Former Bank Of America employee speaks out.

I would hire this woman in a nanosecond.


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  1. This is amazingly scary. I’ve forwarded to several friends.

    UW, I read this article, and I swear, there are shades of UW throughout the text. This woman pulls no punches. Check it out.

  2. Wow, getfit, that woman sure writes on-target pieces. For a broad, right? She’s the same one who wrote the chess piece with Hillary as Queen. She’s probably toast.

  3. What a beautiful soul.

  4. Wow.

    Wasn’t it Eisenhower who warned us of the “industrial-military” complex? Well, today we hardly have any industrial might left in this country, but there’s another complex that has thrived since Bush: the “Big Corp.-Federal Government” complex. Whether its BoA, Goldman-Sachs, the telecoms, Wall Street, health care providers, etc., our representatives have found out that it is more profitable to align themselves with the Big Corps. than with the people they went to Washington to represent… and the Big Corps have found out that it’s easier to get money from the people (and turn large profits with extravagant bonuses) through the Federal government.

    It’s a two-way parasitic relationship, and we’re the lifeblood.

  5. Corporatocracy: (from Wiki)
    Corporatocracy is that type of politics,wherein a country is run by a corporation or a group of corporations or governmant entities with privatisation. This is sometimes considered to be a form of fascism.
    This belief is reinforced by two factors. First, corporations give to competing political parties and major political party candidates. This is seen as a corporation hedging their bets on the outcome of an election, and trying to get on the good side of whichever candidate is elected into office. Some say[who?] this is one of the hallmarks of a corporatocracy.
    Second, in many cases former corporate executives serve as powerful decision makers within government institutions often charged with the regulation of their former employers. Meanwhile, former government employees often accept high ranking positions within corporations thereby providing their new employers with access to governmental decision makers. This serves to create the appearance of a revolving door between corporations and the institutions established to regulate their behavior; and can lead to regulatory capture.

  6. WELL DONE…..

  7. I didn’t know about the word, imustprotest, thank you!

  8. BoA’s founder Amadeo Pietro Giannini, must be rolling in his grave watching what they have done to his idea.

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