Just one more reason I won’t leave my crackpot party to join the other crackpot party

Okay, I’m probably going to get smacked here but, frankly, I am so sick of religious zealots, I could just spit. I have yet to meet ONE religious zealot who practiced what he or she preached at everyone else.  Not  one.

Meet Sally Kern, Republican Theocratic Crackpot Religious Zealot.

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma lawmaker is once again drawing criticism from gay and lesbian groups from across the nation.

State Representative Sally Kern, and a host of other lawmakers, civic and religious leaders, will gather at the State Capitol next month to sign the “Oklahoma Citizen’s Proclamation for Morality.”

The proclamation urges Oklahoma residents to acknowledge the need for a national awakening of righteousness, but critics say Rep. Kern is again mixing politics and religion.

Read the “Oklahoma Citizen’s Proclamation for Morality”

These people don’t want to mind your business for you or anything do they? God, if I saw this woman coming towards me I would run away as fast as I can.  And to think we are worrying about Iran’s theocracy when we are growing our own potential religious fascists right here in the good old US of A. What’s next, witch burning?



Careful Rep. Kern! You might just clean out your own party with this proclamation! That “we all fall short of the glory of God” routine every time one of you gets caught, is wearing a bit thin. And when Oh When, will you all learn that you cannot legislate morality or religion? Your proclamation is just one step toward a theocracy. Isn’t that what we object to over in the Middle East?  Please stop trying to do God’s job, because frankly you are not very good at it. Try leading by example instead.  Perhaps if people like you came with a match instead of a blow torch,  more people will want to follow, and  you wouldn’t have to write religious proclamations. Ya think?

And……….Please stop this threocratic stuff so that we disenfranchised Democrats aren’t driven away. God knows with the Republican body count, you need us.  See? I mentioned God. That’s because I wanted to, not because you want to make me do it. I repeat one more time: You cannot legislate religion.  This kind of stuff drives people away. It’s not what rolls off your lips or onto your “proclamations,” Ms. Kern. It’s what’s in your heart and the example you set. I kind of think that when we all have our final conversations, proclamations won’t be high on the list of things the Big Guy will want to discuss with us. Stop with the superficial crap and lead by example, which is much harder. Thank you!

Sorry, but I cannot resist:  Ms. Kern welcomes you to the First Self Righteous Church.

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  1. Just so long as the squirrel stays off the header…

    I once worked with a woman whose brother was a missionary to Ireland (of all places). I could never understand why an American would feel possessed to cross the Atlantic to preach religion to a nation that’s been at civil war over their current religions for as long as anyone can remember. I finally gave up and just realized that at least it was 1 less missionary in the US.

  2. I will never be part of either party ever again.

    scott in jupiter
    oilsoc:obama is a lying sack of crap

  3. I know of someone who is a missionary in Hawaii. Is that ridiculous or what?
    As far as a political party….I am in the land of misfits.

  4. DE – LOVE the header byline under Zoe!

    As for the religious Zealot ProcLAMEation – I think John Adams, et al would be totally offended, as will be many Americans.

    This woman is one reason our nation is going down the tubes. What a hateful freak. JUST LIKE all those who scream “RACISM!” at every affront to OILSAC

  5. Are these people sick or what?
    The video reminds me of a scene in “Something to Talk About” in which Julia Roberts confronts the Junior League of Savannah. She wants to know if “anyone else here has had sex with my husband” and proceeds to out one woman after another with secrets that result in the meeting coming to a stunning close and people completely up in arms. (I looked for the clip, but could only find a few seconds of a scene that went on for several minutes)

    I’m going to see/hear Lyle Lovett at Ravinia to night – thereby missing the next big Oilsac infomercial. Shucks. I wonder if he’s gonna bring the almighty into this.

  6. I remember sending this woman (Kern?) a message regarding her ugly stance on (I think) the Matthew Shepard bill. She is a state rather than federal congress “person”. Isn’t this the same state that Tom Coburn represents in the Fed Senate? he’s a nut, too.

  7. Whereas, the Oklahoma lawmakers need to read their history books to discover the founding fathers believed in separation of church and state. Their assumption was that God gave us REASON and we should use REASON to form a perfect government.

    “A government held together by the bonds of reason only requires much compromise of opinion;…” [R118v16 p23; Jefferson 1824]

  8. Uppity,

    Why would you think you’d get smacked for speaking good, common sense?

    ORGANIZED religion is the major cause of evil in the entire history of civilization. (Got that off my chest…)


  9. OT, but I’ve been watching too much news and I have to rant, here. Screw the Dems and their lousy healthcare “reform” bill. And screw the Repubs for their lack of alternatives.

    I keep hearing numbers tossed around of where they can improve “efficiency” and save a few million here, of where they can cut “waste” and save thousands, of how they can ration this or that, or control doctors fees, or eliminate duplicate charges and save another million or so…

    HERE are the numbers that constitute PURE WASTE that not a damn one of them has the courage to even MENTION:

    • UnitedHealth Group — $ 4.654 BILLION. UnitedHealth Group owns Oxford, PacifiCare, IBA, AmeriChoice, Evercare, Ovations, MAMSI and Ingenix, a healthcare data company
    • WellPoint — $ 3.345 BILLION. Wellpoint owns BLUES across the US, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin, Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Healthy Alliance, and many others
    • Aetna Inc. — $ 1.831 BILLION
    • CIGNA Corp — $ 1.115 BILLION
    • Humana Inc. — $ 834 million
    • Coventry Health Care — $626 million. Coventry owns Altius, Carelink, Group Health Plan, HealthAmerica, OmniCare, WellPath, others
    • Health Net — $ 194 million

    • Ronald A. Williams, Chair/ CEO, Aetna Inc., $23,045,834
    • H. Edward Hanway, Chair/ CEO, Cigna Corp, $30.16 million
    • David B. Snow, Jr, Chair/ CEO, Medco Health, $21.76 million
    • Michael B. MCallister, CEO, Humana Inc, $20.06 million
    • Stephen J. Hemsley, CEO, UnitedHealth Group, $13,164,529
    • Angela F. Braly, President/ CEO, Wellpoint, $9,094,771
    • Dale B. Wolf, CEO, Coventry Health Care, $20.86 million
    • Jay M. Gellert, President/ CEO, Health Net, $16.65 million
    • William C. Van Faasen, Chairman, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, $3 million plus $16.4 million in retirement benefits
    • Charlie Baker, President/ CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, $1.5 million
    • James Roosevelt, Jr., CEO, Tufts Associated Health Plans, $1.3 million
    • Cleve L. Killingsworth, President/CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, $3.6 million
    • Raymond McCaskey, CEO, Health Care Service Corp (Blue Cross Blue Shield), $10.3 million
    • Daniel P. McCartney, CEO, Healthcare Services Group, Inc, $ 1,061,513
    • Daniel Loepp, CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $1,657,555
    • Todd S. Farha, CEO, WellCare Health Plans, $5,270,825
    • Michael F. Neidorff, CEO, Centene Corp, $8,750,751
    • Daniel Loepp, CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $1,657,555
    • Todd S. Farha, CEO, WellCare Health Plans, $5,270,825
    • Michael F. Neidorff, CEO, Centene Corp, $8,750,751

    How about THOSE numbers, you congressional COWARDS. Let me hear you talk about them, you smarmy silent sycophants. Explain to me how that amount of money, going not to pay providers for CARE, but to sheer profits, is not a bigger drain on the system than a few docs ordering a $100 blood test that is “unnecessary” .

    You bitch and moan that the fucking doctor who does my surgery and maybe saves my LIFE should take a 10% fee cut, because he’s “overcharging”. But you have no problem with the fact, and indeed will not even WHISPER the fact in any of your “healthcare debate”, that the CEO of Cigna makes THIRTY FUCKING MILLION. No, you weasels ignore that fact like it didn’t exist, while you bitch that an MRI costs more than it should.

    So spare me your fucking hypocrisy, Obama and Congress. Just spare me the sanctimonious talk of “cost control” that somehow always means shaving a little off of my pocket, or the docs pockets, or the hospitals operating budgets, or squeezing an extra 1% from employers.

    If you can’t even bring yourself to MENTION, in all your “cost-savings” blather, those obscene 4 little words “BILLIONS in insurance company PROFITS” then you can just STFU tsk-tsking and moaning over my “gold-plated” health plan, or whether some cardiologist is living high on the hog at 400,000 a year.

  10. WMCB,

    Very telling! Nice research, too. Thanks…


  11. OMG the video was so funny! A great way to start out my morning…I’ve had a bit of a rough week, my back went out. It was better but now I may have thrown it out again laughing!!

    Missionaries in Hawaii, yes I’m familiar with that routine. I know of some in New Orleans and recently there was a fund raiser to send a couple to Montana to be missionaries…..sorry and lightening may strike me, but WTF???

    Oh you have no idea how many people I know that belong to the First Self Righteous Church!! I swear to you Dana Carvey met and studied my mother, that’s where he came up with the church lady character…HAD to be, LOL!

    I can’t stand mixing religion and politics, there is supposed to be a separation of church and state for a reason. I’m not over the top about it like some people. For instance it doesn’t bother me when there is a prayer at public venues, a school graduation, meetings, etc. I have a friend that FREAKS about anything thing remotely religious, I say if you don’t want to pray, meditate for a minute while others are praying. BUT I can’t abide these holier than thou types like Ms. Kern and they are all around me down here in the bible belt.

  12. Somebody,

    You think prayer at PUBLIC events and locations (schools, meetings, ballgames etc.) is OK even if it makes non-believers uneasy?

    Let the prayers be silent, and everyone’s happy (i.e. a silent minute of prayer…).


  13. WMCB very nice rant and sadly it’s only the tip of the ice berg. The truly sad fact is that our government really could make a meaningful difference with well thought out reforms…..but they’re not going to. Worse yet is whatever they end up passing will do nothing and it will stifle any meaningful reforms probably for my lifetime.

    Honestly things could be changed for the better either with some kind of universal plan OR if the majority of Americans balk at that…I’m fine with that too. So we put in strict reforms and oversight, strict regulations. We regulate insurance companies and hospitals like the Japanese. But damn one or the other, not some half ass bullshit.

    Neither are going to happen and we’re going to end up worse off than we are now. We’ll all have the same policies with the same holes in them…BUT we’ll be paying taxes on them. A few of the uninsured might find affordable policies but they won’t be worth the paper they’re written on…..and the beat goes on.

  14. And why should a prayer celebrating a specific religion be allowed at a public event if there are prople of DIFFERENT faiths attending? (sorry to rant…).


  15. ParkSlope

    I’m completely fine with a moment of silence too. BUT when I’ve been at meetings and such where a prayer was offered it really didn’t bother me. Right after September 11th, I was with this particular girlfriend at two meetings and when they began there was an offer of prayer for the victims and our nation. That just didn’t bother me, she was incensed.

  16. I agree with you about specific religions and I’ve heard prayers offered that were specific, but I’ve also heard prayers that were inclusive of just about every religion except maybe satanism.

    Everybody has their pet peeve and this just isn’t one of mine. The “under God” part of the pledge that was added doesn’t send me to the moon but it does my girlfriend. She’ll lecture you on the original pledge when that was added, blah, blah.

    I get more defensive about some of the morality things like stem cells. I can’t for the life of me understand how a garbage can is more pro-life than the potential to save thousands or millions??? But see that’s my belief and obviously it’s not shared by everyone…..quite a slippery slope….ha, ha…parkslope…slippery slope…..OK I thought it was a little funny.

  17. Here’s a meeting in St. Louis led by Rep. Russ Carnahan. The people are beginning to revolt…..now where did I put my pitchfork?

  18. I think churches feel underseige….Just sayin’

  19. Somebody,

    I respect your beliefs, just as I would for…ANYBODY! (get it: Somebody, anybody — two can play at this game, my friend).


  20. Somebody, if Americans truly balk at a single-payer Medicare-for-all type plan, then okay. But then we need to look at very strict controls on Insurance companies, demanding that they accept everyone, have consistent criteria and coverage nationwide, and limiting how much cream they can skim off the top, and what their “administrative” costs can be.

    Or if you want to tax someone, how about leave the damn citizens and small businesses alone, and put a freaking 10% tax on health insurance companies PROFITS. That would pay for ALL the uninsured, easy.

  21. LOL Parkslope!

    WMCB you’re preaching to the choir….thought I’d keep the religious theme going.

  22. Well I miscalculated this one. I had no idea I would bring out so much angst in the same direction.

  23. squirrels in the header?


  24. WMCB………RIGHT ON!

  25. Well I guess I will piss some off too. I see it both ways. While gays are demanding rights and women are demanding the right to abortion they are stepping all over the beliefs of others as well and then push to charge non believers in their causes with hate crimes.
    How is it right to charge tax money from a person who is 100 % against abortion and sees it as murder to pay for an abortion ?
    I think at this point we just all need to fricking mind our own business and go after government telling us what is good for us and right or wrong. That is where my concerns are is that I am being forced as are my kids and grandkids to support stuff we do not support !
    I am a non believer in a sense but I do stand for those who do believe and furthermore I do not feel they ought to have stuff shoved on them anymore then I like having to have to support dead beats.

  26. We made one major mistake that is spiraling out of control and that was to ask government to help the poor and started promoting social programs. Now you have no freedom of speech and thought. You are damned if you do not support abortion, you are damned if you make a general statement of a certain race, you are damned if you do not agree with gays, you are damned if you smoke, you are damned if you exhale CO2, you are damned if you live as I see it.

  27. Uppity, I’m not saying that there is not waste and fraud, or areas where costs could be controlled by patients/doctors/hospitals.

    But it just PISSES ME OFF to hear them bitching and nickeling and dime-ing over those “potential savings”, while not even daring to fucking MENTION the hundreds-of-billions elephant in the room, or suggesting that any “cost-savings” could be achieved out of HIS hide.

  28. Why is it wrong to force prayers on non-believers (or those of different faiths? Because SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS A FOUNDING PRINCIPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION!

    Sorry for those who don’t believe in abortion having to support it indirectly (via taxation) but it’s legal, so too bad for them. Look at it this way: I’m a man, in a committed relationship, we’ve got no kids (she’s never been pregnant) so we’ve got no horse in that race — but we still have to pay our taxes too! And, I’m not crazy about having to pay the salaries for my (NY) state senators who took an unofficial 5-week vacation in June and July, due to a petty squabble, but I have no choice there, either.

    We all have to pay for things we’d rather not have to. But in NO WAY is that comparable to violating the principle of the separation of church and state. (Whew!…(rant, off)).


  29. WMCB, I don’t want to cut the income of the people who save my life, I want to cut the income of those who invest and work to keep from saving my life for the sake of profit. That’s the RIGHT thing to do. Looking at it any other way is a sham and it’s an approval for more murder. I remember when insurance companies of ALL types existed to PROTECT their clients. A profit was made on shear probability. But somewhere along the line, the Gordon Geckos took over and decided that they could make megabillions by SCREWING instead of protecting the clients. I remember when you went to the doctor when you needed to, or the emergency room when you needed to and you NEVER worried about your insurance. You got your “share” of the bill and it was always a manageable amount. There were NO exclusions, nobody had to read a frigging contract to figure out if they were “covered” while they were having a heart attack. There was NO such thing as a “preexisiting” condition either. You were covered. PERIOD. And profits were made on odds,not on figuring out ways to screw people.

    Utah, the USA ALWAYS had ‘welfare. It’s just that people didn’t use it unless they were truly destitute and if they did use it, they got OFF of it as quickly as possible.

  30. Woot, WMCB! 10% sounds fair. Tales to tell about administrative costs: I have acquaintances that run around like lunatics at the end of the year searching for $10,000 elective cosmetic surgeries which they are going to pay for using their bonuses from these companies. They are bonuses that were given because they helped the insurance company stave off our medical care. It really bites to know that this is the incentive program for the utilization review management teams.

  31. What part of “ELIMINATE (OR CUT INTO THE PROFITS OF) THE MIDDLE-MAN” in order to see cost savings is so hard to understand?

    We all understand this concept, in every other area of purchasing. It’s why freaking Lumber Liquidators and other wholesale outlets can offer good prices. But somehow the “middleman” in health care purchasing is a fucking holy untouchable unmentionable cow? Give me a break.

    And UW, you are right. They could still make plenty of money just by having large pools and taking a “reasonable” skim. They used to do that. Now they just think they are entitled to whatever they can grab, and no one’s gonna tell them no.

  32. Yes we did but we did not have an entitled society and again as I see it isn’t pushing a gay lifestyle and support for it on those dead against it as wrong as stuffing religion down your throat ?
    Isn’t pushing inter racial marriages on those dead against it as wrong ? And if they say they are against it they are racist ? Hell I am more convinced then ever that I need my own planet. I am fed up with others telling me how I have to live, think and believe. I love guns and the liberals want me branded as a domestic terrorist. I love to smoke and that makes me evil. I love big fast trucks and race cars and that too makes me evil. I love to hunt and fish and there again I am the asshole.
    I do not believe for one damn minute we need to take the in God we trust off our currency to appease a few it always has been and people need to get the hell over it.
    Listen I do not give a damn how you choose to live your life I do not care if you screw monkeys or have two wives it is not going to affect me until you demand that you teach those beliefs to my kids. Sex, religion, politics and a host of things just need to stay out of schools, and the public and that is how I feel. No group should ever demand to stomp on the rights of another.
    You could have 20 damn wrecked cars adorning your front yard and I am of course not going to like it but I should have the ability to build a fence to hide it from my view but city and state ordnances prohibit that as they do the junk car thing. My point being is that someone is constantly butting in where they ought to be minding their own damn business and not the business of others. That is why we are where we are today.
    Everyone has a cause or belief they feel important enough to screw up someone else’s beliefs.

  33. McNorman….yes it really bites. It just so happens that someone that grew up across the street from me is in upper management with a large health insurer based in my area. It just so happens that was the brand of insurance we had when our child was diagnosed with cancer and thanks to denials and outright holes in our policy we went into debt quick.

    So moral of the story daughter was diagnosed in September. At Christmas time I was at my mom’s and this individual was also visiting her mother. Several of us that grew up together were outside chatting. Insurance exec was bragging about her bonus and how she “saved” money and how that pumped her bonus AND earned her a raise.

    I entertained the crowd with my $38,000 of debt in three months story for co-pays, things not covered, holes in contracts, etc., etc. As you can imagine I wasn’t impressed or amused with her bonus, her raise, or what she did with it.

    I can totally relate to what you’re talking about.

  34. WMCB

    Please tell me your source for the figures you posted earlier. I am printing them out and going to my representative’s offices this morning with the info. She has already told people she “doesn’t need to be lectured by her” when confronted with questions (from an emergency room social worker that I know) about single payer health care. (Of course if this “health reform” had been offered by a republican, she’d be against it.) I also plan on emailing her office in DC with the info as well. But a link would be helpful.

    I haven’t been this angry since the vote for the PATRIOT Act. I have worked for BCBS in IL and I know what they used to be like and that was many years ago (1968). I was so angry with the fraud I saw that I left there. (I did get raises, though.)
    Now I work in health care (social work), and haven’t had even a cost of living increase in 3 years. Of course the nurses and the support staff who both belong to unions have.
    I also see that the Medicaid and Medicare funded patients have $2 and $4 medication co-pays and complain, while I have had to pay up to $100 for medication and I have a drug “benefit”. They also get tests, hospital care, doctor care and pay nothing while we are taxed on our pay to support their benefits.

    Do you think I want single payer health care. Damn straight I do.
    But with this “reform” proposal, I may never have the option since at this time, I have employer provided health care.

    As god as my witness sorry for the rant. (just to keep with the religious tone of this thread)

  35. UW,

    I remember when the insurance companies had 80/20. They paid the 80% of the bill, you paid the 20%. No worries about when you had to go to the doctor, or the hospital, or anything. You went wherevere and to whomever and the insurance company paid. And most employers had health insurance benefits.

    Then the HMOs came along – the so-called better idea of healthcare with their pre-existing conditions and picking a doctor from the list. And every since then health insurance has gone down the toilet. Now many companies – including the one I work for – don’t give out health insurance benefits because they can’t afford to offer it. Then you find out you make too much money for public assitance and too little money to get your own policy. And if you think of changing jobs just to get the insurance, then you’re screwed because you have to take a pay cut because you’re the new person in the new place…so you have to stay where you are so you can pay your bills and keep a roof over your head – or think about getting another job or two so you can get so worn out you get sick so that you definitely need the health insurance that you were forced to buy because your employer couldn’t afford to offer it in the first place because they’re a small business – who may end up going out of business because the new health insurance bill has something about fining or taxing small businesses that don’t offer insurance…OH, GOD PLEASE HELP US ALL!!!

  36. Somebody, some of these folks work for third party insurers, like the ones that run children’s health insurance programs for the state. Those are our tax $$$ hard at work. Their bonuses might not be as large as the private insurers, but it makes me still makes me sick.
    Leaves me with the nagging question: why the WH refuses to disclose which execs in the health care industry are visiting with team zero?

  37. isn’t pushing a gay lifestyle and support for it on those dead against it as wrong as stuffing religion down your throat ?

    Yep. I think if someone wants to be against gay marriage, and think they are all queers and perverts, then have at it. I disagree, but it’s a free country.

    However, allowing gays to marry is not “pushing their lifestyle on you”, it’s merely allowing them to live by theirs. No one is going to make you be gay, or get gay-married. But by saying they CAN’T marry, saying that it is to be illegal, You are forbidding THEIR exercise of their freedom because you don’t like their lifestyle. YOU are the one sticking your nose in THEIR business in that case. Why should be care what they do, or fight to keep them from doing it? You’re perfectly free to disagree, or say whatever you want about their lifestyle. You just shouldn’t be able to keep them from living it. They’re free to marry if they want, and you’re free to think or say it’s disgusting. Free country, period.

  38. mcnorman, you mean the Most Transparent Administration EVAH is using the Bush “presidential communication” excuse??? Say it isn’t so! Can the Nixonian “national security” excuse be far behind?

  39. WMCB, gee whiz aren’t we all supposed to be “on board” with this “fauxgressive” health care reform? won’t be get accused of being republicans if we criticize Obamacare? /snark

    As if anyone should give a rat’s ass about the opinions of partisan pinheads who would support this piece of shit reform. This effort should be killed and they should start over with single payer. and they should do it NOW, NOW NOW.

  40. “isn’t pushing a gay lifestyle and support for it on those dead against it as wrong as stuffing religion down your throat ?

    Yep. I think if someone wants to be against gay marriage, and think they are all queers and perverts, then have at it. I disagree, but it’s a free country.”


    I think we’re basically on the same page – haters are free to be haters, stupid as it might be. But I draw the line at comparing THAT phenomenom with violating the principle of separation of church and state. That’s apples and oranges, and the latter must ALWAYS be resisted…


  41. In other words, utahwoman, the people who want to have laws that control what another person does (smoking, guns, drive a truck, etc) are the ones intruding. They think what you do is bad or disgusting, and there ought to be a law saying you can’t. They are full of crap, trying to tell you what to do.

    By the same token, those who want a law to control whether gay people can marry (because they think its bad or disgusting) are intruding, and full of crap, trying to tell them what to do.

    We are supposed to have a god-given right in this country to do things that are bad or disgusting, so long as we don’t hurt other people doing it.

  42. Can the Nixonian “national security” excuse be far behind?

    They are baaacck! Some things never change.

  43. leslie, did you see this?

  44. ParkSlopeVoter, I agree. I do think there are some “religious” things, like an invocation at a public event, or Christmas displays, that are in truth more a cultural nod than a bigreligious deal. I don’t think those things are this huge danger of looming religious oppression, considering that we’ve been doing that crap for a couple of hundred years now, and no theocracy has ensued. Baybee Jesus in the manger at the the courthouse ain’t really oppressing anybody, and is not worth bitching over IMO.

    But basing laws on Bible verses, and insisting that legislation needs to be guided by what God sez? Yeah, that’s a clear violation.

  45. I guess I didn’t explain myself well because that’s exactly how I feel WMCB. Invocations and the manger scene just don’t worry me. A President who thinks the wind blowing his bible is God speaking to him……hmmmm, why don’t we save that for another day, LOL!

  46. WMCB,

    The examples which you’ve cited don’t bother me, either (in fact, I alsways have a Christmas tree and wreath, and I enjoy looking at Christmas displays). That IS cultural to me…

    Public praying, on the other hand, can be offensive to non-believers (or to those of different faiths) and is to be avoided. I’ll go with a minute of SILENT prayer at public events, especially government-sponsored ones!


  47. Astra you’re absolutely correct about the advent of HMO and PPO policies. Things used to be much simpler. A loved one becoming sick didn’t mean walking through a mine field of contractual loopholes. It was simple 80-20, they pay 80% you pay 20%. If they thought the bill was too high they fought it. After you reached a certain out of pocket your catastrophic kicked in and you didn’t have to pay your 20%. You could even pay for a supplemental policy out of your pocket to pick up your 20%.

    The HMO and PPOs came from the last “crisis” and “reform”. Gee I just can’t wait to see what this reform bears how about you???

  48. Oh a quick funny. A long, long time ago at my first office job with “benefits” my manager told me the company had a standard 80/20 plan that kicked in after 30 days. I was bitten by a dog about 8 months later, it was nasty looking so I went to the doctor. Then I got my bill, I thought this can’t be right. So the next day I go to personnel and inquire about this standard 80/20 plan.

    Yep it was 80/20 the insurance paid 20 and I paid 80….LOL! The company provided a supplemental type policy only.

  49. Somebody said:

    “The HMO and PPOs came from the last “crisis” and “reform”. Gee I just can’t wait to see what this reform bears how about you???”

    With solutions like these, who needs problems?


  50. With solutions like these, who needs problems?

    LOL ParkSlopeVoter!!

  51. imust~
    Thanks for the link!
    I hadn’t seen it and now that I have,
    I’m printing it out to take to my “rep’s” office. Glad I waited before leaving.


  52. As a gay woman (GASP!) I have a dog in this fight. Then I have to go teach school – with my 4 FBI Chacks and my FDLE Background Check that I am not a pervert intact…… (DOUBLE GASP!)

    Marriage is TWO THINGS.

    1.) It is a CIVIL (Government) Contract bestowing and obligating certain rights and responsibilities between consenting adults and the State and or Federal Government. It ensures responsible behavior is mandated and offers legal protections and tax implications and so much more and protects children and their welfare.

    The STATES SHOULD HAVE THE OPTION TO ALLOW FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. And I personally believe that legal contract SHOULD be recognized by other States should a couple, legally married, move.

    2.) Marriage IS ALSO a religious act sanctioned by a particular church or faith. And NO ONE, except the people of that fait or congregation or Faith can change whether same-sex marriage is ordained or not.

    So, just as the STATE cannot DEMAND Same-sex marriage be recognized by a church, a “church”, faith or congregation CANNOT MANDATE that that marriage NOT be recognized by the State. And they should STOP TRYING TO DO SO.

    MOST Gay people who want to marry, want the legal protections and responsibilities offered by a contract with the State. In addition, MOST gay people can find a church (MCC or whatever) who will “ordain” their marriage before their God.

    What gets MY goat is that the “Religious” want to change the STATE LAWS to reflect THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. And THAT is where the danger lies. And if you think that is not a step to a theocracy, think again.

    And ask Neda.

    Off to shower and teach school….

  53. Well said, Freedom Fairy…


  54. Off to shower and teach school….

    FF, are you sure you’re not off to “impose your lifestyle on other people” by making them be gay and get gay-married? *snerk*

    Sorry to be flip, and hope I didn’t offend, but that argument that is heard so often is such crap.

  55. WMCB – no offense taken – but if you look up “pedophile” you will discover MOST are STRAIGHT MEN – not closet homosexuals or even close. They are STRAIGHT MEN, many married, many go to church.

    gotta go

    BTW – Can I make ANYONE “Go GAY?”


    Not anymore than anyone can MAKE ME go straight! Utah…whatcha doin later hon?

    Just teasing you, but please….don’t bash gays. Please. We are NOT HURTING YOU or SOCIETY.

  56. LOL FF! Oh, please don’t misunderstand, I in no way think personally that homosexuality is a perversion. At all. I was just pointing out earlier that if someone wants to have that opinion, it’s a free country, and they can.

    I’m very libertarian in a lot of ways. I think the klan has a right to exist, awful as they are, as do wacko anarchists and stone-cold communists, and those who think dancing is a mortal sin, and people who think UFO’s run the world. This is America.

  57. Why do crazy people always invoke God? Like God is going to endorse pettiness and stupdity. They can not be Episcopalians because they would know that there are 11 commandments, and the eleventh commandment is “mind your own business.”

  58. Mebutt thinks MKB looks so serene and loveable lovely up there…dreaming of penguins. To bully???

  59. Joey, MKB does look serene (he’s sleeping off a ‘nip binge), apparently the whole “penguin take over” was a dream by MKB. I’ll put on my arm chair psychologist hat and say that perhaps he dreamed all that b/c he was feeling guilty. About what you ask? Dipping his paw in the donations to support his habit? Taking over Uppity’s blog (although I’m not sure that even happened, it may have been part of the dream). For all his faults, I don’t think Bill is violent, just a bit of a slacker.

  60. FF OMG I have argued that exact point over and over with some people. Too many want to confuse Holy Matrimony per their church/religious beliefs with something completely separate…..civil union…rights a privileges bestowed by the state.

    If you’re church sanctions gay marriage and you feel it’s wrong take it up with them. As far as the state is concerned, well that’s where separation of church and state come in. I don’t see much difference in the laws people are trying to push than the laws barring interracial marriages years ago. Discrimination is discrimination period. If your personal religious beliefs are that gay marriage is wrong….then you’re entitled to your opinion. But far too many zealots forget the whole judge not , lest ye be judged or he without sin cast the first stone part.

    That being said I do not feel that gays should qualify as a minority. I don’t want to see quotas for gays on the job…enough of all the quota crap IMHO. I don’t want them for anyone, you can’t cure discrimination with more discrimination IMHO. Me personally I think what happens in your bedroom is your business and what happens in mine is mine. But if there were quotas….oh the comedy…OK I’ll just leave that one alone, LOL!

    BTW if passing gay marriage will make everyone become gay married…I’ll come looking for you since we think alike, LOL! Sorry couldn’t resist. WMCB, I don’t know who you know that thinks that way….but damn!

  61. Why do crazy people always invoke God? Like God is going to endorse pettiness and stupdity.

    LOL! And as IF He would even be caught standing next to any of them.

  62. With solutions like these, who needs problems?

    I’m cracking up here.

  63. Utah, Gays shouldn’t have to “demand” any rights. They have the right to live any way they want and they have every right to have the same rights you and I have.

    People can believe what they want about gays and lesbians. That’s also their “right”. But it’s not their right to impose their believes on you or me. This is the kind of crap black people and women had to go thru just to get the goddamned vote.

  64. Frankly I wish I were gay. Men are so damned much work!

  65. Why is when any of these religious people start talking I want to put on a flak jacket and hold my wallet?
    Most of them do more harm in God’s name then they ever do good.
    They all try to tell you their version of what they think God said.
    They usually get it twisted.
    Religion is used by the few to subjugate the many.



  66. I am all for separation of church and state and the thing I see with gay marriage and gay rights being pushed so hard is this. If you make these thing a law and legal then you make the churches that support the opposite illegal do you not ?
    If these are legal then those who oppose them and well lets say will not perform or recognize gay marriage within the and in fact lets say teach against it in some for or the other are they now haters ?
    What I am saying then those who follow the bible and teach their children that gay is not right are none other then those who do not support mixed marriages. No matter what you believe in these days there is a law coming to point at you and say you are a racist, bigot, anti gay, anti what the hell ever and you are fricking wrong.
    I remember in the early 80’s a teacher of my daughters preaching to them that they should be the leaders of the world and go with mixed marriages because it would be the only way to truly stop the hate. I do not and make no mistake about it hate any race , religion or belief. That is not educated and hate regardless is just wrong and ignorant.
    Take the loaded question posed to Miss California, there is your proof that you can not have your beliefs founded on religion and say them and be accepted.
    So if we are going to separate church and state by all means then do so and let me not see where those who believe in their God and Bible and see gays as wrong and immoral are punished for their beliefs as well that is all I am saying.
    I am saying MYOB and not others.

  67. well good to see M.K.B. soooooooooo relaxed.
    next stop.Betty Ford..

  68. isn’t pushing a gay lifestyle and support for it on those dead against it as wrong as stuffing religion down your throat ?

    Nobody’s telling anybody they have to be gay, for goodness sakes. Basically, we all just need to mind our own business and if we don’t like how someone lives, so long as they are not breaking any laws, we need to stop thwarting their ability to have the same rights the rest of us have.

  69. Back in the old days I remember applying for jobs and the questions asked would be illegal today.

    Is your sex life normal?
    Who defines Normal? I was married with kids. Maybe to someone that was not normal.
    Why are you working when you have children? Will your children interfere with your job. Do you plan to have more children. Will we train you and you get pregnant and leave?

    As jobs get harder to find watch some of this come back. It will be subtle and you won’t be able to pinpoint it but it will be there.



  70. And if you think I know about gays you are wrong. Let’s say I am very very close to a few and love them dearly.
    That said I have no issues other then as it has been with other things one thing leads to another and anyone opposed to gay marriage or the lifestyle are going to fall into a hate group as well.
    As for gays having rights they do. As far as I am concerned. My cousin killed himself because of the hatred of them and the inability to be who he was so I am very sensitive. However I do not think we have to take it as far as we are taking it and neither does my gay family member.
    A civil union is the answer affording all rights as a married couple has. Churches can call it marriage when it is done in church and with the churches blessing all others outside churches should be noted as a civil union thus allowing the religious to continue to follow their beliefs and the gays to have equal right of a sanctioned union and all male female couples get a civil union certificate when not performed by a religion as well.
    Oh and have I mentioned before marriage and I do not get along ?
    lol. Why tie yourself to someone who will do a million things to piss you off and then take your happy ass to court to further piss you off. I am for what is mine is mine and if at all possible what is yours is mine too lmao

  71. should have read if you think I don’t know about gays

  72. Oh and have I mentioned before marriage and I do not get along ?

    Could you be more specific? We could use the fun.

    No I never said you don’t know about gays. I merely said that too many people in this country are busy worrying about everybody else’s business and seem to have strong feelings about their own rights while questioning the rights of others.

  73. Utah you expressed pretty much what everybody else has said, civil union fine. Holy matrimony….otherwise called marriage that’s up to you, God, and your church.

    Interesting theory about the hate crimes sort of incursion of free speech theory. I know I’ve heard rumblings that some would supposedly like to make it illegal to preach that homosexuality is wrong from the pulpit. I’d be willing to bet you the vast majority of Americans including most gays and lesbians would not support such a law.

    Separation of church and state runs both ways.

  74. FF said:
    “but please….don’t bash gays. Please. We are NOT HURTING YOU or SOCIETY.”
    Right on, sister.

    UW said:
    “Men are so damned much work!”
    And right on to you, too, sister.

  75. UW said: “Frankly I wish I were gay. Men are so damned much work!”

    You are too damn funny! I’d tell you that I love you but it might be counterproductive to your current feelings.

  76. LOL DE, present company excepted.

    Cough…..cough. Angie, are ya with me, girl?

  77. You don’t need to clarify anything UW, I know I’m a pain in the ass. I’m reminded daily by my wife that tells me if she didn’t love me so much I would be buried in the back yard.

  78. If you make these thing a law and legal then you make the churches that support the opposite illegal do you not ?

    No, it wouldn’t. Marriage LAWS are civil. Ceremonies sanctifying marriage (or not) as a “holy union” are the province of religion, and none of the state’s business.

    Churches are allowed to practice their beliefs as they choose. We have laws already forbidding gender discrimination, yet no one is shutting down the Catholic Church because they won’t ordain women. Many churches will not do “inter-faith” marriages unless the other party converts. No one is going to shut down any church because they won’t do gay marriages.

  79. Frankly I wish I were gay. Men are so damned much work!”

    LOL! UW, you sound like me. Once I had a very fun and fulfilling long weekend (husband and boyfriend-free) with my 2 sisters and a few gal pals. After a few days of no men around, I leaned back with my margarita on the couch and opined longingly: “Ya know, if it weren’t for that pesky “being sexually attracted” part, I could SO be a lesbian.”

  80. ParkSlopeVoter at 12:06 PM – “Why is it wrong to force prayers on non-believers (or those of different faiths? Because SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS A FOUNDING PRINCIPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION!”

    Ditto. Thank you.

  81. Tiny tidbits on Obamacare:
    PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill – HC will be provided 2 ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise
    Pg 95 HC Bill Lines 8-18 The Govt will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps 2 sign up indiv. for Govt HC plan
    Pg 170 Lines 1-3 HC Bill Any NONRESIDENT Alien is exempt from indiv. taxes. (Americans will pay)
    PG 272 SEC. 1145. TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS – Cancer patients – welcome to rationing!
    PG 429 Lines 10-12 “adv. care consultation” may incl an ORDER 4 end of life plans. AN ORDER from GOV
    My favortie:
    PG 203 Line 14-15 HC – “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax” Yes, it says that

    The entire Bill of Caca located here.

  82. my wife that tells me if she didn’t love me so much I would be buried in the back yard.


  83. Seemed like the initial part of that proclamation was going somewhere, that last part was frankly weird. But then again, if this is what the constituents and supporters of the OK rep want, well then they are entitled to their proclamation. Best it stay that way, and not become any type of law.

    UW – “It’s what’s in your heart and the example you set…lead by example, which is much harder. Thank you!” If only people would heed the advice.

  84. Obama has no idea what’s even in that healthcare bill, and doesn’t care to know.

    A Democrat from the Clinton administration was on Fox last night (forget her name), and was addressing this lack of any direction or involvement from Obama.

    She said (paraphrased) “During Clinton’s tenure, he actually worked on legislation himself, often for weeks and months, and would then send it down to the hill for Congress to change, approve, mark up, or whatever. But he and his administration did the work, the research, and gave the Democrats in congress very clear and detailed direction as to what he wanted.”

    Obama doesn’t even care. He’s just “vaguely in favor of reform”. “Hey, buzz me on my Blackberry when it’s time for the signing photo-op, otherwise I could care less what the legislation says.”

  85. WMCB, he is a busy fellow. I mean he has baseball games, date night with Meechelle, birthday parties, etc. What a guy!

    We should never forget that he was named Time’s Person of the Year 2008, but so was this creep in 1939. The world thought he would save them as well.

  86. Why do I say marriage and I do not get along ?
    Are you ready here is my answer.

    First I am not gay and I too maybe should be. I do not understand what changes when to sign your name on a scrap piece of paper but something inside the male goes ah she is mine now all mine. He struts around at times like the barnyard cock protecting his hen house and spouting off some crap that he wears the pants. Well damn it I do too no woman in her right mind is going to put hose and dresses on these days unless they have to. This aint leave it to beaver honey.
    Most likely it is I that told you mr rooster what pants to put on that morning anyway.
    I am not Mrs so and so and darn it I do not want to be. I am me and kindly remember that too.
    Funny thing is I lived with him without benefit of paper for 16 years and same thing gays are up in arms about I had not one damn right even under common law in a state that honored it because most crap was done in a state that did not. IE retirement and insurance benefits. So he put me down on this stuff as his wife even though we did not have the darn scrap of paper and when he went to draw his retirement we had to show the scrap of paper signed by the REV anyone including Elvis himself in order to get it.
    See I do understand the gay issue you people have been screwed worse because you can not get that damn scrap of paper.
    I by selling out can because my SO is male.
    So anyway now that some bozo signed we are LEGALLY husband and wife the transformation begins. He is the ” Man of the house” shit.
    So every time I hear that there is a war zone here. My partner as I still see him is a great provider and denies me nothing but there is that one tiny issue that could cause me to toss it all in the shitter.
    Well I shifted all my assets separate from his again and dropped his name and he got said message I will not be anyones property. I go my own way and think as I want to and hey Barry O btw are you getting any of this honey ? Women are human beings and do not want a man looking out for them in many cases you and your kind have more then proved to me you have the patent on Fucking shit up !

  87. Look who else Time picked for MOTY. One of Barack’s heros.

    Re: Utah.
    Eh Utah. Men. Can’t live without em and can’t kill em.

  88. UW, I had forgotten. Wow, is JS a big Barack hero!

  89. I think this was Obama’s favorite person of the year cover….the one that was reflective like a mirror:


  90. Re: Utah.
    Eh Utah. Men. Can’t live without em and can’t kill em.

    I don’t know about that lol. I have done fine without them. But damn if some well meaning friend does not set me up and introduce me to the one that will not go away lmao

  91. Has anyone contributed this?

    HT to “Joe, my God!” blog

    The proclamation was voted DOWN, but Kern and her cronie-co-horts commited a crime of forgery accroding to this source.

    Last month OK state Rep. Sally Kern issued her Proclamation For Morality, a hateful resolution that blamed gays, among others, for the decline of the U.S. economy. The resolution has not been adopted, but according to a blog called The Lost Ogle, that didn’t stop the Baptist Messenger from forging the signatures of the governor and the secretary of state onto the document.

  92. Please tell me we are not bringing back the ” Orange Lady” from Florida whats her name Anita Bryant ?

  93. Woohoo, I come visit for some snark and it’s all here!

    Uppity, loved the video. Yes, this Morality and Righteousness proclamation is too freaky for me. Although I kind of see their effort, I wonder if more of this will be brought about because stupid ass Obama said we live in a Muslim nation?

    Utah, I know what you mean about the being an asshole for doing something against the Liberal stream of things. I am a Liberal but had to stop being a vegetarian after many years because I was developing too many health problems. So I have to eat meat (Beef) and tons of it for the higher protein source. And, I love animals (like you), I just try to honor that their life is helping me. If I had parents who didn’t divorce, I would have been a hunter and fisherman too, but the dice didn’t roll that way. My eldest sister is an excellent turkey shooter, due to activities with her husband. We don’t live in a “one-size fits all” world and I’m getting tired of people who are supposed to be open-minded and tolerant being the exact opposite. The Obots are more like the religious zealots than they even know.

    WMCB — it is bloody insane that the blood sucking salaries of CEOs is not even being discussed, but of course they are part of the writing of the health bill. Bill Moyers on PBS had an excellent show about this — the death of single-payer. What gets my goat today is I read Sect 102 of the bill, and it only grandfathers in “individual healthcare” there is NO mention of family plans. It seems to me that Obie’s plan is to base healthcare on the indivdidual (no family coverage) and this lends to an even stronger argument to issuing a National Health ID card for every single individual in the USA. They’re gonna track us until we die, or they kill us, and they want full access to our financial records, obstensibly to charge us and draw from our accounts.

    This is way worse than I could have ever dreamed! & the Dems have to get this bill through because they are hedging all their political points on it, as is Oblabby.

    Another groan, ACORN will be paid via the healthcare bill to sign people up. What people can’t get to a clinic to do this? No, they will fund ACORN’s ability to terrorize us into supporting the public plan. They are already canvassing in my neighborhood.

  94. Here it is!


    Thou shall not bear false witness…unless you’re the Baptist Messenger
    Published by
    on July 20, 2009

    I’m no bible expert, but isn’t there stuff in it that says things like forgery, lying and general deception are bad? If so, the people at the Oklahoma-based Baptist Messenger have sinned. Check out what they did with Sally Kern’s infamous “Proclamation for Morality.”

    Yep. The Baptist Messenger — an established weekly newspaper with a paid circulation of over 85,000—decided to photoshop Governor Henry’s signature on the embarrassing and archaic “Proclamation for Morality.” And to try and make the piece of right wing trash look even more legitimate, they placed the text of proclamation onto Executive Department letterhead and forged the signature of Secretary of State M. Susan Savage next to the state seal of Oklahoma.

  95. Hi, Uppity. Love Ray Stevens! This is a drive-by You Tube drop-off. My favorite song of his is at about 3:15 of this clip.

  96. This is kind of disturbing (as is everything these days):


    This is a watch dog organization or department or whatever. Is it legal for Obama to be meeting with them and negotiating with them? They are supposed to provide over sight!!!

  97. ROFL CInie. I might have known you were a fellow Ray Stevens fan. I’m cracking up here.

  98. Yes more and more I find I am starting to pull from society and become a loner. I am finding far far more happiness these days going wandering in the hills with my dogs and enjoying their antics and it gives me something fun to write about on blogs too. Pretty much I have stated how I feel about things and pretty much I see it is going to do me little to no good to allow the way things are now and will be to control my life.
    In general I just find everything I once believed in and all that I have done in my life to be a total waste. People see history and are doomed to repeat it over and over again and will never see there is not a better way to do things then what was originally. Ah well I am wishing I got stoned from Marijuana because I understand several states are thinking of legalizing it and taxing it like smokes. Maybe if I got stoned it would all not matter. But crap that stuff never did squat to me. And it stinks worse then a cigarette.
    But see there too is where I am laughing my head off at the ignorant stuff thee days. Can’t have a cigarette anywhere but we are going to legalize MJ and it by no means causes asthma emphysema , lung cancer, driving under the influence rof. Oh that’s right it is clean smoke you are inhaling because it is herbal roflmao yea about the Brooklyn Bridge in Az I want to buy.
    That crap has far more chemicals in it to enhance it’s kick then a cigarette does but the sheep keep on grazing.
    Ok off to my garden to enjoy before someone says I am evil for killing vegetables too.

  99. Butters, those Baptists are simply the worst of all hypocrits……but a close second are the pentecostals.

  100. catsrclean, all the lefty blogs screamed LOUD bloody murder over Cheney’s secret meetings with oil execs to craft the energy bill, and rightly so.

    Think they will scream now about Obama doing the exact same thing with healthcare legislation and the insurance execs? Nope. You’ll hear bupkus from them.

  101. Drippity Drip Drip…..

    “We’re going to take a little longer to get it right,” Durbin told The Hill when asked about the oft-stated goal of a vote on or before Aug. 7, when a monthlong Senate recess begins. “Initially we had hoped for a full vote by then, but I don’t think it’s going to be possible.”

    Delaying the vote until after Labor Day would all but erase hopes of getting a bill to President Obama by mid-October, since the House and Senate versions would have to be reconciled in conference negotiations — assuming they pass their chambers.

  102. I bitched about these clowns taking a month off at DE, Mary said let them they will do less damage.

  103. Excess breeds excess. Don’t get sucked in.

    Bill Clinton’s lewd behavior and subsequent lying about it bred the Fundamentalist right-wing reaction of the GW Bushism, which in turn bred the atheistic left-reaction of oilsocism (obama-ism ), which in turn is breeding the reaction of Kernism.

    The point is, Kern does not represent the entire Republican Party. Republican politicians like Sarah Palin put the law before their personal agendas. An increasing number of new-guard of Republican strategists are urging that their party eschew life-style planks from their plaform and stick to meat-and-potatoes issues.

    And, when all is said and done, whatever potential mischief they portend ,the Kerns of this country are not a clear and present danger. oilsoc is. And right now the most promising way of getting rid of him and his congressional flunkies is to vote Republican.

  104. What no special thread for the Obamaboarding rant fest?

  105. OT but I think interesting. Environmental groups in Richmond, CA halted the renovation of a Chevron Oil refinery causing the loss of 1,000 jobs and $millions in lost income. Hmm….and CA is still handing out IOUS.


  106. Mary I kind of agree with you kind of but I do not care to see a full house and senate of Republicrats either.Voting power to one party is never right never ! I will never again vote parties just because I believe in what they said they were for and we now know neither is for what they were originally . They are both in one way or the other out to kill America the great nation she was and put together some crap knock off nation. A clone in a sense that they control instead of the people in control.
    I am a very firm believer that we have needed a third party for ages but again people will not go that way because they see it as tossing their vote away. Voting for the same is a wasted vote as I see it but it is nice to see other parties gaining more and more support. These two parties are self destructing in the eyes of the people and after this 4 years I am thinking the Dems are done period but the Republicans are right on their heels and they are pulling no miracles out of their asses yet either. They remain against stuff they know is killing them plain and simple fact. In order to secure the female vote abortion and womens rights do count and their stand kills them big time. I am for the most part a conservative and must say I have always voted the republican ticket but it also bothers me about these and other things I know they do not support so when Bush ran for re-election I defected from them.
    So since ACORN I know my vote is as worthless as can be and then top that with being in a small state and in the west where we are still voting when the results are called it matters not. So I toss it to a third party just to add to their ever rising numbers.
    But again never should the houses be full with just one party that is a recipe for Obamaism ( disaster)

  107. Can you imagine if Bush and Cheney had an all out Republican congress and Senate ?

  108. Obamacratic proposals are unAmerican.

    impeach oilsoc and the goat he rode in on.

    Depositions Now.

    MoFoLiarcreep. Dictator. POSer. U.S.urper


  109. Utah, sputter! We would have all be broke faster. Except for Wall street, Big Oil, Big Insurance and Big Pharma. Not to mention the central bank.

  110. Because thoughtfulness is always remembered, I want to thank all the millionaires out there for carryin my weight when its turn.

    O thanks and eternal gratitude. My future is bright because of yous. Plz say YO to your heirs, too. And Ma and Pa!!!

    Thanks for being there!!! Yous ROCK the Cradle of Liberty!!! We’d be dead withoutcha!!!

  111. PurpleLipsFlapping Now that’s a funny name!

  112. Yo asselrod and Pharoah Louie! Let’s move Xmas to the last Monday in December. Down with commerce and up with an extra day off during the winter season. Employers, take heed.
    Triple time!!! No menorah, no lights…conserve, ya pigs!

    I’m putting in for the Friday prior, too.

    Mark your calendars: 24.9.09
    YAY! Islam Day in Honolulu!!!
    Can’t wait! Are fireworks in order? (NO Kites!! I know).

    Q. How do you keep a Turkey in suspense?
    A. Ask it – when is Ramadan??? 😉
    Do we get off, too?

    Acid is Groovy. Quick and Easy, too.

    Ladies Healthcare Friday Night Special. The ER will come to you! in an ice cream truck. 2 Birds with one Stone. Acorn Environmental Iscream Cones. At dusk. Remove your shoes. Cover your head, wench.

    We’ve been bought and sold.
    Let’s change American religiosity to the Grand Submission while we have the chance.

    Impeach oilsoc’s goat. Look. His bullshit is on video tape.

    Okay. Crazy. Over and out.

    I hope our Troops will stnd with us.

  113. Purplelipsflapping said
    Mark your calendars: 24.9.09
    YAY! Islam Day in Honolulu!!!
    Can’t wait! Are fireworks in order? (NO Kites!! I know).

    Islamic calender is 13 days behind ours. Do the math.

  114. Is purple lips papoose?

  115. DE!!! Thank you for calling out the LIAR live on your blog!!!

    Love the vinyard Tiles, too. Sweet and awesome!!!

    Now, meanwhile, back at Granny’s cabin, fucking liar wearing Avon and unaturally white fangs…metroMoFo.

    Lovyas Scott and Angie and Zoe!!! Feeling secure knowing you’re keeping watch!

    xo Patti xo

  116. Love you too Patti,
    The vinyard tile cracked all to hell during the glaze firing a few days ago. It was heart breaking. The finish was perfect making it even worse. I plan to post some photos. Our client was super sweet about it. We built another one today, it’s even cooler.

  117. I’m not good at math having always been a wordchild.

    BuT, make no mistake, the factor is gregorian vs julian…”the variable”
    Et vice versa…

    (Just to be on the safe side).

    I remember the smell of 9/11 and I have small rock to prove it.

  118. Omigosh, DE. I can remember how delicate the fruit splasher was…hope not the subways!!!

    – I am so glad you took pics.

    *and* so glad you were able to pull through.

    Gotta go put the hater away for the night. She’s hungry for pound cake.


    Ed Rendell was braying on the tube tonight. Eating tin cans and all.

  119. I think both parties are equally scummy, but I’m going to vote Republican next election in the effort to get at least one House of Congress in Republican hands in the hope they will put the brakes to Obama’s policies. I don’t like my asshole insurance company, but if I have to choose between them and whatever Obama comes up with, I’ll keep them. And I know, he says you can keep what you’ve got, but he lies about everything else so why should I believe anything he says about this bill, especially when everything else he and this Congress have done has turned out so very stupendously terrific.


  120. “Islamic calender is 13 days behind ours. Do the math.


    Oh Dear God.

  121. I love this blog! I have laughed and laughed reading all these posts. Thank you UW for the great blog site and also for the different headers. My kitties also love catnip and go crazy. Definitely fun to watch. WMCB thank you for all your posts loaded with info. I read you at NQ as well. Utah I love reading your posts as well even when I disagree with you, I enjoy reading them. Everyone else too. I go to DE site every day now and really love the oilsoc name. Very fitting. Thanks all.

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