Besides their disgusting taste, Peeps have moral issues as well

From our own blog member Mary Ellen, whose blog, known as “Bad Habit,”  has an expose on what Peeps do the rest of the year when children are not forcing themselves to eat them.

Peeps. They are immoral. They have no shame. The reproduce at alarming rates. And they taste like crap. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

I think the Moral Majority should get right on this.  The Spongebob thing is getting old.

“Peep Show”



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  1. I bet I ate a million of those when I was a kid. What was my mother thinking?

  2. Peeps rule supreme.
    Long live the Peep.

  3. Hahahahaha.

    I do not recall ever eating them, to be honest. Chocolate eggs, yes, Chocolate bunnies. But those peep things did not impress.

    What was my mother thinking?


  4. I think Peeps are the fruit cakes of Easter. Really more decorative, not meant for consumption. I’ve had marshmellowy foods before that I really liked, for example, Scooter Pies, S’mores….wait….did someone mention…PIE? 🙂
    Happy Easter and Passover!

  5. You know, my father had a theory about fruit cakes. He felt there was a finite number of fruitcakes in the world and that the same ones have been traveling for decades. You don’t know if the fruitcake you get is thirty years old or who had it last. he felt that nobody actually ate them and that they were designed to be regifted forever.

  6. LOL! Your dad was probably right on that one, I mean, have you ever actually seen anyone buy a fruitcake? Or eat one? They’re all safely packed away in millions of people’s ornament boxes, tucked away in a dusty corner of their attics waiting to be bagged and tagged and under someone else’s Christmas tree.

  7. “my father had a theory about fruit cakes”


    Sage papa..

    In my family we figured that the same $25 we gave for every formal occasion (remember, $25 was generous over 50 year ago) had been recirculating for an entire generation. The only one who was out $25 was the first gift giver.

  8. Barbara,

    giggling to a fare-thee-well here

  9. Re: fruitcakes

    Keep ’em handy. A smack with one of those babies, and a mugger is toast..

  10. So Mary, are you saying that fruitcakes, like your family’s $25 gifts, were nothing but another Pyramid Scheme? Or maybe that the Pyramids were actually built out of fruit cakes? What about peeps? Could the same Peeps be circulating the globe year after year? Things that make you go, “hmmmm….”

  11. “You’ve found me out, imust,” said Mary amid peals of giggles. Actually, once the Depression ended, people had plenty of money to buy the ingredients for baking fruitcakes. But consumer goods were scarce during WW II (I remember the little booklets of ration-coupons, and “red cents”), so people ate what came to hand, including fruitcakes.

    It wasn’t until the postwar years, after my family began the $25 shuffle, that the glacé groupies followed suit. So, imust, I guess we can say that my relatives were the original pyramid schemers, with the foisters of fruitcakes close on their heels.


  12. ROFLMAO Mary, Happy Easter to you too! 🙂

  13. My mom actually eats fruit cake. Is she endagering the diminishing supply of fruit cake?

    I have no qualms with the Peep. When they find enough microwaves and grow to giant size, they’ll come for the Peep haters first.

  14. P4P do you really….think…..they’ll come aaafter……..usss???? YIKES just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters:

  15. Only in America can we come up with so many ways to mainline sugar! I agree with Uppity – Peeps are disgusting. But unlike fruitcake, you can tell when a Peep gets petrified. Shtuey made a comment over on Bad Habit about having one left over from his childhood. Bet you could hurt a mugger with that thing! BTW did you know that at one time Twinkies had no expiration date? After an Urban Legend started about them Hostess started putting one on, but I remember when it first came out in the 70’s and I checked one – there was no expiration! Twinkies are even worse than Peeps, though, because I don’t think there are any naturally-occurring substances at all in a Twinkie. At least Peeps are only 1 unnatural substance and some dye.


    I thought I was the only one that thought that about fruitcake circulation! I consider myself in excellent company if it was your father. I’ve been suggesting that for years…


    Mmmmmm, pie!

    Happy Easter and Passover to all!

  16. Hey, Peeps rock! I eat fruitcake, too…

  17. The little choc eggs with the scraps of foil that don’t come off are the best. Yes, we had candy–want to make something of it.

  18. Trying to be as brief as possible, here’s something else you can do with Peeps:

    When my (now 30-something) nephew was 7 his mother got engaged to her present husband. The first Easter he spent with the family, he gave my nephew a HUGE basked, filled with many peeps and other things.

    Stephen (my nephew) hated Peeps, but wishing to be polite called me aside and said “Uncle Trouble – what the hell am I supposed to do with these?” Never wanting to disappoint him, I suggested we play badminton with them, and they replaced the birdie.

    The next year, we discovered if you put them in the microwave (low) for a couple of minutes, they get to be the size of a softball, and are virtually indestructible.

    To this day, “Badminton Peeps” still reigns as the official family Easter game, far surpassing the dreary and obligatory Easter Egg hunt. The neighbors still hide….

  19. Palin4Prez, on April 12th, 2009 at 8:47 AM Said:
    “My mom actually eats fruit cake. Is she endagering the diminishing supply of fruit cake?”

    If you read imust’s

  20. Palin4Prez, on April 12th, 2009 at 8:47 AM Said:
    “My mom actually eats fruit cake. Is she endagering the diminishing supply of fruit cake?”

    If you read imust @1:45 AM, she is suggesting that what you mom is endangering is the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

  21. Uncle Trouble,

    “Badminton Peeps”


  22. Uncle Trouble,
    “Badminton Peeps”

    Mary, you should try it. It’s amazing, and lots of fun

  23. People who break the Fruit Cake chain must be stopped. If the chain is broken, somebody will produce MORE of them. We must keep the supply down lest more of us get them at holidays, or worse, one of us receives MULTIPLE fruit cakes!

  24. OMG badminton Peeps! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I am dying here!!!!!

  25. They are after all……BIRDIES!

  26. hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Peeps taste good.

  27. “They are after all……BIRDIES!”

    Just got in from the big family game. Fun as usual, but someone forgot to keep an eye on the peeps in the microwave and now we can’t even scrape them off with a screwdriver. What’s in those things anyway????

    glad you got a chuckle out of it. Hope you had a fun day

  28. OK I admit it…

    I am a Peep addict. Yes. Me. That Jewish gal who rips the heads off those Peeps with relish. Give me a Peep with a side of matzoh this Passover.

    Though now I have to pry them away from my children.

    If you don’t like them… well, more for me. LOL!!!
    There’s a recipes & crafts section

    But for all you Peep Haters, and especially you UW:

    Peace out!

  29. ROFL Barbara! Loved the Blowing up Peeps vid!

    My Mom used to buy tons of Peeps for everyone’s Easter baskets, despite the fact that no one could stand them except her. She would then proceed to trade the other items in her basket for everyone else’s Peeps. She was a serious addict. No one could quite bring themselves to buy any this year. Not sure if it was because Mom is gone, or because we knew we’d be stuck eating them…

  30. ROFL on that peeps video, Barbara. You can’t kill them! Imagine how they set in your gut! I’ll bet they reconstruct!

  31. Just catching up on old posts that I missed! My dear MIL who passed away always bought everyone Peeps. I don’t care for them, but buy them in honor of her, which really is a waste, b/c my kids don’t eat them (except the one who is a true sugar addict and will eat them when all the rest of the candy is gone). This year, one of the kids heard about microwaving them, so that is what we did with them………the whole kitchen smelled like roasted marshmallows! I wish we had thought to play ball with them outside. Something to look forward to for next year!!! LOLOL!

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