Scurrying like cockroaches when the light is turned on.

Yes, it’s the Town Hall time of year.

Well, not exactly. More like it’s Avoid Town Hall time of year.

For some, it’s even Run From Town Hall time of year.

Here’s Nebraska’s Sen. Deb Fischer scurrying away from her constituents who are yelling Hey Deb! Meet With Us!

Not to be undone, here’s Rep Dave Young as a constituent pours him a glass of dirty water.

Well hey, at least Dave showed up, unlike Rep. Paul Cook, who is so conspicuously absent from constituent view, his face finally showed up plastered on milk cartons.


And here’s Senator Tom Cotton as a constituent asks him, “What insurance do YOU have?”

Honestly, I actually felt sorry for Tom Cotton. He looked like a sad puppy at that town hall. I really kind of want to hug him. I mean this.

See what I mean?

And then there’s Der Leader Mitch… can we forget that Chinless Old Man who is using the halls of Congress as a free Retirement Home like so many others?

Mitch said protesters don’t scare him at all. Then he entered via a back door.

Pay no nevermind to the snipers on the roof….


Finally, Senator Pat Toomey was a No-Show at his Town Hall.

So they held it without him and put an appropriately empty suit on display in his place.


There are many more. Let’s put them in the comments as we find them!

Oh and one more thing: Sean Spicer hasn’t found one of those buses he keeps talking about. I guess he’ll have to bus the buses in…..

And yet another One More Thing.  There are cartoons flying by Twitter. Here’s one of them.c5uhge2ucaahko3

Nixon = Trump = Fascists = Traitors = Republicans

Bringing Revolutionary War Vet‘s comments up from downstairs because they merit a discussion on their own.

Part I

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to pop my head up to say hello. It’s been a while, but I’ve been here all along, reading and seething, every day since the election. It still all seems so surreal. But here we are…fascism has taken control of our republic.

As a quick aside to Upps – so very glad to hear that you are feeling better again. Well enough to run in from the other room and lay down the law when your kids get out of hand!

We are good children, Aunt Uppity. We can get testy every now and again, but we really do respect each other. And we certainly adore you – so we promise to play nice from now on.


Now, when it comes to “playing nice” with the current regime, I agree with others, and William above, in taking the approach of NO SURRENDER. No appeasing, no deals, no giving an inch.

Obstruct. Delay. Fight Everything.

I have already written to my Senators (Schumer and Gillibrand) to inform them that if they do not obstruct everything, then they will lose my support, and future vote. Happily, Kirsten has been tough all along, and Chuck is starting to see the light, and stiffen his spine.

Fascists. Traitors. Evil. Un-American.

That is what they are, and that is what they must be called. Every day, and everywhere. And I would add another dirty word that is not only appropriate, but just may ring the right bells:


This name was all over the news when Trump fired the AG on Monday (good for her, by the way, for standing up to the man-child bully) but it has receded again lately. It must be brought back and shouted from every mountaintop.

Let’s face it, the typical Trump voter and supporter is a dumb human being. There is just no other “kind” way to say it, so why should I try to soften it by saying “under-educated” or “naive” or whatever.

These are stupid people. Period. They know nothing about our country, about its history, about its government, about its constitution – they simply don’t know and they just don’t care.

But, one thing that almost everyone knows is the name of Richard Nixon. He is the great shame of the Republican party (until Trump) and his name is synonymous with criminal, corruption, resignation (and certain impeachment if he had not quit). So, from here forward…

Nixon is Trump. Trump is Nixon. Tricky Dick is Donny J.


For, even the dumbest of the dumb know that Nixon was a crook. And a disgrace. And he had to go. So, the more we can equate Trump with Nixon (and the truth is, Trump is certainly even worse than Dick) the better chance we have of it actually resonating in the hearts and minds of the ignorant. And, make no mistake, that name still scares all Republican politicians.

Fascists. Traitors. Dangerous. Corrupt. NIXON!


We will survive these dark days somehow, Uppities. We simply cannot not let Dr. Franklin down and fail “to keep it”. We must hold tight to our convictions and each other, or, as Ben warned…

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”


Part II

Now, if I may, I want to clarify my previous post regarding the Nixon thing. I think I failed to make my point clearly…

I fully agree that comparing Trump to Nixon is, in many ways, apples and oranges. Different times, different crimes. But, what I was suggesting is the effort in finding a word, a phrase, something SIMPLE, that all people can fully understand.

I was dovetailing off what William posted yesterday, wherein he basically suggested that it’s high time to face off against the Republicans on THEIR terms. Remember, we won. Hillary Clinton WON in every way that any candidate could possibly win:

She won on smarts.
She won on facts.
She won on experience.
She won every debate.
She won every endorsement.
She won more actual votes.

And yet…here we are with a monster in the Oval Office.


Well, in my opinion, it’s because we were trying to win-over, trying to convince with reason and intelligence, a large percentage of the American electorate that is terrifyingly ignorant. They are almost literally – illiterate. So, the question is – how does won win future elections, and/or stop Trump now, in a time when actual facts (not “alternative facts”) are almost worthless to millions of Americans?

You win by doing what we in this resistance are now doing: obstruct, delay, boycott, march, protest, etc. I am in a favor of any measure that will help people to see the light. But, the thing is, there already are MILLIONS of us who do see the light. We KNOW we are on the right side of the facts, and history, and the Constitution.

But what about Mr. and Mrs. Red America?

What about those millions of ignorant fools who will never understand the dangers that this nation is facing? They watch our protests and marches and think that WE are the crazy fools. They think: We don’t care what you say, Trump won, get over it.

You cannot fight that kind of malicious ignorance with just the facts, or intelligence. You need something else, to go along with your facts and intelligence. And my suggestion (just a suggestion, mind you) is using one simple word – so simple that even Red America knows what it means – to try to make them see the light.

And – NIXON – could be such a word.

Every American, smart or dumb, knows what the name Nixon represents: criminal behavior, corruption, and disgrace. It matters not if they know anything about the man himself of the times he lived in (as we here all do). It only matters that once they hear that name – Nixon – it means bad things.

Look, I know that I’m preaching to the choir here on this blog. You ALL know this. You are all smart, sane, perfectly reasonable Americans. But, as I see it, it behooves us to find a way, a simple way, to buttress our rational arguments with a simple message – one that THEY will all comprehend.

Remember, for over a year, the Republicans used ONE WORD to tar Hillary Clinton.


That was it. One fucking word. One baseless, meaningless, word. But that, along with Comey, and the Russians, and the media, and everything else, worked to set a monster loose on our nation, and the world.

So, moving forward, every time that Trump commits another “high crime or misdemeanor” (and there will be many) it could be a wise strategy to keep comparing him to Nixon. Red America will understand what that comparison means.

Trump is not just Nixon – he’s even worse. Nixon was a criminal, and so is Trump. Nixon defied the Constitution, and so is Trump. Nixon was corrupt, and so is Trump.

Trump is just like Nixon – but even worse.

Now, I know that this suggestion may seem silly and pedantic to many here. Like, okay, Rev War Vet, we get it. But, it’s just a word. One word isn’t going to make a difference.

Well, maybe. But that one word “EMAILS” certainly did its part in 2016. We are in desperate, dangerous times, Uppities. Any and all measures must be employed to try and save our Republic. All forms of resistance, whether simple or complex, must be utilized.

Let us fight lies with the truth. Let us combat ignorance with knowledge. Let us protest, and resist. But, let us also try and reach those unreachable masses with one clear and undeniable FACT…

Once upon a time, Richard Nixon was a REPUBLICAN (not a Democrat) president who engaged in criminal behavior in the White House, subverted the US Constitution, and was forced to resign in disgrace.

Donald Trump is a REPUBLICAN (not a Democrat) president who is the 21st century reincarnation of Richard Nixon. And he’s even worse.

It’s a simple message for simple people, I agree. But, it just may be an effective one, too. And, as a nice bonus, it just happens to be 100% true.

Alternative Post

In a rare (meaning previously non-existent) moment of integrity, Chuck Todd (yeah, fucking chuck Todd) calls out Spicer’s lies as “provable falsehoods.” Sewer Rat Barbie doesn’t even know when she’s being served a gift. She’s “rethinking their relationship with the press.” I guess that just means they’ll have to lie harder.

It was smart of Spicer to lie and it was smart of Kelly to go on this shitty show and lie more. Everyone’s talking about Trump’s lie instead of the entire world being in a protest march.

Happy New Year. Same Old Lang Syne.

The late and still-great Dan Fogelberg always said it best while conjuring up some bittersweet memory for all of us.

Happy New Year to you all. And 2016: Just move along and drop dead.

New Years Eve – Wherein We Honor Our Dead

This is a tribute to the people we lost in 2016. I’ll start you off with a few musicians and you go ahead and add more.

On January 10, we lost David Bowie. He was 69 and died of cancer.

On January 17, we lost Glenn Frey (67) of the Eagles.

On January 28, we lost Paul Kanter (74) of Jefferson Airplane.

On March 11, we lost Keith Emerson (71) and on December 7 we lost Greg Lake (69) of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

On April 6, we lost Merle Haggard (79). (I’ll skip my editorial on this song for respect for the dead.)

On April 21, we lost Prince (57).

On November 10, we lost Leonard Cohen (82).

On November 13, we lost Leon Russell (74).

On December 25, we lost George Michael (53).

On December 28, we lost Debbie Reynolds (84), a day after her daughter, General Leia died.

And these are just the musicians, and just the very well-known at that. Many others near and dear to us died as well. Honor them in the comments.