Your Open Thread, New Year’s Eve, Times Square Live Feed

You can watch the ball drop along with a bunch of frozen people partying and stealing each other’s wallets by clicking on this link this evening.

I was going to list some New Year’s Resolutions, but the truth is, I don’t have any. I’ll just keep doing whatever I’ve been doing. How about you?

The crowd is gathering….


Don’t let this happen to your kitteh on New Year’s Eve:


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  1. Usually my husband and I stay home on New Year’s Eve. Ever since the grandkids came along, we were the designated babysitters…and that was fine with me because the thought of standing out in the cold with a bunch of people I don’t even know or like seemed stupid.

    This year, however, we’re stuck going into the Chicago Loop because my daughter (who I would like to throttle) gave us tickets for Christmas to see Jersey Boys tonight. I have no idea what gave her the idea that I would want to go into the city on New Year’s Eve night to see a play about The Four Seasons. I didn’t tell her that I was not happy about this, tried to just smile and say thanks…but I want to ring her neck.

  2. Nunly, apparently she thinks you have pined for Frankie Valli most of your life.

  3. I’m cancelling my plans to hang with these kittehs cuz they know how to party!

  4. Love the pics! Best Wishes to you in the New Year!

    I predict that next year at this time Obama’s poll ratings will be HISTORIC-ally low.

  5. Cute pics, good to start off the New Year countdown with a laugh.

    Nunly I hope you enjoy yourself, hopefully you can make it back home before all the drunks hit the highways.

    OT and FYI, there is a new scam email going around. Somebody spoofed my husband’s email address and is sending out emails to everyone in his contact list telling them what good deals he got at some website. The site is “right wholesele” an unusual spelling I know, obviously someone needs to go back to elementary school, LOL! Anyway it looks like he sent something to all his friends telling them what great deals he got on this site and he didn’t. I don’t know anybody that clicked the link so I don’t know what happens if you do. I just wanted to warn everyone to look out for emails touting this site.

  6. Besides, Frankie was crap next to Jay.

  7. Hey look, the old fart can still hit the notes. Kind of.

  8. Somebody if they got your husband’s address book online, it’s a worm. I strongly urge you to run an updated Antivirus program immediately. Your friends will open the email and they will get THEIR address books too. That’s why they call it a worm.

  9. I don’t know what went through her head when she bought those tickets, I never listen to that crap music. Last year she bought us tickets to see BB King…that was a GREAT concert! It was in a small theater and King went on for almost an hour more than he was supposed to. He was amazing.

    …but…Jersey Boys??? Huh???

    Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Lord knows my expectations are very very low, so I can’t imagine it will be worse than I think.

    The show starts at 7:30 but we’re supposed to be there 45 minutes early because she also bought tickets to get into some “suite” thingy where we are supposed to get drinks and appetizers before the show. Great…watered down drinks and cold appetizers. Yum. AND the nearest parking garage is about two blocks away, which doesn’t seem bad, if you’re not walking the two blocks with a windchill factor of 10 below. I.just.can’t.wait. 🙄

  10. It’s not a worm it was actually a hack attack on his gmail account and google is aware of it. Apparently he wasn’t the only one. So now what a big effing mess that some shithead got into his email just after Christmas and we do all our shopping online so there were lots of confirmation emails. On top of that my husband is MR. online everything all the bills, banking etc., what a mess.

    So I know what my husband is going to be doing all day!

    If anybody out there has gmail they better double check their accounts pronto. I have a gmail account but they wouldn’t have much fun hacking mine unless they wanted the details of my brother’s upcoming wedding, LOL!!

  11. I don’t use gmail and I advise everyone I know to stay away from ANYTHING Google. Listen, what kind of company scans the content of your emails and finds key words for ads? What will be next that they can and will do with the contents of your emails. Google is evil. They didn’t start out that way but power corrupts. They are the worst spies to ever hit the blogisphere. Half the people who have google accounts didn’t even know google was tracking and storing every one of their web clicks. Now they are forced to opt you out by default instead of the other way around. The Chrome dumps so many third party cookies on you, it’s beyond ridiculous. What browser refuses to let you in unless you open up to all cookies? How many blogspot people does it take for them to freeze due to politics, before people get it? And how may blogspot people can’t even edit their own blogs without opening up cookies. Google is out of control and they haven’t even begun to think of ways to peek in your windows, see Google Earth. And their toolbar can secretly store a little procedure in your machiine that tracks the crap out of you, including in firefox.

  12. Who are those cats? Friends of Bill? I hope not, they would be a bad influence on Little Bill Jr.

  13. They are in Bill’s MK local union.

  14. Well, if they’re in the moderator kitteh union, who’s moderating all the blogs? No wonder the penguins are trying to take over, they’re probably willing to work for less pay!

  15. New Years Eve my parents always hosted a family dinner party and Daddy (a man who had maybe three drinks the rest of the year) would stock up on various bubbly concoctions. This included that bizarre semi sweet champagne drink called Cold Duck.

    My Siamese cat loved that stuff and would drink from peoples glasses. Well you can guess what happened. It seemed so innocent at the time letting that little kitty imbibe a bit. But then the next day I would have to deal with kitty hangover. FYI Cold Duck and cat nip should never be mixed.

    As to Google. I hang with Uppity. When I got new notebooks for the office I found one down side of Vaio’s was they they came with Chrome as the default browser. I did not want Chrome at all. Try getting rid of that monster. It actually makes you want to give business to Microsoft just to spite them. When you go to remove it – Google keeps flagging you with prompts asking if you really really really want to get rid of it and that Google thinks it best if you leave it as your browser because its so much better. If that is not enough, once you wade through the sea of pop ups Google actually wants you to still hand over all your personal information and fill out a survey on why you do not wish to use their software. They make it very hard for you to get through then entire process without giving them information and, at the time, actually getting rid of Chrome.

    Also, be careful when installing any new software or updates. They often contain a default option of adding that darn Goggle toolbar to just about everything.

    Google Earth is scary. Twilight Zone scary.

  16. Agree on google earth! While I think there are some neat features there, when somebody on another site uploaded my house and asked if I still owned those vehicles……well that is downright freaky!! That’s why I don’t use my name or any of my family members’ names on any site where I might comment. Because this is Uppity’s site I’m sure she has a pretty good idea who we all are, but I trust she won’t be posting links to our houses via google earth.

  17. Mt Laurel,
    I agree about how Google makes it nearly impossible without turning over your info and your firstborn. I thought of offereing them my nextdoor neighbor, but it was no good.
    the google toolbar is driving me nuts. Also I just installed a new printer and was bombarded with stuff. I said “NO” to allowing notices, updates about productsam etc, on whatever it was that I needed to sign (some agreement) when I first installed it. Then to add further insult, I had to register the product on line and there were even more agreements, requests for info, etc.
    It is very scary – specially for those of us – ME – who trust few sites with information anyway.

  18. About 3 hours 11 minutes ago, my time zone, we made it into 2010 here in Kuala Lumpur. I was oblivious to anything other than busy “watching” sailors’ butts…until someone came up to me “Happy New Year, Joey!” I forgot the time…dang work does that to me.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2010 EVERYONE!!! May it’ll bring much needed recovery to whatever economic situations you’re in. Good health and peace. May God protects us all from evil socialist agenda.

    To MKB and family…and the pengies have a great party. Only just for this New Year’s eve, ya hear.

    Muaaah Ms UW & family, have a great day.

    Also, thank you all for sharing your thoughts, and especially the laughter on here, in Ms UW’s “living room” this past 1 year & eight months (already?) LOL.

    Now I must rest for a few hours (3.24am on 01.01.2010). before the sun comes up again, I am sure it will!!!

  19. OK ! I am posting from work. I usually don’t have any time, but I am waiting to leave to catch a train from Chicago to my suburban destination. (So that I can pick up my car for the 4th time in 5 weeks!) This time, they are not charging me even a tuppence! Hooray!

    I guess they figured they had got more out of me than anyone else this past month and they were giving me a break.

    I’m leaving work in a few minutes, and hope to visit my mother before going home to spend NYE with some wine, cheese, a good book and a warm radiator nearby. Yesterday my daughter returned to her warm home in the southwest. It was soooo nice to have her here.

    She got engaged at Christmas, and came home anyway! When I picked her up at the airport, I got out of the car to open the trunk and I said “Merry Christmas Sweetie!” To which she jumped up and down and said “I got engaged!!!”. What fun.

    Nunly ~
    If you don’t expect anything good tonight, you might be leasantly surprised. I had expected way too much based on what everyone had said. (And I didn’t listen to Frakie Valli music either) There are a couple of settings that were really visually good. and the talent is wonderful. But then I think Chicago has more talent than anyone. Hope you have a great time. Use CTA… Rides are a penny tonight.
    Happy New Year! :-

  20. Resolutions? I don’t need no stinking resolutions.

  21. ugh!!!
    leasantly = pleasantly

  22. Happy New Year dear Joey!

    No Somebody, you needn’t worry about Aunt Uppity. Evah.

  23. Thanks Leslie…

    We’re actually going to drive down to the Loop. I don’t want to try to get a cab to the train station, and I don’t want to walk from Wabash to Union Station. The temps are really going to drop tonight.

    Mary- I have New Year’s resolutions this year, I just added them to the end of my blogpost. Of course, I’ll probably never follow through on them, I haven’t managed to do so before.

    Happy New Year everyone! Maybe I’ll be back before midnight to stop over here. If I don’t get run down by some drunk.

  24. Love the cat pics! Happy New Year everybody! Geez, I hope next year is a heck of a lot better than this past one has been.

  25. Difficulties with IE on my computer today became nearly insurmountable, and provided me with courage to follow UW’s frequent advice to switch to Firefox. I’m running it now and it is behaving perfectly.

    As with so many things, Uppity Woman, your advice is spot on.
    Wishing you and yours, as well as blog friends a happy, healthy, and new year!

    And with a little more slippage in the polls, perhaps the new year might even become obamaless with respect to the oval office. Not that I’m hoping he’ll fail, or anything. 🙂

  26. , and new year s/b new year

  27. Glad to be of help Pamela. I know browser change can be a bit daunting, but believe me, if you use Firefox for three full days, and diddle around with its addons, you will literally want to throw rocks at Internet Explorer. And it’s safer too.


    Query Where is the proud Papa, good MK Bill?

  29. UW,

    I took your advice and installed Firefox, but it made a shambles of my neatly organized Favorites (Bookmaks), so I uninstalled it and am back to IE6, (which, as others are reporting, has for months reglarly closed when I’m at UW blog, but no other sites.)

    Any tips on changing over, anyone?

  30. I moved my favorites to Firefox, although I don’t remember how. I will sniff around for you.

    I can’t believe how many people are at Times Square already. You guys need to click the link.

  31. Mary, it’s probably not just my site, it’s just that you spend the most time here and then it gets you.

  32. Here you go mary, a whole boatload of sites to tell you how to import your favorites to firefox. xo

  33. Rafts of thanks, UW. My New Year’s Day job.

  34. Normally the first time you launch firefox it asks you if you want to import your favorites.

  35. Or choose Organize Bookmarks from the Bookmark pull down menu then go to the file menu and choose import. Select what ever browser you want to import your favs from and chose OK and shazam! you’re done.

  36. Happy New Year UW and to all UW readers!
    I live a few blocks from Times Square – they shut our block down early this year, by 5:30 my friend had to beg to be let down the street to go to the apartment they pay rent for. They have people who claim to live here lined up all the way down the avenue – at 5:30 it was about an hour wait and the Police Chief that came around said they were shutting it for good in about an hour. How do you like that? I really wanted some pigs in a blanket and I forgot those at the store today, so now, there will be no pigs in a blanket or out of a blanket. Cops won’t let me back in my own home. We didn’t even get a notice about this crack down on getting in your own home. I live right in the hotel district. What I really wanna know is, what the heck good is it to see some tourists ID? Doesn’t have an address that coordinates to anything on it. Hope those poor suckers that paid 4 or 500 dollars a night knew if they left they could kiss their private bathroom good bye until 2010. and that’s another thing, not a toilet to be found around here. I can tell you what happens to all those millions of people out there screaming their lungs out – who come to find there is no port a potties for them – wet legs.
    Anyway, as far as resolutions go I’ll try the diet again and see by 2011 if that really meant I intended to gain more or lose it. 09 worked out in the plus column unlike my salary, but at least I still have a job, even though it’s part of the time I signed up for about a hundred years ago.
    UW I haven’t been able to post much in the past 6 months, but I have kept reading. and I really want to thank you UW and all the reader commentators for invigorating discussions. Happy New Year one and all !!!!!

  37. I can’t be sure but I think I had to export first, DE. i could be wrong.

    Hey Type!!! Good to see you girl! I hope your bladder holds out till 2010. I’m crossing my legs for ya!

  38. Rick Warren is begging for bucks. His church is in the red since the Christmas donations were less than half what he usually gets. Well Rick, time to lower your standard of living boy, same as your followers.

  39. “Well Rick, time to lower your standard of living boy, same as your
    Ain’t it the truth! There’s something kind of awful about Rick’s pan handling like this. I bet some of his congregation are piss poor and out of work. Imagine asking them to cough up more and they will probably do it too. Hey, maybe Rick should apply for a second job like the rest of have.

  40. In case I don’t get back here, Happy New Years all!

    I was wondering the same thing about bathrooms at Times Square. Basically, you go down there with nothing and get to stand in a huge crowd in the cold, and maybe rain or snow, and count the last 10 seconds. Ugh!

  41. And UW – thanks for the leg crossing, but I am 10 feet from my porcelian bowl! I wouldn’t go stand in Times Square to watch some ball drop for much of anything. I prefer to sit inside and look out my window on a side street and watch people get arrested as they attempt to pee in public.

  42. NY Smike – no there are no bathrooms there. Charmin put in some public restrooms in one vacant building. They’ve been open with free toilet paper since just after Thanksgiving. A big Charmin squeeze ad on the outside. I don’t care how comfy that TP looks. I know who goes in there and sits down first. Many homeless take their morning bath in public restrooms. It’s a total disgrace how we just let mentally ill people decide they should live on the streets in the middle of winter and bath in a public sink. Anyway all those revelers were told this morning – once you get put in a pen you ain’t comin’ out. the police started lining them up in there gated cues earlier this afternoon. I have no idea how anyone human holds it that long. Honestly. They can’t go anywhere. Now, I can understand what most men do, – or will try to do – but what do the women do????? I ask you???? How can anyone besides Queen Elizabeth hold their water that long?

  43. Apparently, Jackass isn’t paying Rick Warren’s mortgage or filling his gas tank. Beyond his pay grade, I suppose.

  44. Waving to NYSMike!

    Hey Type, Rick is $900,000 in a hole and blaming his congregation, basically. If he got half of what he usually gets like he said, then he’s accustomed to getting 1.8 mil. Poor baby, he’s going to have to cut out some things same as I had to do. Guess he’ll just have to stop all that flying around picking on homosexuals from coast to coast.

    Maybe Obama will give him a bailout. Nah, he’s not an Islamofascist.

  45. A recap of the decade..according to Newsweek…


    We’re having Uppity Woman Pot Roast for dinner and going to a movie.

  47. Uppity, Happy, happy New Year! And thanks for all the snark (actually, in the original, that was thanks for all the fish, which I’m sure the penguins would love)
    Happy New Year everyone!

  48. Thanks HT. The best to you as well.

    Hey socal, let me know what you think about that pot roast.

  49. Happy New Years 2010 everyone!! One of my favorite clients is celebrating her retirement tonight–at her favorite dive bar/watering hole. There’s a can of Hamm’s beer in my future soon. I stay away from much else on NY’s Eve….last time I went and whooped it up, I ended up kissing what became the last ex-husband. No more New Year’s eve kissing for me 😛

    Have a safe one, UW and all!!

  50. Thank you all for the smart, sassy, insightful, funny and provocative comments this year.

    I’m turning off the the internets for a while, having some wine and reading a book next to the very warm radiator. I may check back in a while. But if I don’t make it before midnight……know that you all (UW, FF, MKB, penguins, et al) made my year so much better. I only hope there will be real change in 2010.

    Happy New Year to All !

  51. Happy New Year to you, dearest UW, and to all your charming commenters. Thanks to all here for keeping the faith and being a source of both comfort, wit and wisdom.
    Here’s to us!
    And, here’s to B. Hussein having a terrible 2010!!!

  52. Maybe some of El Gordo’s congregants cut him off to repay him for urging them, in ministerial tones and garb, to vote for himhis good friend obama. Perhaps they’ve decided they like the old Messiah better than the new one.

  53. Happy New Year to all! Thanks for the laughs and the tears. Above all, thank you for sharing your thoughts. UW, you’re tops!

  54. A happy, healthy, prosperous, productive year to all,

    From, Mary and her dear feiends MK Bill, and Baby Bill.

  55. JOY!

  56. Uppity wishing you a wonderful happy new year and may the very best in health, happiness and love always be with you……. 🙂 😉 Oh, and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Happy New Year all! (And thank you for the great blog, Uppity.)

  58. UW,

    You’ve been lighting up my life since I first found you on Pagan Power’s blog roll after Denver.

    May you continue to go from strength to strength.



    i love you all a lot

    Happy New Year!

  60. Happy New Year everyone!
    Scott, Angi & Zoe

  61. Hey I almost forgot Gitmo closes tomorrow!

  62. My New Year’s Resolution is to stop being so frickin optimistic…ha ha ha ha ha!

    Happy New Year, UW and all.

  63. Gitmo closes tomorrow…Good one, DE!!! At least we are on the path to universal health care for all. (insert eyerolling emoticon here)

  64. And, we love you too, FF. Thanks for all the hilarious banners…this one is particularly good.

  65. Found another New Year’s Kittehs picture for you, Uppity

  66. Mary, I remember Pagan’s blog. I wonder what happened to her? I thought most of us met up on taylor marsh or no quarter back in the early primary days.

    Uppity, the pot roast smell divine. Guys are drooling for it. I really love this recipe, and it was quite easy to make. I’m just going off to make the gravy. Yummy!

  67. Happy New Year UW and all UW-ites!

    2010, here we all come, bigger, better, stronger, wittier, sharper, and smarter!

  68. Mary, go to Bookmarks on Firefox menu and click Organize Bookmarks. On left hand colum under All Bookmarks, click Bookmarks Menu. Move your mouse arrow to main menu Views, and then on the dropdown window click Sort, then Sort By Name. That will help organize your bookmarks in Firefox.

  69. Happy New Year, Uppity, and Uppity-ites everywhere!

  70. Cool header FF. Launching penguins into 2010.

  71. UW,

    Thanks a bunch. I can do this.

  72. Five star pot roast! Incredible gravy! Hope you’re all having a nice evening! We’re off to movie.

  73. Happy New Year Uppity Woman, FF and all the Uppity people on this blog!

    I wish for all of you a 2010 that is filled with happiness, prosperity and good health.

    Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom with us Ms. Uppity, you certainly made 2009 more bearable for us all!!! You know I was thinking we should all thank oilsoc, because were it not for him we may never have found each other here at Uppity Woman…..It’s the truth so he’s been good for something right???

    So is everyone having their black eyed peas tomorrow or only the southerners??? Black eyed peas are a tradition for good luck.

    Oh and guess what??? My son showed up with his gf in tow about an hour ago. I wouldn’t have been any more surprised if I’d woken up with my head sewn to the carpet, LOL!!!

  74. Oh typewriter wow thanks for the info about Times Square. I always thought seeing the ball drop would be neat. Although I’d prefer the view from a hotel room and not in a massive crowd in the cold. BUT wow no bathrooms, NYE in Times Square is officially off my list, LOL!!

    How about the Macy’s parade??? Is that really bad too, are there bathrooms?? Could you get a hotel somewhere and view the parade from the balcony??? Little Somebody asks every year if we could one day actually go to NYC and see the Macy’s parade.

  75. Okay, I know I’m usually a lurker, but I have oft times expressed my admiration of the penguins. However, that may have changed. I had my toast points covered wtih cream cheese, and went looking from the billionaire sardines (they are the very skinny ones). While I know most people don’t like sardines, I happen to love them, as do penguins and opps, so do my kittehs. Anyway, I was looking forward to a New Year’s treat, and ….and……no sardines! Either Kitteh Bill and his cohorts have been into my kitchen, or those friends of my son who have slept at my place for the last three nights have a taste. Either way, I am left with toast points, cream cheese and……sigh, nothing. Yeah, perhaps smoked oysters would be just as good, but darn it all, I wanted billionaire sardines. Uppity, are you certain of Bill and the penguins’ whereabouts tonight?
    Happy New Year all……sans sardines.

  76. annie,

    I also started at Taylor March. Two of the regulars there who aso had their ow blogs were Pagan Power and Texas Darlin. When Marsh went traitor, I started blogging with both of them. Then either right before or rght after Denver (I’ve been trying to remember which) I found the uppercase name UW on pp’s blogroll, was curious, clicked, read, and was immediately hooked by UW’s intelligence, writing skill, insight, and wit. Then when Scott became DE, i clicked on his new blog name and found yet another good friend and family.

    I pray we’ll all be together a year from tonight in a free and healthy Amerca, with Constitutional rule restored and tyranny defeated. Amen.

  77. Sorry about the sardines HT. I’m not much of a sardine fan myself but I had an Uncle that loved them. Anytime I smell sardines I think of him.

    Hmmmm, you have put forth a variety of good suspects. Clearly the penguins would devour sardines….but alas so would MKB or baby Bill. I don’t know about your son’s friends, perhaps a breath test is in order, LOL!

  78. A happy and healthy new year to you, too, Cinie.

  79. HT,

    Bummer. But I’ll vouch for Bill and Baby Bill. Could have been the penguins, though

    Happy New Year..

  80. Somebody said, ” I wouldn’t have been any more surprised if I’d woken up with my head sewn to the carpet.” ROFLOL
    My friend, “Just Say NO!”

    Little Somebody,
    New Year hugs and beautiful wishes from Mary, MK Bill, and Baby Bill.


  81. Happy New year to you and Yours Uppity Women. A heartfelt Best Wishes in the coming year.

  82. Mary I will pass along your wishes to little somebody.

    Socal I hope you enjoy the movies, what are you going to see??

    Me thinks Uppity Woman is sampling her private label champagne. She hasn’t posted anything since 7:49pm. Perhaps she’s being dutifully served by the penguins that have disappeared?? Speaking of disappearances where is MKB?? The kitty in the header appears to be baby Bill.

  83. Boo Ya!

    Happy New Year Uppityites!!!!!!!

  84. Looks like the Bills and the Penquins emptied those bottles pretty damned fast.

  85. Almost three hours to go here, but Happy New Year to all on the East Coast.
    The Partying Penguins look thoroughly soused, MKB and BB are clear-eyed and alert, and the Tuxedoed Tempter is trying to seduce father and son. Villain.

  86. Happy New Year to all. Thank you Uppity, FF, MK Bill and Baby Billy for all the enjoyment. I found UW blog site at NQ during the primary fiasco and have been a staunch reader since. Although I didn’t comment until fairly recently.

  87. Happy New Year to Uppity Woman and all her followers. I hit the bed about 10:00 as I could not stay awake. Hope we have a much better year ahead. Have you seen the story on the Atty that was on Flt 253 who claims they were held on the plane 20 min and then held in a holding area for a long time. Dogs finally were brought in to sniff luggage and one person was taken away. The passengers were moved telling them to a “safe” area and told they were smart people and could figure out why.

    Ron Smith the Customs person has offered 5 versions of the story denying the existence of the 2nd person to finally admitting he existed but was let go. Atty Haskell is not believing the story. Haskell is ticked about how it was passengers were handled. They could have been in danger on the plane and in holding as no passengers/carry on luggage were screened/searched until dogs found something suspicious on the 2nd person. The story is on The guy has posted under the name of Pug. If you click on the name Pug it will take you to all his postings which have a link to his last posting yesterday.

    Fox has gone with the 5th story Smith has given. Haskell is waiting for his 6th story.

  88. Wow no I hadn’t heard about this, Rose.

  89. Here is one youtube of Haskell on telephone w/Fox.

  90. You know the interesting thing about this Rose, is the MSM didn’t cover this at all. I see some coverage on google, but off the beaten patch kind of.

  91. I am not surprised it is not covered. Fox bought the last version that was provided by that Smith guy who is Customs IIRC. Haskell is still waiting for answers to his question. It is posted at FR
    With link in the comments. Some blogs have picked up on it.

    You know it really doesn’t matter as I am sure it will go no where. My problem with it is the fact that the passengers were held on the plane and then in a holding area before any further security measures were taken to protect their safety. They should have been the first off that plane and all luggage and carryons should have been checked pronto. They did not know if there was another bomb or not at that point and it appears the FBI, etc were focused on the crotch bomber. He could have been put in a holding area until security was completed.

    Alex Jones youtube channel (who I know nothing about) has videos up and interviews with this guy as I understand it. Isn’t he one of those ‘truthers’?

    If so, Haskell should stay way away from him if he wants to maintain his credibility. I do believe this Haskell guy. Why would he lie about it and he does have other witnesses who support his story or parts they also witnessed.

  92. UW, among your google search hits is this link:

    It contains the following along with a short audio.

    Mr. Haskell is not telling his story on Network News or on CNN/MSNBC because:

    A. The “Traditional Journalism” does not think his story is relevant

    B. The “Traditional Journalism” is too lazy to dig a little and find Mr. Haskell

    C. The “Traditional Journalism” has not read about it in the NY Times yet, so it can’t be important

    D. Mr. Haskell’s story undermines the meme that the big crisis in America is HEALTH CARE REFORM and we don’t really need to worry about terrorism anymore, Obama is fixing that by making the world love us

  93. UW, I have been waiting for an answer from Ed Henry CNN on this article. I asked him if he was on a paid vacation and he told me the press pays their own freight. So I sent him this:

    @edhenrycnn If you pay your own freight what does this mean then? In case that small link doesn’t show up here is the original link:

  94. Freerepublic to me is the right version of Dkos, so I never go there. Saw some horrible filthy stuff about Hillary there. The far right sites make me itch in the same way. I can onlly go so far and freeper is just too far for me.

    But this is hysterical:

    C. The “Traditional Journalism” has not read about it in the NY Times yet, so it can’t be important

    Cracking up here.

  95. Ed Henry. He’s that little twit that looks 12 years old, right?

  96. Well both of those sites get a huge amount of exposure. I was stunned though when I looked at your google search and found Big Government had picked up on it. This is the last thing I have seen from Fox which is what led me to believe they bought the Smith story but that may not be true too.,2933,581738,00.html

    But I THINK I saw something on it being broadcast again today. Don’t know if it was a rerun or not.

  97. I really don’t know what he looks like. I don’t watch CNN. I watch Fox or CSI, cold case files, Criminal Minds, forensic files, etc. LOLOLOL

  98. Oh I’m not surprised that biggovernment picked it up at all. Those guys have huge cajones. Look at what they exposed on ACORN.

  99. Rose for some reason the story of the second passenger just hasn’t gained any legs. I saw an interview with a young man that was sitting 7 rows from the undie bomber. He talked about the aftermath and that holding area. He also said the dogs alerted when sniffing someone’s carry on. He said the man was taken to a corner and cuffed. He also said the passengers were moved to another area.

    I could swear I saw the young man on Greta, but I’m not 100% positive.

    The man you mention, Mr. Haskell the attorney, he’s the one that insists there was a well dressed “Indian” man that helped get the undie bomber on the plane without a passport. I have yet to hear it officially confirmed whether or not the bomber was traveling without a passport. Supposedly the man was claiming that the bomber was a refugee….I’ve heard from Somalia and from Sudan.

    It’s utterly amazing to me that the most of the MSM isn’t even mildly curious about any of this, WTH???

  100. I’m still waiting on someone to interview the “ill passenger” from the same flight a couple days later. Might be hard since he had a tidy whitie bomb too and is now at Gitmo.

  101. I agree DE, where is that guy? In this day and age, everybody gets interviewed for their 15 minutes of fame. If he was some “innocent” guy that they brought in all the police, FBI, etc. handcuffed him off the plane……CNN and the rest of the LameStreamMedia would be falling all over themselves interviewing him and running the same loop over and over. But this guy just, poof, vanishes.

  102. I believe the Indian guy accompanying took place in Amsterdam. IIRC Haskell says it was taped and wants it released. As far as I know Haskell is the only one that saw the Indian man. I don’t believe his wife even did but I would have to go back and read all that stuff. I read somewhere that the visa was one issued from Italy. Yemen claims he was illegal and should not have been on the plane as he had no valid visa. He had gone there on a student visa which had expired.


  103. One.Convoluted.Mess

    Pretty much sums up the Obama administration (except Hillary!)

  104. The LSM’s silence is not the reault of laziness. It is the result “only following orders.”

  105. The MSM is only curious about what they are told to be curious about.

  106. “The MSM is only curious about what they are told to be curious about.”

    Seems like a variant on “only following orders.” Am I missing something?

  107. UW,

    The third cat down (white, paw on red box) looks dead (blood trickling out of mouth.) Do you think?

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