Keep yer shirt on, Hillary’s got this

In a campaign cute moment, Hillary stopped security from kicking out two shirtless studs.


In other news, Trump and Bernie to compare dick sizes and ED meds.

And e-mails. Because when you have one sane, competent candidate and two megalomaniacs, the sane one is bad.


This is an open thread.


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Just a quickie in case Uppity has something else planned……

Hillary Clinton’s interview today with Chris Cuomo:



Looks like CNN is protecting its content and needs you to go there and look at its ads.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Protected content below.

Winner of NV Caucus Wins at Convention – Bros Have a Tantrum

Remember the screaming at little kids and tearing up signs at Hillary’s rally in East Los Angeles? You’d think the bad PR from that would have given Bernie Brats pause. No, not Bernie Bros, they just double down on their hate.

Tensions were high at the Democratic convention in Nevada Saturday, with Bernie Sanders supporters demanding delegate recounts, booing Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and causing other disruptions, according to local media reports.

Note the bearded bro yelling at the end of video: “Who gives a shit, bitch”, at Senator Barbara Boxer. Bernie Bros being….well…Bernie Bros. I think the DNC should consider revoking the credentials of these losers for the national convention in Philly, or at least, putting the animals in cages.

Hillary Wins Guam – Sorry Tim Robbins!

New Thread for Indiana Primary

Let’s make history!
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