My day off. Your open thread.

So tell me, who’s the better beggar here?

“How bad is the economy? This bad”:



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  1. I’d throw a few bucks into the pooch and kitteh cups any day. Might give the guy a little something, too.

  2. The pose on that cat is priceless.

  3. The cat was obviously photoshoped in, you can tell by the shadow. The dog on the other hand looks much more real. I wonder if it was really there too.

    Pretty funny.

  4. LOL DE, ya think?

  5. Aw–I’d give them all a buck. Of course the four-leggers would blow it on toys.

  6. This pic says it all……


    Oh Uppity.

    ps: the tea party here yesterday had 1,000 — and that is only one town.
    They had people wearing costumes like Town Crier!

  7. Yay for Tea Parties. We’re having two, I hear. I can’t even wait. I am trying to find out what is going on in CC. Music for sure. A stroll. A moment to remember and reflect. I cannot even wait for Philly’s. Jeebs, its in my budget to get a room and stay til Monday and I only live up the river. I need to say hello to Amex anyway. Wouldn’t want them to forget about me after all these years.

    I love this picture. Its a Keeper.

    This is crude. Lurker, lol, BettyLOU-ou. Check the ghoul pool. I have FF. Sad to me. Hope no suffering. — Can you believe about my morning glory? Can hardly even see it. 2 hrs old at most.

  8. OMG! CNN…Anderson Cooper! Just get a room with Obama and get it over with! Please! AC has a show today, all Obama! The Graphic is Obama: The New World Promise…..every story is about how wonderful Obama is…give me a break!!!!

  9. imust you would think the perpetual pimping for barry would get as tiresome for the MSM as it is the hear.

  10. Tweety got a new thrill. Seeing that emaciated president and his beastly wife at the G20 made him spin it that the rest of the world loves Barfy now.

    Guess what? When he pledges $800 billion to a $1 trillion fund for everyone BUT the US, the rest of Europe will love him. If you’re the guy who buys beer for the teenage girls, they’ll love you, too. But don’t expect to get to second base.

    Plus, he derided the US before saying the US and the rest of the world has to change. Guess what the rest of the world heard? Not the part about how they have to change, just the part about how the president thinks America sucks.

  11. …Guess what the rest of the world heard? Not the part about how they have to change, just the part about how the president thinks America sucks………

    So true P4P, was that before or after he kissed the ring of the Saudi King? It’s a shocking thing to see a US President who has such distain for the country he supposedly represents.

  12. bet that made mo proud..

  13. imust it was after during his European town meeting.

    Gives new meaning to National Lampoons European Vacation.

  14. National Buffoons, to be sure.

  15. Oh the irony.
    Visiting Prague, Czech Republic, U.S. President Barack Obama was awakened at 4:30 a.m by phone. Sunday with the news that North Korea had launched a rocket, as it had threatened to do over the past several weeks.

  16. To me those tea parties are not effective. They are armchair stuff. Now if they all gathered on the same day in front of Nancy’s office, then they would be effective. As separate things, they really won’t bother these jerks. They need to converge upon DC collectively, with pitch forks and torches, good and loud. The Boston tea party happened in one spot at the same time. As it is, the MSM is not covering them. They will protect Teh One. The only way to get noticed is EN MASSE at the right spot.

  17. imustprotest, on April 5th, 2009 at 2:47 PM Said:
    “The Graphic is Obama: The New World Promise”

    Do you suppose New World Promise is the sanitized version of the ominous New World Order?

  18. UW,

    That may come later. These events are grass roots and spontaneous. Now, ACORN makes sure to charter buses and call their media relations people when they do the AIG executives family terrorism tour. Ffunny how they don’t do the same for Fannie/Freddie execs.

    It takes more time and organization to do a one location event. And you’ll have Obama sending out mass e-mails to his bots to have counter protests with “Everythign is fine” if not subtle hints that protestors whould be beaten up on their way home.

    There will be many tea parties on April 15. We’ll have to see where it goes from there. Democratic leadership in the House don’t play. If you go there, you’ll be stopped by security then arrested. Why do you think they spend 700 million dollars on a barricade? Because Harry Reid didn’t like the way Americans smell?

  19. P4 The time is here for a Tax Revolt. After all Harry Reid says paying your taxes is OPTIONAL.

  20. You betcha! New World Promise = New World Order v2.0, featuring the kind of hopeful doublespeak Amerika can really believe in.

    I have cheap cable so no Cooper, no Dobermann, which probably saves me as much hair as money. OTOH, I did loose a few strands this weekend because C-Span metamorphosed a la Kafka into All 0bama, All the Time. They showed him droning on to a French audience with faces in the same hypnotic trance as a group in Czech Republic IIRC. Or has POTUS replaced his 0bots with actual robots? It would demonstrate his committment to high tech investment, ya know, beyond the billions in the porkulus package.

  21. Sometimes I feel like one of a very few that took the red pill. Then I look at the approval ratings and realize that the other people just haven’t spoken up yet.

  22. D.G.W.

    I’ve had the same fantasy about robots, except in my daydreams, Obama is one himself. By using certain frequency-emitting devices, especially frequentcies that are gender-wpecific turn ons, the 0-robot ensnares his audience.

    Rest assured, “fantasy” is my operative word here.

  23. Mary someone else mentioned it a few days ago. CBS has a show called the Mentalist check out last weeks episode its on hypnosis and very similar to how Obama has hypnotized the nation. Check your email

  24. Geez, DE, Debbie Schlussel (who is generally write about everything except Sarah Palin, whom she dislikes) hit it right on the head. And this is churned of everything that’s happened in this country since November 5.

    “The whole Islamic world is laughing at us. America simply doesn’t have the guts or the collective common sense to survive.”

  25. Thought you might like that one Mary I posted it just for you.
    Fix your name back to just Mary.

  26. I don’t do Schlussel. She’s one of the worst writers and a rumor monger. I just plain don’t put stock in anything she says.

  27. Even a broken clock UW. And I’m glad to hear it.

  28. Plus, Debbie used to go on Howard Stern’s who. That’s where I first heard of her.

    DE, I mentioned the Mentalist. A lot of cult types either use NLP or naturally pick up the aspects of it. Like anything else, it goes back to what Lincoln said. “You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. In Barfy’s case, it only took about 30% of the people.

  29. P4 it’s a real shame that Bush couldn’t pull of the quote.

    I like the mentalist and the first thing I thought after seeing that episode was barry’s O’Reilly interview and the 4 knee touches. After that BillO was in Obamaland.

  30. Hey my garlic nosed friend,
    ROME (Reuters) – An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale rocked central Italy on Monday and was felt in the capital Rome, but there was no immediate word of any casualties.

  31. They probably all thought they were having Rocking Sex, DE.

  32. Hey how come he didn’t hypnotize us?

  33. Because were not weak minded UW.

  34. “Why didn’t he hypnotize us?”

    Uppity, you’ve asked the $100,000,000,000 question (can’t have too many zeros). It’s what P4P means by not taking the red pill, and what we’re thinking of when we refer to the 0bots.

    Why are we resistant? And if we know why, should we post it here in plain view, or… is it wiser to keep it unspoken, unspecified, and perhaps “safe” from being exploited and undone?

    I’m resistant to advertising in general. I’m resistant to the “Buy it because it’s cool/sexy and it’ll make you look cool/sexy, too” trick.

    I’m even resistant to movies, i.e. I won’t “suspend disbelief” re. a character’s decision or fate. I will refuse to accept a movie’s entire premise if it doesn’t seem sensible, fair or realistic. My alarm bell will go off when one character is painted as a complete wicked bitch, another as a wonderful goody-goody– like HRC versus POTUS the Perp.

  35. So unlike Alice in Through The Looking Glass, we have a hard time believing “six impossible things before breakfast.” I can’t remember if it was Murphy or Riverdaughter who brought that up. But that’s what it does seem like, doesn’t it?

  36. DGW, you may be right about the willingness to suspend disbelief. I’m the type who never tries a new item until I am convinced other people have debugged it in the field first.

  37. UW, the Tips & Links area needs a re-set. No new comments there since my March 27th news links re. 0bama’s $739 billion Pentagon budget and his plans for keeping troops in Iraq.

    This time, I’d like to share a link to a Special Commentary “Slashing the Bashing Label” posted just this afternoon, in response to accusations as well as attacks of “bashing” by his surrogates, who–

    >> "keep slipping in `n´ out of blogs, where they are slapping `basher` labels on any dissenting patriotic American who gets in their way. In the form of dire warnings and ad hominem attacks, their comments veer far from the actual topic while also maligning or misrepresenting the blog community {—} Meanwhile, genuine bashing ironically continues against society’s most vulnerable, least influential classes."<<

    I wrap up the commentary with an observation on the similarities and connections between chief executive Obama and Microsoft’s founding executive, Bill Gates— "two poisonous toads" who have "marketed themselves as `geniuses` called by Destiny."

    “Slashing the Bashing Label” by DG Whiz
    for the Impeachment U.S.A. project at

  38. Funny you should say that, UW:

    “I’m the type who never tries a new item until I am convinced other people have debugged it in the field first.”

    Far too many products haven’t been adequately tested, the proper way, both by experts and by non-experts who ordinarily will be *paid* to represent the average user.

    Buggy software is endemic because QA and “tiger teams” are virtually gone. I used to be a sw beta tester and I’ve put together tiger teams a couple of times. Testing for bugs and security flaws used to be standard practice by the developers.

    Today, a lot of end users pay twice for a product- first they buy the sw, then they pay for a 3rd-party utility to identify and fix malware, or to add much-needed functions e.g. plug-ins for image and sound editors.

    IMO, free sw and shareware are every bit as high in quality. In fact, they often are given *more* attention to fixing problems before a general release.

    This little rant was rolling round in my thoughts for the past couple of days. It recurs whenever I think of MSFT.

    The only antidote was/is music. I had to keep playing my entire Vlad. Horowitz CD collection, esp. Schumann and Chopin; I switched occasionally to Piaf just because variety is the spice of life.

  39. Microsoft has been debugging in the field for years. Need I mention Millenium? How many machines did that version blow up? Vista? Still in debug. IE 7? I still havent allowed them to load it. How do I do that? Well I have a nifty piece of software called IE7 blocker. And how about that GENUINE WINDOWS ADVANTAGE procedure they stuck in everyone’s machine so they can “check” to see if your Windows is legitimate. One would wonder why they make everyone’s machines phone home to them several times a day just to check that, eh? Microsoft is the biggest spyware offender and they get away with it because their spyware is Good.

    At least some software people have the courtesy of telling you they are in Beta. Not MS. No sir. They just dump their shit on all those unsuspecting suckers on auto update. Me? I go there once a week and I PICK what I load.

  40. UW:

    I went to sleep in the wee hours and awoke early, only to find that {a} the earthquake in central Italy was a 3-in-1 and more destructive than first reported (I’ll be checking back in soon with BBC and international news); {b} that Windows is still destroying our data and sanity while keeping Gates ahead of Buffett on The Poor Little Rich Boy Top 10 Chart; and {c}, that 0bama is still POTUS.

    Btw, what do you think of my Gates-0bama comparison in the special commentary?

    On the bright side… sort of… Simon Johnson appeared on C-Span’s Washington Journal call-in show this morning. I caught just a bit; what he said was worth more than the NYT, WaPo and HuffPO weak-kneed pundits put together. The video and/or audio of it should be up on C-Span’s site, which btw is needlessly Microsoftened (a term I coined during the antitrust battles) with ASP/ASPX, so it’s a PITA sometimes.

    Uppity, you raised an excellent point re. manual versus automated updates! Similar advice applies to anti-spy, anti-trojan, anti-virus and tracks removal sw: disable automatic connections if possible. Many will occur without permission being asked directly, but better programs are more honest about it and offer options e.g. a simple checkbox.

    Three *free* anti-malware apps have such an option:
    Spybot – Search & Destroy
    Ad-Aware SE Personal

    You can run them anytime “on demand” when convenient for you.

  41. My rule with my firewall and my advice to EVERYONE is, NEVER give SERVER permission to ANYBODY. No phoning home unless I MAKE THE CALL MYSELF.

  42. I use all three of those DPW. My knowledge of and experience re: software might actually shock you. But we shall leave it at that.

  43. UW we have a program called “little snitch” that alerts us whenever the computer is trying to contact the outside world and who it’s trying to contact.

  44. Hi UW:

    “I use all three of those DPW. My knowledge of and experience re: software might actually shock you. But we shall leave it at that.”

    Gentle smile.

    WRT your knowledge, nope, that’s not the sort of thing that surprises me. I learned years ago that it’s unfair and impractical to categorize people wrt their level of proficiency with computer technology.

    But even that wasn’t my point or motivation in putting in a good word for the freeware apps.

    I named those three examples for the benefit of everybody reading. Some individuals might not have used those apps at all, or only in a limited way. It’s not necessarily a matter of proficiency. My brief mention of sw you consider old hat might be a nice reminder to people who don’t have time or interest to seek out new apps or to download sw updates.

    In your earlier reply to me about bugs in MSFT sw, did you think you were telling me things I don’t already know? Did I take offense? Uppity, I am always gratified to hear somebody other than me rant about the lack of quality and security.

    “Bill Gates and Suze Orman walked into a bar together….”

    No, you probably know that one already.

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