Psycho Glenn Beck: “You don’t know the psychosis that is Chickdom. Women are psychos”.

Still don’t get it?

If you do, go over to Murphy’s place and copy/paste her letter to FOX. Or write your own. But so help me God, women of America, if you don’t start fighting back, you might as well know that you will always be nothing but shit under Congress’ shoes. Abortion will be the least of your worries if this regression continues. How over the top does someone have to be to get you moving?

Stop putting up with this shit from EITHER party. You saw it on MSNBC all last year. You are still seeing it. It doesn’t matter if it’s FOX or MSNBC.  There is no “Yes………but he……”.  There IS no “But”. You are 51% of the population and you are being constantly insulted by this POS. This is not an isolated insult case. I could post things right here that are even worse.  There is no excuse for this crap and there is no excuse for this pig. His 12 points, or whatever it’s called do not include YOU, women!

Behold the Psychosis That Is Dickdom, not to mention the Psychosis That Is Dry-Drunken-ness.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He’s been doing this crap for a long time. Here he is in 2007 suggesting that he take a woman’s naked picture with his cell phone. Let me know when you get the point about this man.


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  1. Nothing like Uppity in the morning! You get my blood flowing and ready to go out and fight the good fight. Uppity = two shots of expresso.

  2. And oh yeah, I forgot, can we PLEASE call a time out on this sorry excuse for behavior towards women:
    ” But, but Glenn Beck’s three daughters adore him and he obviously loves them very much.” ” But, but Brown’s two daughtes adore him and he obviously loves them very much.”

    I seem to recall Nixon’s daughter absolutely adored their father as well and by all accounts he was an excellent parent to them. Did that make him an excellent politician? Did that family relationship translate to his policy on the welfare of all women? Fu@k no!

  3. I caught some of this exchange in the middle of the night- thought I was having a nightmare- Good grief! I am gonna run over to Murphy’s and check out her letter.

    Uppity- did you get any rest?

  4. Hey Somebody ~ I responded to your comment last night at the end of the thread. Please take a peek.

    Everyone else is invited to read it as well. I don’t want anyone to think I would suggest (unless in a snarky way) that Brown run for the WH. That would be pure madness.

    have a great FRIDAY everyone!

  5. and what Tupp said @7:38

  6. I have to head off to the office. It is very tough for me driving around MA now. For years I have been mumbling swear words at Prius’ with Barky stickers. Now I do the same to pick-ups with Brown stickers.

    I check back in after work. You all are great! And Uppity- a big thank-you!

  7. Beck has the psychosis that is Dickdom.


  8. Good to see you up and running, Uppity.

    You’re right….why in the world do we still have guys like this making millions of dollars on TV? I never watched Glen Beck and never will. Unfortunately, I don’t think that sending e-mails does a damn thing. The only way to stop him is to stop watching him and have his ratings drop. Not sure if people are watching him because they like his content or because of they are amused by his disgusting antics. Either way, he should be thrown off that show and every other show.

    But let’s look at Rush Limbaugh…he’s the same kind of misogynist pic that Beck is, and his ratings soar! It’s that stupid shock-jock bs that keeps these guys going. They have listeners who revel in it.

  9. Did I hear somewhere that Beck is a recovering alcoholic? No I have nothing against alcoholics- plenty in my family- but the behavior seems like “dry-drunk” syndrome. Abusive alcoholics don’t necessarily get cured of their abusiveness just because they quit drinking.

  10. Funny, but FOX is playing Arlen’s shit right now. But they didn’t notice Beck. These people are just as bad as MSNBC. MSNBC ran Beck’s shit but didn’t notice Specter.

    Nunly, I could do five posts on that pig Rush Limbaugh. He is front and center the biggest pig of all. I could collect so many disgusting remarks from him that it would take me hours to compile them. And I might just do it sometime soon.

    FF, you can use any of my material at any time, without asking.

  11. Yes you heard right Mom. And he’s the poster boy for Dry Drunks too.

  12. Thanks, Uppity – but I feel it only the right thing to do to ask first.

  13. Adrienne, I wish I had thought of that. The title “Psychosis that is Dickdom”.

  14. Like I said, FF. No need to ask.

  15. Whew. I missed all the discussion last night. I have to go to work so I’ll only restate my other short comment. Nothing will change for women until sexism is on par with racism. People have to fear for their jobs if they dare make any comment that can be construed as sexism before anything will change, and we’re not there yet. Remember when that female sportscaster who was a friend of Tiger Woods made an innocent comment that she did not realize could be considered racist and they were screaming for her head on a plate? I think she even lost her job. But these pigs can say the most vile disgusting things on TV about women and *crickets* I don’t know if I’m one of the commenters that Uppity is upset with, but I do know that it was the sexism and misogyny that fired me up during the primaries and caused me to leave the party I had identified with my whole life. It is the reason I love this blog. I understand Uppity’s point about getting more women in power so they can have strength in numbers, but I fear that will take so long….I may never see it in my lifetime! That is why I was so adamant that Hillary needed to be elected as PRESIDENT, get a woman right to the top. As NES said, the most qualified PERSON not just woman of our generation. That is why I donated more money than I have ever donated to Hillary’s campaign (more than I could afford many times). This one WAS for the girls, like my favorite Youtube video for Hillary said.

  16. I sent FOX News a letter. Hope it helps getting Glen Beck fired. Unfortunately, Nunly is right. As long as their are people who tune into this and enjoy it, we’re fighting an uphill battle.

  17. I know this is OT, but I have to tell you folks, I went to our social security office yesterday on behalf of a senior who needed to answer to them. First, let me tell you that if what was in there is a cross section of what is in America, we are in deep deep shit. The place was so crowded, I thought I was in an airport. There were one or two cleanly dressed seniors in there and the rest were SSI and disability recipients, as they were all far too young to be on social security. Not one of them was in a wheel chair, had a cane, walked like they were in pain, or seemed to have any problem chatting it up and getting around.

    I got there first thing in the morning and was forced to park all the way in East Jesus and walk to the place. I kept thinking, how does an old person park here? All parking was for Government Employees and you didn’t dare park or they would tow you away. Heavy metal signs were posted everywhere that there was anything that even remotely resembled a parking area. Remember, this is a place were disabled and old people have to visit.

    When I got there, I was told to check in at the standalone computer with a touch screen. There were a number of choices, and most of them weren’t in English.I chose “Other”. A ticker machine spat out a number for me and I waited. And waited. And waited. I remained standing the entire time because the chairs were disgusting.

    Then my number was called. By this time, I had purelled myself three times. I went up to the window where I was told to “Pick up the phone”. Just like prison. No kidding. I looked at the phone and thought I ain’t touching that thing! So I purelled it. lol. I told the person on the other side why I was there. A little computer fiddling and then I was told to wait till my name was called. I waited and waited. and waited. I spent more than 3.5 hours there for roughly ten minutes of business. Then I was told I had to bring in more papers. At that point, I came home, washed my hands till they nearly bled, and called the woman’s lazy- assed son who lives off his elderly mother, and told him to get his ass down there tomorrow.

  18. Imust – thank you. First time I watched that video I teared up with hope. Today, I cried for what might have been.

  19. Uppity, that’s horrible. And I suppose the people behind the glass screen, at the other end of the phone are labeled “Customer Service” representatives.

  20. Uppity – SS has credited my sister with one year’s worth of income of mine. For THREE YEARS we have been trying to make them correct it. We have sent in all the paperwork THREE TIMES to no avail. It is incompetent of the highest degree. Yet you can bet when she starts to collect it (she is older than I am) they will book her for SS Fraud!

  21. imust – did you get my THANK YOU in the other thread the other day?

  22. BTW – Wasn’t it Obama who rolled back CLINTON’S “Welfare to Work” program?

    I might be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  23. Uppity – was was the gender/age/race breakdown. Give us some more demographics.

  24. LOL FF! The workers were really nice, it was just the system was so awful. there were more supervisors than workers. I was talking to a senior couple and all we could think was imagine if the government really DID run our health care.

  25. FF, definitely more men than women. About an even split between AAs and white people. Most of them were fairly young, i thought. Maybe a few in their 30s at best. One Bosnian guy who was waiting for an interpretor, which really pissed him off since he DID speak English. He kept saying why do I have to have an interpretor, is my accent THAT bad? I couldn’t understand that one either. I understood him very well when he spoke.

    While I was there, people came and left. The place was steadily full. One left, another replaced him or her. It was fairly easy to know why everyone was there including me. The initial contact is not very private.

    It is possible that some of them were collecting Disability checks because of a diabled parent. They do give money to the children too, till a certain age. I would have no way which those were, if any.

  26. thanks

    that MAKES IT a real cross section of America.

    So your conclusion is correct.

    We are screwed.

  27. BTW Uppity – I dropped you a note. Check your mail please.

  28. Well I don’t know if it is a cross section, really. For example, I saw no Asians or Middle Easterners. At least as I could visually tell. I would say the age demographic was very narrow. Not many people in their 40s. Or 50s. I would guess I was the only one, but then you never know. Like I said, it was visual.

  29. Oh, then I misread the age breakdown above. Sorry

  30. AS for Asians and ME’s, I suspect they were off working!

  31. COMPLETELY OT and Leslie, this one is more for you than anyone. Check out the responses from the EQ the other day in Arkansas. Note the DISTANCE this EQ was felt. It was relatively small at 3.3, but it was extremely shallow at about 1/10th of a mile.

    Imagine the 6 or 7 or more they are predicting for this region.

  32. “Amidst the voter anger at Wall Street and Washington, D.C., ABC News has learned that the Senate Democratic leadership isn’t sure there are enough votes to re-confirm Ben Bernanke for another term as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    Bernanke’s term expires on Jan. 31. ”

    There is a God!

    From ABC News

  33. Heh. They must have looked at the rasmussen poll.

  34. Uppity- that is horrible! When Mom was living here with us we had lots of SS issues- Fortunately we have a great State Rep- Michelle Brooks- and her office really cuts through all the baloney. She is a state rep- but very effective in dealing with red tape even up to the Fed level and always has time for her constituents. She runs as a Republican- but what the hell- she serves her voters!

  35. tuppence #41 — HA! Me too !! in my minivan of decadence on 128 swearing at everything that moves!

    Laughing is better than crying right?

    and swearing is better than high-powered rifles, right?


  36. Sounds like you have a good one there Mom! I didn’t expect to have any trouble or I would have pulled a string too. I just didn’t expect to be there so long.

    FF, for all we know, every person there could have been there legitimately. But Geeze, clean up! Why are people so slovenly now? Some of them looked like they had the same clothing on for days, dirty hair, body odor. It was really rank in there. The old people were all spiffed up, lol!

  37. You know, I won’t deny that the MA election scared the crap out of Obama and congress. I just wish it wasn’t done by attacking Coakley personally. Once more a woman took the shit. It reminded me of Hillary, only shorter time. Like 15 years shorter. People weren’t being all that straight. Pretending Brown was some kind of savior and all that shit. He’s a nobody. I never even heard of his ass till I saw his ass. lol. Seeing women who were horrifed over hillary do basically the same damned thing to Martha really opened my eyes and not in a good way. And I know the party would have worked harder if Martha’s primary opponent had won.

  38. I agree Uppity- what’s with all the savior shit anyway? If people want a savior they should look to religion (or their own sorry asses) not politics. What is this? Ancient Rome- politicians are gods to be worshiped? We saw it with Oblahblah- and once was way more than enough!

    As to the slovenliness – people just do not know how to dress appropriately anymore. If all they have are old clothes that’s ok- but they could at least wash and patch them and wash themselves as well! Gas stations still have rest rooms don’t they?

  39. You are right about the party working harder if Martha’s opponent in the primary had won. Pelosi endorsed the big money male candidate- what is up with her? I swear that woman will do anything to keep other women out of D.C.

  40. I love blog comments that start with “I don’t often agree with Glenn Beck but this time he got it right..blah..blah”

    Anyone who thinks that worthless sack of shit ever “gets it right” is a troll, IMHO.

  41. Recent women casualties of politics (with no regard to party or politics)

    1. Melissa McKewan — blogger fired from Edwards campaign for criticizing sexism in religion and politics (ha! what bitter irony)

    2. Samantha Power — advisor fired from obama campaign for callling Hillary a monster.

    3. Geraldine Ferraro — savaged for saying basically the same exact thing Joe Biden (current Vice President) and Harry Reid (current Maj Leader) said: that obama benefitted from his race and appearance.

    4. Randi Rhoades — radio personality fired for calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro fucking whores (she later called me a fucking whore too, but wasnt fired for that! 😉

    5. Rielle Hunter — fired, ridiculed, and savaged in the press for being the woman John Edwards screwed around with.

    6. Martha Coakley — scapegoated by MA voters in order to kill health care and send a message to DC, fair enough. What is NOT fair is her OWN PARTY getting together to savage her for running a “horrendous campaign.” bullshit.

    7. Sarah Palin — Caribou Barbie, PILF, too dumb to live. She may get the last laugh, but i am NOT holding my breath

    8. Hillary Clinton — need we say more?

    If ANYONE can name me ONE SINGLE DUDE who was fired or savaged for saying or doing something deemed inappropriate during the last campaign cycles, I will give them my penguin Martha, whom I won here at Uppity’s and love dearly.

  42. UW,

    Thank you once again for calling out this sexist jerk! I remember clearly when Beck made fun of Hillary when she teared up in NH by saying on his show “it cries”. This from a guy who tears up about every day!

    I sent him an e-mail slamming him for his criticism of Hillary when he’s always allowing his emotions to be expressed on national TV every dim damn day!

    What a hypocrite. When it comes to women in this country, we aren’t that far behind third world countries when it comes to being given respect by men, much less rights that our Creator endowed on us every bit as much as the men.

    What kind of dickdom psychosis does it take for them to really believe they are superior to women, when all of the evidence proves that the opposite is true?

  43. Eh, Murphy, you just want to get rid of the penguin!

    What did you think of the other video I posted of this POS? Can you believe this dry drunk gets away with this shit day in and day out. FOX had specter beating up on Bachmann today and MSNBC had Beck on. Which proves neither of them gives a shit about women, but love them their shitty political parties. How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

  44. Yes, Kathleen, that “It cries” day was the day I realized I really hated this bastard. I have never found a video clip of that, and i have looked many times.

  45. Apparently there is a vopod video out there showing Beck using mentholated balm under his eyes to make himself cry.

  46. Murphy, I know one guy who was not fired. That would be that cardboard cutout humping speech writer.

  47. Swell528- that puts me in mind of a trick unethical horse trainers use at shows- the bastards put ginger in the rectum of the horse to make the tail stand up- I would rather see it used on Beck!

  48. You know Uppity, even on the conservative side, they’re all dry drunks. Seriously, the men will be drop outs, former drug and alcohol addicts, who are put on the air as being qualified to have expert opinions. All they need is a penis. The women however all must all have several advanced degrees and best selling books. Dr. Laura, Anne Coulter, etc, etc. It’s the same on the other side of the aisle. You will never see a female who dropped out of school, partied it up, saw the light, and suddenly decided she was now qualified to” teach” others. (Well, you might find one woman who believes that, but you’ll never find a network that gives her a job). To even walk in the door she needs a couple of degrees and an extensive resume.

  49. uppity, honest to god I cant bring myself to watch the other video.

    I really really love your post here — if glenn beck can’t wake us up to stick up for each other, what will!??

    UW, wrt to Jon “The Groper” Favreau, EXACTLY!

  50. You will never see a female who dropped out of school, partied it up, saw the light, and suddenly decided she was now qualified to” teach” others. (Well, you might find one woman who believes that, but you’ll never find a network that gives her a job)

    ROFL! This is just plain quotable.

    Didn’t O’Reilly write soft porn fiction? Now he writes books that parents have their kids read? I’m dying here.

  51. Uppity,

    Here’s a link to a youtube video entitled “Hillary: Mad as Hell Bitch” that has that clip of Beck saying “it cries”. It’s around 1:18 in:

  52. Oh wait, a penguin goes to anybody who can find some of those O’Reilly passages.

  53. O’Reilly:

    “Say baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up,”

  54. THat’s my favorite video but youtube cut the audio so I can’t use it any longer. I tried to find another but nope.

  55. LOL, jinx, uppity!

  56. yttk, yup, and dont forget NUDE MODELS! or how about prostitution ring happening right in his own apartment? dead interns?

    what really burns my oatmeal, is when people (and women esp) say, “Oh I dont vote for a person just because she has a vagina.”

    as if! first of all that is SO insulting to reduce women to one body part. Imagine saying, Oh I dont vote for a person just because they have a nose!

    But more importantly, look at your list, and others like it. Women in politics, and on the news, are demonstrably more competent, serious, and display so much more integrity and seriousness of purpose. it’s NOT about the vagina, jackasses — it’s about the integrity and the competence.

  57. Swell, Is this the video?

  58. “I would like you to unhook your bra and let it slide down your arms. You can keep your shirt on. Cup your hands under your breasts and hold them for ten seconds. Off with those pants.”

  59. Uppity,

    Here’s a youtube video clip entitled: “Bill O’Reilly Consistent Sexist?”

  60. Ok yttik gets a penquin!!!!!

  61. LOL Murphy, men have been voting with their penises right along. I guess that’s ok.

  62. what really burns my oatmeal, is when people (and women esp) say, “Oh I dont vote for a person just because she has a vagina.”

    Amen to that, Murphy! It infuriates me to be called a vaginal voter, or it used to anyway. After 200 years of real pricks running our country, you dare to call me a vag voter?

  63. Hey Murphy, if you get a chance, feature that pig in Texas who taped Sheila’s mouth. Freedom Fairy and I got some spam visits from one of his goons who was playing pocket pool while typing. He deserves all the Full Frontal Press he can get. If you already did this and I missed it, sorry. i”ve been a little goofy the past few days.

  64. God O’Reilly is an excellent argument for retroactive birth control.

  65. HT – I’m not sure. I already burned up my alloted Gigabytes on my plan watching Haiti videos, so I won’t watch it because he aint worth the overage charges. Neither is Spector. The look on Beck’s face is funnier than hell though. Brings tears to my eyes just looking at it. Tears of laughter. What an ass clown!

  66. UW said
    The old people were all spiffed up, lol!

    We oldies have pride….. these young’uns are all for handouts and redistribution of our wealth!

  67. Then the picture of O’Reilly in the next video, just rolled me out of my chair with laughter. What is he, eight years old here?

  68. Swell, in a nutshell, Glenn is in a photography session, probably for his show. Discussion about crying on demand ensues, aides slather Vicks under his eyes, discussion about crying, then photography starts. Subsequently, demand from photographer re laughing, crying, anger, angst etc. Glenn happily complies and produces each and every personna demanded of him.
    Hope this helps.

  69. HT – Thanks. Sitting here shaking my head. This video out there too, on top of all the sexist crap he rants, and women are still watching him. This is one of the leading voices that swept Brown into office. We should all be terrified.

  70. The psychosis that is dickdom, LMAO!! That is truly witty!

    I completely agree that until sexism is seen in the same light as racism things will never change.

    I also agree that by and large at least in my experience most female candidates are far more accomplished than male. I’m sure there are exceptions to that rule lest someone point them out. I’m just saying in general women need a long list of accomplishments before they dare consider running for anything. I don’t think I can ever recall some drop out, washed up woman dusting themselves off and running for public office.

    Something else and again this is based solely on my experience. I’ve worked on many campaigns and in my limited experience the female candidates have been far more engaged in their campaigns and had a much better grasp of the issues. The female candidates I’ve worked with worked MUCH harder than the male candidates with one male being the exception.

    I’m not claiming my experience is in any way scientific, it’s just my life experience.

    Glad to see you back UW. I’m very sorry if my little barbs the other day led to your need for a break. I honestly was just teasing and trying to point out that we shouldn’t let ourselves be divided by an R or a D after our names on our voter registration cards. But I have a feeling I upset you and if that is the case I will move along or maybe shift to lurker status. I don’t want to see you quit writing and if I contributed to those thoughts please accept my apology.

    I hope you all have a good day……I won’t be back until probably sometime on Sunday….lots of wedding stuff that gets started in three hours.

  71. Hey, FF. I know you got alot on your plate, but how about a terror color code alert for sexist pigs.

  72. HT – that was the photographer who shot the picture for Time (I think) and then used (or sold) a crappy picture that Beck said SHE said she would not do

    Beck got RickRolled by a girl.

  73. Swell – GMTA

    Been meaning to do a code alert for a while now.

  74. Oh cool! I’d like to see a color coded terror sexist alert, too! That’s a little gidgit everybody could use on their website. We could have a piggy meter that measures the depth of hostility being expressed towards women on any particular day.

  75. Uppity – this one is for you!

  76. yttik! LOL

    Ya might have to leave the interactive high-tech stuff to DE or Beethovenqueen or someone else – I can’t even figure out how to put vid clips in home made videos! LOL

  77. IF Beck COULD deliver his information in a “straight news” style, he would inform a lot more folks with some of the real things he researches, but he can’t.

    He came from a culture where bashing women (WFLA Radio in Florida where he got his big audience) was standard.

  78. bit late to the party, but here I am!

    ugh…freakin jackasses. am i the only one who thinks that the commentary on helen thomas by o’reilly resembled that of an ESPN broadcast? i’m sorry, i thought they were there to discuss the press conference, not run a character assassination. or play the ‘good ole’ boy’ bull. notice…martin pointed out her defense of palin, and he *still* didn’t apologize to her.

    their comments are the same – beck and o’reilly’s. this sort of poison is the reason why women are consistently harassed in the workplace and regarded as inferior. these derogatory remarks have, unfortunately, become mainstream in our society, and too many people don’t even realize how offensive it really is. i’ve been a victim of it (i worked in a kitchen, and probably could have sued them three times over for sexual harassment – of both the physical and mental sort), and a good majority of the females i know have had some sort of contact with it as well. it’s absolutely ridiculous that in this day and age, speech like that prevails from people that are, supposedly, educated.

    a good amount of my girls from the youth group have had experience with it too. they’re so young (and, admittably, self-absorbed), they don’t understand the implications that comments like those have. it’s a big problem, one that i’ve tried to explain to them – and few understand. if i were to pull that video of beck up, some of them would laugh it off and say ‘so? everyone jokes around like that.’

    it isn’t until they’ve had it directed at them that they’ll understand – a sad and unfortunate truth.

  79. You all say it so well…. cannot put thoughts into words like you all do…….

    seems to me men in power are patted on the back if they hit a bulls eye where women are concerned….. just a notch in their little book of menisum!

  80. Nyx, Good stuff. I was a mid level manager in a multinationion corp – and same here. It doesn’t matter what position you hold – if you are female, you have a target superimposed on you. P.S. I was also naturally blonde (grey now) good looking and shapely, so I was automatically classified, even though I wore business suits.

  81. LMAO here – OT – my Tuxedo Cat Tippy is on a major NipTrip

  82. Oops, multinational, not mulinationion. I’m gray now and have arthritis – fingers don’t work, but brain still intact!
    BTW, I presented objections, based on facts, to a major Telecom project that was dreamed up by the marketing department, mostly men but with a female spokesperson. I was pooh poohed, particularly by the female, and my objections were written off as nonsense. Two years and 10s of millions of dollars later, they closed it down………for the reasons that I originally presented. So much for female empowerment.

  83. Then I was told I had to bring in more papers. At that point, I came home, washed my hands till they nearly bled, and called the woman’s lazy- assed son who lives off his elderly mother, and told him to get his ass down there tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, this is a scenario that plays out all to often UW. I can’t tell you how often I have seen children (the ones that will inherit all the shiny, bright objects) do this. They will hire anyone (molesters, theives, etc.) to do what they should be doing. I’ve even had some children tell me not to talk about where they live in front of their parents (Alzheimer afflicted), because they have not told them that they moved away when they stuck them in a home.

  84. Ack HT… that commercial…

    i’m shuddering.

    how dare you have blonde hair and brains. men seem to think the universe will implode if the two go together. or rather, breasts and brains.

    i’ve also come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter at what level of business you work in. i worked in a kitchen and got harassed, you worked as a manager and got harassed, and i’m pretty sure women that are higher up in the food chain get harassed as well. my one friend holds two degrees – one in biochemistry, one in political science, and she’s working on her masters in public administration. she’s blonde. and therefore is constantly regarded to as dumb. it’s enough to make me scream.

    major, major problem – a good bit of which has to do with the sexualization of women in the media (because, y’know, we were only put on this earth to procreate and serve men), and the perpetration of that by jackasses like beck and o’reilly. i’m not saying that we need to don baggy clothing and hide our figures and faces and everything that makes us female – i’m just saying that the media, more often then not, depicts women as objects, and it seems that whenever we do something that doesn’t fit into that mold, we get criticized for it.

  85. FF don’t hold your breath, POTUS has given Bernanke the blessing on another term.

  86. regarding videos (i don’t have time to look – leaving in 5 mins)

    who can forget the classic with Obama referring to HRC’s “emotional state” (read: her monthly!)


  87. Youtube has the BIGGEST Obama Knee Pads

  88. One day my daughter and I went for a walk and stopped to sit on a bench in the shade. A few minutes later a boy who looked to be about thirteen came rolling into our view on a skateboard. He had his hat on sideways, his shoes were unlaced, and his pants were barely hanging on him somewhere around mid-buttocks. Well my daughter was about twelve at the time, and the boy saw her and started showing off on his skateboard. Soon enough, the boy tried to jump his skateboard onto a railing and fell, knocking his pants down to around his ankles, and his hat flew off in such a way, we both put our heads between our legs and laughed until we couldn’t breath. Once I was able to compose myself, I said to my daughter, “I want you to always remember this. This is as mature as males ever get”.

  89. Oh gosh.

    “The One we’ve Been Waiting 4 ” is on TV

    Moaning about being able to to to the barbers shop/coffee shop and be a regular Joanne/Joe…..
    I need to escape….. some of us wish you would.
    No Starbucks in the Whitehouse, little confusion here!

    I have no iota of sympathy… he wanted this job he needs to step up to the plate stop complaining and Get the Job done.

    Thought he said he was ready on day one?

    “I” ran for this job not to run away from these responsibilities? Well don’t worry about visiting the barber shop or the coffee shop……

    Words JUST words?

    He has no clue what he says in these speeches but contradicts himself! Does he ever watch himself?

  90. Just – your kidding, right? Right?
    Oh my goodness, if you are serious and not pulling our leg… wonder the major powers do not feel he will be their ally in times of trouble.
    Didn’t he postulate at one point that he would renew the faith of the world in America?

  91. Well, I am not kidding that he’s doing a bad job all round….. I hope your kidding that I may of been joking?

    What a shambles…. we are in I really think my english does not travel well???

    Oh never mind I am out!

  92. Just, take care, rest up and come back. I fear that you misunderstood my comment. I was stunned at the stupidity of O’s comments – so much so that I couldn’t believe any sentient being could make them.

    YOu did a service in bringing that clip to attention, and I thank you.
    Please come back – mainly because I enjoy your contributions, but mostly because Uppity may ban my IP and I will never, ever be able to lurk agaIn!
    P.S. if I offended you in any way, apologies are extended.

  93. not only that on the podium he just said

    To the senior lady e was speaking too.

    We never forget seniors you vote in large groups plus you also change dipers and stuff???

    WTF does that mean, when she was young she was the woman who stayed home and changed dipers or does he mean she is a senior @ 83 she must be wearing dipers and needs to change them??

    UGH this is the president throwing out dipers in full view of the world to an 83yr old lady?

    I feel sick!

  94. sorry spelling off track…

  95. I have to defend Glenn Beck.

    Beck singlehandedly and at great danger to himself and his career, exposed more about the Obama administration’s corruption and motivations in a condensed, easy-to-understand without being dumbed-down way than anyone else. He reached more people and informed more people than anyone else. He has already suffered an orchestrated, undeserved boycott from Van Jones’ color of change organization.

    So he flung out some sexist stupid remarks about women. Know what? Most men do. But in the grand scheme of things Beck has done far, far more good than evil. He is on OUR SIDE re Obama. Want to wipe out Obama’s critics? Attack every male Obama critic that has a platform, that has talent, that has a million-fold audience that has made a misogynist remark.

    And after you wipe them out, wonder why Obama gets a second term.

    Men will continue to behave in assinine ways that cause us to shake our heads and say “wow. He sure knows how to lose his fillies!” But if we want the “HOPE AND CHANGE” snakeoil salesman to GO AWAY we shouldn’t take aim at his outspoken, well-researched, prominent critics. That’s stupid and shooting ourselves in the foot.

    No man is perfect. Pick and choose your attacks well, women, and spend your energy on our most dangerous enemies! Not the ones who say stupid things now and again.

  96. HT P.S. if I offended you in any way, apologies are extended.

    Never offended…… and I am sure Uppity will not bann your I.P. Where just a group of people, women and men trying to get to grips with what is really happening… Hugs HT!!!

  97. Beethoven – Lets unplug your post, change a few words, then plug it back in to see how it flies. Here we go…

    So he flung out some homophobic stupid remarks about gays. Know what? Most people do. But in the grand scheme of things Beck has done far, far more good than evil. He is on OUR SIDE re Obama. Want to wipe out Obama’s critics? Attack every homophobic Obama critic that has a platform, that has talent, that has a million-fold audience that has made a homophobic remark.

    And after you wipe them out, wonder why Obama gets a second term.

    Homophobes will continue to behave in assinine ways that cause us to shake our heads and say “wow. He sure knows how to lose his fillies!” But if we want the “HOPE AND CHANGE” snakeoil salesman to GO AWAY we shouldn’t take aim at his outspoken, well-researched, prominent critics. That’s stupid and shooting ourselves in the foot.

    No body is perfect. Pick and choose your attacks well, people, and spend your energy on our most dangerous enemies! Not the ones who say stupid things now and again.

    …Not exactly sure what you mean about fillies, but now try plugging it in with terms like African American and white people.

  98. Just, hugs right back at you!

    for some fun, Jon Stewart last night making fun of Keith OlberlovesObama – and it addresses sexism – marginally cause….. Don’t want to insult Park or Anthony, or Scott – ah heck, it’s a video of a comedy show, so sue me!

  99. and change fillies to women, last I looked I walked around on 2 legs not 4 with a tail!

  100. Barky sayeth= “The best way to improve my poll ratings is to do nothing and I refuse to do it!”

    My God. Wonder if TOTUS has any idea how foolish he sounds saying double-speak? I take that back…these have to be off-the-cuff remarks by POTUS.

  101. DOW dropped 75 points while he spoke so far.

  102. Correction over 100 down now minus 148.

  103. Swell- loved your edit on Beethoven’s comment.

    IT IS NOT OK just because “all men do it.” My Mom used to say to us “If so and so was going to jump off the Empire State building would that make it ok for you?”

  104. It’s finally here…Happy National Pie Day, everybody!

  105. Well we’ve been waiting for the “But” all day.

  106. LMAO, Uppity

  107. but mostly because Uppity may ban my IP and I will never, ever be able to lurk agaIn!

    Anybody seen HT? Heh.

  108. Barky and his poll ratings bring to mind our teasing
    of W for saying:

    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we.”

    Yep, zero is 3rd term Bush.

  109. Good Gawd there really IS a Nationa Pie Day. I’m surprised there are any more “days” left to assign. Usually, congress assigns a “Day” to things they don’t really care about 364 days out of the year. Now, judging from the waistlines of a large number of our Congress, I just KNOW they care about pie more than one day out of the year.

  110. Ok what did the one have to say? I just got in the door. Less than 100 words please.

  111. BQ I will decide what I write about and if i wanted my mother to tell me what to do, I would find a way to contact her in the beyond. This is my blog and that’s that. Now i don’t want to get into a pissing match with you. Again. Because sometimes you swoop down and that’s what happens. You don’t agree? Fine! But please do not give me or the people in here orders about what to discuss; I do wish you would re-read your posts sometimes before you hit send. You always seem so damned angry.

    A new priority of mine is to poiint out sexism and misogyny whereever I see it. I dom’t give a rat’s ass who the person is, I am going to write about it. That’s a new priority here, among others. There are people who have problems with that and that’s why they have the right to click on my link or not click on my link. There’s really no need to be fractious about your opinion though.

  112. Look up ^^

    He offended every woman from 83 down, above that your OK! Your past changing diapers! Nappies in my language.

  113. cos after all if u get past 83 your probably in a nursing home and some other nappy changer is on duty!!!

  114. 10…..9…………..8…….batten down the hatches…

  115. Geeze, I better read a few pages back. You guys are all apologizing to each other.

  116. They let Obama near another senior? Las time I saw that he imploded and screamed. I have a video someplace here…

  117. Oh look! NYX is here! How are ya, little sister!

  118. Geeze, I better read a few pages back. You guys are all apologizing to each other.

    LOL no apologies needed here, have you ever had one of those days when you go from zero to 100 in 3 seconds?

  119. LOL no apologies needed here, have you ever had one of those days when you go from zero to 100 in 3 seconds?

    Yes but not since I ingested things in college.

    Listen I gotta run. Moderators if you are around, keep this place clean. You never know what’s lurking when we challenge the boyz.

  120. 100 words or less…hmmm

    Obama says he has an entire office devoted to manufacturing, because “America’s gotta make things.” But he warns some manufacturing jobs “are not coming back.” Also confesses he doesn’t know much about the local steel mill.

    “We didn’t forget seniors,” Obama said. “We never forget seniors because they vote at very high rates.”

    “We don’t need big government,” he says. “We need smart government.”

    “It’s just nice being out of Washington,” he says to laughter. “Nice people in Washington — but they can drive your crazy.”

  121. Uppity @ 3:46 Amen! Amen I say! I was thinking, as I was driving around swearing at bumper stickers, why I was drawn back here in recent days And the answer is real simple. Uppity has underlying principals and values she won’t compromise no matter the underlying circumstances, won’t make excuses, and won’t say ” But, he”

  122. He offended every woman from 83 down, above that your OK! Your past changing diapers! Nappies in my language.

    You can’t be serious? He actually said that?

  123. Yes he did, trying to find the video however I am sure it is taken out!!

  124. We never forget seniors you vote in large numbers/groups plus you also change diapers and stuff???

  125. I saw a new bumper sticker today ” Don’t blame me I voted for Muffy” WTF? Since when is it acceptable to refer to a full grown woman, former Lt. Governor, with a PhD from Trinity College in Dublin ” Muffy” in the public arena?

    And doesn’t muffy have sexual undertones as well, like tea bag?

  126. “America’s gotta make things.”

    Oh God. Somebody shoot me. This is the President of the united states. Somebody give him some video games and lock him in his room. Please.

    The man is a child.

    LOve the seniors remark: Translation: If you didn’t vote at such high rates I would dump the whole lot of you. But since you do, I am going to try to kill you off by cutting medicare.

  127. Thank you Tuppence. THat was nice. Feels good to hear nice things.

  128. Obama screams at a senior.

  129. Did anyone see the latest about Cindy McCain? She is the new Goddess of WeHo (West Hollywood & heavily gay area for you non Califs). She’s taken on Prop 8, I’m glad to see her take a public stance that doesn’t agree with her husbands. Maybe she’ll start a new trend:

    btw, all males are not evil misogynist jerks. My own teenage son was so mad that the truck guy won, he now insists he never wants to go to Mass. Not because he actually understands the sit., but becuz it upset Uppity. (I myself have only been to the Cape & want to see the rest of the state before I die, & yes I did point out to my teen that Calif votes in stupid people & stupid laws all the time, but teens tend to overeact. Still, my laker is a great guy and loves strong women. My hubby also, brags to everyone that I’m smarter that him (only in a couple of areas, he’s a genius in his particular field).

    I just got home from Dr (laker is one of the chosen ones to get Tamiflu) & just glanced at this thread. Its bizarre and I don’t understand half of it. Is Murphy saying we should be pissed that Randi Rhoades was fired for calling Hillary (bleep bleep)? Really? Cuz I thought at the time that she (RR) was part of the problem. And “Rielle” Hunter?!?! Whatever. I can’t think of any men that get fired, but I thought the msgny creep that said Hill was “pimping” out Chelsea was suspended or something after we all emailed them 20x per day. Not sure, I could be remembering it wrong. Yes, there’s a double standard for everything regarding the sexes, and I had to deal with it (and sexual harrassment to boot) at all of my jobs, but I don’t think Randi or Rielle are an asset to women’s rights issues.

  130. No socal, she was just listing off the number of women who got fired for things men would not be fired for. It wasn’t about whether she liked them are not. Especially that mess Randi.

  131. Oh hell I know not all men are pigs. Look at our DE, whata doll he is. Not to mention Park and others. And I live with a freaking saint.

  132. Men never say anything about other men’s stupid behavior. They just stand around thumbing their balls, pretending they didn’t notice, or hear it, until there is a backlash. Then, maybe, they will pull their hands out of their pockets and do something or condemn it, if it will get them something they want more than protecting their buddy.

  133. Anybody who can stomach it can go to C-Span and watch the one in Ohio- mot me- I’ll wait for the write ups. I think he gave the kiss of death to the Ohio Gov- called him “one of the finest governors.”

    There is a video clip at you-tube about his seniors changing diapers remark too.

  134. I get that Upp, those two women just seem so unworthy, thats all.

    What do you think about Cindy McCain?

  135. Another casualty mom? The man does not know when to stop. He is going to NV to sink Harry.

  136. I hope you’re doing okay, swell.

  137. mcn- I hope he goes to Nevada and campaigns for Harry early and often. When he’s done sinking Harry’s ship he needs to come here and get rid of Specter for us.

  138. mcn, that will be the funniest thing to happen in a long time. Can’t wait.

  139. I’m hunkie dorie, Socal. Still broke ass, unemployed, and losing teeth at a good clip, but my ulcer ain’t bleeding today… yet.

  140. OT- Just read Biden is in Iraq to “ease pre-election tension.” Wonder what gaffe he is gonna commit over there?

  141. This is my blog and that’s that. Now i don’t want to get into a pissing match with you.

    Uppity, I voiced my opinion. That’s all. I did not tell you what to write about or not. Sorry if my occasional comments feel like “swooping down” — I don’t have the time to hang out and converse like so many others do. Call out whoever you want for whatever you want But again – if O is elected a second term or if his critics are taken off the air, no need to wonder why.

    I stand by my opinion that Beck says stupid things once in awhile (he also constantly insults the French while knowing nothing about them) but in general I really admire what he has done.

    As for Swell…exchanging words really changes the context. I am all about differentiating and not simply rewriting scripts for others to make a point that is no longer logical because the words create new context.

  142. New post up. A chance to give hugs and kisses to John Edwards.

  143. To swell,
    God. Well, I’m trying to send you good vibes. Am sad to hear what you’ve been going thru. We’re moving my dad in with us (Alzheimers), next week after laker gets well. He currently lives in an Asst Living home that is like a luxury hotel, but he’d rather live with us in our tiny cramped condo, so we’re letting him have his way & see how it works out.

  144. BQ nobody wants Obama in a second term. At least nobody here. This does not excuse sexism and misogyny from ANYONE, no matter who they think they are. This is how we got where we are, which is nowhere. We excuse absolutely horrendously disgusting behavior from men when we won’t cut another woman an inch of slack. I aim not to excuse it any longer, that’s all. It’s not excusable> There is no “but”. It has to stop and if nobody does anything about it, it will continue to escalate at the current astounding rate.

  145. They are going to let Joe talk?

  146. Wow Swell, that sounds like some ulcer. Geeze. I’m sorry.

    I don’t have one. Although some people think I’m a carrier.

  147. mom, that will be something to look forward to.

  148. mcn- I hope he goes to Nevada and campaigns for Harry early and often

    . Stop. You’re killing me.

    I hope harry has his lobbyist job lined up is all I can say.

  149. My changing words exposed the point, Beethoven.

  150. I like Cindy McCain. I thought she was a better candidate that John. It’s a big boost for gays and lesbians for her to jump that Republican line and thumb her nose at the “platform”.

  151. Uppity, can I come out of hiding? It’s cold out here. I promise I’ll behave – I apologized and everything. Please?

    Swell, “We didn’t forget seniors,” Obama said. “We never forget seniors because they vote at very high rates.”
    Of course he doen’t forget seniors, which is why he’s rubberstamped a special group to gut their social security and pensions – they are the only ones left with any money that he hasn’t gutted. Strangely, Bush wanted to do the same thing, however, it required a so called Democrat to put it into the realm of possible.,_Medicare,_Medicaid.html

  152. Unbelievable, HT. Uppity, please read HT’s link when you get a minute.

  153. I read it. It is unbelievable. As Uppity wrote earlier in a comment, there are a lot of ne’er do wells that should be working getting SS, but that would be terrible if they cut seniors payments and medicare. My dads income is his SS & Veterans Pension. I suppose Veterans benefits will be next. After all, why should people who risk their lives in war (2 wars for Dad) expect anything for it? Geez.

  154. I DID read HT’s link and commented on it.

  155. Pfffff, silly me. I posted my comment to you, then went over to the Edwards post and saw that you already read it and commented on it over there. It’s hard keeping up you you, Uppity. I’m a slacker.

  156. up you you? Up to you. Boy, it’s starting early for me tonight.

  157. BQ nobody wants Obama in a second term.

    You & Murphy and all other “prowlers” are calling for Beck’s head: “Beck’s gotta go.”

    Why not just complain to Beck himself? Why rush to an immediate attack on his JOB?? IMHO Beck is a minnow in the ocean of misogyny. He doesn’t deserve to be fired and if ppl are successful in supporting Obama’s/Van Jones Color of Change “get rid of Beck” campaign, the consequences will be dire…

    If you kill the warriors, who is left to fight?

    If you eliminate those who expose this admin BIG TIME (Beck!), who will? Keith Olbershit?

    My changing words exposed the point, Beethoven.

    Swell, I’m sure you’re convinced they do. I say they change the context and “expose” nothing. We won’t agree on this point…

    I have work to do.

  158. Good luck with your revolution, Beethoven. Don’t let us expendable wimmin bitches get in your way.

  159. Hey swell ~
    What is this about not being well? Please take some of those good wishes that you sent my way the other night and use them.

  160. Thanks, Leslie, but I’m fine. I said, “or maybe my nerves are just shot” the other night, but that was just my usual sarcasm. Other than that, I just got “new normal” problems like everybody else, and maybe a little gerd from all the coffee I drank today. I’m chewing on some black licorice now, that should take care of it.

  161. swell ~ you kill me. you do.

  162. Speaking of Fox:
    For the second time in two weeks, whiny Shepard Smith did a good thing. He covered the live rescue attmept of a dog trapped in the flooded L.A. River (a miles-long concrete rain-overflow channel); stuck with the story, narrating with compassion until the happy ending.

  163. UW: well hai there! i’ve been doing good – keeping busy, studying for the PRAXIS testings so I can apply for teacherdom (urk, i’m halfway to terrified of them).

    Swell: feel better soon!

    BQ: I’m going to throw my three cents in here and agree with Upp and the rest of the people here. You say that Beck does good things. I will not forgive him degrading women for sheer entertainment. I will not tolerate him comparing women to an Indiana Jones movie, I will not tolerate him degrading a 20-year old on national television for nothing other than kicks. If you listen to the tape UW posted, one of his female coworkers took offense to what he was saying – and again, he humiliated her publicly. It’s a trend that is both scary and far too common.

    You say he’s a minnow – but he’s an important one. People look up to him because of his position – and when he shoots out comments against women, when he degrades us – it’s discrimination, and it’s wrong. Just because others agree with him doesn’t mean he’s right, as is the case with all other discrimination.

    Aw. They’re best buddies. BFFs fo’ life.

  164. Hm, something I meant to post in the last comment, but it accidentally got deleted – people look up to Beck. He’s considered as an “authority” (scary). When he says and acts in certain ways, he’s sending off the message that it’s ok. He knows this. He knows that when he degrades women, it’s going to be heard and viewed by millions of people.

    That is both deliberate and wrong.

  165. Good luck with your revolution, Beethoven. Don’t let us expendable wimmin bitches get in your way.

    Hello it’s fillies now get all all fours ladies and don’t forget to swish your tail if you have one!

  166. I guess BQ wants women to bend over and take one for the team. Again.

    F that. I’m not F-ing doing that anymore. (I’m a woman, but obviously, I’m no lady) heh.

    It’s not like this buffoon is going to be taken off the air anyway – his ratings are too high. He just needs to be a damn lot more careful about what he says. Like I think imust said, it needs to be on par with racist comments – because it is on par with racist comments.

    BQ exposed that to a lot of people, misogynistic or sexist comments are just not that big a deal. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

  167. PJ I agree. I read there’s a big flap about Scott Biao’s (Chachi from Happy Days) recent tweet. He apparently posted an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama with the caption, “he wakes up to THIS every morning”. The flap is about how raaaaacist he is and I guess he’s rec’d death threats and everything…..but no one is saying a peep about the sexist nature of the caption, as Uppity says, people are just desensitized to sexism and misogyny, it’s just no big deal.

  168. So true imust. It totally amazes me how desensitized people are. That Scott Biao story underlines the problem. It also makes me think of the Imus f-up. I don’t think he would have been fired for calling those young women “hoes.” People would have been upset on that one I’m sure, but it would have been a minor story. It was the “nappy headed” part that got him canned.

  169. I saw this at The Onion and thought it was so hysterical on Mr. Beck.

  170. That’s funny Fredster!

  171. Are we still having this argument over Beck being wonderful vs a pig? Listen, Beck could do his job without offering to take naked pictures of women he interviews. he could do his job without calling entre genders psychotic. he CHOOSES not to do that. WHen he chooses to act like an adult and stops attacking women, I will stop complaining about him. Complaining to Beck is just ridiculous. He’s a pig and perhaps he continues to do it because the preponderance of his audience are just as much a misogynist as he is.He has not earned the respect of women. Those women who can sit and hear him discuss the “Psychosis of chickdom” have become desensitized to what is happening to women’s rights in this country. I didn’ t just start to dislike Beck. no sir. I knew he was a shitbag the day I saw his “It cries” segment. I have YET to tune into this creep when he hasn’t said something really awful about a woman or women in general. I do not accept that. That’s my right. Let me repeat that: THat’s my RIGHT. And SOMEBODY has to pay atttention while everyone else ignores and excuses or we women are going to be shit on the bottom of men’s shoes very soon.

    I’m frankly very tired of excusing the inexcusable at the expense of women in deference to the Importance of the Moment. THat’s how women regressed so quickly in the past few years.

  172. PJ, do me a favor and drop it. This is going to dominate the blog and get circular. This I know. He could do his job without saying the things he does, but he chooses not to. There is no ‘But’ here.

  173. PJ I disagree on one point. Regarding Imus (who is not related in any way to ME imust!), even if he had just said, “hoes” he would have been attacked for his racism b/c he was a white man saying it about an all African-American girls team, no sexism charges would have been levied. Just as with Scott Baio, his comment had no racial slurs, the comment was sexist in nature, implying that women need to look a certain way when men wake up to them. Scott was hammered on racism b/c the comment was directed at Mrs. Obama, an African-American.

  174. Imus gets in trouble anyways because he’s a crude guy. I never understood the charm of him myself, but I suspect in real life he’s probably a nice guy when he doesn’t have a microphone near his pie hole. He would almost HAVE to be a nice person since he is so god awful fugly.

  175. Good point imust – I think you’re right. I wonder what would have happened if it had been a black man talking head who had made that statement.

    I agree that Imus is probably a nice guy off the air. It just goes to show how easy it is- even for halfway decent guys – to get caught up in the male adolescent gutter talk about women.

  176. PJ, Swell and anyone else: Go ahead and make personal attacks and draw your venemous conclusions about things I never said. It is seriously a problem when it isn’t possible to disagree or have another opinion without women ripping at each other apart.

    Don’t worry. I won’t “swoop in” ever again.

  177. I have had enough of this shit and i am closing this thread.

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