If our cowardly on-the-take elected officials won’t break up the big banks. we can do it for them.

Snake Bank

We screw America one customer at a time.

I am so pleased to see a specific movement  taking root, with the goal of removing money from “Banks that are too big to fail”  and entrusting it to local banks and credit unions. As you all know, I no longer do business with large banks. I use a local bank that’s been around for a century. I’ve used them for years but I also did business with several of those banks that are “Too big to fail”–until recently. 

My local bank gives me personal service, looks out for my accounts and treats me like a human being. Not long ago, I got a call from them because they felt that a check might be suspicious. It wasn’t, but I truly appreciated that they took the time to look out for me. 

At my local bank, my checking account is free and bears interest. There are no surprise inexplicable monthly fees. I have a debit card with them that is attached to my checking account and, contrary to the bullroar propaganda being put out by thieves like HSBC and Bank of America, my debit card is free and insured. 

My local bank is truly locally owned and they give back to the community. They hire all local employees. When you call my local bank, you get a real person who lives right here in my city. They also have a bottom line to consider, so their overhead rate is much lower than these huge national and international banks. They don’t own huge jets and they aren’t riddled with big shots making huge salaries and bonuses.   

My local bank has a better Bankrate Dot Com safety rating than the Big Box banks in my area. I can bank online just like I was able to bank online with other banks that are owned by investors in other countries and run by Wall Street corporate pigs. I not only can bank online, but by mail, using postage-paid bank envelopes.  If I deposit a check by mail, they send me out another pre-paid envelope with my deposit slip. That’s because they appreciate my business. They have done everything to make banking with them a pleasant experience, short of personally delivering services to my home. 

I don’t get Big Shot arrogant letters from my local bank, addressing me like I am dog crap, discussing “Terms of service” and dropping pages upon pages of fine print upon me, which ultimately means they are up to no good. That’s Bank of America and HSBC stuff. I don’t get that from my local bank. Furthermore, my local bank actually DOES loan out money within their local range. They do it the old-fashioned way, using credit ratings and FICO scores. They haven’t needed to take a dime of public money to remain viable. 

LOL. You have to be kidding.

Up until recently, I also had a checking account at HSBC, just so I could use their drive-in windows. The branch employees were wonderful but it was clear that they were controlled and hobbled by a very sinister Corporate Office that looked every which way but Tuesday to find ways to charge you fees for merely existing.  This bank’s Master Computer was controlled by people who made me think they were doing me a favor by holding my money — and their 800 number led to someone who barely spoke English. HSBC actually charged me fees for NOT writing checks in the past.  I once had an inactive checking account with them, and when I closed it, their next monthly statement was a printout of fees that not only zeroed out my balance, but actually made it look as though I OWED them money for having an account with MY money in it.  If I hadn’t known a local branch person who erased the record, I not only would have lost my checking account money, but I would have actually had to PAY HSBC. 

I have dumped HSBC. In short, HSBC can kiss my ass. 

I want you to seriously consider moving  savings and checking accounts out of banks that are tied to Wall Street. You know who they are. They are the pigs who took billions of our money after stealing our investments by speculating with our money. They are the banks that have flowed our money overseas. And after they trashed our investments, they took more of our money in bailouts, only to turn around and continually ply themselves with huge bonuses and luxury airplanes. 

The goal here is to put things right. You are supposed to be a customer and these banks need to learn to treat you like one. It is time to cut these banks down to size both literally and figuratively. 

Join me and dump these thieves — and convince everyone you know to do it as well. This can work if the idea spreads across America. These banks have gone too far and we all know it. They act like we need them when in fact they need us.  These banks have nothing but disdain for you. They sneer at you and they have proven they not only do not value our business, but they cannot be trusted. 

Make a statement to our government and to Wall Street that if these conglomerates aren’t broken up so that they are no longer “Too Big To Fail,” that you will not do business with them. 

This is easy to do, friends. All you need to do is open an account at a local bank or credit union –  and then close your other bank account. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t cost you a thing and you might even get a free toaster for transferring your business. 

You can find a local bank or credit union that will treat you like a customer instead of dog crap by visiting Move Your Money, They will give you the names of local banks and credit unions in your local area. 

Do it now. Let’s not let these thieving big shots dump on you any longer. Fight back. 

Come on. You can do it.


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  1. HSBC = .Hongkong and Shanghi Banking Corporation

    My local bank? I think not.

  2. Not just with banks…go local with everything possible. It’s so refreshing to be treated like a human by other humans.

  3. UW, by jove, you’ve identified an ideal strategy easily controlled by consumers themselves. Just switch!

    I’ve been local ever since I moved here, but it’s not because I have Uppity’s smarts. Just by chance, the local bank is on the very level top of this mountain, and the bigger banks are in the valley … which requires a 4 mile country road trip down the mountain and back. Think snow and ice.

  4. Upps – Dave Ramsey is on your team with this. He hates the Big Box Banks as well. My concern lately (although not interfering with my decision to move) is that Oilsoc along with Evil-Elf Geithner and his sidekick Peter Orzak now have their sites on the Community Banks to “lend” money for small businesses. If they get their claws into the locals in order to “help” – we know how well THAT will work out.

  5. I’m going to open up a local bank account when I get my tax refund. And Jay is right, go local with everything possible. We have small mom and pop businesses going under and so people need to support the little guys! It may cost a little more, but in the end its better for the local community.

  6. Breakthrough on another of UW’s causes:

    House aims to repeal health insurance antitrust exemption
    By: Susan Ferrechio
    Chief Congressional Correspondent
    02/03/10 4:58 PM EST
    With major health care reform on hold, House Democrats are aiming for an easier target. On Friday they are introducing a bill that would strip the health care industry of its special anti-trust exemption.

    Freshmen Reps. Tom Perriello, D-Va., and Betsy Markey, D-Colo., are sponsoring the bill, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has said is needed to allow the federal government to stop collusion and price-fixing by the insurance companies.

    The House plans to take up the bill next week, and while it may pass easily, the Senate is no sure thing.

    Republicans and at least a few Democrats, including Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., who is a former insurance commissioner, are wary of repealing the 65-year-old exemption and could stand in the way of the 60 votes needed for passage.
    www washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/House-aims-to-repeal-health-insurance-antitrust-exemption-83483517.html

  7. I ended up with a big bank thru no fault of my own. Over the years my local bank was bought by a regional bank that was bought by a big bank. The fall of 2008 made me kick my butt into high gear to rectify that. I researched everything and I am now diversified in some community and one well capitalized small regional. Never put all your eggs in one basket., even with insurance you still have to wait to get your money. It’s not easy in many parts of the country unlike here in New England, but if you can find a good local bank that does business in more than one state – all the better. Two sets of eyes- hopefully at least one of the states has someone on the payroll that is not a screw-up and is minding the store.

  8. O/T – But in case you have been wondering where our President has been, have no fear!

    According to Michael Calderone at Politico, Dear Leader will be appearing on your TeeVee Sets during the Super Bowl this Sunday when Katie Couric does a pre-game show interview.

    Can you believe this guy?

  9. And another OT – JUST heard on radio that Scott Brown will not actually HAVE Kennedy’s Seat in the Senate when he gets sworn in today. Arrogant Pig Elitist John Kerry has “claimed” Kennedy’s ACTUAL Desk (and seat) to use as his own in the Senate Chamber.

  10. FF- Brown won’t have Kennedy’s actual office for long either as I understand it. Kennedy, because of his seniority, had prime real estate. Brown gets to keep it for now, but in the next session he’ll get booted out and back down will all the other new senators. Sounds like high school doesn’t it? LOL Where the freshman get lockers in the farthest corners and are always late for class.

  11. UPPITY! This JUST appeared in front of my eyes on Drudge when the headline changed!


  12. FF I put up a screenshot of that this morning. Feel free to grab it.

  13. DE – thanks, but I think now more than ever we should ALL Google OBAMA IS A LYING SACK OF CRAP!

  14. FF I hate Drudge. That’s where i like him. A day behind me.

    Not to defend Horseface, AKA one of the worst Presidential candidates in American history, but that is SOP in congress as it is in Corporate America and even in Public schools. THe person with the seniority and/or the most clout gets to pick the office first. Juniors don’t just waltz in and take the office their predecessor had. They have to stand in line and get some chops at their job. They get the back offices till then. So I do hope Mr. Naked, whom I suspect is dumb as a brick, isn’t whining that nobody will see his own perfect self in the office with the Crystal chandelier.

    I’m also SURE the freaking right knows that too. What a bunch of babies. We are trading off assholes for more assholes, and acting happy about it besides. Like we actually CHANGED something.

  15. UW – it’s not the OFFICE, it’s the DESK in the Senate.

  16. Kerry wanted his friend Teddy’s DESK and Chair – one also used by JFK when he was in the Senate.

  17. OT: Obama will not attend the winter Olympics. Do you think he’s mad b/c they dissed him by not giving the Games to Chicago in 2016?

  18. Pamela, oh GOOD! They had better do this. Nothing shows that they are in the back pocket of insurers like this anti trust exemption. It’s GLARINGLY obvious.

  19. Republicans and at least a few Democrats, including Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., who is a former insurance commissioner, are wary of repealing the 65-year-old exemption and could stand in the way of the 60 votes needed for passage.

    Behold! See what a Whoring Thief looks like!

  20. Uppity – I know you hate Drudge. He puts sensational headlines (which then BECOME the story) to legit news stories. His site, when it is HIS crap – like the Couric slamfest yesterday – is, well, crap. Otherwise I see it simply as a news aggregating location. Although slanted, there are many links on there that lead to stories in other news publications and outlets. No sense to me in throwing the baby out with the bathwater and delegitimizing ALL the links on Drudge because personally he is a pig.

  21. FF honey, the thing is, when we click on a pig’s link, we give the pig traffic that in turn attracts advertisers if it is good traffic. Thus, that beast from Texas who put the tape over Sheilla’s mouth turned up there.

  22. UW- I clicked your link to find a new bank- the results need some updating- both Marquette and Northwest Savings were involved in the PNC (Rooney, Steelers, Bailout) PNC bought Northwest, and all their assests eventually went to Marquette.
    My daughter had a NW account- she went to basic training and while she was there, with no access to the account- somehow ended up 300 in the hole to them. We have yet to get an answer- and all three claim they have no access to the records- but they did f*** up her credit report.
    For right now- she is home- got injured in basic and got out- we cash her checks for her. Meanwhile- we are working on looking for a truly local bank.

  23. “Behold…. Whoring thief ! ” LOL there goes my coffee! Uppity, you sounded down right biblical prophet with that one. Congress has to get rid of the anti-trust protection, so they can go back to the business of insurance instead of real estate and financial investments. WFT is wrong with insurance being insurance companies and banks being banks?
    And the repubs standing in the way- there is no way insurance can go across state lines in a “free market” with the anti-trust on the books. I thought that is what they want for us- free market. Whoring thieves is right.

  24. New post up, Tuppence. Take a drink first. lol.

  25. MOM, click on the Bankrate link and get the bank’s rating. They will tell you who OWNS the bank.

  26. If you haven’t seen this yet, Uppity, you might enjoy laughing at these asshats…

    “Lazard bonuses so big, they turned 4Q into a loss”


  27. I’ve been thinking about this for a year now (moving our money), so thanks for this post and the link Uppity. I’m thinking of hubby’s work credit union.

  28. good idea, socal. Just make sure you check out their rating at bankrate first.

  29. OMG Swell. That article is gold. Pure gold.

  30. uh oh. BofA has the NY AG after them.

    Crooks R Us and company.

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