Hear THIS, Senseless and Complacent Women Who Are Amused By Enablers

As the Grand Enabler takes office,  here’s your Christmas present.

CNN,  you cavalierly  report what you enabled more of  as you participated in the celebration of escalating abuse and hatred of women during this election season.

And don’t think you are safe from this yourself, Campbell. This is blood on your hands and on the hands of all women who take sexism and misogyny with a grain of salt. You didn’t fight the fight and you think your rights will always be there. You are Wrong. Those of us who Fought the Fight for you recognize all the signs.

Your reward  for your complacency and viciousness awaits all of you who do not want to See how little steps grow  into bigger steps. You will recognize what you have done nothing about when you see it all slip away from you by degrees instead of from others who mean nothing to you. And those of us who incurred the battle scars for ungrateful you won’t lift a finger for you either. You gave it up. Soon you will have to be the ones to get it back

I am incensed.

Slap em on the wrist till they blow her brains out

No laughing matter CNN, no slap on the wrist matter either! Who will join me?

Louisa’s law Maybe ? Keep the offenders away from these women not drive the women into shelters and away from their homes.

Do you have any idea how many women get their brains blown out daily in this country because we are too damned easy on men who abuse women? They abuse their wives and their families and the major reason they continue to do is because women have so little protection and because they are slapped on the wrist – they keep getting away with it till they finally blow someone’s brains out then they land in jail where a lot of them should have been kept in the first place.

Better yet – the first time they started to show disrespect for women and girls if we stood our ground- maybe it wouldn’t be a joke that that leaves me tonight looking at two daughters battling for their very lives! One from Cancer and the other from the gunshot wound to the head from the 23 year abuser who was left to become worse and worse till he finally  became a would be murderer!

It all started with blond jokes- that the guys in the locker rooms thought were funny at the girl’s expense. Unchecked it graduated to degrading language then to shoves, then to short stints for spousal abuse  which wound up sending the abuser right back home to abuse again.

Just On June 16th 2008 this man, attacked my sleeping cancer patient daughter with a hammer to the skull for her pain drugs. He spent 3 months in Jail then pled guilty to a lesser charge and they let him out ROR, and it ended up with her sister Louisa  my youngest daughter’s brains on the living room wall last night!

You bet the 180 degree turn-a-round from fire Favreau to maybe we should send him to a battered women’s shelter and fix the bastard was a bit personal! Now I am on a death watch for two daughters.



This has got to stop – too many innocent females are destroyed daily because we will not stand up and fight like hell. We want this stopped this was not a laughing matter CNN boys – come to Hackensack, Medical Center NJ and take a look at my daughter- Louisa Rodas. She has less than a 50/50 chance of surviving and if she does she will have one eye – one ear a half of a head and be paralyzed on one side – we have no idea how much brain damage. STOP THIS NOW – PLEASE! For all our daughters !

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  1. I lurk at BJ’s site as well as here. This hurts, in so many ways.
    We are important, we are amazing, we can do wondrous things, and WE DO NOT deserve abuse that would get one arrested if the victim was male.

    Open season on females, folks. Sorry, this is really upsetting.

  2. BJ is asking for help in getting her story to Greta. If anyone knows how to do that, then please do it.

  3. I see some women called names on this list…just sayin’. I thought the stuff some women called Palin was pretty eye-opening and scary. Now, I call Obama Junior, which is meant to be demeaning, of course…Maybe I should not do that…Somehow men seem to have it coming, but is that a double standard?

  4. Screw him. He’s The Enabler. I don’t care what anybody calls him.

  5. Thank You –
    The law allows us all to be treated if we are a piece of cardboard! Pass ERA now.
    Draft Louisa law stop violence against women.- and Get Jon Favreau fired !

  6. OK–going with that…

  7. Gosh, I just don’t know what to say. My heart goes out for this woman and her two daughters. Sometimes I feel like the punisher should receive the same treatment as his crime. Ya know, let’s go bash his head in.

    The thing that seems to be lost is that violence is a circle, or more like a chain and it is up to us to break even just one of those links. I have been saddened at how in this election anger directed toward and specificially to women was seen as just a joke. I have yet to hear Obama say anything about the Afhani girl’s school that was attacked by Taleban spraying acid on the girls (with harmless squirt guns no less). You have to wonder if maybe they got that idea from watching Batman, but most likely they just thought it up on their own.

    I just don’t know … I’m rather speechless.

    My hubby witnessed an attempted murder this spring. Paroled boyfriend tried to slash throat of his girlfriend with a box cutter. As she lay in a pool of blood, he tried to keep going after her. Luckily a neighbor from across the street saved her. Hubby said the boyfriend was practically expressionless and looked at him with the coldest stare he had ever seen. I just got to the scene while everyone was waiting for the ambulance. The EMTs told us they didn’t think she’d make it cause she lost so much blood. By the grace of God she lived.

    These are the moments that remind us Feminists of what we are really fighting for. Lousia’s Law sounds like a good idea. We are even cracking down on repeat DWI offenders in Wi (finally), so why not repeat domestic violence perpetrators.

  8. There is also emotional abuse..telling your spouse or any woman she is stupid all the time, useless, humiliating in public, etc.

  9. That poor family, my prayers for them all.

    HT-I would email Greta with the request and links to the blog and the press reports. Also Nancy Grace.

  10. I think maybe the term that we are currently using might be a problem. Perhaps using ‘Domestic’ violence is a problem. Maybe if the word ‘Domestic’ was removed, and something more serious was actually put in there.. something like ‘familiar’ assault, or ‘cowards’ abuse was used.. maybe it would not be poo-poohed.
    Hey, I know what this is… I’ve been through this, and when the cops came, they said.. “lady, you got some place to go?” … They made me try and find a place to go, but nobody wanted me there because they didn’t want to get involved in ‘domestic’ sorta situation. Let’s get the word domestic out of there. It almost is a word that sanctions the abuse and murder anymore.
    Oh course we need a new law… we need to contact Denise Brown, not Gretta… let Denise Brown call Gretta maybe eh?

    Denise Brown,

  11. freemenow, I just don’t even know what to say to you. Maybe you are right and we must demand an ERA vote again so we can weed out the people who would enable and remember.

    In the meantime, you must be exhausted and beside yourself. I do hope your daughter’s improvement is the best case scenerio. She should have killed him in his sleep.

  12. Any woman who would fall for Barack Obama while watching and accepting what he enabled IS stupid and will hopefully live to regret it. without suffering tooo much from her own stupidity. I’m sorry, Star, but I never expected someone who didn’t fight to fight to Remember. I did expect them to have the good sense to heed the warnings and signs plastered right in front of them. This is why it is a mistake to allow children to pick presidents. They just don’t have enough of life to have enough good sense. You, I am sure, just like me, have suffered the consequences in your life of a stupid decision. We recover and we Learn. But neither of us have made decisions that impacted the entire country. This president’s crap is about to roll downhill. And I know you know just how awful it is about to get.

  13. Would you feel better if I changed it to Senseless? That’s about as far as I am willing to go.

  14. lynnzy, I am sorry for the delay in the appearance of your post. We moderate the first posts of everybody to weed out the nutcases.

    You make a good point. The word Domestic is just too sweet for a savage who would do this kind of thing.

    He once was a little sexist acorn.

  15. Spousal Savagery is more like it.

  16. Our new First Lady will change all that. Role play is back in fashion. Real women aren’t cool anymore so just pretend you’re numb when Barack disses you. act demure. ask yourself “what would Caroline do?”.

    One of the best part time jobs I’ve ever had was armed security guard. men treat you with utmost respect when you’re wearing a gun. handcuffs are nice too.

  17. How sad. What a tragedy.

    Women in our society are often reduced to nothing more than bits of cardboard. And many of us know it. I think that’s why the Favreau photo really struck a chord in so many of us.

    I just read this, too.
    Peterson Plans to Wed Mystery Bride, 23

  18. Peterson. Another guy who thinks what he did wasn’t much.

  19. This is such a tragedy. I am so sorry.

  20. Sort of off topic, but I loved how Megyn Kelly lit into O’Reilly over the stupid overplayed Christmas mess. He shouted her down–but she sort of shouted him down, too. “No, YOU are wrong, Bill…”

  21. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/21/magazine/21Gibbs-t.html?pagewanted=6&_r=1

    About new press secy…they are kind of mean to men, too…catch this quote from Axelrod about Gibbs:

    They gave a party for Gibbs, apparently and…
    “The invitation urged guests to “honor Robert and Mary Catherine Gibbs with drinks, laughs, some humiliating deference, respect and sucking up.”

    “I’m happy for him,” Axelrod said of Gibbs. “Because we sort of picked him up for cheap four years ago. He was kind of out of work. I’m happy to see him do well. He belongs up on that podium.”

  22. Sounds like ” Roast” stuff, Star. Hell I’ve been roasted a few times myself. lol. Gibbs still should be cheap. He looked like a fool during the election and got caught in a few flubs too.

  23. If they “roast” each other for four years, at least that will keep us going…

  24. What will it take to stop the abuse against women? And when will the law protect them? Whatever it takes, it is time to take a stand, if the laws don’t protect women, then the laws need to be changed. We also need to et rid of the worthless people on the bench calling themselves judges!!!

  25. Ah, I do like ‘spousal savagery’.. The ‘domestic’ just trivialises it all. It almost says to me that if it’s done ‘domestically’ then you own it. ‘nuther words, what’s done inside the home should stay in the home, is what it implies. You know, I’ve heard that police hate to respond to ‘domestics’…. and domestic abuse cases. Maybe if it was called something else it would be a better sell. (*I mean that in a sarcastic disgusted way).
    I was just thinking this morning about my daughter Liana. She’s 20 years old, she has a boyfriend who is 28 years old, and she’s never been abused by a guy in her life.. Wanna know why?… My daughter looks like a Buffalo Bills linebacker. She as muscular as a big guy, she’s got shoulders like a linebacker and she’s an easy 200 lbs, solid muscles and could walk around carrying 100 lbs without breaking a sweat. She will never be abused by a man because she’s too god damn big. It’s a psychological thing; this abuse crap is about size… We women have to stop trying to be thin and tiny, because thin equals WEAK!! Instead, forget the lose weight diets, and opt for getting in shape and getting muscular. That would make the playing field a little bit more level.
    We should be outraged about the move toward super thinness in women, and we should be outraged that the word ‘domestic’ is used when there is an outright attempted murder or a murder.

  26. (sniped)
    (One of the best part time jobs I’ve ever had was armed security guard. men treat you with utmost respect when you’re wearing a gun. handcuffs are nice too.)

    LOVE IT!! I’m thinking this here is the career for me! I did think maybe a sado masochist would be my ideal career but that’s a little dicey with the legalities and all.

  27. Why not call it what it is – forget the cutsey names that indicate it’s a woman getting abused – domestic / spousal et al.
    Let’s stop being nice and demand equal respect. If a man is assaulted – it’s assault, not abuse.

    This was attempted murder, plain and simple.

  28. Thanks for posting this Uppity. Under the Tips and Links tab I posted a link to Betty Jean’s latest post which shows pictures of her lovely daughters before the attacks. It’s important to put faces with the crime so that these idiot enablers understand that we’re talking about real people and real consequences.

    Any woman that has laughed off “spousal savagery” or who criticized Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin for not being the “right kind” of woman for POTUS needs to understand that she is directly responsible for this. Just the same as people who look the other way at lynchings, KKK cross burnings, or gay bashing – your silence says as much as your words.

  29. Sandy said, “What will it take to stop the abuse against women? And when will the law protect them?”

    We have laws, we have violence against women acts, but what we don’t have is the will. We don’t have the motivation as a society. We don’t have a general public that is ready to condemn this kind of crap and say enough, no more. The Favreau photo is a good example, people want to laugh it off, dismiss it as fun and games.They just don’t make the connection between his behavior and how it feeds an entire culture of misogyny that literally kills and maims thousands of women every year.

    We’ve had more women killed in here at home than we’ve had soldiers killed in Iraq in a war zone. To make it even more insane, we’ve had more female soldiers murdered and raped by their own countrymen then killed by the enemy.

    Sexism and misogyny must become as politically incorrect to the general public as racism has become. We’ve got a long ways to go.

  30. It’s my philosphy that nobody is so big when they are looking down the barrel of a gun. I’ve never been a big person physically, but i know how to pull a trigger.

  31. Uppity Woman,2:53 PM Said:
    “This president’s crap is about to roll downhill. And I know you know just how awful it is about to get.”

    Yes, Uppity it’s called sharia law, already the politically correct rage in England, where it Is endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Chief Justice, the country’s highest spiritual. and judicial authorities. At the heart of Koranic law is the conviction that women have no dignity. Thus, abuse is not abuse at all, but religious precept.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. The only true thing he said to the media in the past year is “my Muslim faith,” for which the interviewer immediately covered. Sharia law is mother’s milk to Obama.

    Do I harp on this theme? YOU BET I DO. Poisoned in our schools (try W. Ayers ,the Education Prof on this one) and media by unending pc bullshit, allowing that abuse of women is a cultural matter, Americans have lost their bearings.
    Yes, there has always been family abuse. Now, it is fast becoming Obama writ. Months ago he chose a female “Muslim liaison ” whose main duty was to tell American women that they must remain silent about Muslim abuse of women in order to respect Muslim “culture.”

    Because from there to here is no great distance, and given his other acts of misogyny, it is safe to say that ignoring and thus tacitly sanctioning abuse of women is a plank in the Obama platform: Americans opted for Presidentially endorsed, institutionalized misogyny. And women–and men, too, liker Chrissy and O’Reilly–were so busy being titillated by their own sexual fantasies built around him that they never topped and said, “Wait this can’t be right.”

  32. I was in an abusive marriage for 10 years. I barely survived and still have many scars. I took my life in my hands one night when my husband pulled a gun on me in a drunken rage, a 22 automatic Ruger. There was no need to do anything wrong. He just liked abusing me when he felt the need. These days his new wife says it never happened. Well after he drank all that alcohol he finally had to go pee so I grabbed my three little boys and escaped. I peeled rubber for almost a full block and all the while hearing the gun fire. It makes me sick literally when I hear or see the sexism in our society. Obama is a sicko himself. He doesn’t respect women and you can bet no new laws or enforcement of the ones we have on the books will take place while he is in office. They are still selling “Bros b4 Hos” junk all over the place including Amazon. I say lets get our guns because that is all we really have to protect ourselves. Don’t depend on men and don’t depend on the law. I had to hide with my kids for many years even though I had a permanent restraining order on my x. He ocassionally found us and I’d have to run again. The law is slow to act. So don’t depend on the deputies getting there in time. Thank God my sons grew up to be respectful of women and never would talk disrespectful to women or ever hit them. That much I won.

  33. I hear yuz. I’m thinking again about getting a pistol permit myself. I had the book and read the stuff before to get signed up, but I never followed through with it before. I heard it’s really hard to get a gun permit in New York, but I really don’t know for sure. Later I heard that a lot of women were as of late getting gun permits. We can all get a shot gun though. I don’t think you need something special for that. I think a hand gun is better though.
    I had an ex-husband who waited to abuse me until I was pregnant. I guess he figured he’d get his ass kicked if I wasn’t in such a state of being big as a house with a baby. Later though, he woke up to his ass looking down the barrel of his own shot gun which I turned on him and told him that he would be dead should he ever think of abusing me again. I left any after that. He still deserves his fat ass to be kicked to the curb. He’s my kid’s father though so he’s still alive. That’s the only reason.
    If I was a small women you can best believe that I would have had that pistol permit a long time ago though.

  34. GOD BLESS YOU for this post, Uppity.

    As an abuse victim & survivor I totally get this. Right down to the objectification of women as “mere” sex objects (look at the comments about Hillary and Palin as minor examples)

    Got one more for you — did you know that DV Crisis Centers turn DISABLED WOMEN away because they don’t know how to deal with them? Especially Invisibly Disabled (like myself) — and no one says “boo?” And that disabled women are the most commonly physically, emotionally, psychologically & sexually abused women!

    My 2 cents… and a plug for my other blog :P


  35. Thank you thank you thank you – I love you all for this- please stay with me on this and keep posting and make it viral. I want new laws- I am proposaing Louisa’s law.
    Please visit my blog again – see their faces today and tomorrow I will post new pictures- want you to see the damage he did.
    This must stop.

    Alos – where is the so called The New Agenda – not a word? Why?
    I will tell you why first they wanted Favreaus head – the next day they wanted him instead to volunteer at a battered woman’s shelter – I was vocal – that they were wrong- I was called names – humiliated and ousted along with any founders ho sided with me and now – a week later my daughter is dying from domestic abuse and they are silent.

    I am asking your readers to please go to THe New Agenda site and ask Why They are not covering this story and supporting me ?
    What kind of an agenda is this?

  36. Oh my I needed to pop in and say my heart brakes here……. It is shocking… shocking is not even the right word I am numb with anger.

    TOO much of this and it needs to STOP RIGHT NOW~~
    Violence against women makes me go from zero to a 100 on the ricta scale.

    What do we do collectively to make sure the powers that be hear us? Seems too many innocent women suffer daily….. I too have been there I did a moonlight flit one night 250 miles away… I live to tell the tale many don’t…

    My prayers are with this family at this time…
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do….

  37. Now free, I know you are angry at what has happened and rightfully you should be. But everyone has her own approach. Please do not be angry at New Agenda for not agreeing with an approach. Remember, we all want the same thing. And we all have a way of contributing to that in our own way. When we fragment, we lose. Big time. Ok?

  38. Betty Jean,

    I just left a comment there asking why they aren’t covering your story. Everyone else please feel free to do the same:


    I left my comment on the post about Sharing Information and Common Ground.

  39. This makes me just sick! as a survivor of abuse myself i know how hard it is to get away from these assholes and people look at this kind fo assault differently because it’s domestic or spousal abuse. it’s pure bullshit. Straight up assault and attempted murder.

    When I left my ex and pressed charges for assault guess what hppened? he was found guilty (hard to argue with a woman wh has 2 black eyes, split lip and cracked ribs in the room) and get this, he was fined $50! That was many, many years ago in kansas but apparently that’s what it cost to beat up your wife back then. Cheap entertainment I guess.

    I was lucky. I had family and friends to help me and he was terrified of my Dad. most women are not that lucky. They are isolated from everyone who loves and wants to help and protect them by the jerks who think it’s thier “right” to treat them however they please.

    I’m so sorry for what happened to those girls and I hope they put that SOB in jail forever!

    Maybe we all need to carry weapons and see if they still want to try that crap. My current husband would love to “take care” of those types believe me. He knows what it’s like having seen it in his own home as a child. Thankfully the circle stopped with him but that is not always the case.

    And yes, the women who support these types or even the “Groper” types and laugh it off are enablers to say the least. Should they ever find themselves in a similar situation they should think back and hope to survive to change their ways. They are just as sick as the people they are enabling.

    I will pray for the girls and their families. I hope they can recover and that they never have to think of this jerk running loose again!


  40. Caroline Kennedy is akin to Education as The Sweet Babydoll that utters, “Islam is the Light”.

    Pretty bright on their part.

  41. Commented on the wrong thread. lost my moniker …and!! my cutest icon.

    ^OT; same thing. Only different.



  42. CQ, I know.

    I hear what you’re are saying. It screams in my own head sometimes.

    The 501(c)3’s that help women and children were founded 30 years + ago. What are the women today contributing and just who are they?

    It’s a crying shame. I pity these pretty little darlings today. But, we’ll be there for them until the day we die.

    I miss my Granny and her sisters so much. I am so glad they are not here to see what has become of our Country and government. I am so grateful for the values they instilled in me even though they weren’t cool.

  43. Patti at 8:48: I must say your other moniker/icon (little yellow, alert fella) is the cutest. I’m always envious of it.

  44. Grail Guardian, et al…

    They blocked our comments. I posted mine at a couple different posts. Today they are deleted. And yours is nowhere to be found.

    Here’s their email:


  45. Crap. Censorship of comments by other PUMAs is not the way to stay strong.

    Thanks for the update Barbara – I’ll e-mail them my displeasure.

  46. […] UPPITY WOMAN’s STORY, “Hear THIS, Senseless and Complacent Women Who Are Amused By Enablers“: […]

  47. Thank you for this heartwrenching article…

    4800 soldiers killed in the war. Yet 8,500 women have been murdered as result of domestic and other femicides.

    Real the book by Canadian journalist from Halifax:

    “The war Against Women” published couple of years ago.

    Something must be done. We MUST stop FEMICIDE. Anti-Woman-Hate Legislation must be enacted.

    Heidi Li Feldman’s 51% new entity must be supported, too!…

  48. I just read the posts all over again…and was saddened. But no, the savage barbarian who did this unthinkable was not a Sexist. He was a misogynist. A hater of women. Please let’s push for legislation to stop allowing woman-hatred on news channels and report behavior that will inevitably, if unchecked, turn to violence and woman-abuse and femicide…
    The media misogynist frat boys allowed the Hillary-bashing to go on and allowed Obummer to proceed to a fraudulent nomination ‘win’. Yes, the media-women like Campbell do have blood on their hands….Chris Matthews and Olbermann should be sued and fired. Same way Don Imus was fired. Barack sent a letter complaining (justly) about Imus’ racist and sexist commentary against the Rutgers’ girls. Barrak had said “I would fire anyone in my staff who behaved in this manner and I wouldn’t wait a moment”. What’s taking Obummer so long to fire his “hottie” Chief speech Writer boy Jon Favreau?!

  49. What’s taking Obummer so long to fire his “hottie” Chief speech Writer boy Jon Favreau?!

    Simple. There were no votes to be bought by firing Favreau.

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