On Strike!

Yes that is right.

I am on strike.

bird_poopI am on strike against all the Crap around me. I am tired of watching Crappy people Crap upon my country and all of its good responsible people.

I am on strike over my Crappy government, this Crappy economy, our crappy deficit, our Crappy leaders, their Crappy ideas, their Crappy parties,   and the Crappy news full of slanted bullshit I am forced to endure day in and day out. All of this was created by Crappy people.

Sifting through Crap coming from all of these Crappers is the hardest part of continuing this blog.

It doesn’t matter where I go to get that news.  It’s Crap. It just depends which side of the Crap pile the Crap is being slung from.

Our politicians are all full of Crap.

Our fake journalists are full of Crap.

The whole country is being crapped on by inept, mean,  dishonest, greedy Crappers. They should all consider themselves lucky that they succeeded in dumbing down America so that nobody has the balls to rebel like the people of Iran are doing. They are willing to die for freedom. We in America aren’t willing to miss American Idol for anything. Thus, all these Crappy people have taken over.

I have decided to defy Crap today. In fact, I may defy Crap more often as the crap is getting deeper, stinkier and more……..Crappy.

Today, I am going to appreciate life. I am going to refuse to let Crap get in my way. Nobody can force me to pay attention to Crap.

I am not going to turn on the TV.

I am not going to surf the Crap bin of news. I don’t want to watch another jerk spewing his or her Crap for fools to eat.

I don’t want you to do it either.

Today, I want you to defy Crap and do something you like, whatever it is. And after you have done it, come back here and tell us about it right here. Who knows? The rest of us might learn another way to defy Crap from you.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it: Enjoy today and defy the Crap!  Don’t take any crap from anybody who tries to crap on you!

And remember……Crappers can only Crap on you if you let them.


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  1. Thanks, UW, but it\’s simply not on the table for me. So I\’ll just wish all a great day, instead..

  2. It\’s piled high but we CAN stand up to it!

    (although personally, I\’d put on a pair of shoes!)

  3. tested above link \”not found\” so here it is pure:

  4. Uppity!


    and BQ – LMAO!

  5. beethovenqueen,

    Really appreciated that link. It\’s one of the best likenesses of obama I\’ve ever seen.

  6. Uppity, O.T. while you’re on strike: We’ve been hearing a lot in the last 24 hrs (from the administration) of how Mousavi may not be much different than Ahmadinejad, politically speaking. But no one seems to be talking about their wives….


    I wonder if she is one reason the young women of Iran are so visible in this uprising…. just a thought.

  7. I agree things are crappy. My husband just said the same thing before I read your article. What can a citizen do? We didn’t vote for these people. I talk to everyone about the mess. I write to my senators and congressmen..I attend Tea Party gatherings. What’s left?

  8. Crappers Can Only Crap On You If You Let Them

    Here is Peaceful Islam


  9. A Time in Life for Pie and Beer http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/16/health/16case.html?_r=1&ref=instapundit

    h/t Instapundit

  10. What happens to other health care providers like Dentists, chiropractors, and physical therapists under universal healthcare?

  11. I love that picture of the bird. Uppity, that was a great post. I hope you have a very peaceful and relaxing day. I stopped watching the news everyday myself last summer. I mostly get my news off the blogs now. Things are really nasty now. We are friends with several families from Iran and they all hate it and say they will never go back. Some of them have hair-raising stories of how they escaped during the revolution and left everything behind. One woman told me it was worth it so that she didn’t have to raise her daughter there! They were wealthy and had a huge house with art & antiques. They fled with a change of clothes and her jewels & lived in a refugee camp in Greece until they could come here.

    My poor little buddy popped his kneecap out–I have to drive him down to LA cty today to see an orthopedic dr. Ugh! Can’t wait to get home and take a nap.

  12. I can’t enjoy today because we have crappy weather again. Nothing but crappy rain and more crappy rain. This is crap. It’s Obama’s fault….some Messiah, can’t even control the weather.

    I hope you still come around to read my crappy blog though, and leave a crappy message about the crappy post I put up about our crappy President and his crappy decisions to follow our past crappy President’s crappy policies.

    Don’t blame you for the strike, though. Just remember to put your sun screen on before picketing. 😉

  13. Terrific Rant.

    Will spend this first sunny day in a week out in the back yard.


  14. This was great you fabster!


    you had me at “dumbed down”

  15. Socal I hope you little one is OK, sounds painful!!!

    Uppity enjoy your strike day…..I didn’t know you were a union blogger, LOL!

  16. Uppity,

    Good for you! You are so right. Watching the crap and the crappers take over our country and to see so many of our fellow Americans turn into sheep (going to the slaughter), has taken its toll on all who wish to stop the madness and save our country!

    Enjoy and rejuvinate! We’ll be here when you get back.

  17. I am going to turn my compost pile today and listen to the birdsong and the only CRAP I will entertain is well-aged cow or horse manure. The rest of the sexist, homophobic shit coming from the large steaming pile otherwise referred to as our goverment and our culture will not have my eyes and ears today.

    In solidarity, Uppity.

  18. I support your strike, uppity!

    Crap, crap, crap! But one of the best things to do with crap is to make compost. Rich, dark, nutrient filled compost that you can put on your garden to make things grow. Big juicy tomatoes, huge green leaves…..

    Where is this world of lemons and lemonade? Heck, I’d love it if life threw me a few lemons now and than. No chit, make lemonade, that’s easy. Now taking crap and converting it into something useful, that’s much more difficult……

  19. Not only is the weather crappy where I live (mary ellen’s back yard) but the transit was crappy today as well. It took me OVER 2 hours to get to work when it might normally take just over an hour (in the mornings.)
    Mary Ellen, you are never wrong. It IS obama’s fault…. the weather, the CTA, Metra, EVERYTHING seems to be crappy today.

    UW, have some pie on me!

  20. Greetings fellow Crapees!

    I passed my stress test with flying colors and am good for another 100,000 miles, much to some people’s joy and much to other people’s displeasure.

    The doctor, however, didn’t look so good. That heart attack really took a toll …..

  21. Ok, re: dental, chiro, etc.

    I don’t remember the last time I had dental coverage under the PRIVATE plans. It’s always been separate under private health insurers. Most companies stopped giving it away at least a decade ago. I go to the dentist, I pay the dentist. Or I get a dental plan.

    I also paid out thousands of chiropractor dollars myself because chiro wasn’t covered until fairly recently under my expensive private insurance.

    I do believe that doctor ordered physical therapy has always been part of medical coverage and unless someone has a link to dispute this, I see no reason why it’s a concern. Unless you have my HMO that has to “review” it and decides whether the single pay client who pays close to a grand a month is worthy.

    The thing is, Americans have been screwed by private insurers on a regular basis. This idea will make them suddenly honest. I am not going to complain if the government plan doesn’t pay for my dental checkups. I have had worse things rejected by Private health insurance pigs.

    I don’t see why we should expect the government to give us everything under the sun, especially given how screwed we have been by private insurers. If we are dirt poor, this is another story, but most of us in this country don’t expect to never have to pay a dime for anything. Many people who get insurance from their employers have no idea how much it costs. Yet they complain if they have to shell out a fraction of it toward their own care. My point is, somebody is going to have to pay for all of this and we are complete fools if we believe it’s going to be the richest two percent. If we took all of their money from them and left them in a box under the tracks, we wouldn’t have enough money to pay for everybody’s everything. Although the money we gave away to Wall Street and the Big Two for nothing in return sure would have helped.

    We are going to have to contribute. All of us. At what appears to be a means tested rate with a cap. There is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH!

    Frankly, I plan to stay with private insurers but not before I torture them into dropping their price and matching coverage. Just the thought that I can cross state lines and not have to hire a philadephia lawyer to prove that anything that mgiht happen was a “Pre-existing” condition is good enough for me. If these private insurers want to get their shit together and cut the Kill People for Stockholders program, fine. Otherwise, I am quite frankly sick of their shit.

  22. Now my dog and I are going to take a nice long walk. She’s such a guy magnet!


    Help out the Iranian revolters! As mentioned in another thread, the Mullahs and Achiminijerk are looking for Iranian dissidents on twitter. If you have a twitter account, change your account time zone to Tehran time and confuse them.

  24. That’s it! A guy! I need dog that can get me a second income. My daughter just lost her job at the movie theatre–a school offered the landlord 5x the rent. She loved that job! And I loved how she could pay for her own stuff. Darn. More crap! Good post. I blogged today about playing misery poker–http://hopeycopey.blogspot.com. I don’t mind this game since I am not a positive thinker.

  25. I think that this Vote Converter was used here during POTUS elections.
    Laugh! Now up for auction on Ebay.

  26. I avoided most crap so far – well, maybe I encountered some if you count fertilizer!

    I drove down the back roads of Tucson enjoying this absolutely gorgeous day to a wonderful Nursery and indulged in some new flowers for the outdoor pots. And then drove home listening to the strains of my favorite Scott Joplin CD’s.

    Now…to plant!

  27. I had lemons. And made Lemonade! For real!

    Just got finished with a big job.

    Now I have to go clean the CRAP out of my car!

    UW – glad you are swell, and good luck with your boy magnet.

    As for dental insurance – HA! I’ve been fighting an abcessed tooth for a few days – self-medicating with a pile of Pharma Sample Antibiotics, and so far it has done the trick. All for free.

    But what I have always wondered is why on earth are TEETH NOT a part of your body when it comes to health care? There is good enough research that a whole crop of physical diseases and maladies will come from bad tooth and gum health. Even eyes get SOME coverage….

    anyway, off to the car crap….

  28. abscessed, correction

  29. Ok Utah is officially gone insane. My mother called last night to inform me she has a computer.
    Now folks you have to understand this is a woman who did nothing but clean a house and cook and read throughout the 53 years she was married. I highly doubt she ever turned on a radio unattended.
    Don’t get me wrong I love her but she is needy , very needy and my damn Doctor brother was over there , hooked it up called me and turned her lose on me. I am so going to shoot him. She is so hard of hearing and still sitting on a lot of money but will not go get hearing aids so long story short she logs off as per my instructions and then can not get back on because she forgot the password
    ( insert gif of banging head on wall here)
    3:00 AM I finally get her to give up.
    You know that mountain cabin is looking better and better to me daily.
    Obama is bad enough but dealing with my mom is a form of torture too and only those who had dependent parents will understand. She never learned to drive or even garden Ugh

  30. It’s okay utahwoman…know that each and everyone of us has one of these familial members somewhere in the family tree…and you’re it for the answers. I am talking about my younger siblings.

  31. UW,

    Brilliant Rant!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the intensive alliteration. That ‘s the genius writer we know and love….

    But after reading Utah’s comment, I’m sorry, but I am totally LMAO between the 2 of you!

    Isn’t life beautiful?

  32. My husband is in the Sprinklerfitter’s union and we have eye, dental, prescription as well as medical, with pretty hefty deductibles and copays, but he pays about $1200 a month out of his check for it. He was laid off for 4 months and we still had it, but it would have gone away at the end of this month if he hadn’t started back to work this week. Don’t know how long he’ll work though.

    I don’t know how other unions work, but his coverage is anything but free.

    BTW he’s been doing this for more than 30 years and has never been laid off for more than a week until this February, and only a couple of times.

  33. I just got some dvds of Saturday Night Live from 1977-1978.
    I was working at night during those years and missed most of the shows.
    Tonight I will order Pizza and watch the shows.
    This is my dropout of listening to crap .


  34. Hey UTAH, my mother had a LAPTOP, so she could take it with her between florida and new york. She used to IM me alllllllllllllll the time! Wish she were here for twitter!

  35. Yea well Uppity your mother was a doer and my mother is one that needs everything done. Cripes to think my father wanted me to be like her.
    I have a migrain. My head is black and blue and when I get ahold of my brother I am going to make him pay. I have tin ear listening to mom complain she still can not get that damn crap computer on. I am going out back with a chain saw and cut into some innocent tree.

  36. Uppity – With anonymity, you could post your “Crap Rant” here!

  37. Also – LMAO at the “Laptop tales”

    I just got my old one refurbished for my 86-year-old neighbor. She already calls me all the time when the rain interferes with her Life Alert….

    I can see what is about to happen! LOL!

    Thanks for the warning of the computer crap to come! LOL

  38. Uppity.(hugs)we all need to go on strike from time to time.clears out the clutter from the mind.
    kinda like separating the wheat from the chaff.love ya.

  39. Freedom – I had two teeth that were abcessed about four months ago, and read about sage tea. I fashioned tea bags out of coffee filters and spooned some dime-store sage into them, sealed them with a twist tie, and steeped it for about ten minutes. Then I drank the tea, and used the tea bag as a poultice on my teeth. I swear to you, the pain was gone in a half an hour, and the abcesses were gone with 48 hours and have not come back. My daughter was suffering from swollen tonsils and a sore throat with a fever for a few days, but didn’t complain until Friday afternoon (4:30p.m.) of course. So I made her some of this tea to get her through the weekend. She wouldn’t drink it, but I got her to gargle with it, once. Her sore throat was gone within an hour, and her swelling and temperature were completely gone by Sunday.

  40. Swell! That’s…well…SWELL! Thanks so much, will give it a try and let you know!




    (joke at end of vid above: Clueless off-camera woman asks Harriet “Why weren’t you for women last year?” heheheh little does she know who she’s talking to!!)

  42. Ziegler rocks, BJ, Harriet and everyone who was there rocks!!

  43. Highlights from protest with Greta!

  44. Ok that does it I am writing a letter to HP and damning them for selling laptops to old ladies.
    conversation went like this…………….” daughter what am I going to do ? sigh oh dear now I am afraid I wasted my money, sigh, I can not remember the password sigh , can you fix it so I can get it to work ?”
    Me; ” Mom I told you the password, type it in exactly as I told you it will work.”
    No it wont she says I am sure it is wrong. Maybe this thing is broken sigh. Oh dear why did I spend that money ? sigh”
    Ok enough already she in in Las Angles and I am in Utah. Not like I can drive right over and fix it but……………….
    ” oh honey if only you could come over and fix it and help me. Can you make the trip out here ? ”
    So I have an answer I call the neighbor and put him on it lmao.
    Hey it is payback because that was a kid that was 7 when I was 17 and he loved to spy and rat me out. I am still returning the favor. Payback can be sweet lmao.

  45. Buy here a computers for dummies book. Is she a quick learner? Because you can hire somebody to show her what to do to use the thing and get on the net.

    I’m cracking up here. I think she’s just trying to get you to visit.

  46. BQ for Chrissakes, I had thos videos in queue for tomorrow. Now I have to start all over. They belong in a full post so they can land in archives for posterity, not buried in a thread.

  47. I agree Utah. She wants to see your smiling face.

  48. Freedom Fairy,
    health & dental insurance $150 to 200/mo. full coverage, not a discount plan.

  49. Post tomorrow anyway! Can I help it if I’m quick??

  50. I’m not laughing. I wrote a very strong post to go with this. I don’t do quick. I try to do Really Well instead. And I was trying to have a life today if that’s ok with you.

  51. Uppity, put your piece up tomorrow, because nobody writes like you do, to completely evolve anything to flourishion like you do!

  52. I am with you Sister!!!! It is all crap!!! It s all a Nightmare!!!! I do what I can do. I write to my so called Reps. I boycott what I already don’t naturally boycott. I post. There is only so much a person can do. After awhile, you just want to give up and let what is be what is. You feel powerless. But then I remember, that is the goal!!! That is what they want us to do!!!! So I refuse to cave!!!!

    You, my friend, are an excellent writer. Do not give it up!!! That is what they want!!!!

  53. And I was trying to have a life today if that’s ok with you.

    wow. you posted a thread. I participated.

  54. P.S. – The part about enjoying the day. I have several feral cats that were born and raised in my yard. They now have babies. I go outside and talk to them. I feed them. I care for them. I love them. They, and my plants, make my day. (As well as my indoor pets).

  55. Make a post! You can copy and paste the following information from this comment:

    Your debt continues to grow and grow! You owe $37,190.13! On May 24th you owed $36,956.20.

    Note: The above figure is your share of the national debt. Additional money owed may vary based on personal, municipal, and state borrowing habits.

  56. Maybe you should post part-time, not full-time.

  57. Of course, after I spend time gazing upon plants and interacting with feral cats – its war time!!!!

    Here is a good one – Decoding the Bimbo Obama:

    “I recently devoted a piece to trying to decode President Obama. In reading more of his comments, I’ve noticed a tendency that now almost qualifies as a reflex: the more strongly the president denies something — and especially, the more he mocks his critics and feigns amusement at what they say — the greater the odds are that he will do what he denies…”


  58. I agree Uppity it’s just clips. There is absolutely no reason for you not to do your piece in fact I look forward to it and I need something to look forward to tomorrow. My little one gets another big C check tomorrow not to mention I’m awaiting some results myself probably tomorrow. So I’m a little nervous…it sure would be nice to sample some of your wit and wisdom over my morning coffee before heading out for that appointment. But don’t do it just for me, do it because you want to, because the topic is important and you’re passionate about it. Do it for the people that took the time out of their busy day to protest and stand for something, God bless them one and all.

    Utah I feel your pain. A word to the wise, the computers for dummies book will go unread….when asked about it the answer you will get is “it’s too confusing”. Also, hiring someone doesn’t work…too many personality conflicts. Plus even if you get lucky enough to find somebody she clicks with, still she’ll forget it all inside of a week. Been there, done that over and over and over and over again! We have both my mother and MIL, my husband and my son are the go to technical support. In both cases the computers were gifts from our respective siblings just dropped it off….got all the kudos and glory and left this shit storm to us. Good luck and of course it’s always nice to visit….but if you go in response to this you OWN computer issues from now until kingdom come. Pushing it off on the neighbor is smart if they get along maybe he’ll be the go to guy. I feel sorry for him…but if he deserves it meh.

  59. Jknight, you need to trap those cats and get them fixed or it will get out of control. Do you have a spay neuter program in your area that will give you vouchers? Thank God we have that here. They have human traps to collect them. Then you can put them back down and care for them but they won’t reproduce. It will also help to tame some of them as well, so they can be homed or at least be less skittish.

  60. jk, got a link for me?

  61. No she does not want to see me. When I go down there I spend a week fixing the house while she runs off with her friends. Then when she gets home and I am tired beyond belief she wants to visit. No no folks you got it all wrong this woman loves me all to true but she also knows I am a worker and can not stand disorder and clutter so if you saw her house you know why I avoid it like the plague. She has I swear kept everything everyone has given her for 60 years. She keeps everything and buys more cabinets to put it all in. Do not open a closet unless you want to die. She is a product of the depression and I swear she believes she has to prepare to feed the entire city of L.A. Her garage is a wharehouse for Betty crocker, de Monte you name it. I go down , pick her up and leave with her so I do not have to stay.
    Ha neighbor brat went over and got the computer on. Now I am shutting down the phone. LMAO. Actually she said she will call me later to have me help her and you know I will sigh.
    Makes mental note here, kick younger brother where the sun is not shinning because he darn his hide suggested to mom buying a web cam and push me to so she can see what I need to show her.
    I am going to get him for sure.
    Older brother is laughing at the whole thing so he has had it too.roffffffffff. Ok so I hope I gave you all a good laugh but be wary of little old ladies going high tech when they have never run anything more difficult then a mixer. ROF

  62. My parents got computers on their own. I told them, don’t call me, just keep playing solitaire until your boredom and curiosity takeover. Now Mom is researching geneology online, and Dad is sending me 17 jokes a day.

  63. Yes I am going to post fewer posts daily, Jknight. I am on top of what’s going on but I notice if I post too many things in the same day, several of them get buried. No sense of killing myself. lol. NOthing is THAT close to an emergency unless it’s breaking news.

    I hear the One had his face plastered on Tee Vee again today. Glad I missed it. It’s starting to fell like Orwell.

  64. Yup, Utah, like I said, the sandwich generation. She’ll probably outlive you.

  65. Somebody, everything will be fine. We’re here.

  66. Hey U.W. – its me “cats” with the feral cats!!! Yes, we trap and spay/neuter but then some other preggo always moves in!!!! I need a farm, I swear. A huge ranch!!!

    And as far as politics goes – we have a real candidate for congress down here:


  67. LOL cats, I love what you do. I have been involved in rescue for years too.

    BQ I owe you an apology. Now I guess I will have to buy you a present. I’m just sick of giving up life for blogging so I’m touchy.

  68. Ok that does it I am writing a letter to HP and damning them for selling laptops to old ladies.

    O.M.G. UTAH!!
    I am on the floor!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing!!

    (I still can’t get my router to load onto my laptop.
    but then neither could my daughter, her boyfriend, or my son.)

  69. Cats kudos to you for rescuing cats there are many at my husband’s workplace and the employees pitch in together and pay to care for them and yes they’ve all been spayed and neutered.

    As for as a real candidate I hope this person is the real deal. Sadly I’ve known so many that were the real deal, but once they get into office they turn like all the other worms. I’ve certainly had my share of heartbreak after busting my ass to get someone elected, it’s just a corrupt business and politicians are so easily corrupted because once in power that’s all they think about is staying in power. Our system is such that money talks, opens doors, etc. It takes money to run campaigns those are just the facts of our political system. There are some good eggs out there that try to do the right thing, but even they do questionable things from time to time in what clearly appears to be a back scratching manner.

    Uppity you shouldn’t let blogging consume your life. It should be a hobby and an outlet, something you enjoy. So I agree keep it to a couple of posts a day unless there is breaking news of some kind….but with this administration crisis and breaking news are a dime a dozen, LOL!!!

    BTW did you hear that Obama signed into law benefits for homosexual partners of government employees?? I have absolutely no problem with that, except how is that going to be verified since in most states same sex marriage is illegal?? Now will benefits also be extended to heterosexual live ins??? Who is going to verify all of this??? Maybe this will push forward the marriage issue, but he’s opposed to same sex marriage from everything I’ve seen. I don’t know this move confuses me and I have a feeling there are going to be a LOT of “partners” suddenly added to the government health insurance rolls. I see some potential abuse, but I have no issue whatsoever with providing committed homosexual couples the same benefits married heterosexual couples have. It will be interesting to watch.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m sure everything will be fine at least with the little one she seems to be doing well.

    Socal if you log back on, let us know how your little one made out. I hope everything is OK.

    Utah….you crack me up, LOL! I feel your pain and your brother should definitely be made to pay!!!

  70. “LOL cats, I love what you do. I have been involved in rescue for years too.”

    Get this. I borrowed some traps from a rescue. I set the first one up. While I am setting up #2 I hear the “bam” sound. I look. Got one!!! I remember they said throw a towel over it. I go get a towel. I cover it. I continue with trap #2. Then I hear a loud noise. Cat in #1 got out!!! Impossible but she did. No one has ever heard of that happening before. A Houdini! She went on to have kittens. After that I felt they were meant to be and refuse to capture and abort them. I am pro-choice but sort of pro-life I guess. I found homes for her kitties. They have a future!!! (unlike us) 🙂

  71. Advice: for those of you who might experience sweet little old ladies getting first computers in their 80’s helpful hint
    Print a list of all abbreviations you can think of that said little woman will be encountering on the internet.
    IE……. lol, ROF, ROFLMAO, PMP, TMI you know or your ear will be experiencing phone call ear. That hurts darn it.

  72. No she does not want to see me. When I go down there I spend a week fixing the house while she runs off with her friends.

    I’m falling on the floor here.

  73. Take that router problem to our computers tab and you will get help.

  74. God Bless You Cats…I have a cretin of a neighbor that moved in within the last year and he is poisoning the cats, including the feral cats that I had taken care of having altered. There is a special place in hell for him. He does it with antifreeze. If I could only catch the creep.

  75. I took my father out to get a computer because he wanted to research vitamins. No matter how many lessons I gave both my parents they could barely turn it on, much less check email. My mother loved dictating responses to email they received from friends and family and for two years I was their personal secretary. I finally told them to go take a class. Now their computer is just another knickknack gathering dust. I can definitely relate.
    Uppity, I love your blog, but rarely post. I think taking a break is a good idea. So much crap is coming at us, we’re all going to get splatted no matter how quickly we duck. I’ll just keep stocking up and preparing for what’s to come.

  76. mcnorman,

    I hope you get the evidence. no better than that sleazeball serial killer to be serial cat killer in miami!!!

  77. Dear Scratchatary Snickers: ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Thank you for commenting. Commenters always help so I know somebody notices.

    I was lucky. My father worked for my mother. lol. So she loved her laptop and I didn’t have to do much once she got rolling. But still…….all those IMs!

    Wish she was around to do more of it.

  78. Boy, McN. A guy could end up with some of that poison in himself accdientally.

    Have you notified the authorities? Does he have a nice car? Do you have a sharp key?

  79. About two years ago I had an issue with pitbulls coming to my house to kill cats. I reported them and Animal Control gave me a harsh warning about trying to kill the pitbulls! Like I would kill anything!!! They didn’t give a crap about the fact these dogs were killing cats but wanted to warn me about even thinking about killing them! The typical screw the victim and defend the killer mentality!!! I was shocked at their reaction! They also told me it was a felony or something for harbouring stray cats!!!! I could not believe it!!!!

  80. Somewhat ott, & perhaps rather moot, but it appears that Edwards has acorn problems of his own:


    “Meanwhile, in New Orleans, residents who had been foreclosed on after Hurricane Katrina by subprime lenders owned by Fortress Investment Group, a hedge fund that Edwards worked for and invested with, have not received the special assistance that Edwards promised after their troubles were reported by The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal in 2007.

    Edwards, who launched his campaign in a Katrina-stricken section of New Orleans, had vowed in 2007 that he would raise $100,000 to set up a fund that, administered by the anti-poverty group Acorn, would see to it that the 32 affected homeowners would be made whole…..

    Acorn spokesman Scott Levenson said the group had trouble finding the 32 homeowners. He said the group received $50,000, not $100,000, and that it went to the group’s general mortgage counseling program in New Orleans.”

    So, rather than helping the people Edwards’ own financial group gauged out of their houses, Edwards just wasted $50K to pay for ACORN overhead.

    When Edwards was complaining about heartless, nasty bankers who steal money from poor people, I guess he was just describing himself.

  81. No less than Keith frickin Olbermann complained tonight that Barfy gave things like moving expenses to same-sex partners. Things you can verify, I guess. And they only last until he is out of office. And Olby had a story about Barfy’s low approval rating. I still didn’t watch either story.

    Well, I tried to follow Uppity’s advice. I bought a printer/scanner/fax. It’s my kind of fun, especially since it was on sale.

    I guess I can delete my video of the Letterman protest, then?

  82. Good for you and I will do the same with what remains of my day.

    However it is too late for me to avoid this clip http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232/?video=1154919821&play=1 of Obama killing a fly and the reactions. Then again this is some very funny stuff, so maybe it doesn’t count as crap.

  83. re: Somebody: “BTW did you hear that Obama signed into law benefits for homosexual partners of government employees??”

    Purportedly, Obama is only “giving” people rights that they already have aka this is more obaganda:


    Is Obama giving federal agencies a right they already have?

    The answer is “yes.” I just asked OPM Director John Berry, on a White House media conference call, whether in fact federal agencies already have the right to give these benefits to gay employees. The answer, “yes.” So what’s new about tonight? Obama is going to “tell” the agencies to give the benefits – as if any agency in the Obama administration would dare tell a gay employee no to a request for time off to attend their partner’s funeral?

  84. utah,

    This probably won’t really help you, but your mother doesn’t need a password. Someone should set it up so that the computer just logs in. I don’t use a password on some of my systems.

    Oh, and anyone who isn’t familiar with computers should get a Mac anyway. Much easier to deal with. Your brother doesn’t seem all that sharp.

  85. The biggest problem with Obama is he tries to pull too much B.S. too fast everyday that no one can keep up with it all!!!!

    I hear a clip of him on the radio this am saying something like “we don’t have an agenda, we just do what you want us to do” – what a freaking lie!!!! But people believe it.

  86. Obama only did that because he counted up the votes. He has no use for the gays. He just figured he needs their votes, especially for the midtern elections. Besides, Hillary arlready put this phony to shame at the state department, and declared the rights of gay diplomats to have the same benefits everyone else enjoys. Obama is a phony. He’s like an empty box tied up with a nice bow and pretty paper. Rip the paper and bow off and you still have an empty box.

  87. I got a survey from Obama in the mail. He wants my opinion. I bet he only surveys his mailing list (which am on because he took over Hillary’s list). Anyway, but only surveying his kool aide drinking followers, he proves his own point. Why doesn’t he buy McCain’s list and survey them as well?????????

  88. You are so on time. Fed Up. Shat upon. Brains going mushy crap-like. I know. I know. I know.

    Glad to know that someone else has just about had it.

    Got my debit card and a flashlight, ready to march in the street.

    aGAIN. Noway. Nohow. Nowhoeveh.

    Rip off. Sign up. Michael Steele sent me a RNC questionnaire inadvertently in a district where I rent. I am not a R and am proudly a staunch Democrat as a matter of fact. Great Questions. I answered, explained I’m a Democrat and wrote a 30 dollar check. (A dollar a day to be heard, no donation). Put a stamp on the free square for return postage to the RNC.

    How’s that for crap, Auntie Sis Uppity? Love ya dearly, Darling. Always will.

    Who woulda ever thunk it? circa 2009 a.d.

    Whatever is going on in the USA these days it is neither a Republic or Democracy. Maybe that shithead attorney general with a gruge is right. America is a County of Cowards.

    How about a THANKS once in awhile, Ingrates? FU

    Rant and Roll. I need a fugging Whig or somethin(sans the g so you know I am here). xo

  89. P4, why do you torture yourself watching that sociopath?

  90. Papoose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misssed you girl! NES was asking about you too!

  91. cats, the survey is probably bar coded to track you. The survey is just a way for the DNC to get a free poll off the taxpayers. You can BET i’d fill it out. But good.

  92. Adagio….OMG you are correct, this is worthless for gay partners. It doesn’t include health benefits or many other benefits. I just heard a blurb on the news that said he extended benefits to gay partners. I thought it was quite a bold move, should have known it was just a weasel worthless nothing move….typical Barry huh?

    I did wonder how with gay marriage illegal in most states it would be worked out and verified.

    The gay community has to be pissed about this. This is much ado about nothing.

  93. Edit ^

    Shithead: US Attorney General: Grudge> Ingrate.

    thieves and liars, each and everyone

    Czar this> FU criminals.

  94. cats, on June 17th, 2009 at 9:15 PM Said:

    I got a survey from Obama in the mail. He wants my opinion. I bet he only surveys his mailing list (which am on because he took over Hillary’s list). Anyway, but only surveying his kool aide drinking followers, he proves his own point. Why doesn’t he buy McCain’s list and survey them as well?????????

    McCain didn’t need to retire debt, which Barfy didn’t do for Hillary anyway. Plus, if McCain gave his list to barfy, he’d probably turn a few dumbass Republicans, too.

    Uppity, I watch the preview for days like this when the cracks form in the Obamasphere.

  95. omigosh, all my love to NES!!!

    and will never forget… ABOUT

    gracious ears to hear. A good soul, free spirit , justice.
    humankind counts. NES, I am chilled and shivering for your childhood land. I moved along but kept my email.

    I love just lounging here. So sick of the crap, though. Made freinds with my electric oven. Gaining delicious weight.

  96. Somebody, Obama thinks gays are stupid like most of his blind followers are. They are way past impatience with him.

  97. Papoose, I didn’t delete ABOUT. I just removed it from the tabs and privatized it. But I still have all those wonderful posts.

  98. Chiming in ~ in case the topic arises.

    About Iran…elections…hahahaha

    Monkey See. Monkey Do

    Sorry for suffering, but, I am also really spooked by all the mid-day praying going on in all the parking lots around here. Look.

    Time for dinner. Brussels Sprouts. mmmmm

  99. About ABOUT

    I am happy and proud I was there. Lucky too, right place and right time to get a little insight. So many things unbeknownst to us 24/7 these days. Totally in the dark.

    Learn and Discern, to your benefit.

  100. New post everyone. take it upstairs.

  101. utahwoman
    I ordered a book ” easy computing for seniors”
    a step by step handbook from start-up to shut down.
    by the editors of FC&A Pulbishing.
    Maybe that would help your mom.

    hope this helps



  102. P4 actually I wish I were half as smart as my kid brother.
    I am serious the guy went through engineering school on the deans list whole time, decided to change careers 10 years later went to med school, deans list whole time, Could actually teach history and English you have no idea.
    My mom bought the darn computer because her Ukulele teacher at the senior center told her it was the best lol. She called him to set it up ( brother) after a day at the hospital and classes for something else he is taking now.
    Also you have to understand I am 7 years older then he and I tortured him as a child lol payback for what my elder brother did to me lol and he is just getting even. I just got off the phone with him and he was giggling as he asked me how my day was. I am going to shoot him.
    We all three tried to talk her into a desk top because she has cataracts and that little keyboard is already playing havoc with here as well as the screen.
    I am betting kid brother goes down and gets her a desk top and he prefers Dell.
    He actually bought her the video professor disks and is going to bring them to her as soon as they arrive.
    Now you also have to understand mom she likes to be needy. seriously she does.

  103. Thanks Helenk.
    I think we will get her up and running. I just spoke to her and she is reading some crocheting forum. Man I hope she joins lmao

  104. Mary is here, Papoose is here, imust is also here…WHERE’S NES???

    LOL…am always here.

    BTW, take a little rest if you feel you need to, MS UW.

  105. I’m warning you, Utah, once Mom gets the hang of it, you are not safe on the internet any longer. Hahahaha.

    Really, I love to see seniors use the net. My mother would have loved youtube and she would have probably made a few vids herself. she was just one of those people who had to learn EVERYTHING. Kind of like me. lol.

    Besides, if she gets the hang of it, it will keep her busy Utah, and she won’t be bugging you.

  106. ……waving to joey.

  107. I am wearing a turban. My head hurts like hell from banging the darn thing on my desk. Note to self, must buy new undented desk.
    Second note to self must remember to beat hell out of brother.
    Third note to self …..must not remove hair on head that way
    Fourth note to self ……..Order mom new desk top model with 22inch monitor she can see and understand.

    28 minutes on phone explaining shut down. She understands it well but can not see the screen good enough or the keyboard and says it gets so hot it is scaring her.

    Emailed baby brother the punk and told him to take that darn thing back get her a desk top she can see and be expecting to see me in a few weeks. He is dying laughing.
    And if he passwords her pute I am killing him.

    Now how was your day ? lmao at me and my mom.

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