**UPDATED, 3/9!**Salmonella: It’s what’s for dinner in America – almost constantly

UPDATE: 3/9: MORE PRODUCTS and COMPANIES have been added to the list including McCormick and Herb Ox. See updated list below. Here is the Basic Food Flavors website.  Click here  and here to see Basic Food Flavors product “Applications” and distribution areas,  so that you understand  just how far and wide this poisonous company reaches around the world and throughout the food chain. FDA is recommending that you throw away the products   with the related codes on their packages (and eat the cost yourself!), so this shitbum company is not going to be incurring the expense: you are. This  is unconscionable and one more example of how the USA panders to these food companies, even if they endanger our lives.

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Dinner's Ready!

 The endless array of poison in our food has become a fact of life. Last time it was about peanuts. Annoying (and deadly) yes, but at least you could identify products that had peanuts in them and avoid them (or pray a lot if you ate one of the products).   

This time, it’s a “Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein” sold in bulk to food processors by a crappy company named Basic Food Flavors. Basic Food Flavors sells their product in 25 pound sacks to companies who use their additives flavorings in their foods which millions of Americans ingest. They apparently also throw in Salmonella as a bonus.

What I would like to know, is When Is Enough Enough??????

I’m about to Rant. I can do that. It’s my blog.

I really think it’s time to indict and convict the owners and CEOs of companies that endanger our food supply and the lives of Americans through their sanitation and toxic material negligence. I’m talking life in prison here with no parole. That should cure these bastards and make them a bit more concerned about how careful they are in their processing and supplier purchases from vendors over in Melamine and Arsenic Land. I’m sure everyone reading this knows someone whose cat died of kidney failure before the massive melamine in pet food recall. And how about that melamine in baby formulas?, yet another gift from our bankers in China?  Does lead in our children’s Chinese toys and a well-paid American liaison who was supposed to be monitoring them, but who instead defended these toys, ring a bell?

Eat me! I almost taste like real food!

Then there’s our  infamous chemical saturator and food-facsimile Godfather, Monsanto, infiltrating the USDA, trying to control and genetically engineer the world’s food supply, and working double-time to harass small farmers and influence Congress to make it financially impossible for small farmers to grow things in the ground without Monsanto’s chemical blessings.  How much should you really trust a company that has the audacity to imagine it actually should own a patent on the world’s CORN??? Corn has been a gift to the earth for hundreds of years and now Monsanto wants to claim it as their own invention!

To make matters worse, it’s just a never-ending poisoning-fest for Big Agra and Big Food, isn’t it?  And when we aren’t being poisoned by chemicals and salmonella, we are wondering what happened to the taste of what were once lusciously delicious foods. Ever wonder why, if you are old enough, you recognize that salmon and shrimp from “down on the farm” barely resemble  the taste of salmon and shrimp you ate 20 years ago, or why supermarket tomatoes no longer taste like tomatoes,  why foodstuffs are packed in countries that are definitely not on your “Places I would like to visit” list, why peaches shipped to your supermarket are like rocks with cotton in them,  why you have to practically scrub your produce with a brillo pad before eating it, and why your garden seeds are “treated” (think eradiated) to no longer grow year after year? We talk about breaking up the  big banks, well maybe we should be doing the same for these food masters and conglomerates as well.   

I also believe very strongly that these recalls should all be PROMINENTLY posted near the shelves where the recalled products would reside had they not been recalled for deadliness. The public simply is not hearing about these recalls fast enough. I say, embarrass these pigs where it will hurt them most: right at the point of sale. A well-placed FDA sign would embed itself right where it belongs: In the memories of consumers, for a long, long time. That should make food processing companies think twice about winks, nods and  lax monitoring of their own plants as well as the plants of their suppliers.  They are lax because they CAN be. They need to know that they will incur massive  financial loses if they are not responsible food producers, and responsible food producers do not include Salmonella in their products.

It’s not just about Salmonella either. How about the E. Coli outbreak in spinach? There is no way to put it gently:  E. Coli comes from infected SHIT, folks!  I wish to point out that spinach does not have intestines. Just saying!

How about the Botulism problem, compliments of the canning process of a company named New Era?  If  all of this isn’t offensive enough, President Obama’s “Food and Safety Working Group” instructed the FDA had to draft “helpful”  “Guidelines” for growers of tomatoes, leafy vegetables and melons. I don’t know about you, but the word, “Guideline” does not inspire confidence for me. Guidelines are not instructions and they are not The Law.

E Coli. Yum!

Safety has gone out the window, folks.  These companies are not suffering enough financially to halt their deadly behaviors. I say hit them in their wallets and their hearts and minds will follow.

The other thing that fries my ice is, we can give hundreds of billions of dollars to the creeps in  Goldman Sachs,  Bank of America, AIG, Green Car Manufacturers in foreign countries with partners named Al Gore,  and a host of  other Wall Street and special interest thieves who don’t do squat for us except make big contributions to politicians, when we should be cleaning the USDA and FDA houses, removing them from ties to politicians and the companies they are supposed to be monitoring (think Big Pharma and think Don Rumsfeld and Killer Aspartame),  and we should be shoring up our country with an ARMY of independent food inspectors who can hover over any company that contributes to our food supply day and night. When you have an FDA that actually has the audacity to set “safe levels” of melamine in baby formulas, something needs to be changed.  Melamine is plastic, folks! They make dinner plates out of it– and now we have “Safe Levels” of this shit in our foods?

We need to fund an FDA that Prevents, not just Reports. You do that by literally hovering over our food growers, processors and suppliers, demanding they do the same for their vendors, fining them up their noses when they don’t comply, and keeping infected food from reaching the consumer. Sure, some things might slip through the cracks, but what we are enduring today is  an indication that things are seriously out of control under the current system. Let’s face it,  plenty of other countries’ consumers don’t seem to be forced to treat their poultry and beef like toxic waste when they touch it. In the USA, sallmonella in chicken and beef has become a “Given” and we are “expected” to live with it!

Eat enough "safe" Melamine and collect a whole set!

The recalls  in our food chain are a never-ending loop and the condition of our food supply has reached the point of unconscionable.   What’s next from the FDA: “Safe levels” of Salmonella? How about if they just stick Melamine, Botulism, Salmonella and E Coli into the food pyramid and give us our daily acceptable allocation? When organizations like the FDA start declaring that there are “safe levels” of toxic substances, we are being desensitized to the poisons and toxins we are being forced to ingest for the sake of the Corporate profits. Why are we expected to become accustomed to all these poisons on behalf of Big Business and the politicians they sponsor?

The FDA, which seems these days to be a lot better at identifying life  and health threats after they occur than they are at forcing food producers to avoid them, has a  warning page on this recall that lists the products they do know could be affected (so far).   

Here is the list from their page. Click on the links to get a product breakdown. I use Marzetti and I am pissed. And I will NEVER buy their product again. You shouldn’t either. If they can’t monitor their own additive suppliers and monitor their own products for salmonella effectively, they can just kiss my ass.   

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  1. […] put up a post on this disgusting piece of nastiness but what I was working on wasn’t nearly this […]

  2. OH SNAP, UW! You out did yourself. Stand up and take a bow.


  3. Who says I don’t work for you on weekends?

  4. Upppity
    A very good post. Many should see it a be made aware of the government not funding departments that should regulate food and product safety and doing the job our taxes pay for.

    as it is women’s history month
    google fast flip has a story about the women pilots (WASP’s) during the second world war. Finally they are getting some credit for their service.



  5. Great post! Everyone – Be informed consumers. Don’t place your faith in stores removing tainted items from their shelves. It can take days or weeks for the recall to move thru the system of suppliers and distributors to your local retailer.

  6. Having taken the Serv-Safe Food service sanitation course the first time as a college credit course (now it is a one day course for Rest. Managers- think about that the next time you eat out) I quit eating a lot of things- like hot dogs. Didn’t eat chicken for a long time and now only if I cook it myself.
    Here’s one for you. That course teaches that most bacteria are killed by cooking food to 165 degrees. Since I originally took the course that number has never changed. HOWEVER_ the same course and ALL restaurants now recommend cooking chicken (salmonella) to 180 degrees. No explanation given- resistant bacteria??? HMMM?
    UW is correct as always- E-Coli is contained in fecal matter (occurs naturally in the intestines of mammals) So how does it get on spinach? The mega farms only provide one johnny on the job every 20 or thirty rows – and the migrant workers get paid by the bushel or basket or whatever. So they crap right there in the fields rather than lose valuable picking time.
    Botulism is almost always the result of the improper canning of low acid foods-
    Trader Joe’s- Whole Foods competition?? ROFLMAO!

    I am off for a bit- not dead yet and haven’t killed anybody!

  7. Yes MOM. The people they exploit to pick it, who live in tents outside the fields, don’t have bathrooms. Or toilet paper. That’s how We get to eat E Coli. You are right. I’ll bet today’s “new and improved” fertilizers and feeds (which now can contain “safe levels” of pig shit) have nothing to do with this either, right? Yes, folks, there are processors out there re-feeding pig shit to their stock.

    Mom, I remember watching Julia work with chicken and her words about how if you saw how chickens were processes, you would REALLY make sure they are washed.

  8. So they crap right there in the fields rather than lose valuable picking time.
    I’d not thought of this until a friend’s son-in-law witnessed urination among the plants. And to expound upon the immigration reform, seems Obama is stirring that back up. Think the health care is needed first (for reasons I do not understand). But I do know that rolling back Medicare and ramping up Medicaid equals more immigrants.

    Great post UW and the information you’ve compiled needs to go viral.

  9. One way to help protect yourself is to keep your own intestines happy with lots of healthy bacteria found in things like yogurt and probiotics. We’ve got a perfect storm brewing, Americans are taking a whole lot of antacids, acid blockers, all of which make you much more vulnerable to food poisoning. There’s a reason we have stomach acids.

    Look at what our grandparents used to do, put vinegar on their canned green beans and their fish and chips.Vinegar is very similar to the acids that are already in your stomach and it’s used to pickle food because it’s such a good preservative. It helps to kill things that would make us sick. Our grandparents were also big on things like buttermilk, wine, saurkraut, sourdough, all fermented foods that help keep your intestinal bacteria strong.

    Now melamine? You’re simply out of luck. There’s not much you can do to help your body fight that.

  10. Slave labor in the fields- period. Also in restaurants. So the high muckety mucks can say “Oh we only make 2 cents on the dollar”
    HMPH- if you make 2 cents per on 100 million or billion seems you are making plenty to me!
    And the accounting is suspect as well. The profits are what is left after deducting everything from food to rent and salaries for the gazillionaires. Expensing out private jets and Business meeting Safaris. Try getting away with that!
    We hear “Americans won’t do that work” True- Americans won’t work for pennies. And if the mega growers paid a living wage- people could not afford to eat. Though I think a stint at dishwashing for minimum wage would not hurt many an American teenager.
    We grow as much as we can and what we don’t grow- we are very careful where we get it and how we cook it.

  11. Like my name says… I give my two cents worth along with any info I have. This is a topic I can share my knowledge.

    Food safety in this country is a fragmented system involving federal-state-and local goverments. It is dis-jointed with varying regulations and funding. Some places care, others don’t. Some care, but don’t have the money. Worst, in some places that crop- or that food factory- is the economic life blood of the community or state. They operate as sacred cows. Even in parts of the country were the system is functioning and funded, it doesn’t work because it is so outdated. Our food safety programs begin when the food enters the slaughterhouse, the processing plant, or the restaurant. The problem today in the 21st century is that the food is coming into the system already contaminated. The problems are happening in the field, in the herds, in bulk plants that make additives and seasonings with ingredients from all over the world.

  12. Oh- by the way- pig, chicken, turkey, goat shit are great fertilizers. But it has to be done correctly- like the old timers do- you compost it, then dig it in and turn it well- you can not use fresh shit on food acreage.
    We saw a piece recently here in our area- a large (for our area) chicken farm has been auctioning off their manure for years. All of a sudden this year you need permits, aerial documentation of where you are going to spread it- etc etc etc. Very very strange- more govt control of the food supply.

  13. I use Marzetti as well, but not anymore.

  14. Yeah McN. Marzetti has it’s own section. No co-mingling with the peons for them! Their dressings and dips are comparatively pricey and now, free of charge, they deliver salmonella unto us. Marzetti is no longer on my shopping list. End of story.

  15. Mom, they might be good fertilizers, but I have read where now their shit is becoming FEED.

  16. Not to discount the horrible sanitary conditions for migrant workers, but the recent outbreaks with veggies have been from contaminated irrigation water. That’s why you see problems with high water content fruits and veggies or short grow seasons like baby greens and sprouts. You can’t wash the bacteria away- it is inside. You can cook it away, but not helpful if you want spinich salad or tomatoes or raw spourts on your sandwich or some melon or………………….

  17. tupp, another source besides the water and the farm workers, especially in California is live stock. A friend who lives there and knows the mega-farm layout well says the pig farms are up hill from the spinach and the chickens are next to the broccoli etc.

    The planning for meat and vegetable farm distance is poor.

  18. you know- years ago family farms all had integrated systems- everybody had chickens, pigs, goats, cows. And grew their own fruit and vegetables. Careful, common sense management of the animal waste! The waste from the vegetable matter fed the livestock and the waste from the livestock fed the plants, both fed the people. Problem today? too much of a good thing and the antibiotics they feed the animals, and the CHEMICAL fertilizers on the plants.
    Yes UW- on the waste as feed- which is partly how we get mad cow- using “animal by-products” as feed.
    Scary how the govt and companies like Monsanto, Tyson, Perdue etc are gaining control of what we eat.

  19. Yes Karen, that is exactly how the irrigation water gets contaiminated. You know the saying, shit flows downhill. Shitty stormwater and such flows onto the fields below. But it also flows into streams and ponds, which is then pumped out to water the fields. Never ending shitty water cycle. Poor planning but also over-using the land. Too many animals on too little acreage.

  20. Tuppence- agree too many animals on the acreage- and unfortunately- most of the animals never see the light of day or feel the ground under their feet- cooped up like sardines in a can- with the manure under their feet
    Ever wonder why sometimes the store bought chickens have very yellow coloration at the end of the legs? From standing in urine

  21. Big Agriculture, mega farming, they are all killing us slowly.

  22. Okay, that’s it. I’m only eating Peeps from now on….Peeps. Thank goodness Easter is soon so there should be ample supply.

  23. Here’s the Peeps official website. You can go on a virtual factory tour……clean as a whistle that Peeps factory! Yep, Peeps the only safe food.

  24. opps left off the link:


  25. I live in a rural area where it’s always been normal to have animals and gardens on fairly small pieces of land. Farmers around here have never had problems. I mean people have kept chickens in the yard, you water your garden with your roof gutters.You can your vegitables. To call the whole thing ‘unsanitary’ is an understatement. But even as kids you would eat dirt and handle chickens all day long without the threat of salmonilla. Nature has a perfect system designed that helps keep us safe. It’s only when you start interfering with things like factory farming that you have problems.

    With all the home canning going on and chickens running in and out of people’s houses, you would expect to see botulism and salmonilla everywhere. You don’t. It actually takes a whole lot of neglect and carelessness to make people sick. You need a whole corporation, a board of directors and several thousand pages of government regulations to create a real good epidemic.

  26. Oh wow, Uppity, you really hit on my pet peeve! And I have to run so I can’t rant with you until later…and all the good rants will come before me and say everything I want to say. 🙂

    Lucky for me, my breakfast menu didn’t have any of the foods you listed on your post but I don’t have time to read the link. I think I’ll just stick with an apple this morning…a washed apple.

  27. It’s a sin to even call agri-business “farming”.

    The thing I love about buying from local family farms is you can SEE for yourself . You can see how they tend their fields and care for their livestock. If I don’t like what I see, I don’t buy their product. It’s not that there aren’t badly run small farms, there are. But I have more power as a consumer when I choose locally produced products.

  28. imust- thanks a lot! I HATE peeps! You can have all of my share in the whole world! you know their eyes don’t melt even in a microwave??? {shuddering}}} Bet you I have “vivid dreams” tonight about trying to run from giant woman eating peeps.
    yttik- I agree- I too live in a rural area- chickens run loose all over the place- my chickens are on bug patrol in the garden as soon as the plants are big enough the chickens can’t scratch them up or eat them. Nobody we know ever gets sick from local food- food poisoning is what you get from the grocery stores and the restaurants.
    Just goes to prove that as soon as the government and their buyers get hold of something- somebody dies.

  29. I hate those friggin’ peeps.

  30. The current subversion of consumer safety got going with Reagan’s “big gubmint is bad meme”. The gubmint that got eliminated were things like regulation of investment, banking, food and drug safety, etc. The part of govt that was expanded were the things that related to the National Corporate Welfare Programs.

    What I really don’t understand is why some schmuck who shoots a Mini-Mart employee get the death penalty and some corporate CEO who knowingly sell bad food, drugs, cars, etc. that kills tens, hundreds, thousands of people, walks. The company may be fined and sued out of existence (really good thing for the workers) but nothing for the boss. Perhaps when the CEO’s start getting charged with felonies, including Capital Murder, things might change a bit.

  31. All this talk about urban agriculture makes me equally squeamish. Planting food on top of previously vacant lots and abandoned property? Oh, it’s O.K. if the PH levels are monitored. Riiiiggggghhhhhhtttt!!!!! I’ll take my chances with the melamine, thank you. BTW, melamine is what is used to strengthen the back of laminate flooring. Yummy!

  32. I love Peeps! But I will only eat yellow or white ones. Now I want to know from where and who produces the food dyes and bulk geletin in Peeps. At least the water is from PA. That’s GOT to be safe right?

  33. Swell, the melamine comes to us from China. What makes us think that the ground THEY grow things on is any less toxic. For all we know, they could be growing foodon top of old graveyards.

  34. SHV is right. The kind of regulating government SHOULD be doing has been “Deregulated” and that’s how this all got out of control.

    In all venues, Big Business has shown us that, when left on their honor, they have no honor.

  35. Your homegrown garden is gold.

  36. I saw this on my late news and was on the phone with my mother at the time. She mentioned she had seen it but was having a hard time getting her head around the “Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein”. Plus, they just ended the news report with “check online for the complete list”. This puts little old ladies and a lot of other individuals at higher risk if they do not have a computer and internet access.

    I decided I better get more info in case I needed to tell her to get rid of anything. While still on the phone I warmed up the old notebook to check the story online and found that the list was indeed far longer than what had been shown on screen and went over the other recent recalls just in case.

    And yes, they are making it hard for true farmers to make a living in favor of the Monsanto variety. Rather like, its OK for huge manufactures to import toys with crap materials from China – but heaven help those church groups or other small non-profits if they include toys at flea markets or church bazaars that they have not paid to have re-tested.

  37. Mom
    I left you a message on your no smoking site



  38. The kind of regulating government SHOULD be doing has been “Deregulated” and that’s how this all got out of control.
    The Democrats have joint with the Republicans to fulfill the Republican party’s long term goal of undoing the FDR legacy and the “New Deal”.
    We are returning to the pro-corporate activist govt and Supreme Court of the late 1800’s to 1937. The was the era of the full impact of the Republican party philosophy of “Free labor”, Substantive Due Process, and laissez faire capitalism. The latest ruling of the SCOTUS that corporations are “people” and can’t be restricted in political contributions takes the country back to the “Lochner” era when the SCOTUS struck down work hour laws, child labor laws, minimum wadge, etc., etc.

    When corporations can decide that selling a pain reliever that killed 100,000 people a year or a diabetes drug that killed 10 of thousands is a reasonable trade for billions of dollars in sales or Toyota execs. allegedly making the decision that not dealing with possible defects would save $100 million, then we are back to the era of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”.

  39. They apparently also throw in Salmonella as a bonus.
    I read about five years ago that if US poultry producers adopted procedures that are used in Europe, Salmonella would not be a problem. The cost??? About 1-2 cents added cost per pound. It’s much easier to “bribe” the USDA to have safe food handling instructions so that if you get sick from contaminated chicken “It’s your fault for not following govt instructions.”

  40. Beautiful rant!!


  41. OT – Imust – there is something up with the USGS California link. I have been watching that site for ages. You(?) mentioned the other day the offshore 4.5.
    I knew about it.
    I just refreshed the page and suddenly there pops up another 4.5 from almost the same time on Saturday near Parkfield.

    It has not been there all weekend. Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm

  42. http://www.alternet.org/water/143489/a_new_lawsuit_may_hold_the_key_to_keeping_polluting_animal_waste_out_of_waterways?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=alternet&obref=obnetwork

    I was looking for something else and found this. I do not know the outcome of this law suit.



  43. I just went and looked up this hydrolyzed veg protein- this is from wiki- not my favorite source- but-
    “Acid-hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP,[1] is produced by boiling cereals or legumes, such as soy, corn, or wheat, in hydrochloric acid and then neutralizing the solution with sodium hydroxide. The acid hydrolyzes, or breaks down, the protein in vegetables into their component amino acids. The resulting dark coloured liquid contains, among other amino acids, glutamic acid, which consumers are more familiar with in the form of its sodium salt, monosodium glutamate, or MSG. It is used as a flavor enhancer in many processed foods.”

    MSG? We have known for years that crap is bad for you! WTF??
    And this Basic Foods is in Las Veags NV? Is Harry trying to kill off all of us?

  44. Brilliant post Uppity. I hate what these bastards are doing to our food. There is a bill (maybe its already passed) in congress called the Food Safety Act, but its basically a gift to evil monsanto corp. I emailed barbara boxer about it & several weeks later, I got a reply that she had included an amendment to help out small farmers that couldn’t afford the new monsanto/corp way of producing food. She completely missed my point, which was that I want my food to be natural, not tinkered with by creepy scientists in labs.

    Another huge problem is the “cheap” labor used by the farms. As mentioned above, they pee and take dumps on our produce! Disgusting. Why is this even allowed? To say nothing of the fact that taxpayers have to pay for all the living expenses of the workers and their large families. I’m so frustrated with everything.

    I also used marzetti…never again.

  45. Crap. above post is me, not laker. Forgot to change name.

    ***Fixit Fairy visited you***

  46. Great Value = Walmart.

    I remember reading an article back in one of the Repub administrations, Bush I or II, that USDA (by pressure from the meat industry) had put the pressure on the individual meat inspectors at plants that if they forced a shutdown of a line to inspect or something, it had better be for a very good reason because the full responsibility would fall on them. So that if they stopped a line for nothing (and cost the company money by doing that) it was on that one employee’s shoulders. They made the individual inspectors scared sh!tless to stop a line for something.

  47. I have a link to my coverage of the food safety act in this piece socal. I ranted about it awhile back.

    Rosa DeLauro submitted it to congress. Her hubby just happens to be a monsanto consultant. Not that this has anything to do with it…

  48. Is Harry trying to kill off all of us?

    Only moderates, Republicans and anybody who isn’t handing off the far left cliff.

  49. Uppity, brilliant rant, and equally brilliant comments. I do not buy prepared foods ever. Back in the 80’s I finally figured out that my “Nervous stomach” which involved nausea and pain after every meal not prepared by me had something to do with the meal, and not my stomach. I started reading the contents of every food that I bought (in Canada it’s the law that it has to be listed) and that alone made me sick. BHA, BHT and so many more preservatives. I was down to 104 pounds – at 5 foot 6, that is not healthy, and I hated the way you could count the bones on my spinal column (yeah I know a model would kill for that today, but all I knew was that I felt sick all of the time, and my weight was not a good thing for my future survival, cause I kept losing weight). I stopped eating out, stopped buying prepared foods and started shopping at farmers’ markets – difficult cause in my end of the world, in the winter it’s impossible to get fresh foods other than winter squash and potatoes. Still, I get frozen vegies that are organic, and they taste almost as good as the fresh. Never buy anything that is processed, with the exception of peanut butter – but even that must be labeled as peanuts only – no sugar, no preservatives. Worked for me. I used to think I was bulemic because I threw up after every meal. Today, I’m a healthy 130 pounds and have no trouble with my digestive system – except I cannot tolerate corn – wonder why cause I love fresh corn. Another side element, my daughter born in 87 was fine until she hit 15. I didn’t know that the deadbeat who is her father was feeding her kraft dinner and such. She was finally diagnosed as Celiacs two years ago, but only after she – at 6 foot – was down to 115 pounds and losing weight rapidly. She cannot eat anything with gluten, and has to check the rice and other acceptable grains, legumes, beans etc to ensure they are preservative free. Sure does put a new meaning to Corporate Responsibility.
    P.S. Celiacs is a huge problem that is underreported. Most Doctors are unfamiliar with it and it is underdiagnosed, yet it leads to often fatal consequences. My sister – at 65 was just recently diagnosed with it, and she’s had digestive problems for decades. I wonder whether it has something to do with the fertilizers and gmo grains?

  50. Salmonella for dinner??? Ummmmm! Tacitly condoned by the US gov.

  51. And now- may I inject OT but uplifting? )especially since the current resident of 1600 Pa Ave- has nothing to say about Woman’s History month or Women’s Day)
    On the Big Dawg’s Page- take a look


  52. I remember reading an article back in one of the Repub administrations, Bush I or II, that USDA (by pressure from the meat industry) had put the pressure on the individual meat inspectors at plants that if they forced a shutdown of a line to inspect or something,
    At the end of the Bush II admin. a Physcian who was working at USDA (?) FDA (?) had one small goal….meat packers couldn’t sell meat that was contaminated with harmful bacteria….he couldn’t get it passed as a regulation and he quit. It is illegal to sell contaminated ground meat (they do it any way) but it is legal to sell contaminated non-ground meat. The fact that retail outlet may grind the meat is tough sh*t. And basically that it what out meat and produce is contaminated with…shit. It would cost a few extra cents for the poultry packers not to give chickens/turkeys a cold water/shit bath before packaging.

  53. OT – Two of the World’s Oldest People Die on Same Day


  54. P.S. Celiacs is a huge problem that is underreported. Most Doctors are unfamiliar with it and it is underdiagnosed, yet it leads to often fatal consequences. My sister – at 65 was just recently diagnosed with it, and she’s had digestive problems for decades. I wonder whether it has something to do with the fertilizers and gmo grains?
    Gluten sensitive enteropathy (celiac dis.) is surprisingly common >1-2% of the population and incidence increases with age. The genes associated with celiac disease have a high prevalence in Northern and Western Europeans. Poor food labeling and sloppy food processing is a major problem for people who need to avoid the food proteins that cause the problem.

  55. FF, I’m glad you mentioned the usgs site problems. I was wondering too. I read about an EQ in an article online and then I go to USGS but it’s not on there! Is there some kind of protocol for putting an EQ up at usgs that slows down the process?

  56. SHV, I appreciate your contribution, as a retired doctor, but if Gluten sensitive enteropathy was so bleeping common, why on earth did it take five years for my daughter to be diagnosed. Shades of chronic fatigue syndrome, which was at first diagnosed as a depression affecting women only, then when men were affected it was afforded a closer look, but was catagorized as Epstein Barr, then ….well, you will probably know the history. One of my friends was a wonderful brilliant woman who was afflicted.
    My own distrust of medicinal so called experts was born when my friend became a statistic – and it was long before Chronic fatigue or Epstein Barr became public. My friend carried around her file – including all of her Xrays and MRIs etc, because she could not get a doctor to treat her. They sent her to psychiatrists, cause obviously, she was a woman so she must be needing anti depressants. She was a woman who wanted children, and ended up taking herself out of her children’s lives because she didn’t know what she would do, because she had lost control of her body and her mind. She couldn’t even read a page of a book and yet the medical establishment in their day told her she was
    1. psychotic
    2. in a depression
    3. was looking for attention, cause there was nothing wrong.
    My friend is not the only person I know that has gone through this – and strangely, or not – they are all women who were above average in intellegence, all willing to work however many hours , all subjected to stress that was much more than the average male, all subject to having their ideas stolen and sold by a male associate, all quite beautiful human beings with children. Today, some of them have recovered, others not – and what a loss to the human race that these brilliant women
    My daughter has gone through multiple emergency hospital visits. I find it difficult to accept your comment about the commonality of the issue, because most practicing Doctors don’t have a clue. If that is because they are ignorant because they don’t read the studies, or because they just don’t have the time, it doesn’t matter.
    And by your comment, DOctors have know about this for ….how many years? Check out Celiacs.com to find reality.

  57. HT I can see you are upset and understand that, but I had to remove your last line from your comment. I’m sure if you take a deep breath you will understand why.

  58. I guess that my point was surprisingly common for a disease that is commonly mis/under diagnosed. Perhaps the same bias associated with other autoimmune diseases that commonly affect women; vague symptoms-woman-ergo-psychological. Many years ago a female friend had personality changes and was sent to a mental hospital; it wasn’t until her kidney function went bad that they figured out that she has lupus whose first systems showed up affecting the brain.

  59. Uppity, thank you – yes I was obviously upsel, and I apoligize to you and to SHV.
    SHV, I apologize. You hit a button, I responded in a most unsual way for me. I’m normally a lurker. I have been driving a very good friend to chemo/radiation therapy. I’m 60, she’s 30.
    Your comment was clinical. I have a problem with clinical, because these people are my loved ones. I was stupid because you were just trying to point out clinical issues.
    I apologize.

  60. It’s ok HT. I knew you probaby rethought it after you hit submit. Wish I had a thousand bucks every time I did it. lol.

  61. Great post, UW. I actually had salmonella about 30 years ago, It’s the kind of illness which prompts one to say, “Gee, maybe being dead wouldn’t be so bad after all.”

    What was unusual about my case is that I am a vegetarian. The best guess anyone had is that the vegetables at the local Sizzler whose salad bar I patronized were prepped on a cutting board that had not been washed thoroughly after being used for meat. The guess was based on the cause of a salmonella outbreak at a San Diego military base at about the same time.

    Moral of the story for home cooks: wash your kitchen equipment after each use.

  62. First off, if you would really like to impact the food chain please put drive-through fast food joints on your permanent avoidance list. Anything sold over a counter in a strip mall is not only a grease pit, but a grunge pit of cooties. See that bathroom down the hall in those places? Do you think they wash their hands as required? That’s once source. Funny how open borders can affect the food supply.

    How about you follow the food from where it came from — it came from a factory farm. Anyone here ever been inside one of those places? Ever smell them next door to your property? Why do you think it only costs a $1 for a hamburger at MacDonald’s? They run them like banks, but you can bet the critters trapped in there feel as dumb as money by the time they end up out into the people’s Monsanto food supply chain. The shit is in the skin of pig by the time it gets to you. And no, I ain’t no PETA nut, just following the food chain, is all.

    Buy local foods, support your local farmers through http://localharvest.org. Buy organic seeds from places like Fedco in Maine — they do a land office business with people FED up with lying, cheating, skanking whores in government who don’t give a rats patootie about a bunch of plastic crap in food.

  63. Excellent post–couldn’t have said it better myself.
    – Know your farmer, know your food.
    – Factory food is Big Ag’s way of saying eat sh!t and die.
    – A handful of corporations control the food supply. You get to vote them off the island three times a day.

  64. Most informative and needed post and comments. I’ve had nearly lifelong experience with symptoms listed in two of HT’s comments. After many colonoscopies during the 1990’s (MD’s all said “we can’t find anything” … and I could see they were not going to look further, I took control of preparing what I eat. This has been of some help, but could someone please tell me what they’ve done to beef in general over the past few years? It tastes not only different, but also tastes wrong. Hamburger used to come in grades: chuck, ground round, ground sirloin. Now it comes in various per cents of ‘ground beef’. It bothers my system. For several years a local premiere meat market provided adequate ground round. Now it does not pay me to eat it. I spoke to the meat manager there; he knew what I was talking about but was not of a mind to explain.

  65. READERS!


  66. pamela- all kinds of things could be going on with the beef- the “up to 10% solution” the feed the steer ingested, the bleach they spray on it at the slaughterhouse.
    I once asked a meat manager at the grocery store what the hell a 10% solution was- he claimed to have no idea. I found out on my own that it is a preservative to make it retain it’s color longer and keep it from spoiling as fast. They want me to eat that? I think not.
    We eat very little red meat and when we do it is from a local purveyor who buys local beef. I prefer to buy from the 4-H because I know what is NOT in the meat.

  67. Thanks for the update Uppity

    Swell – no, i had not seen that link! Thanks! Forwarded it to Pundita too. Gave you the h/t.

  68. I have been sick for 2 days. I thought I had the stomach flu that has been going around. But now I wonder……. I bought a small rotisserie chicken to make myself some chicken salad. Betcha that thing was seasoned both pre and post cooking with flavoring containing HVP. Hubby hates chicken salad, didn’t eat any, and is just fine.

  69. PMM @ 7:53
    Thank you for the informative response.
    Pork was never my favorite.
    Have seen too many chicken farms to be able to get what I once enjoyed past my lips.
    Turkey was a longtime favorite, but a factory which spewed dirty water on the production line – and chose to sell the product until there was publicity – ended that habit.
    Should have known there was something about beef as well, but it was easier to hope againstsuch a probability.
    Beef will be very difficult for me to give up; but when I do, I will have become a vegetarian….

  70. pamela- I assume you are in PA? Get a hold of your local 4-H and find out who does most of their processing- that meat will be safe and will taste like what you remember (oh and by the way- it is MUCH cheaper! If we can afford a 1/4 side in the fall- it generally runs under $3.00 a lb- 1/2 and whole sides even cheaper)

  71. Hey Pamela, speaking of turkey, last year our Butterball still had it’s esophagus attached and dangled out like a snake. Angi about retched.

  72. DE- now that is really gross! Though we stopped buying Butterballs a long time ago- I am afraid of anything that is injected with some solution-
    If you pay good money to get a bird already cleaned and gutted- it should be clean and gutted!

  73. A million thanks for doing such a fabulous job UW. You redefine the work of a keyboard mercenary! 🙂

  74. McNorman, would that my typing were that of a keyboard mercenary. I am unpaid. Mercenaries make money with their hits.

  75. PMM we feed it to the gators. Butterball was kind enough to send us 4 coupons that totaled the amount of purchase that couldn’t be used together. I could have nicknamed Angi Ballistic after that one.

  76. Gagging here over your story, DE. And you have mail.

  77. would that my typing were that of a keyboard mercenary. I am unpaid.

    But you are loved, 🙂 and deeply respected!

  78. you keep the gators too- I have enough to deal with up here- possums, woodchucks, hawks , husband tells me we now have a white skunk- and Easter is coming so I can look forward to the random chicken and bunny drops-

  79. Yeah it was pretty nasty UW. We spoke to Angi’s Aunt and Uncle that live off the land (not kidding) in Montana and they said DON”T EAT IT the meat would be spoiled with the esophagus still attached. Butterball response “we’ve never heard of that happening before” but please destroy.

  80. PMM we have a deep drainage canal that runs along the west side of our property. While we have never seen a gator in there, I guarantee they’re lurking. We saw a 4-5 foot gator in a different canal on a bike ride the other day in the neighborhood.

  81. well if anything could survive our modern poison food- it would be gators- they survived the dinosaurs!

  82. Imust needs to look at the snowglobe up there if he is looking for pengy.

  83. Hey UW did I tell you about the opossum in our trash can sunday? It tried to kill itself getting chicken bones out of a ziplock bag. Help I’m stuck in a bag and can’t breathe.

  84. DE I don’t even want to talk possum. I had an experience with one last year and was grateful to hear when my neighbor shot the little bastage.

  85. My next door neighbor came out to see what me and Ang were doing in the middle of the road. He pulled the bastard out of the trash can by the tail and was like “hey little fella…you got yourself caught up”. He slid the bag off its head with my shovel and it looked at us as if saying WTF??? Then scampered into the culvert across the street.

  86. DE I guess he didn’t show you the FIFTY teeth he has in his nasty mouth.

  87. DO NOT give imust an oppossum!

  88. ACK Possums are like big rats with red eyes in the dark. Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  89. Oh it showed them, and it’s creepy little hands.
    Back when I was in art school me a some friends were renting a house that had a small pool. One morning there was an opossum taking a swim. I went to get it out with the pool strainer and the thing started hissing and showing its teeth. A pool strainer works much like a catapult don’t ya know. Over the house and into the street. A nicely dressed lady stopped her car and picked it up with a paper bag and drove away.

  90. “Procter & Gamble Co. has recalled two versions of Pringles chips… Cheeseburger and “Taco Night”


  91. Nasty creatures, those possums, DE. Just nasty. Can’t kill em with small calibers either. Bullets bouce right off of them. Very tough skin. Need a .357 and water hose for cleanup.

  92. Ewwwwww Pringles. THey leave a grease coating on your tongue.


  94. UW, when did Pringles come out with their Possum flavored chips?


  95. UW- Aladdin is VERY good at killing possums- he ain’t afraid of those teeth- the possums keel over and play dead and good old dog snaps their necks just to make sure they aren’t fooling him.

  96. Mom, I don’t want my dog near skunks or possums. Possums carry many nasty parasites. I just prefer to shoot the bastards.

  97. Skunks are nasty and often rabid. The possums carry a parasite they shed in their feces- causes a neurological thing in horse- not curable, and often the horse does not show any symptoms until they are shaking uncontrollably and then go down.
    We keep aladdin away from skunks- but he can exterminate all the possums and woodchucks he can find.
    By the way- we had a sick skunk here once- sprayed one of the horses – we could not figure out how until I saw the thing walking up to the horse in broad daylight! I had my husband shoot that one. Fortunately it is much easier to deskunk a horse.

  98. OMFG! Seriously, these people need to go to prison.


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