Octomom looking to purchase $1.24 million dollar home

Has the American taxpayer (and especially the California taxpayer!) had it yet? Be sure to let your “leaders” know exactly how far they can rape your wallets for people like this woman. She continues to collect $3k monthly in public funds to help pepetuate her neurosis and her delusions of grandeur. In the meantime, 8 exploited kids’ lives are at stake here.

Nadya Suleman, the California mother caught in a media frenzy after giving birth to octuplets, reportedly is looking to buy a home listed for more than a million dollars — news that follows on the heels of reports that her current home is facing foreclosure.The latest report comes from TMZ, which cited an unnamed source at Century 21 as saying Suleman has shown interest in buying a $1.24 million home in Whittier, Calif. The house has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a pool.

Click here to read the report from TMZ.

Looks like TMZ is on this crackpot con-woman and thief of public funding like white on rice. Good for them.

In the meantime,
Gloria Allred  has  filed a complaint with the Department of Social Services on behalf of the children and, although Allred’s Angels In Waiting organization has offered to house the children and have round the clock nursing care for them,  Nadya hasn’t bothered responding to that offer. That would be no fun at all.  The spotlight wouldn’t be on Nadya then, and it’s far more fun  for Nadya to con people into giving her money so that she can continue with her goal of the American Dream using Other People’s Money–including public funding.

Nadya’s having a great time of it, but her babies aren’t. They are struggling for their lives while their mother looks for increasingly obnoxious ways to exploit their existence for her own personal lifestyle gain. She deserves to be arrested for bilking the public,  if not institutionalized with a team of very serious psychiatrists.
By the way, since she’s doing so well, perhaps she needs to refund $450 in food stamp money she takes every month from taxpayers in California who can’t even get their own tax refunds this year.

……And Congress wonders why the few Americans left who aren’t on the public dole are totally pissed off.



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  1. Perhaps Creedmoor may be a more suitable place for Octobrainless.

  2. I have been following OctoMom and her litter.
    She has no shame.
    One day she goes out for a manicure, another day she is giving interviews.
    The first publicist quit because of all the angry people hurling death threats to Octo In Your Face. That came as a result of her stating that disability payments are NOT entitlement.

  3. Interesting to me is that Publicity Hound Gloria Allred has involved herself in this.

    Offering to care for all 14 Children, Allred sticks her neck out, but somehow, I kinda like her strategy.

    Ultimately, the 14 children of Octo(fill in the blank, and try not to use any James Bond characters) may be turned over to a Child Care facility if there is proof that their well-being is in jeopardy.


  4. forgot to mention that this is a different link from the one in the post. I’ve not been able to locate her video (I think it was on Larry King last night, but not sure)

    The smackdown on King between Joy Behar and Ann Coulter distracted me, but I do remember seeing it through tears of laughter

  5. “……And Congress wonders why the few Americans left who aren’t on the public dole are totally pissed off.”

    they do !!?


  6. FF,

    In reality, all they wonder is why we’re no longer in our sugar-induced coma watching the tee vee.

    Town Crier,

    We have enough trouble here in NY. California can keep this crazy [fill in the blank and feel free to be as obscene as you’d like].

  7. Let’s run the numbers…Won’t she be underwritten now–can she claim her SSI and so on as income? What if she got a mill from TMZ or someplace–wouldn’t a lot have come out in taxes? Can she get the $8K writeoff in from Stimmy Timmy? Can this woman get a bazillion buck house? And pay utlities etc? This all sounds pretty bogus to me… Maybe not. I am pretty easy to fool these days.

  8. GG, creedmore just seemed like such the place. Does California have such historic loony bins of their own? If so, then an appropriate locale for the Octotwit with Octopersonalitydisorder.

  9. I saw that tmz story. I commented on The Confluence that somewhere there’s a double-wide with her name on it. Someone else posted it wouldn’t be big enough. I googled and found triple-wide mobile homes!! That should be good enough for this twit!

  10. Didn’t Confluence post something about it being racist to criticize the Octomom?

  11. Palin4Prez, I’ve lurked at the Confluence and at Uppity’s since they both began. I have never seen an accusation of r@cism at either place, although I have seen many posts regretting the use of r@cism at both. If you have knowledge of your question….ie a link, then post it. Otherwise, it’s one of those throwaway comments that get picked up by other blogs and used as ammunition.
    Sorry Uppity, I hate those throwaway comments, and I know Palin is one of your regulars, however, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
    BTW, I’m still here, still lurking, and you are burning up the tarmac these days. Keep it up!

  12. P4, I’m my own girl as you know. But I don’t see how anyone would think it’s racist to expose this bloodsucker, considering she qualifies for the category of “White Trash”.

  13. OK, UW. The Octomom is the Postergirl for Obamonomics. But it’s time to get back to kittehs playing the piano, or, Nancy’s Pearls and the Governors being over-ridden by their legislatures because Clyburn is a racist.


    The Octomom is a product of the culture, and the culture needs to land in the lap of those who created it. Big MEdia and the Congress, on both sides.

  14. I’m not sure which of these two guys deserves the Irrelevant Idiot Award of the Week: Clyburn or Holden. We’re all hanging on trying to survive and prepare and we have to listen to the Race Card bullshit.

  15. Hey HT, no lurking! You have to post or Uppity comes to find you and pulls you here with a hook!

  16. Well, it was tucked inside this post by garychapelhill. The link below is split up for UW’s sanity.


    The quote I mention:

    But Suleman, with her rather middle eastern sounding name (and lack of male authority figure in her life), isn’t the first non-white person to be maligned or ignored for their procreation habits…


  17. Palin4Prez, you forgot to include the totality of the quote and subsequent argument that you cherry picked to support your premise, and that makes me sad. I’ve lurked her since the beginning, and I knew you were a republican, however, I thought you were fair. Now I know you have your own agenda and it doesn’t include fair in it’s dictionary.
    The following is exactly what was including in the posting to which you refer, and includes the parts that you chose to exclude:

    “I especially like the part about the taxpayers having to pay for her irresponsibly bringing so many babies into the world. Does Perkins think she should have aborted some of them? I guess as long as it is nice white christian women having “litters” of children its ok.

    Now that the McCaughey septuplets are out of imminent danger, it’s possible to raise some impolite questions.

    First off, what’s God got to do with it? Everyone from the parents to the doctors keeps talking about this being God’s will, as if the Almighty compelled Bobbi McCaughey to become a guinea pig for modern science…

    …what about the responsibility of the McCaugheys’ wanting eight children with their family’s limited income and two bedroom home? If Mrs. McCaughey had done this serially, she would have been roundly condemned by a society that now, as a matter of federal law pushed through by “pro-family” conservatives, punishes poor women for having children they can’t afford. Predictably, a spokesperson for the conservative Family Research Council hailed McCaughey’s decision to disregard medical advice and not abort any fetuses as “a wonderful example for this country,” adding that it proves “the community can come together and provide for the need of those who are faced with a crisis pregnancy and are having difficulty thinking about how they’re going to provide for their new child.” (emphasis mine)

    “”But Suleman, with her rather middle eastern sounding name (and lack of male authority figure in her life), isn’t the first non-white person to be maligned or ignored for their procreation habits…

    Indeed, the sextuplets naturally conceived and born to a black couple in Washington D.C. six months earlier received no support. They lived in a crowded apartment off the meager earnings from the father’s two jobs.

    So here’s what we’ve got. A Christian hate group scapegoating lesbians to justify their racist, hypocritical stance when it comes to fertility and women’s control over their bodies. Nice.

    And in case you were wondering, this is the kind of right wing freak show that will continue to fight against equality for women and gays on Obama’s “Faith Based Initiative”. One of the members of that council, former Southern Baptist Convention president Frank Page, believes that gays can be “”

    It changes the whole tone, doesn’t it, when one includes more of the essay.

    Palin, I am so very sorry that you have reduced your credibility by picking and choosing. I really thought that you were a person who was open to possibilities and not totally partisan. I was wrong, and that saddens me. Worse, I will never again believe a thing you post.

    Uppity, after all this time :(and I know you have many folks like me) you should know that I will post, but only when I get really p@ssed. I am as always, and as I shall always be, a loyal reader – hey deadenders, same for you!

    BTW, while I’m on a roll, Freedom Fairy, you are one terrific creative person! Same to deadenders. (I don’t get out much, so have to lump everyone in the same comment_
    Also, Uppity, if you’ve got Heidi Li commenting….well you know.
    And Star…. she’s copecetatic, and Fredster, well, he’s one great commenter.
    Anthony is a real alternate viewpoint, and I really enjoy his contributions. (don’t much enjoy Savage Politics, however ….)
    Towncrier and Imust, what can one say? They dn’t mince words and are funny to boot, as is Papoose, when she appears.
    McNorman, sublime, Pat Johnson…post sublime. Valhalla, Angienc, catarina, irlandese ….gosh I could go on and on. Uppity, you have attracted an incredible group of people. They may not always comment, but they do read.
    All that to type – you can’t go after me with the hook. I have osteoporosis, and if you put the hook into any limb of mine, I’ll end up with a broken something – I can’t even ride a bike anymore!.
    I’ll still be here, honest!

  18. Not believing anything I write ever again is as bad as someone believing everything Obama says. People in this country need to belive less and think more.

  19. Ah and look what else we are financing:

    Back to DepravoMom – I admit I am on disability also. I had my twins 2 years after getting sick. BUT — My DISABILITY MONEY? Pays for my children’s food, clothing and school stuff. I TAKE AWAY FROM MYSELF BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MOTHERS DO!!

    I would LOVE to shop at Nordstrom but I don’t.. I actually asked for gift certificates to CVS so I could get some new (age appropriate and toned down) makeup – and I rarely use it because I am HOME TAKING CARE OF MY KIDS.

    Their father pays my rent & utilities. I shop at thrift stores for MYSELF.

    When oh WHEN is the state going to step in and declare this woman UNFIT and get those kids away from her????

    There are loads of couples looking to do open-adoptions (the children can meet the birth mothers later if they want) who have the means and the love to take care of these innocent kids without EXPLOITING THEM.

    And she needs to be in a mental hospital with her tubes tied.

  20. HT – XO


  21. “And she needs to be in a mental hospital with her tubes tied.” –Barbara

    You know what? We are giving this unfit mother more ink than she deserves. Most of us are in agreement that the situation makes us sick, it IS sick to exploit children like this.

    Nadya will never get her “hoped for” interview with Oprah and there are no TV networks beating a path to her door. Whether or not some publisher is stupid enough to give her an “advance” for HER story….
    This was never about the kids, it is all about HER.

    Well DOH, even Sarah Palin would be vexed in this case= With Palin, you knew the kids come first. That’s
    a huge, huge difference. This gal does it because she craves the attention.

    The kids come first. It doesn’t matter if the mom is white, black or polka-dot. Kids trump any perceived
    or actual racism every time.

    Most of those premature kids are still fighting for their lives in the hospital and she’s busy shopping them around! Jesus!

  22. HT & FF sitting in a tree….

  23. OT, but what do you make of the
    talk of bank nationization?

    Are they tanking intentionally?

    And today, GM and Ford almost matched shares=

    GM stocks closed at 1.77 a share (day’s low was 1.52)
    Ford closed at 1.58, unchanged from previous day

    yessssssssss!!!!!!!!! go USA! plplplpl

    Toyota? 66.74

  24. Hal,

    If you bought shares in GM after the Great Depression and sold them today, you would have made nothing. That’s scary.

  25. The woman is delulsional, to say the least. When I saw her photo side by side with Angelina Jolie on some tabloid mag, I thought: What is the name for this kind of psychiatric disorder?

    PSA, knowing there are some pet lovers here:

    Just read over at Hillbuzz that Socks, the Clinton kitty who was given to their secretary, Betty Curry, when she retired, had to be put to sleep, suffering from feline cancer. See: http://hillbuzz.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/goodbye-socks/#comment-38207

    Here’s what I posted:
    “I’m so sorry to hear about Socks, and hope to extend my condolences to Betty and her family, and the Clinton family. I was hoping I might get to meet him one day, because the local paper back home, where Betty and her husband retired, did a nice feature article on Socks last spring, showing photos of Socks and Betty at events supporting pets and animal welfare. He was a star at 19 years old! (And appeared to be a good napper in his later years.) Also, I’ve lost cats, and one parakeet, after years of companionship, so believe I can empathize with the loss of a pet as a family member. So glad Socks had one last walk in the sunshine, and pray they will all meet up with him at the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks for letting us know, so I can try to send a note to them.”

    Hillbuzz also has a nice photo of the book written about letters from kids to Socks and Buddy, and photo of Hillary holding Socks in 1999.

    Otherwise, Bill O’Reilly awarded Hillary the “Patriot” label tonight for expressing her musical preferences for the Beatles and Rolling Stones during her trip to Indonesia (especially early Beatles). I read/saw part of the initial interview, when HRC also said she listens to classical music when working because it’s relaxing.

    The lady has good tastes in music, in IMHO.

  26. HT I love your posts! Mince words? OMG you are the best! You are totally real! I admittedly go for the easy laugh, while you are true to your soul and post exactly as you feel! Keep on keepin’ on HT, quit lurking and just comment!!!

  27. 1. Suleman’s mother is a Lithuanian Protestant. How father is an Arab. I have no idea where racism comes into this situation.
    2. Not having a medical update, we can only speculate about the health of those eight babies. There’s no doubt multiple-birth children are more likely to have such neurological fisorders as cerebral palsy than are singletons.
    3. Whittier is in Southern California. It is the home-town of Richard Nixon. In less upscale, but very decent neighborhoods, such as the west San Fernando Valley, 4 bedroom/ 2 1/2 bath homes are available for less than half the price of the Whittier home the4 bimbo is stalking.
    4. I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: Suleman is a tramp. She may be psychotic. All 14 of her children need to be taken into custody by social services until she, her enabler-parents, and her sperm-donor boyfriend undergo psychiatric evaluation.


    psy·cho·sis (s-kss)
    n. pl. psy·cho·ses (-sz)
    A severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning.

    EMPHASIS ON: loss of contact with reality

  29. $1.24 million will buy a REALLY nice home in Whittier. In West SF Valley it would buy a McMansion a few years ago…..now, it would buy a real mansion in SF valley, not Beverly Hills but definately in Porter Ranch.

  30. Barbara,

    Your concern for those poor babies and for the thousands of couples waiting in line to adopt an infant do you credit. Maybe someone should tell the human incubator that she could make money from private adoption. Then she’d get at least some of what she wants (money), the children would get what they need (loving care), and childless couples would get what they want and need. On second thought , though, she just might be encouraged to have more babies so she could sell them.

    Regarding this story about the renovations of the Carter library, I’m amazed he doesn’t ask that the money be donated to Hamas.

  31. @Mary……I soooo used to respect Jimmy Carter….now, not so much.

  32. On Fox the other evening, two guests, at least one of whom was a doctor, or saying that the birth of the octuplets was all the doctors fault. That’s right. I guess they figured that when the bimbo brought her frozen fertilized eggs to the doctor, she couldn’t count to eight.

    I’m anticipating a lawsuit by the ambulatory incubator against the doctor.

  33. Mary….in 18 years expect a lawsuit by the 8 babies for “wrongful birth”!

  34. imust,

    The more I learn about Carter, the more incapable and just plain villainous he seems to become.

    NB: my dictation program keeps typing Carter, as Cawdor, as in Macbeth, another right villain.

  35. imustprotest, “wrongful birth”!”

    LOL: now that’s funny.

    Not bad if they sue the mother, who in 18 years will doubtless have grown rich off the largessee of Sacramento. But I fear that by then the doctor, a quack against whom multiple malpractice suits have been lodged over the years, will be running a nice little combo abortion/fertility clinic in Tijuana.

  36. On Dhimmi Carter… a little viewing:

    Please also see my above definition of psychosis, re: Carter

    Shabbat Shalom

  37. Mary

    I longed for children for 12 long years. I had every infertility procedure known to man done to me. I did finally conceive.

    Like this woman I am:
    disabled (on SSDI)
    mother of multiples

    BUT I am not shopping my kids, online begging for money, going to Nordstrom, not helping out with the mortgage, looking at homes I can’t afford, giving interviews to the media or having plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie.

    She needs to be stopped. WTF is wrong with California that they don’t see her public behavior as mental illness??? It’s so blatant.

  38. Barbara,

    Believe me, I identify.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with California, unless it’s the pernicious influence of celebrity-ism, as in all the “beautiful people” who couldn’t promote barfaux enough. I guess that people who identify with those hugely overpriced dimwits, regard a million-dollar house and shopping at Nordstrom’s as their due.

    And Shabbat Shalom to you and your children, too.

  39. She needs to be stopped. WTF is wrong with California that they don’t see her public behavior
    as mental illness?? It’s so blatant. –Barbara

    Could it be that there are all those superficial
    nutjobs out there that see “her behavior” as
    normal? Yeah, that coulf be it.

    P4P= To fully understand the collapse of
    General Motors, you have to take into account
    the numerous 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 stock splits
    that took place from the 50s to the late 90s,
    when things jerked to a grinding halt.

    At its zenith, GM was rolling in it. Now, they are
    just rolling= downhill. The dollar was worth so
    much more after the Depression, we’re actually seeing the cheapest GM stock in history. Caveat emptor=buyer beware. CNBCs Jim Cramer says
    to stay away from US automakers now.

    That advice has been pretty steady for the last
    three decades. I have several relatives working
    in the US auto industry in Detroit and elsewhere.
    So I’m insulting them by saying Detroit produces
    crap (compared to automakers in Japan and Japanese who have opened plants here.)

    The Japanese DID finally defeat America ahd
    tore the heart out of Detroit. GM comes out with
    the Volt this year, a hybrid dewsigned to compete
    with the Toyota Prius. Too bad GM caved to oil
    industry pressure and terminated the prototype
    electric car in 1996 (called the EVI) which would
    have given them the hybrid edge over the Japanese.

    From that WIKI website=
    “The EV1 was discontinued after 1999, with all examples subsequently removed from the roads
    in 2003 by General Motors and crushed, except for
    a select few for educational purposes or museum pieces. The car’s discontinuation remains controversial.” (Why crushed? They worked too

  40. Hal,

    The oil industry’s greed is also responsible for the growth of Islamic jihadiam. Had we developed alternative sources of energy, even as late as the oil embargo in the 80’s, those people would long since have gone back to tending their camels and goats.

    And yes, we lost the battle known as World War II, but the Japanese have won the war.

  41. Palin4Prez, on February 20th, 2009 at 5:22 PM Said:

    Didn’t Confluence post something about it being racist to criticize the Octomom?

    Thanks HT for putting the entire text up here for clarification. That’s a perfect example of what the Obots do: selective cut text out from the total content.

  42. Aw chit, my children had a fight. But you kissed and made up while I was gone, I hope, else to the corner with all of you!

    P4, Riverdaughter has bled all over the place for a cause that nearly destroyed our spirit. It’s folks like Riverdaughter who helped to make certain that the smoldering spirit was reignited into fire again. So you see, when you attack Riverdaughter, you are going to get your ass jacked. But you figured that out already. There are some bloggers who, like I said, bled for this spirit and RD is one of them. And some of them even stuck around after others packed their bags and shut down their blogs. But not RD. I’m sure you meant well, and your comment might have even just been off the cuff, but you can see that, while we may be forced underground, we still take care of Our Own.

    Now onto Suleman and the racial BS. When did ethnicity become a racial issue. Nadya is no more Non White than I am. This is bullcrap anyways. We have radical extremist middle easter women killers coming herek, killing their daughters and wives and yelling RACISM. That is RAW BULLSHIT.

  43. Mary, re: WWII. I don’t think we lost that war. What we did was squander our opportunities because we were too porky about winning.

    Japan ate our lunch over a period of decades. In fact it took 40 or more years. You see, after the war, there was a guy named W. Edwards Deming, who warned America that they might not be the Industrial honcho forever unless they started focusing on quality. He was a major annoyance to our egos, so we sent him over to Japan to help clean up their post war mess. It took about forty years, but they worshipped this guy. And he did for them what we wouldn’t let him do. And that’s how the Japanese auto industry ate our lunch. It didn’t happen overnight, but we were just porky enough not to notice. American car manufacters kept making what they wanted ot make and TELLING people what they wanted. The Japanese ASKED what you wanted and quietly built it. The rest is truly history.

    American cars continue to also be riddled with quality defects and shabby materials and a ten year old honda passed my high priced car dead on the road plenty of times. I finally stopped buying American cars. It’s one thing to be patriotic. It’s quite another to be…..well….fucked.

    We had an attitude for sure. You remember when copy machines only copied in black and white and blue pencil didn’t show up? Well the guy who invented the concept of color copiers came to America first. Hell no! B/W is what we’ve got, that’s what you will take.

    How about the old Sony Walkman? America laughed at the thought of a tape player that didn’t record. SONY didn’t. The concept of portable music started there. Then there were the quartz watches. Same deal. The fact is, Japan learned to take our technology and IMPROVE on it with the CUSTOMER in mind. We, on the other hand, continued with our attitude.By the time we were forced to admit we had been fat and lazy and weren’t paying attention, it was too late. American corporations have that nasty habit of expecting somebody to wave a magic wand to fix things in two weeks. We have no patience and that is how Japan beat us. Deming, by then in his 90s, was invited to the Big Three to “Fix things”. “Come to our company for a couple of weeks and fix us up”. He laughed. The joke was on us.

    So, no Japan didn’t win the war. We won it and then we rested on our laurels without being willing to do the hard work it would take to stay on top. In fact, we didn’t even pay attention to Japan’s quiet long-range takeover that would have never occurred if we had listened to Deming instead of being arrogant porky Big Shots.

    Right now, Toyota, for example, is feeling the economic pinch too. But we don’t see them pissing, moaning and whining in front of congress every three months, like we are about to see the Big Two do again. Nope. They understand their own responsibilities and are adjusting accordingly. Just like adults are supposed to do.

  44. No conflict we have ever been in should be called a war. The goal of war is to take something by force and expand your culture. We on the other hand play policeman, blow stuff up, then pay to fix it forever. Castro knows how to fight a war without even using a gun. He was able with Kennedy and Carters help empty his prisons and get rid of his deadenders by sending them to Miami, were they now run the show. It’s the Cuban flag you see flying and Cuban is the dominant culture. A Refugee Army. When the Ellian Gonzalez story was all over the news and Castro turned on CNN he saw images of Cuban flags and Spanish protest signs, he probably had a tear in his eye knowing he had won.
    Now they send back Millions in US dollars to be spent in Government controlled stores.

  45. Fredster
    “Thanks HT for putting the entire text up here for clarification. That’s a perfect example of what the Obots do: selective cut text out from the total content.”

    That’s what we ALL do. Good or bad we are all guilty of it. Sometimes you read something and part of it just sticks in your crawl and the rest doesn’t even register. Why don’t you and HT cut P4 some slack.

  46. Guys,

    P4P is feeling very conservative as of late (can you blame her?), and let’s face it – no matter what a fighter Riverdaughter has been and continues to be, The Confluence is on the left coast of the PUMAsphere. Not an easy mix in the best of times.

    DE is right – everyone needs to cut P4P some slack, and P4P needs to cut The Confluence some slack (and probably stop reading it – did you expect to agree with them?). Gary Chapel Hill is a good man, and was in fact writing about people blaming gays for Octomom, not racism. Gary is one member of the gay community that has been vocal about opposing Obama from the beginning. Please give him some credit for that.

    We need to stick together folks. Remember the greater goal: America. We are all here because we love her, so let’s not argue amongst ourselves about who loves her more. Let’s concentrate on saving her. We are all in this for the long haul, so we need to learn to agree to disagree on occasion. America is about diversity of opinion.

    I feel I “know” both P4P and HT, and can say without reservation that you are both the type of people I am proud to know, even if only through the tenuous connection of the internet. And I know that each of you, in your own unique way, would stand behind me when push comes to shove and that truly means something.

    We are currently going through another of those painful interludes where things are going downhill so fast that we are all angry, cranky, touchy, and questioning everything and everyone. Let’s not question each other. In the end, we may be all we have.

  47. GG,

    Just to clarify, I’m a he.

    This all started with:

    Palin4Prez, on February 20th, 2009 at 5:22 PM Said:

    Didn’t Confluence post something about it being racist to criticize the Octomom?

    It was phrased as a question. If someone had looked it up and said “No, he meant to write that mothers of multiples are treated differently by right wing Christian groups.”

    This is why I don’t post on Confluence. They’re afraid of being called a Republican front group and I don’t want to aid their detractors. Plus, I’m uncomfortable with the implication that religious conservatives are racists.

    I have no problem with pointing out what I feel is subtle racism, race-baiting or religious intolerance.

  48. P4P,

    Sorry for the gender misidentification! Take it as a compliment that I couldn’t tell. Guess I have to retract my statement about “knowing” you, but not entirely. Just the physical part. I also have no idea how tall you are, if you’re in a wheelchair, or if you are deaf.

    I have no problem with you pointing racism out either. I am getting sick of the whole racism thing (like I assume you are), and truly wish we could all move past it. Logistics Monster has a wonderful clip with actor Morgan Freeman up that really sums it up pretty well.


  49. GG,

    I actually write like a girl. I did one of those gender identification writing test one time. I mentioned it early on to UW when she called me “sister” or something like that.

    it might have to do with my having a better vocabulary than the average guy 😛

  50. That Morgan Freeman clip is priceless. I don’t think African-American history month elevates A-A’s at all. I think, like he does, that it diminishes the wonderful history to a subsection of the year or the history books.

  51. I thing all “months” are ludicrous. It implies that you treat whomever’s “month” it is nice 1 month out of the year and then go back to your old ways the rest of the year. Anything that has a “month” assigned to it is a problem all year around. And “history” months are silly all unto themselves. Does history exist all year? Then STUDY it for Chrissakes.

  52. Yes P4, you are one of our token males. You and DE should really like shoot some hoops together because you know that no matter what you do, you are wrong. Live with it.

    Have you seen this commercial?

  53. I see those little preemies and think, each one of these needs a whole family to take care of him or her. My niece was 2 lbs–she went home on a monitor–this was very difficult with one, much less eight. I don’t like the idea of taking people’s kids away–but these kids need one-on-one or two-on-one and will for some time. I wonder what will happen. They are so sweet, innocent, and tiny–it makes me cry.

  54. Actually, Uppity, you seem to have accumulated quite a large male readership. But you’re right – they’ll have to live with it. Loved the commercial – it’s soooooo true! Most men can deal with any injury, but let ’em catch the flu and you’re in for something completely different!

  55. PS My niece is now in her 30s, with a strpping 6-yr-old son of her own.

  56. Aw, let’s give the lads a break here…Actually since this whole Obama debacle my male pals have turned out better than my female ones…go know.

  57. Boy Star, you aren’t kidding. The remained REAL progressive males have been a Godsend. It’s the women who have shocked me. Talk about inviting your own subjugation!

    GG, re: men. Hahah you are right. Gotta love em though. They just need nurturing sometimes. But if you have a good one in your life, you get in back 100 fold.

  58. But if you have a good one in your life, you get in back 100 fold.

    Amen to that, sister.

  59. Any guy that reads this blog has respect for women. Or let me adjust that—-any guy that reads this blog….. and Uppity allows to comment publicly….. has respect for women.

  60. UW,
    Many thanks for your learned disquisition on postwar Japan vs. America. I knew little more about Deming, the man who helped rebuild Japan, than his name. To squanders human resource seems part of America’s frontier mentality: it doesn’t matter if you waste something because there’s always another forest/river/plain/herd over the next hill. Time for a reality check, America

    I believe your contrast between American auto makers telling us what we want and the Japanese asking us is spot on. And for me, the most striking word in your comparison of Japan and the U.S. is “patience,” that Oriental grace so incompatible with McAmerica.

    I really appreciated your distinction between war as conquest vs. military action against that conquest. Since I don’t know anything about Cuban people in Florida, I’m not sure whether you meant that the Cuban enclave there is a fifth column for Castro, or his enemy. Would appreciate enlightenment

    Absolutely correct: in an academic discussion, there is no room for personal invective. Thank you, also, for reminding our very precious UW community that the enemy is out there, not in here.

  61. Wow…great posts on this thread.

    P4P–I never knew. I’m terrible at figuring out genders/orientations/stuff like that. I just figure that everyone is a housewife in Peoria with 10 kids, and go from there, lol! HT, you are a fierce PUMA poster yourself. Thanks for sharing all of your insight with us in the PUMAsphere. Heck, that goes for everybody!! A round for the house!!

    Uppity, thanks for the words for Riverdaughter. The Confluence was the first PUMA blog I was somewhat of a regular at. I was a complete novice and it showed, but Lordisa, have I learned alot from them!! And you’re right, she has bled for all of us Disenfranchised Dems. The whole PUMA movement saved my sanity this last year. At least I know I’m not alone.

    As for women who consent to their own eradication, it comes from foolishly allying themselves to what they see as the more powerful group, thinking that will make them powerful, too. Idiotic f*cking sellouts. Patriarchal approval junkies. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. I’m getting too old for this. I want equality–in this lifetime. Is that too much to ask???

  62. Yesterday had to spend time with Sis the Bot and all we could talk about was that chimp and Octowhatsis…See what Junior has done for my life? Our Mom, who suffers from dementia, kept saying, “What ape? What ape?” OK–so it’s funny in retrospect.

  63. Suleman’s OWN MOTHER calls her actions unconscionable:



  64. For a rebuttal to this comment

    “”But Suleman, with her rather middle eastern sounding name (and lack of male authority figure in her life), isn’t the first non-white person to be maligned or ignored for their procreation habits…

    If anyone has filled out federal paperwork for any reason you would know caucasian means anyone from European or middle eastern descent.

  65. You are righteously correct, Open. Middle Eastern people are not “Non White”. Which brings me to why they continue to yell “Racism” when someone questions a small practice, such as honor killings. I remember when some news outlet went to question the brother of the pig who disappeared from Texas after he killed his too daughters. The guy went wild and kept calling them “Racist” and I was thnking WTF are you talking about. This is not a race, it is an ethnic group. They are no more Non White than Germans or Italians who immigrate here.

    Besides, I saw her father interviewed and he looks as confused as the rest of us. I kind of felt sorry for the guy. I just think Nadya is they type of kid there are so many of in her generation. Still bleeding her parents and expecting them to cater to her needs. She has her mother in involuntary servitude. and I imagine she has bled her father dry too–when she should be on her own. And if she were responsible for herself instead of bleeding her parents, she would have thought long and hard before pulling this 14 baby trick. I think they are losing their home because she is financially sucking them dry.

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