Obama to banks: We want our money back.

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  1. That just means bigger bonuses in the future for the banksters to make up for any additional taxation. Come on Obama, this back and forth game where the taxpayer is the ping pong ball is getting old.

  2. “We” want “our” money back, means that you and I are going to pay for “them”. The banks are just going to pass this “fee” onto us, that’s all…

    But don’t you find it a bit ironic that this new tax (which is what it is) along with health care “reform” (=another tax) is being rammed through when the media is ensconced in the Haiti story…?

    Timing is everything. Never let a crises go to waste…

  3. The banks already paid back the money with interest. The auto industry had paid back nothing.
    My problem with the banks is if they were in such dire straights a year ago and they aren’t lending money now and no one is buying anything how did they make so much money they can give their exects such large bonuses.
    Because they didn’t need our money in the first place.
    They are like children whose stomachs have different compartments. Their bill paying compartment was empty but their profit compartment was full.

  4. What about Fannie and Freddie. They have received additional bailouts and the CEO’s are getting (maybe have already) multi million $$ bonuses.

  5. The banks will definitely just pass this tax onto the consumer. An experienced legislator familiar with policy would understand that.

  6. Naturally, he can’t think of doing something really useful, like putting a cap on interest rates, and misc. fees.

  7. It is the bonuses that should be taxed. 90%.

  8. Sounds good to me, FOXX. It’s our money anyhow that they are giving us the finger with.

  9. What a crock. bho the fraud is doing the NAFTA dance he did with Canada–saying one thing in public and and another in private. He and the banks/Wall Street are playing the corrruption game free and clear–for now. We the People, the citizen journalists, gotta keep researching and reporting this arrogant bunch of thieves.

  10. I have no doubt you are right, Texas.

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