Are you overweight? Get ready to be the next global warming, energy and health care target

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Your government is getting ready to tell you a bit more loudly that if you are overweight, you are to blame for energy waste and Global Warming, which are caused by cars, smoking unless it’s the president, living, cow farts, inhaling, exhaling, driving to work 30 miles away, cooking, heating your home in winter, turning on a light food production.

In fact, did you know that if you eat tomatoes, you suck because they are not energy efficient?  No kidding. Tomatoes don’t give back as much as they take. They are a very selfish vegetable that shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to ice cap melting caused by food production. In fact, one author thinks tomatoes and anything else that takes too much energy to grow should be priced accordingly.

Tomato production in the US consumes four times as many calories as the calorific value of the tomatoes created

(Photo of sucky tomato)


So if you eat tomatoes, you are a problem, even if you aren’t obese. Thin people who eat tomatoes suck too.  Ironically, tomatoes aren’t fattening, but you still suck if you eat them, even if you aren’t overweight. Stop it.

And If you are overweight, you eat too much but not as much as Michael Phelps and contribute to that bane of Climate known as food production. Food production is bad and it causes Global Warming. Stop it.

It’s your turn. Because everybody is going to get a turn unless you are a Congressperson or a Senator. Then you can eat all the tomatoes you want and be as fat as you please.  But for now, it’s your turn if you are overweight. Furthermore, you are about to join smokers in being a resented problem related to the cost of health care. You are also more dependent on cars, therefore you use too much gasoline.  Skinny people use bicycles even in the middle of winter.

Oh My…. more bad news for those (34% of Americans) who are obese.

In a study released by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine scientists found that overweight people emit more carbon emissions than slim people, because they consume more food and fuel.

The study pointed a finger at the increased demand for livestock production for meat. Cows emit toxic methane. The research also sited higher dependency on cars as a contributing factor.


“The heavier our bodies become the harder and more unpleasant it is to move about in them and the more dependent we become on our cars.”

nov-season-eatingMake no mistake. Your Caring Congress and Senate are about to declare you a Public Health hazard if you have those extra pounds. Bet you thought your turn wouldn’t come eh? Your carbon footprint is too damned big. Not as big as Al Gore’s, with his airplane and mansion, but nevermind. Eating is over-rated. Take up something else, like maybe drinking or drugs or something. Whatever, just so long as you get thin.

LONDON (Reuters) – Overweight people eat more than thin people and are more likely to travel by car, making excess body weight doubly bad for the environment, according to a study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

“When it comes to food consumption, moving about in a heavy body is like driving around in a gas guzzler,” and food production is a major source of greenhouse gases, researchers Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts wrote in their study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

“We need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend toward fatness, and recognize it as a key factor in the battle to reduce (carbon) emissions and slow climate change,” the British scientists said.

They estimated that each fat person is responsible for about one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions a year more on average than each thin person, adding up to an extra one billion tonnes of CO2 a year in a population of one billion overweight people.

Just to help you along, a “Sweet tax” is being bantered around. Because your government doesn’t care about the revenue or anything, they just care about you. Right?

A penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks could help fight obesity by cutting consumption and raising billions of dollars to help state and local governments pay for programs, two experts said on Wednesday


This could help offset some of the costs that drinking too many soft drinks has imposed on society, they said.

“The contribution of unhealthful diets to healthcare costs is already high and is increasing — an estimated $79 billion is spent annually for overweight and obesity alone — and approximately half of these costs are paid by Medicare and Medicaid, at taxpayers’ expense,” they wrote.

“Sugar-sweetened beverages may be the single largest driver of the obesity epidemic,” they added.

“For each extra can or glass of sugared beverage consumed per day, the likelihood of a child’s becoming obese increases by 60 percent.”

But whatever you do,  don’t stop eating sweets once this tax is imposed.  If you do, your government will have to find another thing to tax. Like sleeping. Or flushing your toilet.  Or eating, period. In fact, we could all save the planet right now if we would all stop exhaling and just shoot ourselves in the head and get rid of our carbon footprint entirely. Of course, this won’t stop the delivery of Wagyu beef to the White House.

Barring that, don’t worry. Monsanto is going to come up with acceptable special genetically altered mutant things for you to eat right after they put small farmers out of business via Rep DeLauro’s bill, HR 875. Ms DeLauro is the wife of a Monsanto consultant* but I wouldn’t want you to think that has anything to do with it. This will also move along a lot faster now that Monsanto’s guy took over the USDA.  But don’t worry, it will taste just like real food! Organic gardening is so over-rated! Especially the tomatoes!

While it’s true that America has a lot of obese people, it would be really nice if they studied how many of them are poor unlike Ted Kennedy and are forced to eat cheaply, which means plenty of carbs–which can cause obesity. But nevermind. We can just kill them all and convert them into an alternative energy source or something, right?

In the meantime, I am sure somebody in our government is studying how in Japan, people get weighed regularly and can lose their jobs if they go above their optimal weight.  Bet you think I’m bullcrapping you, right? Wrong.

Corporate Japan will join the country’s battle against bulging waistlines next month with the introduction of compulsory “flab checks” for the over-40s and penalties for firms that fail to bring their employees’ weight under control


According to reports, firms will be required to cut the number of overweight workers and their dependants by 10% by 2012. Those that fail to reach the targets face surcharges of up to 10% on contributions to a welfare fund for the elderly.

Now I know that would be unconstitutional here if you still have a job, but that silly constitution is nothing but an annoyance anyways. Why keep it?

Here’s MeMe Roth of Meddlers and Zealots Anonymous teaching NOAA minding your own business for you, equating eating to smoking, and  teaching others how to create Eating Disorders in children after they start sneaking the treats. Just so you know the food-mirror-image of the anti-smoking, anti-gay, anti-anything you do that I don’t do lobby  is on its way to your theater soon.

Embedding disabled. LOL. Here’s the link.

*Note: I am the middle of research on the actual relationship between Mrs. LeLauro’s husband and  Monsanto. Stanley Greenberg is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, a PR and Polling firm, and Monsanto is on his clients list.  He’s also presumably tied in with Carville and (via rumor) Begala. You will see Carville’s name near his “Democracy Corps” logo at the top of the link below.  Some checking is going on regarding any potential lobby relationships.


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  1. Re: Rosa DeLauro.

    Let’s not get carried away here. Rep DeLauro’s husband is principal in a polling and political consulting firm. One of the many clients of that firm happens to be Monsanto. By no stretch of anyone’s fevered imagination does that make him an “employee” of Monsanto.

  2. Why are we surrounded by dumb people?

  3. I’ve said it once, (or twice) and I’ll say it again…..Soylent Green is People!!!!!


    It’s my birthday and I will eat cake!

    Then ride my bicycle and EXHALE A LOT.


  5. Hey, maybe this is what Michelle meant by “giving up our piece of the pie”….oh…don’t tell Oprah.

  6. From Michelle Malkin:

    ” The federal deficit isn’t the only bulge members of Congress are battling this year.

    Health experts say the economic downturn has wreaked havoc on Americans’ diets, as people cancel gym memberships, dine at fast-food restaurants and, in some cases, take on additional work hours as companies shrink their work forces.

    Members of Congress haven’t been immune. Inundated by Wall Street woes, a recession and looming legislative fights over health care and global warming, members say they’re facing one of the most intense legislative sessions in recent memory — and many are also trying to stave off the weight gain that can come with the pressure.

    House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) recently lamented his own weight during a painfully slow bailout hearing on Capitol Hill last month.

    “I wish I didn’t have the five-minute rule. And I wish we didn’t have so many members. And I wish I could lose weight without dieting,” Frank said. ”

    Note the last paragraph! Translate to “I want to be the big fat pig who makes all the decisions”

  7. I always thought Frank sounded like he had marbles in his mouth when he talks but he must be storing nuts for the winter in there like a squirrel.

  8. “but he must be storing nuts for the winter in there like a squirrel.”



  9. Nice post, Uppity. Only complaint: tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables. Real small complaint, huh?


  10. “For each extra can or glass of sugared beverage consumed per day, the likelihood of a child’s becoming obese increases by 60 percent.”

    So, if you have 2 cans of soda a day, your chances of becoming obese increase by 120%? 3 cans, 180%? I don’t drink soda, but I’m known to have a martini or two. So, I’m OK? Right? Riiiight…

    AND, re: tomatoes: Pizza will NOT be given up, and they can take their studies and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine… So there!


  11. Hahaha Park I knew somebody would say that. I just refuse to accept my tomatoes as fruit!

  12. Didn’t Obama say something during the campaign about “we can just drive our SUVs and eat what ever we want and keep our homes at 72 degrees and the rest of the world says okay”? Looks like he’s fulfilling a campaign promise! Obamamotto: May I have a tomato? No you can’t!

  13. judith.
    Do you have a link for me? And the name of company? I would like to check it out and any lobbying connection. Thanks!

  14. So, if you have 2 cans of soda a day, your chances of becoming obese increase by 120%? 3 cans, 180%? I don’t drink soda, but I’m known to have a martini or two. So, I’m OK? Right? Riiiight

    Wow, you’ve solved it! If someone drank two cans of soda a day and cut down to one, does it reverse? I mean, just think,no more dieting for people.

    Hey! If I want to gain a few pounds, can I drink a soda a day and pull it off? At what point will I become obese. I mean should I drink a can a day for a month? Six? All of my life?

  15. “Wow, you’ve solved it! If someone drank two cans of soda a day and cut down to one, does it reverse? I mean, just think,no more dieting for people.”

    Bwaaahahahahaha! So I’m a closet dietician — who knew?


  16. Well, this is an eye-opener! I guess it’s time to lock up Michelle Obama since she started planting that vegetable garden on the White House grounds. Oh, and let’s not forget that Obama’s bony ass should be in jail for using that limo and all the other cars that need to parade behind him wherever he goes…and that Helicopter! Absolutely, he is contributing more than his share of pollution on this earth.

    I also think that anyone running for office should be put on a scale first. If their body weight is over the allotted sum to be called “fit”….off with their heads! No election for you!!!!

    Really….I’m going to go eat a tomato or two while I still have the chance. In fact, I’m going to eat a whole freakin’ salad. So there.


  17. Ok sleuthers………regarding the first post in this comment area,

    The only links I could find to this claim is this rather emotional post.

    I also found the links below. It appears that Rosa’s hubby is indeed in a consulting capacity with Monsanto. So what we now need to find is a lobby connection between the two companies, which would be a whole lot more scary than being an help me out, let’s ferret out everything we know about this company and it’s full connections to The Company That Poisons.

    Very few know that Representative DeLauro is married to Stanley Greenberg, who along with James Carville and Paul Begala, is the architect of many of the dirty tricks perpetuated on Americans who disagree with BHO’s and WJC’s policies.

    We are all defined by the people we associate with. Using this definition does not reflect well on Representative DeLauro.

    Need to research this!

    One more thing. It seems Mr. G doesn’t work for that consulting firm at all. He’s the Chairman and CEO.

    Stan Greenberg is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. Greenberg has served as polling advisor to President Bill Clinton, President Nelson Mandela, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, and their national campaigns.

    Greenberg’s work for private sector organizations – including major corporations, trade associations and public interest organizations – focuses on managing change and reform. He has conducted surveys and focus groups for major corporations on both product and corporate identity and on corporate mission. He has conducted research for major corporations, both internally among employees and managers, and externally with relevant stake holders, opinion leaders and the general public.

    Greenberg’s private sector clients include: the National Basketball Association, BP Amoco, British Airways, The Boeing Company, Monsanto, United Healthcare, Business for Social Responsibility, the Recording Industry Association of America, the Business Roundtable, the Direct Marketing Association, and the Organization for International Investment. Greenberg has conducted extensive research in Europe (particularly Great Britain, Germany and France), Central and South America (Argentina and Brazil), and Africa (South Africa). He specializes in research on globalization, international trade, corporate consolidation, technology and the Internet.

    One more thing. This is a survey and also a PR firm according to the suddenly interested factcheck AKA Annenberg. We’ll be updating once we have the information, to be sure. We love doing that. Yum.

  18. I doubt very much that thin people eat less than those considered overweight. Consider this: I, and just about everyone in my family had this discussion a few weeks ago and this is the conclusion we came to.
    We all were very very thin though we ate everything in sight all day long in our first 40,45 years — never put on an extra pound.
    We have 2 close friends who were born fat and stayed fat all their lives, and they really never ate anywhere near as much as we did.
    As we grew older, we began to put on weight, but we were actually eating less in the way of desserts and snacks. Now, those of us in our 60s and 70s are considered overweight and yet we eat far less than we ever did.
    It’s those skinny young people who can eat constantly without putting on a pound — the ones who go cruising around in their cars in the evenings, burning more fuel than the rest of us in every way!


  20. Freedom Fairy,

    Happy Birthday, and, thanks for all the images and stuff!


  21. Happy birthday tooo you, happy birthday toooo you
    Happy birthday, Freedom Faaaairy
    Happy birthday to yououou!

  22. Happy Birthday Freedom Fairy….Hope you enjoy a really tasty and politically incorrect birthday treat….

  23. Hmmmm….Well they upped the taxes on cigarettes….and it seems as if a FAT TAX is on it’s way…..
    Of course if the democRATS instituted a HYPOCRISY TAX….Why that might take care of the national debt….no?

  24. Oh, FF, don’t have a birthday cake… Have a nice, politically incorrest PIZZA PIE (extra cheese, sausage and mushrooms, of course!). Tomatoes forever!!!


  25. They are not democrats, working. They are Regressives.

  26. Happy Birthday Freedom Fairy. Why not have pizza and cake? Wash it all down with a couple of cans of sugary sweet soda?

    Uppity, we should sic Cinie on that Mansanto guy.

    I figure the fat tax will be based on your BMI score. You will have a micro-chip implanted in your keister and then you’ll have to rake your bum across an optical scanner on the Doctor’s exam table, like the M&M dude. Scan goes right to the IRS through electronic medical records. WeeeHeeeee!!!!!

  27. WOW! Thanks all for the birthday wishes! I will have Tomato Pound Cake Pizza Pie while sitting in my SUV with the windows down, AC running and the motor on!


    And while I am waiting for the Tomato Pound Cake Pizza Pie to cook in the 750 degree oven with the door open, I will paint some more furniture with toxic paint and RECYCLE the dirty water onto my lawn, so I won’t over-use the water and run up my water bill!

    Thanks again!

    I love you all!

  28. FF I was just making fun of the fact that Frank is a FAT BASTARD not that he’s a pervert. Leave it to you to take things way out of context.

    Love you, Happy Birthday.

  29. FF,


  30. Consider this: I, and just about everyone in my family had this discussion a few weeks ago and this is the conclusion we came to.
    We all were very very thin though we ate everything in sight all day long in our first 40,45 years — never put on an extra pound.
    We have 2 close friends who were born fat and stayed fat all their lives, and they really never ate anywhere near as much as we did.

    Noticed this, huh? Wish more people would.

    Cavuto had some lame broad on (and I don’t normally name-call women) from the I Hate Fat People Assn or something like that who said being obese was a lifestyle choice and should be taxed. I outweigh her by 100 lbs but am cuter and wear less makeup. I resent paying more for gas because of her petroleum-based makeup gluttony! I wrote to Cavuto expressing this.
    Oh, yes, all the little nannies will be after anyone who can’t afford to be photoshopped from a 12 to a 6, like Meanchelle. Two lobs at women in one day–well, this ticked me off!

  31. Swell – re your post. I was at the DMV the other day to renew my tag. Usually I do this on line, but not this year.

    Anyway, I went to the office and I was told the State Computers were down, but “should” be back up soon. As I sat there, I thought of Health Care run by THIS Federal Government. I wondered, if I were having a heart attack, or had been shot by some bozo, and went to the hospital and was told “The Computers Are Down, You will Have To Wait”…what would be the outcome?

    Just saying…

    In addition, in an example of “State Math and Logic”: You can now get your tags renewed for 2 years. Thing is, it costs about six bucks MORE that if you only renew for a year.

    When I asked the nice woman there why was it not six dollars CHEAPER to renew for two years, thinking less paperwork, less man-hours, etc the State would have to expend, I was told that “Essentially it is a ROAD TAX”


    In other words, as she explained, The State wants you to renew for two years, as it is less “wear and tear” on the roads if you only have to drive to the DMV ONCE in that time….Now, notwithstanding the fact that they have a road tax anyway built into your tag costs, the are CHARGING YOU MORE if you DON’T drive to the DMV Twice in two years….because they don’t want the wear and tear…..

    So, the more expensive options makes most people decline, and creates more use of the roads and gasoline….


  32. Those that fail to reach the targets face surcharges of up to 10% on contributions to a welfare fund for the elderly.

    Which many people will think are only “thin” people–but being obese only cuts average lifespan by weeks.

  33. DE – you said NUTS….. I figured you were speaking in code for all the SpyBots.

    Had to make them giggle with glee!


    love you back!

  34. Also, Meanchelle–We want a piece of the pie! You bet!

  35. I am not a fan of the “can’t run the DMV, can’t run health care” idea, which does not compute for me. A computer can be down at a hosp now…I don’t get it. If it is all consolidated at the federal level, tho, I guess your pt is valid. I am not a fan of that because I think the records will not be secure, will contain too much wrong or inflammatory info that will follow us around (such as our weight), and these records could be used, crudely, to endorse or disallow treatments based on so-called “evidence.”

  36. Happy, Happy Birthday FF! Have a wonderful day!!

  37. I watched crazed Meme Roth of NOAA on O’Reilly last night. I don’t believe that she has ever heard of the word moderation.
    She is something else. Banned Scout cookies, hates Twinkies, etc.
    God, who should pay for her kids meds because she doesn’t let them touch Twinkies? Twinkies are killers.

  38. FF must have been a Freudian Slip. My bad.

  39. Ooooooooo you have the video! I shall update.

  40. Star, I agree with you, but the thought still came to me.

    I did hear the other day another argument about this. Seems Health Care Providers don’t always get reimbursed by insurance companies for the tests (which may or may not be needed) that are not CODED CORRECTLY…so, it appears it often happens that they “falsely” code tests to ensure payment, even though the CODE indicates you have something wrong with you that is NOT wrong with you, or even real.

    But that CODE now becomes part of the diagnosis, and that IS what follows you around. So suddenly, you may, in your next job interview or insurance request, have it discovered you have Malaria or Ebola or something else, and be denied coverage based on the CODE that was used so the Doctor could get paid for a test he/she did in the first place.

    And just TRY to get it corrected!

    Square Pegs, Round Holes. To hell with the facts.

  41. Yes–we will all get nailed with weirdass codes, too. Ack!



  43. You are very welcome. Great video for watching the “nut”, but embedding has been disabled…you will have to link instead.

  44. Eeek–that is the dopey woman–I thought she was on Cavuto—my shows are blending…I am doomed….

  45. We’ll have to rewrite the welcome on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of anorexics yearning to breathe not at all so as to leave no carbon footprints”.

    Once again, I feel lost in Alice’s Wonderland.

  46. Boy you aren’t kidding SF.

    Kids get emotional issues when you harp on them about things. There’s so much anorexia from obsession as it is.

  47. Sits back and revels in the fact that she warned people this would all come about by banning smoking in 91 in Ca. Sits back and takes delight in the fact she was right so many years ago. Sits back and delights that what goes around comes around. And sits back and takes takes delight in the fact that now more people are seeing the errors of their ways.

  48. oh and sits back and wonders if people that are angered by the crap being done to them now on a personal level might make them take stock in how they vote in the future when it comes to placing bans and or mandatory insurance etc. Sad it takes getting this far to send a message to folks that things done some 15 years ago are leading to where we are today and all because of a prejudice against a few.
    I do not really revel in this and the whole concept of banning and forcing us to do as we are told by a majority of whack jobs is so so sad.

  49. Who will pay for Meme’s kids when they are waiting in the psychiatrist’s office? And if they gain weight (sometimes a side effect of anti depressants), who will pay for bariatric surgery and body lift later? Gotta lift all that extended skin too. I hope Meme has thyroid issues soon.

  50. Sits back and waits for the global warming freaks and nannys of the world to mandate putting catalytic converters in peoples back sides to reduce the carbon emissions.

  51. I hope Meme has thyroid issues soon.

    I am guilty of thinking, “Just wait, baby, everyone gets something. I hope it’s not one of her sugarless kids, though.”

  52. I wonder how far away from Menopause she is. Then it would be fun to run into her. lol

  53. Hey UW… sorry to do a drive by comment but I thought you would want to read this piece by Susan Jacoby:

  54. Would be great if she got picked up for drunk driving. lol.

  55. Star, I agree. I hope her kids stay healthy and survive her nuttiness.

  56. Ahh menopause. UW that is a wonderful reality check.

  57. I don’t smoke (although I did at one time) and Im not obese. But you know what? It’s just not My Turn yet.

    Utah is right. It all started with smoking and treating smokers like crap for the “Public Health”. That was the pandora’s box opened and now they can use “Public Health” to do anything to you, no exceptions.

    I remember reading about how air bags if inflated can easily snap the necks of short people. They are positioned for the “average male”s protection. But by law, a short person cannot disable that air bag. In other words: Die.

    Look at the CFL bulb movement. No regard to people with poor eyesight who can’t read under one of those ugly yellow bulbs. No regard for migraine sufferers. All that matters is what some zealot group screams about.

  58. Somebody ought to tell Meme that people who wear glasses are a danger on the road due to poor peripheral vision and maybe she should stay the hell off the road.

  59. she dyes her hair ya think? TOXINS!!! Fie!

  60. Yeah McN. I’ll be she will be realy quiet when menopause gets her. lol. I hope her kids torture her then too.

    Funny how kids remember…….

  61. OMG, kid torture. Oh they will be waving those Twinkies in her face at the “home.”

  62. Maybe she did not read that hair dye can be toxic. Better yet, that is what is causing her to go nuts.

  63. I wonder if we can get someone to mention that vision danger. I say let her start paying higher taxes since she is bound to hit something at night.

  64. Yeah that dye is screwing the ozone. I want to see her roots.

    And her kids WILL get her back for being so bossy. And costing them all those bulemia treatments.

  65. That is right, a short person cannot disable that bag. Do you have any idea how many breast implants are popped by that belt?

  66. Oh shit, now that’s kind of funny.

  67. What do we expect from a country so fully of nutcases that is actually considering cow flatulence tax?

  68. Yes, and what if it is only one side?

  69. Great! Beans and high carbs will be off the menu now. So what will be able to eat?

  70. Cow flatulence tax? Cows can’t fill out forms without an opposing thumb.

    Loved the menopause and bad vision comments…but the toxic hairdye…Maybe that is what’s wrong with me!

  71. I loved that post.

  72. Shh Star, I want that dye in the reindoctrination camp’s shower.

  73. Coming out of my cellar room to wish Freedom Fairy a very happy birthday, and many, many more. I love your artwork! Have fun today.

    While I’m here, agree totally with Islander. I’m the same weight I was 40 years ago, and was what would be referred to as a skinny kid. My older sister, who is 5 inches shorter, has been heavy her entire life. I eat more than she does. It’s all in the metabolism, I just burn more calories that she does. In thinking about one’s worth to society, however, she wins hands down. She volunteers for all kinds of charitable functions, has been on major boards, has been very active in hospital fundraising etc. Both her children are heavy, (and in their 40’s, so guess they aren’t children anymore), yet they are as involved as their mother – one is a director for the March of Dimes, the other is involved with Variety village, and is a fitness instructer. Are they less important to society because they are heavy (I will not qualify anyone as fat).
    My daughter, on the other hand is over 6 ft tall, and is very thin – perhaps, could it be that there is a genetic component associated with the predisposition to carry excess weight?
    Anyway, back to the cellar, but good discussion.
    Oh, mcnorman, tomatos are off the menu too, so guess we’re left with bean sprouts and water.

  74. Happy, happy birthday Freedom Fairy!

    Thanks for making our world here a brighter place!

  75. Thanks HT, I will try to come up with a menu that is tasty for the coming year.

  76. OT, and as much as I hate the Credit Card Companies and their shills in Congress and the Executive Branch – I heard something from the Zer0 that made me ask…

    He was ‘scolding’ them for a soundbite: “I want no more fine print, no more hidden charges…etc.”

    Since WHEN can the President of the United States demand changes to operations of businesses that the government doesn’t control? I know they could all tell him to kiss their ass as there is no legal requirement other than what is law NOW, but my God, he sounded like a third-world dictator.

    WTF is going on here?


  77. Gagirl – thanks!

  78. He just acts like HE PERSONALLY Runs EVERYTHING.

    I am so sick of him and his Great Big Ego

  79. Freedom Fairy – There’s something else you can add to your list of birthday fun, dye your hair! How bout you sporting read, white, and blue streaked hair while you …

    “have Tomato Pound Cake Pizza Pie while sitting in my SUV with the windows down, AC running and the motor on! ”


    And while I am waiting for the Tomato Pound Cake Pizza Pie to cook in the 750 degree oven with the door open, I will paint some more furniture with toxic paint and RECYCLE the dirty water onto my lawn, so I won’t over-use the water and run up my water bill!

    P.S. You should know better than to try to make sense of anything that comes out of the DV. The strategy is to grab your number, get in line, presnet your paperwork, and get out of there as fast as you can. It’s all part of the matrix.

  80. HT – thanks! 😀

  81. Swell – had i thought of it earlier, that might have been an option. However, I am about to go over-fill the tub, let the water run while I am in there, use chemicals on my body, and go to an “Early-bird” dinner with my 86t year old neighbor-friend. We are going to a fancy restaurant (how fancy can one really FEEL at 5pm! LOL) and be gluttonous. Then I am off to Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope and learn how to keep my money away from Little Timmy Geitner and Zer0’s pals hanging in Biden’s Office.

  82. Re: Tomatoes and Obesity…

    check out my avatar….

    Fried Green Tomatoes!


  83. News Alert: Obama plans to celebrate his 100th day in office next Wednesday with a Prime-time “news” conference….

    the TOTUS demanded he not pre-empt “Idol” again….

  84. Oh, Man! He better not pre-empt Lost. Grrrrr, I’m so sick of his commie face.


    Check out Drudge Home Page!


  86. OMG! There’s More! Completely different story!

    Larry Summers falls asleep while Obama talks

  87. Ooops! I planted a tomato plant and it’s the only thing in my 2 little pots that are surviving (I think I’m killing the basil). I need to get my fat ass out to my porch and rip that tomato plant out soon I guess.

    I do think that fat people will be offsetting our carbon increase because we won’t be able to fly anymore anyway.

  88. FF I assume you are laughing at Larry Summers right?

    Larry Summers, the president’s top financial adviser, apparently isn’t getting a lot of sleep.
    For that or some other reason, as President Obama spoke to reporters inside the White House Thursday following a meeting with credit card company executives, Summers was photographed clearly asleep at the end of a table in the Roosevelt Room.
    This isn’t the first time this has happened. Summers reportedly fell asleep during an economic summit at the White House in February, but there were no cameras at that event.

  89. Which report you laughin’ at most, Freedom? The “Obots think Obama best President ever” or “Obama earth day flights burned more than 9,000 gallons of fuel”?

  90. Maybe the Obama will reissue this WWII propaganda comic book: “Eat right to win”

  91. Still, when a CC co’s ox gets gored, I start warming up the fire.t…OK, I am a big old hypocrite, but I hate those dopey companies. I know, I know, you all pay when it’s due. But I don’t.

  92. Obama earth day flights burned more than 9,000 gallons of fuel
    Yeah–wasn’t that something…good old Earth Day.

  93. Could somebody please tell me how many people get fired each year for falling asleep on the job?

  94. Swell – the Best Prez Evah and the picture – until I saw Summers.

    I am SOOOOO Conflicted! LMAO!

    Gotta go fill the tub!

  95. Enjoy your birf-day dinner, Freedom. Wagyu beef for everybody!

  96. Ohno! I just read through the book that I linked above & realized that it is now politically incorrect! Toots & Casper were drinking (horrors!) tomato juice!!!!

  97. The new normal, no tomatoes. Try telling that to Italy.

  98. Sure DE, he’s probably a narcoleptic.

  99. Ooops! I planted a tomato plant and it’s the only thing in my 2 little pots that are surviving (I think I’m killing the basil). I need to get my fat ass out to my porch and rip that tomato plant out soon I guess.

    LOL! Welcome spinster!

    MOve the basil somewhere else. Basil likes to be where it likes to be. And keep it wet but don’t over water it. Ok?

  100. Here ya go! Keyboard Pillow. Sleep comfortably while at work.

  101. Somebody give me a link to the report on the earth day flights!

  102. ROFL I just saw the pillow. You KNOW I have GOT to do a piece on Mr. “Socially Challenged”.

  103. New name O-bore-me

  104. You need to get you one of those pillows, Uppity, for those late nights you put in on this here blog.

  105. Nah Swell, I use laptops. I can fall asleep with it on top of me. lol.

    OOOOOOOOOOOOo DE, I adore you. Thanks for that link!

  106. Then how bout a “critter alley cat pillow”?

  107. I used to think the American people were by and large pretty sensible but then….

    WASHINGTON (April 23) – For the first time in years, more Americans than not say the country is headed in the right direction, a sign that Barack Obama has used the first 100 days of his presidency to lift the public’s mood and inspire hopes for a brighter future.
    Intensely worried about their personal finances and medical expenses, Americans nonetheless appear realistic about the time Obama might need to turn things around, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. It shows most Americans consider their new president to be a strong, ethical and empathetic leader who is working to change Washington.

  108. Owie! My norton didn’t like something about me going to the druge report url. Said it blocked an attack of some sort.

  109. Great post, Uppity. I came home to my husband ranting about how they’re going to put a carbon tax on people’s farts. I figured he either finally lost his mind or has been watching the news.

  110. That’s odd.

    I don’t go there since i got burnt a few times on his kneejerk exclusives/leaks/first to report things.

  111. Then how bout a “critter alley cat pillow”?

    Nah, I got a real one. Except HE sleeps on MY head.

  112. OMG they have a snake pillow!


  113. I put up the photos of Summers napping.

  114. I get attacked all the time. Two crashes since February. I just figure it’s because of my insolent civil disobedience. Us stubborn old gals are scrappy, we just keep coming back. Thank you, may I have another?

  115. Then you probably don’t have a very good antivirus software or firewall. Or your AV isn’t up to date. Also, do you run anti spyware software?

  116. DE, thos getty images were plastered with copyright, so if you used them, find others ok?

  117. Ok I took a look DE, those photos were on the Getty site with a Purchase option.

    have the bestest one ever..(((hugs)))

  119. I dunno what I’m doing, Uppity. I switched from MacAfee to Norton, on the last crash. Baby boomer cave girl like snarking with puter.

  120. Tomatoes? What about freaking arugula?

  121. Happy Birthday, FF, and many happy returns of the day.

  122. Well I use Norton AV. I like it much better than Mcafee. But is it up to date? And does it do regular updates? You have to renew it yearly.

  123. Yeah, I update it once or twice a week now. I never did McAfee though. Hated it. McAfee IS a virus!

  124. Well, I shouldn’t say never, because McAfee makes you update it. It’s like your puter grabbing you by the neck and giving you a noogie.

  125. Happy Birthday Freedom Fairy!!
    Have fun with your friend. I bet she’s a blast to hang out with.

    Great Post! Hilarious comments.(Is there a dif between catsup and ketchup)?

    Nice work on Mon$anto, too. I am so glad that this information is getting out.

  126. Once or twice a week is not enough. You need to let Symantec handle the updates. They update their data base almost daily. Set it on auto.

  127. You need to check the settings and make sure auto monitor is turned on. If it’s not, its not monitoring you.

  128. HI there,

    Nothing to do with this particular topic, but “Tips and Links” is closed… what do you know about waterboarding? Nancy Pelosi claims she knows nothing. Lots of people outside of the Bush Administration claim to know nothing, but…

    A former US Navy pilot called into the Todd Schnitt show today and discussed a letter he wrote to Obama, Pelosi & Reid etc.

    In the letter he reminds them that the Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton Administrations authorised waterboarding on US Navy Pilots – yes – US Navy Pilots!!! So it is ok to waterboard our own people (for training) but a crime to waterboard terrorists!!!

    I hope this one breaks big time. How large is Schnitt’s audience???

  129. Ok – here is a link if you want to see the above mentioned letter:

  130. “Once or twice a week is not enough. You need to let Symantec handle the updates. They update their data base almost daily.”

    That’s ridiculous. But then again I use one of those toy computers that doesn’t do any real work.

  131. You can to to their site or mcaffee’ssite or kapersky’s site and you will see that new named threats are almost constant.

  132. They intercepted one on me last week that made their subscription worth it all by itself.

  133. Probably is updating behind the scenes. I just don’t know that much about it. (Cave girl scratches head)

  134. cats (hme from dinner and on my way to see ramsey – thanks ALL for the best Wishes……get you cards and letters in order…SOMEONE U.W.E. Know is NEXT!!!!!!!)

    Nancy Pelosi is lying, the Jane Harmon thing and this is proof…

    but ALL THAT ASIDE…I want to ask the Bots and Cheetoh Eaters a REAL QUESTION – but talk among yourselves about the answer….what is YOUR OPINION if and when the Taliban gets the bomb?

    THE bomb.

    Pakistan is about to go under, without a STRONG MILITARY keeping a footing…

    so, Bots, how will you feel when Pakistan falls and those Neanderthal 15th Century Cretans get the power to blow our ass off the face of the globe?


    Think about it.

  135. Cats, I listened to Pelosi’s statement and it looks to me like she’s playing games with words. She said that she was never told that these torture methods were used but she did hear them talk about them.

    My translatio: They told her they were going to use the methods and she is splitting hairs that they didn’t tell her AFTER they had been used.

  136. Typical politician using semantics to worm out of something.

  137. Uppity: IMO Pelosi is LYING and it WILL come out.

  138. You don’t hear her saying she didn’t know they would use the methods. You hear her saying I wasn’t told they used them.

  139. They will use their old stand-by, Freedom. “We shouldn’t be running around the world telling people what to do.” Think Napolitano will put us on red alert? I mean “Elmo Alert”

  140. UW – as I said……

    Pelosi is lying. No matter her semantics. WHY do you think she took the “Bush Prosecutions” off the table “from Day One”?


    She knew, and she knew SHE knew…..
    and that is why she kissed Obama’s butt. ONE of the reasons. Nancy HAS BEEN THROWN UNDER THE BUS. They won’t take down Bush – Obama will get rid of Pelosi, Reid and others.

    He already cleared the decks of Hillary….

    Absolute Power.

  141. gotta run gang. Gonna go see Dave Ramsey’s thing.

    See ya in a few hours. It’s simulcast on FBN, but I don’t get that….

    Keep the gates closed. There are bots outside.

  142. (sigh) I”m going to have to tell some people to seriously fuck off.

    I love my maters! Fried, or on/in pizza, or when they are Creole tomatoes from S. Louisiana eat ’em plain or on a sammich!

    Maybe I can have a trade off: I drink Coke with Splenda so maybe if I have those and not Coke with sugar (actually corn syrup) I can have a tomato? Now what the hell I have to give up for one green and fried, I have no idea.

  143. Swell, right click on the Norton ICON at bottom of your screen and open up the control center. Then check to see if auto is turned on for monitor. and check auto update.

  144. Fredster, you tomato eating scumbag!

  145. Why I’m going right out to my garden and rip those ingrates right out at the roots. Just as soon as Haley’s Comet rolls around again.

  146. Thanks Uppity. You are a good person.

  147. Uppity Woman, on April 23rd, 2009 at 7:38 PM Said:

    Fredster, you tomato eating scumbag!

    I know, I know.

    Actually I think we can turn this around if we say it’s a deliberate, ethnic/racist attack on Italians! 🙂

  148. FF,

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks so much for everything you do: the graphics, the banners, the links, the constant humorous comments, and keeping us all informed.

    Happy Birthday, and many, many more happy ones!

  149. Sorry Fredo, that will only work if you are caught eating a warm tomato fresh from the garden, pull a salt shaker out of your pocket and start humming Funiculi Funicula.

  150. It seems that FF and I are both Taurus. You lucky people, you.

  151. To get you started, Fredo.

  152. Gawd Andre is so hot, I would give up tomatoes for him. For a day. Bahahahaha.

  153. Star @ 4:10 about that AP poll showing 48% approve of the direction of the country – take a look at the sampling.

    I don’t have a link handy, but they polled 36% democrats and only 18% republicans. That’s how they got that number.

  154. Wow.
    Uppity, you have a knack for finding the craziest things that are going on in our society. And yet, they are all important.
    FF: Happy birthday.
    Anyway, the fact you mentioned biking and exhaling just goes into how insane this is. Yes, they want us to not be overweight because we have a larger carbon footprint, but if we exhale and produce more carbon exercising to control our weight…it really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
    Another thing, is Reuters claims that food production produces carbon, without remembering the fact that farming often involves plants, and plants convert carbon into oxygen.

  155. Jknight you simply must stop confusing these people with facts. It pisses them off and they will accuse you of something really awful, like tomato eating. Just take your punishment and be quiet.

  156. don’t have a link handy, but they polled 36% democrats and only 18% republicans. That’s how they got that number.

    How else are they going to keep up the charade?

    I noticed now that Rasmussen includes a “Political Class” in his sampling for comparison to everybody else. Obviously, the numbers don’t come out right if he just polls normal people like Voters. What the F is the “Political Class”.


  158. oops, that was supposed to be 🙂

    Getting back to your comment FF, on the “I want no more fine print, no more hidden charges…etc.”.. looks Zer0 should follow his own advice. His entire premise has been based on hiding a lot of things!

    Will zer0 tax his own carbon emissions???

  159. Omigosh! You’re a Taurus?!

    Yikes, I had you down for a Leo. August.

    Do tell. Will we get to sing to you soon?

    — political class, would that be the neo-racist, right winger, extremist, contempt-filled people that can’t catch a koolaid buzz? I’m think I am in the Limbo class.

    In case you are a Taurus, I want be among the first to bless you and your mother for the day you were born.

    — these comments are real pissers. “Fredo”! LOL! Next they’re gonna have a problem with ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella! Pita for youse!

    Now, how to grow a chick pea.

  160. Yes I am a Taurus and no I won’t be sharing the date. But thank you for the blessing.

    You can’t have chic peas, Papoose. They cause emissions. Emissions are to be taxed.


    Just to let everyone know I planted 2000 tomato plants in protest…LOL so I guess I suck big time, and I will price my fruit at a reasonable price as I waste fuel taking them to the farmers market…so I guess they will just have to come and tell me personally what a bad person I am. My response “kiss my farmers butt.” I will grow for America until someone tries to take my carbon emitting tractor from my cold callused hands.

  162. You GO Shiloh. I can taste those tomatoes right now. I want to pluck one fresh and hold it in my environmentally disrespectful, energy wasting little hand and toss some salt on it and ingest it into my Carbon ejecting body.

    One day, Monsanto will develop a tomato that weighs 30 pounds so that many can eat off of it for the same energy input as a one pound tomato. It will be kind of like Tomato Time Sharing, you know? And it will taste almost as good as a real tomato.

  163. Uppity Woman, on April 23rd, 2009 at 9:00 PM Said:

    Sorry Fredo, that will only work if you are caught eating a warm tomato fresh from the garden, pull a salt shaker out of your pocket and start humming Funiculi Funicula.

    Aw shit. Guess I’ll go have a smoke; while I can still afford ’em.

  164. Once, when my kid’s dad and I were still under one roof, he grew tomatoes on the balcony of our townhouse in DC. Everyday he would lean over, inspect their progress, then go down the fire escape to the car…Every evening the toddler and I were at the top of the stairs..Hi, how are ya, etc. Finally the plant produced one tomato….Days went by. One afternoon, he was coming up the stairs and a look of horror crossed his face–the kid was munching the tomato like an apple… Ack! She still loves them. He never got even one bite of his work, tho.

  165. laughing till tears!

    geez uppity—–nailed!

    well — that ol’ monsanto deal won’t go over to well in Ca with the farmers I bet — really interested to see what else is up on this?

    ps: a few years ago I read they made a vault in an ice cave in Finland where they saved all the seeds in the world? — I think it was Finland — at the rate the ice is melting hmmmm…..

    land water seeds and an igloo! hahahahahahahah~

    hugs you– this just captures how totally insane this whole deal is!
    thank you for the laughs this morning!

  166. This just gets worse.
    I will admit I am obese… I have only been obese for 11 years. NOT because of my diet – because I have a hormone disorder, I have had numerous surgeries (and am about to have another serious surgery at the end of May) and many medications. I am disabled but I do walk, garden and so on…

    But welcome to our society where it’s BETTER DEAD THAN FAT!

    I don’t want to be fat. I am currently on a medical diet and doing everything right. Oh wait – I am disabled too – so Obama the Fuhrer wants me gone.

  167. Barbara, please tell me that this is healthy. What are these people thinking? I am beginning to believe they just want anyone over 50 dead.

  168. […] MeMe wants you to stop eating because you are causing Global Warming by performing that horribly disgusting repetitive task known as eating, but MeMe’s method of killing you off is soooooooo slow. […]

  169. I can eat alot with out gaining any weight or getting fat, (bwahahahahaha), but i think i’ll just starve myself for 30 hours strait, even though i’m skinny to the point of slightly boney. (gawsh i suck at spelling. and hononyms.) And i’ll grow TOMATOS for my neighbors.

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