Grocery auctions: A sign of just how things are “improving”

As we listen to people who are doing very well for themselves on taxpayer money say that things are improving and the “Plan,” whatever it is, seems to be working,  America’s economy that is being “fixed”  has now reached a new level of “Improvement”.

DALLAS, Pa. (AP) — Out of toilet paper? Need to pick up a few things for dinner? Take a number and start bidding.

Many bargain hunters these days are trading supermarket aisles for the auction circuit in search of deep discounts on everything from cereal to spare ribs. Past the sell-by date? Bidders are happy to ignore that detail if they’re getting a good deal.

HoboSoupYessir, things are getting better all the time, aren’t they? How many trillions in “help”  are we up to now? Just wondering. A trillion here……a trillion there….

As consumers seek relief from the recession and spiraling food prices, grocery auctions are gaining in popularity as an easy way to cut costs. The sales operate like regular auctions, but with bidders vying for dry goods and frozen foods instead of antiques and collectibles. Some auctioneers even accept food stamps.


The popularity of the auctions — which sell leftover or damaged goods from supermarkets, distribution centers and restaurant suppliers — comes at a time when people are stretching their grocery budgets by using more coupons, buying inferior cuts of meat, and choosing store brands over national brands.

The economic downturn, paired with the worst food inflation in nearly 20 years (grocery prices spiked in 2008 before easing in January and February), has caused a “seismic shift” in consumer behavior, said Brian Todd, president of The Food Institute, an industry information service.

“Food is one area where they can save,” he said.

So basically, while Congress, Tim Geithner and Barack Obama are trying to figure out which pal to throw their next trillion at and whether or not  they ordered enough Wagyu beef for the next cocktail party, people are buying damaged and expired food at  scratch and dent auctions.

Now that’s progress.

Ironically, one of the auctioneers’ business is called the “Banana Box”. I think that’s a great business name  that fits in well with our  future Banana Republic.

I can’t wait till the next trillion is spent. Then maybe everybody will be able to bid on a whole chicken. Okay, there might be a limb missing, but that’s why it will be up for bid to begin with.


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  1. Gee maybe if we’re lucky the Obamas willorder too much wagyu beef and us common working stiffs can bid on their “doggie bags”. Well the good news from this is, if you want to start a business….an auction house for foreclosed homes and food might be a good investment.

  2. SO do you suppose all this silliness will actually bring back the American farmer? We spent decades driving them out, and now we need them more than ever. Now that we’ve built McMansions or planted ethanol corn on all the farmland in America.

  3. I think it would if we weren’t setting them up for failure from the new regulations we are planning. That proposed bill took some foresight, didn’t it?

  4. Sorry – should have been specific. Monsanto farmers only need apply…

    The real American farmer has gone the way of the real American IT worker and the real American customer service people. Apparently my snark was too subtle (not a problem I have often).

  5. No, it was my snark that was subtle…..I got yours. lol

  6. Yes, but Soros had a very good crisis year. I guess that means that we should start looking in the bent can bin.

  7. “Monsanto farmers only need apply…”


  8. McN, of COURSE Soros had a good year. He always has a good year when he brings down an economy of a target country. And the amazing thing is, he is still walking around free.

  9. Oh Uppity.

    This makes me sick to read it. Just sick.

    hugs to you.

  10. hugs all around..and happy birthday to our birthday boys and girls..

  11. GG, yup, all those McMansions on all that land that was once farm land that can no longer be reclaimed as such. McMansioner’s will have to raise their own cows and grow their own corn on their McMansion plots now. And supplement it with past due buyouts at auction. Let the farming season begin!

  12. Uppity Woman, McN,

    :Soros ….always has a good year when he brings down an economy of a target country. And the amazing thing is, he is still walking around free.”

    And he’s gloating, actualy gloating. In an interview in England he bragged that his latest several dollars is the “culmination” of his career.

    He claims that he was a Hungarian Jew who collaborated with the Nazis because if he didn’t someone else would have. Myself, I think this story is in June was cover I think he was and is a Nazi.

  13. edit: I this story is just cover.

    (This dictation program needs work.)

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