Freedom Fairy Honors Neda.

Freedom Fairy has designed this moving Neda Tee.  If you would like one, stop by Freedom Fairy’s Place. Please note that the markup on this Tee is  $0.01.




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  1. Thanks Uppity. I just hate all these bastards, Letterman included.

    and so everyone knows…i have a ONE CENT markup on the shirt. It’s not for mony. It’s for Neda, and women, and Freedom.

    We are all Neda if we do not stop this crap.

  2. Thank heaven for you – you should see the usual so called feminist suspects trying to echo Obama and call it deep thoughts on Iran.

    I really needed to see this post. I will send your post on to my friends who have money. This is a message I am posting all over.

    I am urging people, especially women, to wear green bracelets in solidarity with our Iran sisters and brothers – will you do it ? And tell others?

  3. Excellent, Freedom Fairy. It’s a great shirt, sad, but powerful. I’ll send a link to everyone I know.

  4. Hey Green, if you are still around, I was wondering what your take is on the NOW presidential election. It seems that Gandy did about all the damage she could and she didn’t get her way. What’s your take on the new president.

  5. thanks all. this whole thing, coming so closely on the HRC, Letterman, Palin, Obama bitch-slapping misogyny has me really riled, and feeling somewhat hopeless. Neda WILL NOT die in vain. I know she isn’t the first, and will not be the last. She was just “The One”.

    It is a Freedom Shirt. I just wish Cafe Press thought so too.

    8.99 cost, plus one cent plus shipping. I bought one.

  6. Uppity

    I stole this at DE’s site re NOW

    love ya, and thanks for everything you do. You are an amazing woman.

    Happy Fleas


  7. Ms UW

    It’ll be a waste much more money for FF to ship a T-shirt to me. So i thought of donating to FF’s Neda T-Shirt.

    Where can I donate to FF? Any way other possible? Pls let me know. I really want to chip in.

    And FF, you can give the T-shirt to anyone you wish.

  8. Joey – that is a very nice thought. Why don’t you let me send one to you.

    Uppity can fill me in.

    You are so sweet!

  9. FF, the shipping charges will cost more than 3 T-shirts put together, my dear. Reallyyyyyyyy.

    Just give it to Ms UW or someone, Ms FF. please

    Ms UW, what do you think????

  10. Hi

    Here I am trying to wrap this green ribbon around my wrist thinking about getting hassled for doing it. You would be shocked at the people on line who gave me grief over this simple thing.

    I wrote on Alegre Corner about NOW. (Alegre got the $ analysis by Lynnete Long)

    I wish them well but I am not interested until they perform by reducing salaries at the top and hire regional organizers with staff and travel money that are an actual resource for the state chapters or /and set up a computer network between the chapters.

    O’Neil was in charge of the NOW direct mail solicitations for donations. I never noticed that they gave any feedback to the leadership that had impact.

    Still i will wish them well and wait to see how they react to the women in Iran. If they behave as they did when Bush was pres to the women of Afghan and Iraq, I WILL KNOW IT’S THE SAME OLD SHIT.

  11. UW and Freedom Fairy,

    I just ordered the shirt. I will wear it proudly for Neda and for all women, who still fight oppression and violence.

    Women (and men) must unite in this cause because we can change the world and for the better. Can we continue to live with the alternative?

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