Harris Poll: Hillary Clinton is the only Administration official with positive ratings

While the American electorate continues to reap what it sowed, here is a Reuters report on the most recent Harris Poll results:

Hillary Clinton only Administration official with positive ratings
ROCHESTER, N.Y.–(Business Wire)–
As the fall season begins, the focus moves away from town hall meetings and whatis going on around the country back to how people in Washington are dealing with issues, especially health care reform. Unfortunately, many in Wshington are not dealing from strong positions, including the president himself, in terms of pproval ratings. In fact, when it cmes to many of the leaders of Congress as ell as those handling economic issues, majorities of Americans are not even familiar enough with these people to have an opinion regarding them.

Here are some highlights of other interesting results.

* Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the only member of the administration to have a positive job rating. Just over half of Americans (51%) give her positive marks, while 31% give her negative ratings and 18% are not familiar enough with her to have an opinion;

* Vice President Joe Biden is rated more negatively (38%) than positively (33%) while 29% are not familiar enough to have an opinion;

* Just over one-quarter of Americans (28%) give Defense Secretary Robert Gates positive ratings while 17% give him negative ones, but a majority (55%) are not familiar with him;

* One in five Americans (20%) rate Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke positively, one-quarter (24%) rate his job performance negatively and 56% are not familiar enough with him to have an opinion; and,

* Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is rated positively by 17% of Americans, negatively by 26% and 57% are not familiar with him.

How shocking that a third or more of America don’t even know who any of these people are! Now that’s frightening.

The Congressional numbers are even more dismal. Yet, amazingly, these people just continue to toot along as if the rest of us aren’t even here.

Looking at Congress as a whole, their numbers continue to move downward. In May, they were at a high with 31% giving Congress positive ratings, but in June this dropped to 25% positive and currently just 22% give them positive ratings while almost four in five Americans (78%) give them negative ones. The rating of individual parties and leaders in Congress are not any better:

* One in five Americans (21%) give Democrats in Congress positive ratings while 47% give them negative ones and one-third (32%) say they are not familiar enough to have an opinion;

* Even lower numbers (12%) give Republicans in Congress positive ratings and over half (52%) give them negative ones while 37% are not familiar with them;

* Looking at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 19% of Americans give her job positive marks but almost half (48%) give her negative ones and one-third (33%) are not familiar with her;

* However, her familiarity is better than any of the other leaders in Congress. Staying in the House, three-quarter of Americans (73%) are not familiar with House Minority Leader John Boehner, with 8% giving him positive ratings and 19% negative marks; and

* Three in five Americans (61%) are not familiar with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, while 10% give him positive marks and 29% give him negative ones. On the other side of the aisle, 72% of Americans are not familiar enough with
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to have an opinion, 8% give him positive marks and 20% give him negative ratings.


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  1. “Hillary Clinton… (51%) give her positive marks, while 31% give her negative ratings”

    And I’ll bet that 31% is all bot.

    I take great, if grim, pleasure in what is clearly the electorate’s buyers’ remorse..

  2. “Hillary is the only administration official with positive ratings”…

    …cuz maybe she’s the only one who deserves them?

  3. Looking at those numbers, there ain’t no Republican revolution going on around the country.

  4. Absolutely not surprised that HRC has the only positive marks.

  5. Sorry O/T

    US APNewsAlert
    (AP) – 10 minutes ago
    WASHINGTON — Obama aide Van Jones resigns as environmental adviser amid controversy over past statements.

    hell yes !!!

    one down 33 to go

  6. Rise Hillary Rise !!

  7. 33 more to go…it is going to be a long fall

  8. if only Hillary would jump off that ship wreck before it takes her down with it

  9. You think MSNBC will cover the Van Jones story now?

  10. First time a Van was under the bus.

  11. P4P, I’ve missed the news the last 8 days & I tried to google van jones (whom I never heard of before today) & all they say is that he resigned. What did he say? Thanks!

  12. socalannie, try here


    left side half way down the page.

  13. Wow. Barky sure knows how to pick ’em. (Except for Hillary, who I’m glad to see is doing well)

  14. Thanks justme!

  15. If anyone is interested, I have an enhanced version of his regislation letter.


  16. “First time a Van was under the bus”

    LOLOL, P4.

    I am confused by the overwhelmingly negative poll numbers on the Republicans. Any ideas?

  17. Just Me,

    ((Thanks)) for the wonderful breaking news!

  18. It’s the interpretation

    * One in five Americans (21%) give Democrats in Congress positive ratings while 47% give them negative ones and one-third (32%) say they are not familiar enough to have an opinion

    * Even lower numbers (12%) give Republicans in Congress positive ratings and over half (52%) give them negative ones while 37% are not familiar with them

    Negative ratings between Republicans and Democrats are 52% and 47% which are close to the margin of error. The advantage Democrats have is that they are more “familiar” to the idiots (how do you not know who Republicans are?) in the Harris Poll.

    This is a classic political situation. The Democrats are doing something, so their supporters are happier. At most, Republicans are holding the line, which looks to conservatives like they’re doing nothing. It does mean that the Republicans have to get out front more and stop being Underpants Gnomes.

  19. LOL – resignation letter was a hoot!

  20. Thanks, P4. I wonder if Harris polled as any D’s and I’s as he did R’s..

  21. oops, backwards: Did he poll as many R’s and I’s as D’s.

  22. I apologize for not covering van jones in any way, shape or form. I knew he was a hugely radical communist and not in the figurative sense either. For real. And this disturbed me so much I didn’t even want to read any more about the guy. If you want full van jones coverage, please go to RBO as she has followed him step by step. All I can say is thank God he is gone. Putting him in charge of anything, much less Green jobs and the environment is a travesty and a huge display of TERRIBLE judgment on the part of the President of the United states and his advisors. He falls under the category of Enough Is Enough.

  23. Here’s an interesting piece on his resignation. The way he sees it, so to speak.

  24. You guys have got to read Riverdaughter’s coverage of the ongoing Chesler/Wolf argument.


  25. All the pundits on FOX said he wouldn’t make it though the holiday weekend. I guess he’s now Van Jonesing for a new job.

  26. You don’t need to apoigize for not covering Jones UW. The MSM never heard of him or mentioned him either.

  27. Great news about HRC…..maybe she’ll challenge the one…..

  28. I believe they would kill her first.

  29. According to the link I posted, he’s still working in the white house. Just a new title is all.

  30. DE I know the MSN ignored their duty, again. I do feel guilty for not talking about it, but some things just make you sick.

  31. Yeah he’s reformed now. He’s not a Communist anymore. He’s different. Kind of like how Bill Ayers is different.

  32. Go, Hillary….
    We do know who she is and what she has stood for and been as a Dem.

  33. Hey Uppity, Jones needed no coverage here, you were right not to give him page space!

    You Rock !!

  34. Blowing a kiss to Justme, for covering my ass.

  35. “…amazingly, these people just continue to toot along as if the rest of us aren’t even here.”

    There needs to be some serious voting out of people in 2010 and 2012.

    HRC is holding her own because she is not considered part of the inner administration, and she is managing the international front without meddling fingers.

  36. HRC continues to manage to wrestle the limelight from wannabes

  37. LOL Crier. Next to her, they all pee the bed.

  38. “I believe they would kill her first”

    Either her or Chelsea.

    More than one murder has been committed in oilsoc’s name: Bill Gwatney, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Bernie Mac………

  39. If HRC stays on board, (and this from someone who was on teevee in her support, met with inner circle and was at the RBC) we must ask why.

    Sorry, but it’s the truth. – In my head anyway,

    I KNOW WJC KNOWS this oilsoc is n oilsoc, bt good God, enough is enough. How much proof do we need to know that oilsoc is a commie bastard in spirit and HRC is still in the fold?

  40. FF,

    Hillary wrote her thesis on Alinsky. It was so good, he asked her to come work for him. Has she changed her stripes or not? There are those who say she stays in because she’s very much one of them.Others say she stays in to save our country.

    Given her loyalty to the Party that betrayed her, all I can think about Hillary with any degree of assurance is that if she were still in the Senate, she would have voted for the stimulus bill and govt-run healthcare.

  41. If we soft land as an empire, it will because of the work of Hillary R. Clinton. I don’t know why she’s Bambie’s SOS, I’m just GLAD she is and someone who knows what they are doing is working somewhere for America .

    Hillary is one person. I doubt she could do anything in the Senate to stop this train wreck Obama’s owners are insisting on. And I think one a the reasons Hillary is out of the Senate because she does not want to be part of the domestic rape Wall St and Obie are engaged in .

    SOS is the one place she can be effective and NOT be compelled to endorse this shit . Even if she was in private life , she’d be hounded to endorse this horror. The other great thing about her being SOS and ” out of politics ” is I don’t have to see her try to drag lame ass Dems like the NJ gov across the line…..as she has done for 18 years .

    imo, Hillary took this job to help America . If it means “working ” with who stabbed her in the back, so be it. She’s not thinking of them, but of us.

  42. Thank You for posting this, I have been so busy I haven’t been able to keep up with everything happening.

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