Rep. Jose Serrano, Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez–UPDATE

 I note heavy traffic to this 2009 post recently.  Please note that the actual date on this post is February 16 2009,  not January 2013, with the update including Rep. Serrano’s personal statement to us in our comment section on the same day. as shown below.

Rep. Serrano has been submitting this legislation at the beginning of  every new Congressional session since he has been a Congressman. This is NOT a new 2013  legislative submission. I don’t agree with this idea and am not thrilled seeing Serrano rubbing elbows with Chavez below, but I have to repeat that this legislation is NOT new and has NOT been written specificially for Barack Obama. Any inference that this legislation or this post is new for 2013 is simply untrue.

Regards, Uppity, January 7, 2013


***I just have to update this post, because even though I think this is a very bad idea, Congressman Serrano actually took the time to respond to this post. I mean, let’s face it, most of them couldn’t care less what anybody thinks.

So here’s his answer:

Post by Congressman Serrano

Just for the record, I have introduced the same bill all through the Bush years. In other words, I don’t like term limits at any level of government. The people should decide.
All the bloggers are saying that this was introduced for President Obama. Not true, check the congressional record.
Congressman Jose E. Serrano


hugo_chavez_retocada590In 2007, Hugo Chavez, Poster Boy for Socialism, decided that a great leader such as himself should not be restricted to term limits. A great man such as himself should be able to be president indefinitely.

So Hugo set about changing  Venezuela’s Constitution to repeal that annoying little restriction that kept him from being re-elected for as many terms as his perfect self would like.

Unfortunately for Hugo, his attempt was narrowly defeated by a 2 point margin. Apparently Mr. Chavez didn’t have ACORN helping him out.

He conceded, but he didn’t quit. Dictators never quit. They have to be run out of town, and even then, you can’t be sure.

Not to worry though, Comrades. Presidente Chavez  didn’t give up. No sir.  The Glorious Cause is very important to Glorious Him. After all, he’s a Great Man. All you need to do is ask him. He just needed to whip a few butts into place is all, or maybe he just rounded up that 2 percent or rented ACORN or something. He vowed in his Great  Mind to try again.

And try again he did. I’ll bet he threw a lot of cookies at the poor to pull this off. That’s how Socialists hook those votes before they become nasty.  By then it’s too late. In any event, Hugo Chavez has just become Venezuela’s Dear Leader.

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez won a referendum to eliminate term limits Sunday and vowed to remain in power for at least another decade to complete his socialist revolution. Opponents accepted defeat but said Chavez is becoming a dictator.

Fireworks exploded in the sky and caravans of supporters celebrated in the streets, waving red flags and honking horns. Thousands of people gathered outside Miraflores Palace, where the former paratroop commander appeared on a balcony to sing the national anthem and address the crowd.

“Those who voted ‘yes’ today voted for socialism, for revolution,” Chavez said. He called the victory — which allows all public officials to run for re-election indefinitely — a mandate to speed his transformation of Venezuela into a socialist state.

“Today we opened wide the gates of the future,” he said. “In 2012 there will be presidential elections, and unless God decides otherwise, unless the people decide otherwise, this soldier is already a candidate.”

Don’t you just love a humble guy?

So what’s that got to do with Barack Obama and a practically unknown Congressman named Jose Serrano? A lot. You might even say, Hugo is a role model.

obamasocOn January 6, 2009, before Barack Obama was even inaugurated–Rep Jose Serrano (D, Closet Socialist-NY) had already decided that Barack Obama was a great President, even though he wasn’t even President yet. I think it may have been a psychic hotline thing or something. Or maybe it was the psychic Socialists’ hotline.

As a result of his grand I-hate-Democracy revelation, Rep. Serrano submitted H.J.Res.5 to the Congressional Judiciary Committee for consideration.  Instead of them making a call to the nearest mental hospital to come cart the man away, this bill actually sits in Committee, folks.

H.J.Res.5 isn’t anything all that important though, really. Just a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which sets the limits as to how many times a President may run for re-election. Nothing to see here. Run along. American Idol is on TeeVee.

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of each House concurring therein), That the following article is proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years after the date of its submission for ratification:


    ‘The twenty-second article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.’. 

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. This guy actually wants to repeal the 22nd Amendment and turn the USA into Hugo Chavez’ idea of a personal Nirvana.

Now why would a rather obscure Congressman and lesser-known member of the Regressive Progressive Caucus be submitting this kind of bill? Is he channeling Hugo? Why not, he likes him a a lot. And the feeling seems mutual. See?


 Here’s Jose and BFF Hugo. Can you feel the love?

Oh, and one more thing:

In 2005, while the Venezuelan President was in New York City speaking before the United Nations, the congressman invited him to his district to speak to his constituency.

So it’s not hard to see who this Congressman’s hero is. No wonder he wants Barack Obama to be just like him.  He’s channeling Hugo all right. But the question is:  Is he channeling Hugo for Barack? Just asking. Thank God that changes to the Constitution in OUR country have to be ratified by States. But then again, there’s always ACORN to help out.

I think Mr. Serrano would fit in really well in Hugo’s Assembly, don’t you?  I mean, look how cute they are together. In the meantime, somebody needs to remind Mr. Serrano that millions of people escaped countries with leaders like Hugo Chavez to come to America and its Democracy–and most of us would kind of like to keep it that way.

So the guess is yours. Did Mr. Serrano submit this bill because obscure- him just loves Hugo Chavez and wants America to be ruled just like Hugo does it? Or did he submit the Bill in coordination with somebody more  important, like maybe Nancy, Rahm, Barack and other assorted members of the Congressional Socialist  Progressive Caucus? You pick. Then you can run along.

Nothing to see here, Comrades. Fist pumps all around.

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  1. Please tell me this is all some massive joke. When I heard late last night Chavez prevailed, I was horrified at the stupidity of “the people”.

    Why is it that there are SO MANY folks in the country who also see Obama as the Savior on Earth?

    I even heard this morning that when he went to see the Joint Chiefs, one was SOOOOOOOOO impressed with PSBHO’s “understanding of the issues in Iraq and Afghanistan” that the GENERAL actually went back into the “secret room” and grabbed Obama’s Water Bottle and “other trinkets” for souvenirs.

    OMG, I nearly barfed. If our GENERALS are grabbing Obama Bling, Chavez-like conditions are close at hand. Whether any Amendment passes or not.

  2. No Political Correctness required for this one. Yes, it was at the behest of Obama, Pelosi, Brazile, Dean (before he was on the outs), Rove, and the rest of the Cabal of Clowns. These bastages have known full well that this was their intent long before most Americans even registered Barack Obama on their mental Richter scale. This is a planned, well-financed, coordinated Coup d’Etat with the full intention of turning America into a Dictatorial regime (under the playful guise of Socialism).

    I have this on the same exact authority that Barack Obama used to satisfy his Constitutional eligibility to be POTUS; I said so. So there. Now get back to the potato fields, comrades! There’s a Stimulus Bill to pay for!

  3. If anyone doubts my veracity, I can post it on…

  4. Why???

  5. We could see this one coming on the horizon from the distance of way back when. OMG!

  6. UW Drudge finally pick up the beheading story.

  7. I don’t do drudge any longer. I’ve been burned by his kneejerk “scoops”.

  8. Thanks Uppity, and Happy Presidents’ Day! Never heard of Rep. Serrano before; he scares me…

    Reminds me of the 14 Traits of a Facist State. So many things lately hit one or another of those 14 traits.

    Also, catching up on your posts, and appreciate your update on Hillary. Listened to her speech before the Asia Society via your link. Realize it incorporates a lot of her own thinking and experiences with travel around the globe over the decades. We’re darned lucky to have her serving us.

    FYI – Found an article on The Washington Post (WaPo) this a.m. on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s visit to Asia off under “World New”, where you have to scroll down to the bottom half of the screen under “More World News” just to find it:

    Seems they put in a dig a former President Bill Clinton on so-called “Japan passing” over ten years ago.

    Q. Is it just me, or do you all get a sense that WaPo and other Main Stream Media (MSM) are minimizing and marginalizing SOS HRC’s visit, burying the story on the back page, because they don’t want her to upstage her boss, POTUS BHO?

    Appreciate your response. I say Happy Presidents’ Day, and yet: I see SOS HRC, hear her speak, and am reminded: She should have been POTUS HRC.

    BTW – Your output with posting through the week and weekend is phenomenal, and for all your insights and vigilence, we are most grateful. Believe we can certainly understand your needing to take a break. Perhaps you can have someone put up a photo or video with open threads to fill in over the weekend.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  9. UW holds a grudge against drudge. LOL!

  10. UW – One irony lately: Hugo Chavez quoted Noam Chomskey during his speech to the UN last year, right?

    I heard recently that Noam Chomsky (who has his own Web site) was (Gasp!) critical of Obama. See: “No Change Coming With Obama”

    – i.e., saying Obama is all about image.

    I thought: that’s one of the few far left or so-called progressive commentators who has said anything really critical of Obama. Wonder what Chavez really thinks of Obama.

    (Darned! Why did I bring him up? Now I’ll have to read some of Chomsky’s interviews.)

  11. If the liberal Democrats and the conservative Democrats both start criticizing Obama, then who is supporting him now? Facists?

  12. Incognito – Good question! Or, perhaps BHO enjoys the support of like-minded Facists.

  13. lol DE.

    The thing is, when you are big and you pass on incorrect information, you burn other people who formerly trusted your word.

  14. Freedom Fairy divulged:
    the GENERAL actually went back into the “secret room” and grabbed Obama’s Water Bottle and “other trinkets” for souvenirs.

    Do you know the general’s service branch and name? I’d like to remind him of his duty to the country, now in an economic crisis from which only Prince Barry can save us.

    Could we put the water bottle to wiser use than recycling it [sheesh!] or claiming it as war booty? Yes we can (not to be confused with the UFW motto Si se puede created by the group’s co-founder Dolores Huerta back in 1962)!

    Oh sure, the water bottle would fetch a few Euros from the most die-hard collectors, especially if we could sell it to 3 of them simultaneously through auctions at Sotheby, e-Bay and PBS, just to reach a cross-spectrum of investors. Bernie M. could handle Sotheby’s by phone from his penthouse, while Timothy G. sets up e-Bay and Larry S. naturally would preside over the PBS auction at WGBH’s studio in Boston.

    A good patriot like Michelle of course would donate at least a pair of gloves, a one-size-fits-all belt, maybe even some good leather Her & His boots. But the biggest greenback generator is bound to be Prince Barry’s own generous supply of shit. Each poop will be individually stamped with the inspiring It-don’t-stink-because-he-told-us-so-from-the-teleprompter Message of Authenticity, and promised to have been used only once.

    We can only hope.

    FF invoked Geithner’s name in vain:
    OMG, I nearly barfed.

    Citizen Fairy, you must learn to discipline yourself! Under the old rules of selfish individualism, you might toss as many cookies as you could eat. But now you must subordinate your strongest desires and weakest impulses to the success of the corporations! Do they not feed you and employ you, do they not tax and conscript you for the sake of defending democracy and the free market?

    Nearly barfing is not the change we were hoping for, Citizen. It is neither wasteful nor unhygenic; it does nothing to reduce the rate of obesity or to increase the spread of disease.

    You must learn to sacrifice, for the sake of your country’s food corporations, every morsel that you hold dear. Resist all temptations to hoard food and save money: you’ve got to give it up, in order to buy it up!

    Wasting and spending are in the truest spirit of patriotism, Consumer Fairy.

    * Note:
    For more inside-out citizenship rules, re-read the classic Animal Farm by George Orwell.

  15. serious note to Incognito, also Liberty Belle and UW:
    who is supporting him now? Facists?

    The old Left-wing versus Right-wing labels no longer fit the U.S., or China either. China has mixed so much mercantilism into communism that their dictatorship is now closer to our own government than many of us realize.

    We’re living in the U.S.A. in the 21st century, not Mussolini’s Italy on the 1930s, but after all, he was the one who defined corporatism as a merging of big business and big government, then repackaged the whole mess under “Fascism” inspired by no less than the old Roman Empire.

    For one example of that kind of merger, American style, just consider the misnamed Federal Reserve Bank.

    We have a corporate empire to maintain. Our military’s “hard power” is crucial to maintaining it. Our military budget is bigger than the complete budgets of every other industrialized nation combined. And our politicians, from “liberal” to “conservative” to so-called independents like Lieberman (to whom Donna Brazile is so appreciative, btw), all support this corporatist farce.

    Corporatism = Fascism = Indentured Servitude = Slavery. We can argue over the labels until doomsday.

    If Obama were to ever turn into a Socialist, such a transformation ironically would be an improvement. Socialism!? Maybe it’ll happen the day after pigs put on their own lipstick and begin flying planes.

    Though you could push the envelope by saying he is similar to a Chinese “communist” of the new order, he is basically your dyed-in-the-wool, plain-vanilla Corporatist.

    Forget Marx and Mao unless you really mean to say the Marx Brothers were the cat’s miao in early 20th century comedy. The dictatorship on the horizon is straight out of Orwell and Huxley, not to mention Taylor Caldwell too.

  16. D.G.W. – Thanks for your comments about left vs. right, U.S. compared with China today, Corporatists, our military budget, and what is a real Socialist. All good points to ponder.

    Guess what I liked about the 14 traits of a Fascist state was the comparison of both regimes on the left and right through history (need to link to the original thesis – will get back to you).

    Also, the difference between us and China that sticks with me (ever since Far East Asia History class in high school, way back): the Chinese have such a long history of authoritarian rule, democracy has a hard time taking hold. U.S., or us, on the other hand, started out with this rebel independence and democracy thing, and the original colonies had a lot of independent thinkers crossing an ocean, to start a new life.

    American Colonists included a lot of pilgrims or refugess from religious persecution, we might add. Today, China is still trying to supress religious freedom, or whatever group they deem as a threat. Think of the Fulan Gong members who’ve disappeared. Heck, I meditate and do Tai Chi everyday (and worship in a church pretty regularly) – I could have been arrested over there!

    Wish the Marx Brothers were alive today to make a movie on what’s going on in this country, and the world. Bring back Margaret Dumont, too!

  17. Why link them ideologically? Power is the only ideology. No term limits for Obama, no term limits for Chavez. Government ownership of the banks, government ownership of the largest industry. Actions speak louder than words.

  18. Big Oops! note:
    Apologies to FF for my run-on italics. I did type a closing `/i` tag but my 62-degree-chilled fingers can’t apply consistent pressure to my keyboard. (Hey David Axelrod, tell your guy to keep his orchids but send me my share of that Oval Office heating.) Hereon I’ll preview my HTML code in my browser before submitting comments.

    You rang, Liberty Belle?
    Guess what I liked about the 14 traits of a Fascist state was the comparison of both regimes on the left and right through history.

    Sounds like exactly what is needed here! TIA for a link.

    Liberty Belle rightly points out:
    the Chinese have such a long history of authoritarian rule

    Yes, and imperialism & colonialism too, wrt regional neighbours such as Viet Nam. Their authoritarianism seems to remain overt, explicit, with few or no pretenses.

    Today in the USA, we have widespread authoritarianism but it’s veiled, however thinly in some ways. Maybe that’s part of the answer to some of my/our nagging questions about the lack of independent thinking now, most noticeably among Obama’s supporters. Boss types are not the only ones in the authoritarian mold. Most authoritarians are followers.

    (Btw, Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean [2006, ISBN 0-670-3774-5] offers an overview of authoritarians in government, a bit different from his other recent books.)

    Liberty Belle & I agree:
    Today, China is still trying to supress religious freedom, or whatever group they deem as a threat. Think of the Fulan Gong members who’ve disappeared.

    Yes, along with Uighurs, Christians, Bahai, you name it. That’s a major reason why I’m boycotting China and particularly the so-called “scientific” bodies exhibits.

    Wish the Marx Brothers were alive today to make a movie on what’s going on in this country, and the world. Bring back Margaret Dumont, too!

    Well, back in 1933, just as Herr Schickelgruber was anointing himself, the Marx Brothers did make Duck Soup, which Benito banned from Italian theatres. So they seemed to have been on the political cutting edge! I wonder when today’s comedians are going to get the message and the courage to reveal the truth through satire.

    –{quick note in passing, to the virgin mary}–
    When discussing right versus left and everything else holy ‘n’ unholy in politics, there’s a right way and a wrong way to deliver– rather than score– a point. A commenter can share it with respect, or, can make assumptions the way you have done about nearly all of us here.

    Reading thoughts, are ya?

    To mature people and true patriots, spreading light is more rewarding than spreading shit.
    “Dead Silence” signs & animated web stickers
    on boycotting China’s human cadaver exhibits

  19. Incognito says :
    Power is the only ideology. No term limits for Obama, no term limits for Chavez.

    I appreciate your effort to redirect this discussion back to a direct comparison of Chavez and Obama. I realize I should have thought more about {A}; you already know why I’ve got plenty to say about {B}.

    Damn, I’m torn between strings of Colourful Epithets and Understated Adjectives. Well, the second choice is more of a challenge, so…. OK. Both Obama and Chavez are greedy, egomaniacal, vain, spoiled, lazy, ugly, snobbish, corrupt, and btw, incredibly dull.

    Related nouns are easy. Along with Power and the usual Wealth to go with it, I would add Obedience and Worship. Both men crave intense “daily fixes” of applause and attention from throngs of blind worshippers.

    How’m I doing?

    Dang it. I almost forgot to mention a quirk they share. Both men repeatedly have demonstrated a disdain for Women.

    Incognito gives another example :
    Government ownership of the banks, government ownership of the largest industry.

    That one-sided setup certainly applies to Chavez, e.g. when he nationalized oil, and IIRC, steel.

    But I can only imagine (not being an investment banker or an economist, myself) that Chavez’s control of Venezuela’s banks couldn’t interfere with oil transactions and essential imports/exports, requiring some diplomacy with foreign governments and individuals. He does have allies and might be using a couple of them as a go-betweens, but even so, American-based banks and oil companies etc. would have to work with him, to some extent, in order for products such as heating oil and dark chocolate to reach us. BICBW.

    And what about the reverse direction, Incognito, in which bankers and big business cartels run the government?

    In the USA, big government and big business share power, having merged more or less into a form of Corporatism. It’s a Corporate controlled empire, American style, which Mussolini would have no trouble recognizing.

    Ask yourself, Incognito, where and how does a shyster real-estate lawyer like Obama fit among the other business and political cogs in the empire?

  20. We aren’t talking about power here, we are talking about Absolute Power. America’s presidents don’t serve only two terms for nothing.

    A populist could be president forever and destroy a country. Chavez is a populist. He is shoring up his permanent future as quickly as possible because his country is about to tank. It’s about to tank because he has used up his oil reserves and the price of oil is too low for him to continue his scam. Soon, all those poor people he pretended to help will be His. And it won’t be pretty. Socialism of his brand never works and never will work. Let him serve as a horrible warning of what happens when you nationalize your country’s most valuable resource.

  21. I see the people who hijacked the word “Progressive” (they are definitely NOT progressives), are people who just think Stalin didn’t take it far enough.

  22. Post by Congressman Serrano

    Just for the record, I have introduced the same bill all through the Bush years. In other words, I don’t like term limits at any level of government. The people should decide.
    All the bloggers are saying that this was introduced for President Obama. Not true, check the congressional record.
    Congressman Jose E. Serrano

  23. OMG, a Congressman who actually answers somebody! I am like Beside Myself!

  24. So Congressman, why do you think it’s a good idea for a president to be president indefinitely? And could you tell us why you think Hugo Chavez is such a great deal in the long range?

  25. Gang, can you believe that a congressman actually bothered to go to a blog and say something even if you don’t like his idea?

  26. One term per office. Politics shouldn’t be a career.

  27. That’s kind of creepy actually. I guess he has some time off after bankrupting the country. El Presidente is independent of party, I guess.

  28. DE…you….you mean it isn’t a Family Business? I’m shocked!

  29. Dang I guess the Congressman was just passing thru the blogs. I was hoping to engage him.

  30. P4 I don’t think it’s creepy. I think these people in Congress live in rarified air and wouldn’t bother. So even if I think he’s probably a socialist himself, I am charmed that he bothered.

  31. Uppity!!! How cool you are on the congressional blog roll!!! :)

  32. LOL so long as it’s not the HIt Blogroll.

  33. Oops gotta run. Knock at door. Dog agitated…

  34. Haha…….when they gather all of our IP’s, I’ll see you all in Cuba!

  35. Probably a staff person who posted this at 15 other places. Dang. Hey maybe he will come back and tell us why he thinks this is a great idea. It sure isn’t going to be one for Venezuela in the end.

  36. So, the Congressman thinks the people should decide elections instead of having the Constitution protect us from Chavez-like dictators. Is the Congressman going to ensure that we have fair and free elections again? No more endless amounts of money buying votes, no more caucuses, no more ACORN voter hanky-panky, no more voting machines that alter votes without the voter’s permission, etc. If he is not going to do anything about the rampant voter fraud that has occurred in the past three presidential elections, I say he should crawl back under his rock and leave the Constitution alone!

  37. If the most known past dictators were one thing, they were charismatic populists. That’s how it starts. people cannot resist keeping them. They throw the poor bones to keep them voting. And then, eventually….the rest becomes history.

  38. gagirl half-joked,
    Haha…….when they gather all of our IP’s, I’ll see you all in Cuba!

    Use a proxy to connect. Use several kinds of proxies in a chain.

    Aw, what the heck.

    With technology like Carnivore and Google’s new Latitude, tracking us is just too much fun for them to resist. Besides having to deal with tracking and spying, users of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter don’t have any rights in their own creative content. Google already was doing that with their caching/indexing.

    It just goes from bad to worse.

  39. I’d be fine with no Presidential term limits if there were Congressional term limits. Congress is the #1 reason for all the profligate spending. People in Congressional districts and states are bribed by the ability of politicians to bring pork and their seniority only increases their power. Time in office = corruption.

  40. Amen P4!

    Congressional term limits, great idea, Congress would have to answer TO THE PEOPLE if they want to be re-elected. How many real honest people in Congress do you know? Yes, an oxymoron.

    They trade votes and break their own commitments to constituents. Maybe this should be based on the consistency of their voting records and loyalty to the people who put them there.

    With this bunch, we haven’t seen that. It’s Congress that passes laws, not presidents. We won’t likely “forget” the stimulus package in this lifetime.

  41. D.G.W, the little snot that hacked into Sarah Palin’s email thought he was safe behind his proxy server too. And who watches the owners of the proxy servers. The fact is, if the right authorities want to know who you are, no proxy server is going to stop that.

  42. And don’t forget the Strom Thurmonds and now Ted Kennedy. They said in Strom’s most active role in latter years, Strom was “bribing” Senators to vote with candy…..Uppity says he was dead years before.
    Ted will be reduced to the same vegetative state.

    Suffer us from old fools in some of the highest offices. Term limits would be humane (to both them and the nation). After 3-4 terms, give them some ink in the Congressional Record, maybe a plaque thanking them for their service and boot bthem out! They might even be more accepting and BEHAVE IN THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE if it was to end after 3 reelections.

    Ya think? Then we could rank them just like presidents in being gooood boys.

    BTW, I see Bill Clinton jumped 6 spots in the rankings today by a panel of historians at C-Span. He slipped up from No. 21 in 2000 to No. 15 now,

    Lincoln is #1, Washington #2, At 3rd is FDR, 4th is Teddy Roosevelt and 5th is Harry “the buck stops here” Truman.

    Ronald Reagan is up to 10 from 11 and Bush up from 20 to 18. His son, Bush II, remains mired at No. 36 since he became a former president nearly four weeks ago. Hasn’t budged a notch.

    Ulysses S. Grant, however, made a major leap from No. 33 to the 23d spot. Must be the beard.

    On the other hand, despite a post-presidential record of building lots of houses, Jimmy Carter doesn’t seem to be doing himself much good more recently, falling from 22 to 25 in the last nine years.

    Other dropsies in the latest C-SPAN presidential rankings: FDR from No. 2 to 3, Millard Fillmore (35 to 37), Woodrow Wilson (6 to 9) and the real shocker, James Buchanan brings up the presidential bottom again, this time at No. 42, with Andrew Johnson still just above him. Their belittled presidencies bracketed Lincoln’s, apparently a tough act to precede as well as follow.

  43. In response to Congressman Serrano, “the people should decide,” no they should not. The people are fed a mediated and biased reality on their TV’s and often elect the candidate that has been presented like a box of sugary cereal with the promise of a toy inside. We don’t know who the hell we’re electing anymore.

    And second, term limits are important because should the people screw up and send a complete moron to the white house, congress sure isn’t going to get off their butt and do anything useful, like impeach the guy. The only “hope” we have is the “hope” that the guy’s term limits will prevent him from being repackaged and marketed to us as the new and improved brand of crappy product.

  44. yttik yes the people should decide. There should be a referendium in every state to be voted on regarding term limits. We should decide if there should be term limits not Congress. Just as we should decide if they deserve a raise or not.

    Can someone tell me how Congress had a 9% approval rating in Nov and what they’ve done that Americans approves of so much more now.

  45. That is a good question about Congress’ approval rating. Why is it higher? And that is my problem with letting the people decide. A state with less federal power might vote for term limits, but a state with a more powerful congressman (like Reid, Kennedy or Pelosi) might vote against……but those powerful congressmen affect everyone in the country. I’d say a federal referendum would maybe work, maybe? I definitely think we should be voting on their raises! It is a mockery that they vote on their own pay raises. We could vote on that on our tax forms every year. HA!

  46. It probably would take a Constitutional amendment.

  47. UW warns about proxy servers,
    D.G.W, the little snot that hacked into Sarah Palin’s email thought he was safe behind his proxy server too. And who watches the owners of the proxy servers.

    Please re-read the first 2 lines in that quick OT note I jotted for gagirl. Notice, I never used the word “server” and my omission of it was intentional. Instead, I referred to chaining together ‘several kinds of proxies’ of which I gave no specific examples.

    I gave no such details then and am reluctant to do it now, because I am assuming this is neither the time nor place, BICBW.

    Re. your mention of proxy servers, I’ll take your friendly warning as a question deserving of an answer. UW, ’tis possible for oneself to be the “owner” of what functions as a “proxy server”– but of course (even if you overcome the issue of other people watching you log on and keeping a log on you) there’s still the problem of the sw and hw probably being yours, and thus traceable to you…

    …and that’s exactly why I had stopped myself there, by admitting ‘Aw, what the heck’ etc. and ending with ‘goes from bad to worse’ to express my mixed feelings of disgust, anger, pessimism too.

    But the thing is UW, I just can’t give in or give up. Whatever technical obstacle I can put in their path, I do it. It’s too easy not to. It’s like the deadbolt on your door: it’s not a 100% guarantee but it’ll stop a lot of “crimes of opportunity” which are most typical.

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