Take Two: Somebody please make Judge John Dean Moxley accountable.

If you have not already read it, please visit my original post on this travesty.

It seems that Brevard County, Florida system of justice has more than a few detractors. Don’t try to email them about the DisHonorable John Dean Moxley though, as I am told that the email address  provided by WFTV  no longer works. I guess they must have gotten a few more emails than they wanted. Tough shit.

Meanwhile, Judge Killer Moxley is no longer speaking to the press. He’s probably looking for ways to transfer his assets since he really should be held personally responsible for his irresponsible actions as an officer of the court charged with dispensing “justice”. I’m sure his past history isn’t very helpful to him. But then again, I am sure his past history wasn’t very helpful to the victims he turned his back on either.

It is not the first time Judge Moxley has been accused of being too soft on crime.

 “I like Moxley. He knows me. I got a problem, he’ll take care of it,” career criminal Steven Lunn said in May 2003.

 That same month, law enforcement officers told Eyewitness News it was because Judge Moxley had a history of going easy on nonviolent criminals.

In February 2003, Eyewitness News reported how Moxley had let out violent criminal Derrick Henderson, on a signature alone, just days before he was to go to prison for six years and he disappeared.

 In October 2002, Eyewitness News reported how Moxley lowered an accused child molester’s bond so he could get out of jail after being accused of stalking 12- and 13-year-old girls.

Judge Moxley won’t talk to Eyewitness News and won’t say whether he’s getting any protection right now after refusing to stop Roger Troy from leaving his Cocoa Beach condo to stalk Alissa Blanton.

Judge Moxley was most recently re-elected in 2008. His next term ends in 2015, but it’s unclear if he’ll seek re-election. He makes $142,000 a year.

The Psychopath Judge Moxley allowed to kill Alissa

I thought you might like to see a photo of Roger Troy, the shitbag Judge Moxley allowed to kill Alissa. I think someone should blow that photo up and send it to Judge Moxley, since he helped make Troy’s dream come true. Kind of like a Make A Wish Thing for ‘Progressive” judges.

I got the photo from Anne Caroline Drake’s site. Be sure to visit her site.  Ms. Drake, JD, seems to be monitoring this issue in detail and knows what’s going on in Brevard.

WFTV posted a PDF of Mrs. Blanton’s application for a protection order.  It includes evidence of stalking and an obsessive fixation over a two year period:         

  • The four-page letter left on the Blanton’s lawn and sent by certified mail.  The Blantons reported it to the Brevard County Sheriff.
  • 64 pages of harassing e-mail messages, letters, and phone calls between September 9, 2008 through February 1 (the date of the petition).  They include numerous admissions of stalking behavior including seeing her at stores and the beach and driving by her house.  The frequency of the e-mail messages escalated about a month before Mrs. Blanton filed her petition.
  • Details of how Troy came to Mrs. Blanton’s place of employment at the AT&T call center in Orlando and blocked her in her car.
  • Reports to the sheriffs of Orange and Brevard County.
  • Troy had an aresenal of guns.
  • Ms. Goedecke quit her job at Hooters in a futile attempt to evade Troy’s obsessive fixation on her.
  • The couple had relocated twice and lived in hiding in a futile attempt to evade Troy’s stalking behavior.

But, like Judge Moxley said, he just didn’t have enough to go on. He rescheduled another hearing for February 16.

Hey, Dishonor! You can cancel that one! Now all that’s left for you to do is clean out your desk.


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  1. What I just don’t get about the the judge’s actions are the fact that we have laws against stalking here in Florida. Alissa’s petition showed clear evidence of stalking and a protective order should have been a no brainer. What a POS, arrogant fuck Moxley is. Why the hell do we have laws if they are not going to be enforced???

  2. ONE threat, should have been “enough to go on!” For God’s sake, they had to relocate twice in an attempt to get away from this guy? Tell me they are recalling Moxley now. There’s no excuse people in his jurisdiction have to live in fear of HIM, too.

  3. I just got an “out of office” response to my e-mail message to Brevard County courts. I sent you a blind copy of my original message and the reply, UW.

    My original post has been updated to include how people can protest.

    Thanks for the plug, UW.

    Good point, Hal.

  4. Just heard this on Fox 70 emails sent to her recently!!
    My goodness what does it come to to ask for help and your denied.
    Such a very sad thing to hear about today!!!!

  5. And today, Oprah’s show is going to discuss mothers who molest their sons. Once more, Oprah, thanks for nothing.

    I don’t like the woman – tested the waters when she first had her show and said no thanks. So I’m no expert on her, but heard something last week indicating she may be a control freak: she’s made all her workers sign a pledge not to use even hands-free cell phones in their cars. Those workers are not happy. This info was broadcast on ABC World News Now last week in their ‘The Skinny’ news section.

    Does she not seem anti-woman?

    Sorry for such a rambling comment, but would also like to mention that a county judge here in PA was charged (within the last several weeks) with physically attacking his wife. UW and Murphy are correct in identifying the heinous culture which allows it to continue. Here it is 2010, and there is still so much to be done.

  6. UW- I checked out Carolin Drakes site- she has updated her article with addresses for the powers that be down there who have the authority to get rid of this sorry excuse for a judge.

    Not at me best this morning- too much sitting this weekend I think or I would go get them for you.

  7. Told you I wasn’t at my best- I see the contact inof is in the other thread lol-

    The new header looks like your kitty has the same cat nip toy as Sabrina- only hers is pink!

  8. Well well well- I knew in my gut that Delahunt’s name was thrown into this cesspit for some reason- and see here what I found this morning- all unconfirmed of course- but sure as hell makes sense to me- get out of the way Delahunt- the machine wants your seat- and if you don’t go willingly- well they will jsut smear you to oblivion

    Will Joe Kennedy III replace Delahunt?

    It may not be a Kennedy-less 112th Congress after all…

    Two Democratic operatives with New England connections tell me that local party officials are trying to broker an endorse-and-retire deal between 29-year-old old Kennedy III, son of former Rep. Joe II and grandson of Bobby and Ethel Kennedy, and Rep. William Delahunt (D-Mass.).

  9. Well Mr. Delahunt is in deep Amy Bishop shit, let me tell you. He’s truly a loser now as the DA who told the police chief to let Amy go. They know this.

  10. Pamela, what’s the name of that judge in PA?

  11. Anne- I am one of the resident ferrets here LOL- the link to the PA judge is on your blog-

  12. Make sure to stick this idiot on http://www.robeprobe.com

    here’s the email I found to write about this moron:

  13. Now’s the time to start some sort of impeachment proceedings against this scumbag of a Judge….he doesn’t deserve to sit on the bench and make anymore stupid and idiotic decisions.

  14. Thanks, Mom, for the PA link.

    Perry County, PA is one toxic mess.

    Judge C. Joseph Rehkamp got busted for domestic violence (DV) on his first wedding anniversary.

    He was presiding over a DV murder trial as well as the trial of a former county commissioner who appears to be a pervert.

  15. A woman named Marie has filed a formal complaint against Moxley:


    She claims he failed to read the file in her father’s divorce case. She decided to come forward because she heard on the news that Moxley said he didn’t know guns were involved ~ anybody who even just flips through the petition can see Troy had an arsenal of guns.

  16. I saw that this woman was filing a complaint, although I don’t know how much sympathy she will get, since it was about spousal support and/or child support. But she said that he didn’t even read the case and came right out and said so.

  17. Do you follow Randi James’ blog? I couldn’t quite follow what she was saying, but it appears Alissa isn’t the first person who ended up dead because of Moxley’s decisions.

    I just finished researching the case against the PA judge. 40% of the judges in that county got kicked off the bench for corruption!!!

    Get this. . .they’re trying to get his wife to drop the charges so he can preside over a capital murder case of a guy who murdered his wife in front of her kids. . .and a second DV case of a guy who strangled his girlfriend and a pharmacist.

  18. Why the fuck is this peice of shit “judge” not in prison for his role in Roger Troy’s crime?!!!!! I ‘m from Sarasota,Florida, and can’t believe this guy hasn’t had the crap beaten out of him by an angry mob. I just listened to Nancy grace’s show and the heart wrenching 911 call made by a witness/mother and this victim’s husband!The woman who had made one of the calls had her kid with her, you can hear her tell the kid to get in the car; and the husband balling for his lover/wife to stay with him!Isn’t that what the LAW is supposed to stop from happening!!!!! I bet the ONLY reason he didn’t give the order was because of her profession at the time! Forgive me for saying this,but I TRULY pray that some psychopath guns HIS stupid ass down!!!!

  19. Brevard County has a lot of problems with fairness, justice, the law, jail,libraries.. Anybody remember the book, “Brevard Good Ol’ Boys?” There are so many bad stories, not just this one. This filters throughout the county; even in the schools. But if you know the right people, you have it made!

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