Your open thread and let me give you a hand for Halloween supper

red_topdownDing Ding Ding! Dinner! Served over a bed of mashed potatoes. And here’s your recipe, brought to you by a clever cook who is cleverly named Not Martha.


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  1. Awesome post, UW; an appropriately-gruesome hand.

    A group supporting NJ Gov. Jon Corzine is using women’s breasts to gain votes for their man. The TV ad depicts women indignant/horrified that mammo’s might not be covered by insurance if Corzine does not win. Regrettably there are women who will fall for this.

    I’m thinking that, until business necklines rise and office stiletto heels are no more, women will be regarded largely as sexual objects.

  2. Grusome Uppity…..Happy Halloween….

  3. Ewww!

    What makes it so disgusting is … the nails! Shiver!
    “It” even has a wrist bone, heh!

    Happy Halloween! 🙂

  4. Yeah LOL the wrist bone was genius. Looks like a pretty good meatloaf recipe though. I mean you have got to have a different mind to be able to think that one up, eh? I bet her kids LOVE her.

  5. OMG Buttered. TOOOOOOOOOOOO funny.

  6. Oddly enough, after reading the entire page of this recipe, the thing made me hungry.

  7. FYI H/T to Cannonfire

    “Lambert draws our attention to this nugget buried within the House health care bill:

    1(3) NO BAILOUTS.—In no case shall the public health insurance option receive any Federal funds for purposes of insolvency in any manner similar to the manner in which entities receive Federal funding under the Troubled Assets Relief Program of the Secretary of the Treasury.

    Big banks are holy. They deserve bailouts. A public health system for the less-affluent and the self-employed does not.

    This bit was added to forestall complaints like this one from Joe Lieberman. ”

  8. Thank you! I am supposed to make something creepy for the party we’re going to tonight…and now I have it. I don’t have a mold, but I’m pretty sure I can fashion one….by hand!

  9. Shain, there are even more food stuffs available. For example, Earwax on a Swab.
    earwax on a swab

  10. We’ve got some frozen kool aid hands in the freezer, the kids have been breaking fingers off and eating them all week. Needless to say there is sticky red “blood” everywhere. You go near my refrigerator and it looks like a massacre happened. I should start cleaning it up, but this is Halloween. You’re supposed to leave the spider webs and goo laying about and just call it decoration.

  11. Great recipe for getting fickle eaters to the table to complete a meal.

  12. leave the spider webs and goo laying about and just call it decoration.

    lol.i do that all year..there is always some holiday going on.

  13. Buttered – Tracked this one down, too

  14. I’m wishing for meatloaf.

  15. foxy,

    One long fiesta here, too.

  16. UW,

    I know you don’t lke Bachmann or Hannity. But please don’t kill the messengers. They’re tryng to save our country –and our asses.

    Michelle Bachmann calls for anti- socilized medicine rally in DC.

  17. Nah they’re trying to save their party and its stick up your ass, tough if you ain’t rich like me philosophy. They are extremists. I don’t do extremists is all. If they were trying to save their country they would have been just as rabid during the bush years as they are now. It’s not like things were being done right for the rest of America with them in charge. It’s amazing how suddenly your eyesight goes when your party is in power isn’t it?

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I like watchin Palin stickin it to the people who deserve it, and I think she is as qualified as W and Obama, but I think she will implode way before 2012. Uppity, If you ever see me marching behind Bachman, I’m begging you to shoot me!

  19. UW,

    Please leave all the baggage to one side and listen to Bachmann’s present plan to stop socialized medicine. Of course the politicians and media figures who oppose obama are Republicans and Cconservatives. Mghtthat be because the Dems who could have opposed him–like the Clintons–sod out and put Party before country?

    I put it to you that labeling someone and then rejectng anythng she has to say based on that label is prejudice.

    And, even a stopped clock s right twice a day.

  20. Oh but come on Mary honey. If George were president, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of her. Where was she all this time? Please don’t call it putting country before party because it’s not, otherwise we might have heard from her. So the Democrats are doing the exact same thing. Putting party before country. And that’s what these republicans are doing too. Otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing Boo. I simply do not trust an extremist with my life any longer. Doesn’t matter if it’s Barney Frank or Michell Bachmann. All the same to me.

  21. I’m a strong proponent of Health care reform. Maybe the Democrats have gone too far but the repulicans have done SHIT for the past 15 years but Let Them Eat Cake. They had plenty of time to come up with sensible reform and all we heard was the same old of touch bullshit from them. Now suddenly, when they have lost control, they “care”. I don’t buy it.

  22. UW.

  23. UW,

    I do not disagree with any thing you say. But we are in extremis. Our freedoms, our futures, out country itself are within an eyelash not only of destruction, but of usurpation by extremests who want to enslave us all. So I don’t much care which party or what political agenda an anti-obama spokesperson has as long as he or she works to save us.

  24. Mary – It’s not called baggage, it’s called principle. Bachmann is a wingbat in the tank with insurance companies. The insurance companies brought this on themselves, and they want to continue their crap, and she is their head cheerleader. To jump in behind Bachmann, is like sending a “we love you, please keep killing us for money” postcard.

  25. Mary-I luv ya, but I will not be sending a fax.

  26. What Swell said. Both posts.

  27. Swell,

    I hear you, and if the proposed legislation were really about health care or reform, I would be right there with you. But that is not what these bills are about. They’re about completing the beggaring of this nation and taking over our lives, from cradle to grave. So I’ll stand with Bachmann on this one.

    Between letting the insurance and drug companies continue their abuses, and nationaizing health care like it was another GM, there’s lots of room for centrist action.

    Health care reform, yes; slavery, no. And you know what the bottom line is? We’ll have far worse health carl if any of these bills passes than we have now. And, though the obamacrats deny it, we’ll be paying through the nose for the privilege.

  28. UW,

    And how could I not love a pair of sweet cookies like you?

    And DE, too.

  29. We love you too, Mary.

  30. Sweet cookie! I’m not that nice, Mary. Really, I’m more like a female Harry Callahan, with a twisted sense of humor, thus my name… Swell.

  31. UW,

    Thank goodness Bill has been released from sidebar pumpkintude. Did my dear boy come home with lots of trick-or-treat swag?

  32. Okay, I could easily eat this…looks awful, but has all the details of comfort food.

  33. I hope good Bill does not have to rake all those leaves in the new header.

  34. Bill rake leaves? You jest! He just uses them to hide his stash. In fact, he nearly missed Halloween entirely, since he got blasted and threw himself in front of the front door, refusing to let any kids in.

  35. “threw himself in front of the front door, refusing to let any kids in.”

    Blasyed, my eye. Bill was taking a well-deserved rest after working extremely hard all day to keep the nasty Halloween bots off the board.

    Refused to let any kids in? Good for you, MK Bill. Keep the bands of little armed hoodlums o.u.t.

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