A Biggggggggggg Mistake.

You can always tell which party is in power by which Special Interests start to abuse the power they gain and call in their chips.

When Republicans are in power, labor gets screwed left and right. When the Democrats are in power, labor goes off the deep end.

During a time when we have record numbers applying for unemployment (over 600,000  added last month alone, and we are moving toward 5,000,000 unemployed), we have labor unions flexing their muscles, as if this would actually improve employment rolls.

Remember Reagan’s Clear Skies Initiative? It loosened regulations allowing dirtier skies. Well today we are watching the effort to pass the “Free Choice Law”. Except it completely takes away Free Choice.

When it comes to labor and business, both sides of that coin need some serious  attitude adjustments, but this constant taking “turns” switching  the power from one “side” to another is nothing but a detriment to business and to employment.  Today, organized labor recognizes that their friends are in office, just as corporations recognized their friends were in office under the last administration and Republican congress.  Even child labor laws were violated during the last regime. See Walmart.  Some of the behaviors during that reign were a disgrace because companies knew they could abuse their power.  Their “friends” were in office. So now it’s time to play the old Switcheroo game again.  Except for one big problem: there’s not much left to wield power over, given our economy and jobs situation.

If people wanted to unionize at any time, they already have had the opportunities to do so.  They could vote by secret ballot.   It doesn’t get any safer or more honest than that. Since unions haven’t grown much in the past decade, it’s pretty safe to say that most people don’t want to unionize.   Enter: The Free Choice Act.  The purpose of this bill is to force workers to vote in public instead of private, where everybody can see how they voted, including  union organizers.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is kind of………um……..intimidating, don’t you think?

Well, that’s the idea. There can be no other reason for this Law.

Now there were the days when Unions wielded a LOT of power and scared the bejesus out of people.  But to be honest, right now people are far more interested in their next meal and keeping their homes. The last thing they want to do is see more money removed from their pay checks for The Union.

I think it is a huge mistake for unions to imagine that they can regain Lion Power  at a time when the economy is bleeding jobs left and right. All they will succeed in doing is forcing  more companies to hire contract workers and temporary help. And then there will be that additional sucking sound of jobs leaving America.  The “buy” America thing won’t fly because you can bet that other countries will retaliate.

Take a look at the Big Three and understand that they are not competing very well and haven’t been competing well for a long time. They are currently being supported by the taxpayers with borrowed money. This month they will return for an equal amount of bailout money in order to meet payroll. There is nothing impressive about that. Japan ate their lunch years ago–and Toyota makes cars right here in America. I forsee unions looking for ways to force Toyota workers to unionize through “Free Choice” intimidation. Instead of looking to Toyota for the formula to success and competitiveness, they would prefer to reduce them to their level of  horrible repair histories, loss of profits and higher costs.   Many Americans didn’t swear off Big Three cars for nothing. Nobody seems to want to hear that, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Anyways,  I hope I’m wrong, because, for starters, Toyota workers feel well paid and their benefits are nothing to groan about. But they are a bit more flexible in their work habits. In other words, the company does not over-employ.  If, through some loophole,  ‘Free Choice” comes to Japanese car companies building cars here,  I also forsee plant closings. These companies aren’t going to be letting American unions fix what isn’t broken.

I have been a union member and I have been a manager. And I come from a family that owned a union company.  Everybody did well and everybody got along. But the times were far better. The economy was far better than it is today. So was the job market.  Things weren’t outsourced to other countries. Jobs weren’t give to Contract Workers and Temp employees. Times were good.  But times are NOT good now. If  my family business were in operation today, we would never have been able to afford a Union company and compete at the same time. We would have had to close our doors. It’s just a fact.

I’m not sure how you all feel about this, but I respect whichever way you think about it. I just happen to think  the forced unionization Free Choice Act is a colossal mistake at this terrible time for employment in America. (Although it might be worth it to watch those Walmart pigs have strokes).

RBO explains below what’s going on here with the misnamed “Free Choice Act,” along with the associated  propaganda from both sides— including Tee Vee ads you can plan on seeing regularly as this bill makes another attempt to be passed.


What in the world is this all about? Card Check?

Los Angeles: Unions march for worker organization legislation, 02/05/09.
1-1-1-a-temp11Ed Morrissey at Hot Air posts about a rally for Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check) legislation yesterday during which John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, and another union official were asked “a couple of questions” about the act.

Morrissey concludes:

    The unions want Card Check not because they want to end intimidation, but because they want to rely on it.

Todd Thurman comments today at The Heritage Foundation’s blog The Foundry:

      If the Board finds that a majority of the employees in a unit appropriate for bargaining has signed valid authorizations designating the individual or labor organization specified in the petition as their bargaining representative and that no other individual or labor organizations currently certified or recognizing as the exclusive representative of any of the employees in the unit, the Board shall not direct an election but shall certify the individual or labor organization as the representative in the subsection.
  • Aside from the Stimulus Package, the Liberals in Congress have something else up their sleeve on their agenda. It is known as the “Employee Free Choice Act”, but names can be misleading. The premise of this bill is to “establish stronger penalties for violation of employee rights when workers seek to form a union and during first-contract negotiation.” However, the danger of this bill is laid out in Section 2: [Emphasis mine] 

    What this means is that as long as a simple majority (50%+1) of authorized signatures, they will forgo elections by a secret ballot. […]

    The fact remains that the current system is not broken, it is just that people don’t want to be in unions. Only 12% of salaried workers were unionized in 2008. What does this mean? Well, Big Labor would like you to believe that it is because of unfair labor practices. If that is the case, why then, would they still want to get rid of the secret ballot. If a worker has the right to vote in a secret ballot on who they want to be the next American Idol, should not they also have the right to vote in a secret ballot whether or not they are unionized?

The YouTube video that accompanies Morrissey’s article has problems with loading and has not been posted below. You can watch it at Hot Air.

For those who know little-to-nothing about the issues — from either those in favor of or against — here are some video clips for your viewing pleasure.


Obama tells AFL-CIO he supports the Employee Free Choice Act, June 26, 2008:

SEIU: “Barack Obama on the Employee Free Choice Act,” October 23, 2008:

SEIU: David Bonior: Employee Free Choice Act is the economic solution America needs, January 14, 2009:

 SEIU: “Barack Obama’s Cabinet Supports the Employee Free Choice Act,” January 14, 2009:
(RBO: Talk about being taken out of context!!!)

SEIU: “President Obama on the Employee Free Choice Act,” January 21, 2009:

Charlie Rose: Rahm Emanuel pressed on Card Check, January 17, 2009:


Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW): “Change,” April 22, 2008:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “You don’t want to meet Bill,” October 20, 2008:

One Voice: “Employee Free Choice Act,” February 4, 2009:

Fox News, Glenn Beck: “Card Check – Employment Free Choice Act – More Unionized Socialism,” February 4, 2009:

EconomicFreedomAlliance: “Stop Card Check,” February 4, 2009:




7 Responses

  1. Why don’t the unions try to organize congress…oh wait what am I saying they already know all about organized crime, they have the IRS and the NSA. Hello FISA.

    RBO does it again, I’m only shocked that UW didn’t strip out the Beck clip.

  2. Congress is exempt from unionization. I am not kidding here. There staffs cannot be unionized,

  3. The union thing is mostly about the SEIU. The assumption is that service employees cannot be outsourced and once unionized, they will get more money and be impossible to fire.

    But a lot of companies are trying to keep their heads above water. If they have to contend with union costs, they’ll close. It might not be ideal, but an employer can take the profits and run and try to rebuild somewhere else. This is just an attempt to unionize Wal-Mart. The butchers unionized at Wal-Mart. Now all the Meat departments are self-serve.

  4. Generally there is a cutoff point on number of employees a company can have where they don’t have to unionize. I forsee, these companies keeping their numbers a minus one.

    White house and congress are exempt because it could be a disruption. So it’s ok to disrupt thee but not me.

  5. I know small business people who contract out a lot of their work. Then they are too small in personnel to unionize. This will be a huge wave again. Temp work, contractors.

  6. The Chamber of commerce are fierce fighters. They will be ready and not in a good way. They will make sure they set up things BEFORE the union shows up. This will mean layoffs and outsourcing.

  7. Excellent article. I agree with you Uppity…the Unions have gone too far. This is a ridiculous proposal. Are they (the crooks in Cong) voting on this yet?

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