A message from Health Care Reform Kitteh


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  1. ROFL…look at all the foreign money.

  2. Hi Mary! Hope you’re doing well. Laker & I are finally over the flu.

  3. Well at least that Canadian Billionaire is coming to use our backward health care facilities.

    Odd that.

    With our oh so backward system (as some O-Boughts claim) still people from all over the world want to come and use it.

    Why is that?

    Is it maybe because we do not have an oh so backward health care system after all?

    HEY I DIDN’T SAY IT COULD NOT BE IMPROVED for us po’ folk in bitter, gun clinging, religious parts of America!


  4. We have some Canadian friends who moved here (and became citizens) for our medical. They say the Canadian system is okay for small things, but not for serious illnesses.

  5. I know someone who had a broken tooth for years in Canada because they don’t cover dental in many cases.

  6. Hell 15, Dental coverage has been long gone here for a long time, except for the most militant unions and, probably, government employees. My God, we have to draw the line somewhere. It is true that your teeth, if not cared for, can result in a mulitiude of illness later, but for God’s sakes, people have to take responsibility for SOMETHING. It’s not an arm and a leg to get your teeth cleaned, or to brush them! I can’t site canada for not covering dental too. I mean, where do we draw the line? Do we send someone over to cook and clean too?

  7. Don’t get me started, UW. If NY state only covered the stuff in Medicaid that other states carried instead of every possible thing, there would be no budget crisis right now.

  8. 15, I know. We are a huge welfare state and with the mass exodus of earners jumping ship, fewer and fewer are left to pay for this stuff.

    The thing is, what kind of person walks around with a broken tooth because it’s “not covered”. Where the hell is your self respect when you do that? Medical bills can bankrupt you but a broken tooth can’t. Cancel the damned 300 channels for a month and get your damned tooth fixed.

  9. Cancel the damned 300 channels for a month and get your damned tooth fixed.

    You would not believe how many people prefer the 300 channels.


  10. You aren’t kidding, Crier.

  11. A lot of people here are going down to Mexico to have their dental done. We have “dental insurance”, but its a joke. It is supposed to pay for cleaning, xrays and those crappy metallic fillings. Who wants those? The dentists here charge a lot for things like porcelain crowns and the white fillings. Hubby & I ran up a huge dental bill for just a few things; also, our dentist is like Scheherezade. (And he’s Persian, so maybe its in the dna!) He finishes one thing & starts another, so you have to keep going back. He did this with my gullible hubby half a dozen visits in a row. He’s the best dentist I’ve ever had, but we can’t afford him.

  12. Hi annie

    ,Thanks for the good news update. Hope Dad is also ok.

  13. Sure Hel Care Reform Kitteh is exhausted. He has to straighten out all of oilsoc’s lies., a huge and endless task.

  14. For the record federal employees dental coverage has been long gone like everyone else’s. With our policy we get a whole $25 per year, per person toward cleanings….we try not to spend it all in one place, LOL! We also get either $50 or $75 towards x-rays every three years, LOL! I know you’re all jealous of my awesome dental coverage…..go away all you little green with envy people!

    You do have the option of purchasing specific dental insurance as a supplemental. Most of those policies cost $1,500 a year and up. Most have a waiting period of six months to a year before any benefits are paid. Most pay about 50% of what is considered customary and reasonable, unless you use one of the dentists on their list. Only one of the plans has a dentist in my area and it’s only one guy, I’ve never heard of with a name I can’t pronounce and his office is in a really BAD part of town…..hmmmm. So unless you have a lot of expensive dental work you need it’s not worth carrying the dental coverage.

  15. Somebody that 25 and 75 bucks is 25 and 75 bucks more than most of the private sector gets, though.

  16. Well I spent mine and little somebody’s yesterday….it was just burning a hole in my pocket, LOL!

    I know very few have dental coverage and I’m not claiming otherwise. I just wanted to clarify that like everyone else those benefits have been long gone for federal employees too.

  17. Really Somebody? My bro in law is works for the government and he still has dental. One of the few.

  18. Yeah, cancel the 300 channels and trade in that dummer than dum Hummer!

  19. McNorman if he has dental he buys the supplemental. There are a few policies that offer a little more in the way of coverage but none of them offer full dental benefits at least none offered in our area. The closest you can come to dental is BC/BS which covers a cleaning ONLY at a preferred provider of which there is exactly one in my area and it pays a whopping $15 toward a filling.

    Now if your BIL lives in the metro DC area that would explain a lot because the policies offered in that area are much better than in other parts of the country, gee go figure huh? But trust me in my area we reviewed every single plan available.

    BTW my husband is dying to know what carrier your BIL has if his plan has dental. We’d appreciate you passing that info along.

  20. Somebody: BIL is in TX and I will ask about that dental. I have a another friend in AZ and I will ask her as well. Both are federal workers.

  21. Oh thanks McNorman, I appreciate it. After your post my husband went online and double checked just to make sure we didn’t miss something. He even went to check with his union to see if maybe there was something there we had missed……oh yea a “discount card” good at that same dentist in the bad part of town, LOL!!

    I know there are differences depending on which area you live in as to your coverage. I could be wrong but I quite often think in Florida we are sometimes at a disadvantage because so many retire here…..our coverage I think gets a little watered down. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s just the conspiracy theorist inside me trying to come out, LOL!

    I say that because I know there are some policies available just across the border in Georgia for federal employees that we can’t have in Florida….but get this. If your child should need a specialist the closest ones are just across the border in Jacksonville, FL (same ones little somebody sees) and you can go to them with this Aetna policy….but for some reason I can’t have the damn policy because I live in Florida. Makes absolutely no sense to me since many of the same doctors are on the policy. Maybe I should move across the state line huh??

    Ah perhaps removing that damn anti-trust exemption might resolve some of this huh??

  22. BTW that one dentist really gets around, LOL!!!

  23. Oh I forgot the best news….on my husband’s union site we found out we could insure our pets for the low, low price of $11.95 per month, per pet!

    For that low price it will cover the pet in the event it is hit by a car, has an allergic reaction to an insect bite, and one other stupid thing…..check ups, not covered, diseases not covered. Nope only a few select accidents are covered but they will gladly take my $11.95 per month, per pet today….I can sign up online and have coverage immediately. Maybe I should take out the policy and hit my bichon with the car since he has bladder stones and needs an expensive surgery….just kidding guys, I would never do that…..but he is a little male chauvinist dog….but I’m still just kidding!!!

  24. Hey, I work for the goverment and I have a really sucky dental plan! It was part of a bait and switch deal. If we lowered our medical plan, they would throw in dental and vision and pay 50% of the premium. Well if you add up your share of the premiums and co-pay and what they won’t cover- it literally costs the same as paying out of pocket. And the vision! What a joke. The only docs who take it look like they graduated from the Imelda Marcos School of Shoe Repair and Eye Care. And you have three choices of frames- black, brown or purple plastic- all made in China.

  25. I hear you Tuppence the supplemental dental benefits we’re offered aren’t worth it unless you need a LOT of dental work. You’re better off paying out of pocket, plus ours has a yearly limit per person so even if you need a lot of work by the time you spread it out over two or three years….you would have been better off just paying out of pocket to begin with and skipping the premiums.

    But Tuppence can you insure your pet for three types of accidents for the low, low price of $11.95 per month?? LMAO!

  26. Hey I wonder if that policy covers penguin assaults??? Maybe we could all pitch in and get MKB covered!

  27. OMG Don’t even start me on vet care. I want to know how my fur babies can get the best of medical care at reasonable cost, but for some reason I can’t? A few months ago, my babies did a course of a Big Pharma, NAME brand, high quality amoxicliin for less than I would pay for a co-pay of a generic probably made in a renovated garage in some backwoods. Know when the last time I had a quality name brand antibiotic? At least ten years ago. Big Pharma is and can sell at reasonable prices- look at over the counter meds, look at vet meds. For some reason, once insurance companies are involved- the sky’s the limit.

    Nope. No collusion, nothing to see folks. Keep moving.

  28. Oh yea you got that right……but nothing to see here folks move along, LOL!

    I’d love to think that the anti-trust exemption might stand a chance of passing, but somehow I think it’s just for show and will never make it that far…..OR ten million other things will be tacked onto it, so much crap that NONE of us will want anyone to vote for it……and the beat goes on, huh?

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