So much for Roman Polanski’s “Documentary” defense

Potential Translation: Let's take a break. Any hot 13 year old girls out there?

Potential Translation: Let's take a break. Any hot 13 year old girls out there?

Most of you probably know that sweet, innocent Roman Polanski made a documentary which was revoltingly entitled,  “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired“.

No kidding. That’s the title. You can’t make this narcissistic shit up.

This HBO propaganda piece documentary was about his  “Minor Technicality,” which  in reality translates into his own slant on the  story of a convicted pedophile and child predator named Roman Polanski, who drugged, sodomized and raped a 13 year-old girl,  pleaded guilty to statutory rape, jumped bail before sentencing and has been a fugitive for more than 30 years–thus exposing  even more vulnerable 13 year-olds to his…….affections.

Apparently, this little carefully placed piece of propaganda piece of work was intended to be used to help erase what Polanski did and erase his sentencing besides.  Let’s call it the last ditch effort of a statutory rapist at the decrepit sunset of his life.

Specifically,Roman had an L.A. Prosecutor in his documentary discussing how he told the now-dead judge what to do. It’s amazing what people will do for money.

This seems to have backfired. Boo F’ing Hoo.

The Daily Beast story is spreading like wildfire, and the story is now covered at some internet news outlets. But you won’t see it covered with any meaning on most of  those low-rated news channels. After all, all he did was molest a 12 year-old girl. No big deal. After all, the child should have been honored to be drugged,  involuntarily fucked and sodomized  by such an artiste. Maybe Letterman can come up with a funny line about it.

Here’s what David Wells has to say now about his participation in  the propaganda piece movie:

• Polanski’s grounds for dismissal center around the former prosecutor inappropriately advising the judge about how to send Polanski back to prison. But the former prosecutor, David Wells, now tells Clark that “I lied” in the movie about advising the judge, and that “it never happened,” which could undermine the director’s case for dismissal.

• Wells’ excuse for lying in the movie? “The director of the documentary told me it would never air in the States. I thought it made a better story if I said I’d told the judge what to do.”

• Wells confirms to Clark that he did supply the judge pictures of Polanski reveling at Oktoberfest, and says that it’s these photos that prompted the judge in 1977 to reconsider the plea bargain.

• Law-enforcement sources confirm that the strident actions of Polanski’s own lawyers—prompted by Wells’ now-recanted statements in the movie—led to his arrest this weekend.

“I lied. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. The director of the documentary told me it would never air in the States. I thought it made a better story if I said I’d told the judge what to do.”

Really, Mr. Wells. I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of partial fame in this movie. But it’s nice to know you admit that you were willing to lie about a dead man and have since cleared things up.

I think one commenter over at The Daily Beast pretty much sums it all up:

Roman Polanski drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13-year girl then skipped bail and ran like a coward to France. We can spend all day debating the personalities in this story as well as the Polanski HBO propaganda “documentary”, it’s still not going to change the basic facts of the case. So everyone continue trying to muddy the waters, we the people have plenty of truth bleach to clear it back up.

roman-polanskiWhat’s next for Polanski’s defense: “I only tried it once and didn’t like it“?

Roman Polanski: So much older and fragile  now. Vulnerable, really. Kind of like a 13 year-old. Why….why…he almost looks like a….a….dirty old man.

Roman’s future cell mate, Bubba: So young and energetic.



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  1. Funny you should mention Letterman who currently is describing himself as victim:

    In a bombshell announcement on Thursday night’s edition of “Late Show with David Letterman,” the 62-year-old host said that he had been the target of a $2 million extortion attempt by an unnamed individual who had threatened to reveal that the talk show host had had sexual relations with members of his staff

  2. More importantly though is how these elite creeps believe they are entitled to remain unaccountable for their indiscretions. Very depressing. Hopefully there is so much crap piling up that the pendulum will be forced to reverse its direction.

  3. Polanski and Letterman are pigs. I’m repulsed than any man would excuse their behavior. I’m befuddled why any woman would.


    First sentence. So much for the “only happened once” line.

  5. Buuut, buuut Whoopi says it wasn’t “rape-rape”! You know – like if a republican did it.

    WTF is wrong with these people? It’s bad enough the democratic party has come to be represented by an inexperienced, pansy-assed usurper. Now they want to be represented by a refugee aging pedophile that prefers France to justice? I need another shower.

  6. Like I said, when some dumb ass tries to extort 2 million from a Letterman-type by threatening to make all his affairs with his staff go public, you have got to know that this is not a bright person. Everybody knows that to the Letterman crowd, cheating on your wife multiple times is no big deal. I mean these are people who think Roman Polanski is a victim.The person has been arrested and truly is a candidate for this year’s Darwin Award.

    As for “the elite”…….I think that most of these people imagining themselves as “elite” are hysterically funny. The elite are people who have had money in their familes for many decades,in some cases, hundreds of years — and the money is handed down to them. They can all afford to be idle for their entire lives if they so choose.

    George Bush is The Elite. The Kennedys are The Elite. The Rockefellers and Rothchilds are The Elite. Bill Ayers is actually almost an Elite. The Queen is The Elite. Movie stars and other hollywoodies and policitians are crude imposters. It’s like calling someone who won Powerball Elite because he’s got money now, even though he fed slop to two pigs and lived in a shack on stilts before it happened. In order to be a real Elite, the pig slopping has to be several generations removed, as in anecdotal–or you are actually Nouveau riche. In the eyes of the Real Elite, Pretend Elites are nothing but amusing pucks who embarrass themselves. They are the reason for the saying, “You can put clothes on him, but you can’t take him anywhere”.

  7. After his baby and Sharon Tate’s murder, I felt that he would never recover. Our faux media never covered his escapades with any fervor. It sure as hell as given the guy a pass since he bolted out of this country.
    As far as I’m concerned, he should do time as Bubba;s biyatch until he rots in jail.

  8. What sad about the Polanski case is that nobody wants to think about the victim. Polanski took her choices away all those years ago, the media and the court system raped her all over again, and here we are 30 yrs later and she is once again going to have her life turned upside down. She’s asked to have the case dismissed repeatedly, it’s already taken 30 yrs of her life. This case is a pissing contest between a lying DA and a rapist, neither or whom give a crap about the woman who was victimized by it all. And who continues to be victimized by it all.

  9. she acts really screwed up if you ask me. I think after that incident, she rolled with it and now has no self esteem. Certainly not enough to refuse to let him exploit her again. This makes me doubly angry at him, because you just know in your heart that he made her what she is today.

  10. Truth is….The case is about him jumping before sentencing….so whether the vic wants it dropped is moot. Polanski will get time for jumping…..and given the increasing public outcry perhaps for the rape a well….imho
    Besides…..The Govenator is on board for Polanski serving jail time…..Nuff said…..

  11. You know how they are the masters at diverting the subject somewhere else. It’s all so boring now because they do it so often.

  12. Looks like all the Hollywood froo froo over Their Roman isn’t working out too well for them. Serves them all right, the morally bankrupt things that they are. They have overplayed their power hand and the backlash is huge. Hollywood just lost a lot of control. They aren’t going to enjoy that.

    PLEASE cruise the page titles for several of the pages, as it gets worse.

  13. She was screwed up, uppity. After being slandered in the media as a lolita, as having seduced Polanski, and after watching Hollywood rally around Polanski as if he was the victim, she dropped out of school, hooked up with abusive men, became a pregnant teen. As is typical with child victims, her ability to earn a living was damaged, it’s tough to function in an educational system, to stay in school, to keep trying to make a life for yourself after a crime like this. At least she got a tiny bit of justice in the civil suit. I like it when rape victims get some financial compensation, because it’s not just their bodies that are harmed, it’s their future finances that are stolen too. Obviously high school drop outs dealing with the crisis of rape have some difficulty building a life for themselves. However, eventually she got a home in Hawaii, a family, kids, and a job in real estate. The media is now going to take that all away from her and it pisses me off. She’s already being hounded by the press, probably receiving threats from lunatics. It’s not fair, Polanski took enough of her life and after 30 yrs of trying to get some justice, I can completely understand her saying “nevermind”, please just stop trying to help me out here.

    Hell after all is said and done, she’d probably rather just deal with Polanski instead of the media, the paparazzi, the Hollywood people supporting him, the media, the lying DA. Polanski is about the only one who can’t hurt her anymore.

  14. Yes there is no doubt. Every woman who isn’t missing a piece inside knows that this screws girls and women up.

  15. Oh, and speaking of diversions, interesting how this rape case is being portrayed as belonging to the people who are being encouraged to get all involved in it.. We can now all focus on this sleezy director instead of Madoff, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Tarp. The people were raped all right, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Polanski.

    He is becoming a convenient target for everyone’s frustration. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy, it’s just interesting that people are able to project all their frustrations on to him and forget about everything else.

  16. And here is another reason for the huge backlash. Will you check out CBS?

    The Disconcerting Question Raised Here Is Whether Great work Requires Some Measure Of Evil


    Until now, it has been mostly assumed that Polanski would live out the rest of his life in Europe, safe from American justice and free to rehabilitate himself – as he quite successfully done – as a revered elder statesman of cinema.


    Do these people actually think that America is going to buy it being ok for a film maker or anybody else to rape a 13 year old and then run from justice? I mean, I am starting to enjoy this because these people are starting to look like scum to the public. This is way over the line and I have a distinct feeling this situation is going to be a catalyst for rejection of immorality taking control of not only hollywood, but the media. This cavalier coverage is downright unconscienable and disgusting.

  17. yttk, hon, the assumption that everything that happens in the world revolves around Teh One really isn’t so. We are not living in a vacuum where nothing happens outside of USA government. Shit has been happening like this right along and it will happen again. Politicians don’t have to arrange them. The world is already full of pervs and crap that happens daily. The world is not revolving around the white house. We certainly cannot ignore everything else around us for Tarp or the other crap these people are pulling. That would be a sign of insanity methinks.

  18. Even the French Politicians are backpedalling on this one…..Truth is Polanski and his apologists are doin the Anti- Moral Relativism movement a favor…..I mean anyone with an ounce of common sense and fundamental understanding of ethics is easily outraged by the obvious nature of this case…..Got Popcorn?

  19. Does anyone else think this retired assistant DA West is pulling a goober act ? I have been around prosecutors for many years and they simply do not act like this. When he made those statements for this documentary, he knew he was retiring. He knew he was not under oath, and he knew that it would be slanted pro Polanski and a set up for public sympathy. He was involved in the case very early although he did not prosecute. It had to really piss him off that Polanski had no remorse, thought he could outwit the system, and then skip. If West was more defensive or had better reasons for exaggerating about his minimal contact with the judge, I might believe him. He was a prosecutor for many many years. I think he saw a way to bait Polanski into reactivating the case. I think it succeeded beyond his wildest dreams because Polanski has also now lost the PR war as have all of his supporters. This West guy is acting like dummy and he is anything but.

  20. Samantha Geitmer is choosing to remain a victim. While she certainly has my sympathy for all she endured as a young teen, she is now a grown woman. She is choosing to perpetuate the very attitude that will eventually victimize yet more girls. How empowering is that?? NOT. She is not so traumatized that she doesn’t have a problem still seeking the spotlight. Her earlier experience with Polanski the Pig does not give her the right to tell me and the rest of America to “get over it and let him go free”. Not while there are countless other young girls being threatened with the same crime. NO WAY.

  21. On Letterman and his crappy pseudo mea culpa….I like the way he basically BRANDED his entire Female staff & claimed he was protecting them…..I mean if you are an intern on his show can you still put it on the resume now ? Did they get a vote?
    What an Uber Putz he is…..Anything for laughs eh Dave?

  22. Well BeBe I guess since polanski is running out of defense straws, especially since he was already convicted, and since hollywood is backfiring in his molester face, I suppose he could grab that last straw before he and Bubba have a love affair.

  23. lol…..If he( Polanski ) doesn’t wear depends now…..He soon will be…..

  24. No uppity, I don’t think Obama or the PTB decided to bring Polanski back into the news to divert everyone’s attention. They aren’t quite that smart. Besides the Prez and his wife are busy making a huge personal “sacrifice” over in Europe for the Oympic bid.

    I’m just saying a lot of Americans, like those of us who are sick and tired of wealthy elitists getting away with rape (financial and otherwise) are about ready to pick up torches and pitchforks and storm the castle. Polanski is kind of symbolic of the rage people are feeling.

  25. Here’s an even better criticism of that documentary:

    Reliable lefty Katha Pollitt:

    “The widespread support for Polanski shows the liberal cultural elite at its preening, fatuous worst. They may make great movies, write great books, and design beautiful things, they may have lots of noble humanitarian ideas and care, in the abstract, about all the right principles: equality under the law, for example. But in this case, they’re just the white culture-class counterpart of hip-hop fans who stood by R. Kelly and Chris Brown and of sports fans who automatically support their favorite athletes when they’re accused of beating their wives and raping hotel workers.

    No wonder Middle America hates them. ”

    Katha Pollitt!

    [Actually, I disagree with Katha about the quality of their books and movies – most of them are shit – but I’m glad to see her on the right side in this case.]

    No wonder Middle America hates them!!

    And it seems that Middle France hates them too:,peopleentertainment,luc-besson-joins-backlash-against-release-roman-polanski-campaign

    French people shouldn’t be judged by their asshole movie stars anymore than Americans should be judged my theirs.

  26. You might enjoy the exchange that Patrick Frey is having with Anne Applebaum (a Polanski defender) about this:

    Although you probably won’t enjoy his politics overall.

  27. I will also bet that goddamned Letterman slept with his employees as a condition of them continuing their jobs. He’s the type, the slme ball. Let’s face it. Look at him. He’s been decrepit for years. He was ugly when he was young. This is not an attractive man. So why else would young hot chicks sleep with him? I’ll bet there’s a huge history here and I hope this all backfires in his pig face and it all comes out. Ironically, he makes sexual jokes about everybody else’s indescretions. He’s a cartoon of his own jokes. Pig.

  28. You are honestly retarded. You need to read more on the case… he didn’t rape her. He had sex with a girl under 18. She had already had sex and had already taken Quaaludes…

    “Quaaludes became increasingly popular as a recreational drug in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The drug was used during sexual activity because of heightened sensitivity coupled with relaxation and euphoria. The drug was more tightly regulated in Britain under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and in the U.S. from 1973. It was withdrawn from many developed markets in the 1980s, being made a Schedule I drug in the US in 1984.”

    Not only that the girl who is now a women and has kids of her own wants him to go free.

    People like you are what is wrong with America… you are a bunch of white trash americans that live in the middle of america… in your tailer parks drinking your bud light. with your closed-mindedness and fears.

    Almost everyone has done something that would be against our close minded laws and should spend at least a day in jail. Smoking pot,.. drugs… driving drunk.. the list goes on and on so turn yourself in.


    *****Listen, you little pervert, you will never fail to embarrass yourself when you try to pad your own thinly-veiled perverted argument by calling other people “retarded” and implying that they live in trailers and drink Bud Lite. This forum is very diverse unlike the forum you don’t have. it has members from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers and teachers. So can your insults, you morally bankrupt little pervert. One thing we all have in common here is we sincerely hope you never spawn,

    Considering you regard smoking pot the equivalent to raping a 13 year old girl, your own daughter wouldn’t be safe from you. It is walking blight like yourself that has created what you call “The trouble with Americans”. The “trouble” with Americans to little underbelly swine like yourself is that we have laws that protect children from people like you who think that forcing sex upon a minor is just “sex with a girl under 18”. 13, to be exact, you little perv. Your mother must be so proud.

    Polanski will get his, and considering how cavalier you are about child molestation, perhaps one day you will get yours too.

    Meanwhile, “Thanks” for the laughable “education” on Quaaludes. I cracked up laughing reading that part. You see, twit, some of us went to “trailer” college in those days. You know, the days before they dumbed down college and you actually had to have an IQ to get in? So, having known of Quaaludes all around us, we really needed little old YOU to tell us how something stupid like Ludes made it okay to molest little children. That was news to us, but then what could we expect from a little pervert who thinks it’s ok to force sex with a 13 year old and gets his information from wikipedia of all places?

    Funny, but we don’t remember Ludes and raping children being the norm back then either. In fact, perverts like your hero Roman haven’t been the norm ever. He’s a freak. A child molester. In fact, if you think Roman is the Norm, you are not the Norm either. Just saying.

    And one more thing: If we Americans are such a “Problem” for you, then what the hell are you doing hanging out here in California,—— hopefully not too close to somebody’s child!

  29. “You are honestly retarded. You need to read more on the case… he didn’t rape her. He had sex with a girl under 18. She had already had sex and had already taken Quaaludes…”

    Um, Sparky? are you there?

    An adult who has sex with a minor (with or without Quaaludes) is guilty of statutory rape. The Ludes (as much as I wish they would make a return appearance) are the icing on the cake. That’s TWO crimes, you dumb-ass.

    Are you a couple of empanadas short of a fiesta platter? or are you Roman Polanski himself?

  30. Anthony by that argument you can rape anyone as they have had sex before. Not rape-rape anyway. That’s what Whoopie told me.

  31. You are honestly retarded. You need to read more on the case… he didn’t rape her. He had sex with a girl under 18. She had already had sex and had already taken Quaaludes…

    rob mann, takes a freak and pervert to know another, can see why you and Polanski are on the same page.
    think its about time you turned yourself in!!

  32. Also, rob mann, don’t fuck with Uppity. She has too many friends,

  33. DE-

    If anyone should know, I suppose it would be Whoopie (and the rest of the harpies on The View)

  34. We know why baby-rapers, rape. We know, that when they are caught, even they are so disgusted with themselves, they can’t even admit to what they did. What we still don’t understand, and what is NOT being addressed by society, is why there are so damn many of them. Is that because we would have to admit that there is something seriously, seriously wrong with the way we are raising our male children? Would we finally have to admit, that as a nation, we sexually molest our children, and we do it in large numbers?

  35. Dear Freak, instead of reading about drugs on wiki, why don’t you read her original testimony (from which she’s never wavered) on Smoking Gun. Its disgusting. He lured her with bullshit stories of a photography shoot for French Vogue, and she was too young, and her mother too stupid, to know better. Vogue does not do photography shoots without teams of assistants, professional lighting, makeup, hair, etc. His whole purpose was to rape this girl. He also started sleeping with Nastassja Kinski at age 15 (he was in his 40’s). This sick bastard fled the U.S. when he learned that Jack Nicholson’s girlfriend, Angelica Huston, was going to testify against him. Check your facts first, moron.

  36. Uppity, love your kickass response!


    Jeeeezus that guy ( Roman’s #1 Fan ) is a perverted moron….and probably a spokesman for NAMBLA….

  38. I wonder if he enjoys being called names like he called us.

  39. I simply cannot believe that a person would publicly post to a forum that he actually thinks molesting a 13 year old girl and dumping ludes into her is just fine, then arrogantly refers to it all as as simply “sex with a girl under age 18” — and then would have the audacity to call me “retarded” in the process.

  40. That rob mannn is cluless. He either culled his background info from the internet to support his beliefs, or actually lived the very same experiences with Roman. Totally illogical, and wrong, either way.

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