John “Father of the Year” Edwards is lower than whale shit

Look!  Blink Blink Blinky Gets An Award!

I was wondering, John….which kid did you get that award for? The ones you had with your dying wife or the one you had with the woman who is extorting you. Do they offer a Sack of Shit award? If so, I want to buy a ticket when they give it to you! But watch it John! In the world of DC politics, you have lots of competition!

And then there was this sappy crap.



Oh Look! I am not the Daddy I am not the Daddy I am not the Daddy even though the kid looks exactly like my pathetic ass.

But guess what gang? John is the daddy!

Surprise Surprise right?

And this bag of slime thought he was worthy of being president of the United States? What the hell is left for us to pick from when we have slime like this running for President?

I often wondered why it was that you were endorsing Barack Obama while Hillary was handily whooping his ass in West Virginia…after you snorted at him regularly in all those debates. He had you by the short and curlies, eh John?

You, John Edwards– In Your Face Family Man, So Concerned About Women, So Loving of  Your Dying Wife, Enthusiastic Presidential Candidate– are a disgrace to the United States of America. Women everywhere are horrified by what a lying, deceptive hypocrite you really are.

The scary thing is I could have lived with his nomination. Shows you how bad my taste is.

John, I wish you everything you deserve in life, just so long as it’s not good. mmmmmkayyyyyyy?  I long for the day when Elizabeth kills you in your sleep. Bleck! You disgust me.

By the way ABC. Nice of you to bother covering this since you and the rest of you fake journalists did all you could to cover up John’s affair. Apparently, you have no problem seeing a lying pig adulterer who cheats on his dying wife as President of the country you all hate so much. Too bad the National Enquirer has better reporters than you do.


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  1. Thank you UW for keeping this story front and center. Everytime another sex scandal comes out involving yet another male politician, I always find myself wondering, “what if this had been Hillary or Sarah, or any female politician”, what would the media be saying?

    No matter how bad it gets for Edwards, despite his dispicable, hypocritical behavior, he still won’t be treated the way the press and the public treated Hillary and Palin.

    There was some report out that this kind of behavior is part of the male makeup — so, cheating on their wives is part of the DNA?

    Well then, what’s the point of getting married if the guy is just going to cheat because he can’t help it? Only in a man’s world would anyone have the balls to write such stuff to excuse such dispicable behavior.

  2. Reille Hunter gave 9 hours of testimony before the grand jury. He might just do some time for misuse of campaign $$$.

  3. There is a pretty big list of celebrity nerd males from last year that supported Barack Obama at crucial times.

    Michael Moore,
    Larry David,
    Jimmy Carter,
    Al Gore,
    John Edwards,

    on and on the list went. But then, when you accept fraudulent campaign finances, people have to be paid to do SOMETHING, like woo the adult male nerd crowd to vote for your guy.

  4. I hope he shares a cell with Rezko.

  5. LOL, OMG! Father of the year??

    The media sure sat on this scandal and did us all a disservice. No doubt that was the whole point. If the media had done their job, Edwards would not have been in the race taking votes away from Hillary and his endorsement of Obama would have been meaningless. People may also have thought, gee, I trusted this guy and got punked, maybe I should take a deeper look at the other guy on the ticket?

    I really got slammed by my friends, I said Edwards was a sexist pig and they got all pissed off. No he isn’t, he’s for the poor, etc, etc. BS, it’s always been Edwards for Edwards, Obama for Obama, Hillary for the people. Oh well, live and learn.

  6. By the way, that poor child. Someday she’s going to grow up and see the tapes of her father denying her. That sucks.

  7. That little girl might be quite happy that she was “denied.” In the end, would anyone really want to be the child of this creep?

  8. Some daddy. Now he’s really going to have to pay. Good. I just can’t believe this hypocrite. Makes me sick. What makes me sicker is I don’t think his kind is rare in politics.

    Two horribly corrupt parties. It’s a wonder they don’t all emit a stench when they walk into a room. That smell Harry talked about in the capital when the dirty visistors came through…I think it was their own stench.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone’s lies and evil were displayed as smells? The whole country would stink but at least you would know who to stay away from.

  10. it is not my intention to rain on the parade of pile-on regarding John Edwards. I never liked the guy myself, but in fairness, is any of this really any of our business? yeh, I get that he was running for Prez on a lie, and all of that. and I get that it was a creepy, lowdown thing to do. having said that, Elizabeth is the one who stands to get hurt big time here, after the hurt that is already on her regarding this. she chose to forgive him and that is between her and John. i believe the rest is none of our business, just as i believe that Monica Lewinsky was none of our business. lies are pervasive and that is the hard reality. do i like it? of course not. but how I feel about it won’t change any behavior. ya think?

  11. The reason that it is our business is that due to this persons lying we lost the best president we could of had at this time.
    By his lying he hurt the country and although I feel very bad about Elizabeth Edwards she knew he was lying and helped hurt the country.
    The Monica affair did not effect the outcome of an election, this affair did.



  12. As a woman, I think it is very important that a policitican who claims to champion women is not a hypocrite. The man was Oooooooozing with “I care” and all along he has no respect for his own wife, so how I earth can I believe he gave a rat’s ass about me? It also goes to character. When I see a Bum like Newt, pontificating about morality, it makes me sick. You know why it makes me sick? Because he visited his wife in the hospital with cancer and told her the marriage was over. I feel the same way about John Edwards right now. This goes to character in a big way. Any person who would do that to the mother of their kids is pure scum and God knows what he would do to us. So yes, it matters. As for Bill, I didn’t like it when he did it either! But as a minimum the guy didn’t run around pretending to be father and husband of the year. How well I remember Edwards clucking at Clinton like he was soooooooo above him morally.The man is a phony and a phony is not what we need in a leadership roles. That’s how we got to where we are in this country. Pigs, phonies and liars and thieves pointing fingers at other people when they get caught, while all along they are on the same page.

    The more moral they pretend to be, the worse their character is. The problem in this country is we have people in charge who are horrible examples of human beings.

  13. Add What Helen said.

  14. Thanks for rattling my cage on the previous post. Late for work (but still chuckling) but glad to be prompted

  15. Alessandro at 12:09; O’s questionable support group.

    At one of the primary debates, in a rather offhand remark, Obama stated that he’d take help from anybody

    Something should have been made of that remark, for hindsight shows us the lengths he went to ingratiate himself for money.

  16. It is painful to watch dirty laundry being aired out. However, when someone props themself out front and center because of power, ego, and narcissim, and they directly affect the public, let alone the pain they inflict on loved ones, the self-centered cannot but fall and become pariahs of their doing. It is so troubling that JE carried on as he did, acting as though he was above it all, sneaking around, and then swaying his stance and support away from HRC to the Pretender. Agree on the character issue; add integrity, respect, ethics, and responsibility as well. He defiles females, plain and simple.

  17. My take is this. I think reporters as well as the public and government ought to stay out of the bedroom.
    What purpose does all this serve ? Scandal and something to talk about. Does it really tell you the truth as in is this person honest enough to serve ? If that were true then the majority of the world is not worthy. Tell me that everyone responding to threads like this is 100% truthful as to the fact they have3 not cheated. You would be surprised to find out how many you have faith in or thought could never do it have.
    Now what I say about this type of thing is this. It does not hurt the male nearly as it does the female. Trust me here I heard that message loud and clear when Bill the ” zipper” was caught. Most all attention went off him and to Hilary as to her being the dumb bitch for staying with him and to her for not being able to please her man. I think this is truly the one thing that destroyed her chance to make it to be the POTUS seriously. No matter how you slice it up the female will pay in the end for the game.
    Bills ladies were home wreckers, sluts, tramps and a host of things. Hilary was a dumb bitch , a dike, loud mouth, fugly you name it and Bill is still going damn strong today even here.
    Now back when things like this did not surface ie John and Bobby Kennedys long list of affairs until after they had died Jackie and Ethel were revered. But look at Ted who did the same thing and was caught and look at Ted’s wife Joan the ” poor dumb blond drunken bitch” Can you not see this ? Elizabeth will die disgraced and sad and become a memory and John will move on and all will be forgotten and forgiven by the many.
    Hilary is still living in Bills shadow.
    And what was said and by whom ? A female reporter had to point out not the issue she is not Bill and he her but that she was fat, ugly and had a bad hair day.
    Women will pay and so long as we push to hear marital secrets such will always be the case.
    What happens inside a bedroom should stay there.

  18. the thing is we hold these people to a higher standard,

  19. utahwoman has a point.
    foxladi hits the nail on the head.

  20. I disagree we hold them to a higher standard. Maybe some of us with morals and honesty do but the last several elections ought to tell you as the American voter that we do not.

  21. UT, you are correct, the American voter has acted as you say.

  22. Retraction of above statement. We only hold the female politician, or wife of male politician to a higher standard and Hilary and Sarah are living proof.

  23. I can’t say that I disagree with any of the comments here. I will still make the point though that if he is out of the public, not currently a public servant, it isn’t our business at this time. It was our business while he was running, yes, absolutely and it would impact my feelings regarding him in any future public position he would hold. I don’t see what good can come of this gossip at this point in time. Perhaps it makes us all feel better to examine the behavior of others, I don’t know. But yes, I do agree with the differing perspectives here. Thanks for letting me in on the discussion guys, it is interesting, with or without redeeming value!

  24. And man, Elizabeth has to be hurting a whole lot if this is true and he is the father. I just took another look at the little girl, and she is a real cutie. I can’t even watch the videos of Edwards. I don’t even want to go there.

  25. Yes he’s not in the public eye NOW,but he was running for President of the United states when this smarmy immoral behavior was going on, and as you can guess, there are quite a few people who suspect he was running for a disingenuous reason. But even if he weren’t and EXPECIALLY if that is not so, the man is not fit to be president. Imagine, just imagine if he had won.

    I suspect he was all set up for a big job in the Obama admin but that the Enquirer just wouldn’t shut. up.

  26. Great post Uppity. I feel sorry for the kid (beautiful baby btw), but can’t drum up much sympathy for any of the “adults” involved. They all participated in a coverup to suit their own agenda. The worst person in this though is Edwards. What a slimebag. This is all about character, and trustworthiness, and should be a lesson to all of us. Why do Americans always go for the good looking, or “charming” people vs people of sincerity, brains, talent, and character? Whenever I’ve heard Dennis Kucinich speak, I’ve been blown away by how smart he is and the range of his ideas; but, he never has a chance to move up because of his appearance. There are probably thousands of brilliant people that could serve this country well, but somehow its always the pushy, the rich, or the nice looking ones that get the stage.

  27. Utah Hillary lives in Bill’s shadow because that is what the system does to women.

    When discussing what happened in the Congo…I had to listen to TV shitheads, including WOMEN, say she had a bad hair day and crap like that. II had to listen to how how she was dressed and her posture. If that were Mitchell…..well nevermind, nobody would EVER ask such a question of a macho man In Charge. suggest she was so sick of those animals in the congo gang raping women all over the place that she simply couldn’t stand being there. I think her answer was out of raw disgust for the whole place and what they are doing. Of course, this wouldn’t effect most of the men we have In Charge, since it only applies to broads, so long as it’s not their daughters.

  28. Don’t put yourself forward to run this country and don’t put yourself in the public eye, judge others and purport to care if you are slime. Anybody who does that brings it on themselves. If my neighbor cheats, it’s not my business. But if he wants to run for mayor, I don’t think he has the character for it.

  29. Not only what UW said, but she was in the Congo to champion women’s rights. To have someone ask her what her husband thinks gave her the perfect opportunity to be an “Uppity Woman”, and also a role model for the local subjugated women to emulate.

    I’m still a little suspicious as to the credibility of this second “misinterpretation” (remember the “reset” button in Russia that made her look foolish?)

  30. You’re probably right Anthony. After all she’s crapping all over Obama in polls.

  31. …….and the questioner probably DID say that. Those people are animals to women. Frankly I wouldn’t send ANY woman to that place.

  32. “Frankly I wouldn’t send ANY woman to that place.”

    But then again, you’re not Obama facing his greatest threat.

  33. Uppity @ 4:04PM…well said!

  34. LOL people are complaining that they are getting an AOL Spam popup with a letter from David AxelFuhrer on health care.

  35. I’m surprised uppity that you haven’t done a post on Michael “dog killer” Vick getting back into the NFL.


  36. “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone’s lies and evil were displayed as smells? The whole country would stink but at least you would know who to stay away from.”

    Cruel and inhuman punishment for my morbidly sensitive sniffer.

  37. Lower than whale shit. That’s a keeper.

  38. that slimeball. I would get a bunch of racist threats if I did. Even though he too is whale shit. Hopefully somebody will do to him what he did to those dogs.

  39. What kind of filth denies his own child?

    There is a body of evidence which suggests that some cancers are stress-induced. Poor, poor Elizabeth Edwards.

  40. Mary, the same kind of filth that runs for president in this country. Congress is riddled with this filth too.

  41. “regarding John Edwards… in fairness, is any of this really any of our business?

    Miss Becky,
    Possibly not, but you never know what –or whom–you’ll find when you turn over a rock.

  42. Well say what you will but I feel in the end the cheating man goes on to a good life and the woman who stood by his side and is publicly humiliated remains so forever. Just for others need to know and as I said it is a quite all too common thing. I guess what I dislike is the many who have also done this deed to their spouse to ppoint fingers. Ah what the heck it is the wave of thought these days.
    I only know this from personal experience . I had a cheating piece of crap husband. He had a baby with my best friend. I did not know said baby was his until years later and after I had the baby with my kids many times. When I got facts presented to me about his cheating and lying and dumped his sorry ass it was then I found out how the rest of the world thought. My son was 15 and got into a little trouble with some other kids. Stole a pack of smokes from a store. Store charged him and he went to Juvinelle hall. I along with soon to be x got called. He was home because he rarely held a job that too was my department and since I had to come in from work in a neighboring town and could not get there at the time they gave me I was the bad guy. His court date I was there and I had him at home and was working and doing all I could but lol here is the kicker. He the x is living with yet another woman who btw is still married and not working and I am single, not getting child support and working and the court PISSCYotrist decided that my son ought to go live with his dad because I am not fit because I am working and could not make my marriage work. True story. LOL less then 4 months my son was back with me because x left mistress for another and she hated my son.
    Now Juvenile justice was less then happy about this and had him picked up and back to court we go. Bear in mind I have never had so much as a traffic ticket but here we go. Luck had it I got a female judge that reamed the PO officials and tossed it out and told me I was a great example of doing the right thing and showing my son how to live. End result he was with me until he was 25 and has worked darn hard and has made good. But society does not see women as human or decient when they have a cheating spouse.
    I think this is too much info out to the public.

  43. UW,

    You’re bang on. Washington DC is one big pond, and all the politicians are pond scum.

  44. Maybe if betrayed wives like Elizabeth Edwards, Mrs. Sandford, Hillary Clinton, and dozens of others in thepublic eye got together and formed a third party, American womern–and men–might rescue this country from the quicksand into which it’s sinking.

  45. I think it is our business. When bill clinton cheated it pissed me off, not because I give a crap what he does, but because he was in charge of promoting an agenda I cared about and he went and handed the enemy ammo. His foolishness or selfishness or whatever hurt this country because he had to spend so much time defending himself against impeachment, time he could have spent working on policy.

    Edwards really pisses me off because his foolishness and the media’s complicity contributed to denying this country the best president we could have had.

    So, no I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms, but when that behavior gets in the way of making this country a better place, than yes, it’s our business.

  46. UT, Hats off to you for being the strong mother and doing the right thing. There cannot be enough said to laud women like you who shoulder their responsibilities as such. Except perhaps, that their kids realize the wonderful person in the mother who held her own. A great role model at the minimum.

  47. “I’m surprised uppity that you haven’t done a post on Michael “dog killer” Vick getting back into the NFL.


    $1.6 Million Dollars for 1 yr to a dog killer. I hope the ASCPA sets up picket lines outside Eagles stadium.

  48. “Maybe if betrayed wives like Elizabeth Edwards, Mrs. Sandford, Hillary Clinton, and dozens of others in thepublic eye got together and formed a third party, American womern–and men–might rescue this country from the quicksand into which it’s sinking.”

    Mary women make up 51% of this county. Todays modern woman would be a laughing stock or looked down upon by the ones that fought for equal rights putting their lives on the line. The women of the suffragette movement must be turning over in their graves. Government could be 100% female if women could work together and not be sucked in by misogynistic schmucks like oilsoc..

  49. They may make up 51% but half of them suffer from stockholm syndrome.

  50. DE look out that Vick the Dick doesn’t get his abusive ass boo’d when he hits the field.

  51. Thanks crier but I was just raised to try to do the right thing. Fact is lol my two children as uppity knows one are two of the greatest folks you will meet. I am proud to say that I did get that job right. I adore my kids and the sorry sack of crap that fathered them never hears from them. Their stepfather is their daddy. He has done more in less time to show them how much they are worth to both of us.

  52. “look out that Vick the Dick doesn’t get his abusive ass boo’d when he hits the field.”

    Yeah, that booing will bother him all the way to the bank. He didn’t just kill the dogs, he presided over their physical and emotional torture. Mother fucker.

  53. Check out our Nutty Buddy Science Czar. This insane individual thinks we should have mandatory abortions to reduce population, add sterilants to drinking water, give trees the right to sue people and have a Universal Planetary Regime that controls the worlds resources and human growth, and create an armed international organization, a “global analogue police force” to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty.

    He was unanimously confirmed by the senate that never bothered reading the book this nutball wrote in the 70s. Maybe he’s all right now. Ya think?

  54. The dog lovers are going to throw shit at the scumbag, Mary. I bet he doesn’t last. tsk tsk.

  55. If he wins the “fans” wont care if he killed their dog. He should have been banned from the league. Any sports player that fails a drug test or commits a crime should be done. There are too many other college kids that would love the chance to play professionally without pieces of shit taking up a spot.

  56. I say the Eagles are gonna regret it. I bet their mail is stuffed right now with protests.

  57. UW,

    Sure the Science Czar has his head on straight now I can tell because he has the same scrooly intelligent, rational look as that other model of sanity, his colleague in czarishness, Cass Sunstein.

    Look at those with whom obama surrounds himself. Could it be that he picks nutbags because he’s a nutbag? You know, kind of like for camouflage. Maybe he thinks we won’t notice him i if he just blends in.

    Wake up, America. A crazy person is occupying the Oval Office.

  58. I do have to admit that you have to be um……”special” to know so MANY seriously convoluted people and willingly surround yourself with them. Methinks he met this lunatic at Columbia or Harvard. He was in both places at the right times.

    And how about that other one, I forget his name, the one who said I went into jail an anarchist and came out a communist.

  59. Or the lawyer he forced into Hillary’s department who thinks Sharia is just fine and courts should consider it when dealing with cases. No doubt Barack’s next Supreme.

  60. Chicago is a serious radical magnet.

  61. Utah,

    It became our business when Edwards lied about his affair.

  62. What did perfectly good whale shit ever do
    to be compared to Edwards?

    And most dog lovers are, or were, Eagles fans.
    Yeah, they’ll regret signing Vick, who has to be
    the most despised sack of shit in the NFL. Do
    they have a death wish, or something? Everywhere
    they go, the Eagles will be booed. They WILL
    regret this, guaranteed.

  63. Grail Guardian, on August 14th, 2009 at 9:12 PM Said:


    It became our business when Edwards lied about his affair.

    He would not have lied about it if the press were reporting on stuff that really mattered. So how do you think this hit Elizabeth ? She most likely knew and had already gone through the pain now she has to face the humiliation of the entire world knowing ? I am sorry that I have a different opinion of this then most of you do. If you think it is bothering more then it is her and if he is embarrassed more then she well I guess you have never faced the public in a private matter like this. Again in my opinion it is like putting the victim of rape on trial to prove she did not ask for it.

  64. Also there are the kids having to face the music of this because the public has a right to know. I just have to say I strongly disagree.

  65. This shitbag, by some freak of the draw, could have been president of the USA. He ran for VP with Al Tree Bark. That makes it EVERYBODY’s business.

    **Correction. He ran with Horseface.

  66. Utah,

    I don’t totally disagree with you – we’re on the same page as far as private lives being private. I’d rather not know, and I think crap like this is just embarrassing to the country. But he was running for leader of the free world and he publicly lied. All I’m saying is that made it our business. If he had said “no comment” and Elizabeth had said “no comment” I’d be with you 100%.

    Isn’t lying what got Bill Clinton impeached?

  67. Yeah he pulled that Above Reproach, Holier than Thou shit over Clinton too. He’s not a private citizen. He’s a pig who tried to run my country. He’s a former senator. He’s a pig and a liar and a hypocrite and he deserves to be hung out as an example for other pigs, liars and hypocrites who will try to come after him….and who are sitting in seats of Lords even as we speak.

  68. I hope the Enquirer follows the whole dung pile of them around.

    DC needs to be flushed like the big toilet it is.

  69. “the lawyer he forced into Hillary’s department who thinks Sharia is just fine”

    That fat bastard’s name is Harold(?) Koh, a former dean of Yale law school . He was actually oilsoc’s first choice for the Supreme Court, but apparently it was more expedient to get the Hispanic vote, hence Sotomayor. I believe 0 may be saving Koh for Chief Justice. oilsoc has no plans for ever leaving the White House.

  70. Hal,

    Good to see you again. Hope you’re feeling well.

  71. You of course are entitled to your beliefs and I am mine. As for Bill Clinton his lies about that did not bother me one bit I expect that. In fact I still chuckle over the I did not inhale line. I truly thought impeaching him for that was showing how petty people can be. I did not care for him as a president and thought the S&L and White Water were far more important to his character or lack of it then Monica but people place things in the order they feel of importance.
    All the Kennedy’s were pigs and yet knowing that Jack screwed Angie, Marilyn, and a host of others seems to not bother the admiration for him. Hell Bobby was screwing Marilyn when Jack was too busy. The fact they might have had her murdered seems not to take down the admiration of them either. Oh well like I said I see this as wrong and not going to change my thinking on it as I have been that humiliated wife and know what the public knowing does to you.

  72. Yeah but I get two votes. It’s my blog. Hell I can have ten votes if I want.


    Washington DC needs a cleanup. Period. And the more of these jerks who are exposed for what they really are, the more people will become skeptical and clean that place up.

    If you never do anything, you will continue to have creeps like John Edwards faking who they are and running for high office. He put himself in the public eye, I didn’t do it. He did it. Now he has to pay the price he deserves to be charged.

  73. It must be the end of the world, DE.

    Whole foods was very dumb. Who do they think they sucker into their stores? Thebots love to pay too much for things, especially since it’s their parents’ money. lol. Very dumb of Whole Foods. If this gets around, they are sunk.

  74. The owner is most likely a Republican. lol.

    Did they think Bill Ayers or some other crackput anarchist they worship could possibly run a corporation like Whole Foods?

    They’ve been feeding a Right Winger. Isn’t that rich? RRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLL.


    Gee, organic from Chile when you can buy at the local farmer’s market. Think of the fuel that’s saved not having to truck organic tomatoes all the way from california. Read about how the “organic” industry is dominated by a few large organic farmers that supply whole foods a lot. Does anyone think a few small farmers is where they get their stuff? Oh well, they do have signs that say they buy local……….whenever they can.

  76. Utah,

    On one hand, you’re right about gossip passing as news. On the other, since I’m paying their salaries, I have a right to know whether my employees are people of good character and sound judgment whom I can trust. I would be entitled to know that much if I were running a 711, and more than that if I were in charge of a bank..

    I do not demand that the people making laws and decisions for my country be better than I, only as good.

  77. Well UW – I agree he’s a little piece of s**t, but having worked with several cetacean species in my research world, I do think you’re being unfair to compare Edwards to them. At least their dung gets used through several trophic systems to support multiple ecosystem levels. Edwards has merely contributed sperm.

  78. Ok here’s the analogy that comes to mind. When my nephew was young, my late brother had some real problems with moles on his land. At his wit’s end one day, he shot a mole. My nephew looked at the mole and said Dad, are we going to bury the mole? My brother said, No, we are going to leave him there as an example for the other moles.

    Swine like Edwards must serve as an example for the other vermin.

  79. Bullmoose, I apologize to all cetaceans, truly.

  80. HuffPo Wholefood turning on oilsoc, the bots heads must be getting very sore.

  81. Speaking of strange, did you catch the news about Bill Clinton’s chief of staff when he was governor? She got caught trying to sneak box cutters to incarcerated Muslims in a Dorito bag. WTF?

    I think her name was Wright? Betsy?

  82. Take that back. It was Death Row in Arkansas. WTF? I hope her room mate there in Arkansas prison likes her. Because she’s gonna be there a lonnnnnng time.

    Wright, 66, was caught trying to smuggle contraband during a visit to the state’s death row prison called the Verner Unit. A guard noticed items in Wright’s bag as it went through an X-Ray machine in May. Among the items found include a knife, a box cutter, tweezers, and 48 tattoo needles concealed inside of a bag of Doritos. Yesterday, prosecutors filed 51 charges against Ms. Wright, who is an outspoken

  83. I just love those death row sympathizers. If she were ever in a cell with those killers, she would find out just how much they appreciate her.

  84. And check out Darth Cheney. This is a really nasty bad man folks. They should throw him back in a bunker and leave him there. You know something? I think Bush might have been a better president without this cockroach pulling his strings.

  85. I saw darth’s daughter on fox a few times. Two things came to mind.

    This is an amazingly articulate person.

    And she has the same icey feel and look as her cockroach father. Ice water running right thru her veins. A shame really.

  86. deadenders @ 10:51, The bots will likely not boycott Whole Foods. Oh, they will say they are, and strut around on their blogs in virtual pissy fits of anger that the owner does not agree with them about the Holiness and Wisdom of Blessed Obamacare.

    But when push comes to shove, they will sneak their little asses right out to Whole Foods to pick up that arugula, ’cause they sure as hell ain’t shoppin’ in Food Lion with the unwashed hoi polloi.

    Betcha good money that Whole Foods does not lose a significant amount of sales.

  87. UW, I agree about Cheney. He’s scary scum. Rove took a lot of heat, but I don’t think Rove is as evil – he’s just an amoral political player to his core, who loves to win the game and plays as dirty as he can.

    Cheney is just freaking sick- creepy.

  88. what a bag of Destructive Narcissism this guy is.

    And Uppity… try not to insult whale shit next time. 😉

    You know as the survivor of Narcissistic Men I learned that many victims of these guys become PHYSICALLY ILL. Wonder if the stress of dealing with his Jekyll & Hyde personality contributed to poor Elizabeth’s cancer? I know what I think.

  89. Mary

    “Maybe if betrayed wives like Elizabeth Edwards, Mrs. Sandford, Hillary Clinton, and dozens of others in thepublic eye got together and formed a third party, American womern–and men–might rescue this country from the quicksand into which it’s sinking.”

    as a DV Counselor I will tell you straight up – the majority of people LAUGH at victims and tell them to ‘grow up’ or ‘get over it’ or ‘move on’ when they often suffer from months & months of PTSD and no one believes them.

    We’d have to deal with the misogyny in politics and in law enforcement and MOSTLY the MEDIA! that continues to call women ‘scorned’ or ‘obsessed stalkers’ or ‘crazy bitches’ when they want accountability from those who abuse them.

    I’ll just sign this one with yet another overuse, b.s. phrase victims are called all the time

    “Hell Hath No Fury”

    (ps – maybe victims are ENTITLED to their fury!)

  90. Thanks Mary, feeling much better & still

    Uppity, most moles are ugly and blind, unlike
    gophers. Maybe you meant these cute lil gophers?

  91. I don’t know. I thought it was a mole, but what do I know? I knew I’d be hearing from you about this though. He just lost his cool is all. I mean the things were destroying his property.

  92. Here’s the contact page for the Stamford Marriot Hotel who blames the woman who got raped at gun point in their parking garage in front of her kids.

  93. Are those Obots sure they want to screw with seniors?
    72 year old store owner shoots four robbers and kills two of them.

  94. This one’s for Edward:

    Victim blaming is so ingrained in our culture and it makes me sick:

    Watching these videos it was reminiscent of Peter Cook with Barbara Walters blaming Christie Brinkley because he was a sex addict, a destructive narcissist and a selfish scum sucking piece of pond scum.

    Blaming a rape victim for being raped? Heh – sounds like 1952 all over again.

  95. The dog lovers are going to throw shit at the scumbag, Mary. I bet he doesn’t last. tsk tsk.

    The sportscasters and others have said “Oh he did his time and he deserves a second chance” and such crap.

    Fine he can have a second chance, but just not in the NFL with a million dollar plus salary. As far as I’m concerned these golden boys get one chance at the golden apple. He had his and he fucked up. He can go sell used cars. That’s giving him a second chance that you or I would get.

    I hope he blows it and screws up royally. Off or on the field, it doesn’t matter to me.

  96. i”The sportscasters and others have said “Oh he did his time and he deserves a second chance” and such crap.”

    Even in sports coverage, the MSM coddles the enemies of decency. It is aImost inevitable that those who protest against this vile bum’s reinstatement and obscene financial reward will be accused of racism.

  97. The problem with these boycotts is that conservatives have gotten good at counter protesting. If I were near a Whole Foods, this story would make me want to shop there. I always thought the store was run by Ben and Jerry’s hippie types. People can stop shopping there, but people who support the CEO can buy 2-3 times that much in support.

    The boycotters’ reasoning is pretty stupid, too.
    “I’m boycotting [Whole Foods] because all Americans need health care.” What? Does this idiot even understand Barfy’s plan doesn’t even START until 2012? Even then, most of the uninsured wll stay uninsured until 2020, assuming the country doesn’t go bankrupt by then.

    From the story:

    In the op-ed, Mackey outlines Whole Foods’ employee health insurance policy. According to Mackey, Whole Foods pays 100 percent of the premiums for all employees who work 30 hours or more per week — about 89 percent of his workforce.

    Additionally, the company gives each employee $1,800 per year in “health-care dollars,” says Mackey, that they can use at their own discretion for health and wellness expenses. This money can be put toward the $2,500 annual deductible that must be covered before Mackey says the company’s “insurance plan kicks in.”

    I think most people would love that kind of insurance. And if the government only did that, they would get a lot further than the convoluted series of giveaways, death panels and social engineering that’s in it now.

  98. Utah,

    I agree that Elizabeth Edwards got the really short end of this stick. Maybe this should serve as an example for more women to act like you did and throw the scumbags out. I admire your courage and strength in doing the right thing. It’s a travesty that our society has placed such importance on “having a man”, regardless of the price.

    I will not judge Elizabeth Edwards, because I was not in her shoes. But I will judge the lying sack of crap that cheated on her when she was struggling with terminal cancer and made her a national spectacle when she was at her most vulnerable.

  99. Let them this comment UW.

    Very nice attitude, blame the victim. I will make sure my family and friends “exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children and proper use of her senses and facilities” and stay in a different hotel than yours.


    Fred, he will be rattled. I can feel it.

  101. LOL Uppity…..Edwards is such a putz….sheeesh!

  102. I cannot believe that I actually supported this asshat at the beginning of the primaries…I even sent over $100. to his campaign…Makes me furious at myself for being such a poor judge of character…Never again…

  103. You helped him tip his hairdresser.

  104. What Helenk said at 2:39 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish Elizabeth good health, but she is no better than that sack of crap she tried to get us to vote for and wanted us to believe every lie he told except about Hunter and JRE’s baby with her.

    Shame on you too Elizabeth!

  105. carolinenotakennedy, on August 15th, 2009 at 12:03 PM Said:

    What Helenk said at 2:39 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish Elizabeth good health, but she is no better than that sack of crap she tried to get us to vote for and wanted us to believe every lie he told except about Hunter and JRE’s baby with her.

    Shame on you too Elizabeth!

    TY for proving my point. You do not know that she knew this yet do you and again folks this is the exact point I was making. Edwards will go on and Elizabeth will suffer to the grave.

  106. carolinenotakennedy,

    Do you also blame Hillary for standing by Bill? Seems to me you are victimizing the victim.

  107. Hey DE.
    oilsoc T-shirt arrived today. 😀
    Now all I need is a 9/12 meeting to which I can wear it.

  108. Mary, on August 15th, 2009 at 8:38 PM Said:


    Do you also blame Hillary for standing by Bill? Seems to me you are victimizing the victim.

    Now can you understand why I say this needs to be kept personal business. This Caroline is in fact how the majority treat the woman who was cheated on. If she leaves the man it is her fault if she stays she is a dip shit and gets what she deserves and either way she wasn’t good enough to keep her man happy.
    I will never agree that we have a right to know bedroom business. If that determines character for politicians we have been in deep shit since George Washington.

  109. The victims in the Edwards’ case are Elizabeth Edwards, that poor rejected baby, and, in an odd sense, Reill Hunter. When Edwards says he was sleeping with her but he didn’t father her child, he’s making her out to be the whore of Babylon.

    utah is right about others suffering because of Edwards while that sack of crap himself goes on his merry way.

  110. utah,

    I think betwen us we’ve got a strong point. When someone says he’s good enough to lead my country, I want to know the quality of his character and his judgment. In other words, is he trustworthy and reliable .

    Otherwise, though I wish the ill he has inflicted on others falls back upon him, I say the same thing about him that I say about gay people: it’s none of my business with whom they sleep, and truthfully, it’s not very interesting to me.

  111. his utah,

    You’re right. It isn’t it politicians’ bedroom business per se we have a right to know, but only in so far as it clues us into aspects of their character we might not otherwise find out. If a man does not honor his wedding vows, what are the chances he’ll honor his oath of office? If a man lies about his personal affairs, what are the chances that he’ll lie about his public ones?

    Otherwise, who cares about the shoddy behavior of shoddy people?

  112. Mary
    I hear you but respectfully if this was how we judge character then holy cow we sure have a nation of untrustworthy. I am serious. This is so common it is sad but not just males cheat. And I highly doubt anyone comes home after having a sexual encounter and says ” Hi honey I am home, guess what I did”
    Seriously this I think has to be the number one lie and I am willing to bet you know ones you trust and really have no idea. I have found out about some I never dreamed would do it and I mean these were very religious, and if you will good people that had it all until the lie of the affair came to light.
    I just think this is one thing we all need not to concern ourselves with unless it is our spouse or ourselves.
    There is far too much reality tv these days for me and far too much butting into private lives. All I can say is I am willing to bet Elizabeth sure as heck would rather have not had the world involved. It was bad enough to deal with the pain and anger without adding the embarrassment and shame to her in public too. Sad to have to live what little life you have left reading this in newspapers and hearing it on the news. Truly sad. And then you read crap like the poster above condemning her too and there are plenty like that.
    I do not and will not judge why someone choose to stay or forgive either because again that is not of my damn business.

  113. utah,

    I understand and respect your position and point of view. The common bottom line for both of us seems to be the grossly unfair, even cruel punishment being meted out by holier-than-thou busybodies public opinion to Elizabeth Edwards. And that poor little baby has a tainted future.

  114. Mary,

    The child will be a “rock star”. Elizabeth will always be “that poor, sad woman”. John Edwards will always be “that guy that ran for president and slept with that hot babe”. Reille Hunter will always be “the slut that slept with a married man and ruined his chance to be President”.

    Utah is right – we victimize the victim, often for our own selfish entertainment purposes. We as women should be appalled at stories revealing celebrity affairs, but are sadly the ones watching Entertainment Tonight and buying The National Enquirer. We lap it up like MKB goes for the ‘nip. Maybe we need a penguin at the grocery checkout to slap us when we go to buy these rags.

  115. TY Mary and it will be a cold day in hell when I buy an Enquirer or watch those entertainment rag shows.
    What is worse is I find women support beating down other women more so then men in many cases these days.I feel bad for Elizabeth very bad and not because of what her snake of a man di but that she can not walk into a grocery store or drug store without it being in her face and people looking at her and passing judgement on her because she stayed or because she was not good enough in the sack. Damn sad we feel we need to know so much we actually pay these jackasses to follow them and get that story. Damn sad we do not care about heros and people that do awesome things in life no we want to know all the dirt.

  116. Heck Utah. Now the Enquirer is more accurate than the MSM.

    GG that palast piece just makes me sick. Same shit as Bush.

  117. Principle. I will never have that lying rag in my home.

  118. GG,
    You are a realist–and a delicious cynic–out of Mary’s book. And I truly hope that poor ittle girl won’t spend her whole life feeling her rejection,

    If grocery-store literature depended on us, it long since gone bankrupt. And yet UW has the irnoic truth of it: the Enquirer, the Globe, and the sub-lowbrow NY Daily News had become more credible thain the one-time jewel in the crown of American journalism,the New York Times.

    When times come and the MSM say, “We were only following orders,” we can remind them that said “defense” didn’t work at Nuremberg, and it isn’t going to work here.

  119. Further, revered colleagues,

  120. In ’16 he’ll try again, with his new campaign slogan: “Hey bitch, wanna fuck?”

  121. […] I feel about John “Father of the year” Edwards, when I already said it. So please go here to read “John Edwards is lower than whale shit” to see what I think. NOT MINE I TELLYA! NOT […]

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