The swine Larry Summers on “Ectomies”

Here’sssssssssssssss our National Embarrassment, Larry Summers, weighing in on Health Care Reform.

Notice this swine mentions tonsilectomies and hysterectomies. Women and children are but two of the creatures this man hates. I personally think Viagra adds too much cost to the system, Larry. But hey if a woman can bleed to death so that you can get your dick moving, what the hell, eh?

And speaking of “Ectomies,” I think it’s America’s loss that Larry’s father didn’t have a Vasectomy.

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8 Responses

  1. blech

  2. Obviously they should start looking at curbing the number of apparent lobotomies that have been taking place in Washington D.C. Must be at an all time high.

  3. Can we get a Summers-ectomy and a Geithner-ectomy before the new bill gets passed?

  4. Did you see this twit on Fox News Sunday…maybe, possibly, potential for, could begin….ack. He looked half out of it and had nothing to say. Nothing! Dock his pay for Sunday! I didn’t even watch CC Joe on 60 Mins. Could not stand it.

  5. Why didn’t he mention vasectomies?

  6. i wish his dad had one..

  7. Another example of a non health care twit perseverating over numbers without understanding the specifics behind the big differences in health care from region to region. That’s why these people go into politics – so they can APPEAR as though they have knowledge of something.

  8. tonsillectomies and hysterectomies……..children and women


    These people are making me rethink my whole vision of “higher” education, especially the Ivy League.

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