It’s Sunday, and here’s your open thread.

It’s Sunday! My day off! So here’s your open thread.

You have to have faith in somebody……or something. Or even in yourself.  But whatever you do, don’t even try to have faith in polticians because you will always be disappointed.

Whether you are into the Bible —or you just think it’s a story put together by a bunch of guys appointed by a King to control the masses— is irrelevant to this post, because in either case, our elected officials are the modern-day version of the Pharisees.   And the logs in their own eyes are so huge, it’s ludicrous for them to even try to judge much of anything, much less our future. They are the people in the temple that pissed Jesus off, if you will. The temple of money changers is alive and well.

Just saying.

When you feel sad, or under a curse
Your life is bad, your prospects are worse
Your wife is crying, sighing…
And your olive tree is dying,
Temples are graying, and teeth are decaying
And creditors weighing your purse…
Your mood and your robe
Are both a deep blue
You’d bet that Job
Had nothin’ on you…
Don’t forget that when you go to
Heaven you’ll be blessed..
Yes, it’s all for the best…

Some men are born to live at ease, doing what they please,
Richer than the bees are in honey
Never growing old, never feeling cold
Pulling pots of gold from thin air
The best in every town, best at shaking down
Best at making mountains of money
They can’t take it with them, but what do they care?
They get the center of the meat, cushions on the seat
Houses on the street where it’s sunny..
Summers at the sea, winters warm and free
All of this and we get the rest…
But who is the land for? The sun and the sand for?
You guessed! It’s all for the best…

When you feel sad, or under a curse
Your life is bad, your prospects are worse
Your wife is crying, sighing…
And your olive tree is dying,
Temples are graying, and teeth are decaying
And creditors weighing your purse…
Your mood and your robe
Are both a deep blue
You’d bet that Job
Had nothin’ on you…
Don’t forget that when you go to Heaven you’ll be
You guessed! It’s all for the

Some men are born to live at ease, doing what they please,
Richer than the bees are in honey
Never growing old, never feeling cold
Pulling pots of gold from thin air
The best in every town, best at shaking down
Best at making mountains of money
They can’t take it with them, but what do they care?
They get the center of the meat, cushions on the seat
Houses on the street where it’s sunny…
Summers at the sea, winters warm and free
All of this and we get the rest…
But who is the land for?
The sun and the sand for?
You guessed! It’s all for the

You must never be distressed
Yes, it’s all for the….
All your wrongs will be redressed
Yes, it’s all for the….
Someone’s got to be oppressed!

Yes, it’s all for the best!!!


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  1. Good morning, Uppity and everyone! We are skipping religious services this morning to attend what my husband lovingly calls “the church of the dusty diamond”. Tournament season has arrived for our kids, so we are heading out.

    This post makes me think about all of the human dynamics involved in our churches, synagogues, schools, and government entities. While they, by definition of being human, cannot be perfect, we have come to expect them to take care of us, we have abdicated our own sovereignty. (I use the word “we” loosely, of course.) This makes me angry, of course, but it also makes me very sad for people that can’t see it and will never want anything else. It is going to be a tough road to bring the kind of “change” that is gonna be needed after this administration is done with us, but people like all of you inspire me to “hope” that we are going to be able to do it.

    Have a great day, ya’ll!

  2. PS…….Uppity… all have also inspired me to start blogging myself. (Some of the posts I leave here and on some other sites are so dang long, I finally decided it would be easier to just post them on my own instead of cluttering up comment areas on other blogs!) Would you mind if I put you on my blogroll?

  3. You’re blogging! Super! of course you can roll me! And when you are ready, we would all love to take a look at your blog!

  4. I love the music from Godspell..All for the Best is one of my favorite tracks. The comparisons are on the govt that is supposed to be of, for and by the people continues to serve it’s own interest and the hell with the peasants.

    Hope you have a great day off!

  5. Could you handle Bill for me today, Indy? He insists taht even though I have a day off from posting, he must be paid. He says it’s in the contract.

  6. Poli-tics: many parasites.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Can I get the name of Kitteh Bill’s lawyer?

  8. Is there such a thing as Off-Topic today? I was interested in O’Reilly’s choice of the Five Best Movies EVER! 1. The Godfathers-1 and II, (2) Schindler’s List, (3) Midnight Cowboy, (4) Platoon, (5) Casablanca.

    I was surprised by the inclusion of several.

    My sister still has money (her husband earns) and goes to movies all week–all she could think of was Slumdog Millionaire. In other words, her world view was the last movie she saw.

    It ticks me off how I have cancelled almost all of cable and all I hear from her is chirping about every single movie ever made! I am jealous!

  9. Don’t worry Star. Those Obama taxes will kick in and you’ll both be poor soon.

    I thought O’Reilly’s list was extremely conventional. I’d put Citizen Kane ahead of Casablanca. Platoon was a good movie, but I think the quality of it varies by generation. I never liked Godfather, preferring movies like Goodfellas and Casino.

  10. The Obama Campaign only had two things to offer us – Hope and Change. They didn’t have anything else like experience or a clue as to what they would actually do. So, what happened to Hope & Change???

    “You were elected because you are a walking, talking hope machine. Plug that sucker back in and crank it up to ten.”

  11. A race between God and mammon. Mammon seems to be in the lead. Place your bets!

  12. Don’t worry Star. Those Obama taxes will kick in and you’ll both be poor soon

    Hahahah ain’t it the truth! Coming to their theater SOON.

    As for movies. No sense of asking me all time favorites. Mine include Fargo, Young Frankenstein, and Like Water for Chocolate. I’m sure Bill never even heard of Like Water for Chocolate.

  13. I thought O’Reilly’s list was extremely conventional

    Mileage may vary. I doubt Midnight Cowboy would be on too many people’s lists…maybe it’s just me. Same for Schindler–to me, pretentious. I never took to Citizen Kane–so you can have that one. I saw The Big Lebowski about six times–I might even put that on. I didn’t like Wizard of Oz that much, but was surprised it wasn’t on there. No Hitchcocks… Pulp Fiction was pretty seminal… Good Fellas and Casino were good–but I would have put the GFs as number one…I agreed on that one.

  14. Weirdly neither Coppola or Puzo liked the GFs or considered them their best work. Isn’t life funny?

  15. Uppity! I thought you took KB to the moom pitchers or something.

  16. If I went by the movie I’ve seen the most times, “Under Siege” would be on my list. Even though it’s better than people give it credit for, it’s not really a greatest movie of all time contender.

  17. What knockers!
    Why thank you doctor.

    Walk this way.

    It was Abby….Abby something.
    Love that move too UW.

  18. Yeah- P4P–maybe the ones we see the most don’t belong on there…sentimental favorites…

  19. I’m not a big movie person, so my top 5 consist of the first five I can even think of off the top of my head 🙂 Here we go:

    The Gods Must Be Crazy
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
    French Twist

  20. Star,

    I have never understood why people put the Godfather films in any top 10 list. My first criterion for a top flick is re-watchability, and I cannot watch those films all the way through again. They just lose me.

    Casablanca and maybe Schindler’s List I can agree with, but the rest of the list may have something to do with why I can’t stand O’Reilly anymore (okay, okay – it has more to do with his butt licking That One).

  21. I didn’t mean this to be an O’Reilly thing–his butt attns come and go–but I don’t have a Chris Matthews list, though he loves to pose as a big movie guy. I can rewatch the GFs and often do, or did, when I pass by them on cable. I always saw something new. You could not pay me to watch Casa or Schindler or Wizard or almost anything. I did rewatch the original Die Hard a few mos ago–still enjoyable.

  22. I ans that one but may be in spam.

  23. Yes Star – you are in Spam. You and one other person. I am sure U.W. will let you out. I would but Spam is off limits for me 🙂

  24. First, I would like to apologize to P4P, I was unjust in the last comment I made.
    Next, I would suppose the top 10 list would be totally subjective for everyone. It depends upon whatever criteria on which one bases their decision. For example, I have a totally off the wall sense of the ridiculous… son calls me weird. The movies I watch again and again would never be nominated for Academy awards. If one was to choose weighty, my choice would be “Away from her” , a beautiful movie about Alzheimers, which struck a chord with me due to my affectionate “uncle”.
    I love “Like Water for Chocolate” as well. Casablanca is a favorite, as is the Philadelphia Story. I watch Arsenic and Old Lace and Harvey repeatedly. I also have watched Bubbahotep more than once, but that’s the weird part to which my son refers (although he also loves Bruce Campbell). All that to type that movies are a very personal experience, and everyone has their favorite. I do not even listen to critics anymore. Mind you, I don’t listen or read most of the MSM anymore. Underground agenda and all.
    PS, I loved the Cheap Detective and Murder by Death, but that’s the weird part of me. I thought Lawrence of Arabia was overblown, but loved Peter O’toole in My Favorite Year. Bad corny movies, that’s my addiction.

  25. Hi all hope your weekend is going well.
    I never did see Godspell but one yr went to see on stage

    “Jesus Christ Superstar”
    I worked in London and it was on there for I think it was 23yrs and they took it off for a while and then it came back.

    It was awesome… From what I remember this was the longest running show in the West End.
    Very powerful….

  26. Aw–I inever get to go to the cool places, either.

  27. I love Bruce Campbell, too!

  28. A list of 100 Best is more suitable for an art form around a hundred years old and found all over the world.

    Try thinking of the best Italian movies you’ve ever seen. The Bicycle Thief, Juliet of the Spirits, and Nights of Cabiria should spring to mind.

    What about French great films, such as Jean Renoir’s Orpheus and Jean Cocteau’s Beauty And The Beast? They are works of art in B&W.

    See the film version of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance Of Being Earnest, if you can catch it. Another good U.K. choice is The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp from the middle of WWII. Both are even in colour.

    What about any great movie with Katharine Hepburn in it? You can’t go wrong with Summertime, Lion In Winter, and the great classic comedy, Bringing Up Baby.

    If you think It’s A Wonderful Life was the only, or the best, movie directed by Frank Capra, try one of his terrific classic movies with Barbara Stanwyck in the lead. They did one together in the pre-code (pre-censorship to protect family values) days, 1932 or so, where they shine a light on phony preachers & hypocritical “believers” in false hope and empty faith– it’s called Miracle Woman and every Obamabot should be required to see it, (maybe with their eyes taped open like in The Clockwork Orange).

    Stanwyck in Double Indemnity is a joy to watch if you have an appreciation for film noir of the camp variety.

    Notice anything unusual about my list? Most of the movies I’ve named have a female lead or co-star. Shocking.

    Among this year’s Best Picture nominees, female characters/actors can’t be found without the aid of a magnifying glass. The near male-only imbalance has been in effect for years in the USA. O’Reilly’s list reflects that bigotry. Just about any movie from Scorcese (mercifully retired), Ron Howard, and Tarantino follows the same misogynistic pattern, depicting at least indifference toward women if not a violent hatred.

    By going back in time to great movies of the 1930s – 1950s, you actually end up getting ahead with respect toward great female characters and the actors who played them.

  29. By the way, that anti-deficit meeting Junior had? Besides the smokin’ irony, it was the opening gun for taking away the Medicare I just got today! And just about anything else they can ruin, remove, or redistribute. The mortgage thing–apparently they aren’t seeing if people can repay (underwriting) any more than they did at first, so that is a bust. Out here in AZ, as our paper (one left) pointed out, the 105% is a joke–we would need 165% mortgages. This whole mess is a joke. So, I say, since we can’t afford the movies, let’s talk about them anyhow. Wistfully. As for my dopey sister (sorry, she is), her hubs is a Republican. But we are all in this together…now. They have borrowed money from me before! Me! The Bank of Star is closed!

  30. Dr.Zigavo, loved this movie saw it as a child and still watch it now lol
    Love a good Chick flick to release tension…
    Love Story. Save the Last Dance. FlashDance.
    Dirty Dancing. Simple and easy watch here…

    Barbra Stanwyck loved the series she was in when I was a child but forgot the name?

    OK off to see what the day brings…

  31. Dirty Dancing is very rewatchable…Mashed Potatoes! I think a 100 movie list is fine, but I was intrigued by someone going out on a limb on 5. I am not even sure what I would put…

  32. You cannot be a true film buff and not include a Hitchcock or Orson Wells film in the Top anything. I agree that just about any Frank Capra film is better suited to the top 10 than the Godfather series or Platoon. I confess I am not that well versed in international films, but you are correct D.G.W. in adding them to the mix of such a list. We assume that all great films originated in Hollywood, and that is not necessarily the case.

    O’Reilly’s list is very modern, yet forgets many recent offerings that are far superior to his testosterone fest. I think you hit it on the head – movies have gone with the Year of the Penis, and their quality has suffered accordingly.

  33. JustMe,

    The Big Valley. She was dynamite!

  34. Not too many great movies in my deck…

    Sunset Boulevard (THE ORIGINAL)
    Dangerous Liaisons
    all the Matrix movies
    The Sting

    I just re-watched The Aviator and realized Leonard DiCaprio can act!

  35. DGW, ah yes, foreign films, which, imho get short shrift. Anything with Jean Reno (with the exception of Godzilla, although he was the only one who was decent)
    Giulietta degli spiriti – Guiletta Massina was incredible
    LaStrada – Guiletta Massina was incredible
    Compulsion, Repulsion…one could continue forever.

    Star, so you’re weird too? Bruce Campbell, the most underrated actor who actually chose to be so, and is making a ton of money doing so….so who is second rate?

  36. Grail Guardian,

    The Big Valley. She was dynamite!

    Yes she was with all her sons. Woman in charge just like we should of had this year!

    Still the yr is not over we can always have HOPE~~

    That word again…

    Star I am just simple here could never think of top 100..
    5 is a far as I go just now….. Lost all sense of thought here.

  37. Star, so you’re weird too? Bruce Campbell, the most underrated actor who actually chose to be so, and is making a ton of money doing so….so who is second rate?

    Did I say someone was second rate? I watch Burn Notice just FOR Bruce Campbell.

    I don’t necessarily go by whether the movie is male-oriented. And ick–O’Relly’s er, loofah…can we not? Of course, this is all about our criteria. I go by the production values (wrote s’plays for 15 yrs with small result), how it affected me, if it kept coming back to me past walking past the popcorn stand on the way out (most don’t), how on the edge of my seat I was or if my mind wandered, if I laughed (preferably in the “wrong” places when no one else did)…etc. Very subjective.

    I would keep the GFs on for acting, production values (music for one), the story, how Michael evolved…etc. Interesting new stuff–the horse’s head, etc.
    Prince of Tides–people dissed Streisand’s fingernails or something, but I had been in a horrible home invasion so it resonated and still does.

    I loved how Tarantino shuffled the time line in Pulp Fiction. I also liked a movie called Betrayal that worked back from the ending.

    The Big Lebowski–in our family hurries someone into a car, we say, “Hey, there’s a beverage here.” Otherwise, the Coen Bros–except for Blood Simple–I can take or leave. Plus–I dated many people like The Dude.

    I loved the weird little horror thing with Donald Sutherland–Don’t Look Now. Also has a great sex scene of them putting their clothes back on.

    Would I put these on the Top Five list…not sure. They might be my Top Five.

  38. When my kid was about 8, we got some Hitchcocks from the video store and she went nuts for Rear Window. I bet she would include that.

  39. One more comment…I thought Jaws was a major masterpiece. And I liked and thought more about and rewatched The Deer Hunter–but never Platoon.

  40. Barbara, will join you for a home theatre showing of the original Sunset Boulevard. (Btw, I meant the original Importance of Being Earnest, not the remake.) I’ll take care of the popcorn– kernels thrown pell mell into a reg saucepan and popped by shaking ’em senseless in a hot bath of butter. I wish I could name another goodie w/ Gloria Swanson but I’m drawing a blank on her.

    Paul Newman!? How could we forget Hud and Cool Hand Luke.

    GG, it’s not only the Year of the Penis– it has been the Four Score & Twenty More of the Penis (I’m paraphrasing Lincoln in honour of POTUS The Perp).

    The only cure is a good whack upside both heads, using one of Victoria Barkley’s Big Leather Belts. (Yeah JustMe, Nick always had the thickest belt, but Victoria knew best how to use the one at hand.)

    Am I the only one here who saw The Upside of Anger w/ Joan Allen and Kevin Costner?

    I have a soft spot for movies about addiction– so many to choose from too. Susan Hayward in Smash Up is from the late 1940s or so, but being “old” doesn’t stop it from getting to some of the underlying issues. Same goes for The Days of Wine & Roses from maybe 20 years later, with Jack Lemmon in a serious role. He was an alcoholic and brought a personal understanding to his performance.

    Now that I remind myself, he was very good in Prisoner of Second Avenue, co-starring there with Anne Bancroft, who was in the book-lovers-dream movie, Charing Cross Road, with Anthony Hopkins.

    Non-Explosive No-Trigger Warning: The chars played by Hayward and Lemmon crack up, and Newman’s char in C.H.Luke gets shot up, but nobody gets blown up in any of those.

    Character development is so old-fashioned.

  41. Star, I wasn’t accusing you of defining Bruce as second rate, far from it – but bad phraseology on my part, I meant the so called critics. I’m so happy to find another Bruce fan!
    re tarantino, my favorite of all time, is from Dusk to Dawn. I know, panned to the nth degree, but I’m weird.

  42. I saw what I thought was an excellent movie on tv the other day. Of course, around here, we are all alike and no one remembers the name of it or who is in it. But we all think it was excellent! For me, it was some of the best lighting I’ve seen in a color movie (looking at it as a photographer). It was about this couple in the 1950s. The husband turns out to be homosexual and the wife had this thing for a black guy (she being white). It was really good. It was on some Direct TV movie channel. I really wish I knew what it was. Its the type of movie that should be on some “Best” list but probably won’t ever be.

  43. HUD! Yes, one of my favorites–thanks. That would go on my list of five without hesitation! I even rewatched it recently.

  44. I described the above movie to google and found it!

    Far From Heaven

    I think I could watch it again and again.

  45. re tarantino, my favorite of all time, is from Dusk to Dawn. I know, panned to the nth degree, but I’m weird.

    LOL, HT–we have established that we are both a little off plumb.

  46. Of course, around here, we are all alike and no one remembers the name of it or who is in it. But we all think it was excellent! For me, it was some of the best lighting I’ve seen in a color movie (looking at it as a photographer). It was about this couple in the 1950s. The husband turns out to be homosexual and the wife had this thing for a black guy (she being white).

    Far from Heaven–Dennnis Quaid, I think.

    I thought of another huge favorite of mine–
    The Last Detail, back when Nicholson acted and wasn’t just Jaaaack. Easy Rider–same.

  47. DGW, I loved Sunset Boulevard! One of my all time favorites. And anything with Judy Holiday, just because she was in it. Jack Lemon – well he proved his acting chops in the Apartment, although I get a real kick out of him and James Garner as the former presidents (can’t remember the name of the movie – pure fluff)
    Newman, I will never forget him in the Long Hot Summer and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
    Laurence Harvey….Manchurian Candidate, Room at the Top, Summer and Smoke.
    Geraldine Page…Trip to Bountiful, Summer and Smoke etc.
    Julie Harris…The Haunting (one of my all time favorites – no one can hear you the night…in the dark)
    Geez, there are so many, too many to name. Unfortunately, I don’t find too many contemporary folks who measure up in terms of appeal combined with talent.
    P.S. I loved Vincent Price … in anything, but his turn in the Whales of August was sublime, as was Bette Davis (one of my all time favorites – could write an entire post on her) and Lillian Gish.

  48. Cats, yes Far From Heaven was excellent! I also love movies from the 1940s, anything with Katharine Hepburn or Cary Grant. I liked Cliff Robertson as a kid, I think because he played JFK in PT109 and I loved all things Kennedy. My favorite movie with Cliff Robertson was Charly.

  49. DE:

    Frau Blucher!

  50. HT,

    I’m a big Bruce Campbell fan myself. Looking for him in Spiderman 3 helped to alievate the boredom of watching the rest of the movie.

    Grail Guardian, on February 22nd, 2009 at 12:54 PM Said:
    I think you hit it on the head – movies have gone with the Year of the Penis, and their quality has suffered accordingly.

    and yet, they’re not allowed to show penis in movies.

    As long as we’re talking off the beaten path, there’s a movie by John Carpenter called “Prince of Darkness” that’s an interesting take on faith, religion and the nature of evil.

  51. How about Shawshank…always liked that little sleeper (not put to sleeper).

  52. We have the makings of a pretty decent little Bruce Campbell fan club here. I remember being a woman of a certain age who discovered Keanu Reeves–ah, my little chicadee. Some of us started the Old Ladies for Keanu Fan Club–our motto was:
    “Sure, he could be our son–but he’s not.”

  53. If you are not in the mood for politics ignore this for now. A short political flick 🙂

  54. I watched it–after all, we had just been talking about the Manchurian Candidate…

  55. Bruce Campbell….Umph, yea
    Keanu Reeves….not so much, although I’m waiting for the latest to finally pass judgement.. Michael Rennie was incredibly low key, and so believeable. After seeing Constantine, I had my doubts about Keanu, yet am awaiting the DVD release (I don’t pay money to go to movies cause I’m on a pension, so await the releases to DVD.)
    Speaking of which, Hugo Weaving…. Elrond….for a lady who’s coming up to official retirement status, this guy is the origin of many palpitations I haven’t felt for too many years (celibate for 20 years with reason, but …)

  56. YES! (with dramatic violin stroke)

  57. P4, Brisco County Jr?????? I do believe I have been perforated. How about Burn Notice?

  58. I have to check out this Hugo dude.

  59. I watch Burn Notice–it’s on too late, I don’t have DVD or that R thing, so I call itup and find a time my TV can switch me to a rerun–then if all that works, I see it.
    Now, I have to offload a bunch more channels, so I think USA is going…Bye, Brucie…

  60. DE,

    I watched some of Brisco County, both when it aired before X-Files and in syndication. I also saw Army of Darkness, which is extremely quotable.

    I try to watch Burn Notice on Thursdays, but it’s on a little late for me.

  61. I try to watch Burn Notice on Thursdays, but it’s on a little late for me.

    Under Menu–do you have a function where you can spell out a title and then put it on hold sort of for when it comes up in a rerun? Then, when you least expect it (at least with my memory), it clicks on…Oh, look, I get a show!

  62. Burn notice is on often, they show it on the weekends too. Kinda like Top Chef it’s hard to miss. Also dig Damages.

  63. DE, Brisco was Bruce’s favorite roles.
    I sound like a groupie, however, I have been following Bruce’s career for more years than I can recall. I introduced him to my kids (was an old preggie) and they both love him (we have all his movies) I’ve thought about his allure for many years, after all, why would I – a successful single mom, be attracted to a movie idol B actor?
    It finally clicked when I realized. Bruce did what he did, and he appeared to be happy doing that. He never made Cruise status, however, he was better looking, and in my opinion, more talented. He was just not into playing by anyone else’s rules. Johnnie Depp has also gone his own way, but because he is a lot younger, came along at a certain time and has appealed to a younger demographic. He has been successful despite his somewhat strange artistic choices, and I hope he continues to be sucessful, otherwise, the only movies coming out of America will star Tom Cruise clones – boring, pretty (to some including me) clones.
    Personally, Nathan Fillion (Serenity, Firefly, Slither etc) is far more interesting, as is Paul Gross. Both men are really good looking, although in an interesting way (not Vogue pretty), and both are, IMHO, tremendously talented (as is Brendan Fraser, but he has lost his way)
    Geez, I just reread my comment. I was going to delete it, then thought, wth. This is me, weird and all. I haven’t even started on my favorite silent movie stars and don’t get me started on the Thin Man series.

  64. {{ninnying like a horse}}
    Frau Blucher!

    Everybody now in unison, throw your heads back and ninny like a horse, in tribute to Cloris Leachman!

    HT, can you believe this? I never saw the Whales of August. I feel undernourished.

    Yes to Bette Davis, yes to Judy Holiday (Solid Gold Cadillac, Bells Are Ringing, and a rare one, The Marrying Kind).

    And yes yes to The Haunting: I will be leaving before it gets dark. You’ll be on your own here all night. If anything happens, after dark, nobody will hear you, during the night. No one comes near here once night falls. So Dark at Night all Alone.

    Palin4Prez sez,
    “and yet, they’re not allowed to show penis in movies.”

    Title eludes me (unless I succumb to looking it up) but some 1990s pic had full frontal of James Woods, standing nude in the rain. Plot involved a screwed-up family and who would inherit or live in the ramshackle house… I know, that description matches too many of us movies.

    Two more *heavy* classics, for a rainy day maybe, would be Long Day’s Journey Into Night (K. Hepburn in a great ensemble cast), and A Streetcar Named Desire w/ Vivien Leigh & Marlon Brando. Even Karl Malden is great in it.

  65. I just wish USA would re-air it during the off seasons, because I don’t need to see Monk 100 times.

  66. DGW, OMG, I didn’t think there was anyone left who had seen that movie. What an incredible experience, and what a cast! They certainly don’t make them like that anymore for many reasons, but the cost of the ensemble cast today would be prohibitive.
    Gosh, you brought back many, many fond memories. Jason Robards….Ralph Richardson…magnificent actors, but it was Dean Stockwell that really stirred my emotions. Thanks for the memories. I wonder if this is out on DVD. must check.

  67. HT I really liked Firefly, one of the many shows that I liked that got the axe too soon. THE RICHES FX canceled it waaaaay too soon. Depp’s best is still 21 jump street although Angi liked Booker’s character better.

  68. Dixie Cousins on Brisco Jr.(Kelly Rutherfurd) had one of my all time favorite lines.
    “Brisco I think I’m developing a vision problem….when ever I’m with you everything else just goes out of focus.”

  69. Full frontal penis?? My fave from the 90’s, “The Crying Game”.

  70. DE,

    Are you watching Whedon’s Dollhouse series on FOX?

  71. No P4 is it any good? I’m waiting patiently for MyBoys to come back next month.

  72. While we’re on the subject of favorite movies, and the original topic was faith–Franco Zeffirelli’s “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” about St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi still moves me. I love just about anything Italian. Zeffirelli’s version of “The Taming of the Shrew” with Taylor and Burton is still the best one IMO.

  73. Sorry Irlandese full frontal penis doesn’t do much for me even if it does has boobs.

  74. Dollhouse is only two weeks in, so I can’t say anything for certain. I watched Buffy and Angel, but not Firefly, so it may not be your cup of tea. Especially if you don’t care for Eliza Dushku.

  75. What about Marky Mark’s fakie in Boogie Nights? I know–you shouldn’t fake it.

  76. The other nite on that dopey Millionaire Matchmaker (I wouldn’t do those guys for any price!) she said, “The penis chooses.” After eeewww, I thought, you know, I won’t miss some of these channels that much.

  77. I have to say I’m a fan off full frontal female nudity, but I still find it interesting how male full frontal is some big stinking deal in movies.

  78. DE, Angi liked Richard Greico better? Don’t get me wrong, I thought that Greico had a lot of potential, however, following up Depp was an almost impossible situation and the creators/writers/producers did not serve him well.
    Okay, I’m sounding like a television groupie. I have an almost photographic memory.

  79. HT I don’t think it had anything to do with Greico’s acting.

  80. DE, has Angi seen his subsequent movies. I’m rather partial to Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express, but we’ve already established that I’m weird.

  81. DE–full frontal penis doesn’t do a thing for me either. But it sure added a whoompf in ‘Crying Game”, didn’t it?? I was absolutely THE ONLY PERSON IN THE THEATRE LMAO!!

  82. Richard Greico is on a show called “Gone Country” on CMT now.

  83. I figured out what is wrong with me today. Beautiful baby granddaughter Baptized and Christened today. Beautiful name to match forever her adorable garlic nose.

    I am American and it is in my blood. My hang up. Oh well.
    Btw: can we say no deal to this bogus ‘racism’ shit? Its gotta go…just a MAJOR ‘distraction’, imho.

    This thread was appropo for me today. Those guys at the Vatican sure look pretty in their scarlet house dresses with lacey pinafores. Matching slippers, of course! Wow! Can I kiss your ring???

    Happy Birthday again, George.

  84. HT gushes with me:
    “DGW, OMG, I didn’t think there was anyone left who had seen that movie[…] magnificent actors, but it was Dean Stockwell that really stirred my emotions.”

    Trust me, anyone I’ve known for long who shows an interest in addiction and/or classic films, is likely to have seen Long Day’s Journey Into Night. I have it on tape (but I think the DVD can be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut). Deal Stockwell, in the role of the char O’Neill based on himself, held his own among the famous veterans.


    besides the Italian movies named earlier, what about Le Quattro giornate di Napoli (The Four Days of Naples)? It was a story that needed to be told in film. Who can forget the city’s residents throwing their precious few furnishings and fixtures off their balconies to stop the Nazis from getting through the narrow streets! On those days when we feel too fed up and worn out to fight, we can think of The Four Days of Naples.

    It’s my kind of war movie, along with The Victors, and also Kelly’s Heroes.

  85. DGW–I’ve never seen “The Four Days of Naples”.
    Okay, went and looked it up. Definitely a must-see. Thanks!

  86. Anybody remember Paul Newman in the Long Hot Summer? He was superb and gorgeous too. Great cast including his wife JoAnne Woodward. A pair of better actors would be hard to find. Loved it and loved him.

  87. You bet CJ! The Long Hot Summer was mentioned as a favourite of HT and I remember it as well. I think the movie’s theme song was a hit, too.

    Btw Irlandese, I saw Four Days of Naples only once, when I was completely caught up in the action and emotion of it, but that’s how strong an effect it had on me, esp. knowing it was historical, not the usual fiction.

  88. Could it be that barfaux-butt-kisser O’Reilly picked The Godfather because it’s barry’s favorite, and he’s in love with arry, and tries to curry favor with them at every opportunity?

  89. Star, on February 22nd, 2009 at 12:33 PM Said:
    “By the way, that anti-deficit meeting Junior had? Besides the smokin’ irony, it was the opening gun for taking away the Medicare I just got today! And just about anything else they can ruin, remove, or redistribute.”

    Junior and his lovely bride operate from the zero sum game paradigm. Taking away from A doesn’t make B any richer. t just makes them more equal, as if that is a feat of merit.

  90. To Sir With Love is written on my heart.

    The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy.
    Easy Ryder, and Ryan’s Daughter and Godfather 2. No spin zone! LOL. – love this thread “upstairs”. It’s a Keeper.A must copy. A modern day salud to JC, a friendly Spirit.

  91. From the home of 100 TCM VHS recordings, it would be hard, very hard, to say. Stanwick, (LOVE STANWICK!) Bergman, Bacall (whom I am said to favor…now THERE’S an image!) Davis (early, as in ‘Dark Victory’ – a FABULOUS film) Hepburn (‘The Desk Set” comes to mind, along with “Pat and Mike” and others) . Big Hitchcock, Howard Hawks and of course, Bogart…Caine Mutiny, Treasure of the Serra Madre, Key Largo, etc. Perhaps one of my favorite….’Dark Passage’…Bogie & Bacall in 1940something San Fran when plastic surgery after an escape from Alcatraz is very Dali-esque. Also has Agnes Moorhead. Great. Joan Crawford in ‘Mildred Pierce’ (with Eve Arden) and of course, ‘Stella Dallas’…OMG – SO MANY great films.

    More contemporary? gee….I like Old (LOL) Bond films for the fun and new ones for the special effects. I liked Capote and yes, Platoon. “Roger Rabbit”, “Like Water for Chocolate” (loved it!) and moany more….Godfather didn’t do anything for me, and of course, I love the intro to …

    the Wonderful World of Disney…

    also loves Nemo….

    thinks I’m gonna go make some popcorn now….


  92. Oooo! How about “Suddenly Last Summer”


  93. I think he mostly picked Godfather 2. I have a problem with sequal on a list when the original is worse.

  94. UW,
    “It was Abby….Abby something.”
    “Frau Blucher!”
    Don’t touch the torch!

    As long as there are people like Gene Wilder, gags live on. Vive vaudeville!

  95. Dear Miss Bacall:

    Suddenly, Last Summer? Great cast, but the Tennessee Williams must have been too much for the scriptwriter and the director to “translate” in a way that would get ’em past the studio’s lawyers, and I’m not so sure if audiences then could handle it, either.

    Yes, I remember the photography in Dark Passage. I remember Agnes Moorehead’s character and the window, too.

    Miss Bacall– oh, you don’t mind if I call you Betty– of course you must have something to share with us about a couple of Bogart’s less-famous movies– The Left Hand of God with Gene Tierney, and We’re No Angels with Aldo Ray and the wonderful Peter Ustinov.

  96. FF,

    I saw “Suddenly Last Summer” which is one of the few films I’ve seen mentioned today. I recall that movie being all about the mood and setting, which was a change from some of the modern films that kind of advance plot before scene.

    My favorite Bond is Roger Moore. He just seemed more laid back than the others.

  97. DGW – YES YES YES to Judy Holliday too! Great performance, and early one in Tracey/Hepburn ‘Adam’s Rib”

    Also just remembered Greer Garson in “His Girl Friday”


    and LOVE LOVE LOVE “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds” star (along with Marilyn) JANE RULLEL! The ULTIMATE “Sweater Girl” and SOooooooo statuesque…

    and speaking of about Too Wong Fu? LOL!

  98. At the risk of dating myself, I loved the “Road” movies. And let us not forget the Charlie Chan series with both Warner Oland and Sydney Toler.

  99. Papoose, To Sir with Love was my introduction to Lulu. BTW, she is still going strong in England, and is still as radiant.
    I preferred Sidney Poitier in “In the heat of the night” in which Rod Steiger was amazing, as usual.
    Speaking of amazing, what was the most amazing role for folks? What really tugged your strings and remember today, without looking it up

  100. Oh, and the Sherlock Holmes films with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, and sometimes with Gail Sondergard.

    AND (ta da)– THE WIZARD OF OZ

  101. P4P – one of the first pieces of Furniture Art I ever did had Gene Tireney as one of the Divas…others were, of course, Hep, Bacall, and Bergman. Tierney was SO BEAUTIFUL and so incredibly talented….an oft overlooked superstar of the 40’s.

    I loved “We’re no angles” as Bogie, along with his appearance in the aforementioned Dark Victory where he portrayed an Irish Horse Trainer. A bit part, but good. It was odd to see him in this role the first time Isaw the film.

    ‘High Sierra’ which I refrained from watching for AGES, was AMAZING and very dark and deep. One of my faves.

  102. HT – off the top of my hungry and tired head, i return to Bete Davis in “Dark Victory”

    I was just thinking about that as I stepped away from the computer to boil water for dinner (LOL…spaghetti!) and took a sip on my Scotch Rocks. A film all intelligent folks who have a great ear for dialogue, strength and compassion need to see.

    Bots might wanna watch it too….

  103. Freedom Fairy:

    If you’re thinking of His Gal Friday w/ Cary Grant, his co-star was Rosalind Russell.

    WRT my mention of Gene Tierney w/ Bogart in The Left Hand of God, I think that might have been her last film role, or near the end of her career, because she suffered from severe depression. The film “Laura” is somewhat of a cult classic, and a lot of us won’t soon forget her in “Leave Her to Heaven” with Cornel Wilde.

  104. >MY FAIR LADY

    And very groundbreaking for its time (rape, disability )–Johnny Belinda, with Jane Wyman

  105. DGW – mybad – you are right!

    so many movies, so little gray matter!

  106. FF, Dark Victory and Gene Tierney….we must be soul mates!
    Laura, Heaven can Wait, Leave her to Heaven for Tierney.
    All about Eve, Dark Victory, ohmigosh, too many to name
    Are we out of touch? how many performances will be remembered today? I really like Angelina Jolie, and appreciate her abilities, however what role will be remembered? Same with Renee Russo. Both gifted actresses. Ms Streep – not sure how I feel about her, but I think with Mamma Mia, she has finally indicated that she’s in it for the money and does not care what she has to do in order to get it.
    I don’t know one other actor/ress that is worthy of admiration. Help me out here! Once you’ve done that, I promise I will go back to lurking and will not bother you again…

  107. We should put together an Uppity Critics Choice list of must-see movies for POTUS The Perp (that’s short for POTUS The Perpetually Never-Wrong-or-Responsible) to enjoy in the White House’s theatre.

    We’ll need around 20 movies total, 1 for each week he probably will actually spend at work there in the coming year. Our special pix picks must be the kind that will inspire and enlighten him, not drag him down unnecessarily with scenes of poverty, despair, sickness, and death.

    So-called “chick flicks” are out. He deserves nothing less than the very best dick flicks.

    Preston Sturges’ satirical Sullivan’s Travels (Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake plus a troupe of wonderful supporting actors) would be good. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis would be another possibility; it’s a silent so he would appreciate being able to watch the movie yet still hear the sound of his own voice. Both movies are older than he is, so chances are low he ever saw them before.

  108. HT – All About Eve


    I agree with you re: the current crop – some very good actors of both genders, but classics?

    time will tell.

    Maybe – Silkwood & Tea with Mussolini are thoughts….

    except no one remembers “Tea”

    also, Julia, with early Streep (whom I have not been thrilled with for no other reason than personal choice) j Fonda, Robards and others.

  109. DGW
    I was fidgeting over my comment while you were posting. You are the only person that I have encountered that knows about “Leave ;Her to Heaven”, which is such a shame. It was a very thought provoking movie, but because of the theme, it was sidelined. I wish I could get a copy, because in today’s world, it is even more relevent.

  110. DGW – BEst Dick Flich for PSBHO?

    Dr. Strangelove

    then, Taxi Driver

  111. Sorry for typos – bet it’s the spaghetti. Scotch makes me type better!


  112. DGW, if you are compiling a compendium of movies for the current president, then I might suggest, based on his decisions/activities of the time since his inauguration, anything starring Chuck Norris.

  113. Why Dr. Strangelove you ask?


    Two words that our President embodies

    Slim Pickins

    besides, it’s Ayn Rand in B&W…so to speak

  114. I think Streep’s sell out movie was “The Devil Wears Prada” but your opinion may vary.

    Dick flick choice is “Under Siege” naturally.

    By the way, if anyone wants to look at my right wing populist rants, I just posted on my Days of Change blog.

  115. HT – you give PSBHO too much credit for toughness and coolness under pressure….

    I would counter with Freddie Kruger

  116. OH! (and I have to leave now for a bit)

    My choice for PSBHO film suggestion


  117. Mary, you’re right about Johnny Belinda, for which IIRC Jane Wyman won the Oscar she deserved.

    Your mention of her reminds me of another wonderful film co-starring Wyman and Jimmy Stewart. It’s the perfect antidote to our modern self-inflicted disease of putting too much stock in trumped-up political polls. The movie is called Magic Town, which refers to what Stewart’s pollster character believes is the perfect “middle American” town whose opinions will enable him to predict the political & personal choices of everyone else across the entire country.

    HT – what about Joan Allen, who I named earlier for The Upside of Anger, and some other roles unusual nowadays for women over 50. I should point out a lot of admirable actors, female and male, have been pushed out of their industry. Just think of any woman over 35 and many men over 60 who didn’t fit a mold.

  118. FF, one last comment before I go back to lurkerdom.
    I loved Dr Stangelove – have the DVD and watch it many times per year.
    Slim Pickins was an upfront kinda guy – gung ho, but willing to bend to the government.
    The current president is, in my opinion, more akin to Brig Gen Ripper (Sterling Hayden). He had his own opinion about the world and how it worked, and how it should be. Any other opinion that was not his was obiously deranged. He was the one who set up the final anhilation, mainly because no one agreed with his vision. Yesterday, that was one very funny movie. Today, that is one very scarey prescient movie. ARe we having fun yet?

  119. HT – and you, again, are correct re: correlation.

    My point was, as you know, the name as compared with the One.

    night for now. I planted a food garden today. Have to go see if the birds left my seeds….

    now where is that flashlight……..?

    back later


  120. IMO, Dr Strangelove is a can’t-miss choice! Let’s add it to the draft list and see what happens.

    HT, ya gotta pick 1 movie with Carlos “Chuck” Norris. POTUS The Perp can’t be spoiled any further by giving him the entire Norris Opus Collection.

    I have Leave Her To Heaven somewhere on video tape. I think it’s on DVD though if you want it, BICBW.

    Instead of a Freddie flick, might I suggest the “Frankenstein” horror classic. It features villagers armed with torches, a tall protagonist who doesn’t like to be questioned or interrupted by the little people, and an emphasis on the importance of generating electricity. He could see a double-feature of the classic original plus Young Frankenstein.

    Mary, I’m too out of it at the moment to recall Under Siege by name but we’ll add it to the draft list.

  121. Apologies to Mary and Palin4Prez. My copy/paste got mixed up between that last comment and my previous one to Mary.

    P4P, you’re not limited to just Under Siege. Suggest a comedy for POTUS The Perp, or a musical. Wait. What about Evita? Doncha think it has a lesson two for him?


  122. gagirl, go for it! Good Luck!

    If I had confidence in my own self I would have a Blog myself, too!! —– bullWinkle —-

    – dedicated to our Native American and Appalachian Sisters. (Gotta LOVE Oprah’s future leaders SOROity in Africa, dontchas?).

    I wish I could have a blog too. Maybe someday.

    I am still in school. With you, class mates and dear inspirers, one and all.

    TY, Upps for doing all you do to keep us secure here. It must be a JOB unto itself.

    I feel so proud of my generation when I log on here. We,re so lucky.

    gagirl, I will read ya. We need ya!!!

  123. quick note for Young Frankenstein fans–

    Check out a great collection of dialogue excerpts plus sound files (WAV format), courtesy of Mel Brooks aficionado “pattycakes”:

  124. DGW, there were two chuck norris movies that i was strangely drawn to – both featured him getting beaten to a pulp. Firewalker, because it featured Louis Gosset (another very under appreciated actor) and another movie that I can’t for the life of me recall, other than Chuck tried to make it a remake of a Raymond Chandler novel (Fairwell my lovely)
    I told you, I am weird. It’s been fun, but itme to go back to lurking, and UW, as much as I love you, the hook is a non starter wtih me. Remember, I suffer from osteporosis, so you could break something.

  125. I’m watching NCIS and Dinozzo just referred to “Weekend at Bernie’s” as a cinematic masterpiece. Anyone concur?

  126. DGW,

    I’d go back to “Prince of Darkness” that I mentioned this morning.

    For comedy, maybe Bulworth, with Warren Beatty as a politician acting black. Familiar?

  127. I liked Weekend at Bernie’s but the sequel kind of soured me on the franchise.

  128. P4 Neva been Betta!

  129. DGW,
    “So-called “chick flicks” are out. He deserves nothing less than the very best dick flicks.”

    Oh so true. ROFL.

  130. What a great thread! I want to write down a lot of these films and get them into my to-watch pile since I no longer watch MSM either (or not a lot of it anyway….).
    Thank you for the encouragement Uppity……and Papoose, too!! I am definitely a student of the wise bloggers and commenters we have access to here. Writing about it helps me process it, I’ve just never put in in blog form. I need to get more on it and then I will link to it. You all are great!

  131. gagirl,

    A very exciting venture. Since I enjoy your comments here, I know I’ll enjoy the there.

  132. HT, DE, Mary, P4P-

    My shift ended hours ago. All of your latest suggestions & notations re the First-Ever Uppity Critics Choice list are being duly processed by the Second-Shift Admin Assistant, who has a more conventional sense of humour than I but is far better with pesky administrative details.

    I just hope that once the list is fully compiled, she can get it past Kitteh Bill, as one admin to another.

  133. FF – he should definitely watch W, for lots of reasons.

    I liked Upside to Anger, just watched that. One of my faves is the 90’s version of Much Ado About Nothing with Emma Thompson.

    And Monty Python, of course. My oldest child loves those now, too. My Cousin Vinny was on last night….”and you blend”.

    Almost anything with Paul Newman.

    I am going to find that Italian movie Four Days of Naples, and lots of these others…..

    Who said they watched “My Boys”, DE? My husband and I love that show when we can find it! The only other tv show I catch anymore is House. Kids watch American Idol (we knew someone in it this time). That’s about all…….we’re boring and tired at night, or I am up reading!

    Movie-wise we’re still watching kid movies here (High School Musical anyone?), so I have a hard time remembering the good ones that speak to me! I seem to get on these long threads at the end, too, haha.

    Papoose, congratulations on your beautiful one’s baptism/christening. What a special day!

  134. Thank you, Mary! I always enjoy your posts!!

  135. gagirl, we love MyBoys. All the episodes were on YouTube before Sony took them off. If you have a PC you can go to and watch the full episodes. Won’t play on a Mac.

  136. Is My Boys really that good? In the original previews it looked like crap. I admit I haven’t seen an episode, though.

  137. Oh that is so great. My husband can hook up the computer to the tv and we can watch the old episodes.

    I don’t know what it was about it, do you DE? But we really do like it. P4P, I recommend checking it out.

  138. P4 if you like sarcastic humor, you’ll like it. Find the episode Baseball Myths with Andy (Jim Gaffigan’s) birthday.
    Lead character PJ is a sports writer for the Chicago Sun Times and the ladies will like her best friend Brando.

  139. Anyone like the series Sports Night that was on a few years ago? All the episodes are on Youtube.

  140. Yeah, these weekends are really slow for comments 😀

  141. LOL P4.

    Looks like open threads suit our crowd too! I shall offer more of them.

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