Weatherman Undergound Bombers-Jesus Obama’s Other Interesting Friends

Ludicrous. Just as Jesus Obama used Bill Clinton to pull his own race card, something he has been using to create fear of questioning him throughout this entire primary season, now he has accused Bill Clinton of questioning his patriotism. Next thing you know, General McPeak calls Bill Clinton a McCarthyist. Then CNN trots out all their bogus, formerly unknown “analysts” and asks them if Bill is picking on Poor Baby Jesus Barack Obama.

What a bunch of shit. This is so obvious, it stinks to high heaven. People everywhere are questioning Baby Jesus Obama’s patriotism right now because he refuses to stop aligning himself for nearly 20 years with a spiritual advisor who thinks God Damn America and 911 is America’s chickens coming home to roost is just about right. Obama’s speech about this just about blasted every white person in America, including his white grandmother who raised him. Shame on you white people, you don’t understand that Reverend Wright is right and it’s allllllllll your fault. So now let’s get on with the business of electing me out of your guilt and fear. And while you are at it, I don’t want any competion either, and stop questioning me dammit! Get on it!

So Jesus Obama is on the ropes for his patriotism and rightfully he should be. Somebody had better bring it up! While CNN et al fiddle, giving Jesus Obama blow jobs every chance they get, they are deliberately remiss in reporting exactly who Barack Obama likes to hang out with. When they are forced to report things, they make sure it’s as late as possible. They are too busy asking, “Are the Democrats hurting themselves by allowing this primary to continue?”. Allowing a primary to continue? Well Excuse Us! We kind of like to have things play out, it’s kind of almost like Democracy, CNN!

All of this begs the question: How come you Obamazoids on and off the air are all in such a hurry????? It seems that the more time that goes by, the more we learn about this fake “Uniter” don’t we? That must be the problem with you people. You want this all sewed up for your Baby Jesus before the rest of his shit hits the fan. Well I am here to tell you that Hillary Clinton is doing this country a huge service by continuing with Democracy while this imposter’s dirty laundry continues to fall out of the hamper. Laundry that you all know about but fail to report. It’s a sad day when we all have to go to FOX News to get the scoop on this phoney.

Now I am truly pissed off. I watched a political consultant give free advice to Obama this morning on Marxist TV. If some of what we are learning of this imposter had been covered in the press like it should have been, when the rest of us knew about it for many months, this phoney Messiah would be out of this race by now with a political career circling the drain where it belongs! Because his pastor Wright is a day at the beach next to some of his other affiliates.

I highly doubt that most of Obama’s sycophants even know who Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are. But I do. Plenty of us do. So what was CNN doing this weekend instead of asking about Ayers? They are over in Pennsyvlania asking people on the street “What does Barack Obama have to do to get you to vote for him“. Free consulting and begging work for Jesus Obama. No kidding! You can’t make this shit up! They were actually asking that question.

But do we hear about Ayers? Nope! Not a word! Shame on you people for betraying America by keeping the truth away from voters. But you still have a problem. The internet is far too powerful to ignore. Sooner or later you will have to call Obama to task for his association with Bill Ayers–and Ayer’s fundraising for Baby Jesus Obama.

So who is Bill Ayers, you ask? Um… nobody in particular if you are an Obama Zombie. I mean Obama Rocks!!!! Yes We Can!! Hakuna Metata! I mean all Ayers was is just the leader of the terrorist group the Weathermen in the 70s. Ohhhhhhhhhh pooh pooh, Obamazoids say! That’s a longggggg time ago!!! He’s a nice guy now! He hasn’t blown anything up lately or anything! Stop bothering our Messiah! All Ayers did was bomb a few buildings, right? Let’s give him another chance! I mean so what if he helped Barack with his campaigns, donated money to him and even held a house party for him to get contributions. Lay off the guy!


I won’t lay off the guy, you entranced fools. Ayers and Dohrn were two of the most infamous domestic terrorists ever to be allowed to continue to walk the earth in America, thanks to the FBI screwing up the surveillance. But that didn’t stop Ayers from bragging on what he did.

Let’s talk about the little ole silly things Ayers and Dohrn did. I’ll go slow for you.

Weatherman, AKA Weather Underground Organization, was a violent U.S Radical Left group. They called themselves a revolutionary organization whose purpose was to carry out a series of attacks to overthrow of the Government of the United States .

Are you following me?? Good!

The Weatherman believed that militancy was far better than nonviolent protests. Their goal was to thwart the US Government using guerrilla warfare to achieve a revolution. They wrote a Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government.

Ok, I understand that all this is just too long for the attention span of some Obamazoid who wants to get on with his worship, but you see, there is no short way to itemize what Barack Obama’s friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and their Undergound did during what they referred to as “Days Of Rage” I will try to make it easier by embolding all their BOMBINGS. How’s that?

So what exactly DID these Obama friends do???

For starters, the Weather Underground claimed credit for a bombing in Chicago, which they referred to as a “kickoff” of the Days Of Rage. They even had the audacity to claim the credit in their book entitled, “Prairie Free“, which strongly called for a unified Communist Party. You ought to read it and ask yourself how come Jesus Obama thinks these people are cool.

The Weather Underground blew up several Chicago Police cars as well. Don’t forget to read the book, Obamazoids!

Next, these slime balls held a “war council” to firm up plans to remain underground and commit acts of sabatoge against the US Government. They bombed several police cars in Berkley. Then they detonated a bomb at the San Francisco Police Department, during which one officer was killed and several others were injured. When 36 sticks of dynamite were discovered at a police precinct in Detroit, Bill Ayers just happened to be in town.

Later, several of the Underground’s own members died when they accidentally blew up their own bomb factory in New York. No loss. The bomb was intended to be used at an officer’s dance at Fort Dix. The bomb they were going to use was packed with nails for maximum damage. How wonderful that they got them into their own bodies instead. Then another bomb factory was discovered in Chicago’s North side. Their weapons cache was also discovered in an apartment in Chicago’s South side. Then they blew up the National Guard building in DC.

Nice people huh?

While they continued to hide from indictments, Bernardine Dohrn issued a “Declaration of A State Of War”.

They claimed credit for the explosion of the San Francisco Hall of Justice, which never occurred. Later an undetonated explosive device was discovered on the premises. Then the NY City Police headquarters was bombed. Then they bombed the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco in honor of the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Think I am done talking about the Underground yet? Nope.

They then helped Timothy Leary escape from prison, bombed the Marin County courthouse. After that they bombed the Queens Traffic Court building. They bombed the Harvard Center For International Affairs. A few of them fled to Cuba, where I hope to God they still reside.

Next, they bombed the US Capital. Another of their bomb factories was discovered in San Francisco. Then they bombed the office of California Prisons, The New York Department of Corrections in Albany, NY, and William Bundy’s office at MIT Research Center.

Nope. I’m not done yet. They bombed the Pentagon. They bombed the 103 Police Precinct in New York.

Then they bombed the ITT in both New York and Rome, Italy.

They bombed the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

They bombed the Office of California of Attorney General.

They bombed Gulf’s Pittsburgh headquarters.

Then they bombed the Anaconda headquarters.

They bombed the State Department. They bombed the Banco De Ponce in Puerto Rico as well as the Kennekot Corporation.

They also committed the Brinks Robbery.

So, let me ask you. If you had any judgment at all, and if you billed yourself as a “Uniter,” would you go to Bill Ayers home for a fund raiser on your behalf?

Think about it. I’ll wait. While you are waiting, here’s a little video to introduce you to the fear and misery these two people generated. People who held a fund raiser at their home for Barack Obama. Then tell me that this is just another “boneheaded” affiliation that Obama made for himself–or that he just “didn’t know”.

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  1. Thanks for your summary of the Weather Underground staggering stream of domestic terrorist activities. I had a general idea who they were but was not aware of the scope of their violence.

    Can you post the date of BO’s visit to their home and when/what they raised for him?

    And what about forwarding same history and their relation to BO over to FOX News (to their Story Idea and/or Breaking News departments)?

  2. Hi JM, good to see you again, friend. I believe the fundraiser was in 2001 for his senate bid.
    Obama and Ayers were also on the board of the Woods Foundation together for a number of years. They were definitely in each other’s circle and also lived nearby one another. I think the two best articles on their connection are these:

  3. Oh and I have no idea what funds that Ayers raised, as we would have to know the names of contributorss to look it up. The only confirmation would be his own personal donation, which I think was a few hundred dollars of record.

    I never looked up any more recent donations from Ayers. I would imagine if Obama has any brains at all, there shouldn’t be a record of Ayers on the presidential campaign contributors list. That would be really dumb. But then Obama seems to have done dumber things, hey?

  4. Yet another interesting link. Also mentions the fundraiser, but some even more scarey stuff. Alas, leave it to the right wingers to give us what CNN won’t.

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