Somebody please make Judge John Dean Moxley accountable.

I think it is high time that judges be held accountable for being irreversible assholes, insensitive morons and either totally inept or totally disinterested when it comes to women in danger.

Here is the audio of three 911 calls after Alissa Branton, 23, was shot in the head outside her place of work by a piece of shit stalker who also killed his own useless psychopathic ass after he killed her–thereby depriving the rest of us of the pleasure of his execution day. The 3rd call at about 4:28 is a heart-wrenching call from Alissa’s husband Alissa had called him for help and the 911 call records his agony at the scene.

Allissa Blanton, 23, worked with her husband at an AT&T call center near the University of Central Florida.

When the couple returned to work from lunch Monday, they headed for their separate workstations. Shortly thereafter, Blanton was confronted by Roger Troy, 61, who had allegedly been pursuing her for two years, police said.

Blanton called her husband and asked for assistance, police say. Brent Blanton hurried to his wife’s desk but was unable to reach her in time


Brent Blanton also placed a call to 911. In it, he is heard anxiously talking to his wife as she lay bleeding on the ground.

“Baby, I love you. Keep breathing. Oh my God. Come on, baby!” he said.

And so, another judge allowed yet another psycho walk the streets and kill an innocent woman.

There is, however, one guy who is warm and safe today, and he perches upon a Judge’s bench–and he is fully responsible for this murder, as if he had pulled the trigger himself.

The psycho Troy had been stalking this woman and threatening her for two years, yet this so-called “Judge,”  named John Dean Moxley, refused to give her an emergency order of protection.

Read the injunction this poor excuse for a judge denied. Sickening. Just sickening. A sickening poor excuse for a judge.

Despite Blanton’s 72-page petition, Brevard County Judge  John Dean Moxley was not convinced that the situation was dire. Last week, he denied her request for emergency protection.

Following the shooting, Moxley told The Orlando Sentinel he had not been able to determine whether Troy’s actions met the legal definition of stalking.

“As a judge you have to follow the law. You’re not omniscient. God bless her soul,” he said.

And may your soul  be cursed,  “Judge” Moxley, you inept uncaring bastard.  You should be removed from the bench immediately, tarred and feathered, and run out of town. If it had been YOUR daughter, I would bet you would have made sure she had that order of protection, you moronic, insensitive poor excuse for a judge.

May you be the pariah of your community you deserve to be till the day you die and land in hell. I hope someone in power works very hard to remove your inept ass from the bench you sorely deserve to vacate before you kill another woman using your damned insensitivity and downright stupidity.

This woman’s blood is on your hands, Your DisHonor. Hang your head low Mr. Moxley. You should be forced to listen to those three 911 calls every night before you go to bed. You might as well have pulled the trigger yourself, dirtball.

****Update****  Apparently, this is not Moxley’s first time at the endangerment rodeo.It appears that this arrogant creep has no problem endangering children either.

From our blog regula and fellow blogger, ProudMilitaryMom:


Apparently this asshat is under review –
Judge’s History Questioned After Stalker Murders Woman

“In February 2003, Eyewitness News reported how Moxley had let out violent criminal Derrick Henderson, on a signature alone, just days before he was to go to prison for six years and he disappeared”.

“In October 2002, Eyewitness News reported how Moxley lowered an accused child molester’s bond so he could get out of jail after being accused of stalking 12- and 13-year-old girls.”

“Judge Moxley was most recently re-elected in 2008. His next term ends in 2015, but it’s unclear if he’ll seek re-election. He makes $142,000 a year.”

Just another example of an elected official that could give a rat’s ass about the people! Bet ALL the criminals come out to vote down there!

Moxley! This isn’t over yet!


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  1. Yes Judge John Dean Moxley has made a big mistake and should remove himself from his position.

  2. The judge should be off the bench. Just tell us how we can help.

  3. Apparently this asshat is under review –
    Judge’s History Questioned After Stalker Murders Woman

    “In February 2003, Eyewitness News reported how Moxley had let out violent criminal Derrick Henderson, on a signature alone, just days before he was to go to prison for six years and he disappeared”.

    “In October 2002, Eyewitness News reported how Moxley lowered an accused child molester’s bond so he could get out of jail after being accused of stalking 12- and 13-year-old girls.”

    “Judge Moxley was most recently re-elected in 2008. His next term ends in 2015, but it’s unclear if he’ll seek re-election. He makes $142,000 a year.”

    Just another example of an elected official that could give a rat’s ass about the people! Bet ALL the criminals come out to vote down there!

  4. I just can’t listen to this 911 call. I heard it here on the radio and just cringed. I was so mad about this story.

    There was another guy here the other night (in Tampa) who went on a shooting spree and killed one GIRL and injured several men. He had a significant rap sheet, but where was he? Out – car jacking, shooting a young woman point-blank in her car for no reason, walking up to homes and shooting another before he went to the convenience store and shot the guy in there.

    The guy even LOOKS like a psycho, and yet he was out destroying lives for the hell of it.

  5. And there will be some freaking sob story for the guy about his rotten childhood, his mother beat him, father was a drunk or some such shit.
    And the people ELECTED this guy?????

  6. Indeed, Mr. Moxley’s (I refuse to honor him with the title of Judge) reply does 100 % qualify him as this years: “Top Arrogant Bastard”.
    Now, that’s a title well earned, deserving, and just “fits”!

    Time for the people to throw this idiot out!

  7. James: I have no idea how to remove this scourge of a judge. I am just a regular old blogger and have no power. Mr. Moxley has the power, unfortunately.

    But we can try.

    Uppityites Please search the net this week, looking for petitions to remove this slime ball from the bench. If we find one, I will post it.

  8. FF. do have a link on that other nutcase professor…showing that when she shot her brother, the weapon was a shotgun?

  9. UW- I linked it for you last night- gotta go to church- back later- if you can’t find it I ‘ll track it down when I get back

  10. A woman has publically filed a complaint against Moxley

    Apparently this big shot doesn’t read.

  11. Also- there is a petition- I saw it on a blog this morning- I will hunt that down too!

  12. I read about this yesterday and my heart was just pounding…it’s horrible. I’ve seen judges like Moxley, there are many just like him. Our court system is so screwed up. If the guy goes to court in a suit and says “Yes your honor” and acts like a gentleman, he’s off scott free.

    I think I read somewhere yesterday where the judge said that even if he had given her the restraining order it wouldn’t have protected her. That’s his excuse.

  13. Those 911 tapes are just heart wrenching. What a completely senseless murder. What an asshat that judge is, apparently he has a track record of being soft.

    The revelation about that professor and her brother, OMFG! Three accidental shots come on and now you’ve heard it was a shotgun??? Geez that woman was a walking psycho going way back.

    There was a horrible tragedy here as well this week but it hasn’t gotten any national press. Two high school boys shot and killed their supposed friend and classmate, a 17 year old girl named Makia Coney. They shot her in the head twice, left her body in a wooded area and returned to school. All of the students attended a private christian school. There was no evidence of rape or a struggle or anything they just shot and killed her for kicks I guess.

  14. Ok- I REALLy have tp leave for church! But follow both the Boston Globe and Herald links in the above link for local coverage of the nut case professor and her shot gun

  15. I updated the post, including a copy of the 75 page injunction this shithead denied. Sickening. Just sickening.

  16. While I in NO WAY defend Moxley – I know from personal experience, he has an excessive workload, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I filed a petition in 2006 and my trial is scheduled for this August.

    I have first hand knowledge that Moxley is not throrough and doesn’t look at the evidence.

    Even if he is overworked – Moxley should be removed from the bench before he’s allowed to destroy even one more life.

    I’ve filed a letter with the Judical Qualifications Commission with no satisfaction. I’ve contaced my state rep Workman, so Rep Workman is aware.

  17. Oh excessive workload my ass. I should post the photos of him with his all- girl team that he travelled all over the state with. Maybe he should have spent more time working for his $142k. Be glad if he gets his ass thrown off the bench so that your motion can be heard by a real judge who actually reads he materials before making decisions. If he can’t do the job, he needs to be gone.

  18. I was over to the brevard website and that county has enough judges to sink the Queen Mary.

  19. Joe is defending him knowing he will get a reaction here.

  20. Overwork ought to go over well with the taxpayers of brevard county, Jim.

    Joe’s on moderation due to what appears to be a passive-aggressive post. We’ve been in this movie before.

  21. Great link, MOM! Now I have to remember where I read that she shot three times. You don’t shoot three times with a shotgun unless you are reloading.

    Looks like a Police Chief needs to be investigated too.

  22. Oooooooooooo I found the police report. Yup. She shot at him three times. WIth a shotgun. Apparently, the police chief wasn’t bright enough to know you have to reload a shotgun to do that. Then she pointed the gun at a passing car.

    It was all just an accident.

  23. I wouldn’t be surprised if O’Reilly put this on his show. If not, he should. This is what keeping judges accountable is about.

  24. I don’t defend Moxley. I’m saying that’s what his defense will be, and its BS. I will help anyway I can to get have him removed. I’ve got 10 years in, no point stopping now.

  25. Ok Joe. Thanks.

  26. Did the links give you everything you needed UW? I am gonna go see if I can find the petition now.

  27. MOM, the links gave me EVERYTHING I need! xxooooooooooo.

    Love you, Ferret!

  28. That poor woman, may her soul rest in peace.

  29. It is a damn shame that judges like this fool can not be held as accessories to the crime. If their a** was on the line maybe women and children would get protection. By not doing all they can to protect they enable. Don’t they have to take an oath as an officer of the court?
    it never changes women and children are expendable and many times are on the own as the law will not help.



  30. this guy should be removed from the bench

  31. UW- I can not find the petition but this link has an internal link to e-mail the court he works at

    It is from a local news outlet down there- so I have no clue about them- the article seemed well-documented.

    Here is a line from the article that is going to set you on fire! Did this ass not know this about his own friggin county?????

    “Harbor House Shelter for Battered Women says last year, in Orange County alone, 5,000 women sought injunctions and only a fourth of them were granted”

    Any way I can’t find the petition- will keep looking- but the court e-mail link should make them all sit up and take notice?

  32. This professor’s wife probably got on his last nerve. She wrecked his office.

  33. Papoose- what is in the water there in Huntsville? Same school as Amy Bishop?

    I would haul my kid the hell out of that college in a heartbeat!

  34. This judge needs to step down or let go. This poor girl didn’t deserve to die. I am almost certain this man will no longer be a judge because of the liability. Just shameful.

  35. I don’t live in Florida and I’ve heard about this judge. This case is particularly sickening.

    He needs to step down. Or be forced to.

  36. The e-mail address WFTV posted doesn’t work. I have a hunch the court system took it down because they got blasted with e-mails.

    Somebody left a message on my post about this story indicating the court system for DV victims in Orange and Brevard Counties pretty much sucks.

    RightsforMothers got “tossed” from WordPress for an expose she did on this crap in Florida courts.

    If y’all want to bawl your eyes out, got to WFTV’s site today and read about Alissa’s memorial service. I posted photos of her wedding on my blog.

  37. Anne, sorry for the delay in your post appearing. New commenters are always on moderation, you can imagine why.

    Hey gang, want to see what that fuckbag Troy looked like. Go here

  38. Thanks, UW.

    Love the Valentine ~ the kitty looks just like my Bitzie!

    Would it be OK with you if I post it on her web page?

    Yes, Troy is creepy. If he put a hand on me, I’d have to amputate the part of my body he touched.

  39. You are welcome to anything on my site, Anne. Please credit “Freedom Fairy” when you use any original art. SHe’s our artist in residence. However, if you mean the post I have for valentine’s day, with kitty holding flowers, I snatched that off the net.

    I just did a second post linking to your site.

    By the way, do you know that this judge coaches a girls team and travels all over the state with them. Hold on, I have a link somewhere…

    Here’s the link, it’s a pdf of a newletter. Has a photo of Moxley and his team.
    “For the past six years, Judge Moxley has been a fixture at Astronaut High School as both the coach … on and off the field and Judge Moxley has made a …”

  40. UW, thanks for the link. I noticed the judge’s birthday is on April 2. LOL ~ maybe we should all send him a card??? Remind him he gets to have another birthday while Allissa won’t.

    If he spends 30-40 hours/week coaching, no wonder he doesn’t have time to be prepared for his cases. And, I certainly wouldn’t want any young girl I cared about to be around a guy who couldn’t discern that Troy’s behavior was creepy. Makes me wonder if he’s equally creepy around young girls.

    Also, there is an address and phone numbers for the court ~ the Chief Judge (who is equally clueless) is J. Preston Silvernail:

    Moore Justice Center
    2825 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
    Viera, Florida 32940
    321-633-2172 (fax)

    But, I think you’ll be most interested in knowing that Florida judges can be 1) impeached by the FL House of Representatives or 2) removed by the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

    Here’s the link:

    Apparently, anybody can file a complaint. It has to be in writing. Here’s the address:

    Judicial Qualifications Commission
    1110 Thomasville Road
    Tallahassee, FL 32303
    Phone (850) 488-1581

    Here’s the e-mail address for the Brevard County court administrator ~ my e-mail didn’t go through because a dot was missing:

    Here’s the phone number for Judge Moxley’s assistant ~ I read someplace that her hubby is a sheriff or a cop:

  41. Interesting. So basically, a petition would be best served if sent to the Majority leader of the state legislature in Florida House, yes?

  42. I’m thinking they won’t take a petition seriously unless it is signed by Florida voters. I’m in Seattle, for example.

    My suggestion would be to send it to the Judicial Qualifications Commision folks. There are lay people on the commission.

    I’m updating my post to provide all the contact information and hoping my computer and WordPress don’t go wonky on me.

  43. Oh yes Anne I am sure it will have to originate in Florida. Anything else just won’t matter.

  44. […] Uppity Woman has suggested on her blog that we start a movement to get Judge Moxley off the bench.  I agree.  […]

  45. I hope there’s one bullet left for this judge and that he will man up and use it. What a coward !!

  46. Heard on Fox, Kelly’s court, that Troy had a concealed weapons permit. My wife and I have CWP’s and know that an injunction for domestic violence would’ve raised flags at FDLE. When the deputy served him, he would’ve had to surrender any fireamrs or ammo in his possession.

  47. Another bleeding heart liberal judge. One valued life lost, and one more flaming asshole to feed for 10 years and another million to asshole lawyers trying to overturn a death sentence. Is it the best legal system in the world or just another vehicle taking us down the road to National bankruptcy?

  48. This is a case that this “judge” should be held accountable for, he made a life ending decision! Complete dereliction and disregard for his position. He should be disrobed and terminated! If this were my wife, daughter, or mother this judge would be judged in my court of retribution… Moron!

  49. Look at my e-mail, uppity, and you can figure out my website. I have also written about this judge TWICE before this happened. i am also the one who left the comment on anne drake’s website to which she referred. i left the state because what occurs in brevard county, but not limited to brevard–i just happen to have “unique” knowledge of that court system. please don’t think this case is an exception in the least bit. i use every opportunity i can to put this subject matter and the state of florida on blast. hopefully someday we will be free.


  51. I just learn of this awful story. This so called ” judge” makes me sick. This beautiful young girl was taken away because some phyco is on the loose to do what ever he pleases. The protection order may have not caused her life to be spared , but now we will never know. This judge has done to many things wrong while on the bench and the people of this county better get rid of this asshole!

  52. How can we help the state of Florida recall this judge? No name calling please, it only diminishes what happened to Alissa. I was stalked in New Orleans for two years by a cab driver and was told that” the guy wouldn’t be arrested until he was in the act of killing or raping me”. I’m so glad that I moved to California 10 years ago.I just saw address listed above to write: Judicial Qualification Commission, 1110 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32303 -phone-850-488-1581. Everyone please write!

  53. The outrage grows. This is good. I have the distinct feeling this beast won’t be on the bench much longer.

    For those of you whose comments do not appear quickly, I apologize. We moderate here and I’m not always here. However, if your comment doesn’t appear at all it is because I cannot allow comments through that advocate violence.

  54. […] I work on technical issues with authoring new blog posts, please read “Somebody please hold John Dean Moxley Accountable.”  I hope to add more posts very […]

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