Hillary slams Alt Right Donald’s butt in Reno

It was an excellent speech!





On Twitter, #BlueWave2016 is about retaining the White House and taking back the Senate and as much of the House as we can get.

Here are some of the down-ticket races I’m following:

  • Ann Kirkpatrick (@Ann_Kirkpatrick) (D-AZ) running for Senate against John McCain. John should have retired on his own already. His inability to stand up at all to Trump is disgusting. What a way to go out.
  • Maggie Hassan (@Maggie_Hassan) (D-NH) running for Senate against Kelly Ayotte.
  • Patrick Murphy (@PatrickMurphyFL) (D-FL) running for Senate against Marco Rubio. Let’s dispel with the fiction that Little Marco intends to do an honest day’s work in his life.
  • Jim Gray (@GrayForKentucky) (D-KY) running for senate against Rand Paul. He probably doesn’t stand a chance, but Rand.
  • Ryan Solen (@Ryan_Solen) (D-WI) running for House against Paul Ryan. Ryan is safe and I don’t get why. I figure if we go all BernieBro on him, at least we can scare the pompous ass.
    UPDATE: “Iraq War veteran Ryan Solen describes himself as a moderate who seeks bipartisanship and breaks with conventional Democratic Party views on abortion and gun rights.” Shoot–might not be worth wasting time trying to unseat Lyin’ Ryan.
  • Doug Applegate (@doug_applegate) (D-CA) running for House against Darrell Issa, the dick.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (@DWStweets) (D-FL) running for House against Tim Canova, Bernie’s boy. I’m not in love with DWS, but I do hate the way the Bros made a scapegoat out of her.
  • Chris Fedalei (@VoteFedalei) (D-SC) running for House against Trey Gowdy. Gowdy’s safe but we should make him squirm.

I’m keeping my eye on HI-2 where Tulsi Gabbard is being primaried today by Shay Chan Hodges. No matter what the outcome, Tulsi is dead to me. I would consider supporting the R over her. UPDATE: Gabbard won the primary.

Eleven Senate seats are competitive this year: Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois (Tammy Duckworth), Wisconsin (Russ Feingold), Indiana (Evan Bayh), Ohio, Florida, North Carolina (Deborah Ross), Pennsylvania (Katie McGinty) and New Hampshire. We only need 5.


Please spend any spare time and money helping these folks so that Hillary doesn’t have to deal with a crappy Congress.

Which down-ticket races are you following?

For Slow Learners:Once Again With Feeling

If you ask me, this should be the next goddamned Hillary advert. Bring it on, Gowdy, you pointed-headed cretin!


Post Convention Afterglow

Well, that was fun.

Now on to the general. You’d think this would be easy–a brilliant, prepared, qualified human being running against a megalomaniac demagogue. But no–this is America where the media gets to shape the narrative and we all recognize that shape.

Republican convention: America, we think you’re stupid.

Democratic convention: America, please don’t be stupid.


This is an open thread.


Democratic Convention 2016 – Day 4

Day 4 – The Big One.

(I went with this song because location, location, location. Plus EJ has been a lifetime favorite and a great Hillary supporter. The runner-up song is at the end of the post.)

You know the drill and the hashtags. You know to avoid the MSM for the shills they are.

Day 4 features a bunch of people, then Chelsea, then Hillary!





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