Secretary Clinton: Iran is becoming a military dictatorship

I guess that No Preconditions idea isn’t working out too well for the world….


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  1. go Hillary take em down a peg or two

  2. The “we’ll talk to dictators” meme isn’t working out too well. But then, I seem to remember Clinton pointing that out during the 2008 primary.

    Round and round, it goes.

  3. I suppose we can’t solve this problem with a beer summit?

    I just pray Hillary stays on as SOS. She was talking about perhaps not serving another four yrs. I hope that was about realizing Obummer may not get a second term and not about her wanting to throw in the towel. I truly believe she is all that stands between us and total disaster.

  4. At least Hillary is an adult and knows her stuff to boot. Let’s hope the infants at the WH just keep their mouths shut and let the SOS deal with things.

    Obama’s entire Iran plan was to put it in Big Dawg’s words “A fairytale”. Oh yea he was just going to charm them, how’s that working out for us???

  5. I don’t think she means to throw in the towel. That’s not Hillary’s way. but SOS is a grueling job. She’s working a whole boatload harder than Obama is. this has got to be the most trying job in the country. 8 years would take a huge toll on anybody in times such as these.

  6. yttik- It could be Hillary isn’t planning on another four years because she knows that Obama cannot win another four years anyway…or she plans on running against him. I know…wishful thinking on my part. But if Obama continues to drag down the Democratic Party, they may advise him to retire after one term. I think it will depend on what happens in the next election and how many seats the Dems lose in the House and Senate.

  7. Did you guys see the side bar? Bayh is retiring- the ship is sinking! Run for your lives!

  8. Hillary projects the strength needed to deal with Iran. Barry, not so much. Thank God Hillary is our SOS.

  9. So this is hope and change? My hats of to HRC who can look at that man and not break out into a full blown laugh.

  10. pmm, yep, a picture in my head of the obamatitanic and the scramble for the exits.

    here’s a video of Podesta saying the ob administration is a mess and politics today sucks! some quote!

    I had reservations about Hill taking the SoS job and was afraid for her that she would suffer from more grief from ob and the media, thankfully that isn’t the case and that she is out there working on our country’s behalf makes me feel some sense of security in this troubled world.

    btw – Hill looks fabulous in all that blue and considering all that she’s been though recently it is so great to see her discussing such urgent and scary matters with her typical aplomb and her concise way.

  11. oops, here’s the video link


  12. Thankgoodness we have Hillary as SOS. Sadly she should be in the top seat. What a loss!!

  13. Evan Bayh Announces He will not run again.

    Bayh: “I do not like Congress.”

  14. I like Evan Bayh. Liked his father Birch even better. But sh!t, after he watched his father lose to Dan friggin’ Potato- Potatoe Qualye in 1980, I completely understand his decision.

    We voters are shooting at anything that moves. And if you have an (I) for incumbant after your name, you are in real trouble…….. I personally think as a country we all have to take a deep breath and focus for a moment at exactly who and what we are so pissed at….. and vote in 2010 and 2012 accordingly.

  15. Do any of you have an iPhone? I tried to reach my daughter (we were supposed to make arrangements to talk on Skype with the grandkids this afternoon) and when I call I get a message, “This number is not taking calls at this time.” If she is on the phone with someone else, it would go to voice mail. If it’s turned off, same thing. This is something I haven’t heard before. I’m thinking maybe her ex shut the phone down–although he is on the same account. Can you shut down just one phone on an account?

    Back to being scared shitless. I have to get out there and get her out of that house.

  16. I watched the video and thought they still do not get it.
    Yes we need a healthcare overhaul. But not one that enriches the corporations at the expense of the people.
    The overall contempt shown towards the American people by this bunch will never be forgiven or forgotten.
    Backtrack’s priorities seem to be :
    redistribute the wealth of this country to the few from the many.
    lower the standard of the USA as a world power
    stifle the ideas and innovations that made this country great.
    both parties seem to want to take away the freedom that this country was built on and fought for by generations of everyday patriotic Americans



  17. sometimes it seems as if Hillary Clinton is like the boy holding his finger in the dike. Trying to keep this country from being over run by our enemies due to a weak government that does not understand our country or the world.



  18. Nunly- I have never heard that message- though I don’t have an I-phone. My husband’s phone will sometimes go insane and give weird messages – especially if he sits on it and pushes buttons he did not mean to- while I was in MA he swore the speaker was broken cuz it did not ring- he had it on Manners mode!
    Often times when his phone is in his locker at work and I try to leave him a message I get a message similar to the one you describe- this customer is not available at this time.

    Sorry I could not give you a better answer.

  19. Basically, either the account is suspended, or the phone has been reported lost, or the caller’s number is blocked.

    Nunly, try calling from another phone

    Mom, not available is not the same thing. You get voice mail or are told to try again later. Not accepting calls basically leaves you with no connect.

  20. Thanks UW- I just looked at your link- I see the difference now- Nunly if you need a completely different number to use -e-mail me with her number and I will try to call for you

  21. OT
    This looks like a group that I could support and feel really good about.



  22. Uppity- I checked my grandson’s cell and it has the same message. My other daughter say that means he locked them out of his account.

    I sent her two e-mails in the last hour…nothing. I will wait until 6:00 our time which is 7:00 hers and if I don’t hear from her I’m calling the police to do a well-being check. I just pray she doesn’t get angry at me, but ya know what? It’s a chance I have to take. If she is ok, maybe it will make her realize that she needs to contact her family when something like having her phone shut down happens.

    Maybe I won’t wait another hour…may a half or a few more minutes.

  23. OT- here is a take on the Bayh story I had not thought of- picked it up by way if Partizane-
    Evan Bayh resigning one day before the filing deadline is payback for what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton in 2007 in the Michigan race.

    I had not thought of it- but it is sooooo delicious!!!!

  24. Oh Uppity—- have you seen the latest on psycho professor????

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The husband of an Alabama professor accused of fatally shooting three colleagues said Monday that the couple went to a shooting range recently, but that he didn’t know where she got the gun she used for practice that day.

    MMkay- he knew she had a gun but not how she got it or when. Uh-huh, SUUUURE.

  25. Nunly and PMM are such thread killers huh??? In fact PMM was bragging about killing this thread on another blog.

    Nunly glad to hear you got in touch with your daughter.

    PMM I’m just teasing you, you’re anything BUT a thread killer. You’re the “teacher’s pet” around here little miss ferret, LOL!

  26. LOL Somebody! I just forget people have more normal hours- I get up early and go to bed early- Ben Franklinitis?

  27. tap tap, tap tap, anybody there??? Oh maybe everybody is watching the commercials that pass for the Olympic games?

  28. Hi PMM! I’m here, how was your pie?

  29. Mom, regarding your speculation on Bayh – read this

  30. imust- Pie was yummy! None left- Fat Tuesday tomorrow- pancakes with homemade jam!

  31. .NUNLY: Everything ok?

    RE: BAYH: KInd of a jolt.

    RE: HRC: Shut off the sound and just watch her. She has the animation of a real-life person. Now compare that to oilsoc. He looks like a robot.

  32. FF? your link??? Please don’t make me go type all that in the box lol

  33. Sure glad Bill’s Mardi Gras mask isn’t a penguin face!

  34. Mary- Everything is ok for now, thanks . I think what I need to do is just try to trust my daughter to take care of herself and try to trust in her judgment…and pray a lot….and drink a lot of wine.

  35. Mary – that’s the Penguin’s Mardi Gras mask – LOL

    I swear if Oilsoc gets Bin Laden, his brethern turned him over to them so Mullah Obama is deemed a hero

  36. I got it FF- and truly? I LOVE it! Bows out with no time for them to get all the signatures a candidate would need. Now the State Party will have to nominate someone- How can they do that and still avoid responsibility????
    Evan Bayh did what I have been wanting to do since the primaries! Dope slapped them all like Mo used to do to the other stooges!

  37. BTW – has anyone noticed Oilsoc has been disappeared for the last several days?

    Where is he?

  38. FF- He must have broken the TOTUS shoveling.

  39. Not that I miss him – but he is like a commercial. Always interrupting the stuff you want to watch, so it take a day or two to notice.

  40. Or he’s using them as snow shoes.

  41. I heard on the news on my way home from work that Palin AND Scott Brown are going to campaign for McCain against Hayworth.

    Glenn Beck’s head will finally really explode!

  42. FF- I have been of the opinion for years that Bin Laden is right there in Saudi Arabia in his daddy’s palace. All that footage of him in the mountains? Well they have enough of our helicopters, planes and such they can fly him in for photo ops and fly him right back home.

  43. Ff- now you have me worried- like when your three year old gets quiet all of a sudden you just know they are crayoning the wall or flushing the cat-
    What is he up to?? Or did Nancy, Donna and Meechelled finally duct tape his big mouth?

  44. Mom – it’s all old footage anyway. Bin Laden, i doubt, is living in any cave. He’s probably staying in Crawford.

  45. Or Chicago- did oilsoc ever sell that resko mansion or is he renting it???

  46. PMM – broke his totus shovel. LMAO

  47. My guess is his Chicago Handlers and Media Lap Dogs are keeping him under wraps because they know Americans and the REAL Democrats cannot stand him any more.

  48. OR – and probably more likely – Meanchelle is pulling a Nancy Reagan on him – yelling at him and telling him he better get that stupid fuck Rham out of there before she only has 4 years – or less – to be Queen Bee.

  49. The only way they will ever find Bin Laden is if they lay his smelly carcass across the path they want to run the pipeline along.

  50. LOL Swell – may be true

  51. FF- Meanchelle!!!! ROFL

    I can believe it- she can’t have him cutting into her air time

  52. I betcha she is throwing shoes at him, and as they say at Big Pink – “ripping sleeves” off her dresses because she is mad as a hornet.

    Not too hard to envision.

  53. I Imagine this is what Nancy looked like when she heard about Bayh.

  54. I am off for the night- catch you all up tomorrow!

  55. ” that’s the Penguin’s Mardi Gras mask – LOL”

    Leftbar Louie dons his BillSuit for Carnival; as usual, he has his eye on Bill’s job.

  56. Gretawire has a poll – Who do you think is tougher on Iran, Obama or Clinton!


  57. Mary – Bill’s job is safe. He has the PayPal Password!

  58. Greta just poked Obama in the eyes with both fingers. Nyuck yuck yuck

  59. I posted a video of HRC in Greta’s Comments.

    Nyuck, yuck, yuck is right!

  60. Rumor mill has it Mikulski to retire.

  61. Swell – just sent that tip to a friend.

    anyway, off to bed for me gang.


  62. The poll at gretawire is overwhelmingly pro HRC. In fact oilsoc has received only 11 votes where SOS Clinton has 2470 votes.

    nyuck,yuck, yuck is right.

  63. Not read all yet but hope this helps.

    Nunly yes u can turn off one phone well at least on our plan u can I have done it with my daughters can only be done once a yr …… for so long think it’s 3 months. Regardless go to Target anf buy her a t-mobile phone for $10 (cheapest u can find) and add some money for her so she always have a phone at hand with cash on it to call u.

  64. Gosh am I in spam?

  65. FF said

    Mom – it’s all old footage anyway. Bin Laden, i doubt, is living in any cave. He’s probably staying in Crawford.

    OMG lol does not bare thinking about!!

  66. That’s the problem with my party. The Bayhs go Bye and the Crank Barney Franks keep coming back.

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