

But……but…….He did everything he could to “Keep it peaceful”.  Like nighttime torch marches ala 1930s Berlin and like barring a minister and her church members from leaving the church while terrorizing them. And there was that little matter of one of his crackpots driving his car into a crowd and killing someone. How could we possibly find this sweet man and his Neo Nazi companions offensive? The nerve of us!

Now back to the statues. I digressed from the Statues. I can do that, it’s my blog. So now, back to our post title.

“Beautiful” Robert E Lee

There are all these statues! Or as Donald J. Trump, “The least racist person on earth” put it, “All those beautiful statues”. Because we all know there is something really “beautiful” about guys on horses who were willing to kill and let their troops die for the right to keep and sell slaves. What a guy! Now I could be off-base here, but I find it difficult to see anything “beautiful” about a guy who did that. But hey, that’s just me!

So what DO we do with all those statues of Racism and Treason in bronze? Recently, someone on Tee Vee mentioned the possibility of putting all these Statues of Losers In War and Love into a museum. I LOVE this idea!

We could call it the Museum of White Men Who Went to War to Defend Their Right to Keep and Sell Black People As Slaves.

I’m thinking they could add some realism to the displays. For example:

They could depict General Robert E. Lee getting his ass royally jacked by General Ulysses S. Grant.

…….Or how about showing Stonewall Jackson getting shot by his own dumb-as-a-brick sentinels?

And, what the hell, there’s plenty of room for assholes who think they should eliminate everybody who isn’t an asshole like they are, so they could also throw in General Custer  and depict him getting blown away while attempting to eliminate the people who were here in the USA first. There could be a quote from Sitting Bull saying “We Are Sick Of This Shit”.

“Father Of Gynecology”

They could even include that statue of the Father Of Gynecology, Dr. James Marion Sims. There are statues of him in Columbia SC and New York, New York. The problem with the Father of Gynecology is he performed painful experiments on black women slaves – without an anesthetic- To add realism to this display, I suggest they display the Sims statue along with a statue of a black woman slave cutting his balls off without an anesthetic. Seems fair.

Yes, by all means, do let us gather up all these statues, and I also respectfully suggest we drill a hole in all of their asses and firmly implant Confederate Flags on appropriate-sized poles–right up their ‘superior’ asses. That way we will indeed not erase history.

Post Script: Check out the full episode of Charlottesville and Cantwell’s “Peaceful as possible” neo-nazi goombahs.











The Presidential Portrait has been completed!

Let’s Play A Game.

If a dead tree falls on a Dolt’s head in the forest….

If a dead tree in the forest falls on a dolt’s head and there’s nobody there, is he still a dolt?

Hint: That is not Henry David Thoreau.

I maintain that Ivanka has her mother’s brains and her father’s Sleazy “Trust me Sucker” personality.

The Dolt Brothers, on the other hand, have their father’s brains and Sleazy personality. Well, Donnie Jr does, Eric is too dumb to even have a personality. It’s a damned good thing grandpa left daddy rich or they would both be skimming charge cards at a gas station.

You can just see in the above photo op that Donnie Jr. is asking a question while sitting on a stump in the woods under a dying tree. The poetic symbolism is astounding. And also, he is fortunate that the endangered species he will be sneaking up on to kill hasn’t found him first. So far.

So what’s the question Donnie Jr. is asking, you ask? You are asking that, right?

Which brings me to the answer. The answer is,

“No Donnie, you just aren’t hot enough for Daddy. Ivanka is his favorite and always will be. Live with it, Donnie. She’s FLOTUS now and you are relegated to hiring a thousand  H-2A people to pick your grapes. Which is okay, because Daddy made a point not to include them in his Executive Order so as not to disturb you and Mar-A-Lago staff. Atta boy, Donnie. Hire American! Merika! Because we’re sure you will make a killing providing all the White House wine at a snappy price.

And stop worrying about the obvious fact that you are nothing to your father compared to Ivanka. You’ll always have Pepe The Frog to love you. And after all, you ARE still a member of the our own Romanov family.

**Next, we will discuss the rumor that Eric could possibly be Gary Busey’s biological son.

Worried About A Subpoena, Lying Sack of Shit Alex Jones Apologizes For Fake Pizzagate

So here’s what this fat psycho pig has to say about his Pizzagate Hoax while he craps his jeans:

Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy theorist and the host of a popular right-wing radio show, has apologized for helping to spread and promote the hoax known as Pizzagate.


The Pizzagate theory, which posited with no evidence that top Democratic officials were involved with a satanic child pornography ring centered around Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., grew in online forums before making its way to more visible venues, including Mr. Jones’s show.

We’re still waiting for him to admit his bullshit about Sandy Hook.

Well, that’s what he had to say about Pizzagate. And here’s what I have to say to him and all the people I once respected who helped to spread this disgusting demented SHIT. At long last, have you NO shame?

I hope this Skeevy bastard gets prosecuted for his part in attempting to impact the election with bogus news…..and gets put in charge of the soap in the shower. If not, I hope he gets his ass sued right down to his shorts. Actually, I hope he suffers both things.

Most likely, Comet Ping Pong is suing him, and they will make that wish come true. They’ve had to hire guards since Fat Alex pimped his junk, the death threats have been horrendous. Eat it, Fat Alex. You’re done.

In any event, I hope whatever Alex Jones is afraid of –enough to make his demented self apologize– is really really horrible.

I wish him everything he deserves, just so long as it’s not good. And that’s mild compared to what I wish for Trump and all his Russian Assets who are about to throw him onto the tracks for a deal.