2nd Thread, The Haitian tragedy.

Live Stream to CNN coverage. Anderson Cooper on the ground.

Organizations and Aid Agencies on the ground in Haiti, along with  US Southern Command. Please give me links of any charity or rescue organization that is helping out and I will update!

PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS ON THE INTERNET WITH YOUR DONATIONS. STICK TO ORGANIZATIONS YOU KNOW! During horrible times like this, plenty of the scum rises to the top!  You can check out an organization at Charity Watch or Charity Navigator.

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross International Response Fund

International Medical Corps


World Food Program

Salvation Army Haiti

William J. Clinton Foundation

Food For The Poor (97% of what they have donated is used to feed the poor)

We will be dealing with photos and videos here. If you want to keep up with reading on what is happening, you can go to RBO for cross-postings of Pundita’s write-ups, or you can go directly to Pundita’s Place.

A total travesty in a country that never seems to catch a break. 80% poverty, 50% abject poverty. Very sad. I am sure in coming days there will be pleas for help and I know that Americans will do the one thing it always does without hesitation. If you know of any organizations that are directly involved here, feel free to post links on this thread. The poorest of the poor, this is a country that can only rely on outside help for any hope.

Our own Freedom Fairy, like her father before her, has an acute interest in the nature of earthquakes and has been tracking what has been going on across the world, so look to this thread for her insights and the information she has been gathering right along.

ABC/via Reuters:


More photos, CNN:

Photos Tuesday Evening:

Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace



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  1. Thanks Uppity. Apparently there are many UN Peacekeepers missing. The UNHQ collapsed, it is reported.

  2. I will be monitoring other word EQ activity and keep updates coming.

    Pundita also has a great deal of info on RBO

  3. And where is Fearless Leader?

    :crickets: other than a “Statement from the White House”

  4. WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says he has not succeeded in bringing the country together, acknowledging an atmosphere of divisiveness that has washed away the lofty national feeling surrounding his inauguration a year ago.

    “That’s what’s been lost this year … that whole sense of changing how Washington works,” Obama said in an interview with People magazine.


    He is clueless. The “Way Washington Works” is now “The Chicago Way”

    that tends to divide….

  5. Listen, if anybody has any links they think should be put up, especially photos and videos, post them and they will go up in the post. I am going to stick to pictorials because I think it helps people keep abreast of what things are like, “Feel the horror”.

    For those of you who want to do some excellen reading go to
    RBO here:

    Or directly to Pundita here:

  6. Yes FF CNN just reported on a rescuer they had to rescue. Pinned.

    I might do a thread on injured rescuers if I get enough information flow. I have to be honest. I am burned out. I mean I need a research and writing rest in a BIG way, so I am going to depend on others to post things we can use here.

  7. CNN reporting Oilsoc will appear on TeeVee at 10AM

  8. Take a rest Uppity. Seriously. We can handle this. I have real work to do today as well, but in my studio – drawings – I can have the laptop and the tee vee there and will help.

    I have to teach tonight tho but will be back by about 8:30

  9. Wow, only 24 hours before we hear from our president! It’s a speed record for him!

  10. Whew! The teleprompter speaks! I was getting worried about it!

  11. Found some more pics that had been updated on Facebook. Posted them, some are repeated…don’t want to mess the first thread up.

    This is just terrible. The airport tower collapsed. We will be flying in a portable control tower as the landing strip is okay.

  12. But you know OILSOC – they say 10AM, then he makes everyone wait

  13. I have to run down the street


  14. FF, if you want to add any photos or vids to the post, just to it, put them on top with brief description and maybe a time stamp of when you put them up.

  15. McN you have been so helpful I can’t thank you enough. Just ignore the first thread and focus here.

  16. I’d like to collect a list of organizations that are helping out and what they need in the way of donations. Some of them don’t ask for money, but items. So hopefully, if we post a list, people who come thru here in traffic will see it and do what they can.

  17. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Americas/2010/0113/Haiti-earthquake-With-aid-groups-already-there-relief-efforts-ramp-up-quickly

    An official Chinese newspaper says eight Chinese peacekeepers were killed and that 10 others are missing. France’s foreign minister said the head of the UN peacekeeping mission was apparently among the dead.

    Also looks like Big Dawg will be involved. He has been working with Haiti grassroots, peacekeeping.

    Red Cross is there as is Doctors Without Borders

  18. Thanks, Uppity

  19. No thank YOU Pundita. You are carrying the writing water, girl!

  20. Now OILSOC “between 10 and 10:15 – OR SO” according to CNN

    told ya

  21. The Precious needs his beauty sleep.

  22. The International Red Cross. Keep in mind that this will go to the GENERAL relief fund, but you can write a check and make it specifically for Haiti

    You can bet a great deal of all donations right now will concentrate on Haiti


  23. They Say OILSOC has been meeting with folks “since 7:15”

    State Dept is running the show it seems.

    Imagine that.

  24. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8456819.stm

    The BBC is updating as more news filters in.
    AFP – quoted the Jordanian army as saying three of its peacekeepers had been killed and 21 wounded.
    The Brazilian army said four of its peacekeepers had been killed and a large number were missing.

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said the UN HQ had collapsed “and it would appear that all those who were in the building, including my friend [UN mission head] Hedi Annabi… and all those who were with him and around him are dead”.

    A French official also told AFP that about 200 people were missing in the collapsed Hotel Montana, which is popular with tourists.

    They also have videos.

    Oxfam has set up an Earthquake relief fund, and are already on the ground.


    These creeps come out for EVERY disaster and this one is no exception. In fact, please CALL or check out other resources if you in the LEAST suspicious of the “Plea for Help”

  26. If the State Dept. is running the show, you know Hillary has been “meeting with folks” way before 7:15 am.

  27. The International Aid Community will be hard-hit by this.

    Many personal friends of these organizations were already working in Haiti and many have probably been killed.

  28. Re: scammers.

    Charity Watch is a good place to check on any group


  29. Good point, FF, I put that up!

    Delphyne thank you! I was trying to think of the name of that organization. I will put the link up.

  30. Thanks Delphyne – and Uppity

  31. LOL Delphyne, not bad for a second class citizen!

  32. UW have you seen the pingback in Spam? LOL Crossdressers.

  33. Another 5.4 aftershock – that’s big

  34. Everyone now waiting on OILSOC to read what others will do

  35. LA is sending SAR Teams.

    Hope nothing happens there….

  36. Sent this note to my ex in St. Thomas on 10/07/09

    Be prepared for a large earthquake in your neck of the woods. it’s been VERY active there, as I am sure you know.

    let me know how you are.



  37. I love it that Anderson Cooper has made it to Haiti before the President of the United States can make a public statement.


  38. Anderson must have thought he could find him some cheap teabags down there.

  39. FF haven’t they (Haiti) had a large # of aftershocks in the 4s and high 5s? Geez, a 5.4 by itself is considered a major event.

  40. Ah, DE – I’ll cut him a break right now. But I did see a disturbing CNN Ad this morning about how “Live Long Democrats” turn to CNN to get the “facts” about what OTHER Politicians “really say”


    How about just NEWS REPORTING

    I am so sick of the slants from ALL of these networks

  41. imust – you can refresh this link for info on aftershocks. Just click on the square to learn mag, time and depth

    it’s pretty bad

    also, look for another major quake near Georgetown (to the west) to come – i bet. Also another near PR


  42. Morning all !!! Mcnorman sorry fell asleep last night…
    Good to be with friends here.

  43. POTUS is in the “or so” mode for showing up to his appearance.

    He is NEVER “on time”

  44. OILSOC ON TeeVee

  45. He is so cold.

  46. Why is everything his instead of ours? “I’ve instructed MY team”. I’ve never head a president be as non inclusive than this guy when it comes to our country and our money. It’s not YOUR team, Barack. It’s AMERICA’s team!

    His cardboard humping speech writer once said he knows how Barack thinks. It shows. He accommodates the Narcissism very well.

  47. barry’s BFF’s: Me, Myself, & I.

  48. http://www.fokal.org

    this woman on CNN thanked Bill White of the Intrepid Project of NY for getting her on the air.

    Bill was a huge HRC supporter and worked closely with the Florida Count the Vote director

    I thought that was interesting

    she said “100% of all donations will go to Haitian relief”

    they have been there for years. Haitians helping Haitians.

  49. Uppity maybe u could add the number from the other thread at the top so Americans see the number to call for info if they have family in the quake area? Just an idea I added to the 1st thread last night.

  50. If you are trying to contact your family in Haiti call

    Global Orphan Project,


  51. They are gonna need to bulldoze the entire city.

  52. Thank you for doing this 2nd post.

    imust ~ you are making me laugh despite myself. The Precious !! I haven’t heard or thought that in months! LOL

    Here is the link for live streaming news that McN gave us last night.

  53. I know this isn’t a time for jokes, but in doing a search for Haiti on the internets, I saw an ad that read “Haiti Hotels – 75% Off!”

  54. Does anyone know how to get CNN streaming?
    I don’t see it on the streamick site.

  55. FF~ there is always time for laughter. It helps us cope with tragedy.

    “Haiti Hotels – 75% Off!”

  56. UGH FF

  57. yes very bad LOL

  58. Pat Robertson allegedly said on CBN said that Haiti has so much trouble because they made a pact with the devil to free themselves from the French in the 19th century.

    The humanity of fundie christianity, sorta like HIV is god’s punishment for gays.

  59. FOX reporting Rec Cross building in Haiti destroyed as well

    I am afraid DE is right

    bulldozers and body bags

  60. Pat Robertson need to shut the hell up and maybe be HELPFUL

  61. So tragic. Thanks for all the info and donation sites. FF, it would be great to see you do an earthquake post.

    Pat Robertson is insane. See you all in a few hours.

  62. Pat Roberston can shove his cross up his ass.

  63. OMG somebody lock Pat Robertson up! I cannot believe this man has followers!

  64. what DE said.

  65. Leslie I’ve been looking for good streaming too. I did get something from CNN but all I kept seeing was advertisements. What a bunch of whores. You would think that in the face of this travesty they would cut the profit shit for five minutes.

  66. 15 NJ Church members on a mercy mission taking meds to Mission mercy hosp for children are missing in Haiti. Just out on Fox will check for link but fox links hard to find

  67. OMG something lock Pat Robertson up! I cannot believe this man has followers!

    O has followers 2?

  68. State Dept was able to reach pres of Haiti and is safe.
    Hillary been up all night working at a guess.

  69. NEWS RELEASE: SOUTHCOM to deploy assessment team to Haiti


  70. Ok everyone, watch the internets as you surf for earthquake stuff. My Kaspersky just intercepted a click. So if you don’t have an up to date antivirus software, stay away.

  71. U.S. Colleges Scramble for Information on Students in Haiti


  72. One day, Robertson will be smited and we can all say it was because he was of the devil. See how he likes it.

  73. Southcom is Very effective.

  74. Southcom : Coast Gaurd sending ships in to Haiti as we blog.

  75. UW I got the streaming on CNN and it is better than it started out to be. I got the commercials but muted them. Now it seems to be good (but I am at my desk and haven’t been as attentive to it as I’d like)


  76. http://www.usaid.gov/

    USAID Responds Immediately to Haiti Earthquake

  77. Our animal friends know whats going on. Sorry about the T&A in the side bar but the Britts like the boobs..

  78. When you go to http://www.cnn.com/live/

    click on the “Launch Live Player” in the large window.
    Yes, there were ads and commercials, but since then it seems to be mostly Haiti news.

  79. THANKS LESLIE. I updated. Anderson is on the ground now, everyone.

  80. http://www.cidi.org/incident/haiti-10a/

    Center for International Disaster Information

  81. RCA Haiti delegation safe
    Reformed Church America.

    The RCA delegation that was in Port-au-Prince are confirmed safe and en route to the Dominican Republic. General Synod President James Seawood and his wife Emra; Brigido Cabrera, coordinator for the RCA’s Hispanic Ministries; RCA pastor Andres Serrano; and Yeral Ogando, secretary for Iglesia Reformada Dominicana, were all in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at the time of the earthquake.


  82. British Search and Rescue teams prepare to leave Gatwick airport, West Sussex to provide assistance to relief and rescue teams in Haiti, on January 13, 2010.

    Just had to throw that in catch u all later!

  83. Norther California had an off-shore 3.6 where the one hit last week

    New Guinea a 5.7

  84. DE. there is NO doubt in my mind that dogs and cats sense these things. But that video is strange. If you move to :49, you see a rerun of what happened and you see the quake starting first and then the dog running out. At least that’s how it looks to me. Or maybe it was just another view further away and he did start to run before anything happened?

  85. Uppity I saw that too and went to the YouTube Comments section. Someone said it was the dog in another room from a different camera after he started to run. I don’t know.

  86. ok I figured it out.

    Dog takes off in the first one

    doesn’t get out of the room. Go to the end and you will see a blur go past the camera, that was the dog running in circles. The next clear shot of the dog is on it’s next pass

    I think

  87. Northern California is having a small swarm

  88. Something bothered me about that story. As you know, I watch earthquakes. LOL!

    I couldn’t believe I had not been aware of an earthquake in NORTH CAROLINA where there was that much shaking just a few days ago.

    The story is wrong. That was the California quake

  89. The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is standing by to assist the public with Health and Welfare requests from individuals seeking information on family members in the affected area of Haiti. To submit a request, please go to http://www.satern.org and click on the “Health and Welfare Information Request” link.

  90. When I lived in California, we had 3 or 4 days of small swarms – they are soooo unnerving!

  91. This is a pathetic thing. From the CNN website.

    Glad to know all those Progressives are out their helping

    Are you contributing to Haiti relief efforts?
    Read Related Articles
    This is not a scientific poll
    Total votes: 24301
    This is not a scientific poll

  92. there, darn. can’t spell!

  93. Delphyne – i cannot imagine bunches of little quakes in a row. I went through a few small ones in St Thomas years ago, and funny enough, in Atmore, Alabama one time.

    They are creepy. A big one like this must be terrifying.

  94. FF – The swarms bothered me more than the Loma Prieta one. I was about to park my car at the local tennis court when that one hit – I thought something was wrong with the car because it was sliding all over the place until I saw my friend having the same sort of problem. I got out and could see the screens around the tennis courts going wild. My friend and I just stood around until the shaking stopped. She thought about going to pick up her son at some sort of school sport practice, but decided he would be alright.

    We played about 1.5 hours of tennis, completely unaware of how bad the quake was. When I got into my car, I couldn’t find a radio station – when I did it was reporting that part of the Bay bridge had collapsed. Talk about being shocked.

    Driving home was eerily quiet – all the power was off. I was just hoping my place and the dogs were alright – fortunately, we didn’t get any damage (Walnut Creek area) and the dogs were fine. But, those pictures of the City and the freeway collapse – heartbreaking.

    I simply cannot fathom the chaos and fear that the Haitians must be feeling now.

  95. Delphyne – I had a friend who move to SF days before the Loma Prieta quake. Boy was I afraid for her until I heard from her.

    What an introduction to a city!

  96. “$200 Million in aid to Haiti since 2004 yet little has changed”


    if this is true, where is our money gone? (rhetorical, of course)

  97. The problem becomes worse FF. For every dollar that we send,, we borrow .50. What will happen next time in Haiti? How will we be able to help?

  98. MSNBC.com is reporting the topUN envoy to Haiti was killed inthe earthquake.

    Sorry, no link to the actual story yet.

  99. Here is the link:

    Sorry, I ought to have been more patient.

  100. Leslie, I believe the Haitian Ambassador to the United States confirmed that a while ago on Fox

  101. Ohboy

    Shep Smith (who I care not for) is taking on Pat Robertson. Showing his BS about the Devil.

    Shep is horrified.

  102. Yes I guess he (UN) was there on peacemaking mission.

    Now we know where the 200 million went.

    God forgive me, but i no longer trust the UN in ANYTHING.

  103. Now all we need it somebody to take on Shep Smith.

    Creep. Shep and Pat. Perfect.

  104. Being horrified over Pat Robertson is easy. He’s horrific.

  105. President may be letting unions off the hook with Cadillac Tax

    This will bring public revolt to the streets.

    The “Good for me but not for thee” Presidency continues

  106. Do you mean everybody else gets cadillac tax but the unions? If so, the president had better start reading the constitution. Same deal with Nebraska. You either screw everybody or you screw nobody. Besides, this bill is never going to make it to fruition. Never. The challenges will be huge. Coercion, for starters. And worse, coercion with money, given to specific private companies under penalty of jail. Is this guy kidding? This will go all the way to the supreme court. It won’t be the first time the supereme court has had to overturn these dumb shits’ laws.

  107. Cavuto about to report on it now – he needs to hurry – I have to get in the shower for work

  108. The Constitution? ya mean that Document of Negative Rights, dontcha?

  109. Yeah that document he thinks should go away.

    Boy, Sanford’s life is ruined just for a little Bury The Salami. I hope this woman really loves him because he doesn’t have much left.

  110. Rep Chaka Fattah – D – PA on healthcare

    You may not get all you pay for, but you will pay for all you get

  111. I was just reading where Obama says he saved 2 million jobs. So it must be so.

  112. Clearly he missed mine.

    Probably cuz I supported Hillary

    off to shower

  113. He changed the rules for how they count the number of jobs they “created”. I left you a link in the Scotty Hollywood post yesterday

  114. FF Haiti just got hit with another aftershock 4.8 within the last hour.

    People are tweeting for God to be merciful.

  115. Mother nature not God.

  116. DE, their words not mine. I sense that they believe that they are being punished? Several tweets with God having mercy on them.

  117. UW, CNN used that twitpic that was from the Japanese earthquake this morning. Someone did not read the caption.

  118. ROFL McN. It figures. Beats getting off their asses and doing any investigative reporting.

  119. Maybe they follow Pat.

  120. Well the HAARP conspiracy is all over the internets now. HAARP caused the earthquake. New World Order is culling the population of the world.


  121. Santeria DE.

  122. I think they are into the HAARP business because Jesse Ventura did a conspiracy piece on HAARP that tried to tie into the tragic tsunami.

    I wouldn’t say HAARP is harmless. That is a lot of radio wave generated, but I have a difficult time with a quake to cull the population.

  123. Watch out for the chicken feet mcnorman.

  124. How the hell would radio waves cause an earthquake? I would be more inclined to tin foil hat on the super collider thingee. Especially since an Iranian scientist was bumped off the other day. He specialized in quantum physics.

  125. The Big Dawg’s foundation has a link on the Haitian earthquake and ways to donate:


    I donated thru the foundation. The Big Dawg is the U.N. special envoy to Haiti.

  126. Also, statement from HRC:


    I apologize if I have duped anything already posted.

  127. Hey thanks Fredster! I just updated the links.

  128. Uppity-I like that his foundation has very low operating costs as shown on that page.

  129. I agree swell528…very fishy.

  130. It’s typical tin foil stuff, as usual. If you see the youtube videos on Haiti you invariably see a post that starts with F**K the USA! They are usig HAARP to kill off populations.

  131. I apologize if I have duplicated any info. I’m at work and had been listening to CNN streaming. They may have been late – or I was as I couldn’t/can’t give as much of my attention to the story as I’d like.

    I’m heading home now. I’ll check in in a couple of hours when I get home.

    BTW: Obama did not save my job – or create it. But he probably made my job even more necessary/timely with all the people he’s screwed.

  132. The Big Dawg was on abc news live. The Carl Vinson is on it’s way there after a stop in Mayport FL to get a squad of helos.

  133. Leslie, don’t you know? Obama created everything…..and then on the 7th day he rested (or played golf)

  134. In case you forgot….here’s what a REAL leader sounds like after a tragedy or disaster. I miss Bill Clinton.

  135. I guess Bill has been working peacemaking missions with Haiti for a number of years now, so he’s really familiar with them.

  136. A true sign of how bad it really is there, there have been no violence conflicts.

    It’s something like 80 degrees there today, and all of those corpses are still on the streets.

  137. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have broken limbs and lay in a dirty street. I see problems with tetanus. Very bad.

  138. Not to mention gangrene, maggots and massive infections. And imagine people who are still trapped. And alive.

  139. Big Dawg said on CNN that he was afraid that people who could be rescued might die of dehydration and exposure first.

  140. Oh and I saw where the LA county search and rescue people are there now. Thats the group with those super dogs that can find anybody

  141. Without food and water, manpower will also be poor.

  142. You know I was thinking about water as I watched all the footage of these people. I saw NOT one bottle of water. Not ONE person with any kind of water at all. In that heat and dust. I was getting thirsty just watching them. I’m a hydration freak, always drinking water, so I immediately noticed.

  143. Uppity, Thanks for posting a list of legitimate charitable agencies. This is an important guideline during a time of tragedy and confusion.

  144. Don’t know if this is a duplicate posting, but pictures 16 and 17 give a scope of the area I haven’t seen anywhere else


  145. Picture 17, upper left corner. My God, those are shopping carts, that’s a market.

  146. Swell528, I saw those earlier from the facebook page where they originated. I lost the page at work, but I know that most of what is being used by the media is from the facebook page of this one person who is able to upload to the internet.

  147. That is the huge grocery / market store that was leveled. They were reporting that food was being taken out although no one could see where the opening was. I doubt that anyone but a child might be able to slip in there at this point.

  148. Water, where is the water going to come from for these people? They are walking aimlessly on the streets. Some of the aftershocks today were in the 4.8 range. Significant.

  149. I do hope they got water and food to them first. I suspect that, given the poverty rate, many of them are not very well sustained that way, and now there is all this stress.

  150. Text Haiti to 20222 to donate $10 to Clinton fund for immediate Haiti relief.

    Dawg on phone to Great now, and boy is he good.

  151. OMG! The woman from “God’s little angles” orphanage in Haiti being interviewed and she said before the EQ, she was in her office and “my dog made a sound and I turned to see what he was crying at” and then the EQ hit!

  152. FF how long do these aftershocks go on for?

  153. I found this site that describes some of the relief efforts for the 2004 tsumai victims.

    “◦USAID has also funded water and sanitation activities in the emergency phase benefiting more than 885,000 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and the Maldives.
    ◦USAID provided 21,220 metric tons for the first four months of World Food Program (WFP) operations, contributing to WFP’s beneficiary total of 1.4 million tsunami victims.”

    “◦DOD delivered over 10 million pounds of food and supplies and provided well over 400,000 gallons of fresh water.”


  154. Tsumai? OK, putting glasses back on. Tsunami

  155. Yeah swell, I thought you were talking about a new kind of self defense. Bahahahah.

  156. Frickin Bifocals. Can’t see with them on, either.

  157. CNN is just talking about how a woman with her foot just about ripped off was still waiting in the street for help. They had video and there was the corpse of a little baby. It was so sad.

  158. FF where did you see the interview @10:12?

  159. They are saying people would rather stay on the street. They are afraid to go indoors in case there’s another quake.

  160. Several of our ships are on their way to Haiti. They carry desalination plants on board, so there will be water.

  161. Leslie – on Greta

    Uppity – “aftershocks” can go on for weeks, even months.

  162. I was showering in my hotel room in Mexico City during an earthquake. 5.6 mag? I freaked when I finally got outside. It is far better outside than being inside.

  163. thanks FF

  164. there seems to be a panic in the streets behind Anderson Cooper. People just began running and screaming “flood!”

  165. These poor people. It is just painful to see. I cannot imagine how terrified they are.

  166. “The four onboard turbines also generate electricity to power the ship’s various electric and electronic systems. This includes an onboard desalination plant that can turn 400,000 gallons (~1,500,000 liters) of saltwater into drinkable freshwater every day — that’s enough for 2,000 homes.”


  167. Traditional in disasters is over time – 10 days-3 weeks, people start to become angry.

    They are tired, scared, displaced, frustrated, sick etc. They want “someone” to FIX IT.

    This has happened in EVERY MAJOR DISASTER where I have been part of the recovery effort.

    Look for Civil Unrest (oxymoron?) to happen. The International Relief Community and experienced aid workers KNOW THIS. So water, medical care, food and a SENSE OF STABILITY is urgently needed as quickly as possible.

  168. Swell – my niece is an editor at “How Stuff Works”

  169. Well tell her they do a fine job. Much better than wiki.

  170. Wish they would do a “How Stuff Doesn’t Work” piece on economics and send it to Obama.

  171. I’ll do that. She started off as a writer and got a promotion. Discovery bought HSW and she has not been as happy, but realizes it is a good opportunity. She has been there for several years now.

  172. FWIW – Two 4.9 EQ’s near Adak, AK in the last couple hours.

    California is still at risk, IMO

  173. Then he could see the error of his ways. If they did a “How Stuff Works’ piece on the economy, he would ignore it.

  174. The only thing Obama wants to read about is himself in a glossy-covered magazine

  175. Did you see the “How to run a country for dummies” thing over at Liberal Raptures site? That has his picture on it. He must of read through that.

  176. I LOVE How Stuff Works.

  177. LOL John Smart is just so cool at LR.

    I have that “dummies” cover generator but never used it. Very cool.

  178. You should, Uppity. Start with Feminism for Dummies.

  179. LOL John Smart is just so cool at LR.

    Except he’s actually happy about Lane Kiffen going to USC.

    (actually so am I because I’m certain he’ll be as funny as he was as head coach at Tennessee!) 😆

  180. Nope Swell. I give up on women. Can’t herd cats. LOLOL. In some ways, that’s not all that bad. In this case, it’s kind of deadly.

  181. Yeah well Fred, what I know about Lane Kiffen, I could write on the back of a postage stamp. I was never one for ESPN. If you aren’t going to play the game, why sit there and watch somebody else do it?

    I know. I know.

  182. Because the game is exciting! And then too they have all those guys in the extremely tight pants! 😉

  183. Did anybody else see Anderson in Haiti. He always does a good job on the ground. He was great during Katrina. I got sick of FOX and their alter-ego MSNBC I can’t stomach either, so I decided to use CNN for this. As long as I don’t see Donna, I’m ok. Laughing here.

  184. Haven’t read the whole the whole thread yet, so hope I’m not repeating someone else’s comment. Inadvertently tuned into the last few minutes of Shepard Smith, whom I never watch, and found him playing an interview from another station of Pat Robertson. Good old Pat said the Haitian calamity is due to a deal the people of that country made with Satan during the time of Napoleon III, and that they need to return to God. Smith’s reaction to that egregious ass: The Haitians need our help, our money, and so on, “but they don’t need that.”

  185. Hey Mary, you must be psychic, girl! I just posted the video of Shep and that nutbag Robertson, who really should be institutionalized as soon as possible.

  186. Tight pants on men? Perk!

  187. Perk LOL u drinking that stiff drink and relaxing Uppity LOL

  188. LOL Justme. No drinks. I’m the designated driver.

    Did you see my comment about the Prop 8 thread? The AUTHOR of the book you mentioned posted.

  189. Tight pants on men? Perk!

    Yeppers. And sometimes they come off.


  190. What is it with these football players? They always have big guts and no ass at all.

  191. You have to check out the kickers/punters and the quarterbacks. 😉

  192. UW,

    I thought I missed the Robertsoped .n (spit, spit, spit) post bcause I was off all day, so I copied my comment into that thread. You know I can’t stand Smith, but this time he did a good thing, unles I missed something.

    RObertson needs to be permanently tranquilized and locked away. He is what he has always been–a wicked, wicked man, now grown senile. Why does he remind me of Harry Reid?

  193. Did you see my comment about the Prop 8 thread? The AUTHOR of the book you mentioned posted.

    WOW Uppity it’s a small world out there especially on the world wide web!

    What a story I will have to scrapbook all this LOL

    You just never know who is looking over your shoulder!!

  194. Where is the prop 8 thread? (just curious!)

  195. Fredster,

    Looks like a big old rat, not a mouse. .

    How’s Momster?

  196. Yeah, but Mary, the kitteh should have been able to take on that ole rat.

    The Momster is hanging in. I’m beginning to wonder if something happened in surgery. She’s still really fuzzy and I’m concerned about that.

    She goes back to the orthopod on the 22nd for a checkup.

  197. Thanks-I read it and caught up.

  198. ROFL on the Useless cat! One day they won’t be able to find that rodent. Count on it.

  199. Uppity-was the kitteh just sizing up the enemy?

  200. Fredster, the kitteh was seasoning that rodent.

  201. 🙂

  202. Oh well…time for a shower and I guess then bed.

    I was having chills earlier today even though it was the warmest day in weeks! And I’ve just felt draggy and I dunno what. Maybe I’ll be drowsy enough after the shower to just nod off.

  203. …….Fredster, sounds like you’ve got what we called WEGA back in the days when I taught school. Whatever Is Going Around.

  204. I’m hitting the sack myself soon. Very late here. Sleep is for the weak. lol.

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