Jail: The Public Option

Madam Speaker is having a hard time answering a question.

Madam Speaker has a hard time with a lot of things these days. Like for example, she continues to have a hard time  representing women, as exemplified by her thrilling decision, which she seems rather proud of,  to bring the Stupak Amendment to the floor while ignoring the ERA bill that was submitted to her in July.

Madam Speaker is also having a hard time endorsing women because she prefers to kick the ladder out from under herself and avoid any competition from girlz. The slots are so few, no sense of increasing the number of women in power. Then she would have to work much harder to be the Only Woman At The Top. Thus she did all she could to skewer Hillary. Currently, in a Hillary Rerun,  her endorsement of the male opponent of the perfectly competent  Martha Coakley comes to mind, but nevermind. The idea is to grow the number of women in Congress, but apparently that is not Madam Speaker’s goal.

Madam Speaker, I shed a tear when you were installed. And you have never failed to disappoint me in your rejection of  and  rather cavalier attitude toward the needs of other women. Apparently, you are the Only Woman in America.

Here’s Madam speaker, having a hard time. Again.

“Madam Speaker, do you think it’s fair that people who don’t buy health care go to jail?”

I was just thinking that since health insurers suspiciously seem to all be raising their rates by 33%, millions more won’t be able to afford health insurance. I got my premium increase letter last week. In addition to that, my health insurer pretty much said, using euphemisms of course, that actually USING my health insurance could mean rate increases again. The odd thing here is since I received my letter, others have told me that,  coincidentally, their insurance premiums are going to rise in January by the same percentage.

Gee what a coincidence! That can’t be price fixing or anything. This can’t be like what credit card companies are doing before the “Reform” kicks in. You know about the Credit Card Reform our congress “helped” us with, right? They gave those thieves 9 months to hatch rate increases up to 30% and tack on fees, holding your FICO score hostage because you can’t cancel their card without lowering that score.   And Congress made this all legal while pretending they think what is being done is simply “awful”. Not that they intend to do a thing about it, mind you.  But then again, so many of them are so heavily invested in companies like Bank of America, who could resist? See? See again? Contributions to campaigns, notwithstanding. (Note: Useless IE may not bring up second link. Use Firefox!)

screwedWith friends like Congress, who needs enemies.

Well now we have Congress about to “Help” us again — Health Care Reform. And all of this is not lost on the health insurance industry, let me tell you.  They understand that a bill will be pushed through, even if women’s needs are ignored. Thanks Nancy! You’re  a real prize. Like I said, I shed a tear the day you were installed. Now I shed tears daily because you are there and I know you don’t give a rat’s ass about me or any other woman in America.

The insurers are are cranking up those rates all they can before the law kicks in. That’s why I got my shocking 33% premium increase, effective January 1. By the time they are done,  the cost of a health insurance policy will break people financially, but why should that matter?  The law will make buying insurance mandatory and with rates cranked up good and high, the health insurance industry stands to gain a huge windfall in profits, even greater than the credit card companies’ windfall. I guess Congress must be heavily invested in Health Insurance companies too. They like Big Pharma too, so don’t expect drug prices to go down anytime soon. Or ever. See? Contributions to campaigns, notwithstanding.

The fun part is that, while millions couldn’t afford health insurance BEFORE the companies cranked the rates, and they SURELY won’t be able to afford it after the “Reform,” when “Reform” kicks in, these same people will will be fined for not being able to afford it.

There is no way on this earth that the Federal “Subsidy” on buying insurance for middle class families is going to be adequate, even if they rounded up all the seniors, killed them all and confiscated everyone’s medicare contributions that they haven’t already stolen, which seems to be an unspoken desire on the part of this morally bankrupt bunch. This is going to financially bankrupt people who will be forced to buy single pay policies from private insurers. Their monthly insurance premium will be higher than their mortgages in very many cases. Quite frankly, that’s the way it is right now in New York. Come to New York and try to buy a single pay HMO for your family and expect to pay well over $2,000 a month for it. And that’s Before this anticipated 33% rate increase. And Harry is going to give New York (and YOUR state)  the chance to Opt Out from the Public Option. Without a Public Option, where exactly is the incentive for these thieving health insurance bastards to reduce rates? This means that once the insurance industry greases the palms in the state legislature, there will be NO Public Option and there are going to be plenty more New Yorkers without insurance than there are now. Look for this to happen in your state too.

America, we are about to be so screwed by the health insurance industry with the blessings of Congress,  that they surely must be taking delivery on the champagne as we speak, just waiting for the Senate to pass this bill. The rest of you are screwed.  They’ve done even better in the Screwing Of Americans Program than the Credit Card Companies are doing under “Credit Card Reform”. At least while you are getting screwed by Capital One, you won’t be  fined for not using their card. At least not yet.

But that’s not all. In addition to being fined for not buying insurance at what is about to be even more outrageously priced,  Americans can go to jail if they don’t buy the insurance.

Yes that’s right. Jail.  Madam Secretary is so ashamed of what she is doing to you that she couldn’t even admit it on camera. She knows that you are about to go broke or go to jail. You have got to question what country you are living in when your government can tell you that you have no alternative but to give  an outrageous Price-Fixed sum monthly to the stockholders of a publically traded company that holds a monopoly in your region-or you will go to jail. Just saying. And if you are a woman, you will have to also pay extra to cover services men don’t need. I see the Supreme Court dealing with this bill in the future, but not before the health insurance industry empties our wallets.

But don’t despair. In jail, health care is free.

So, now we understand that there really WILL be a Public Option:  Jail.

And always remember: When you get out of jail, the health insurance companies will be waiting for you.

This bill is truly trash. Just like Congress. If anybody deserves jail, it’s most of them.


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  1. And as if on cue, the NYT has this lead –

    “Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform
    Critics say the industry is trying to establish a higher price base before Congress passes legislation that tries to curb drug spending in coming years.”

    Don’t worry, Uppity. While we are all in jail and being “punished with a baby” – Obama will ensure Chinese folks their rights will be secure, as this headline in the NYT states…

    “Obama Pushes Rights With Chinese Students
    President Obama said the U.S. would push for freedom of expression, political participation, respect for ethnic minorities and empowering women.

    Funny how he doesn’t do that HERE in America.




  2. I’m hearing two things right now: 1) you only go to jail if you don’t pay the 2.5% tax/fine and you also get socked with $250,000 fine on top of the jail time (so if you have it home it’s gone) if you don’t buy insurance; or 2) you get fined and get sent to jail.

    Does anyone know where in the legislating I can find the details? It’s still going to be cheaper for me to pay the 2.5% tax/fine and still make payment plans with my doctor, but if it’s going to cost me my home – I’m moving to Canada! And I’m serious about thinking of moving to Canada right now.

  3. And for those that have ins. now, when you’re forced on the Public Option, don’t think your coverage is going to resemble anything like what you have now. Your coverage will be determined by one of the 111 new agencies, panels or boards created in this debacle.

    The Public Option you get may not be the PO you want.

    Check pg. 169.

  4. Maybe we should all think about leaving our country. What is left for us here while the empty suit is POTUS? I hope next election people do some serious fact checking before they vote!!!!BTW, if we all leave I hope we have a country to come back to in 2012! Call me bitter, you bet I am.

  5. It’s reading things like this, that makes me cherish living in a social democracy.

    Uppity, as many women all over the world – and men I’m sure – I too was so happy to see the first female Speaker. It was truly a yay!-feeling! But what a disappointment she turned out to be.

    I remember her, when on Jon Stewart’s show to promote her book last year, after having backstabbed Hillary Clinton, repeating over and over again while pointing at the book cover: “For more women! More women in politics!”

    Sure – as if! Nah, your “Ladder kicker” seems to be spot on!

  6. A little ot, but I want to say that I hate seeing Hillary Clinton in the position of Nanny for the lesser man! On their trip to Asia, she is always right beside him or right behind him – always juuust outside the official pictures! I admire her as much as the next person, but I really don’t like seeing her taking a backseat to him!

  7. We were watching drag racing last night and one of those Rah Rah American commercials came on that said “America, Land Of The Free”. Angi looked at me and said “how can this be the land of the free when you have to pay the government to stay out of jail?

  8. Astra14 here’s part of my post on it from the 7th.

    Nancy Pelosi believes you should be required to buy health insurance or go to prison. PRISON. How could someone in their right mind sit down and write a bill that would send you to jail for not wanting insurance? Forcing you go buy insurance is unconstitutional, sending you to jail should be too. She’s nuts I tell you.

    H.R. 3962 provides that an individual (or a husband and wife in the case of a joint return) who does not, at any time during the taxable year, maintain acceptable health insurance coverage for himself or herself and each of his or her qualifying children is subject to an additional tax.

    If the government determines that the taxpayer’s unpaid tax liability results from willful behavior, the following penalties could apply…

    Criminal penalties

    Prosecution is authorized under the Code for a variety of offenses. Depending on the level of the noncompliance, the following penalties could apply to an individual:

    • Section 7203 – misdemeanor willful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

    • Section 7201 – felony willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.

  9. The whole thing is a racket….Employers wil actually save oney paying the fines and dumping their employees into the system whre they won’t get the same coverage for the same amount of money…..Most eople want some reform….but don’t wan to be railroaded into this….sheeesh!

  10. my keyboard sux….sorry…..

  11. Sandy – we won’t have to leave the country. We can all just go to Camp Pelosi and wait for our deportation.

  12. I too cheered Pelosi on her night. Was not 6 months later, however, that I took down that 8 1/2 x 11 glossy of her that I’d framed, wrote as many of my complaints as I could fit on the back of it, and returned it to her. Of course she was unphased.

    Uppity, you always make things so much clearer for me. It’s a very good thing!
    Technical note: search results for the two JPMorgan Chase links are “No records found.”

  13. works nicely hand in hand with immigration amnesty….How many illegal immigrants working for minimum wage are going to buy health insurance……Can you exersize your new right to vote democratic in jail?

  14. “search results for the two JPMorgan Chase links are “No records found.”

    I hope you got a screen shot, UW. We knew this would happen….

  15. FF: wow

  16. Thank you, deadenders. That clears things up! I see a lot of people – 40 million who can’t afford insurance or the tax – going to prison…or moving to Canada.

  17. O/T (sort of) but how is this for an Orwellian Headline from the NYT New Alert…

    “Citing Progress, General Motors Reports Loss of $1.2 Billion in Third Quarter”

    Progress? Think about it.

  18. This bill is a trainwreck….from the article at americanthinker today which s a good companion to your excellent article Uppity…..

    “Among other major economic drags in the bill is the requirement that we all purchase insurance directly if our employers no longer provide it because they are paying a cheaper payroll tax to shuck us off to the government pool, a tax on so-called gold plated insurance plans, new taxes on pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and a 5.4% income tax surcharge. Including state income tax rates, many successful United States entrepreneurs will now face over 50% marginal tax rates, which will sharply reduce their incentive to start new small businesses that are the backbone of job creation. In their talking points, the Republicans plausibly claim the bill may cost 5 million additional jobs.”

  19. At this rate the next ones may well go something like this:

    “Citing Progress, Obama drops charges against KSM”

    “Citing Progress, Pelosi leads charge for women to once again be barefoot and pregnant”

    “Citing Progress, Obama says any nationality should be able to run for US President”

    “Citing Progress, elections will be suspended to save State budgets”

  20. Just type JP Morgan in the search line. It seems they don’t let you capture the links for long.

  21. That’s odd Pamela, FF, I just clicked on the JP link and it came up. Try again.

  22. on the last one FF…..lol….
    ” Ummm….Our founding fathers were hasty about the monarchy…I have therefore decided to appoint myself KING in order to increase bipartizanship in both houses and ensure that steady progress in post racial america continue…..” – King Barak Obama I. State of the Union Address – Obamastan DC ( formerly Washington DC ) 2010.

  23. Well doesn’t that figure. It comes up in firefox but not that usless internet explorer that I will never understand why anybody uses any longer.

  24. You can’t just stroll into Canada and get free health care. It doesn’t work that way,folks.

  25. So I was listening to a podcast which featured Sammy who blogs at Yid with Lid…and he said the medical decision panels were actually already passed in the previous stimulus bill….hmmm….No wonder Pelosi doesn’t want anyone to read the legislation.
    Found this at WSJ….it’s an article about the panels that will decide healthcare….http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703792304574504020025055040.html?mod=rss_opinion_main

    “The core problem with government-run health care is that it doesn’t make decisions in the best interests of patients, but in the best interests of government.”

  26. link didn’t work but the article says these panels are based on the national ones in UK….

  27. “The core problem with government-run health care is that it doesn’t make decisions in the best interests of patients, but in the best interests of government.”

    ………….and the core problem with private health insurers is they don’t make decisions in the best interests of the patients, but in the best interest of the stockholders.

  28. Friends, you need to stop Stop using internet explorer. It’s useless. You will never have trouble pulling up sites and links with firefox. If it weren’t that I check IE when somebody says a link didn’t come up, I would remove that shitty useless Internet Explorer from my computer.

    Firefox is so much better besides. It has add ons to make your life easier. Tons of them, it even saves where you were for you when you leave. It moves exponentially faster and you don’t have that intrusive Microsoft tracking your ass so they can sell your surfing habits and make you phone home besides. Seriously, it will take you five minutes to load and decide that firefox is so superior to IE that it’s laughable.

  29. Modeled after the UK in what way WCA? The UK has some national panels that decide things like drugs, but they also have smaller local panels that decide who gets what care.

    I don’t know if it has always been this way but according to several people in the UK it is now. On our cancer forum we’ve had sooooo many discussions about how the medical systems in different countries work. One particular individual in the UK has posted links to all kinds of information about how things work in the UK. These smaller panels operate around hospitals. If you need a service that is not offered at your assigned hospital then your hospital must contract out those services to another hospital that does have those services. These small local panels make the decision as to who gets the contracted out services. They only have so much money in their budgets.

    Are we going to have panels like this? Are we going to be assigned or associated with a particular hospital?? Or did they include national panels that decide things like drugs, in which case what is the point we already have the FDA panels would be redundant. The FDA process already takes longer than the processes in other countries. If we have national panels that are going to decide treatment protocols in some cases that could actually work to improve medical care……but not if you end up being a square peg in a round hole. Of course if anybody from big Pharma gets to sit on protocol panels then forget about it.

  30. If you think about it with these rate increases by the time the new tax goes into effect almost everyone in the US will have what is considered a “Cadillac” plan. If you don’t qualify the first year, I’m sure you will within the first three. Hence we will all be paying more for insurance AND paying taxes for the privilege of paying more. Of course that is if your employer continues your coverage.

    Seriously think about it with these increases and the rate of inflation by the time this bill takes effect the vast majority of the country that still has coverage will have supposed “Cadillac” coverage.

  31. I hate NY Times for telling you to login to see their articles. Screw them. I’m not logging into their shitty site. I can find anything they cover in better places.

  32. UW & FireFox
    I hear you.

  33. Do they still make you pay to see their moronic op ed pieces? Who the hell wants to read those crackpots. No wonder that shitty organization has a junk rating.

  34. I’m just sayin that the articles I linked to raise some interesting points. I think there are a lot of flaws in this health care bill. I’m one of the so called “Working Poor” and I am skeptical that I will receive coverage because my experience has been that the working poor fall through the cracks when it comes to any government aid….from housing to legal aid…..your average crack addict has a better chance at getting aid…..

  35. Credit card companie soak you before “reform”. Insurance companies soak you before “reform” kicks in. Now the drug companies.

    I’m from the government. I’m here to help. To help THEM.

  36. http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2009/11/dept-of-health-and-human-services.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_me

    I’m just sayin’ that even if 60% get more access to govt. healthcare….It won’t be the WORKING Poor….

  37. Haven’t used IE since forever lmao. I despise it.

  38. “Do they still make you pay to see their moronic op ed pieces? Who the hell wants to read those crackpots. No wonder that shitty organization has a junk rating.”


    They did away with charging to read the op-eds quite a while ago. I’m sure the bottom line told the tale, and It didn’t take them too long to discover what an idioitic idea it was.

    Krugman used to be the only one on the op-ed page who had his head on straight with regard to BZero. But after accepting an invitation to visit the White House, he came away drunk on the Okoolade. A shame, really!

  39. I use Firefox, Uppity. I didn’t check the link. Just commented out of kneejerk belief in the probability info critical of congresscritters in the pocket of the Big Corporations would be scrubbed if too many actually read it….

    off to the shower. I have to go shopping with Charlotte. She said we would be back from Sam’s “in about three hours”



    then I have to teach

    see ya later!


  40. SNL said it best this past weekend with their Biden skit. For those who didn’t catch it, Biden broke the locks on the Oval Office and said he wanted to help the POTUS while he was away in Asia.

    The only thing he thought he could do was “help” by passing healthcare reform by gutting thebill of virtually anything that would be helpful to the citizens because (according to script) “He’ll sign any piece of crap as long as it says “healthcare” on the cover”

  41. Wish I could load that, but as usual VODPOD expects me to spend an hour tweaking things. I thought I removed the autoplay but it still does it. One thing I miss about blogspot is the ease of loading ANY video. WP really sucks on that score. and vodpod is just horrible. Just going there makes my blood boil.

  42. FF Open Secrets has public information. Not that this matters to this bunch.

  43. It’s amazing to me that all I want is for all this inhuman mess to come to fruition after my mother doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. She’s 75, and I want her to live to be a million, but as long as she does not have to be around to suffer under this repulsive plan, I don’t care what I have to tolerate under it. That’s all I want, is for it all to descend on us AFTER there’s a risk of it hurting my mother. I have no hope for anything beyond that anymore.

  44. And in the midst of all this that’s about to land on us like a pile of sewage and destroy the entire country for posterity … what is our country currently obsessed with? What can’t we get enough of?

    “Next up on CNN! What is it about Sarah Palin that forces us all to sexually humiliate her over and over again?! Is it mind control? It is something in the water? What IS it about this nefarious woman that forces reporters to turn into barely metaphorical gang rapists time and time again! But first, a word from Tylenol!”

  45. if we move to canada, will we be able to
    buy private health insurance? will it be
    cheaper than what will happen to our plans
    here in january?

  46. I don’t believe private insurance is available in canada.

  47. “Police investigating the death of Chicago school board president Michael Scott say initial reports from the scene indicate Scott shot himself in the head along the banks of the Chicago River.”


  48. Thanks, UW, for the kick in the ass. I just gave you a H/T

  49. Hey, ass kicks is all we are getting from this bunch, Anthony.

  50. I just got back from the winter preparedness I do every fall for my 87 year old mother. One of the items is always – does she keep her expensive supplemental insurance to Medicare or go for a cheaper option.

    The problem is that when you add up all the hidden costs of those less expensive options along with all the limitations and specials considerations and confusing verbiage – its not all that good a deal.

    I end up saying we will find the money to keep the old fashioned coverage that at least she understands in some fashion (the supplemental – goodness knows Medicare is already confusing beyond belief but having the combination we rarely have to worry about anything until the supplemental sends a rather easy to follow invoice for anything not covered in full (easy enough that I can deal with my mother over the phone as to what she needs to do).

    With this “reform” anyone having a clue at all goes out the window. It will most likely depend on what day you seek care, who is on duty and how the planets are aligned properly and if you have recently written an ode to O as to whether or not you get any care and what kind.

    As to Palin, I saw a really bad promo for what appears to be an even worse movie (that is not coming out until December) and I swear I heard a Palin joke. I believe this is suppose to be a romantic comedy – so I can only assume that the makers think they are so cool in that they managed to frame the thing to get digs in at Sarah.

  51. Canada will not take care of Americans. Leaving has always been an option though and damn I wish those who thought we needed to pattern ourselves after Europe had taken that option.
    Now some have come to their senses and see that asking anything from the Feds is a huge mistake. Many more will see it after it is too late. But so it goes. I for one hope we get a good bunch in that challenge this and other things that should never have been.

  52. Uppity, WaPo had a good article on what health care reform will mean for seniors (too bad they didn’t also cover what health care reform will mean for AARP):


    “A plan to slash more than $500 billion from future Medicare spending — one of the biggest sources of funding for President Obama’s proposed overhaul of the nation’s health-care system — would sharply reduce benefits for some senior citizens and could jeopardize access to care for millions of others, according to a government evaluation released Saturday.”

  53. This bill is so outrageous, it’s ridiculous. What’s totally frustrating is that there is nothing we can do about it other than watch the train wreck. I keep hoping that it will get so screwed up that there is no way to move forward, but they are determined to do this because OZero wants it.

    I’m terrified about what will happen to all those seniors who are on a fixed income and medicare is their only hope for medical care. I know they will be denied tests or procedures because Obama thinks the elderly are useless. And the sad thing is…his Obot followers are repeating the same thing. I hear more crap coming from Obots about “old people” who “should just die”. This is what our country is coming to…life is just not respected.

  54. Mary Ellen, nobody told them that they will get old. If they live that long, the useless perpetually dependent pissants that they are.

  55. Thomas Lifson, who lived in Japan for years and taught hundreds of foreign executives the right way to bow, agreed that — regardless of any political subtext — Obama’s combination low-bow/handshake was a mess.

    It “violates a fundamental precept: NO TOUCHING while bowing,” Lifson wrote for the American Thinker blog.

    He also noted that Emperor Akihito had a big smile on his face as Obama bowed.

    “That’s pretty much polite Japanese for ‘falling down laughing,'” Lifson explained.



  56. Oh hell have you ever driven your car with teens or young 20 somethings in it ? I swear all I hear is how I should just stop driving because I am so slow at reaction time etc. I hear how much I do not remember. I hear groups of these little busters talking about when Granny dies what they want from her stuff. In their opinion at 40 you should go shoot yourself in the head and give them your stuff. I had a talk with some once and leveled them in the smart department then took a few with me to the LHM. Speedway here my treat and told them lets do it kids. I blew there freaking doors off in the reaction time, speed endurance and the slide out fields. Then as calmly as you please I asked them if they would like to meet me there when I am 60.

  57. There is a Mark Twain quote that I had not heard till my uncle’s funeral earlier this year, something to the effect of:

    “When I was 18 I couldn’t believe how little my father knew. When I turned 25 I couldn’t believe how much he had learned in the last 7 years.”

    The Obots can’t believe how little we know….

  58. *sigh*

    Uppity Woman, on November 16th, 2009 at 12:36 PM Said:
    I don’t believe private insurance is available in canada.

    Yes, you can get private insurance in Canada. Most large employers will give you an “upgrade” to your insurace. Like a semi-private or private room as opposed to stalls in a barn (6 beds in a room), Pharma benefits (meds are cheaper in Canada but not free) and dental and eye care plans.

    Not sure about all provinces but Ontario (born and raised in Toronto) already has a 2 tier health system. The public clinics and hospitals the average serf has access to and the private clinics the rich pay for.

    I have good and bad anecdotes (take all Canadian stories with a giant grain of salt) about the health system there (I live in Vermont now). My dad had lung cancer, and he did get excellent service, great doctor, etc. BUT…there was some luck involved and he has retiree’s insurance via his old employer (they have one of the best employee packages in Canada).


    And yes, the Schmiley Stone (probably misheard the guy’s name!) question of the House Madam. “Will you go to jail if you don’t buy insurance?” The fumbling, careless response was most illuminating of the fact that not all of Madam’s cerebral cylinders are cranking up lately, if ever…..

    How about Rocky with jail costume and a pic of Nancy the Cat next cell…..

  60. If you are truly considering a move to CANADA and enjoying a great Universal Health Care (National Health Act) system, please let me know! There are millions of Americans in Canada (most draft dodgers form the 60/70s who made it their home.)

    Guess who was voted Most Famous Canadian up here last year!? It was Tommy Douglas who died decades ago but who was the Father of Canada’s Medicare since l965 when voted in! (He headed a Third more Independent Party–NDP) This is how much national healthcare it’s treasured up here. And if any damn politician tries to mess around with Canada’s healthcare or restrict it in any way, they’re tomorrow morning’s toast! Nancy and Barry O. wouldn’t last a minute…

    The percentage of the Canadian GDP is half of that of the U.S. Why? Because it’s a mix of Government-private system. The Government bureaucrats run it and it’s far more efficient than any damn insurance co. profiteers would be. But the doctors run their own private practice as they wish. They just get their pay cheque from the Government. There’s nothing wrong with Government if a program is run for the people by the people–prudently. You can’t say that of any private profit mongers in insurance company head offices.

    There would be a REBELLION in Canada if any politician started messing around with current system. Sure, you may have to wait a few weeks for elective surgery. So what? You don’t file bankruptcy. It would be a sin in Canada, unheard of, if anyone ever filed Bankruptcy for inability to pay….Medical bills!!!! It’s a joke up here. But it’s sad when our system is so misrepresented and poo poo’d by the Obummers in power in Washington. Obummer should have not sat on his ass and done nothing for 4 months. He had a great opportunity to educate the American public about the advantages of SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE like we have in Canada.

    It would result in efficiency and everyone would be covered as the over 65 are in the U.S. now. He allowed the ball to fall from his undeserving court and threw it in the neocon Republicans’ hands. He proved Himself INEPT, and so got Himself STUPAKED a bit later….I can’t see Hillary ever agreeing to a SupidStupak amendement! I watched her strong historic response to that idiot Rep. Christopher Smith on reproductive rights. Did she ever give him a lesson in women’s health!…

  61. Sorry, meant the percentage of Healthcare of the GDP!

    Incidentally, last year they gave the Order of Canada to a famous Canadian abortion doctor who’s been practicing and saving women’s lives for decades–Dr. Henry Morgentaler! Of course, he went through hell in the early years….

  62. Please, just a last thought! Why couldn’t Prez Obummer simply legislate a certain increase in taxes based on income (not regressive taxation!) and get rid of the insurance companies by providing a Single-Payer system same as he has for Medicare for the over 65? It would be simple but drastic surgery. But he’d end of with billion dollar savings and no more rip offs from insurance company greedy as*holes. But he didn’t even have the guts to make an appearance in 4 months in the summer, how could he ever suggest this….sorry. He’s made the fact that most Americans want public option irrelevant by his silence that allowed the void to be filled by the neanderthals who feel any form of reform, like public option, is an encroachment on their ‘freedom’. From what? To file bankruptcy because they won’t be able to pay their medical bills. This is hte only industrialized country that does not provide care for its citizens! It’s #37 on WHO chart one below Costa Rica’s healthcare standards. But, mercifully, one above SLOVANIA’S! something Barry should be proud of… He’s turned out to be Carter II and Bush W. III….And it hurts to see Hillary there, but at least she doesn’t have to put up with the senatorial nonsense these days. She would have given the Stupidstupeks a piece of her mind. Better where she is as she can help girls and women all over the world and already she’s made it her trademark according to European and Asian news reports….

  63. Just to clarify, Americans who come to Canada do not qualify for medical coverage until they are long term residents or established landed immigrants. We do have private insurance. Our “medicare” covers basic procedures. It does not cover dentistry, drugs or visioncare. Most of our companies offer coverage at very low rate – i.e. my insurance, at $17.00 per month covers my family (the gruesome twosome) for drug, dental and visioncare until they are 25, as long as they are full time students. After that they have to shop around for insurance with the multitude of companies who offer it. In terms of the major procedured, it’s covered by taxes, and I’m glad to pay them. If one person can get through cancer treatment, then my taxes, for once, have been put to good use. Another thing – medical coverage is on a provincial basis. If anyone is honestly thinking of emigrating here, check the provincial requirements. There are ten of them, with three territories, so decide where you want to go and check it out. As mentioned before “We move to Canada” is a blog about people who decided to come here, and they have experience.

  64. marys — Why didn’t Obama do anything those 4 months? Because he never wanted single-payer ins. in the first place!

    First, he never talked about Single-payer exclusively until Hillary did (although he made some casual comments that universal healthcare was the ideal, but always prefaced this as HEALTH CARE REFORM). This was one of the reasons that Paul Krugman was against Obama in the first place. {the other reason being that Obama stated he wanted to privatize social security}. We are going to see the effective gutting of health insurance for seniors — Medicare — to pay for this bill that isn’t even going to cover those who really need it — the working poor! & Obama wants to include illegal aliens, which as you Canadians have pointed out (most thankfully) don’t just get coverage in your country!

    Second, enacting single-payer would have another effect which is basically to eliminate the need for trial lawyers. Lawyers make a living off of these millions/billions lawsuits against healthcare cos, Big Pharma, and the like. So he’d be robbing them of their gravy train. & you wouldn’t just see a shift of claims against private ins cos to federal govt. Anyone who has had to file claims against the Veterans Administration knows it is nearly impossible (and hence, economically futile for lawyers) to win any meaningful compensation. Hence, the end of big bucks for lawyers (unless we had some type of tier system). How does Canada deal with claims against doctors/hospitals etc. or wrongful death suits that in the USA doctors have to insure themselves against?

    Third, and more importantly, Obama is dancing with those that brung him. His major contributors were financial companies/credit houses (many owned by foreign investors/energy cos) and those who bet that he would allow them a seat at the table. And this has happened; Obama made secret deals with Big Pharma not to allow the govt to negotiate lower drug prices. No matter the political grandstanding we see. Obama is ONLY a Liberal in words, never in deeds. His record proves this! & his wife made a living off of denying care to poor people when she was on the Unv of Chicago hospital board & was rewarded for this with a huge salary increase (but we weren’t allowed to mention this during the election because she was off limits for criticism in the MSM).

    Now, we’re gonna get a quasi-public health bill, that does not address huge drug costs and influence, will lead to a tax increase on middle Americans (who if you are still lucky to have a job and health ins) “cadillac healthcare”, and allows private insurers to gouge us until the actual policy is slated to commence in 2013! & quasi-govt brings to mind, other quasi govt institutions like Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac which were beyond criticism nor could anyone bring legislation to conduct oversight.

    Obama’s election was run under the whole notion that ‘those others’ were too OLD to run this country effectively, and he even made comments that his grandmother didn’t need care since she had terminal cancer and was gonna die anyway!!!! & supposedly he and his family are big natural health users and shoppers of Whole Foods … so a whole bunch of New Agers/Progressive natural health people were 100% certain that he was going to insist that alternative treatments and natural health remedies would be included in any bill he supported & that he would tighten regulations in re organic labelling and limit the power the corporate food business and agribusiness has over this country. We can barely even get restrictions put on the use of BPA and hormones in our meets and dairy! & we KNOW of the deleterious effects of growth hormones and antibiotic overuse.

  65. finely I thought that quote was 14 and 21. It always got attributed to twain but I was never sure.

  66. And you are right, I remember SPECIFICALLY that he was against single pay. I also remember him saying in a debate how he didn’t think we should force anybody to buy insurance either. And clearly his disdain for the elderly was front and center, along with women. I still cannot understand how any senior or woman could vote for this beast. The signs were HUGE and FREQUENT.

    I had a video clip of him early in his campagin where he is just RIIPING into seniors, actually SCREAMING at a lady who asked him a question he didn’t like.

  67. Fembots, in response to your question re “How does Canada deal with claims against doctors/hospitals etc. or wrongful death suits that in the USA doctors have to insure themselves against?”
    I’ll point you to an ariticle in an American periodical:


    We are not litigious as a rule, although there have been some rather contentious cases, but generally we don’t sue the pants off people for a mistake.
    P.S. I agree with your comments on the president.

  68. Uppity, it could have been 14 and 21… I think the problem is the Obots (in large measure) are not as smart as Twain (or whoever) even though they think they’re smarter… so they’ll never get over how little we know. 😦

  69. Interesting though, that the cost of litagations in Canada is 1 percent of the cost of health care and it’s the same in the USA. Of course, that’s a percentage, not a total expenditure. The cost of health care in the USA is much higher.

  70. finely, the obots think they are smarter than EVERYBODY. It’s a wonder they don’t all leave home now while they still know everything. It would certainly be a relief for their parents who support them up into their 30s so they can appear “upscale”.

    21 is the new 14.

  71. Obama screams at elderly iowa voter.

  72. The man makes me feel like I need to sit outside and drink all day long. I just don’t understand why the elderly and women voted for him.

  73. ” I just don’t understand why the elderly and women voted for him.”

    Dark sexual fantasies, McN.

  74. “He also noted that Emperor Akihito had a big smile on his face as Obama bowed.
    “That’s pretty much polite Japanese for ‘falling down laughing,’” Lifson explained.”

    The other day at DE.one of the regulars, “raging,” named the gits Akihito gave to oilsoc. I replied, “And what did oilsoc give them, besides a good laugh?”

    Who needs Lifton whrn you’ve got Mary? 😉

  75. One more tIme:

    The bill is not about healthcare. It is about controlling Americans ftom cradle-to-grave. It is about providing soldiers for obama”s private army, hence preferred care from adolescence through age 40–military age.

    You remember obama’s private army. He boasted about it during the campaign, and not one person questioned him on it, not even John McCain.

    They’re all in it together. America has been sucker punched.

  76. Don’t wory about the obots. They’re nothing but a bunch of sexist, age-ist, neo-racist zombies, repeating the “cool new stuff ” one idea of what it means. You know–obots are dumber than whale shit .

  77. That bastard Wexler conned all those old people.

  78. Remember, Congress also nixed the amendment that would have required them to participate in Zer0Care with all the commoners.

    TWhat’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  79. Mary, the bill is for Zer0 is so that he can claim it as a promise delivered.

    No matter the contents, however.

  80. Not only did those thieving bastards in congress exempt themselves but they won’t give us access to THEIR health care.

  81. They are cutting costs by killing women and seniors. Now tell me that Barack Obama isn’t a despot in training.

  82. Oops, looks like the kossacks are pissed again. I guess their messiah’s warts are coming around pretty fast.

  83. But the updated guidelines don’t come without controversy.

    “With its new recommendations, the [task force] is essentially telling women that mammography at age 40 to 49 saves lives; just not enough of them,” Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society.

    The organization says it looked at virtually the same data as the task force but came to a different conclusion. “Breast cancer is a serious health problem facing adult women, and mammography is part of our solution beginning at age 40 for average-risk women,” it says. It recommends annual exams beginning at that age.

    Experts at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center also voiced concern and said they aren’t changing their screening protocol. “We disagree with their conclusions,” Dr. Therese Bevers said of the task force. “You have to screen more women. It’s the value we put on zero women dying.”


  84. UW, that is a good statement from the UTMDACC doctor.
    “You have to screen more women. It’s the value we put on zero women dying.”

  85. ………….and the core problem with private health insurers is they don’t make decisions in the best interests of the patients, but in the best interest of the stockholders.

    Well yes UW. But they can’t put a gun to your head to make you buy their product.

    I don’t know if I mentioned this before but you might want to consider that There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

    The way out of the mess? People pay for their out of pocket expenses up to some limit and then catastrophic coverage takes over. That puts at least some fiscal discipline into the system.

  86. UW,

    The KOS kid doesn’t understand that carcinogenesis is dose related. One cigarette once a week vs 2 packs a day for 20 years.

    Beyond a certain point it does not pay to make production cleaner. What generally does pay is turning “waste” into a resource. That requires research.

    And this ought to chap you hide:

    Schizophrenia and Tobacco

    I know a schizophrenic and basically the government is on a tear to steal all his money.

  87. And who opposes higher cigarette taxes and smoking bans?

  88. Interesting though, that the cost of litagations in Canada is 1 percent of the cost of health care and it’s the same in the USA. Of course, that’s a percentage, not a total expenditure. The cost of health care in the USA is much higher.

    And your chances of surviving cancer in the USA are much higher. You get what you pay for.

    Did I mention:

    There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

    The Dr. Utopia cure for high medical insurance costs is the same as Canada’s. Kill off unhealthy old folks. Well nothing so active as that actually. Just let them die. Death panels. Except it will be done per guidelines not on a case by case basis.

  89. […] to help Posted on November 19, 2009 by Uppity Woman Yesterday we discussed in horror how health insurance companies are gearing up for a major windfall before health care “reform&#822…. This follows on the heels of credit card companies gearing up for their windfall by raising rates […]

  90. And your chances of surviving cancer in the USA are much higher. You get what you pay for.

    Nlot once they stop mammograms at age 40 we won’t. But that’s just women. You don’t get what you pay for. You get what insurance companies decide you should get. Get really sick and you will get it. I mean really really sick. I don’t mean I reallly want you to get sick. I’m just saying if you did get sick with the kind of illness that goes on too long and requires too many provedures. you would find out just how bad these thieves are. Before the mid 90s, you got what you paid for. Then the realization that there is a windfall for stockholders out there by rejecting services and cranking up the rates kicked in. And the one thing that didn’t happen here with this bill is “reform”. The insurance companies are not going to be regulated any more than they are now, the rates will go even higher and the services will still be denied. So how is this “reform”? They will have no incentive to lower rates. Health care should not be attached to stockholder’s profit. I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. It’s life and death and nobody should be deciding who lives or dies for profit. So now, the government is going to help them reject even MORE services, there is no real public option so the party is going to get even bigger.

    This is not what the people asked for, but then neither was the phony “credit card reform”. People asked for relief not to be screwed even more.

    The key words here is “What you pay for”. If you can afford the best you live. THis is why Ted Kennedy lived on and on with brain cancer. Of course, the taxpayers paid for his health care. His health care was way better than the health care we get or will be getting. Funny, how the average person gets certain cancers and dies really fast. But exceedingly rich folks seem to out live the odds and then some. And some people get golden health care without paying for it even if they ARE rich. It’s called being an elected official. Even if they are really old. Really Really old. You think Strom would have been around so long without his golden health care on your dime? Byrd? Of course though, they probably could pay a lot out of pocket if they had to, what with all those investments in stocks that were affected by the laws they make. There has to be something obcene about that.

    All of this is prety piss poor for the greatest nation on earth. Pretty piss poor. Captilism is wonderful Unbridled capitalism is obscene. It has shown time and time again, that when left to their own honor, corporations have none.

  91. Well yes UW. But they can’t put a gun to your head to make you buy their product.

    Oh come on! If you don’t and you get sick, you die even faster. God I hate far right drivel as much as as I hate far left drivel.

    Nobody forces you to buy a washing machine. But you don’t die good and fast and get no health care if you don’t. You don’t go bankrupt and lose your home if you fail to buy a washing machine. Stop comparing health care to consumernproducts.It just not human to think that way. It’s like comparing water for life to a six pack. You can live without that six pack. You can’t live without water. When they privatize your water , and it’s being tried, then you will get it. Life giving forces are not toasters.

    Life and death should never be attached to stockholders. Health care should be Not For Profit. What’s next? Finding a way to convert people we don’t want around into an alternative fueld source and sell it on the open market?

    You’re supposed to feel secure when you buy health insurance, not worried what will happen if you actually need it. Especially when you are paying nearly $1000 a month for just one person on single pay.

  92. ehemmmm….M Simon…..NOBODY wants to live in Dickensian England….OR Stalins Russia…..

  93. The core Problem with government health care is it doesn’t make decisions in the best interest of the patient, but the best interest of the government. This is true Simon, However Simon, in gleaning that quote for your blog, you failed to notice that the core problem with health insurance controlled by stockholders is EXACTlY THE SAME. But you fail to notice that comment. You just took the one you wanted. Health insurers make decisions that are not in the best interest of the patient but in the best interest of their stockholders. It’s a bit disingenuous to take a quote from the comment section of my blog and attribute it to UPPTIY WOMAN. I truly resent it, which is why I stay away from extremist right blogs in the same way I stay away from extremist left blogs. Now I can expect all the people who love that quote to come here and do what you just did. If you can’t find support, don’t pretend you found some by attributing it to an entire blog. I hate being used. Neither extreme gets a free pass from me. You all make me itch because the far right and the far left are all just nasty controlling people when it comes to other people’s lives, just in different ways and extremes. I hate Harry and I hate Cheney.

    This is not an extremist blog, live with it. No traffic for you, bad boy. But I do support your right to smoke and be schitzophrenic. I just am not sure what it had to do with this topic.

    What we need is regulation of the health insurance industry as a not for profit endeavor.

    And people who get their health insurance thru an employer DO get a Free Lunch every day, so don’t say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Try buying it all by yourself and see how well that works out for you.

    Funny how people are smug about their insurance till they lose it.

  94. The way out of the mess? People pay for their out of pocket expenses up to some limit and then catastrophic coverage takes over. That puts at least some fiscal discipline into the system.

    Now THIS I might agree with if the insurance companies are regulated and aren’t the ones who decide what care you can and can’t have. That’s not happening right now. The worse part of paying a fortune for single pay is the catastropic part. That’s when they decide you aren’t profitable any longer and let you die for their stockholders’ return. I myself got a letter telling me my premium will rise 33 percent in January. I was also told in euphemistic terms in the same letter that it’s not wise to actually USE my insurance as it will raise rates again. So exactly what am I getting from these people except robbed?

  95. Hey I know that Classical values place that was linked. They would have me barefoot in ten minutes. I don’t send traffic to my oppressors.

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