Happy New Year to all of our Uppity members and lurkers too! Come out come out! Say Hi!

……….And for those of you who prefer utter pathos:

dan fogelberg (1951-2007) – same auld lang syne


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  1. Fogelberg? Uppity, I always knew I liked you, regardless of our differences, but Fogelberg confirms it, I am your best friend.
    Now we have that out of the way, could you ask Bill and the Penguins to never steal my sardines again? !

  2. Oh good! Another Fogelberg fan! RIP for that boy, let me tell you.

    If Dan hadn’t convinced you, HT, I would like you to know I just happen to have a nice tin of portuguese sardines packed in olive oil in the pantry. Wish I could fax them to you. That would be messy! But fun!

  3. Happy New Year to my whole fam damily!

  4. Happy New Year, UW!

    Wishing you and all here the best for a happy, healthy, prosperous and SANE New Year!



  5. I left at your blog.

  6. Happy New Year to all! If we can elect a new Congress, it’ll be very happy indeed.

  7. Anthony,

    Repeating the good wishes I left at your blog.

  8. Thanks Mary-

    Wishing you and yours all the best!

    Anthony (and the Little One, too)

  9. You guys have certainly kept me busy. Since April 2008, this blog has nearly 2000 posts. You would think my fingers would hurt, if not my head.

    Oy, I need a drink.

  10. Just pasiing by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, again…in between work break.

    MKB has been knocked out from too much champagne. Little Bill looks very very tipsy and could fall flat on his face at any time. LOL

  11. You deserve a good drink Ms UW. Cheers!!!!

  12. Happy happy to all and sundry.

  13. Twenty ten best wishes to UW and all of U.

  14. Repeating Mary’s prayer from thread below:
    I pray we’ll all be together a year from [now] in a free and healthy America, with Constitutional rule restored and tyranny defeated. Amen.

  15. Good Morning All!

    I hope you had a very nice and safe New Year’s Eve!

    I pray good things, good health and good times for all of you in the year ahead.


  16. Happy New Year, everybody!

  17. Happy New Year!

  18. Freedom Fairy, love the new header! Just hope Bill and little Bill have learned their lesson. Stolen sardines and too much champagne are not good for the health of kittehs.
    Once again, Happy New Year all!

  19. Happy New Year Uppity- and all! Praying that 2010 will be a better year for all of us and for our country and that our troops stay safe!

    Blessings to all.


  20. Happy New Year Uppity and everyone!

    Thanks to all: you keep me from setting my hair on fire. Whew, I think I’m glad ’09 is history. Now lets vote ’em OUT.

    Good wishes and Good health to all.

  21. Thanks HT! I can attest that the Penguins ate pizza – with anchovies!

  22. Count me as another Dan Fogelberg fan.

  23. Hi everybody and once again, Happy New Year. Here’s hoping it’s a good one for all of you.

    Hi Dormant, glad to see you posted. Hope you are feeling well.

    I wont be around too much today, gang, But UW’s place is open 24//7, so go ahead and chat without me. You all know the rules by heart so I’m not worried about my children!

    I’ll check in when I can.


  24. P.S. Bill won’t be moderating. He’s plastered.

  25. “P.S. Bill won’t be moderating. He’s plastered.”

    better put Pengy back up then….

  26. Happy New Year Uppity, and everybody else. Not to wish your fingers any bad luck, but I hope your posts are as prolific in 2010 as they were in 2009.

  27. Wishing each and everyone a very safe and happy 2010. Looking forward to the elections and kicking them to the unemployment lines.

  28. Happy New Year from another Dan Fogelberg and Uppity fan.

    from me!


    2010 — hoping the year and decade ahead will bring good things to all of you…

  30. To Uppity and all of you who post and lurk here: Happy New Year!

  31. Happy New Year UW!!! Here’s a year-end video for ya:

  32. Happy New Year UW and all readers!
    Yes!!! Looking forward to the 10 elections and booting out as many losers as we can. If UW continues the great work here I might not have a complete and utter breakdown watching my Country flushed down the crapper!
    Special shout out to Rick Warren has reality about getting a second job begins to set in – you know, just like that second job so many of us were forced into by our first job not paying what it used to?

  33. Happy New Year to one and all!
    Hoping everyone here does indeed has a decent year.

    Thanks for such a good blog and for that ditty from Fogelberg. It was just the right touch today. When I arrived home from work last night there were over a dozen messages from depressed brothers so I knew how I was going to be spending my evening. Two of them lost their jobs last New Year’s Eve (yes – those lovely companies that knew 2009 was going to stink and dumped up to half of their employees with no notice at the 11th and 3/4 hour by leaving phone messages for them to not to bother going to work in the New Year).

    Here is to hoping their new jobs (which took 8 and 11 months respectively to find) last and I can go back to supporting just two households (me and mom). And that I still have a job this time next year and that anyone in a similar predicament finds 2010 better than 2009. Its been a very long year.

    Love the header (as always) but that little Bill is giving Big Bill a run for his cat nip.

  34. It’s 21/21 in the N’western v. Auburn game and it’s a good new year, at least for the time being.
    If the rest of the year is like this moment, Ozer0 will resign and go on a permanent vacation, Pelosi will be defeated as will the rest of the terrorists in our government. Biden will be so “plugged up” he’ll have to vacate the administration, and Hillary will be rightfully sitting behind the desk in the Oval office.

    Unemployment and financial despair will be a memory, health care will be available for everyone.

    I better stop before the score changes. 😉

    And once again . . . Happy 2010 .

    p.s. I’m a fogelburg fan, too. thanks for the pathos.

  35. “that little Bill is giving Big Bill a run for his cat nip.”

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Leslie.

  36. Thanks for a great blog and all the adorable kittehs.

    Happy New Year, and, as a former Philly resident, let me also wish you a Happy Mummer’s Day!

  37. Happy New Year all you Uppities!

    My New Year’s resolution…never sit through two and a half hours of Four Seasons music again. Ugh.

  38. leslie- Oh man…Auburn saw that one coming, didn’t they?

    My heart broke when they showed the close ups of the Northwestern fans. Sigh….


  40. …..waving to everybody.

  41. Hey Nunly, remember Big Girls Don’t Cry.

  42. Ok AniEm, what’s a Mummer?

  43. OMG WMCB! RRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLL! Splat, you bastards.

  44. *GRIN* Thought you’d enjoy that one, uppity.

  45. Uppity- that’s a groan and a laugh at the same time. 😉

    I have the feeling the agony will continue today. My daughter who gave us the tickets as our Christmas gift said she’s bringing her Jersey Boys CD so we can listen to it during dinner. I don’t have the heart to tell her how much I hate that music! It reminds me of the Beach Boys on steroids.


    Glad to see some lurkers saying “Hi”. Of course, you do know the rules, right? The rules are if you comment once, you have to continue commenting, or we come get you with a hook.

  47. Anybody seen Papoose? I miss that girl.

  48. Not in a week or so. Patti is MIA in 2010

  49. WMCB, how inappropriately appropriate.
    Love it. We need to elevate congress and sing the same thing.

  50. What’s a mummer, Uppity? You have GOT to get to Phila. on New Year’s Day. It’s a century old tradition of strutting down Broad Street. It’s colorful, camp and brilliant. Where else can you hear “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” in its string band rendition? Best of all, it’s completely nonprofessional, showcasing the talents of regular folks from Philly, New Jersey and its suburbs. Love it, love it, love it.

  51. UW at 258 – need a dwink? All the UW fans join you in a virtual dwink to celebrate the pleasure of indulging in your cerebral play.

  52. Nunly at 345, conveniently lose the CD in a drawer tonight, then rave about your new best music group you’re dying to get their latest CD.

  53. thetowncrier- I think I’ll just tell my daughter that her dad prefers to keep the Bowl games on and we’ll listen to it later…much much later. Hopefully she’ll forget about it.

  54. to celebrate the pleasure of indulging in your cerebral play.

    Dang, I am always amazed when somebody who doesn’t actually know me, knows me. The internet if just full of amazing people. (crackpots notwithstanding)

  55. Sounds like fun to me Ani. Hey, I used to travel through Philly on business. Two things struck me:

    1. There was never any sun.
    2. The large birds that flew along side your window, causing you to say WTF is that????????? Rodan!!!???

  56. Nunly, give the CD to the dog for ten minutes. then blame him.

  57. WMCB, here’s the mate to that video.

  58. You’ve seen papoose, DE? Hell I haven’t seen her in months. Did you steal her like imust?


  59. She commented on the 24th and the 20th of december at DE. Not since.

  60. Wow the last time I saw her here was like October when she posted with another name because she was being stalked and had to change her screen name. Haven’t heard from her since. Tell her we love her for me, and that NES misses her.

  61. Happy New Year back at you, Uppity. Loved the toons, btw.

    What’s a Mummer? Mummer’s Day is a ragged, often drunk [though they’ve cleaned up the act over the years] and over-the-top parade, including every sequin and feather in the country. It’s a shout out to the New Year, Philly style, where everyone and their uncle gets to strut their stuff in costume. It’s long and ridiculous and gauche as hell.

    And it’s great fun, a mindless, crazy tradition. My husband and father-in-law took our kids every year, swore they would never do it again but always did.

    It makes no sense but it’s in the blood.

  62. I confess I am a parade addict. My dog is too.

  63. imustwish Uppity and all of the wonderful commenters and lurkers a very Happy New Year!

    2010, I think it’s gonna be our year!

  64. UW,

    Papoose is a regular commenter and sometime poster at WTPOTUS, one of the two TD spinoffs. Among other contributions, she keeps us up on what the IslamoColonists are doing to in our country.

  65. Waving to {{{ DormantDem }}}. Blessings!

  66. FF,

    The Holiday ’09 Header Saga has been extraordinary; it is appreciated and loved..


  67. Nunly ~
    You survived !!! Now you never have to see it again. What a wonderful way to begin the new year!
    (Now I can tell you just how much I hated “Jersey Boys”
    OMG, if I NEVER hear another of their tunes again, I’ll be one happy camper.) I went with a friend who was seeing it for the FOURTH time. I wanted to leave almost as soon as it began. The feeling never left me. The audience was made up – for the most part- of big hair women in tight sweaters and tighter bottoms. And lord love ’em, they nearly bounced right out of their seats. My friend generously loaned me her “Jersey Boys” cd so I could listen to it – and copy if I wanted. (I didn’t)
    Interesting thing though, I did like “Million Dollar Quartet”. (It was a birthday gift/celebration.) The actors/voices were great, the story was different and the production/venue is way smaller. It is just a better show.
    Well, it was a generous and thoughtful gift from your daughter. Maybe next year you can tell her what groups or organizations you support and ask her to make a donation in your name.

  68. I wanted to leave almost as soon as it began. The feeling never left me.


  69. Mary are we sure that’s her? I mean anybody could be Papoose. On the assumption you know, I guess that wraps it up. As long as she’s ok.

  70. Mary, thanks for the nice words. Here,.anyway…..


  71. UW,

    By the writing style and the yellow avatar I’m pretty sure it’s our Papoose. She was a TD regular, so her emergence at one of the spin-offs, frequented by the same gang with the same interests, is not odd. Also, regulars sometimes refer to the distinctive “poetry” of her writing. And, two or three times, she’s addressed me directly, also as of old here. Anyway, you can find her there, or, if you wish, I’ll leave her a message from you.

  72. Ah but she posted a Natalie Merchant song and I think she is the musical mystery of the decade. She simply dropped out from performing. She does a lot of charity work but stopped performing concerts. I really liked her and she reminded me of a kind of cross between Laura Nyro and Melani Kafka. Her “My Skin” was to me the most hauntingly sad song of the decade. I mean, the ASPCA uses it in their commercials and you just want to cry. WHen I heard her do that song I thought, wow, this woman has some sadness in her that can’t even be described.

  73. No mary no need to leave a message. She’s okay, that’s all I wanted to know.

  74. FF said, “Mary, thanks for the nice words. Here, anyway”


  75. She always looked uncomfortable on stage. And a dancer she’s not. lol. But I like her stuff.

  76. Ok pop quiz. Who made the original of this song? No using the net!

  77. tapping foot

  78. Don’t know don’t care just love Natalie. Especially w/ the 10,000 Maniacs.
    These are days to remember.

  79. Nope.
    It was BST Blood Sweat and Tears and they called is SYMPHONY for the Devil, i believe.

    Correction. Fail. It was the stones.

  80. Awesome song and an awesome time for us.

  81. Another fan, DE! Excellent.

  82. Oh I love Days We Remember by the 10,000 Maniacs! I made a video years ago for a reunion of old college friends using that song. (this was before imovie made it so easy, I actually had a box where I inserted each photo and one by one videotaped each shot and then layed an audio track using the camcorder!)

  83. DE that was the Clinton Inauguration performance. Boy, Those were great years. My portfolio misses him. Big time.

  84. Ah I knew I was in good company first Folgelberg and now Natilie Merchant!! Her song “Wonder” is very special to me. When I found out I was pregnant with little somebody that song was playing and it became her song. I used to sing it to her all the time when I was pregnant with her. She was born just as hurricane Floyd was supposedly bearing down on our area (it passed us by). At 8:00 at night they sent us home from the hospital and told us to pack up and evacuate as we live on a barrier island. Anyway imagine evacuating with a newborn. The only thing that would calm her was singing that song. For HOURS my older daughter and I sang that song to her, while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.

    I have to say though I failed your sympathy for the devil test. I thought it was the Stones too.

    Nunly I hope your dinner goes well tonight.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful 2010.

  85. I like Natalie M also. Uppity, hubby said to tell you that our leftover pot roast was as good tonite as it was last nite. Great recipe, truly. Better than my Mom’s.

    Nunly, sorry you didn’t like the play. I’ll remember to avoid that one.

  86. Oh glad you liked it socal. But I knew you would or I wouldn’t have given it to you. It’s always a hit with guys too. The red wine gravy is just so awesome. I actually make more of it and freeze it. Then on days I am lazy,I throw it in a crockpot with some top sirloin and I’m swooning all over again. I’ve got many PR recipes but i always return to that one.

  87. LOVE LOVE LOVE Natalie!

  88. Somebody, well, according to wiki you guys are right and I am wrong. They say it’s the stones. Now I believe it was WRITTEN by jagger but first performed as SYMPHONY by BST. But hey what do I know.

  89. BST released their BST 3 album in 1970. That’s the one with symphony/sympathy. I have that album, I’m here to tell ya.

    According to wiki, the Stones released it in 1968, so Uppity is wrong and will take her flogging.

  90. To you Uppity, and DE & FF & all you lovely blogger friends! Happy 2010 everyone! May it be a better year for us all!

  91. I liked the BST version much better though, so it stuck with me. All that symphonic stuff, just got to me.

  92. Annie – did you get my note?

  93. THank you socal! An honor to have that song dedicated to us.

  94. What a great video! I had not seen that! THANK YOU!

  95. FF, yes, we got it! 🙂

  96. WHEW! And thanks SO MUCH – again. Happy New Year!

  97. Sympathy for the Devil is a Stones song & album. Frankie Valli isn’t so bad when he sings in his normal voice. Oh What a NIght & My Eyes Adored You are good, imho.

    Happy 2010 to all here at Uppity’s place 🙂

  98. I would be with socal though. I couldn’t sit through a night of frankie valli music.

  99. But then i was more Sgt Pepper’s and Magical Mystery tour. Whatever went well with my bong.

  100. Children! FF! Socal! No passing notes in class!

  101. Hey! Anybody hereeeeeeeeeeeee????

    Well hell, then i will just post clapton then.

  102. The Beatles are the greatest band ever. Here’s one of my favorites:

  103. Uppity

    “Layla” is my ringtone on my phone

  104. Well now who doesn’t like Clapton?? Especially his Slowhand album???

    So far my first day of 2010 is turning out to be a mix of broken and lost items, arrrrggghhhh! Little somebody lost her nintendo DS which is the small hand held kind. That thing got her through hours and hours of chemo. In fact we wouldn’t allow her to have video games and she had begged us for one. After she was diagnosed several people went in together and brought the DS with some games to the hospital…..so it’s really sentimental. Then she dropped her ipod in the dogs’ water bowl tonight….good grief, I could ring her neck. We got her the ipod inscribed with a special inspirational message and loaded the “chemo” songs she wanted on it. Hopefully it will work when it dries out.

    On top of that my husband’s car won’t start which is hopefully only the battery. The TV in our bedroom died and those stupid ass new bulbs fried the light switch in my bedroom. We had a dimmer switch and those things aren’t meant to be used with dimmers. I hope this isn’t some kind of omen that we are headed into a year of repairs……damn we’re just crawling out from under all the medical bills!!! When it rains it pours I suppose.

  105. Oh yea and I almost forgot…..it’s as cold as a well digger’s ass here in north Florida and my gas fireplace pilot light will not light.

    When it rains it pours. Happy my 2010!

  106. Nice EC video, Uppity! Good taste, as always!

  107. Somebody, what a drag! Poor little Somebody! I hope your day is better tomorrow. Someone told me they dropped their new ipod in water & they did something to dry it out & then they took it back & were given another one.

    Uppity, my hubby says thanks for EC vid (he thanked you but it went to moderation…you don’t have to bother looking for it).

    We love Layla also. I think EC is my husbands favorite. I saw EC when he toured the Slowhand album. It was the most amazing concert, I’ve been to so many, but will never forget that one.

  108. I was always certain I would lie down for EC.
    Unplugged Layla. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  109. Hey I got most of the socal family posting here! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Oh yea and I almost forgot…..it’s as cold as a well digger’s ass here in north Florida and my gas fireplace pilot light will not light.

    Long as it’s not as cold as polar bear sh*t.

  111. Happy New Year Uppity, FF, and all the regular Uppity family. What a great blog. Thank you for all the work you do, Uppity and FF. Love the headers. Started day out with a large family brunch and I’m still full.

    I always liked the Four Seasons while growing up. Don’t know if I could sit through an entire show of them, however.

    I like the classical music posts best. Also anyone remember Anne Murray? I like her music.

  112. LOL, well it doesn’t get quite that cold here! It’s going to be in the mid-twenties tonight and actually every night this week.

    We don’t get many opportunities to use our fireplace and of course when we do the thing doesn’t work!! Murphy’s Law eh?

    It’s really only an issue for me. I love to turn the fireplace on when I come in from outside. I smoke outside and I have to walk my dogs. The fireplace is a really great way to warm up quickly after being outside. No bid deal I actually have all my snow gear from little Somebody’s dream trip so I’ll just suit up to smoke, LOL!!

    This will probably sound really funny, but the cold isn’t that bad if you dress for it, LOL!! Being raised in Florida I never had any cold weather gear except a jacket which most people would probably only find suitable for spring or fall. Hey when it gets cold here it means to put on socks with your sandals, LOL!!

  113. Thank you Senneth and thanks for being here with us.

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s open thread if you like the classical. Ditto for Sunday. Boy, there is so much music and so little time. I am a symphony person myself. My spousal unit likes the opera too. I go but kind of glaze over except during Openings, overtures and arias. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. I do, but I mean, women always end up dead in those things. But it’s a fair trade because I get the season symphony and then some out of him, so it’s worth it. Not to mention the trips to Tanglewood Music Festival. Yes, I’m classical, but that could never stop me from appreciating a Great like Clapton. It’s all good.

  114. Somebody said, sbout FL, “It’s going to be in the mid-twenties tonight and actually every night this week.”

    Damned global warming!

  115. Senneth,

    Sure o remember Anne Murray. A lot of pleasanr easy listening.

  116. Good pick on the Abbey Road, Laker. I have the vinyl. No kidding.

    I take it you aren’t complaining about the pot roast either, eh?

  117. Uppity @ 1:19am: “it’s all good.”


  118. Damned global warming!

    Nice shot, Mary. My decaf just came out of my nose.

  119. For you Senneth.

  120. Admittedly, I’ve never been an easy listening kinda gal. It probably shows.

    I mean my idea of sexy is the sound track to Sliver.

  121. To wit:
    OOPs sorry, I didn’t look at the pictures. I was only interested in the music. So I am deleting this in the interest of anyone under 40 seeing it.

    My bad.

  122. You could see where Anne wouldn’t fit in. lol.

    But she’s ok. Now Barry Manilow would make me slash my wrists.

  123. Hey, UW, don’t blame me. Take it up with El Gordo Goracle.

  124. love the pot roast ! My dad says the EC/Knolpfer vid was sweet. We have lots of old albums also and my dad and I are working on getting them autographed. My favorite Beatle is George.

  125. Good one Mary!

  126. Hey Mary, our blogger Alfin is speaking of the coming ice age. Judging from how my weather has changed in the past number of years, that sounds a lot more believable.

  127. Oh glad you liked the PR, dude. Better hurry up on those autographs. A lot of these people are old.

  128. Or dead. Like his current fav, George H. He discovered the Beatles a few months ago. I must say, its nicer listening to Beatles than some of the current “hit” music today.

  129. Husband told me 40 years ago that a new Ice Age is 14,000 years overdue. Over the past 20-25 years, I’ve seen SNOW FOUR TIMES IN the non-mountain regions of SOUTHERN CA. Also, this summer (’09), certain insects, such as wasps, all but disappeared. Am remaining alert for trends.

    Given the bomb shelter global warming hype, plus what Joey told us about Gore/Soros’ efforts to undermine Malaysia’s economy and govt, methinks now that Al Gore was supposed to be the NWO’s boy, but FL in 2,000 would not cooperate. So now they let us have it in spades with Senor hussein.

  130. annie, hubby, and lakerwade,

    A happy, healthy new year. Sounds as if the pot roast dinner got you off to a good start.

  131. Thanks Mary! We wish you and your family all the best also!

  132. O.mi.gosh. I am so touched and misty in reading the blog today.

    yes, I was hacked and even my place of business was stormed with inquiries and even a ruse was set up for me be at a certain place and at a certain time for a bogus appointment. . It seems that they got a hold of a physical address because my business addy identifies my whereabouts. Of course, I went to the police and made a report. and they gave me specific instructions. Meanwhile, when I didn’t show up, they called again and were told that I opted to go to the police station instead. The police were pretty confident that the “Taylor’s” weren’t out to harm me but just wanted to get a physical description of me as well as my vehicle.

    Anyway, this scaredy cat said, “bring it on”.

    As I may have told Uppity, I have been laying low as I only had a handful of sites that I visit on a regualr basis. And because I travel to these sites by link ing from here or DE’s it was probably best that I stayed away since my entire laptop was filled with rich information. I do read from work but I never use my employer’s equipment to post messages or conduct personal business. Even reading the comments would be stealing from my company so I just the “news” while having a sandwhich or something.

    In any event, things have calmed down since I got a new laptop. I do chat it up over at WTP as a few of the contributors there are personal friends of mine and the blog is relatively unknown so I can mouth off all I want.

    Do need to say, here and now, Uppity Woman is my ‘home sweet home” as I met her back in early 2008 over at NQ. I once went to reply to a comment that she made and it took me to her site that was the precursor to this one- uhohh, wtf? I thought I broke something. It was the day I learned that there were other blogs as cool as NQ. All I did was click on her name and VOILA! She welcomed me with open arms and opened a door to a World I didn’t even know existed. I could only type with 2 fingers now I am a whiz. In fact, I can thumb which caused a mess of problems.

    Anyways, it was so cool to come here today and see the rememberances and such. Natalie’s art pulls my heart strings as I relate to her in many ways. I wish I could put into words what I’d like to say – so how about a big Thank You ! and a sincere sentiment that You Are My People and you all have Saved Me From Myself on many occasions. That’s the truth.

    Happy New Year! May all your days flow and ripple and glisten in the Sun ; may all your nights be still. ~~xo Patti xo~~

  133. Papoose! I am so GLAD to see you! I thought maybe i offended you. NES and I were really wishing to see you! NES will be so happy!

    I do hope you have your new computer shored up with a good antivirus that is kept up to date and a good firewall. If you don’t, let me know and I will show you where to get them free, although I prefer buying kaspersky these days. I also love the way symantec stops simplly everything, but it’s very intrusive and slows your machine down. Barring that, there are some good free firewalls and AV software.

  134. Hey Patti, Happy New Year girlie.

    Scottie LOVVVESSS Sarah too.

  135. Here’s one of my faves.

    The guitar is awesome.

  136. Oh and Papoose, don’t think for a minute that I forgot about my flower you left for me at Strawberry Fields.

  137. Sarah. So cool. So cool.

  138. omigosh, I did something right. I got Kapersky. Then yesterday I got a message to update it, so I followed the link and bought it…downloading failed as I have to uninstall the current…..yikes…so when I get a few minutes, I am going to learn how to do that and reinstall tnhe update.

    Uppity, thank you for caring so much. it means the world to me. Tears in my coffee.

  139. Watch me bring the socals out of lurk. How about our girl Carly? And she is looking pretty damned good for a lady in her 60s, and a breast cancer survivor to boot!

    Martha’s Vineyard, 2009

  140. Do you know that when I took those roses for you in honor of your keeping our Youth from growing Old, I laid them in a circle and when I looked up I saw a woman, and I believed it was you. I still have that image in my head.

  141. XXOO Papoose. If it’s a subscription renewal do it ASAP. If it’s just a regular update, you can set it up to automatically update for you. Go to settings.

  142. I laid them in a circle and when I looked up I saw a woman, and I believed it was you. I still have that image in my head.

    Yeah, imagine that. She was good looking, yes?

  143. And imagine this.

  144. Hey, Dead, remember when you went missing for a weekend? That was right before my new clients, The Taylors, started to stalk me…I swore that I was going to finally meet you and Angi by the end of the week!!! LOL!

    “Girlie”, that is too cute.

    Taylors, isn’t that a Dead giveaway? The wife told my producer that the husband went to high school with me. Hah! Taylors, they might have well said they were
    the Sunsteins. I got a lot of goop on my moccasins from travelling in the sewers. ~Doesn’t pay to to relay a message to a word child. They’re from Alexandria VA. Probably met me when I went to Georgetown on scholarship.

    Happy New Year, DE. Love the new bowl Angi made, neverthelesss. I saw a fish in a receding tide. Peace.

  145. For those of you who don’t remember, Papoose left me flowers at strawberry Fields last March.

    See pic 2, Imagine Mosaic.

  146. Upps, she was sitting on a bench and wearing a black wig.

    Side thought, topsy turvy, do you think that had John Lennon lived he would be a Bot? Thinking that since everyone I ever admired or funded through sales via tickets, LPs, Causes, Contributions, Ratings and Art sullied our generation. No! Don’t answer that. I don”t want to know.

  147. I thought I’d find nunly here!

  148. Stalkers are a horrible experience. A gun in the poked in the face by surprise, accompanied by a hungry dog, often cures them though.

    I had a woman stalk me for a long time. No kidding. She kept leaving flowers at my front door too. She wasn’t dangerous to anybody but herself though. Just wierdly attached and obsessed. Who knows what triggers these wierdos. The worst part is they actually imagine they have a relationship with you.

  149. BQ apparently you don’t recognize Nunly.

  150. Bzzzzzzzzz. Wrong woman, Papoose.

    I don’t know about John being a bot. Who knows?

  151. Yea! That’s what the police told me.

    Then a few weeks later when the phone calls were traced, etc., we learned they came out of Virginia. Then I knew that it wasn’t what I was saying, but where I was sleuthing. The police said that they weren’t out to harm me but just to find out who I was.

    Yes, a gun. In fact, two. One to fit in the palm of my hand and one to blast through the door. My SIL and I are going together and we are taking lessons. Word is to stock up on ammo because that’s what they are going to shut down.

    The thought of a gun is chilling. The thought of surviving is thrilling.

  152. Hey Papoose, good to see ya! Happy New Year!

  153. About that stalker…it wasn’t me. LOL!

    I once had a stalker in real everyday life her name was/is Jeanette. She was in love with my handsome spousal unit. She didn’t leave flowers though. I beat the crap out of her one night.

  154. I beat the crap out of her one night.


  155. Hi Imust! Happy New Year! I gotta tell ya, you come to mind so very often as I copped your Imustdosomething and enjoy the laffs when people have that What? look on their face. It’s catchy and the staff respond in the same fashion.

    Now, ImustgoandcleanupallthecluttersoIcanbloginpeacewithoutfeelingguiltyforthismessi’veneglected.


  156. imustfeelflattered that Papoose copies me!

  157. omigosh. Dominque! That reminds me when it dawned on me that I could put my mother’s slip on my head and play the rubberbands on my homemade guitar and be holy all that same time.

  158. waving back to you Mary, with hugs (((())))) !

    Hope you are feeling good: I’m doing really well, and I wish the best for you too.


  159. Wow Uppity! Thank you for the Anne Murray music. What a way to start the day – my internal clock is backwards these days and I stay up late and get up even later.
    Hi Mary!
    Papoose what a horrible experience. Hope only good things happen in this New Year.
    I wish that for all of us in the Uppity family. 🙂

  160. Figured I’d pop out and say happy new year’s! would have commented yesterday (y’know…when it was actually new year’s), but I was a bit busy.

    Happy (belated) Holidays everyone!!!

  161. Happy New Year to All the Uppity Family!

  162. Hiya Just! Very cool video.

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