Open thread and smart cat earns online diploma

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I recall when my late cat Judy often received credit card offers in the mail. Although I was tempted to get her a nice ViSA with a photo of a cat on it, I was afraid that if I did this, Judy might actually use the card. As anybody who has ever lived with a cat knows, You Never Know.

OreoNewspaper.239Meet Oreo C. Collins.  She’s a smart cat. In fact, she’s so smart, she got her High School Diploma online.

Rescued from a ditch when she was no more than a teeny, tiny ball of fluff, Oreo C. Collins, a 2-year-old tuxedo cat from Macon, Ga., may be the very first in her family to obtain a ‘high school diploma’ — online or off. (Of course, we may never know for sure because, as she wrote in her “life experience essay” portion of the test, she’s adopted.)

In fact, Oreo is so smart, she was at the top of her class, really.

“Oreo’s a really smart cat,” Collins said in a telephone interview with So smart that Oreo garnered mostly As in the online test, with some of her credits earned from her aforementioned life experience essay about her adoption into the Collins family.

Note: Bill. Is. Such. A. Slacker!

I do think it was wonderful that Oreo’s human went the extra mile to educate Oreo, who, having been rescued from the side of the road, had such a rough start. This is truly a success story and a shining example that, no matter what your beginnings, you too can advance yourself. Her human paid the $200 fee so that Oreo could take her GED test, which she passed with flying colors. And like all doting parents, Oreo’s human could not resist helping out his little boy.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it should be noted that Collins did help Oreo with both the answers and the essay. But to be fair, Oreo stayed in his lap throughout the test, and Collins got a little help, too.

“If you miss a question, the test gives you a hint that tells you the answer is,” Collins said.

I find this very similar to schools for little humans these days, don’t you? I mean, let’s face it, sooner or later they will pass you. And there are always those trophies just for showing up. But we won’t get into that.

There’s more to our Oreo success story. Oreo not only got her diploma online, she performed a huge public service, because guess who her owner is?  Why, Kelvin Collins is the CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central Georgia .

The thing is,  Oreo’s  “High School Diploma” from Jefferson High School Online is not the equivalent of the GED. In other words, Oreo’s $200 diploma isn’t worth spit.  However, this patriotic cat is more than pleased that she was able to serve as a warning for future cats who want to get their GEDs online.   Oreo was part of the BBB investigation of online diploma mills.

Oreo is not all that upset that her diploma is worthless and she remains unemployed, since she probably never intended to find a job anyhow. Her job is to be the family cat. And  since I’m sure she’s well cared for at home and probably isn’t into bright shiny objects, preferring  cardboard boxes and an occasional large dose of the old Niperoni, as far as she’s probably concerned,  there’s no harm done. Besides, and her “diploma” experience will help two-legged candidates understand that many of these online diploma sites will take your money and give you a diploma that isn’t worth the powder to blow it up with. Good kitty!

Meanwhile, Oreo remains unemployed, having yet to test the usefulness of her new diploma, which may be all the more worthless given the fact that Collins admittedly lied about Oreo’s age on the test. No need to worry about her future, Collins assures. “Like Oreo wrote in her test essay, she always lands on her feet.”

But boy, would I love to read Oreo’s essay.


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  1. Love the picture of Oreo on the newspaper. Our cat, Katy, cannot HELP but park herself on the paper if it is being read! LOL!


  2. Kittehs gotta get GED’s because they can’t stay awake in school, no way! They would fall asleep in every gosh darn class.

  3. My little kitteh wants to know where to sign up to get her GED. Then she can sign up for an online college course to get a degree.

  4. The convenient fantasies of President Obama
    By: Michael Barone

    Nails it.

  5. I’d like my BigMamaKitteh to want to better herself, but at almost 10 years of age, she’s not having it. I blame myself…..

  6. You know, I am sitting here waiting to leave for a nice peaceful vacation, ten things have already held us up, and I was hoping that you folks would act like Goddamned adults, and now I find that if I want a vacation I am going to have to check in here twenty times a day to check for shit you all KNOW is not allowed on this forum. I was hoping to catch as catch can and check in here once a day maybe, drop by, say Hi. I am telling you all here and now, if I have to play playground monitor, I will have to shut comments on this board down till I get back. Obviously there is no respect for my wishes here in all cases, so if you land in Goddamned spam you are going to stay there till I get back.

    Try a little consideration and you who need to read this know who you are. And if you give me shit, I will ban you so that everybody else can come here and have a respite. End of story. God, how annoying.

  7. Hey!

    Oreo should run for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Get on the road Uppity. I am most likely heading out Friday morning ugh. I have decided to swing through the north corner of Yellowstone. Might have to carry a medi pack to take care of myself when the ACD crew see a bear on the road lol. Not sure I am thinking this thing through.

  9. FF that is a good one.

  10. Gosh, Uppity – I know it’s Profane to mention The One, but…


    have a GREAT TIME!

  11. Cute picture !!!

    Have a wonderful vacation ~~Uppity~~

  12. Barnett v. Obama: Judge Sets Conference, Tentative Trial Date

  13. I must say I love the new header. It’s amazing how kitties can figure out the whole Monopoly Money game scenario – but humans – not so much.

    Perhaps that is why Oreo did so well. He would have aced the math section. This along with the natural love of newpapers, novels and textbooks only increased his chance of success.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  14. Wow, I feel for Oreo, my dog is also out of work these days. Sure, I try to supplement her treat income by sending her out to get the paper and bring in the mail, but that’s not enough to fill in the income gap she’s experiencing.

    Have a great vacation Uppity!

    Wait…What’s a “vacation”? 😉

  15. i,m past the age of vacations.but i can enjoy everyone else’ s
    i am a voyeur lol.

  16. .Good story about Oreoand his man. Glad somwone is trying to expose Internet scams.

    But, you lost me right here:
    “Note: Bill. Is. Such. A. Slacker!”

    My darling boy is at his Moderaor Kitteh console day and night, never stinting in his loyal service to us here at UW’s blog. I must insist that Bill be given all the respect due an MKU valedictorian.

  17. .FF,
    Good article by Barrone, except for his deision of, and even use of the noxious term,.”birthers.”

    btw, a CA judge, an ex-Marine who loves his country, is going to hearae Natural Born Citizen case against oilsoc. Read more at link posted by :
    JustMe at 12:36 PM

  18. …Obama is a gifted orator, but his empty rhetoric is finally catching up with him….

  19. Birthers should be constitutionalists. That is what they are looking at, not birthing.

  20. Don’t know if this was brave or stupid

    “We are a nation of White Devils”

    Rev, Wright, Chuck Todd, and Satan, joined by a mystery guest

  21. At, no friends of Hillary, an acknowledgment that she was prescient about BO and his preening ineffectiveness:

    And, following is an interesting comment by someone at politico to the video clip…intriguing surmise about why the Kennedys may have flipped, eh? —

    “Hillary was right all along. Another prescient moment (one of many in which she tried to warn voters) was when she pointed out that as great as MLK was the Civil Rights Act would not have passed if not for a knowledgeable, battle scarred, EXPERIENCED president like LBJ who was willing to FIGHT even his own party to get it passed. The message was VERY clear to those of us familiar with American political history as well as to the Kennedys (hence Teddy’s meltdown and why both he and Caroline immediately endorsed 0bama the following day). Hint hint message to voters: LBJ (Hillary Clinton) may not have had the good looks, youth, charisma and rhetoric flourish of JFK (Obama) but it was LBJ WHO GOT THE JOB DONE! JFK promised to pass the Civil Rights Act but did’nt have the backbone to take on the Southern Democrats who kept voting against it. LBJ did! JFK was more interested in remaining popular and being re-elected. Gee, now who does that remind me of?”

  22. NES,

    Now that is an orator, not a totus-reader. Observing American’s buyer’s remorse does afford one satisfaction, albeit grim.

    Yes, LBJ’s legacy, checkered though it is, bespeaks know-how. And why not?. He learned most of what he knew at FDR’s knee.

  23. Purple Lips Flapping tonight. Bleccch.

  24. I watched a couple of people including that dumbass that no one’s heard of. They seem to be lowering expectations now. No more make or break talk, since he’s closer to break than make.

    I still think people are going to take his broad generalities and make them into specifics. It looks like the only specific is the pre-existing condition thing. That could have been done in 10 minutes on Day 1.

    Open thread time, or is everyone sick of mocking him?

  25. Loved LBJ.

    Even though I harbored as a little 4th grader that he was involved in the Assassination. It made sense to me then. (Have been into conspiracies ever since). I caught on to Texas and Cuba right away.

    I can’t wait to read this whole thread later.

    FLOTUS looks hot in pink tonight.

  26. Open Thread, please.

    Need to look at this picture; turning point tonight.

    Somebody give Sebelius a couple cookies. She’s emaciating before our very eyes.

  27. Obama is drinking her blood to maintain eternal life. It’s all in his medical records we never saw.

    I’ll refrain from what I would say about LBJ. I was planning to blog about it in the near future anyway.

  28. Ewwww.

  29. Nothing in our plan requires you to change the plan you have (it just won’t be available)


    Can’t drop your coverage when you get sick (because it won’t be there)


    No caps – (because it won’t be there}


    You don’t have to pay out of pocket. (We’ll raise your taxes to cover it)


    If you want a breast exam abortion, we’ll pay for it.


  30. I hear he’s going to say that if we do nothing, more Americans will die. There’s a rehash of the Simulus package. Remember we have to pass this or the unemployment rate will go above 8%. Well, it passed and its 10% now.

  31. tax credits :based on your need”


  32. Barky is thinking “I’ve got ’em now”


  33. Ah. If we don’t pass health care RIGHT now, AMERICANS will DIE.*

    *not counting the 4 years until the plan kicks in

  34. On Papoose at 8:06 pm — Join in open thread vote. Of course, I’ll be spared the pain since of listening to or seeing TOTUS as I’m stuck in the office.

    Papoose, the comment re Sebelius is hilarious.

  35. If this plan is so easy, why are there four versions, all over 1000 pages?

    Why not just take the 2 sheets of paper it take to write out these points and leave it at that.


  36. Yea, I’d love to hear about LBJ. I take him for granted like an old Grampa. He was there when all the adults everywhere were crying on end for days. I saw Oswald hot on my Uncle’ knee. I saw the Oath on the airplane and said, oh my. I saw the funeral. LBJ and Lady Bird had two square daughters. Bewitched was on and Bert was ringing his bell. 7 cents for a banana ice cream popcycle. (now I hate them)

    LBJ was long forgotten by the time we got to Watergate. We were a generation strong . (And Joni Mitchell stole our heads with her heart and her art.)

    LBJ, then HHH and RMN, childhood ceased. Laugh In was cool. ~~ Anyone way old enough to remember TWTWTW?

  37. If the insurance companies had any balls, they’d drop everyone in Congress from whatever plan they use and make them go on Medicaid.

  38. Mary @ 7:46 p — So true on the orator bit.

  39. Obama is a liar – plain and simple

  40. You guys watching Top Chef?

  41. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    The lying sack of crap!

  42. Next Top Model

  43. P4 @ 8:34 pm: Is it in fact true — as Thomas Sowell claims — that any health care reform passed won’t go into effect until ’13, ie, after TOTUS expects to be re-elected? If so, is he really so naive as to have thought that little fact wouldn’t cause consternation once it became generally known? I’d say he’s conniving, not naive.

  44. Chuck Shumer’s man crush is showing.

    Accountable? Like Van Jones was?

  45. Papoose @ 8:27p — What’s “TWTWTW”?

  46. Did you hear them heckle him?

  47. Oh, you gotta know I am fuming.

    A lie? Piece of lying shit. Pretending the 1100 pages haven’t been read in depth. My cup of tea as it reads like an insurance contract. No problem there with a highlighter and a dictator. He’s forgetting TOTUS is already on record. Psychobabble/Hyptnotism 101.
    I never in my life ever heard our House hiss and boo like Parliament. Never. 9/9/09 Friggin Clowns made history.

  48. McN – it was the lie about illegals. Republicans put a clause in that SPECIFICALLY denied illegals coverage. Proof of citizenship was required for eligibility.

    The Dems nixed it and did not allow it in the Bill.


  49. They use BCBS Federal Indemnity Plan:
    $20 office visit copays
    specialist or pcp
    $300 calendar year deductible $600 for a family
    85/15 out of pocket up to $5000
    premiums are about $370 p/family each month
    unlimited lifetime coverage
    Next time you cross paths with one of those nifty federal airport security folks, you will know how well they are taken care of.

  50. Of course. They want to keep POTUS POS in office for 4 more years.
    I hate him.

  51. Blame Blame Blame – how INAPPROPRIATE.


  52. Pond scum sucker is lying big time.

  53. McN – that was my plan exactly with TSA.

  54. TSA?

  55. Rhams Bro and Sunstein with be the “experts”

  56. Transportation Security Administration – the nifty airport folks. I used to be one

  57. I was hoping the Republicans would boo him like in the town halls. Instead, 6 of them vote for cloture to get Cass Sunstien into the White House.

  58. If this is so freakin good, why the hell don’t these a$$wipes take the plan?

  59. They will sell their own mothers off to the highest bidders.

  60. Great plan FF. It will not be Bamplan for the peons.

  61. NES<

    TWTWTW was a show that came on after 9pm in the early-mid sixties. It was SNL for That Was The Week That Was. The set was if it was news bureau and the
    leftyy comedians would report the news from last week. I was a little kid and I would have rather watched that over Patty Duke or Andy Griffith. Then it would be off to find Alfre Hitchcock.

    LOL at me. I was a teeny beatnik, I think. Smothers Brothers would be like a big night for me while my worn out Mom slept. (Peyon Place and Dr. Kildare were great too. But, ssshhh don't squeal on me.)
    I couldn't decide if I was in love with Dobie, Maynard or Dick Cavett!

  62. “FreedomFairy, on September 9th, 2009 at 8:41 PM Said:

    Chuck Shumer’s man crush is showing.

    Accountable? Like Van Jones was?”

    guess that means I’m not missing anything – turned my cable to “So You Think You Can Dance” – just to add to their ratings – figured Obey would just be lying from prompter to prompter

  63. Not watching the TOTUS right now, but couldn’t help noticing references to hissing and booing in the House. Are they really hissing and booing The One? And, if so, why isn’t that a good thing? It’s at least a change from everyone being scared to criticize him in any way. Papoose, I think there’s nothing wrong, per se, with hissing and booing in Parliament. In fact, I think it’s a lot healthier in a democracy to treat ones politicians as subjects for derision when deserved. I sometimes feel US politics is too polite.

  64. It’s all in the definition that they want to have. This is so scary.

  65. Yes, and that nasty Nancy is checking the seating to see who it is.

  66. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

    Terd Kennedy is still dead.

  67. They did boo him?

    THAT will make it to MSNBC

  68. I knew it…TeddyCare had to be used.

  69. And we have to keep showing the filthy rich Kennedy’s crying about daddy’s rotten health care.

  70. “BREAKING NEWS!!!!!
    Terd Kennedy is still dead.”

    Great – let’s put him on “The NewlyDead Game”

    Not in Spam Grail just in moderation. Must have been Teddy’s ghost.

  71. He has risen today.

  72. somehow, I’m in spam. SHIT!!!!

    Should we put Ted on The NewlyDead Game?

  73. Believe it or not, their outburst in ruckus was in favor of one of his parables. I think it was more like yay and fist-bumping.

    disgusting. I turned it off too, in case of ratings.

    Purple lips flapping is a good thing. We get him on the record again. He’s a thief.

  74. Our predecessors also didn’t have unvetted Commies in the West Wing

  75. No, our predecessors did not. It would have been considered anti-American.

  76. He is a thief Papoose. He is a liar as well.

  77. Joe Wilson yelled “liar.”

  78. Oh GOD!

    Another pasty-faced Republican who looks like a spineless weasel doing the rebuttal?


    Homerun Obama.

  79. He borrowed Waxman’s nose

  80. Woo-hoo! Mob rule!

    I really wanted to go to DC this weekend.

  81. Let his grieving Spawn set up a national Terd Kennedy Foundation Free Clinics for every person who wants or needs free medical/dental care. I’m in. Let the NEA design the logo. Make Uncle Terdy’s life long dream come true, Vicki. Pony up Kennedys’.

    501(c)3’s R U in every other domain.

  82. RATS…I guess it was too good to be true [the intimation of hissing and booing].

    I just checked in to the online video streaming on CNN and saw him plant one on our girl’s cheek. Hope HRC scrubs hard tonight.

  83. Shite — Couldn’t the GOP’ers have picked less of a wally to deliver the “response.”

  84. You do know, Waxman had a shitty nose job. That is a direct result.

  85. Does everyone agree with FF’s “Homerun Obama” assessment? That’s depressing.

  86. NES – the boos were for oilsoc’s lies on Illegals.

  87. NES- What made it a home run (not the speech, but the impression) was the wet weasel the Republicans put up to rebut.

  88. The Republicans didn’t tell Americans of ALL the plans they had put forward but had been locked out by Nancy and oilsoc himself.

  89. If ayone had the stomach to listen to oilsoc’s address to Congress, please chime in.

  90. Cardiologist. They wanted an MD rebuttal.

  91. Has the Paul Lynde impressionist climbed down from the speech platform yet?

    Choice tidbits of evidence, but we already knew it.

    Hamsher: How the White House Put Lib Groups in Veal Pens

    My own experience with the Veal Pen came indirectly, when some of them had the temerity to launch a campaign against Blue Dogs. They were rebuked and humiliated in front of their peers as a lesson to them all at a Common Purpose meeting, which is run by lobbyist Erik Smith. White House communications director Ellen Moran attends. It isn’t an arms-length relationship between these groups and the administration.

    I heard it over and over again — if you wanted to criticize the White House on financial issues, your institutional funding would dry up instantly. The Obama campaign successfully telegraphed to donors that they should cut off Fund for America, which famously led to its demise. […]

    And so the groups in the DC veal pen stay silent. They leadership gets gets bought off by cocktail parties at the White House while the interests of their members get sold out. How many have openly pushed back against the Administration on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or DOMA? Well, not many. Most tried to satisfy their LGBT members by outsourcing activism to other organizations, or proving their bona fides by getting involved in the Prop 8 battle that is not directly toxic to the White House. It’s a chickenshit sidestep that betrays their members in the interest of personal gain, which they justify with feeble self-serving palliatives about the importance of “maintaining a seat at the table.”

  92. Same ole lies Mary. More cheerleaders.

  93. Pasty Faced, isn’t that the look of lying hypocrites. They know you know they’re lying in your face and so the normal flow of blood draws away. Think thats how detectives know your an oilsoc. Guilty.

    Did Auntie Upps go to DC?

    Are we being good?

  94. In part from Hillayis44


    So what is a sensible person supposed to watch for at tonight’s insensible publicity stunt?

    One of the first things to watch for will be Michelle Obama. Will the White House wranglers be able to get her to wear a sensible dress, or costume, most Americans with common sense would wear? Will Michelle Obama again show up in a gin-soaked cocktail dress or one of her silly “I wanna-be a fashion icon” messes? Will Michelle Obama show up in a sober outfit with sleeves that have not been yanked off?

    If Michelle Obama shows up in a sober outfit, sleeves still in place, it means that the White House is focusing on bamboozlement of ordinary Americans not the Hopium addled. A sober outfit will demonstrate that the White House understands the level of trouble they are in – bad enough to force Michelle to wear something sensible that will not frighten the visually unimpaired.

    A crazy quilt cocktail dress without sleeves will tell us the target audience is still the Hopium addled.

    A sober outfit but without sleeves will clue us in that the Obama’s are still playing both sides of the fence.

    Michelle Obama’s frock will clue us in as to what audience Barack Obama has been told to target. If real Americans are the target audience, you’ll have to change the channel for a few minutes to see what the target audience is watching.

  95. Not to be rude, but which hot piece of ass Republican should do the response?

  96. I think Aunty UW went as far away from that cesspool as possible.

  97. Thanks for the clarification, FF. That’s good to know.

  98. Michelle was hot in pink. Just like Jackie on their last day. She refused to show her teeth. Had a very tight hold on the lips. She was just so humbly proud.

    The only thing missing was the pill box hat.

  99. and gloves.

  100. I missed the clarification on the cool outburst.

    They were in fact agreeing with our dear ReaderUsurper ‘s sarcastic remarks. Right?

  101. Sitting with all those Kennedy’s …..

    Guess she just couldn’t resist.

    P4 – I don’t KNOW – but YOU KNOW American TeeVee audiesnces AND this Administration are ALL ABOUT image, and the Republican just looked like another balding white man republican who the country is sick of.

  102. P4, you may have a good point there. But there had to be someone better than this fella! Maybe a guv could’ve done it.

  103. It had to do with illegal aliens. Zero says that the plan won’t pay for them. As you well know, he lies.

  104. Papoose @ 9:27 pm — Apparently, they booed his saying that health care wouldn’t be available to illegal aliens. In a clip I just saw, someone yelled, “Liar!” when he said that, and he rejoined with a “It doesn’t” (or words to that effect).

  105. Gawd, Asselrod just said that all docs are for this crap. Hack. I work with one and the entire floor hates POTUS.

  106. and gloves ! Hah!!

    ~ and Paul Lynde too! omigosh.

    Publicity Stunt II because

    yesterday with our youth. Baby with the pink hair says, oh but, Momee, he’s so nice. A rare warm and fuzzy moment these days.

  107. Thanks McN, FF, Papoose.

  108. You are welcome.

  109. Paul Lynde would have had a field day with Bozo.

  110. Thank you!!!! So much!!!

    Somebody shouted out Liar!


    Asselrod fails again. We shall all see on Saturday.

  111. Thanks, also, P4 and NES.

  112. He (Axelrod) needs to stay in the closet and work on taking that mustache down to 1/3.

  113. Lou Dobbs had a piece on the AMA once. It doesn’t represent all doctors and they make most of their money by licensing insurance codes. Yep, the Jackass supporting organization makes money FROM INSURENCE PAPERWORK.

  114. One of those Japanese Congressional brawls would have been cool.

  115. Oh yes DE.

  116. Yes, Papoose, thank god someone had the guts to say the emperor has no clothes — nada.
    The MSM is all in a tizz now about the “Liar!” shout, and are trying to figure out which Congressperson said it. Anyone know? Stay tuned for days of discussion on how “racist” it was for our dear leader to have been treated with a few hisses, booes and one clarion call of truth.

  117. They’d be just as well off to have put this up in front of the tele-prompter tonight. The Ted Kennedy Health Car is kaput!
    Obama Paper Dolls

  118. Yippy. I know just what to do with them.

  119. I watched……………
    I growled…………….
    I counted ahs………..
    I heard lies…………
    Now I can leave to Montana and throw myself down in front of a Grizzly

  120. The truthsayer was Joe Wilson, Rep. SC. Here’s a post from

  121. Just posted it.

  122. Yea, racist.

    Which reminds me I am pretty sick of the new acceptable slur: its like putting lipstick on a pig. It kind of like turns John Lennon from a composer to a prophet on its face.

    I am sick of bogus ‘racism’ ripping off the real deal. It’s setting us back big time. Especially in light of our beautiful biracial families. They are preying and sucking on the wrong ones here. Its their Agenda. They go after the most vulnerable. Time will tell…all in due time for everything. Take a peek at Southside Chicago and view all their dreams that came true. Vote.

  123. Now I can leave to Montana and throw myself down in front of a Grizzly


  124. Papoose do not give up hope. If they continue to overuse that term, they ultimately dilute it and have nothing.

  125. Check out the front page of drudge

    YOU LIE!

  126. The Ted Kennedy Health Car is kaput!

    Somehow fitting.

  127. WASHINGTON – The nastiness of August reached from the nation’s town halls into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as President Barack Obama tried to move his health care plan forward.

    South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” after Obama had talked about illegal immigrants.

    It wasn’t the only interruption during Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress in the House of Representatives. Earlier, Republicans laughed when Obama acknowledged that there are still significant details to be worked out before a health overhaul can be passed.

    Wilson’s outburst caused Obama to pause briefly before he went on with his speech. Overhead in the visitors’ gallery, first Lady Michelle Obama shook her head from side to side.

    P4 – Perhaps Wilson should have done the rebuttal!

  128. Thanks for the Vid…

    Lead balloon for Mark Lloyd and the FCC now having a new executive office: Diversity Chief. But not diversity like you would think.

  129. Has the Paul Lynde impressionist left the congress building yet?

  130. Outstanding.

  131. FF,


  132. is Susan Collins the Paul Lynde impressionist?

    I swaer she talks just like him.

  133. Excactly FF! Joe Wilson should have given the GOP Response.
    I’m going to check out Rep. Wilson’s website and leave him a thank you missive.

  134. Here’s a hilarious comment a poster left on hotair. Kinda sums up how I feel:

    “Pelosi’s facial expressions of outrage (which seemed to go on for several minutes after the fact) that anyone would dare question “The One” was orgasmic.

    And then…the laughter at Obama when he mentioned that “some of the details needed to worked out”. WOW! A two-fer!

    I need a cigarette.

    Puddleglum on September 9, 2009 at 9:45 PM”

  135. And you know, that Cass Sunstein is being floated out as like an greenie for animal rights, right.

    He’s really about the First Amendment. His wife called Hillary a monster on Great Britain TeeVee. during the height of the presidential campaign. Now they are all nicey-nixey.

    yea, they’re playing with us. sneaking in “anti-huinting” so you’ll miss what he really is about – Shuting UTFU…

    Scroll down to 1st Amendment:

    That’s where he’s really at.

  136. A two-fer

    That is hysterical.

  137. First Lady Michelle Obama shook her head from side to side…..

    I guess that’s why you didn’t see the pill box hat. She shook it off in an Exorcist style fit of head revolving and head shaking from side to side.

    Bet she wanted to shout something like Donna did the other day.

    “Brazile Defends Jones: ‘If You Made a Controversial Statement and You’re Liberal, You’re Labeled as a Radical and That’s Wrong”

    Which makes me think.

    Where has ol’ Donna been hiding these days?

  138. Palin4Prez (I could vote for her) I’m referring to the TOTUS.

    RE: is Susan Collins the Paul Lynde impressionist?

    I swaer she talks just like him.

  139. Yikes, you really want to know Butters?

  140. Not really McNorman!!!!!!!

    Just sort of a rhetorical question.

  141. Butters, you crack me up! I envisioned her in a large closet watching POTUS in the dark.

  142. Puddlegum.


    Yo Barry, stop pulling on my puddlegum. it’s indecent.

    McNorman, as always, ROFL! Paul Lynde. What a guy. I smile out loud in his memory. (Keeping the faith)

    You guys rock! I always loves the times the teacher stepped out in the hall for a few minutes. On your honor. Hope we are all being good. I caught Auntie Upps comment up there and hope I was absent.

    Oh, she knows I’m a snot.

  143. hmmmmm………

    Look at this. Maybe our next President should be ugly.

    Advice for Employers

    Hire ugly. All other things being equal, I’d give the nod to an ugly candidate. It’s not charity: They have less value in the marketplace and can be hired less expensively, even though looks have, for most jobs, little or no bearing on job performance. I’ve found that, on average, ugly people are more likely to be kind and to work harder because they know they’re working at a disadvantage. And unattractive people are more likely to stay with me because they tend to have a tough time getting hired, in part because they generally don’t network efficiently. If I treat unattractive employees well, they’re usually very loyal.

  144. Aunt UW would be laughing at that Paul Lynde visual. We have been good. We are having a snarking good time!

  145. As long as we don’t wrinkle the chiffon!

  146. Butters that is a very interesting article. Sometimes truth is staring us down and we don’t like to see it. People do have a tendency to let beautiful people slide more often than not.

  147. Amen.

    The absolute worse bosses I have ever had were lookers, but stinkers too.

    Remind you of anyone?

    snark snark

  148. Oh too many to say Butters.

  149. Joe Wilson, R-SC and GOP are all ahead of Obama on Twitter’s trending topics. Jackass is old news.

  150. Good. I even forgive Joe for voting for TARP.

  151. Aww. Wilson apologized?

  152. Here’s a little write up on our new hero, Joe.

  153. Ok, Donna had him in a headlock. That is what she was doing. That is why he apologized.

  154. Wilson’s numbers. Obots on Twitter will be leaving hate messages.

    (202) 225-2452 / (803) 939-0041

  155. We’ve all seen indications that Google is in the koolaid camp. This may be mere coincidence, but Google isn’t connecting to Rep. Joe Wilson’s home page. Do we believe in coincidences? The innocent explanation, however, may be that there are just too many curious folk trying to access that home page right now.

    Btw, P4, the guy ain’t half bad looking. Certainly an improvement, big time, on Dr. Wally PastyFace who gave the GOP response.

  156. “Wellllllllll……..if you won’t play pretty with me, I’ll just give another speech!”

    – Present Obama in his best Paul Lynde voice.

  157. Palin4Prez, maybe someone should Twitter the wrong phone numbers to all those hot head lefty Twits. Er, Twitters…..

  158. As I recall, when the Dems were the minority there were a few shoutouts of liar. I am sure that the videos are still out there. They should be found before youtube takes them down.

  159. FF, wonderful follow-through.

    So glad to know. Barky wants us to be more like Europe…he’s gonna get Europe. That is so uplifting to know. Lets all pat FLOTUS on the back.

    Counting Down til Saturday: 49.5 hours or something like that. I suck at math, too.

    McNorman and Butters, I second that emotion,

    Linda Tripp where are you? I think FLOTUS dribbled on her suit or something. Lucianne?

    NES, am going to go back and read your pre-game post on LBJ. Really need to go back there. So busy reading Coptic passages and investigating Genesis that I forget to smell the coffee percolating all over the electric stove. and on the cute rug and floor. xoxo

  160. Who knew they had TwitPics.

    Look at the Twit in red behind the Big Suits.

  161. There’s a thought Butters. Perhaps to some dubious number?

  162. Shite, he apologized! Oh well, it doesn’t matter. The words, “It’s a lie!” will always lead the discussion on this speech, and, moreover, it’ll highlight the health care for illegals issue in all the media.

  163. Thanks for the numbers, P4. Tried to call both — busy signals.

  164. Perhaps to the White House snitch line. I read they really just replaced the first publicized site with another one.

    Palin4Prez, that’s Eastern European Obama wants to convert us into – Bulgarian, Romanian, Albania, etc….

  165. OK, I have to ask…who is Paul Lynde?

  166. You got it NoEmptySuits.

    The MSM was pushing this millionth speech as a “re-branding” of the health care bill(s).

    Joe Wilson just re-branded the re-branding!

  167. Have you ever watched the TV show of Bewitched?

    Paul Lynde played the super-snarky, snide remark retorting Uncle Arthur on it.

  168. Hey Papoose, Coptic passages sound much more interesting.
    Good night all; it’s been great playing. And, UW would’ve been proud of us.

  169. I know Google was XXX when Uppity took the commie logo off the Board. I was like, shhhewww. Still can’t get me to write m o n s a n t o without the spaces. Never ever want to be lnked to that one. But I’ll go screaming to my death over GE – like tomorrow. Go Figure.

    It’s not coming, it’s here already.

    Glad to have youse. Its almost like sitting in a dark basement hiding the lit match discussing Anna Frank whilst balancing on the threshold of that attic in the 21st Century in America.

    We’re in a poem yet to be written.

  170. Butters, good and fitting phrase: “…re-branded the re-branding!”

  171. Gee Papoose, will it be along the Edgar Allen Poe variety?

  172. Thanks for the heads up on Lynde, Butters. Yes, I do indeed remember Uncle Arthur!

  173. UW would be proud of all of us tonight. I am sure that she will be lurking and laughing.
    Night to all…you are all so much fun.

  174. Nighty Night, NES.

    Yes, Uppity Woman would be proud.


    49 hours still Saturday!

  175. Nicolle Wallace is useless. They need to stop putting her on TV.

  176. Night time for me, too

  177. Just sent the following to Joe Wilson:

    You’ve sure got the liar-in-chief dead to rights. Thank you for pinning the tail on the jackass.

  178. Before lights out…a technical question for DE…

    Do you know whether or not the pharoah’s image is reflected in the TeleOprompters?

    I would say lower them a bit if it wouldn’t interfere with his ability to admire his jutting jaw as he pontificates.

    Maybe they’re at the perfect height and he’s just standing on his tippy-toes. I suck at spacial too.
    All snark aside, do you think he can see hisself in those TOTUS squares?

  179. FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on deficit pledge

    naw…….for real?

    From the Associated Press. Must be racists.

  180. Ahhh, pinning the tail on the jackass. LOL!

    That sure beats that lipstick/pig.

    Back in the day these thugs would have been in stocks and bonds, alright

    I caught some of the clips just now. He’s such a Pied Piper. I hope all the greedy rats follow him, merrily, to the Federal Penetentiary. lyingsackofshit conceited moron. Boo, ghoul!

  181. Papoose this is what oilsoc sees when he look at his teleprompter

  182. Blog hogging:

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs and woeful State of the Union when the POTUS has to come out with an ad (PSA) and tell us we need to be a good dad.

    I don’t know how I survived without him.

  183. DE,you made might night!!!! Perfect you’re always so on time.

    Guess I should go clean up the mess in the kitch. Coffee boiled over and the maids night off and the butler is snoring.

  184. Yeah, i made that up. might night.

    laffing at me – my night!

    Barry is a Fraud.

  185. oilsoc…oilsoc…oilsoc!

  186. On Hillbuzz they say HRC will quit her SOS job and run for NY GOV, according to The Weekly Standard who claims it has two sources for the rumor.
    I have no link but heard it a couple of times now???

    Anyone heard of this too?

  187. Great picture : The liar moment

  188. JustMe,

    Biden looks like a church warden who spotted a kid hiding a comic book in the hymnal, Pelosi looks like the doctor just told her she has six months to live, , and oilsoc looks like a nasty little brat whose mother told him he couldn’t have a new toy.

    The Three Wisemen they ain’t.

  189. Pelosi’s expression is priceless.

  190. Good morning everyone! My goodness, 192 comments. Looks like you watched da speech. I didn’t watch a minute of it, but loved the clip of the Liar shout. It was kind of embarrassing and rewarding all at the same time, wasn’t it? Kind of like watching somebody you really can’t stand walk out of the rest room dragging some toilet paper behind him/her. You feel torn between telling the person or just letting it ride for spite. But the winner was definitely Nancy. Usually expressions like that are reserved for someone witnessing a four car pileup. And to think a still photo was captured for posterity. I only regret that Rahm isn’t in the shot.

    I am sure that today there will be apologies to Teh One all around though. I imean, people want to live, you know?

    These people are crazier than a rat in a coffee can. And to think they are in charge of our future…..

    Thanks for taking care of yourselves without me. And thanks to the mods! I promise you a raise! Double your salary! What’s two times zero???

    Love yas.

  191. We interrupt this circus for a trip down memory lane, also known as hindsight.

  192. Hello Uppity. The (well-behaved) children send their greetings. Sip a
    Margarita or several for us.

  193. If Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul ran for president together, they’d get more votes than anyone would think.

    They could fight each other for the top spot.

  194. UW,

    Quoth Kucinich: “It’s a bailout for pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.”

    I’m shocked, Rick, shocked.

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