Future Cockroach Alert: This bully/future criminal’s mother must be so proud!

Isn’t this character picking on the other girl and punching her in the face  just the daughter you always wanted? Are you not just hoping she grows up to date your son?

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(Dec. 10) — Her choppy blue-and-blond hair hiding the fear in her eyes, a 15 year-old voiced her dislike for a hip-hop music group and got punched in the face by a classmate. The whole thing was caught on tape, and social media helped police in their investigation.

A crowd of six to 10 classmates were following the self-described emo girl and her boyfriend home from school in Newark, Ohio, on an autumn day in September. Some kids were taping it and others were egging on the assailant, who was on the school wrestling team. It all started because Alexis Xanders doesn’t like Insane Clown Posse.

One of the students who recorded the incident contacted Xanders on MySpace and sent her the video two months later. The teen says she wanted something done, so she uploaded the video to YouTube and CNN iReport last week.

Ah America’s future leaders.

When Xanders posted the video to CNN iReport, she wanted something to happen, but she didn’t expect to see a detective at her door the next day.

“Someone did see it and sent it to a detective. I didn’t think anything would actually happen with all of this because it happens all the time,” the high school freshman told CNN. The mother of the teen suspect could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Xanders says the suspect hasn’t liked her since fifth grade, when the harassment allegedly started. “I don’t really know why. She just never liked me,” she said.

“They would wait for me every day after school. … I didn’t go to school the day before. They were in a big huge group, waiting and stuff. Once all of my friends were walking, we’d have five or six people, but that day it was only me and [my boyfriend], she did something.”


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  1. I’m sure Crabby Old Fart will come up with a trading card profiling the assailant, if he hasn’t already.

  2. I had hoped that this sort of behavior was becoming unacceptable. It reminds me of when I had to schedule an interview with my daughter’s school principle due to the menacing behavior of another gril toward my daughter. I laid out, in detail, the situation, and secured a guarantee that the teachers would be more vigilant. Next thing I know, my daughter comes home in tears, with bleeding scratches on her arms. My follow up interview with the principal, and the teacher who thought it was a good idea to allow the young sociopath in the making access to my daughter, was not pleasant. Of course, it helped that my sister was the district trustee, and the policewoman accompanying me didn’t hurt either. That was 14 years ago. It saddens me that this type of behavior is still running rampant.

  3. * sigh *

  4. Obama arrives in Copenhagen for GLOBAL WARMING conference IN SNOW STORM….

  5. This is really sad. What struck me is the part where she said the girl hated her since fifth grade. My granddaughter is in 4th grade and she has been bullied for the last two years by the same girl (who has also turned a group against her). My daughter has done everything she could to put a stop to it…went to the teacher, the social worker, the principal, and the two different assistant superintendents. She also put in a call to the Superintendent who has not returned her call. The only thing she has left is to get a lawyer…which she (nor I) can afford the retainer fee.

    I told her that after Christmas I will make a personal call on the Superintendent…I think I’m a lot more intimidating than my daughter and might get his attention.

    In general, the schools will protect the bully and re-victimize the victim. In my granddaughter’s case, the last incident was the bully throwing her brand new hat into the garbage in the lunch room. When my granddaughter went to the lunch room supervisor, she said to go outside to play and that she wasn’t going to “dig into that trash for some cheap hat.” When the principal was informed of this, the principal decided to pull my granddaughter out of the lunchroom and have her eat in the office instead. No disciplinary action for the bully or the supervisor…but my granddaughter is now enduring the kids spreading the rumor that “she” is in detention and can’t eat in the lunchroom anymore.

  6. Yes they said that this is going to be their first White Christmas in 14 years. LOL!

    Obama makes last ditch effort and tells them “We’re running short on time”. ROFL.

    Is there anybody left in the building except those with their hands out?

  7. Wait till these little shit bullies get into the real world and see how well it all works out for them.

  8. Obama makes last ditch effort and tells them “We’re running short on time”. ROFL.

    That just cracks me up…really! The only thing Obama is worried about his how much time he has left in office before his Obot supporters decide that looking into that birth certificate isn’t such a bad idea after all.

    Obama is desperately trying to find something positive to report in his next State of the Union Address. He wants this joke of a health care plan passed so he can say he did something.

    After perusing the blogosphere to get info for my post today (whining from the Obot left) I saw a lot of anger out there…I mean, some are looking for revenge. Obama is in BIG trouble.

    ….but I did enjoy reading those sites, it was like an early Christmas present.

  9. Is that the Captain & Tennille greeting him as he gets off the plane?

  10. Yeah and whirled and they twirled for him.

  11. Any more Epic Fails and the guy is going to have to read poetry during the State of the Union Address.

  12. I pray that no poor animal falls into the hands of these bullies.

  13. Nunly said, “from the Obot left… I saw a lot of anger out there…I mean, some are looking for revenge. Obama is in BIG trouble.”

    Oh, thank you, Nunly, thank you.

  14. I guess I will never understand the trill some get out of being in a group and terrorizing a single person. It is an act of cowardice and they need to get a bunch of doses of it back. Listen these types of people could never stand alone and go at it one on one in a fair fight. These would be the type that got one hell of a surprise if they pulled this crap on me.
    This darn world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  15. Yikes Uppity, this is totally off topic, but did you see this?


    Well it’s not totally off topic, we are discussing cock roaches. : )

  16. Nunly, I am sorry your granddaughter has not had any support. I hear these stories from my friends and neighbors more and more often. Even if their own children are not the target, they know someone who is bullied and it just seems to follow the child throughout their schooling. In many cases it is the bully who gets the support and sympathy. Bizarre.

    I have to say that I am old enough to have gone through grade school and high school while there was still a high proportion of nuns to lay teachers. For the most part. nuns did not take this crap and called the kids (and their parents) on unacceptable behavior.

    In later life I saw that nuns had a marvelous power to make even over grown bullies posing a professional (who were not even catholic) pull back and alter their behaviors when confronted with the wrath of a nun. As I have aged , I have developed what I refer to as my nun tone. It comes in handy and often stops people in their tracks.

    If you give the Superintendent the what for with a NUNLY tone – I am sure you will indeed get some results. If not, nuns, like police make a good backup to have on hand.

    Retired military also make wonderful companions for such situations.

  17. OT, but this is just flat out undignified, juvenile, WEAK, and embarrassing. I am gobsmacked that this man is representing my country to the world.

    From Politico;

    “Senior Obama administration officials describe quite a dramatic scene at Climate Change Conference.

    Officials say President Obama was frustrated. The conference was in complete chaos.

    At about 730 pm Denmark time – the president was supposed to have left an hour before — he learned that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, with whom he was supposed to meet, was meeting with the leaders of India, South Africa, and Brazil – the main players holding up any sort of political agreement.

    The president heard about this and said he wanted to go to the meeting.
    “Four against one,” an official said to the president.
    “No problem,” he replied.

    A senior administration official says the president “barged into the meeting,” where he joined China’s Wen, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma.

    The reporters’ pool note from that time said that President Obama walked into the room and called out from the door, “Mr. Premier, are you ready to see me? Are you ready?”

    They talked for roughly 45 minutes and emerged with a non-binding political accord”

    There are no words for all that is wrong with that scene.

  18. Just remember Nunly….SHAME is a powerful thing….And even at close to 50 if someone said to me ” You ought to be ashamed of yourself! ” or
    “Have you no Shame! ” It still stops me dead in my tracks….makes me think ( even if I’m not sure I have behaved badly….chuckle….)
    We live in a society that resents the imposition of morals or ethics or fears when these tools are manipulated or abused to achieve tyranny and so we become either complacent or act as confused adolescents.
    These kids are being inundated with so many conflicting messages when they require and deserve guidance to become stable decent human beings….Civilization demands it and the survival of the species depends on it…..Ethics is Ethics….Just is……

  19. WMCB…Barry who never developed a work ethic…Who gamed every system to “get ahead”….Who identifies with the notion of “racial supremacy” either as oppressed victim or as entitled agent with a new mandate….Who has no clue as to what makes The USA such an essential land of opportunity for people….Whose conceit is to “change” for the benefit of the few power brokers everything fundamental to our unique and essential constitution in order to make us a pale imitation of a lost postwar Europe…..Barry has NO self respect because his
    “accomplishments” whatever they may be have been inflated to serve the ego and motivated to serve the self…..And so he continues to bow and scrape to those who appear to have authority….Shallow people who have no depth or weight usually do….HELL He didn’t even EARN or WIN the Office he is in….That was given to him….By the end of his term (whether that lasts 4 years or not ) He will be reviled….and so will most of his enablers…..

  20. Oilsoc has no manners and he is a creep. I’m glad the bots are finally getting his number so to speak. I am hoping that the birth certificate demands escalate and that he will finally have to show ALL his records and prove once and for all he is ineligible. My fantasy. I can’t stand that man and I will never get over the caucus fraud, intimidation and all the other horrors the DNC dreamed up.

    It is stunning to me that so many young women and girls are becoming so nasty and mean. I don’t recall this happening when I was in school (I’m 60). We were mainly interested in gossip, boys, and school. Things just keep changing and not necessarily for the better.

    Thanks Uppity for your great site. My favorite!

  21. Thank you Senneth!

  22. workingclass artist, 8:07 PM:


  23. Nunly, thank you for your recollection. It mirrors my experience, sadly. I think most people don’t recognize the serious nature of this type of behavior, which frankly occurs every day in schools, and pre-school day care. I cannot even think of the resultant chaos that will ensue if this is not stopped. Thanks again,.

  24. Protecting the bully is a variant ofnpolitical correctness. He is a very unfunny “joke” on the subject. Two social workers, a man and a woman ,were walking down the street when they came across a severely beaten man lying in the street. The male turned to the female and said, “The people who did this to him really need our help.” She nodded her agreement. And with that , they stepped over the injured man and continued on their way.

  25. These bullies are furture unemployed people. They think they can do whatever they want and have no respect or anybody and companies don’t want them for employees.

  26. personally I think this little gem of a book should required study in every high school & college….of course it pre-dates the PC era being published in 1932 but it is so well written and accessible…

    The Meaning of Right and Wrong. Dr. Bruce Cabot. Harvard University Press. ( Cabot was professor of ethics and Dean of Harvard Medical School )

    Book is plain and simple using straight forward logic and interesting facts and stories to explain the common sense of ethical behavior, it is conversational in tone and not preachy. Shows how ethics effects individuals…to families & clans….to communities….to nations….
    ( fairly predicted the rise of Hitler just by discussing the means the powerful and corrupt use to gain and hold power….causes and conditions….)

    If you can find it….get it…..just sayin’

  27. speaking of bullying….here is a blow by blow account of today at Nopenhagen……reminds me of DC….chuckle…..Q: Who’s bullying who?


  28. If someone would be so kind as to take up a collection to buy me this little place in France, I would be most appreciative.

  29. Uppity I have sent the White House instructions to forward my Obama Money to you so you can have that little place in France….Merry X-mas

  30. Uppity Woman, on December 18th, 2009 at 9:08 PM Said:
    These bullies are furture unemployed people. They think they can do whatever they want and have no respect or anybody and companies don’t want them for employees.

    Sadly, bullying seems to get some people ahead in the workplace…they just have to be more passive-agressive about the bullying, generally. It seems it also helped Obama get the dem nomination for president last year.

  31. As they say….a picture is worth a thousand words….chuckle….


  32. Whoa….

    ” However, the Danish police were far too free with their hands when pushing us around, and that is not acceptable in a free society. But then, Europe is no longer a free society. It is, in effect, a tyranny ruled by the unelected Kommissars of the European Union. That is perhaps one reason why police forces throughout Europe, including that in the UK, have become far more brutal than was once acceptable in their treatment of the citizens they are sworn to serve. ”

    Lord Mockton was sucker shoved by the danish police…..

  33. I just watched Bill Moyer’s Journal. the focus of this program was the Senate “health care reform” bill. He quotes a substantial number in this program. He reported that the insurance lobby has spent $396 million in nine months lobbying congress on this bill.

    You don’t have to be a bully to get your way. You just need deep pockets and are willing to dig into them.

  34. wca,

    Thanks for the link to Lord Monckton’s expose’ of European police brutality spured on by the UN. The only thing hr’s saying wrong is that this is Communism. That is merely the economics of it. The rest is pure Fascism, but global rather than national in scope and ambition. Less than 80 years since Hitler took over as much of the civilized world as he could , and the Fascist horror is again on the prowl.

    Such a police state is exactly the aim of obama’s entire program. MayGod give us the wherewithal to resist and overcome these monsters.

  35. I’m sorry, but if you are going to break windows, damage property, stand and wave from the top of police vans, or use mob force to go through doors you are not supposed to go through, you are going to get an ass beating. You deserve an ass beating. I’m so sick of hearing these anarchist brats talk about how innocent they are when they protest.

  36. Uppity,

    It’d nice to think this-

    “These bullies are furture unemployed people. They think they can do whatever they want and have no respect or anybody and companies don’t want them for employees.”

    -but it’s not true. There’s a woman in my organization who’s now #3 in the hierarchy. The incident described here is how she regularly operates at the age of 55+ (minus the actual violence) and Nunly is right in saying that authority figures/management generally support the victimizer.

  37. Nunly…sorry to hear that. I think it shows how bad our society is getting. The victim never gets any justice. I myself had to put up with bullies.

    “I wonder what they do teach these children at these schools.”

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