**Update**Congress pockets left-over per diem money…and calls it “nickels and dimes”

(See Update below. Sit down first.)

From WSJ:

When lawmakers travel overseas on official business they are given up to $250 a day in taxpayer funds to cover meals and expenses. Congressional rules say they must return any leftover cash to the government.

They usually don’t.

Now I would like to give you some quotes on what these cavalier spenders do with the left-over money they are supposed to return.

“If that was the policy, you could never get many members traveling,” said Rep. Solomon Ortiz, a Texas Democrat. Mr. Ortiz said he had never returned any money.

Good idea! Stay home, save us the money and take care of your own country for a change!

Former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican, said lawmakers often used leftover money “for shopping or to buy souvenirs to bring back to constituents. That’s fairly standard.”

Well it’s nice to know that keeping taxpayer money is “standard”. I’m really glad you are a “Former” representative.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R., S.C.) said he once bought marble goblets in the Kabul airport as gifts for constituents. Rep. Mark Souder (R., Ind.) said he dipped into his funds to buy a $200 painting of an estuary in Turkey, which hung in his office for a while and was now in his house.

Ah so we get to decorate your home too, thief.

Lawmakers who said they sometimes keep excess funds said the amounts were small. “I won’t deny that sometimes I have a little left, but it’s not much—maybe 80, 90, or 100 dollars,” said Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D., N.C.).

Mr. Butterfield, $80, $90 or $100 would make for some very helpful grocery money for an unemployed parent who doesn’t have $100, but no skin off your well-healed nose!

“The extra money and the plus-ups are really for the spouses,” said Mr. Souder, the Indiana Republican.

No Mr. Souder, the extra money if for RETURNING. Nobody elected your spouse.

……….And the winner of the Arrogance Prize is:

“You are all concerned about nickels and dimes, and I’m not,” said Rep. Alcee Hastings (D., Fla.). “You know, in a taxicab in Kazakhstan, I don’t have time to get a receipt—I don’t speak Kazakh.”

I……I……..don’t even know what to say to this jerk.

Hastings also says that he often gives left over money away, kind of like Diamond Jim.

“I’m a generous spirit and a courteous spirit,”

Indeed you are Rep. Hastings. With other people’s money. Try giving your own damned money away next time, Mr. Generous.

Incidentally, while the USA is falling apart,

In the past two years, hundreds of lawmakers spent a total of 5,300 days visiting 130 foreign countries on taxpayer-funded trips, according to congressional travel records.

House lawmakers received between $375,000 and $625,000 in per diem cash over that period, according to a Wall Street Journal estimate based on per diem rates and congressional travel disclosures. There’s no documentation for how those funds were spent. Estimates for Senate travel couldn’t be calculated.

Oh and one more thing: It seems that all these people “didn’t know” they were supposed to return surplus per diem money. They make our laws and don’t know their own rules. Or at least they don’t know the ones that don’t suit them.

“Nickels and dimes” to the out-of-touch Congress. Not nickles and dimes to people who are out of work.

However, I feel obligated to tell you that Arlen Specter returns left over per diem money to a fault. He returned $8,500 of the $25,000 he received for a total of 11 trips. Dick Durbin also was one of only two of a dozen who took a trip to Lithuania and returned left over money.

**Update: I just thought I would update this post to reflect what true slime we have in Congress. While they piss away $250 a day on their trips, they rejected a bill to give a $250 one-time check to seniors and veterans.

Read about these thieving gasbags here. Note how one of them points out that it’s illegal to cut those checks. Apparently, it’s not illegal for him to keep per diem money any longer though.


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  1. I posted on this yesterday- it made me SOOO mad! Those are MY nickels and dimes you bastard! For $80bucks I could buy a whole lot of groceries! minimum wage hovering around $7.25 at 40 hours a week- what about $250 gross? And these assholes think $80 is chump change?

  2. Since I am at work and can not link, could somebody find a video link of the song Hey Big Spender? It just seems right for this post.

    Washington Post has an article about a C street house where several congressmen live receiving tax exemptions as a religious site.



  3. Ferret at your service Ma’am


  5. “Indeed you are Rep. Hastings. With other people’s money. Try giving your own damned money away next time, Mr. Generous.”

    That’s the problem UW, they really think our money IS their money.

  6. Remember they also gave themselves a 93 million dollar raise in petty cash recently.

  7. My congressperson went to Europe and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

  8. Re: UW’s last paragraph. How sad that the “exception” is not the “rule.”.

  9. LOL- I was just getting ready to click on the star to vote and hovered for a second. I thought I imagined it- but nope- if you hover over the stars it tells you- well go hover over the first and second stars and see if you see the same as me (I started Chantix yesterday- so maybe I am having a “vivid dream?”

  10. ROFL Mom! And Uppity! LOL about the stars!

  11. Thanks FF! Unless you are part of the vivid dream too? LOL!

  12. Wish I were Mom – I can’t afford Chantix, but smoking is about to bite the dust. Of course I might have to eat ALL THE PIE IN THE WORLD to get through it – but get through it I shall.

  13. Well my doc is leaning more towards surgery for the back- and no surgeon will do back surgery on smokers- so I have been wanting to quit for a long time anyway- plus it relly does eat up a huge amount of money- so maybe I can make pie with all the money I save?

  14. Rangle press conf at 9-
    Pool- stays or goes?

  15. he goes then gets a cabinet post. five to one



  16. Mom
    half of the battle in quitting smoking is something to do with your hands, When I quit I got a box of coffee stirrers and chewed on them and held them like a cigarette. Also someone told me to get flavored toothpicks to chew on. Both of these things have no nicotine or calories.

    Good Luck and everyone here will be cheering you on.



  17. helen- thanks- gonna dig out the crochet hook too and make some baby blankets for the shelter and I got some Starburst jelly beans! Coffee stirrers- excellent idea!

    On Rangle

  18. OT- check out the China story in the Reuters side bar and tell me if any of it sounds familiar?

  19. No wonder they all try to hang on to their seats once they’ve spent a bajillion dollars getting into them.

    Lithuania? Kazakhstan?? 5300 days spent traveling in 130 countries?? That adds up to 40 days to each country. Any way you look at it, it’s too much taxpayer-funded traveling. The per diem on top of that is gravy. I wish I had the opportunity of trying to get a receipt in Kazakh.

    Let’s un-elect every single one of them.

  20. Reporters like Brody Mullins and T.W. Farnam that wrote the WSJ piece are no better than the thieving pols. They said in the article, “Estimates for Senate travel couldn’t be calculated” but we know the press travels with members on nearly all junkets and it wouldn’t take much to calculate a reasonable estimate of how much each critter spends for travel, food, lodging and incidental expense. It’s asinine to claim they can’t come up with estimates.

  21. Uhm- Uppity? Sit down before you read this one- I will look forward to your rant!

    Tapes indicate child directed planes at NY airport

  22. ff and mom, good luck with quitting. February was one year without them for me and i was very heavily addicted.

    i used the patches and bought a carton of Quest 3 cigarettes which have zero nicotine. they tasted awful but i smoked them when i was pacing the floor in panic attacks wanting a real cig. Quest 1 and 2 can’t be used with the patch but Quest 3 can. i then weaned myself off of them.

    i kept bags of cut up celery, baby carrots and sliced apples around me all the time, and treated myself to many cups of flavored caffeine free teas, hot and cold. i smoked menthol so i also found a nice kick from Fishermans Friend intense menthol cough drops.

    i smoked two packs a day so i’m saving a few thousand a year! and it is well worth the expense for chantix or any other smoke cessation aid since it will lead to a major savings in a very short time if you are a heavy smoker.

    i put on a few pounds, i plan to take it off in the spring and summer with outdoor activity. best of luck to anyone who wants to quit. it is hard but you can do it!

  23. there will be blowback big time on the child in the air traffic control booth. It was a stupid thing to do and both the controller and the supervisor should have known better. What will happen is the rules will be changed, monitoring intensived and controllers that do their jobs well will be put under pressure just the same as the fools who allowed this,
    Yes the two who allowed this to happen should lose their jobs as there is no excuse for this stupidity. I just hate to see good people who do know better have to suffer along with the fools.



  24. Did someone mention PIE?

  25. speaking of the critters raking in dollars – Rangle steps down… temporarily.


  26. Arrrggg, that is so infuriating! We get 28 bucks for per diem when we go somewhere and you had better have receipts in triplicate to back it up.

  27. I tried the patch, but they don’t stay lit. Heavy sigh.

    I don’t have a problem with the kid saying “clear for take off”, after the Dad cleared planes for take off. I hardly think the kid was making the decisions on his own. I can’t stop laughing.

  28. Swell- I tried the patch years ago- made my heart race- scared the daylights out of me-
    My brother used the Chantix last year- hasn’t smoked since! And he is 66 and smoked from age 12!

  29. Have you seen the commercial for that Chantix and the side effects? Seems to me you are safer SMOKING than you are taking Chantix. Seriously.

    Well, he’s dead but at least he stopped smoking…

    Reminds me of that ad for the acne stuff. Well he’s dead but his skin sure cleared up!

  30. OMG Mom, just what we need, Kiddie air traffic controllers. Seriously though, my guess is Dad was telling the kid what to say and it was some kind of Take Your Spawn To Work day.

  31. Swell
    It is a very serious job. People’s lives are at stake here. Distractions cause accidents. I know I sound like a grumpy old person but this is a job that if you bring your kid to work you tell them sit down ,be quiet ,listen and do not distract. A t that airport there are planes and pilots from all over the world any distraction is serious. There are government agencies that monitor for safety reasons.



  32. UW- I saw the ads for dead Chantix users- had a long conversation with doc about it all. Most of those poor folks had prior physchological issues- manic depressives and such. The docs had no business prescribing this med to those poor people- if they were already on meds and close to the edge- what the hell were the docs thinking?

    The kiddie ATC’s? You are probably correct- but with all the near misses with planes who the hell wants a child in that room distracting?

  33. I’m more worried about the number of near misses people have on the road everyday with parents driving mini-vans with movies playing from their roof tops.

  34. Morning uppities: dont post to often:

    Yes, it was take your child to work day,
    and I have to say, I got the biggest kick out of
    it—of course the father was there.

    They are making a bigger deal out of this,
    than the Muslims who board our plane and intimidate
    passengers, or who start their pants on fire etccc…

    More News on this, or Foot Hood, —it’s RIDICULOUS

  35. Michelina, I kind of figured that’s what it was, having participated in “Take your daughter to work day” a number of times, where I took male colleague’s daughters under my wing for the day. The original intent of the program was to show girls that yes, they too, could do jobs that boys already are told they can do. Then the boys complained and it became take your “child” to work day.

    In any event, I figured that’s what happened. But now you are forced to follow blog rulez. That is, once you post you have to keep posting or we come and get you with the hook.

  36. Well MOM so long as the doc monitors you, if it’s what you need to do, then go for it. Just monitor yourself and know the signs of potential risk while you take it.

  37. I am sure the parent had that kid in check or they wouldn’t have let the child stay in that room. My guess is the kid was right near him, followed instructions and wasn’t allowed to move or do anything except speak the words Dad gave him. Just my guess. I’m on the fence with this kind of thing because it’s great for children to see all the different kinds of jobs there are, and good for them to know what their parents do for a living, while at the same time, I do understand the seriousness, intensity and precision required for that job. I wouldn’t imagine, for example, that a ATC would bring his kid who is in the throes of uncontrolled ADD into the room. I guess we will have to let the story unfold more, if it has legs.

  38. Hi all. I have purposely been gone so as to keep my BP to a low simmer instead of full on boil. I quit smoking several weeks back 6 to be exact. Now I did not do it for any other reason other then myself and it was time. It never mattered to me how others saw me when I lit up as far as I was concerned they could go to hell. No amount of pushing from friends, family and busy bodies in general was going to make me do it either. No amount of tax or any other thing could or would force me to do something I myself did not care to do. For the folks who never smoked kudos to you but you need to understand that pushing and harping on ones that do can have a reverse effect and make them more determined to light up.
    Overall it has not been too bad, not good mind you but not as bad as I feared and I think that is because I did not talk about it and removed stress from my life, refuse to watch any news or get into politics right now. I know we are screwed and not much we can do until election time and then and only then can we do a thing also if the new batch is no better we need to keep a policy of tossing their asses out in the cold.
    Good luck to those of you who are quitting. I am a or was a two and a half pack a day smoker. The first two weeks were hell but finding things to do and listening to classical music has really helped me. I am not out of the woods by any means. I have done this before and was almost a year off them when I picked one upp and well another 5 years of smoking. Sounds dumb to one that never has but shit happens.
    I did get a kick out of some snot nosed smart ass clerk in the store where I went to buy the patch. I also bought 2 packs os smokes that day to ” treat myself to a grand finale smoke fest” and she had to have her say. Asked me why I had to have the smokes and why I needed the patch and said just stop.
    I asked her if she ever smoked and of course she did not.
    I looked at her and smiled and said ” well sweet heart why don’t you push yourself away from the feed trough and drop 60 lbs ?’
    “It ought to be just as easy for you as me dropping a two pack a day habit right ?” A couple of folks in line busted up laughing and of course she was mad as hell but you know if the shoe fits wear it.
    Anyway I am not ready to get into political things so it is great to stop in say hello and see all of you are doing well. Back to my needle point and video games and I will see you when the worst has hit and is over.

  39. I’m always here UW: you must know that, with your
    blog info (i think)—don’t know much about blog ownership)—-
    don’t miss much here,

    but I will try to post more often.

  40. I saw this story on Greta’s show last night and just did a slow burn all night after hearing it. I can’t tell you how fed up I am with our government.

    I have no idea how this swamp is going to be cleaned out, but I sure would like to start from the top down.

    (Hiya Uppity, I cracked up this morning when I read the comment you left on my blog,) 😀

  41. {{{{{{NUNLY}}}}}}}}} We missed you!

    UW- I am a reader- and believe me I read EVERYTHING I could find about Chantix – I have lots of drug allergies so am EXTRA careful about monitoring any new drug I take!
    As you probably know by now- I am too mean to commit suicide- might make my enemies lives easier!
    I promise I will keep careful watch as will hubby and daughter!

  42. Ok Mom, then I feel better!

    –Aunt Uppity.

  43. Hey Nunly! Sister! Read any “good” books? ROFL.

  44. Michelina, just keep posting or we get the hook!

  45. Hey Utah, you know you are always welcome, sister. We understand. It gets to me too but I keep going because I have all these urchens who depend on me! Maybe you can comment on some of the fun stuff I post sometimes that’s not political. I do it to maintain sanity myself.

    LOL on buying the smokes WITH the patch. Hahahaha.

  46. Oh my gosh…just noticed those stars and what happens when you hover over them, LOL! I love it!!!!!!

    I’m trying to keep up with all the comments. Regarding smoking..I quit a two pack a day habit…Bad Habit (tee hee!) and did it cold-turkey. They didn’t have patches 20 years ago when I quit. It wasn’t easy to do, but somehow I managed it. I had been smoking since I was about 19 years old, so it wasn’t like I was a newby at it. I think what it took was the fact that I did it because I promised my dad before he died and I wanted to keep my promise to him. If I was doing it just for myself, I don’t think I could have done it. I never smoked when I was pregnant with my kids…again, because I was doing it for someone other than myself.

    I’m glad they have the patch, though…I know so many people who quit successfully with the patch. Although, I also think that smoking addiction is just like alcoholism, the cravings never end. At least for me they haven’t.

  47. Uppity- Actually I’m working on a book review, but it’s not a dirty book so obviously the review won’t be that good. 🙂

  48. Dang, Nunly. I was hoping for a buzz.

  49. Hey it’s fun to know you guys finally found the stars. lol.

  50. UW- I saw the stars early on- but never noticed what happened when you hover- mostly cuz I go right to the high marks- I ran over the low one with my mouse and thought I was hallucinating! Almost quit the Chantix right then!

  51. ROFLMAO!!! Did you folks see this?????

    In a brief, televised statement Wednesday, Mr. Rangel said he asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a leave of absence as chairman of the panel until the House Ethics Committee completes its investigation into his tax and financial dealings. “From the very, very beginning, I have offered this to Speaker Pelosi,” he said. He declined to answer questions

    Leave of absence?? Offered to Nancee from the beginning??? BWHAHAHA

  52. This gal at work used to bug me all the time about quitting. She kept telling me how I could live four years longer if I quit now. I finally told her “look, you can have my last four years in the nursing home if you just leave me the hell alone, O.K.”

  53. Gee Swell- I had not thought of that- but if Odieoffalreadycare passes- it won’t matter- they will kill me off to sell my parts!

  54. Yeah, and if you live through that, the nursing homes will be government run and fully staffed with welfare to work people who don’t want to be there.

  55. I’m an ex smoker. Quitting is easy. I did it about twenty times. Seriously, though I don’t smoke, but as an ex smoker, I was wondering how someone finds the time to smoke two packs a day. Also, in NY, cigarettes are something like $7 a pack, sales tax not including. It’s expensive.

  56. UW! LOL! This is about my twentieth time as well- generic cigs here are still under $5 a pack!
    PIE! I will just make pie after pie after pie to keep busy!

  57. OT, Since the Obama Media refuses to cover the ever-popular Secretary of State, for those of you who want to know how/what Hillary is doing in Chile, here ya go:

    h/t http://www.Hillaryis44.org

  58. Yeah they also didn’t cover the assassination plot against Hillary when she was in Kenya last fall. They foiled it, but you didn’t hear squat about it here on pravda media whore network.

  59. It’s sad when you feel compelled to applaud Specter and Durbin for doing the right thing. Sort of reminds me of my Mommy days, trying to reinforce good behavior from the kids.

    Those quotes Uppity are “tear your hair out” words. And, of course, you’re right. It good times it would be bad enough. But these are not good times for many American families.

    It’s so discouraging because most of these people in DC? Don’t have a clue. The attitude borders on: I’m fine. I’ve got mine. And the hell with you.

    Dark times.

  60. Hillary is my hero

  61. http://www.dailytopseven.com/readmore.php?newsid=MTUyNA==

    The article in here about future elections made me say WTF.
    I hope it is hype and not really in the planning stage.



  62. $250 per day?!?! God, I hate these crooks. Everyone I know is either unemployed or has less income to live on & these bastages keep taking from us & giving themselves more. Sickening.

    Mom & FF, best wishes to you both! I know it will be hard, but worth it in the end.

    I wonder what Somebody thinks of the kiddie/ATC thing…

  63. Peggy Sue, “It’s sad when you feel compelled to applaud Specter and Durbin for doing the right thing. Sort of reminds me of my Mommy days, trying to reinforce good behavior from the kids.”

    Haha! Well said!

  64. Sorry I disappeared but teh one gave instructions to us little people and I felt compelled to run right to my phone and oblige! Of course Specter isn’t answering and his voice mail is full- so I sent him this e-mail

    Dear Sen, Specter,
    I am writing to you today as the president asked us all to contact our representatives in Washington. I realize it will be difficult to stand up to the party that is backing you for re-election but I beg you not to cave in and go the route of reconciliation. The vast majority of Americans, myself and my husband included, have expressed in poll after poll our opposition to the 2000+ page monstrosity. To over ride the clear wishes of the electorate will be a travesty of justice.
    You are in Washington D.C. to represent us, the people, not to kow-tow to party leaders in order to secure their backing in your re-election bid. I strongly urge you to do the honorable thing and vote with the people and against the health care bill.


    Useless but satisfying none the less! Similar calls and e-mails were made to Casey and Dahlkemper. Dahlkemper was the only one who had staff answering the phone. The boyz are off hiding somewhere!

  65. Just an opinion from afar. Didn’t V. Hugo write a whole book about the elite, the power structure and the resultant inequities? You know, the one that was after a couple of hundred years translated into a best selling musical about the inability of the poor to feed their children, the disaffectation of the young wih the ruling class, the despair about the situation overall? Why, yes he did….I think it was titled something along the lines of Les Miserables – and so we go full circle.

  66. Frank I just saw your post and you are right on. The press gets a lot off the taxpayer, because you can bet the people they are “covering” make sure of it one way or another.

  67. I gotta hop in the shower and get ready for school – but California folks – rumble, rumble

    just sayin.

  68. Oh great. More good news. Thanks FF!

  69. LOL Laker! Let’s just call her Doctor Fear.

  70. Still boiling over these thieves in congress. This is the 2nd, or maybe 3rd year in a row my Dad hasn’t gotten a cost of living increase from Social Security and food & utilities have all gone up a lot here the last couple of years. They’re pigs. Just pigs.

  71. : It seems that all these people “didn’t know” they were supposed to return surplus per diem money. They make our laws and don’t know their own rules.

    Or they choose which ones they are and aren’t going to follow. Or they choose to be above it all and claim the rules do not apply to them. Where is the integrity?

  72. town, I suspect they all know the rules, and they have been educated on what they can do to circumvent them. We’re not talking about neophyte folks, most of them have been in government since ……before most of us were interested in politics which equates to ……..too many years. They know the rules, and they leave it to their aids (flunkies) to follow the rules, and when the flunkies screw up – well.
    Not one of these people are innocent. I worked in a major multinational corporation at mid management level for more years than I care to identify. These folks KNOW all the ins and outs. Take a look at the CVs of most of these folks – corporate experience?
    I don’t want to paint all politicians as less than honest, because I want to believe there are still honest politicians out there….however, it’s getting more difficult daily to maintain that belief.

  73. This video is on NQ. Does anyone know anything about this bill?

  74. Above the law they think they are.

  75. No I don’t know about that bill. I didn’t know there was one. But I will tell you this. These big box banks need to be broken up. Too big to fail? Time to split up.

  76. These big box banks need to be broken up. Too big to fail? Time to split up.
    I started out 20 years ago with a community bank that over the years was eaten by a bigger fish..then another..then another and finally BofA. A few weeks ago S&P was threatening to downgrade BofA and Citi. That was my wake-up that too big to fail was no longer operative. I bailed out of BofA and went back to community banks that actually keep the mortgages that they write and are solvent.

  77. Smart move SHV. Stick with small local banks that have been around a long time They aren’t beholding to stockholders and they are generally conservative because if they take too great a risk, THEY lose as well. This means they didn’t make loans to deadbeats and they do financing for companies they have long standing relationships with. Community banks and local credit unions are the best bets now. And the more people who pull their money out of the big boxes, the more they will hurt like they hurt America. Use your local bank’s debit card too.

  78. Where’s Freedom Fairy???
    6.4 EQ in Taiwan

  79. Haarp!!!!!

  80. UW,

    Seems like not too long ago you wrote a post about how many members of Congress are millionaires. And now we find out that they’re also pilferers, petty little thieves.

    Assuredly, $80 or $100 would be a welcome sum to many in these hard times. Yet, it is not so very much. These legislators are, in fact, petty thieves, little people with little minds. “Tawdry” and “seamy.”

    And then there’s the issue of what these lowlives are doing for their constiuents and our country in places like Khazakistan.

  81. Well said Mary!

  82. annie,

    I bet when they were kids in school, these people stole other kids pencils. And wherever they worked before entering Congress, they helped themselves to hands-full of paper clips and boxes of staples. They’re dirt, and thus belong in oilsoc’s administration.

  83. Hahaha!

    Also great point: “And then there’s the issue of what these lowlives are doing for their constiuents and our country in places like Khazakistan.”

    I can see some of them visiting troups or something, but 5300 days of travel to 130 countries in 2 years?!?! wtf?! Everything is completely out of control.

  84. Well, don’t these deadbeats screw us every which way.
    Unsettling to hear of banks continually defaulting. Nikkei and Hang Seng took a big dive overnight.
    The jackass has set the stage for hc – no one knows what it will cost.
    Philly station is running an article about a man who became blind and some other disability because he was refused treatment at a Philly hospital. This places ducks in a row for a sympathy vote. Once the hc is in, everyone – especially immigrants will have the ‘right’ to care.
    I’ve just become aware of a very nasty unsocial behavior gaining ground in Philadephia. It’s called ‘Flash Mob.” The latest incident happened Wednesday March 3.

    …Police say, at around 4:30 p.m., a mob of about 50 to 100 teens suddenly converged in the 1400 block of Chestnut Street when a fistfight broke out, and then the crowd began running towards 11th and Market … Police say the group of teens was on a rampage, dodging in and out of traffic and causing all sorts of havoc. Fortunately, city and SEPTA transit police have had a beefed up presence in the area since last month’s flash mob incident …

    abclocal go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=7309243

  85. Arrrgggg……so they won’t give seniors and veterans one day’s worth of their per diem to get them through the whole year?

    250 dollars for a whole year as some sort of “stimulus” is insulting already. I hated listening to them debate about how it hadn’t helped the economy because those cheap old people refused to go shopping.

    Yes, our lawmakers really are this out of touch. They were actually annoyed that last years “stimulus” went to food and electricity instead of a big shopping trip that would have stimulated the economy.

  86. yttik, they aren’t out of touch. They are out of control. Every november we get to vote for death by fire or death by drowing. It doesn’t matter any longer who we put there. They will turn on you in deference to the highest bidder.

  87. Due to the fact that the swamp gas in Washington DC seems to affect the brain cells of those who are elected to go there, it seems to me that they should be limited to a 4 or 6 year exposure to it. That limit would lessen the need for congressional health care. Since most of them are looking for lobbiest jobs while they are supposed to be working for us it limits the wasted time we pay for. The swamp gas effect seems to be a false sense of job security and entitlement. The only cure I see is to get them out of the area. Removing them is for their own good, isn’t that what they try to tell us when they are screwing us without a kiss?



  88. We will never have term limits, Helen. Mainly because they have to vote on term limits on themselves. They aren’t going to give up the golden goose.

  89. http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2010/03/04/2219155.aspx

    Another democrat will not run in 2010. Should all those that are quitting send thank you cards to backtrack,nancy,harry and the dnc for their new jobless status?



  90. It says he’s wildly popular, yet he’s not running. WTH is that all about?

  91. Some Dems are just good people, Uppity, they’re disgusted by what’s happening in DC and they want out. We’ve got some wildly popular D’s around here who don’t want to run for re-election because they’re so disgusted with their own party, they’ve lost their passion for the job.

  92. can we have the names of these bastards?

  93. http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaign-k-12/2010/03/xx_states_are_named_race_to_th.html

    Why is there a race for educational funds and only some state get them? Isn’t education the future of this country and all children deserve the best available?



    Please pass this to ALL your friends and have them “PROTEST TO THE IDIOTS WE ELECTED TO CONGRESS ” who by the way, have just voted themselves ANOTHER 3% SALARY INCREASE!!!”

    Why can Congress afford a raise for themselves and nothing for jobs? Why do they need their medical records computerized at the cost of COLA to the people who paid into SS all their working lives??? If an insurance company raided their premium payments the way Congress takes money from Social Security, they would be in jail.

    This is from a commenter at No Quarter Fldemfem

    They did not have a link.



  95. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/84969-howard-dean-health-bill-hangs-dem-incumbents-and-obama-out-to-dry-in-elections

    HEY Howard he is all yours, you and the dems shoved him down the country’s throat.
    Hows that hopey changey thing working out for you?



  96. I read the article linked in the update. It says its illegal to give the seniors and vets the $250 because there hasn’t been any inflation?!?!? But of course they’ve just given themselves a 3% salary hike for inflation. I hate these bastards so much.

  97. Another “I’m so angry I could just spit” moment brought to me by our thoughtless and uncaring representatives!

    That chump change can help pay off my hospital emergency bill because since I was admitted for an overnight stay, I have to pay for it. FUCKERS!

    And I love the vapid look on the women in that vid! I’ve never seen that musical and I love Shirley McClaine too!

    for you smokers: I totally empathize with your dance in the struggle of quitting smoking. I used to “social smoke” which began when I studied abroad in Latin America (everyone smokes there but no one is a smoker!) & I still crave it 😉 The chewing on straws does help, so does having one of those rings that you can spin with your finger for the anxiety. I’ve heard that Wellbutrin works well according to my relative.

    FF — you didn’t say the “p word” did you? Up your B and C vitamins, and drink fresh lemon in water. It helps with the detox and the cravings. GOOD LUCK!

    Utah — “step away from the trough” LMFAO!

    Also, smokers .. anyone see those e-cigarettes? I’m thinking of getting one just for the few times I “socialize” 😉

  98. Funny video. When I was watching it, it made me think of how connected the whole world is…like when the bastards in congress wall st do something evil and the effects ripple along. I’m probably crazy I know!

  99. sorry, should read “since I was NOT admitted for an overnight stay”

  100. PMM, FF and Utah…..wow you guys are all quitting??? Am I going to be the only smoker at UW’s??? PMM I have boxes of Chantix in my bedroom but have been afraid to use it. Do you think maybe you three could write a little bit about your quitting experience on your blogs? For somebody that is on the fence about quitting…….I know I need to but I’m a weak, weak, puppy! Maybe following you all will inspire not only myself, but perhaps others and will let us know what to expect. Just a thought.

    Socal Annie, it’s not so much what I think about the kid ATC, it’s what my husband thinks and he is disgusted. He works in a large enroute facility and security is much tighter there. All my children have toured the facility where he works and they’ve been allowed to sit for a few minutes and listen in with an extra set of headphones. BUT just hang out in the control room with dad all day??? Hell no! Radio instructions to planes, NEVER!

    You know it’s great to expose kids to career options and for them to know what their parents do. However children can be a distraction and distractions are not a good thing in the world of air traffic control. Something like this would never happen where my husband works and there are clearly a lot of people in trouble over this.

    They do have a bring your child to work program but the children must be a certain age and mostly it’s supervisors and office people that participate. A few controllers have, but again they have to have approval and part of the program is a tour which takes time…..time not usually alloted by management. Kids can sit next to their parent but if they are any kind of distraction then they must leave the control room. If that happens then the parent is relieved and then charged annual leave so they can take their child home.

    Just so you know visitor passes are supposed to be only for a brief amount of time and only with prior approval. I once needed to go to my husband’s facility for some paperwork. On my way out I ran into several people I knew in the smoking area and decided to have a smoke and chat. In short order I was literally, physically removed from the grounds by security. They left red marks on my upper arms, seriously!. How this kid was just hanging around I don’t know unless New York is far more lax with security and I highly doubt that.

  101. I just got mail from CAIVN . there is a top-two open primary proposition on the June primary election ballot.
    It would allow everyone’ vote to be counted. Independent voters could vote for any candidate regardless of party.
    This is a big change for California. It could change the 2010 election.

    I like the video. It does show how one action affects another.

    also I need so help
    at the I HAS ACHEEESBURGER site there is a picture of a cat and a puppy. The heading shows the cat say I fix him and make him listen.
    I do not know how to get the picture to link here. It is so perfect for this discussion on congress



  102. socalannie, on March 4, 2010 at 2:59 PM Said:
    I read the article linked in the update. It says its illegal to give the seniors and vets the $250 because there hasn’t been any inflation?!?!? But of course they’ve just given themselves a 3% salary hike for inflation. I hate these bastards so much.
    socal — what the fuck is this about. there is no inflation! the price of food has nearly tripled in the last few years. our county is talking about doubling the price of bus tickets cause there is NO money. Bus tiks… which seniors rely upon for transportation!

    & Congress had the AUDACITY to give themselves yet another COLA increase!!!!!! Maybe someone should write a book and call it “The Audacity of the Congressional Crooks”

  103. Somebody- I will be happy to let you know how the Chnatix works out- right now I am planning on getting completely drunk out of my mind. I went to the neurosurgeon expecting him to order a test- NOOOO- he says I need the back surgery- a ‘microdiscectomy?”
    After I get done feeling scared and sorry for myself I will be happy to make up a tab on my blog for quitting and quitters- a little support group! Excellent idea! I feel better already! (It also helps the surgery is workmen’s comp so the bastages at Anthem can’t deny me)

  104. somebody
    I was wondering what your husband thought about that situation with kid in in the air traffic control booth.
    I think people thought I was being the wicked witch of the west because I was upset about it.
    A distraction can cause lives. Believe I have seen the fallout of someones stupid action. I have seen rule changes and people that did not do anything wrong now have to be more accountable. People being judged by the public for actions they had no part in.

    As far as the smoking I wish all of you good luck and truly believe you all can quit. Set a goal, give yourself a reward, keep your hands occupied(any way you wish)



  105. helen- LOL on the any way you wish> but i don’t think the system would accept a Chantix defense for strangling congress vermin

  106. Somebody- (and FF and Utah and Uppity- everybody is welcome) the (non?) (ex?) smoker’s lounge is open at my blog!

  107. Of course they would stick it to the seniors, our government only recognizes seniors when there is an election and they want their votes. Then, as far as our Congress and President are concerned, they should make themselves invisible.

    This greed and corruption is a cancer that is destroying our government and our country.

  108. “Maybe someone should write a book and call it “The Audacity of the Congressional Crooks”

    It’s been written. It was called the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

  109. ROFL FF! Too funny!

  110. microdiscectomy –

    remembering my Medical Terminology class – discetomy

    ectomy – removal of
    disc – those things in your spine that make your teeth not rattle when you walk

    micro – well – tiny.

  111. mom- don’t get too drunk. You are over 40 and you will feel like crap for three days.

  112. Damn it FF! why did you remind me!
    {sigh} ok- can I overindulge in PIE???

  113. I think he meant micro like he makes a small incision and then takes out the part of the disc that is messing up the sciatic nerve- it is an overnight then home thing. I was pretty stunned as I had been told six months ago that I was not a surgical candidate- the disc was supposed to heal- hmph! Guess the scar tissue or the disc itself are impinging on the nerve. Oh Yeay! Well guess I get my first cardiac stress test compliments of Workmen’s comp- one less non anthem covered thing to worry about!
    And thanks! over 40! you are TOO kind!

  114. PMM I saw the tab and left a comment. I don’t know about a better name off the top of my head. I said in the comment….Bad Habit would be cute but Nunly would come and find us and slap our wrists with a ruler, LOL!

  115. Mom – your support group is a great idea. I will look when I get back from cooking for Charlotte – which always makes me want to smoke more! LOL

    I get from Somebody’s post you are looking for a name. I’ll think – and I will do you a graphic!

  116. Hi everybody, just got back from the dentist and have a fat lip.

    I’ll bet that senator got HIS COLA raise though! They get it AUToMATICALLY and while they cut seniors off from it, they wouldn’t THINK of doing it to their superior selves.

  117. it was actually Somebody’s idea- we just put it on my blog- gave me something to do so I don’t get drunk! LOL You have powers- graphic away!
    UW- did you catch the “Evil Empire” supposed leak from the RNC planning shindig? First in that pool was MSNBC- so not sure how valid it is-

  118. PMM
    would smoke free room work for a name.?
    The end of the smoked filled back rooms
    fresh air
    fresh ideas all the time.
    no smoke and mirrors allowed



  119. No Smoke and mirrors! Very catchy!!!!! I like it!
    I have thought of my revenge factor- (hey if it helps)
    This is my own personal health care reform- and I WILL save money- unlike Obiewannabe’s plan and I am redistributing wealth from the tobacco companies to- ME!

  120. UW- here is a link (not msnbc) about the Repub leak
    Leaked documents reveal GOP plan to use scare tactics to raise money

    So essentially nothing has changed?The graphic in the story was pretty funny- the evil empire with Obie the joker, Reid as Scooby Doo and Nancy as Cruella Deville. Hey- I had that cruella idea a few weeks ago! Who is stealing my ideas?

  121. i gotta go cook


  122. PMM – How about something with a boot camp theme. Then you could get your pengy onboard. Smoker’s Boot Camp?

  123. Mom, the Republicans are scum. They just float to the top of a different green, slimey pond than the Democrats.

  124. Don’t be fooled UW it’s the same pond. The fighting is just a show for us, they love each other behind closed doors. That’s why they like to keep them closed.

  125. Fembots, Wellbutrin is the exact same forumula as that other smoking pill, the name I can’t remember. Doctors prescribe wellbutrin because insurance covers it and insurance doesn’t cover it under the other name. I can’t remember the name.

  126. Ok I remember the name. Zyban, I think.

  127. Smoker’s Boot Camp! With Pengy drill sergeants!!!!

  128. I just go mail from the CAIVP about the top two open primary initiative that will be on the June ballot .
    This will allow everyone’s vote to be counted and Independent voters can vote for any candidate regardless of party.
    This is a big step and could change the 2010 election.
    the website is http://www.caivn.org
    I just went there for the first time.. They have some interesting information for California voters.



  129. Thanks for the link helenk. Very interesting indeed.

  130. Fredster, the NYDaily this am said some really ugly stuff about how her staff were locusts cut loose in the room. No one ever mentioned that all of it went to charity. (sigh)

  131. ***MOM***

    My husband suffered the same agonies as you until he had the disc surgery in 1991.. He has been 100% fine in the back and sciatica dept since then .The only activties not allowed him are jogging and lifting more than 50 lbs.

  132. annie,

    Good vid. Yes, I believe we’re all like little inlets off the same ocean. What contaminates that ocean contaminates each inlet. That’s why the human pollutants politicians have to be cleaned out of our sea.

  133. That’s why the human pollutants politicians have to be cleaned out of our sea.

    ROFL Mary…that was kind.

  134. Thanks for the news, Swell.

  135. Mary- thanks- i am concerned as the surgeon says my chances of returning to work at this point are 50/50. And for any of you who have ever worked in restaurants- well 50 lbs is the lifting capability required-
    maybe I’ll get a new career out of it? Accountant? Government watchdog?

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