Power abusing predator judge about to get his ass impeached

The House began impeachment proceedings this week against a federal judge sentenced to 33 months in prison for obstructing justice in a sex-related investigation–of him.  It seems that the judge has a penchant for forcing female employees to do his bidding.

kent_samuel_051109But alas, being a pervert pays well these days.

Lawmakers are concerned that U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent, from Texas, will continue to collect his hefty judicial salary while he’s behind bars should he remain on the bench.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., is starting an inquiry into the matter, while committee member Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., on Tuesday filed articles of impeachment against Kent.

The freak who should have never been allowed to sit on a bench, much less rule on sex offenses,  is claiming he’s “disabled’ so he can collect his salary while he serves his term as room mate to Tony The Drill, hopefully.

Sensenbrenner said in a written statement that the House has “no alternative” but to impeach Kent, claiming the judge is trying to seek disability so he can retire early and receive a $174,000 annual pension payment for life.

Unless Kent, 59, is granted disability, he must stay a judge until he reaches the age of 65 in order to retain his salary and subsequent pension payments. If he resigns before that age, without disability status, he gets nothing.

Sensenbrenner wants to kick Kent off the bench and make sure he gets zilch.

I can’t wait to see which House members would dare to protect you. Hopefully, you WILL be disabled when a couple of Bubbas get their hands on you, you  sack of crap.

Kent pleaded guilty in February to lying to investigators probing complaints of inappropriate sexual conduct with two court employees.

Even prisons have their own code of ethics and they regard shitheads like you as the scum of the earth. Which is what you are.

I hope you drop the soap daily, you bastard.  You are about to find out how it feels to be forced to do something you don’t want to do just so you can survive.  Then we can all declare it “consensual” like you had the audactity to do. How delightful!

Maybe the women of this country who have had to put up predatory power abusers like you might even get lucky and hear that they carried Ole Sammy out of prison in a  body bag.

After years in Corporate America, I would just love to be alone with you in a room with your ass tied to a freaking chair.


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  1. Glad Conyers and Sensenbrenner find there is reason to investigate and kick this guy to the curb. Too bad they don’t have the balls to to the same with ACORN’s corrupt thugs.

  2. I can tell it’s one of those mornings…


    Hugs Uppity.

  3. “Too bad they don’t have the balls to to the same with ACORN’s corrupt thugs.”

    I second that emotion, FF.

    And as for that scumbag “Justice” Kent, well, Uppity, you paint a lovely (and JUST) picture. You do reap what you sow…


  4. Since when is being a sex-addicted, narcissistic piece of crap a disability?

    What scum – these guys its about either prostitutes or underlings – any female they have power over that they can get their testosterone rush with.

    I am gonna puke.

  5. After years in corporate America, I would just love to be alone in a room with this guy with him tied to a freaking chair.

  6. After years of meeting a wide variety of women that have suffered untold physical and psychological damage under such scum, I would love to have Uppity alone in a room with this guy with him tied to a freaking chair.

  7. we all would love that poor fellow.won;t be much left when Uppity gets through with him.
    wouldn;t even make a descent hankie.lol.

  8. I wonder how long the impeachment will take–they better hurry. What a creep. Jonathan Turleys site had this about the guy:

    “Federal judge Samuel Kent has been sentenced to 33 months for obstruction of justice for lying to a judicial committee investigating allegations that he sexually harassed an employee. Kent, who was viewed as a harsh sentencer for criminal defendants, avoided a maximum sentence of 20 years. One of the alleged victims referred to him as a “drunken giant.””


    I agree with Uppity…I would like to see who defends this guy in the House. I never saw much to like about Sensenbrenner in the past, but I’m glad to see he’s doing the right thing here.

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