List of countries that have donated to Haiti relief

I find this list most interesting. Take a look at it and see if you see what I see. Who’s there. Who’s not there. Especially who’s not there. You might also find the percentage of money certain organizations and countries contributed.

h/t Pippa, for the link!



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  1. I would imagine the bulk of the individual donations came from the US too.

    So I already asked in the other thread but I’ll ask again here. What did you read about the US supposedly causing this quake, please share.

  2. just google HAARP somebody. I really am a bit tired and that’s why God…..or the devil made Google.

  3. OK so as to the missing countries game……..looks like the entire middle east. Most of Africa save South Africa. Also missing India, Brunei which is a very wealthy country. Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and I’ve probably missed some other Asian countries that could afford to give a little. Also missing is the South American continent for the most part. Where is Hugo’s generosity for such a close neighbor?? There are other South American countries that can afford to donate a little too that I don’t see on the list. I don’t see any other Caribbean nations on the list.

    So what countries did I miss?? Monaco or some other small European enclave??

  4. I keep looking at the list…Where is France??? They should be leading the list.

  5. Look at the UN. the frigging black hole of everybody’s money. 1.36% of the money. Frigging thieves.

  6. Pundita did an African rant, since they clearly receive the most aid of anybody.

    What stuck my eye was the glaring absence of the middle east.

  7. Where’s Saudi?????
    Where’s UAE??????

  8. Yes you’re right SHV. France is missing.

  9. As to the conspiracy theory, the HAARP stuff, I’m a conspiratress. I love nothing more then a good conspiracy theory. LOL, Uppity does not.

    But this one is really bogus. For one, Haiti has absolutely nothing anybody would want, except some wonderful people with a long history of difficulty. There’s no resources there, no strategic geography, nothing. Somebody wrote a letter from Satan to Pat Robertson that I thought made a good point. Tell me, what exactly did the Devil give the people of Haiti in return for this alleged pact? Absolutely nothing. The whole point of making a pact with the Devil is to get something in return. Haiti has never gotten anything, not even a break from Mother Nature.

    And second, the US is a huge and powerful country. If we really wanted to occupy Haiti, we would have simply occupied them. Even easier, because of the extreme poverty and political unrest, the US people would probably support it. We’ve occupied Haiti before, if we wanted to be there, we would be there. There’s no need for any elaborate scheme or science fiction weapons.

  10. According to the Globe and Mail newspaper (canada) france did contribute. I thought I had read that in the first hours after the news of the quake.

    “EU member states also poured $132-million (U.S.) in emergency aid, including $32.7-million from Britain and $14.4-million from France, which also said it was willing for forgive Haiti’s $55.7-million debt.”

  11. That would make this UK link wrong. Or perhaps it will be updated. I will keep checking.

  12. Dang ytt. I think I’ll keep you. lol.

  13. I thought I remember the first day or two after the quake that Iran – yes, the Iran governemnt, much as I hate the bastards, also pledged aid. Took me longer to find that than the France one, but I did.

    This quake and the its devasation is one of those far too rare times when it seems most of the world actually does the right thing.

  14. Ytik – Unless, of course, the NWO Neo-cons wanted to make Haiti the new Taiwan.

  15. From the previous thread about Nancy & Co.

    From the NYT just now:

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Mon, January 18, 2010 — 7:09 PM ET

    Democrats Seeking to Push Senate Health Bill Through House

    The White House and Democratic Congressional leaders,
    scrambling for a backup plan to rescue their health care
    legislation if Republicans win the special election in
    Massachusetts on Tuesday, are preparing to ask House
    Democrats to approve the Senate version of the bill, which
    would send the measure directly to President Obama for his


    As for “making a pact with the Devil” and getting nothing?

    Whaddya expect? He’s the Devil.

    Just like Congress.

  16. SOTU is Jan 27. It’s going nuclear no matter what happens.

  17. Isn’t SOTU usually on a Tuesday?

    Maybe I am wrong

  18. On Breitbart:

    An American citizen died and three others were treated for minor injuries Monday in an incident that occurrred (sic) amid a massive international relief operation, a military spokesman said.

    I heard about a “Mass Casualty” event early this morning with nothing else since….

    Hard to tell what this might have been. My guess, at the Airport something fell over or some accident happened, but the release is from the US Military, so who knows.

  19. God, he’s so, so….

    What’s on TeeVee that Wednesday he wants preempted?

  20. Actually, he comes on after American Idol.

  21. But I bet not on Fox! LOL!

  22. but that’s really creepy too.

  23. LOL UW

    just google HAARP somebody. I really am a bit tired and that’s why God…..or the devil made Google.

  24. Back up plan? WHy don’t they try giving Americans what they asked for?

    The only thing they asked for was to make health insurance more affordable without rejected coverage for anyone. I don’t remember anybody asking for the shit they spewed together in that bill.

  25. Get a stiff drink ppity makes you get a second wind….

  26. opps ppity = uppiy

  27. Well I hope you guys don’t expect ME to cover the SOTU. THere is NO way I am going to watch it. NO WAY. NO WAY I tell you!

  28. He comes on after Idol so he can’t get viewership. He thinks those punks who partied at his rallies give a small shit now that it’s not fun any longer.

  29. JustMe – exactly WHO has already HAD a stiff drink?


  30. yes the middle east always missing with hand outs. Yet the have the biggest open hands for any handout going.

    Yes I also see the sadam man says he will never travel to the US ever, he’s in the Spanish goverment or something said he would never feel comfortable coming through customs.

  31. Bingo, Uppity!

  32. me thinks JustMe in on that second drink…. ‘ppity’….’uppiy’…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Just playing with you ‘Justme’….. smile…..

  33. Well Congratulations, bert. It was your turn to land in spam.

  34. Justme…….listen carefully.

    Put. That. Bottle. Down.

  35. my goodness I need to run spell check, posting too quick makes me look illiterate……. who would believe I passed English with an A+ LOL. Hopless just hopeless.

  36. LOL Uppity! LOL Cat…..

  37. I AM SO SICK OF CNN acting like Anderson Cooper is saving all of Haiti single-handedly.


  38. Today in our local newspaper… The Press Enterprise here in Riverside County, Ca…. “NATION SUFFERS OBAMA FATIGUE” Very good article….. topics… Forego excuses,Failure to deliver… etc.. All of the things we knew during the stolen election…. 😡 👿 What is really good about the Opinion Article that it is a mix of Dems, Reps, Indep, Conserv, ect…. It is just refreshing to see others seeing the samethings we already knew…. And, maybe they are waking up from the kool-aid coma…… 😯 🙄 😉 🙂

  39. and don’t forget sanjay too FF……. Israel has already got a fully equipped Hospital up and running it’s the only country. The BBC stated Israel came from the other side of the world and has already got their hospital up and running. Maybe as Israel is quick on the up take by always looking after themselves!!

  40. FF@8:03

    Greta Van Susteren is reporting many things on her blog. She’s very supportive of the relief effort.

  41. My understanding is Greta has a Hillary interview tonight.

    She flew there with her, I think.

  42. Uppity regarding this post and reference to Pundita’s rant at RBO – both impressive stats. In many ways.

    Thanks for this.

  43. Someone shoot me now. I just got polled and one of the questions was if the candidates were Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, who would i vote for.

    Are. These. People. Kidding???

  44. HA! What was your answer?

    I HOPE Hillary!

  45. imustbeback!

    Wow, it was really pouring down rain, lots of water on the road too. Now they’re worried about the burn areas and mud slides. Is that EQ coming too FF?!!

  46. imust – i heard they were worried about mudslides due to rain. Glad you are home safely!

    I am sticking with my POV. The South American EQ’s, the one off Central America (all large) and the Juan du Fuca rumble the other day were all the same patterns before the 6.5 “Sea Lion” quake.

    Just know this is “gut”, and not science….but heavy rain and mudslides would just add to the yuk factor.

  47. imust – just for giggles watch Yellowstone. Smokey the Bear must be pissed.

  48. I had four choices
    Not sure

    I chose other.

  49. LOL

    Yellowstone has had a few big shakes today. Then I read this:

    The Old Faithful Area Live-Streaming Video WebCam

    Launch Old Faithful Geyser Live!—Video WebCam

    We are currently experiencing problems with the live-streaming webcam. We will restore service as soon as possible.

  50. I’d vote “other” too Upps.

    Obama or Cheney. Good grief.

  51. Oh I have HAD it with anderson and Sanjay. You would think they were solving world hunger. Couple of phonies. They played four day old clips yesterday so who the hell are they kidding. They didn’t work all weekend.

    Obama Fatigue? Try Lifesyles of the Sick and Tired.

  52. I threw Obama in the trash in that poll. I didn’t have one thing good to say. I also didn’t have one thing good to say about the house or the senate. Both parties.

    But if Cheney was in that poll this means that miserable dictatorial POS is actually considering a run.

  53. “if Cheney was in that poll this means that miserable dictatorial POS is actually considering a run.”

    I cannot imagine that is true. I suspect it’s so they can come out and say even with Obama’s low ratings, he still polls higher than “Republicans”

  54. HA! Just sitting here thinking about Darth lugging around campaign rallies. He would make McCain look like…um…..look like Scott Brown!


  55. Maybe they meant LIZ! Did they SAY “Dick”

  56. No it was Dick, not Mini Me.

  57. FF did you say there was an earthquake in Yellowstone? I didn’t see anything….maybe, I’m just not “smarter than the average bear” eh?

  58. you’re SO funny

  59. There were three today last time I looked. Guess that caldera dome is twitching!

  60. They had some interesting questions about terrorism too. A whole list of “reasons” why we are targets. I picked “Islam as the dominant religion of the world” as the primary reason.

    They also asked about political correctness with respect to terrorism and I blasted those questions too. I also said i am in favor or profiling and that I think the whole world should have full body scans. Boy was I in a bad mood.

    I got to rate Barack on all sorts of things. The fun one was when they asked if I thought Barack gave himself too high a grade with his B+

    They asked about health care too and I basically said it’s a dream plan for insurance company and pharma lobbyists.

  61. imust – they have downgraded it to a 3.1. It was a 4.0, then a 4.1 earlier in the day. The Guatemala quake was downgraded too – to 5.8 from 6.0

  62. Oh wait, they asked what I wanted Barack to address during the SOTU and I said I didn’t much care because i had no intention of watching him.

  63. DO TELL Uppity! do tell!

  64. We all KNOW the State of The Union. I think they should just have a Simpson’s Special on that night.

  65. Obama or Cheney. That’s like asking if I want death by fire or death by drowning.

  66. On the other hand, FF, the pollsters might be trying to show that obama is so depised that even Dick Cheney could beat him.

  67. Smokey the bear might have pissed is more like it.

  68. Mary! ROFL!

    Wouldn’t THAT be something! LOL

    Uppity – I always am suspicious of Very Late downgrading. Remember a few months back when they made a Nevada EQ completely disappear? I wrote the USGS and asked them where it went. I did get the reply tho, that it was shock effect from one on the other side of the world.

  69. I tried FOX tonight, but then I had to listen to Bill O’ suddenly get that old familiar arrogant tone because of Mass. I am seeing Republicans get that snotty attitude that I hate about them. I got an incoming link from a blogger who has the nerve to have me on their blogroll, with titles of their posts such as DIMOCRATS ARE STUPID and other assorted snotty shit that is suddenly cropping up. They remind me of Obama’s crowd. Same cut of cloth. Snotty and pushy and bossy and arrogant. I hate these extremists. I truly do. So I clicked off the old familiar snotty Bill. Tried again and couldn’t take five minutes of that Hannity whine. So I have no news on TV at all now. Couldn’t stand another minute of CNN. Oh and one more thing. Bill O had some dipshit on talking about how scottie’s naked pictures helped him because he’s a hunk. And of course Bill really didn’t have much bad to say about posing naked since it was one of his boys.

    These people all make me sick. It’s like no matter which side I look at I see nothing but a pile of steaming shit.

  70. Uppity – i THINK Greta is interviewing Hillary (tape from Haiti) tonight

    She’s (Greta) on now

    but yes, the partisan crap is SO bad over this. And CNN dissing the US military in Haiti (like anderson Just. Has. To. Do. EVERYTHING)

    and yes, you are right – Coakley IS Obama’s Canary in the Coal Mine, and if she wins, it will be all Obama’s Brilliance.

    Now Barney Frank is thumping Martha.


  71. Boy Uppity – You are right about “them” Running AGAINST WOMEN


    Go look at the animated Sheila Jackson Lee opponent ad on Drudge

    Duct Tape over her mouth to just Shut Up

    Sharia Law lives in the Republican Party

  72. WOMEN



    He even LOOK Like a republican. Fat, white, bald.

  73. raw video of Bill & Chelsea Clinton landing in Haiti

  74. Told you. These people are just as rotten as what we have. Now you understand why I am so adamant about increasing female representation. Only then can they push back and take control of these pigs when it comes to treatment of women.

  75. If she wins, I hope she sticks it up Obama and Reid’s asses.

    If she loses I hope she sings.

  76. Bill Clinton in Haiti:

  77. No ad link, FF. But I don’t want to see it anyways. It infuriates me. What about they flake who said he didn’t want OB/GYN in his health care package. These people are truly assholes.

  78. Greta said, Hillary interview coming up……

  79. Dear Mr. Faulk

    I am writing to let you know how DISGUSTING your ad is with the image of Sheila Jackson Lee with DUCT TAPE over her mouth.

    It is juvenile and stupid and typical of little men.

    I am a woman, and although I do not agree with many of Ms. Lee’s policies, I think this ad is despicable. I am a registered Independent, formerly a Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton and for John McCain in the general election.

    I lived in Texas for many years and the one thing I loved about men in Texas, is even if they disagreed, they respected women as equals.

    Your ad is disgraceful and SO TYPICAL of many of the Republicans in Congress and around the country.

    SHUT THE WOMEN UP. I am sure you would like to duct tape the mouths of ALL women if they dare to want to do anything but Iron Your Shirt!

    Your ad was SO OFFENSIVE I will work towards your defeat, even from a thousand miles away.

    Women are 50.7% of the population as of the 2008 Census and only 17% of the United States Congress. Despite the policies you may disagree with held by the Congresswoman, your Neanderthal approach to “kick off” your campaign just LOST YOU the Women’s Vote.

    This country is SICK TO DEATH of this kind of garbage from the Left AND the Right. We want CIVIL DISCOURSE and to hear about THE ISSUES and not see these DESPICABLE ADS.

    Duct Tape? Don’t you realize that DUCT TAPE is commonly used in violent crimes against women to SHUT THEM UP when they are being violated or worse? Why didn’t you just dress her in a Burkah and practice YOUR VERSION of Sharia Law on her?

    This disgusts me.



  80. See you made me turn on FOX and now I’m pissed again. Jesus Frist is going to solve everything now. They said, “In contrast to what we saw before, these guys hit the ground running”. Oh yea, after five days and everybody cleared the way to get in. I would have like to see him do any better on day one when nobody could move. But of course he’s superior to simply EVERYBODY there from Doctors without borders. The first guy to screw seniors with round one of “medicare reform”. His family of private hospitals got something like 400 milliion in medicare fraud fines and he cuts cancer treatments on old people.

    Jesus don’t tell me to turn those channels on any longer will ya.

    CORRECTION: 1,7 BILLION in fines. The biggest medicare fraud settlement in history goes to Bill Frist’s HCA familly hospitals. He was also investigated by the securties exchange commission for inside trading. He didn’t decide not to run again for nothing. his “Blind trust” wasn’t so blind. He knew exactly what he was investing in. So now Dr. Frist just flew into haiti and “hit the ground running” after the State negotiated with the government to get in there and USA military took a few days to clear the way for him and make sure his ass didn’t get shot up in the process.

  81. Hillary on Fox now

  82. Looking at the generosity of the Arab countries, Venezuela, and other OPEC members, I suggest we forget about offshore drilling, developing real sources of alternative energy (no bullshit windmills), and instead just continue pumping money to the Saudi’s and Chavez.

  83. Great letter FF. I agree on the Frist interview, but the interview w/Hillary afterward discussed our military opening up the airport and Hillary emphasized how many more planes that can get in and out of that small airport now.

  84. Nice letter FF, not that he gives a shit. You’re just a woman.

  85. You should have asked him if he tapes his wife’s mouth too. These men are so rotten to women that they don’t even recognize the obvious in themselves any longer.

  86. Who’s Faulk anyways and more importantly, does he have any naked photos?

  87. Ok, jumping in late here. I live in TX. What’s the deal with Sheila Jackson Lee and the duct type? Was it in some campaign lit. of a Rethug? (I remember she was booed by the Obots for supporting HRC at the caucus in Houston.)

  88. I have the video of that booing somewhere cx. I guess he’s her new opponent, fresh from his dungeon where he keeps his wife chained. I guess he has an ad with duct tape over her mouth and thinks that’s cool.

  89. FF send me a pic of the duct tape thing. I will post it under a post entitled The Man of Your Dreams is Running for Congress.

  90. Thanks, UW. I found him – or his Facebook page. Well, he’s not a Cosmoboy, to say the least. I don’t live in her district but I did help with a contrib in 2008 because of her HRC support. I just don’t get these men. He would never do that if his opponent were a “he.”

    Oh, and I do remember that a victory for 0 was supposed to turn TX blue. How’s that working for you, Dims?

  91. Uppity – I couldn’t grab the ad. Flash Animation and it wouldn’t save. I can try again, but I did a mini post. You can do a GOOD version.

    BTW – Smokey just pissed again. More this time.

  92. Thanks, Swell. Just voted that article down.

  93. I’ll have to wait until his ad comes up in rotation again on Drudge (where else?) and see if I can catch it. Right now I have a Hot tub Ad

  94. Sorry cx, can’t find anybody outside of wingnut world that wanted to interview him

  95. (I can hear Uppity writing!) LOL

  96. I’ve got a special post for him already written.

  97. I KNEW it! The silence was just too much.

    (or was that the Duct Tape over my ears?)

  98. Ok. Anybody who finds that ad with the tape on sheila’s mouth, gets a free penguin.

  99. I saw an ad on Drudge, but no duct tape. I’ll keep trying. I’ll get a screen capture if I see it.

  100. You got to use this quote, Uppity. Seriously.

    “Faulk reflects, “I was fat and happy in my Lazyboy when God reached down and pulled me out of that chair to go and do something. I don’t know if God wants me to win, but He does want me to run.”

    Run, as if you could, fat ass! God had to pull you outta that chair, cause you sure weren’t going to get up out of it anyway else.

  101. Is it a vibrating Lazyboy?

  102. In your mail box UW.

  103. Swell, that is in my post too, but Uppity’s will have mine beat. I was just so damn mad at the fat rat bastard. He could BE Jesus Christ himself and I wouldn’t support him now.


  104. DE! Did you grab it?!?!

    I will now have to make more penguins! I will make them DANCE for you! LOL 😉

  105. iceland may not have donated millions of dollars, but we were the first to send out people to help out.
    we sent 37 people with 14tons of equipment.

    but in the first 24 hours, about 50 thousand euros (around 76 thousand dollars ?) were gathered in iceland for donations.

  106. bless you Aron, for that.

  107. cx – what fat conservative wingnut cowboy doesn’t have a vibrating lazyboy?

  108. Yup I got it from DE. I’m shipping a penquin now.

  109. Swear to God, Swell! He said that? Please PLEASE get me a link.

  110. Aron, thanks. I know Iceland is in deep financial trouble. I visited there in March 2001. Totally enjoyable trip, but too short.

  111. I did at 11:19

  112. WaPo religion writer says Cosmoboy is winning because he is a hunk and posed nude.

    YouTube link:

  113. WaPo religion writer says Cosmoboy is winning because he is a hunk and posed nude.

    So has every female talking head on television.

    Hard to blame them when Barney Frank is the norm

  114. Awesome Aron! WTG

  115. cx! What a prize! I saw that discussion and nearly puked. I shall put that vid up tomorrow. Thanks!

  116. Your welcome, UW.

  117. Aron, I had heard about the Icelander’s Rescue Team the first day and saw them on a report yesterday. You must be very proud.

    OK Gang, I’m off to bed. I have to go dream of Scottie and Johnie as the Poster Boys of the New Goon Old Party

  118. As a matter of fact, they were on TV, the iceland crew.

  119. Sally Quinn is really demeaning women voters.

  120. Sometimes, cx, I really wonder if some of these media women get any.

  121. Speaking of duct tape, could we get somebody to do that to Rushbo. He always says very vile things and his supporters think that’s just swell.

  122. Yeah UW, one must wonder how much sleep they aren’t getting.

  123. lol. um…..

  124. Better link

    Watch the latest news video at

  125. this is OT, but did anybody see Jagger on CNN last nite fundraising for Haiti? I’m thinking, it’s 2010, & he was born sometime durig WWII, so he’ll be pushing 70 soon if he isn’t already. But his hair looks the same as it’s ever been, so I’m thinking, does he dye it? Then I think, he’s got that same shitty color I do & nobody in their right mind would dye it that color, Even if he wanted to I don’t think it’s possible cuz that color is comprised of every hair color under the sun (hey, I even got a few black strands mixed in with all the others) & it would be impossible to dye it that way without it looking hokey, which it doesn’t. and he let his face get craggy. If he was gonna cover up any grey,you’d think he’d get rid of the wrinkles while he’s at it. So whadda y’all think- doe he or doesn’t he? Or does only his hairdresser know for sure?

  126. To answer the question- ME countries! (except Indonesia)

  127. ps to Somebody- Hugo’s dealing with a quake of his own right now……

  128. Poor Hugo- NOT! Welll maybe that’s why he isn’t contributing- he can use his gazillions to help his own people so we don’t come in and occupy his country–UGH

  129. Yup, the Middle East is conspicuously absent.

    France sent a hospital but they are pissed because they couldn’t get in the first day. This whole thing is being “approved” step by step by Haitian government you know. We are being very careful about the “O” word and I don’t mean obama. I mean occupation. We are being accused of it already.

  130. sonrisa, Mick could afford to pay the right stylist to pull it off if he wanted to.

  131. I look forward to the new post about the duct tape…..holy cow what a complete loser this guy sounds like that quote is priceless. When I saw that quote all I could think of was that Blue collar comedy video and the bit the comedian Ron White does about being naked in a bean bag chair and a television evangelist. Ha, Ron White is from Texas too!

    Aron how wonderful and generous of the people of Iceland. I know there is a lot of financial hardship there.

    I don’t remember is anybody clarified but speaking of the middle east, Israel sent a hospital ship.

  132. to those who think the muslim countries havent donated, see link below

  133. Thanks for the link Aron. I’m sure Uppity will include this latest information in an update.

    I don’t think anyone really thought that muslim countries per se hadn’t donated, we were all aware of Indonesia and other majority muslim countries donating. Also, someone had posted in the comments about Iran’s contributions.

    Nope I think it was more to do with OPEC countries… wealthy countries and what if anything they were contributing. For instance in the link you provided I still do not see Saudi Arabia listed as donating anything…..funny they seem to find money to fund all sorts of interesting things when they want to.

    It still stands that the wealthy OPEC countries have either not contributed or not contributed a substantial amount in relation to their worth. Really think about it a million dollars for an oil rich country??? Don’t they make that much money in a few minutes from oil sales????

    But one thing that is missing from the information we have would be how much of the individual donations came from residents in those countries. I’m sure there were some contributions given and maybe those people would prefer to remain anonymous who knows.

  134. “No organization has compiled total giving, but donations are adding up quickly: Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave $1 million to Doctors Without Borders. CNN founder Ted Turner said he’ll give $1 million to relief efforts. The New York Yankees donated $500,000. Eli Lilly and Co. pledged $125,000 in immediate aid and $125,000 more over the next year.

    The American Red Cross has raised $8 million through texts that add $10 donations to phone bills. Oxfam America has raised $2.7 million.”


  135. I’m not sure how accurate this list is. Israel has 200 people in Haiti and a field hospital capable of seeing 500 people/day. Israel is not on the list.

  136. You could be right. I know Israel had the first field hospital up. But I suspect this is a list of raw dollar donations rather than like and kind donations.

  137. Where is Mexico, Cuba and Israel

  138. I don’t know Shia. I didn’t make the list. But the list is really only a monetary list, not including “Like and kind”. For example, i KNOW Iceland was one of the first rescue groups there. I saw them myself on TV being interviewed after they did a rescue. But they may have not contributed any money. I haven’t clicked on the link lately so it may be updated.

  139. Please Note Canada


    Funding, committed and uncommitted, $

    $ per person

    % of total
    Others 636958619 36.32
    Private (individuals & organisations) 363486895 20.73
    United States 167769881 0.53 9.57

    Canada 130733775 3.89 7.45

    World Bank (emergency grant) 100000000 5.7
    Spain 45880231 1.02 2.62
    European Commission 44877340 2.56
    United Kingdom 32590138 0.53 1.86
    France 31313132 0.50 1.79
    Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) 25781609 1.47
    Sweden 23219317 2.51 1.32
    Germany 20356105 0.25 1.16
    Brazil 15535730 0.08 0.89
    Australia 13489211 0.63 0.77
    China 13005286 0.01 0.74
    Denmark 11246301 2.06 0.64
    Norway 10398613 2.16 0.59
    UN & agencies 10000000 0.57
    Italy 8580536 0.14 0.49
    Finland 7718305 1.45 0.44
    Japan 5327154 0.04 0.3
    Russian Federation 5000000 0.04 0.29
    Switzerland 4751533 0.63 0.27
    Netherlands 4329004 0.26 0.25
    United Arab Emirates 3208129 0.70 0.18
    Ghana 3000000 0.13 0.17
    Ireland 2886002 0.64 0.16
    Donors not specified 2219169 0.13
    Indonesia 1700000 0.01 0.1
    Czech Republic 1154401 0.11 0.07
    Belgium 1151876 0.11 0.07
    Poland 1089466 0.03 0.06
    New Zealand 1000000 0.23 0.06
    Morocco 1000000 0.03 0.06
    Guyana 1000000 1.31 0.06
    Estonia 1000000 0.75 0.06
    Luxembourg 722900 1.49 0.04
    Greece 290000 0.03 0.02
    Inter-American Development Bank 200000 0.01
    South Africa 134903.63 0.00 0.01
    WORLD TOTAL 1753770658 0.26 100

  140. Thanks Robert. I think sometime today I will just make new screen shots and update. I appreciate you pointing this out.

  141. I don’t see Israel’s name on that list either

  142. I also would like to point out, look at Canada’s donation, for a country of only 33 million people, no wonder they say it’s the best country to live in.

  143. Israel had the very first hospital set up in Haiti.

    And I love me my Canadians!

  144. You know Uppity, the probably had the 1st hospital set up, but wheres the donations???, i see all the stars throwing in money, what about the executives from these affluent movie business’??, I’ll bet that these people that set up the hospital are requesting to be paid for doing so.

  145. No, the hospitals etc are generally seen as Like and Kind donations. The floating hospitals are VERY expensive as are the inflatable ones. I have a post here about that somewhere here.

    I find the missing Middle Eastern countries far more glaring. Far as I know, they have donated……….nothing.


    “Neither Iran, nor Saudi Arabia has yet to donate a penny and India, which has one of the world’s highest gross domestic products, has donated $1 million dollars, the same amount as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and the NBA.”

  147. I too noticed that the Arabs have given nothing and done nothing. I presume all their “philanthropy” goes to support terrorism. Israel was not on the list, but they were there. Israeli rescue teams were digging people out and I am sure that they gave money and/or other aid. Of course, the wealthy Arab states don’t even give any humanitariar support to the Palestinians, only “military,” read terrorist, support.

  148. Daggar, your comments are officially in the shitcan where they belong. We don’t do anti-semites here. So say goodbye.

  149. You’ve got that right, Jack.

  150. No Daggars I am not Jewish. Nor are we Islamofascists. We support Israel here. That’s our choice. We support Israel because most of us did more learning in our lives than reading a paragraph in a looney left history book. We understand and we remember.

    We also do not support Islamofascism here and have no intention of starting any time soon. You have a problem with that? Tough!

    This forum is moderated. Now why would it be moderated? Why, to keep characters like you off of it, that’s why. This blog is no more a democracy that the far left looney spot you blew in here from. And you are persona non gratis on this board. So go clog up somebody else’s spam filter.

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