Will they throw the deranged sicko Hiram “Slasher” Monserrate out of the NYS Senate or not?

For those of you who don’t remember who/what Hiram Monserrate is, I will first repost a piece I did back in April 2009. As you read, bear in mind that his fate as a NY State Senator is about to be determined by the boys in the band. In fact it will be decided Tuesday,  February 9 (tomorrow), when the boys figure out whether this deranged woman-beating pig should be removed from the Senate or simply “censured”.

Further down in this post you will see a release by Marcia Pappas, President of NOW-NYS. For those of you who don’t know Marcia, she is one NOW  leader who isn’t into political correctness when it comes to the safety of women, and that includes taking on Islamofascism.  Her press release is further down in this post. But first, please meet this shithead Hiram Monserrate so that you might get the full flavor of what a deranged bastard he truly is.

As you read, bear in mind that this POS is still a New York State Senator. Perhaps then you will be willing to contact Conference leader John L. Sampson (D) who is refusing to reveal which resolution he plans to put forward: Censure or Expulsion. Yes, that’s right folks. Mr. Samson isn’t “telling” whether they plan to throw this POS out of the Senate or just slap his violent woman-slashing hand till next time.

Amy Siskind asks a pertinent question:

Which is worse: political leaders remaining silent about a colleague who slashes his girlfriend’s face, or political leaders actively funding and supporting the criminal slasher? Well, in the Empire State, we have both!

img-bs-top-siskind-hiram-monserrate_174909684487This animal’s name is Hiram Monserrate. He’s Special. He’s a New York State Senator (NewD).

(Mike Groll / AP Photo)

Here’s Hiram taking a walk with some police officers. He’s been free on $5000 bail and representing women of his district since last December.

This is what Hiram did:

As with many perpetrators of violence, Hiram Monserrate’s indictment did not come without warning. Monserrate has a history of mental-health problems. In 1999, he claimed to be suffering psychological problems as a New York City Police Department officer, writing: “I suffer with adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.” After an assessment by the NYPD’s psychological-services unit, Monserrate was forced to relinquish his gun. In 2001, trouble continued when Monserrate was arrested after allegedly using his car to run over the leg of a tow-truck operator who was attempting to tow away his car; the charges were later dropped.

Hiram Monserrate’s alleged assault of his girlfriend in December 2008 is a familiar tune. Man beats up woman in a jealous rage. Woman goes to hospital. Woman tells police that her intimate partner did this to her. Man is arrested. Woman recants statement, says it was an accident. Woman tries to drop charges.

But there was a difference this time: At least four security cameras in the Jackson Heights apartment building where the incident allegedly occurred caught parts of the attack on tape. The cameras recorded Monserrate in the second-floor hallway outside his apartment, allegedly yelling at his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, about having another man’s police card, then throwing the card and his girlfriend’s handbag down the trash chute. Cameras then show Monserrate pulling his girlfriend down the stairs. Another camera recorded the girlfriend frantically knocking on her neighbor’s door. Finally, a camera recorded Monserrate grabbing his girlfriend’s arm and dragging her out of the apartment building as she tries to hold on to the door. At the hospital, Monserrate’s girlfriend was given 20 to 25 stitches above the eye for a slash made by broken glass. (Davidson Goldin, a spokesperson for the senator, says both have since called it an accident.)

Ah I see. An “accident”. He “tripped while carrying a glass of water”. Nevermind that tape. Hiram was innocently carrying a glass of water when he tripped and managed to “accidentally” slash his girlfriend’s face with the glass. Yes, that’s right. The knife really did run away with the spoon.

Hiram must be one of those “New Democrats”. You know, the ones who don’t give a crap what they do to women? He must fit right in. Because the Democratic Party is still embracing this pig. Hiram is a maniac who abuses women. And he’s an elected maniac who abuses women. And that’s just fine with the Democratic Party. They love them their Hiram.

Click here and Amy will tell you what you can do about this savage, sub-human felon who is still serving as a NY State Senator.

Here is Marcia Pappas Press Release on the February 9 hearing on the undisclosed plans Mr. Sampson has for Mr. Monsserate:

Politicians Must Stop Playing Games With Women’s Safety

ALBANY, NY (02/07/2010)(readMedia)– For a couple of weeks now, rumors have been circulating about the New York State Senate’s upcoming decision to either expel or censure NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate (D), who was recently convicted of misdemeanor assault for slashing his woman friend. Although NYS Senate Conference Leader John L. Sampson (D) has promised a Tuesday, February 9 resolution, he will not say what decision will be resolved.

According to NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas, “the future of the Democratic Party and women’s safety is in Sampson’s hands.” In view of the fact that Democrats will lose an important Senate seat if they expel Monserrate, Pappas explained: “Democrats can either do what it politically expedient or they can do what is ethically right, by showing the women (and of course all citizens) of New York State that their safety comes first. We hope they will choose the latter.”

In that most rumors predict a decision for censure rather than expulsion, Pappas asks: “Will Senator Sampson give advance warning so that citizens can protest ahead of time? Or will he just spring it on everyone in the form of a ‘privileged resolution’ that needs no committee vote or forty-eight-hour warning?”

Some Republicans are calling for expulsion in their own “privileged resolution.” But such a measure could be voted down and/or the Democratic leadership could easily prevent a floor vote by burying the Republican resolution in a Finance Committee referral.

Pappas concludes that “NOW-NYS believes EXPULSION IS THE ONLY ANSWER.” She adds that “NOW will be holding accountable all Senators who don’t support a vote for expulsion.”

So, NY State Senators, what’s it going to be? Keep this pig or give him his due? We’re watching and we vote! Enough is enough, boys!!!!!!!!!


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  1. So the “law makers” are more concerned about holding on to their precious Democratic seat than protecting the people of NY from this…..violent crimminal?

  2. Uppity:

    This so-called, sorry ass excuse for a man, is nothing more than rancid troll afterbirth that slithered out and was allowed to gestate in the sewer of humanity.

    You know what we do with human waste right?

    Flush his sorry ass down the freaking toilet!

    Okay…sorry I went a bit postal there but I do hate me a woman abuser more than I hate Taco Bell…And I HATE Taco Bell!

  3. Dragon, I think they should hand him over to you. Preferably in a sound proof room with his deranged ass chained to the wall.

  4. Yup, imust, he’s one of those New Democrats.

  5. “New” Democrats….a bit like “New” Coke and “New” math.

  6. LOL….Naw…I would prefer for EVERYONE to hear him scream as I’m extracting a little Apache justice for all the women who have ever had to suffered at the hands of animals like this!

    Maybe then he would then know the terror his partner felt when he saw fit to slash her face! Maybe then he would understand what the true meaning of terror really was!

    Sorry Uppity but I despise men like this. never had any use for the punk Mofo’s who abused someone weaker then they!

  7. Uppity, calm Red down – only you can do it, and we need him!
    If the powers don’t throw this scumbag onto the trashheap of history, it will definitely be a flagrant indication of how they feel about women. I know they don’t give a animal cracker, but up until now they’ve paid lip service. This should be very interesting, not from the animal’s perspective, cause he will be freed and exonerated – boys will be boys after all, but from the female electorate’s. Will they do anything, will they be finally galvanized into action, or will this again pass as a gaseous blip in the ongoing wonderousness of the patriarchy?

  8. God, I hate NY state. We’re worried about Paterson being a swinger when we have wife beaters in the legislature.

  9. Oh the mock Republican outcries! Betcha they wouldn’t give up their 41 if the guy had been an R.

    Oh, yeah, and I HATE Taco Bell, too.

  10. This piece of crap is my state senator. During the election campaign in 2008 I got robocalls with invitations to watch the messiah spew his speeches on TV.Didn’t go. he is the clown who switched parties for a few weeks and totally shut down business in the Senate. They should toss his ass to Mars. Any man who beats a woman should be banned from public office

  11. If his crime had been slashing the face of a black man, dragging him down stairs, etc – would there be any question of his expulsion? I think not. Misogyny and sexism are alive and well.

  12. Oh, he’s a state senator. My bad. Well,, you get the point, I’m sure. I’ve been reading with my right eye gone bad for about two weeks now. Blurry. It’s either eyestrain or smoke film from my cigarettes. I can’t tell.

  13. Oh yeah you could be if he were Republican they would be doing the same shit and there would be mock Democratic outrage. Pigs, all of them.

  14. 15 this guy is truly an animal and I don’t give a rat’s ass whose party he is, we don’t need scum like him making laws. In fact, we don’t need scum like him walking the street, much less making laws.

  15. Uppity, you better get a hold of that rat on the far left… if he chews much more of the letters, this blog will be called “pity woman”!! lol

  16. HT, if I had my choice I would give that bastard to Dragon for 15 minutes and then let them scrape the bastard up.

    HT, the fact that they are keeping their intentions secret till after they vote tells me they are only going to censure this piece of shit.

  17. Dear lorac…

  18. I would switch my ashtray to the other side, but then I might end up blurry in both eyes.

  19. The NY dems have a choice here with only one solution. If they don’t make that decision, they need to be held accountable for enabling this POS!

  20. lorac is right, if it had been a black men there would be no question.

    Come on Uppity you SERIOUSLY think they are only going to censure? No way! The legislature has seen the videos no doubt.

    Surely he will be convicted criminally. I’m sure there are laws that would keep him from serving out his term if convicted right? OR do you think since the gf says it was a big old accident they’ll just slap him with some kind of misdemeanor???

    What scum this guy is. Is there a recall mechanism in NY? Maybe if the NY Senate doesn’t have the balls the residents of his district do.

  21. typo a black man not men

  22. That’s alright Somebody, I can’t see the typo. Everybody gets a free pass on typo’s from Swell tonight.

  23. My norton expires in a few days, was thinking about Avast. Anybody?

  24. Don’t do it, Swell. As we speak, AVAST let viruses through Hal’s machine. I advised him to run several other AVs to catch them. I left Nortons and got a six month freebee for Kaspersky, and while I thought I really liked Kaspersky, it has driven fear into my heart at least three times since November. Their false virus alerts are inexcusable. In one case, the warning came so frequently in one day that I actually did a system restore. As it turned out the ‘virus’ was a file that triggered the software everytime you hit a page that had google adsense on it, which means A LOT. It turned out to be a bug. On another occasion, it declared it had a corrupt data base, forced me to uninstall and reload and then forced me to REMOVE my firewall. I had to reinstall my firewall and start all over again with complex settings and that early activity you get with firewalls. As it turns out NO firewall is compatible with Kaspersky except Kaspersky’s firewall. That’s bullshit. As soon as my freebee runs out, maybe SOONER, I am going back to Nortons. If you check reviews, Symantec snags the most cases of problems and I always felt safe with them. And then I will be able to use my beloved Zone Alarm firewall, which Kaspersky won’t even let me get near. Avast is simply not as good as Nortons and that’s a fact. I’ve used it and it simply does not do the same job. To me, there are no excuses. When I use an AV I expect it to do its job. That’s my two cents. I suggest you check out CNET’s reviews as well as PC Magazine online. Both of them will tell you what I just told you and it’s no lie. I left Nortons because it sucked RAM and updated every two seconds. I felt it was in my pants. THe 2010 version is reported to be VASTLY improved and the updates are no longer constant either. I’m going back to Nortons.

  25. Swell you can buy nortons at Newegg.com for considerably less money than the symantec web site. Also please take this discussion to the COMPUTER tab at the top of the page so others do not have to watch this banter. Ok?

  26. Hey! Why is everybody hatin’ on Taco Bell???? I love Taco Bell!

  27. Thanks, Uppity. I will take your word on it. Sorry, I forgot about the fix it tab.

    So, what’s your feeling on eye patches?

  28. Taco Bell is not Mexican food, it is Dog food with sour cream.

  29. try not to wear two when you are driving, Swell. lol

    imust, imustconfess I like their burrito supreme. But I ain’t messin’ with Dragon.

  30. Yummm….burrito supreeeeme!! Many a late night Taco Bell run to the border runs in college…..ah, the memories.

  31. I don’t care Swell. I still like the burrito supreme. So does my dog.

  32. it’s the sour cream….

  33. Can’t run to the border?? Make some yourself..


  34. Okay, I’ll stop…..right after this………….

  35. Hey that recipe looks pretty good.

  36. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood. Back then, before PC, some of the people in the neighborhood were called Mexicans…we were the honkies. Well my “Mexican” friends would sneak food to me their mother’s made, out their back door like I was a ferrel cat. The food was heavenly. No sour cream. Never did like Mole, though.

  37. We know that violence against women is escalating. Apparently during the Super Bowl yesterday, a commercial showed a woman being pushed very hard–knocked over, in fact. For protesting, the head of NOW was dubbed a “Pinhad” by that bastard O’Reilly this evening. That followed his attack on feminists for protesting a different commercial featuring babies, which was, in fact, a stupid ad and a stupied protest. Nevertheles, the point is that O’Reilly, in full smug mode, knows his ridiculing of women, of lumping the silly and serious together, will be ok with his viewers. Excep for this now ex-viewer. .

  38. Uppity, I have always used Norton and they have been reliable with a few exceptions, none of which turned out to be as a result of their negligence. Kaspersky has a great online scan, but their ongoing reliability has not been enough to entice me to switch.

    Taco Bell is the MacDonalds of mexican food. It’s been imposssible to eat it since partaking in as true Mexican restuarant close by. It’s more expensive, for sure, however all their food is fresh, and cooked from scratch, And, oh the marguerittas – heaven on earth.

  39. Well I’m glad you see what O’ Reilly really is, Mary. Only a person with a dick could go from writing bad porn to being a FOX host. he’s scum.

  40. Mary,O’reilly has always been a mysognistic scumbag that tried to portray himself as an everyman- O’Reilly couldn’t give a tinkers darn about woman, unless it gets his ratings up. He is truly an evil person. Sorry you had to watch one of his bilious attacks. I haven’t watched his mysogniation for a few years. Apparently, nothing has changed yet it might have gotten more blatent?

  41. Well my “Mexican” friends would sneak food to me their mother’s made, out their back door like I was a ferrel cat.

    Congratulations. I spit coffee again.

    I used to have some really great Cuban friends when we had our place in Florida and let me tell you, those folks could cook too. You have to BE Mexican to do it right, too. I’m convinced. Like you have to be Italian to do Italian right. Or Greek, which is my very favorite food. So basically, I would happilly be treated like a feral cat if somebody would hand me real Mexican food.

  42. HT I know they aren’t real mexican food. But if I were going down fast food row and was forced to eat at one of the places, I would go for the burrito supreme before I would go for McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

  43. I can’t stand commercial taco shells, either. I fry corn tortilla’s in corn oil. Don’t use taco seasoning in the meat either, way too salty. Just cumin. I mix a little sugar and water in the lettuce. No sour cream. Awesome.

  44. Here’s a superbowl commercial I would love to see tried out on O’Reilly.

  45. If I got to eat fast food, I grab a gas station hot dog and a slushie. If I’m going to eat crap, I might as well get some gasoline, too.

  46. LOL Uppity, that was a good one. I have to say, I was disappointed in the commercials this year.

  47. Gonna go rest my eyeball.

  48. When that woman from FOX filed against O’Reilly for sexual Harassment, I had no problem believing it was really possible. She claimed he made sex phone calls to her besides. He’s a fugly pit-faced dirtball and if he were nobody, which he really deserves to be, he wouldn’t be able to get laid with a bag on his head.

  49. UW,

    You’re right about O’Reilly. I had been watching him less and less in recent months because I noticed that, (a) he is an apologist for and defender of obama, and (b) when he talks over his guests, his voice being the only one that matters to him, he’s merely rude to men while he bullies and is theatrically impatient with women. His remarks about feminists are always sneering. But tonight, when he called the head of NOW a pinhead for objecting to a commercial showing violence against a woman that he thought was ok, he went beyond the pale.

  50. Well I honestly am sorry you had to have an allergic reaction to him, Mary. LOL.

    the thing is, that’s how every woman who leaves him does it. He goes over the line sooner or later for everybody. Only the most blind of women will not See. It’s kind of like the people who are so dedicated to their Right Side of their Party, that good sense gets in the way. Kind of the same thing as when a woman is so embedded and brainwashed into the far left that they don’t See either. It’s always the extreme that only sees what they want to see, hears what they want to hear. And they overlook the rest. So you Saw. It’s really too bad all women are not open to the details. If they were, they would handily reject these two parties, for they are dominated by patriarchy that does not care about them…or for them.

  51. I also think he defends Obama because he’s a true coward.

  52. Its really pathetic that this pig didn’t have the decency to just resign. He isn’t worthy to serve as a senator anywhere. This story is amazing…that they would even think of just censoring him. Disgusting.

    My favorite Mexican food is what we get here in Calif. I like Calif style Mexican better than the food in Mexico or other states. Uppity, I’m half Greek and a pretty darn good Greek & Italian cook. I made the family avgolemono soup last night. There were no leftovers.

  53. Coward is one reason; the other is, as I’ve alleed before, O’Reilly is in love with obama “Smitten,” is how you once elegantly paraphrased and tidied my allegation.

  54. Oh man! You’re Greek? I’m coming to your house right now! I love Greek food. I could eat it four times a week. I make my own spanakopita, Souvlaki an Tzaziki and learned to make a spice mix from an old Greek guy. Love it on chicken and lamb. I am a lamb lover. So if you have any great family recipes you want to share, please put them in the recipe tab because I LOVE Greek. Avgolemono is has the egg and lemon in it, right? Oh man, I’m getting hungry. lol.

  55. Socal I have an old recipe somebody gave me that she said was Greek. Have had it for years. It’s a pasta dish (cavatappi or hats) with chick peas, feta cheese and spinach and it is soooooooooooo good. Do you recognize it or was she just blowing smoke about it being Greek?

  56. Mary yes, well he did seem rather smitten when he first interviewed him, knee to knee so to speak. Obama charmed his fugly ass but good.

  57. It sounds Greek. We make a pasta dish thats an old family recipe, its like spaghetti, except its made with chicken & sausage (no meatballs) and the main spices are cloves, cinnamon, & allspice. It sounds bizarre, but smells and tastes fabulous. Its a ton of work and takes a couple of hours to make (needs to simmer a long time), so I only make it about twice a year. When I was growing up, my Dad was the most amazing cook, especially for Greek food, but he branched out and experimented and did all kinds. He made the best lamb and potatoes, and different kinds of chicken. I’m not a big fan of baklava, but my Dads was the best. He would use really expensive cognac in the sauce and drive to another city to buy the honey! I’ve never tasted any that came close. My mom is not Greek, but learned to cook it for my dad and us, and her Greek food is also great.

    What’s funny is that my favorite food is Italian! I’ve been meaning to put some Greek recipes up and will get to it soon!

  58. i am a work so I can not link. At Newsmax,com there is a story about backtrack’s college days. claims that he was a marxist.



  59. You can not make this up.
    at raw story there is an article In the interest of politcal correctness the justice department is seeking lawyers with mental retardation.



  60. Only the voters have the right to undo an election, even if we dont like the person. He was acquited of the felonies which would have made him loose his seat, so dont change the rules just for him because you dont like him. Let the voters decide this September.

    ***Why you have it all wrong. We don’t “dislike” Hiram. We despise him. He’s an animal. We know the routine with beasts like him. He kicks the shit out of a woman he terrorizes. Then he terrorizes her into saying it was kind of an “accident”. Same deal when he ran over the guy’s leg. This guy is a psycho and he doesn’t deserve to walk the streets, much less the halls of the senate. He’s pond scum, low-life whale shit. Even the police force took his gun away from him, that’s how crazy he is.

    You are probably a man who does the same thing Hiram does to women, else you wouldn’t be so desensitized. If so, Hiram and you are the reason every woman should own a gun and learn how to use it. If you aren’t a man, and I use that term loosely, then you are a poor woman who takes absuse from a fuckface just like him.

    I don’t hold out much hope that the senate will throw this shitface out, because they only care about their Democratic body count. But if that happens, we will remember at the voting booth. And if that happens, hopefully next time Hiram will meet up with a woman who owns a Glock, try to smack her around, and she will shoot his balls off and leave him to die like the miserable animal that he is.

    Now run along. You are not welcome here. Abusers and those who support them never are********

  61. If anyone hears the results of this scumball’s vote in the senate please let us know.

    Here is where the senate panel recommended he be fired. Look at what a psycho this guy is, he refused to cooperate with the investigation and “showed no remorse”.

    I read another piece today where he said he planned to “be a senator for many years to come”. This prick shouldn’t even be walking the streets much less the halls of the NY Senate.

  62. Read:

    There are enough votes to expel this dirtball, but not if Sampson doesn’t bring expulsion resolution to the floor.

  63. […] For those of you who don’t know what this POS did, go here. […]

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