Cockroach Alert: Another example of what is actually allowed to roam freely in America

Fall River police said Michael Monahan, 35, put his kids, ages 3 and 6, in the trunk of his Pontiac Trans Am for several minutes Tuesday morning while he went inside a sailing shop.

According to court records, Monahan told police the boys like to play in the trunk.

You know, I was just thinking that maybe you would like to play in the trunk. That’s why I would love to see you locked in your trunk while someone goes shopping. In another town. On a very very hot day. In the Arizona desert, you cockroach.  The rest of us will probably have to nurture your kids when they grow up all fucked up, just like you are.

Monahan pleaded not guilty Wednesday to assault and reckless endangerment of a child. He was released on cash bail.

The children are in the custody of their mother.

Boy, Mom, you sure picked a winner, didn’t you?

His lawyer says poor Monahan is “distraught”.  I’ll bet your heart breaks for him. Maybe if they just lock him in a Trans Am trunk, it will make him feel better.

He’s also out on bail.

See this scum bag below and tell me what you think should be done with Michael Monahan.
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  1. Based on his lack of tan, I think he spends a lot of time in the trunk himself.

    Let’s put him in the “trunk” of an old VW Beetle and do 60mph into a wall.

  2. I guess common sense left that gene pool a couple of generations ago….Sheeesh!

  3. I recommend a long stay at the “Roach Motel”.

  4. imust, thanks for reminding me why I should have never let DE steal you.

  5. It’s my guess this guy got past the life guards in the gene pool. Just another reason why not everyone should be allowed to spawn.

  6. DE may bake a mean PIE….but there’s no place like home.

  7. Ah yes, Imust, my prodigal pie child.

  8. Hmmmmm……just got me thinking of the Prodigal Son and what would have happened if it were a Prodigal Daughter. No fatted calf or lamb roast. He would have sold her for ten cows.

  9. As a teacher for 11 years in a small inner-city school district I have many stories similar to this I could share. They would break your heart. They did mine. And then I had to try and teach these emotionally, psychologically, and physically abused, scared and scarred children to read and do math . I turned more than one parent’s name over to the child welfare division. Far too often the child was re-released back into the custody of the parent.

  10. bert, we often blame society but when I taught school, we had a figurative saying:

    Follow and ugly kid home and ring the doorbell, and an ugly parent will answer the door.

  11. Heck Uppity I am just not getting all this stuff. I mean I was under the impression children were to be protected and not harmed.
    Mind you I have no problem at all with anyone not liking children in their lives and not wanting to have them because I fell into that category myself until I found myself knocked up. Wasn’t all giddy and happy like most women not one bit but I understood the baby did not put its self there and I had it and have not looked at it at all as a bad thing. Then I had another just for good measure but again not planned. At 20 I made damn sure that there would not be a third because the two I had I struggled to support.
    Never would I have hurt them and further more anyone eles that did God help them.
    No days every time I read a paper or turn on the news another child is killed or beaten so horribly it is mind boggling. How can anyone be so darn cruel or for that matter how could anyone take a fist to a baby? How can you have sex with them ? I don’t get it and never will but if I saw this before the guy was turned in to cops I am betting I would be going to jail.
    I am still not found of others children, I never got that maternal thing for all babies and kids, rather a cold person I suppose but although I do not want your kid at my house and despise the screaming turd when I am shopping or out at dinner still I do not wish harm to them maybe a sock stuffed in it’s mouth to shut it up lmao but God in no way could I see harm done to a child or wish it upon them.
    I don’t know but seems most think their spawn are perfect angels and the world should be grateful to hear them yowl or others have them and find they hindered their lives and must do away with them . They go for the shinny stiff you know and a kid takes up too much spending money.
    I don’t know uppity this world stopped being the world I knew some time back and seems to be getting more and more like a hell.
    I just know they will feel sorry for this piece of crap and want to give him another chance like they do anyone that should be put under the jail instead of in it.

  12. You know what I think, Utah? I think if they are going to release piles of dung like this guy on bail, they should also publicize his exact location. That should settle the problem.

  13. Some people should just not breed. I think he should be given a forced vasectomy so he can’t have any more kids. He also needs to go to a parenting class and shouldn’t be allowed to ever drive the kids anywhere…ever.

  14. I volunteer to give him the vasectomy with my Glock.

  15. Really, we shouldn’t be so hard on him. He only used the trunk because a closet wasn’t available to lock them in.

  16. The sailing shop looks like the kind of place that might employ people who consume and sell cocaine, doesn’t it? Just sayin’

  17. imustalwaysremembertoonlyborrowimustfromuw

  18. Hey DE, she just loves you better than she loves me. I can’t cite you for that. Don’t let the fact that i have a contract out on your life deter you.

  19. LOL Swell that would make him a good daddy. Didn’t want the kids seeing drugs being sold so he locked them in the trunk instead.

    All I can say is this is clearly not a normal person socially. He’s not wired right. And if I were their mother I wouldn’t want him alone with the kids ever. The piece didn’t say if he is divorced or still married either.

  20. The guy probably promised the kids if they stayed quiet in the trunk, he would take them to the kiddie pizza place, afterwards. You know, the one where they let the parents get liquored up behind a glass wall, while the kids play on the kiddie slot machines.

  21. And what would have happened to those kids had another car backed up into his car? Or…like was mentioned, the kids suffocated because of the heat. Even on a cool day, if the sun is beating on that trunk, they will roast.

    If my husband did anything that irresponsible, he would never see those kids again…and he’d be paying me a mighty big alimony check every month which would leave him no money for his crack habit.

  22. The cockroaches called, Uppity. They resent being compared to this fool and demand an apology.

  23. Death threads against a fellow blogger will not be tolerated.

  24. You should have spammed me, DE. But then you probably couldn’t what with being all tied up and gagged in that closet while I deprogram Madam Pie.

  25. You really want me to start spamming you on your own blog???

  26. Hey man you’ve got the power. Imagine me waking up to find my own posts in spam.

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    He know I’m watching his henchbirds every move, so the Paunchy Puffin spammed me.

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    Wants to play on ice????????????

  30. Let Red Dragon have his way with him….
    and the former bouncer won’t be
    gentle, methinks….

  31. I’ve been tempted. I can see it now…but I couldn’t do that to the person that made me start a blog to help her out.

  32. Dang. Your integrity is maddening, DE.

    Great Idea Hal. Let’s give him to Dragon. And film it!

  33. Hey UW,
    Angi made creme brulee. I’ll post or email you some photos after I torch the top.

  34. I won’t be quick to judge this man. My hubby’s first wife, the best mother in the world, put her two kids and her sister’s two in the trunk of her car and drove them ten blocks from the laundromat to home…at their request. When she pulled in the driveway and shut the motor off she could hear them hollering “Go around the block!” And so she did.

    This strikes me as a tempest in a teapot. Nobody was hurt and I’d bet my hat and ass everyone thought it was great fun until some busybody intervened.

  35. “An Obama administration official said in a statement that “this decision was made by the Board of Directors alone. The Administration was not involved in the decision.”

    Yeah, right. Ahem…

  36. He’s outta there faster than a fart in a dust storm.

    “Henderson was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz will now deliver the address.”

  37. See Uppity, what did I tell you about that DE? He makes things like PIE and creme brulee and lures people over to his blog!! hmm…wait a minute….creme brulee eh?……uh….um…..see ya later Uppity, got to…uh…wash my hair, yeah, that’s right, I gotta go wash my hair….back soon!

    Is creme brulee as good as PIE?

  38. P-p-p-p-pie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had pecan and the other day, gorged
    on pumpkin….or was it apple? Well, both.

    Belch….scuse me.

  39. Creeper, darling,
    I………..I…………..I don’t know what to say.

  40. Oh bullshit, of course the administration has everything to say about who stays and who goes at GM. He and the union OWN the board of directors. Oh come on, how stupid would anybody have to be to believe this tripe? Why on earth do you think Jeff Emelt, who completely tanked GE over the past ten years, is still there? He OWNS the board, that’s why. Ditto for GM. The board is stacked with administration and Union picks. Jesus, this president is really pushing the envelope with his assumption that everybody in America is batshit stupid.

  41. Yeah imust. I gotta go wash my hair too…..

  42. Fox giving 0’s Afghanistan speech low marks: vague; wrong target (too much al-Qaeda, far too little Taliban); too much of speech aimed at appeasing Leftists; unrealistic call on other nations for troops; no concrete expectations for Karzoi govt.; etc.

  43. Imagine FOX giving Obama low marks. I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  44. Umm – can someone clarify this :
    is the trunk in the Pontiac Trans Am really a “trunk” or is it just a kind of space at the back of the car – something like this :

  45. Creeper, wow. Some people just know how to have “fun”… their way.

    And then the request at the conclusion for an encore – “go around the block.”

    Had to have been there? Betcha those kids are all grown up now and probably all successful, hypereducated, wealthy, adults by now.

  46. Runa, just a space to put your purse and one or two bags after a trip to the department store. There’s a real tire and jack underneath, not one of those minibike tires with minijack they use nowadays.

  47. UW at 826 – is that why GM old CEO daughter attacked new CEO on Facebook?

  48. Bottom row center is a photo of a trans am with full rear seat. The trunk is behind it. Still think it’s just a continuation?

    This does not appear to be the case in the photo you are showing of a 1994 trans am. This photo you are showing was the very first hit on google. I got a bit more curious.

    Being a borderline old fart, I owned several cars with this kind of hatch and convertible rear seat, you could partially fold the seat down and get a continuation to the trunk. This man was reported for LOCKING his kids in the trunk. Keyword: “Lock”. This means people saw him put the kids in the trunk.

    Much as I never send traffic there I will make an exception because here you will see what I am assuming is a photo of what a trans am trunk looks like, although I cannot be sure and I am too damned tired to do anymore of this. But you have just got to logically ask yourself what the word “Locked” means.

  49. Sorry but as for driving kids around in a trunk, every hatch I had the user’s manual WARNED against living things in the trunk while moving, even with the rear seat down……..because of the ease in which gas fumes can be emitted. I would imagine that danger would be even worse in a fully encased trunk. The gas tank is there.

    I’m sorry but there is nothing intelligent about putting your kids in a trunk. Closets have even more room, would you lock your kids in one to run out and get milk for tomorrow’s coffee?

  50. thetownecrier, on December 2nd, 2009 at 2:37 AM Said:

    Creeper, wow. Some people just know how to have “fun”… their way.

    And then the request at the conclusion for an encore – “go around the block.”

    Had to have been there? Betcha those kids are all grown up now and probably all successful, hypereducated, wealthy, adults by now.

    Well, one is a computer systems analyst, one (the only girl) is a mechanical engineer, one is a marketing director and the last is my husband’s partner at our machine shop. The mother who took them for the trunk ride had a master’s degree in textiles and operated her own business.

    I know. This sounds crazy. I think you have to be raised out here in the heartland to have this kind of perspective. Even then, slowly but surely our freedoms are being legislated away. We can’t let our kids ride in the back of a pickup truck any more, even at slow speed through town. It’s probably just a matter of time before my stepson won’t be able to let his sons ride on the tractor with him while he plows snow.

    Maybe we’re a little crazy out here in farm country. We drive our kids around in the trunk or the truck and let our daughters race stock cars at the age of thirteen. We give them boats to take out on the river at twelve and hunting rifles (along with safety lessons) at the same age. We make them drive tractors to help with harvest when they’re ten. My grandchildren walk to school, poor things. I’m the woman who set her diaper-clad baby in a rain puddle so he could know one of life’s most precious experiences early on.

    So when a kid says “I want to ride in the trunk” we don’t think much about it. It’s another one of life’s experiences. And I guarantee you our kids grow up more well-rounded than those who live in a protective bubble all their lives.

    I still want to know who ratted this guy out. Were those kids in the trunk crying and screaming? I haven’t heard that anything to indicate they were. Or was this some busybody who couldn’t keep his nose out of other people’s business?

  51. I would have been one of those busybodies if I had been there. I would have speedialed the police on my cell in a nanosecond if I saw a guy putting his kids in a trunk and leaving that car. Sorry, but this is something I HAVE NEVER heard of as a normal course of things. I would be horrified. And I don’t even like kids much.

    If somebody locked me in a trunk when I was a kid I would have been freaked.

  52. Uppity Woman, on December 2nd, 2009 at 11:22 AM Said:

    “If somebody locked me in a trunk when I was a kid I would have been freaked.”

    But, Uppity, that’s just the point. Not everyone would feel the same. So far as we know, these kids WEREN’T freaked. It was an adventure to them. My stepchildren certainly weren’t freaked when they pleaded with their mother to “go around the block”.

    Did you know that since 2002 all cars come with a lighted inside trunk release? Monahan’s kids could have gotten out whenever they chose. Details here:

    I don’t want a society that protects children to the point where the only excitement they can experience is sitting on the couch blasting away at Klingons. How much longer will it be till we make it illegal to allow a child to climb a tree? Wade in the river? Strike a match?

    How I would love to meet Mr. Monahan’s children. They sound like wonderful kids to me.

  53. You can probably meet them when they visit daddy in jail. Bet his autograph will sell well on Ebay though.

  54. @UW :thanks for the clarification. I was genuinely curious to know what the “trunk” was like. No justification for leaving kids unsupervised in a car – definitely not in a trunk.

    Sometimes I think people should need to pass a test to become parents – just like we do for driving !

  55. You’re welcome Runa.

  56. Creeper you have not been sent to the corner. Uppity still loves you. She just doesn’t want to be near your trunk. LOL.

  57. Creeper, most would agree locking kids in the trunk to enable a child-free shopping experience is a no-no, anywhere.

    Taking kids on a joyride in the trunk is wild, unconventional, way out there on the edge, but certainly not unheard of in the sparser populated parts of this country, especially in the “heartland.” Kids growing up driving a tractor or boat before getting a driver’s license is more common than some may imagine.

    Remember when kids used to pile into the trunk to sneak into the drive-in? Either they were secretly stashed in the trunk by their parents (large families in these parts), or they were high school kids doing it on their own, all getting around from having to pay to get in.

    A trip to yesteryear

  58. Uppity, I didn’t think you’d consign me to the dustbin. While my position is not a popular one here, I made my points as civilly as possible. You needn’t worry about getting near my trunk. I’d never put you in it unless you asked.

    towncrier, you seem to get it for the most part. You must have been raised in a small town too. Thanks so much for the video trip down memory lane. Would you believe there’s still a drive-in in our neck of the woods? The experience is a little different these days from what it was when we were kids. The speakers on posts are gone. Now, to get audio, you tune your car radio to an AM frequency. Kinda takes the fun out of waiting for someone to drive off without unhooking the speaker from the car window.

    I’ll not make my argument further. Mr. Monahan has been charged with child endangerment and has pleaded “not guilty”. We’ll let a jury decide this one.

  59. Hey! I remember Drive-In movies! I missed a lot of movies parking there…..

  60. We still have drive-in’ theaters down here UW.

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