Two-legged cockroach takes Creepiness to a whole new level.

cockroach-3Here’s a cockroach who is an excellent argument for women buying guns. I do believe he may even win this year’s Creepiest Guy Award.

CONCORD, California —  Police have arrested a pilot who they say stalked his ex-girlfriend by repeatedly flying his plane low over her house.

Police in Concord, in northern California, say Tom Huey made several low passes over a residential neighborhood Wednesday evening.

Sgt. Tiffiny Leftwich told the Contra Costa Times that a dozen residents called police to complain. Huey was arrested shortly after landing the Beech single-engine aircraft.

Leftwich says police have been investigating reports of a low-flying plane in the area for more than a year.

Huey’s girlfriend filed for a restraining order last year, but he was not served until Wednesday afternoon.

Huey is being held on $155,000 bail on suspicion of felony stalking and violating a restraining order.

Bleck.  Doesn’t the thought of this creepy-crawler just make you itch? It took them a whole year to serve a restraining order on this cockroach? What were they waiting for? Murder?  

Cockroach_closeupAnd they let this sociopath out on bail? Hope he stalks the judge instead of someone else while he’s awaiting his trial and pissant sentence that will leave him free on parole, if not probation– so that he can can actually kill somebody next time.

Learn to protect yourselves, ladies. You need to face it: The law doesn’t give a shit about you.


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  1. oilsoc on tee vee being mean to Iran….

    surprised Imajerk is a liar.

  2. gotta run…i’m late now

    see ya later

  3. I’m sorry but why did this take a year? The truly sad part is that when this guy gets out and he will he’s going to be pissed and looking to take it out on this girl. I hope she has purchased a gun and a big dog.

  4. a big gun and two big dogs

  5. My goodness, those photos look like David Axelrod!

  6. big scary dogs are fabulous deterrents. trust me, i had (up until recently) two of them.

    nobody ever bothered me 🙂

    there has to be someone she can call that will help her out – i know that here in DE (delaware, not deadenders :P), there’s a hotline that women who want to get away from abusive boyfriends can call, and they’ll arrange it so that the women can get away. New job, new living arrangements, etc etc etc.

    Then again…creeps like him are usually quite determined. I can’t believe they didn’t serve the restraining order until a year after it was put out – that’s ridiculous. poor girl…when she winds up disappearing, they’ll have no one but themselves to blame (although, they’ll try to blame someone else anyways)

  7. Cockroaches don’t bother me at all. In Hawaii they were so big, they were kind of cute.

    Now the human kind, they’re just awful. I wish somebody would invent a giant can of Raid.

  8. So many things could have gone wrong. Ummmm, like an accident crashing into the neighborhood with many people! The FAA ought to take a good hard look at this man on a vendetta, and seriously consider grounding him.

  9. My daughter just recently had to file a restraining order against her ex-fiance (who was harassing her by calling her work place and making threats) after she broke up with him. Anyway, the Sheriff’s Dept., who was supposed to serve him, would not serve him at work because they would have to get there early before he left to make deliveries (he drives a truck to deliver booze to restaurants). They then said that SHE would have to find out where he was living, and even then, they couldn’t promise when they would have the time to serve him. In other words…you’re just a woman, a waste of our time.

    She ended up doing some detective work, found out where he lived, and then hired a private agency to serve him. She still doesn’t feel safe. She said a piece of paper makes a lousy bullet proof vest.

    Once the papers are served, the police do little to protect the victim. My daughter said that if he came over to her house, and violated the order of protection, the police wouldn’t go after him if he left before they got there. He even said, I’d be done and out of there by the time the cops got here. Most of his threats were to do damage to her home and scare her 9 year old daughter. He even told my granddaughter…”See, this is what you get when your mom pisses me off.”

  10. Wow nunly what a sicko especially telling a 9 year old something like that. I hope he meets with some unfortunate accident and until then I hope your daughter and granddaughter are safe.

  11. Aw Geeze, Mary Ellen, I am sorry your family is going thru this. This seems to be on the upswing, and those restraining orders aren’t worth the powder to blow them up with it seems. They are just some museum bullshit the law does to protect sociopaths and screw their victims. Mary Ellen, I know you aren’t going to like what I am about to say. Get a gun and learn to shoot it. If our convoluted legal system isn’t going to protect the innocent and is going to protect cockroaches, then the only answer is to eliminate the cockroaches ourselves. I’m telling you here and now, I was never a gun person, but I am now. And I would have no problem seriously wounding that SOB, expecially given he is terrorizing your granddaughter. Barring that, hire somebody to beat the crap out of him everytime he comes to her home. They can wait outside his house to do it. See how he likes it.

  12. I’d suggest getting a camera to go with that gun, but he’d probably sue under wiretapping statutes.

  13. Yeah Palin, he’d say “I didn’t give you
    permission to take my bleeping picture!”

    Well, let’s see, no he couldn’t sue if the
    picture proved him to be in violation
    of the restraining order (like in her house).

    Nunly, I’d go the gun route, too, plus I
    love Uppity’s suggestion to have someone
    beat the crap out of the jerk= “You like
    to beat women like this and that?”

    You don’t have to live in fear of him. I’d
    also feed him to the dogs. He invades her
    turf, he cannot sue for being mauled by dogs
    expressly to protect her from him. He can
    read? WARNING: GUARD DOG(S).

  14. ooooh gross me OuT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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