Our loan to Al Gore’s company to make an $89k car for The People, manufacturered in Finland

As I, and probably a whole lot of other people who don’t get paid to report the news in a timely way, mentioned as far back as June, Al Gore is backing a car company in Finland to build a car just for you, so long as you have $89k.

I'm ironically named Karma. I only cost $89,000.

I'm ironically named Karma. I only cost $89,000.

But Al, who increased his net worth to roughly $300,000,000 by inventing Global Warming, is not backing this company all by himself. No sir. You are helping out too. You just gave him a half a billion dollars in loans.

WASHINGTON — A tiny car company backed by former Vice President Al Gore has just gotten a $529 million U.S. government loan to help build a hybrid sports car in Finland that will sell for about $89,000.

Let’s hear it for American jobs and an affordable car. Oh wait, these aren’t American jobs. And specifically, they aren’t union jobs. We all know how strongly Al supports unions, right? Unless of course, it’s his company we are talking about. But nevermind.

Thank$ $uckers!

Thank$ $uckers!

Deals like this  for greedy little pigs like this are the reasons we can’t afford health care reform in America. Because Al Gore doesn’t need health care reform, nor does he give a rat’s ass whether or not you have health insurance. He can afford any health care policy available. So can AIG and Bank of America, thanks to you. We are talking about health care options that kill off old people (AKA anybody older than they are) so that pigs like this can own what little is left of the world when they are done with it, while everybody else mans the potato fields, if they even let us have them. When you cut off the water supply to one of America’s food belts like they did in California, you have to get the feeling our produce will be coming from China soon. Those growers probably aren’t using mutant Montanto seeds, else congress would leave them alone.

But I digressed. I can do that. It’s my blog. Now, back to the topic of your next new car.

The People’s $89,000 car. Correction: The People’s car that starts at $89,000. If you want the good one, it will cost you $109,000. Seems like a fair price for you, doesn’t it? Maybe your congress can fine you if you don’t buy one.

Built overseas.

Funded by USA taxpayers.

So what exactly has changed again?

Answer: The Players who are ripping you off and getting filthy rich off your backs have changed. No wonder the Republicans are so upset. They aren’t the players this year. This year, it’s the Democrats who are sticking it up the asses of the American people.

Gore lecturing on how hot things are getting

Gore lecturing on how hot things are getting

Since we are discussing how well Al is doing, please remember to follow Cap and Trade too, okay? Because that just has to pass. Al and his friends in congress are heavily “Blind Trust” invested in companies that will benefit from  counting on it. That is, unless the real Karma kicks in.

If dollars made from generating fear were carbon footprints, Al Gore could save our planet all by himself by moving to another one.

I predict that Al Gore will become a billionaire if  Cap and Trade passes. Any takers?  I didn’t think so.

You? You will be doing even worse than you are now.

I voted for Al Gore. Shows you how good my taste is.**

**I should point out that I held my nose when I did it. Talk about choosing between death by drowning and death by fire……


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  1. Your lucidness is wonderful. I especially like:

    … No wonder the Republicans are so upset. They aren’t the players this year. This year, it’s the Democrats who are sticking it up the asses of the American people.

  2. They aren’t even trying to hide this crap anymore. Read RBO today on the Patrick Gaspard, Obama, ACORN, Bertha Lewis, Patterson line-of-sight today.

    Al Gore, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Pelosi, The Majority of Democrats, The Majority of Republicans and all their other “groups” companies and associations are just saying “screw you”, we don’t care.

    It makes me seriously worry about ANY MORE elections. And IF we get to “vote”, will it just be the same farce we have seen for the last decade?


  3. The other joke about this story is that it was a “Government Loan”

    What are the terms of repayment?

    I call BS

  4. Prepping the little pucks for the longer school day and no summer vacation. Wait till you see tomorrow’s post.

  5. If ubiquity were the measure of a presidency, Barack Obama would already be grinning at us from Mount Rushmore. But of course it is not. Despite his many words and television appearances, our elegant and eloquent president remains more an emblem of change than an agent of it.

    Read the rest here….at………Newsweek…

    h/t FF.

  6. Geez, do they understand that Dear Leader is screwing them out of a vacay? Andy Williams gets it.

  7. Oh my yet another sure to fail auto company we’ve invested in. This one is even more special since it doesn’t even protect American jobs……well except maybe Al’s personal staff. Does anybody know whether his staff is American???

  8. Not that I’m for indoctrinating children with Obama songs, but when I was in the fifth grade, our teacher made us start each day singing the marine hymn. You know, “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli”. Was I indoctrinated? Then there was the high school American History teacher who started out his first class each semester telling students that all forms of government eventually fail and then become communist societies.

  9. Ooops! He taught American Government, not American History.

  10. The American History teacher showed us hours and hours of black and white films of WWII.

  11. That’s a new one on me, Swell. We always did the pledge of allegiance and nobody refused. It just wasn’t done. We did NOT do prayer. Prayer was not in our schools in my day. Those of us who were Catholic (I am a recovering Catholic–running from Nunly) would be released one hour early every Wednesday to go to “religiious instruction” at our parishes, not in our school, if our parents so CHOSE. We either walked there really fast or our parents arranged a ride. We didn’t have buses carting our assess around the entire city. (We also tended not to be overweight). Beyond the early release once a week, I know of NO prayer that occurred either in grammar school or high school in our public schools. Those who wanted a religious based education, sent their kids to private schools. The only thing that remotely resembled prayer that I remember was when JFK got assassinated and we were given a moment of silence before they sent us home. So I am always at a loss about what all the flack is about prayer in schools. Religion always started in the home not the schools.

    When I taught high school, we did the Pledge in our homerooms every morning at at assemblies.

    Now about your Government teacher. Well wasn’t he just a basket of good cheer!

  12. Interesting American government teacher Swell. The most interesting teacher I had was my anthropology and sociology teacher, that dude was still fighting Vietnam, major PTSD.

    Uppity I grew up in the south, the bible belt, I’m a few months younger than dear leader and I don’t remember prayer in school except at the private parochial schools I attended. What I do remember from my elementary days was the teaching of the golden rule…do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That was drilled into our heads but is not present in any school today. Personally I don’t have a problem teaching the golden rule. I think many of the little bots of today could have benefited from learning the golden rule.

    That being said there was a teacher right here in my little small community that got into a heap of trouble just a few years ago for having daily bible lessons in her class. She had been a teacher for 20 plus years and had been reading daily bible verses to her classes her entire career according to her. Apparently nobody noticed or cared until about six or eight years ago. She was at the center of a lawsuit and put on leave, then eventually retired.

    I just saw a segment on Fox news about the extended school day. They put up a graphic showing the total school hours per child compared to several Asian countries. US children spend more time at school, just less time in the classroom learning. It’s amazing how much of the school children’s day is taken up with other things, especially at the elementary level. Many of the other countries also approach education very differently than we do here in the US, so much so that it is an apple to oranges comparison sometimes. In many, many countries by the time you reach the 6th grade it is decided for you what path you will take based on your performance and testing.

  13. Come to think of it a LOT of things were different. Kids who were a problem got their asses thrown out of school. Nobody was graded on a curve. All classes were in English.* We brought our own lunches and, if our parents decided we could, we got the little round pizzas on friday in the cafeteria. Parents were responsible for getting their kids to school, which meant you got a ride in the rain and you walked the rest of the time. Everybody had gym class. Reading and writing were drummed into our heads. We were required to use full sentences. We couldn’t get into a college without graduating in the College Entrance track. Then we needed one damned good average to be accepted. Students who were not what they called “College Bound” took skilled courses. We had auto shops and woodworking shops and all kinds of neat things to learn.

    I never remember a single soul coming to school with a weapon. If there was a fist fight, both kids got their asses suspended. The worst thing that happened was kids with cars peeled rubber in the parking lot. They got suspended too. Parents didn’t complain. When the kids got home, they got grounded besides. Plenty of mothers worked too. Mine did. I learned a lot of things because of that. responsible things. I didn’t turn out as a criminal because Mom wasn’t there the minute I got home. And she knew where I was every minute. Without a cell phone.

    Parents took care of politics. Teachers didn’t have a political party.

    **I remember having a lovely Japanese girl in my English class when I taught. She carried a translating book with her and was an outstanding student, taking responsibility for her own language barrier. She was a great artist. I still have some of her drawings and often wonder where she is today.

  14. Beck reporting now on radio from M Malkin’s book that Valerie Jarrett’s family has the property that would be the location for the Main O-Lympic Stadium if Chicago wins the bid.

    Hope and Change is here, again.

  15. Figures. I’m sure plenty of O’s buddies stand to make big bucks ala Uncle Sam.

    Have they announced which city won? I think it’s a crying shame South America has never hosted the Olympics so I’m pulling for Rio.

  16. There’s a company in California named Tesla that makes an all-electric sports car that gets 200 miles per charge. It uses a Lotus frame but most of the assembly is in the US. They charge around 120K for it. Let’s see. Finnish version of the Prius or a cool ass electric sports car that doesn’t need gas for 10% more?

  17. Uppity, this is sickening especailly after GM.
    Actually, it is unbelievable.

  18. Incog, the article does mention Tesla. We gave them a grant too, only smaller. They run out of CA, but according to the article, the cars are made elsewhere too. I think. Too lazy to look.

  19. Don’t look for the public schools to teach your children and grandchildren much more than “social justice,” i.e., how to destroy capitalist caucasians. Wm Ayers, distinguished professor of education, has decreed it.

  20. Oh, yes..and how to be obedient soldiers in 0’s civilian defense force.

  21. Ironically, except for the Rathke brothers, who appear devoid of pigment, Ayers is the whitest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And he sure is a capitalist. He took full advantage of his fame starting with the day after the election, where he appeared all over the place, preening and prancing.

  22. wow..that Gore.he.s got his fat little fingers in a lot of pies.

  23. Awesome just awesome. Keep placing the stress on us boomers and you can never need worry about us robbing the social security bank or needing to be covered under the health care. We will all be dead from high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks soon. Damn I love the new USA.

  24. Utah maybe you’ve unwittingly uncovered the master plan.

  25. Did somebody say the P-word? P-I-E woot woot

    This loan to Gore, makes me sick. We have so many empty factories that are waiting to be retooled — what happened to the new energy saving technologies that were supposed to occupy them since Pres 0 isn’t do a damn thing about getting the other jobs back? Remember this was the crux of the new jobs he promised before he began promising that the new jobs would come from health insurance reform. WTF?

    I couldn’t see the vid, but it seems that it’s the one where the kids are praising Pres 0. When I saw the kids chanting the refrain the tempo instantly reminded me of a Bible song I had to learn in youth group at my Pentecostal church when I was a kid: “Jesus loves the little children, all the little children of the world, red and yellow, black and white all are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Indeed, these kids are being taught to PRAISE Obama like we were taught to praise Jesus.

    When is this nightmare going to end?

  26. FembotsForObama “When is this nightmare going to end?”

    on 1/20/13

  27. Somebody, Gore’s walking staff is stamped
    “made in China.”

    Fembots, this nightmare will never end
    for those poor disillusioned kids who’ll
    pay for these follies.

    I have a grandson who just turned four and his
    parents are so over-the-top obots that they’ve
    made their impressionable kid one, too.

    He was recently asked to wish for something
    for someone else and could easily have picked
    his little sister or parents, but no, it was for
    Obama (shocker, huh) “because he HAS
    to give so many speeches.”

    Holy shit. I’m deaf and couldn’t hear BO’s
    (stinky’s) nationwide speech to the kids. But
    my grandson has to be even more enamored
    with the stinker now.

    What other pResident has the audacity
    to give a nationwide speech to kids, 10
    months after interrupting a World Series
    game for a campaign speech?

    H (oh, Mary, I’m fine= radiation was a success)

  28. Hal so glad your radiation was a success.

    Stamped “Made in China”, ha….I thought perhaps with him now residing in southern California he might have some illegals in his employ.

    Sorry about your kids and grandson being bots that sucks.

    I’ve raised a little embarrassing hellion that is definitely NOT a bot. We went out for lunch today at a sports bar type place with lots of TVs. A couple were on news channels and invariably POTUS appeared. My little one loudly exclaimed “Oh gawd Obama is on TV again. Why doesn’t he just shut up and do his freaking job already” OMG you should have seen the stares we got. I must, must, must watch my mouth around her. You’re right kids are very impressionable in many ways.

  29. Ironically, except for the Rathke brothers, who appear devoid of pigment, Ayers is the whitest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    ROFL and so are the animals.

  30. “oh, Mary, I’m fine= radiation was a success”

    (((:D )))

  31. Hal,


    ((( )))

  32. Somebody,

    That child is awesome!

  33. btw, Wm Ayers children have Muslim names or middle names. These people are a total foulness.

    Yes, UW, Ayers is raking it in. I wonder how much of it he’s redistributing. As you have taught us, we are surrounded by those who say one thing but w influence I hate the whole spread out the way I show you believe it and ho act out, “For thee, not for me.”

  34. btw, Wm Ayers children have Muslim names or middle names. These people are a total foulness.

    Yes, UW, Ayers is raking it in. I wonder how much of it he’s redistributing. As you have taught us, we are surrounded by those who say one thing but who live, “For thee, not for me.”

  35. IGNORE Mary @ 12:10 AM. Dictation program listening to TV.

  36. Thanks Mary but little somebody did embarrass me today, after all she was speaking loudly AND publicly about our President….I know, I know, but he is our President and children should respect that. NOT praise him but respect him.

    As for those who believe for thee not for me, there is a long, long list of them.

  37. Somebody,

    All true, and you are a conscientious mother. Bwt once again it is a child telling the world that the emperor has no clothes. I wondet how many other diners in that restaurant felt the same as Little Somebody when they saw Big Brother on the TV yet again.

    Yes, Somebody, “For thee,not me” seems to be the government’s motto. Hypocrisy is alive and thriving in DC and elsewhere.

  38. This Obama-worshipping is kind of like Hitler and Kim Jong Il worship…Ugh.

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