Barack Obama will pay my mortgage and fill my gas tank.

What kind of man makes people believe this? False Hope to equal Hopes Dashed.


Peggy Joseph speaking with NBC 6 about how she won’t have to fill her gas tank once Obama is elected. Full Video from NBC 6 

Here’s a segmented clip from youtube. How sad is this? This poor woman is enraptured and really believes she is witnessing a messiah who will miraculously give her home to her and make expenses go away…for the price of Democracy. He’s given false hope to innocent people who imagine that everyone will just willingly give up what they have earned to the messiah so that he might redistribute it.

Nice job, Karl.

“I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage”

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  1. OMG….. What a trip these people think money will fall from the sky? Shoot were in for a rocky road..

  2. No surprise here! PODs have certainly not done the research either by stupidity or choice.

  3. Say What??? Those women are so freaking stupid!!!

    Sorry, don’t like calling people stupid, but they seemed so brainless.

  4. WOW! barky’s speech is the most memorable moment of her life?
    I bet her children are so proud to be pushed down the list.

  5. Stupidty comes standard issue with Obama supporters. Brains, not so much.

  6. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, and think that she meant the economy would be better, and the gas would be cheaper, and the interest rates would drop, thus she wouldn’t be worried…. but I am not sure. That is still a big load for Obama to accomplish.

    But, I also have read a lot of African Americans think that Obama is going to grant reparations, and cut big fat checks for everyone, so she could have been refering to that, as well.

  7. If he is elected, these poor supporters are going to be in for an awakening after the honeymoon period….

    “Barack Obama’s senior advisers have drawn up plans to lower expectations for his presidency if he wins next week’s election, amid concerns that many of his euphoric supporters are harbouring unrealistic hopes of what he can achieve.” London Times, full article….

    Imagine you are at your wedding, and you are standing next to the person you most adore, about to be married, and he leans over and sweetly tells you… tough this whole “fidelity” thing will be.

  8. Sara, the big load will be upon middle class America. He is a liar when he says he’s not going to tax and tax and tax until the middle class is gone. There’s no middle class in Socialism, Sara. You get a fe w crumbs if the Government likes you.

  9. Reality is going to bite them in the a$$

  10. Well you know what. Maybe considering how many people are on welfare, they will get the drift that there is no such thing as a free lunch. It’s a cruel way to learn it though.

  11. I feel for this woman. She’s deluded.

  12. Yes, gas will be cheaper. It’s cheaper already. That’s because the economy is so bad people aren’t going anywhere. Make no mistake, they will cut production to increase the price besides. They aren’t going to let the winter go by without the profits.

  13. Mike, what we have here loving this guy is our youth, and people in their 20s who are accustomed to their parents floating their finances for them. The car, the insurance, the cell phone. They are already living like socialists. Only they are going to find out that the parental money bucket is going to be cut and the government isn’t into placating their whining for bright shiney objects.

  14. gettin a tingly feeling up my leg
    like somebody is going for my wallet.

  15. In light of the revelation to what obama can really accomplish when he wins…………………..

    OMG…when obama wins, I’m going to loose 100 lbs and my face is going to tighten, and my hair will stop turning grey and and and my athlete’s foot will heal and I could eat as much Wendy’s double bacon cheeseburgers as I want and not get fat!!!…..OMG OMG….it’s gonna happen finally !!!

  16. Well, hopefully Obama will fill my tank after he loses and he’s working at a service station in Chicago.

  17. UW, is “Brack Obama” in the title intentional? I know how you’d like us to correct you instead of not telling you all day.

  18. and and and if McCain wins……You mean I still will be responsible for my own bills and irresponsible spending on things I don’t need to fill up my home to clutter mania? and and and I have to watch what I eat on my own and not have the govt tell how to eat, how to spend, what to read, who to believe and what to do with my free time???

    You mean if McCain wins—-> I will still be responsible for all my foolishness ?? me myself and I….no one is going to pay my bills and fill my gas tank ?……………..

    I need a Big Mac with a diet coke……!

  19. More evidence of a crushing rule if Obama is elected. People have to WAKE -UP. This horror is on the verge of being the POTUS- He needs to be stopped. I hope these newspapers get together and put their whole weight in exposing this guy

  20. They had to make room for BET and EBONY among others- At least that’s the BS story they gave- The truth is they DARED to question THE ONE

  21. He will take credit for the gas being cheaper, we know that. While I am glad it is cheaper (I have a big family and drive a large politically-incorrect vehicle), you know the news and people will forget about fuel issues….. such short attention spans……until they go back up. Not much press being given to OPEC cutting production so we will pay more….

    McCain is on Fox and just said as president, he will be on a budget like we have to be! UW, you are right about the kids……they aren’t on budgets, or on someone else’s budgets!

  22. This is so pathetic…the Kool-Aid hangover, as I said, is going to be horrible if it comes to that. We took our Mom to the doc (she suffers from senile dementia)–he joked, could he take her to vote? I liked him anyway–and joked back…No, I get her. I said I was a Dem voting Republican. He said he was a Dem voting Dem. My sister chimed in–her, too. Gad! It was disgusting. Her busband is a corporate pilot and has been flying Sen McCain, but I would not even comment–am not getting into ANYTHING!


    Northquarterusa-everytime we try to blog this into the blog site- it doesn’t appear. Maybe it is the tech of the spies that are out there and know when there is information that can harm their Messiah. Maybe Northquarterusa does not know that people are actually able to delete “new info”. Three of us tried to post them in different articles on this site- even on your blog and it keeps disappearing. WOW….what has this country turned out to? And they said that the Democrats were against the Patriot Act- it seems they are doing alot with it lately- even deleting.

    If this information of the reliable source is true and obama did in fact made these statements- we have only 3 days left to make sure the entire american jewish community is aware of it.

  24. False hope to the masses from a false Messiah. How many times has this been repeated in history? No wonder Obamatrons would have us forget the past and lock our rose-tinted glasses on the promiseland.

    People like Peggy J. are being duped and they don’t even know it. If this man gets elected, she and many others are in for a huge surprise and disappointment.
    But then, it will be too late.

    It’s grotesque.

  25. I don’t think young people are taught much history. They don’t seem to have a grasp of what this is really about.

  26. barky is a brilliant used car salesman.

    The trany is full of sawdust. But it runs real smooth off the lot

  27. deadenders – that’s the first thing I thought too – about the her most memorable moment!

    For heaven’s sake – are these people THIS STUPID?

    “brack” = not appealing to the taste.
    I say leave it as it is because it fits perfectly.

    Would somebody please pass me a bacon-cheeseburger?

  28. lagal – yes they are and that’s what the United States Of Barakistan is counting on. Hope is right around the corner.

  29. Sounds like she was lost for words, nervous, etc….like a lot of people.

  30. History is relative……just look at the titles of most of the “factual” stories in the MSM!

    So much about history is simplified and romanticised, as the Recreate 68 folks in the extreme have shown us. Curriculum these days is a mile wide and an inch deep. Add that to our Sesame Street/MTV attention span and our self-esteem mindset and it shows you how much work it takes to educate our children (hint…..the teachers can only do so much, ultimately it is our own responsibility to grow life-long learners). And it is a really tough job. Teaching them to keep learning is the key, I think. That is what is not being taught in schools.

    But, hey……responsibility……that’s the government’s job, right? Look what a great job they are doing with education and entitlements…….we should give them control of our budgets!

  31. You know I can understand teenagers swooning over some “idol” after all Bambi has been on the cover of every thought speak, media puppet magazine that Brittany has! But long ago, I got over my swooning age and realized all humans have feet of clay and most idols even more so…in fact most are a generated image and the image has nothing at all to do with who the person is. Obama being a narcissist is a perfect fit for such a frenzied out of touch with reality swoon fest. He eats it up with a spoon, he can’t live without it, he believes his own bullshit.

    But grown adults behaving this way is flat out sick. The nation is on a drug called “supply” They “supply” Obama with adulation he must have to live because he is a narcissist and baby they will do ANYTHING to keep that supply coming…say anything, pretend anything…in the beginning of any relationship with the narcissist they ALWAYS seem like the most amazingly, coolest, most charming, knight in shining fookin armor you could have EVER imagined in your life time…they are mezmerizing. Until you ask them to get real, to deliver, to tell the truth or keep their word. To see this process play out on such a massive scale, where everyones brain shuts off to “FEEL THE CHARM” is disgusting. They all wanna go on the feel good ride…it’s faked, they know it but, it’s like any other drug..addictive.

    Put down the hope bong and grow up lady.

  32. free YES! after Barky nationalizes the oil companies
    she’ll get extra gas ration coupons, a sable hat & one of these babies on a 5 year time share plan –
    just for being a suckup!!

  33. I think we all admire John McCain for what he’s done and who he is. How many people admire Barack Obama? They may adore him and worship him, but they don’t know him. Who are his friends? What has he even done as a man in his life to make him worthy of any feelings good or bad? He’s a spectre, an empty presence whom people pin their hopes on.

  34. Ahhh gees, these people are in for a rude awakening…

  35. “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour. Doesn’t this describe him?

    I know your anger, I know your dreams
    Ive been everything you want to be

    I sell the things you need to be
    Im the smiling face on your t.v.
    I exploit you still you love me
    I tell you one and one makes three

    You gave me fortune
    You gave me fame
    You gave me power in your god’s name
    I’m every person you need to be

    The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
    You don’t have to follow me
    Only you can set me free
    Im the cult of personality

  36. I had to realize that most people don’t do any research at all. When my child had a debate at school about the election, no one (not even the teacher) had any real idea who Ayers is. Most people trust that what they are being told is the truth (the news can’t LIE, can it?), and most people want to be entertained by the news. While I enjoy digging into a story to see what is behind it, most people either can’t, don’t know how, don’t know they can, or don’t take the time. Most people in this country truly believe that what is on CNN is all there is to know. And those are the folks that do watch the news, a good portion of us don’t watch any news at all.

    I read an article today on NR called The End of Journalism. What I got from it is how complete a mirage this candidate is and what an amazing job the press has done to protect that.

    If our free press is willing to participate in this fraudulent candidacy, I do feel badly for people who thought they could trust the news. Now, the folks that are looking for something for free…….not so much. If McCain wins, they will be moaning that he stole their hope from them. If BO wins, they will be lost when they realize that they won’t get anything from them….and in the end, might be much worse off.

  37. Incognito, my husband came home the other night singing that song, it had been on the car radio. He asked if I remembered the words and said it was amazingly like BO!

  38. incoginito,
    Thanks for omitting the leader speaks line. we wouldn’t want to be accused of an Assassination plot.

  39. Wow. What really scares me is that there is quite a large population who LOVE the idea of a socialist America. When did that happen????

  40. Oh and BO doesn’t even help his own family out with gas and lodging so why does this woman think he would care about HER???

  41. I left out the Kennedy-esque stuff. I think we’ve heard enough of that over the last year.

  42. He’s a spectre, an empty presence whom people pin their hopes on.

    See yesterday’s WSJ editorial page for a well-written story saying just this. Am not sure I can post a link you can get to…let me try…

  43. What she doesn’t realize is that in Obama’s America nobody can afford cars, so who needs gas, and we’ll be living four families per house and divying the mortgage that way.

    This is what happens when ends are justified by the means, you get unexpected ‘ends’.

    Obama has legitimized covetousness, made it mainstream, what Americans don’t realize is that Obama will take from them to give to the rest of the world. He has plans to give a fortune to the UN, who’ll pay for that and this woman’s mortgage?

    But there is no reason to dispair, we can vote from park benches now, and no doubt if Obama wins more Americans will be doing it.

  44. Star, that was a powerful article, definitely worth clicking on. The author is an Arab scholar, both Arab-born and an expert on the Middle East at Johns Hopkins and Stanford.

    Lots of good lines, I liked this one:

    “Save in times of national peril, Americans have been sober, really minimalist, in what they expected out of national elections, out of politics itself. The outcomes that mattered were decided in the push and pull of daily life, by the inventors and the entrepreneurs, and the captains of industry and finance. ”
    “In recent days, those vast Obama crowds, though, have recalled for me the politics of charisma that wrecked Arab and Muslim societies. A leader does not have to say much, or be much. The crowd is left to its most powerful possession — its imagination.”

  45. I really hope that kool-aide doesn’t cause permanenet brain damage!


  46. I really hope that kool-aide doesn’t cause permanenet brain damage

    If you ask me–to mix a metaphor–that ship has sailed.

  47. i see a grown woman who thinks it would be right and just for someone else to be responsible for meeting her needs. the fact that she seems to actually believe that obama will make it happen is just laughable.

    from the first moment i laid eyes on “the one,” i could feel this woman’s hand reaching into my pocket.

    sorry, barack, i’m not interested in your new world order where the 60% of us who actually pay income tax are forced to pay even more to the 40% who don’t pay any income tax at all.

    no way. no how. nobama.

  48. Uppity:

    I’ve heard many dofferent variations of this before.

    One woman told me that Obama was going to REPAY ALL BLACKS for slavery.
    Another told me something along the lines of what the woman in the video said….and MEANT EVERY WORD OF IT!

    Another told me and I quote…” Whitey is gonna get his now!” Unquote..I shit you not. She actually said that.

    Many think Obama is going to lead them to some freakin promised land.
    I have long given up on these people. They will all soon see what we have seen long ago…Obama is full of shit!

  49. Dragon, what crap, really. Most of America is comprised of people whose ancesters came from Europe long after slavery. Furthermore, if ANYBODy deserves reparations it’s the Native Americans and you don’t hear them whining.

    I am so sick of whiners I could just spit. Get up off your ass, don’t make five babies and Grow yourself. If you want to screw up your own life, I think you have that right. But don’t be expecting me to cheerfully bail you out.

  50. If you look at history, when you go back 3-4 generations, most people either were or were born to farmers. Rich landowners in the time of slavery used them as free labor. This meant that free immigrants from Europe actually had almost no standard of living. There were no jobs in the south. Why hire a poor white to farm your land when you could own your labor?

    60’s civil rights leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King told people to lift themselves up because no one else would do it. For the last couple of generations, self-appointed leaders have said that AAs should protest and complain and “organize” to make someone else give them things. People like Barfy took the money meant to help people and used it as a Ponzi scheme to extort money from businesses and local governments through threats and legal action.

    Barfy’s last stand is to get the AA community organized. The problem is, they need to be organized by other people now. And he’s bringing in Essence and Jet, two magazines he couldn’t give the time of day to 2 months ago. By Sunday, he’ll probably pull out “get in their face” again. If you’re going to the polls in a battleground state, bring a knife and a camera.

  51. Red, a man jumped to his death yesterday in El Paso, TX off a ramp onto the interstate. He left a note in the car. Take care of my family Obama.
    Unfortunately, that is just about as much help as Obama will give this man’s family. Very sad that people believe this guy.

  52. Yeah that note will help a lot. I’m telling you this guy thinks he’s messianic and he’s got others believing it. That alone should be the hint.

  53. Obama doesn’t even take care of his OWN family.

  54. UW it is unbelievable what people will want to believe.
    I have nephew who insisted early on the Obama was the man.
    When he verified some of the information that I gave him…he told me, the man is a “douche.”
    Believe it or not, the kid felt that of all the details that I had provided him with, the issue of his refusal to wear a flag pin was the most searing to him.
    It was simple. Anyone who wants to represent America should know that country is bigger than self.

  55. I bet her daughter felt real special listening to her mother tell the world barky’s speech was the most memorable moment of her life.

  56. I have to say, Barfy holding his junk during the National Anthem is a striking image. It just goes to show, he has no alligence to anything other than himself.

  57. Yes McN, my cousin’s daughter (age 26) and son (age 30) voted for him in the primary. Then they paid attention and they think he’s a commie nutball and have no intention of voting for him Tuesday.

  58. The question is

    Will Obama iron my shirt?

  59. No the question is, will he iron MINE.

  60. “With Obama as President, I’ll never have to be responsible for my own life. He’ll give me my food, my clothing, anf my shelter. Just like kindly massa in the good old days on the plantation. Oh, how fine it is to be a slave.”

  61. Mary,

    There’s a skit from In Living Color from 1996 with Jim Carrey as Ross Perot doing his infamous infomercial. It was right after the “you people” incident and he was talking about how black people could provide a servie in his economic model. Anyway, he was writing it on an easel and the key words spelled out s-l-a-v-e.

    We really are repeating history. I just hope we’re not doomed.

  62. Palin4Prez, on November 1st, 2008 at 12:30 am Said:
    “We really are repeating history. I just hope we’re not doomed.

    Not to worrry, P4P. All is well.

  63. Uppity Woman, “I am so sick of whiners I could just spit. Get up off your ass, don’t make five babies …”

    For many years I have said that the only way to end the entitlement mentality is mandatory sterilization of welfare recipients. Tell them they can have as many babies as they want, but then they don’t get welfare. It will be amazing how fast the permanent have-nots learn to keep their legs crossed and the Great Society wither away.

    Of course, I’ve been called a fascist for my un-PC plan. Shame on me for not making those third-generation welfare recipients feel good about being jack rabbits. The liberal intellectuals, with their social-woreer mentalities, have bullied and brain-washed America into making nice-nice rather than win-win..

    Never mind that China, with it’s one-child per family policy is now emerging as the world’s dominant economic power. Never mind that India, which is beginning to figure out that birth control is requisite for individual and national well-being, will soon join China in the eonomic sphere.

  64. […] On the plus side, “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.” If we live in such a racist country, as the friends and fellow travelers of Barack Obama have argued vehemently throughout this campaign season, how did AmeriKKKa end up electing The One? […]

  65. omg! you kiddin me!//

    sad sad sad

    i believe it though. when i lived in baton rouge, my daughter was born with bilary atresia and i couldnt get help for her because all the blacks wearing fur coats driving cadilacs and buying steaks in grocery stores … line in front of me …WITH fooD STAMps! oh yes, i cried! and filled out app after app claiming not only thier 5 or 7 stairsteps but claiming each others babies too… while my husband and i couldnt get help because we were not a minority, we were married, and we didnt have enough kids…if we got divorced or separated ..we could! that came from a social workers mouth….

  66. […] gas and mortgage” Posted on November 9, 2008 by Uppity Woman I have to tell you that this video of the woman in ecstasy discussing how Barack Obama will make it she won’t have to worry […]

  67. […] have to tell you that this video of the woman in ecstasy discussing how Barack Obama will make it she won’t have to worry […]

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