Bachelor Number One and……Serial Killer

This pile of slop known as Rodney Alcala is now an officially convicted serial killer. His killing spree occurred in the late 1970s. This bag of deranged shit stored hundreds of photos, shown here, of women authorities fear were his victims.  They are hoping that people all over the country will look at the photos and identify some of these women.

Alcala was also Bachelor Number One on that tasteless game show, Dating Game.

And he won. 

“We’re going to have a great time together, Cheryl,” he says with a grin.

 He had already been convicted of raping an 8 year-old when he appeared on the show. Yes, you read that right.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the contestant, she refused to go out on a date with him in the end.  She wasn’t as stupid as she looked on the show. Apparently his creepiness was not very well-hidden once she got a gander of him in person. It wasn’t lost on the other bachelors either.

He began his killing spree shortly after that show. So I’m sure we will be hearing that the whole thing was her fault for rejecting poor Rodney. Oops! Yup, here it is, right here:

“One wonders what that did in his mind,” crime profiler Pat Brown said in an interview with CNN. “That is something he would not take too well. They don’t understand the rejection. They think that something is wrong with that girl: ‘She played me. She played hard to get.’ “

Fuck you, asshole. I am sick and tired of assholes like you blaming women for everything in the solar system.  Go fix your problem with you own mother. And kiss my ass. Maybe you should have offered him your sister in the contestant’s place, how’s that?

(Update: Hey, you! Pat Brown. Gasbag! CNN is reporting he killed at least twice before he was on that show.  So profile this. Get a real job, blowass! CNN: What, was he the cheapest you could get? Or did you just like the Blame The Bitch idea?)

Check out this creep. He is now in his “sentencing phase”. Now you tell me that this piece of shit should be allowed to live for five more minutes.


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  1. I’d be happy to make ole Rodney extinct.

  2. The fact that walking turds like this guy can live long enough to start collecting social security convinces me there is no God.

  3. I added a quote from a “profler”. Of course this is all her fault for rejecting him.

  4. There are no words to express my outrage that he is allowed to breathe any longer.
    For all the families of the missing girls my prayers are with you.



  5. I’d be happy to make ole Rodney extinct.

    You’ll have to stand behind me.

  6. Is it me, or does he, in his youth bear a striking resemblance to Ted Bundy in his youth. Those eyes.

    And yeah, Uppity, it’s all the fault of the woman who turned him down – let’s forget that he had already been convicted for the 1968 rape of an 8-year-old girl, but better still, they just had to add that it didn’t stop him from making an impression on the female participant, Cheryl Bradshaw – cause of couse, she is female, stupid and ergo she is a shallow and a man hunter. The fact that Cheryl refused to go out with him should be celebrated – women have intuition and brains, but oh no, that would ruin the narrative that women should remain subservient cause they’re too stupid to protect themselves.
    Geez, the whole patriarchy – politicians, journalists, crime reporters, profilers – make me wonder why I wasn’t born on another planet

  7. CNN now reporting that he killed at least twice before his Dating Game debut. And they have 100 pictures of children and young people found in a storage unit of his, one or more of whom may have been additional victims. They are seeking identification, hoping those in the photos are alive and well, but …

    Ms. Bradshaw may be alive today because she did not go out with him. More power to her!


  8. and I bet he voted for Obama!

  9. “You’ll have to stand behind me.”

    Just remember – my dog gets the leftovers (he is up to date on his shots)
    I heard today that the Gardner puke who killed that Chelsea in California had multiple parole violations- including moving in across the street from a school. He kept letting the battery run down on his GPS unit so they let him take it off- I guess because it was too much trouble for them to go to his house and force him to charge the damn thing???
    WTF is wrong in that state???? Geez- a guy in Erie just got thrown in jail for attempting to steal a $1.50 in merchandise from a convenience store and fleeing the cops. Child molesters that get caught here beg to go to jail- it’s safer than being out.

  10. Wait a second, if he committed these murders from 1977 thru 1978. he killed before he was on that show in sepember 78. So that profiler is a fucking gasbag.

  11. I just read on board that the first three murders were
    11/10/77, 12/16/77, 6/24/78

  12. I just saw your post djmm, you are right and that profiler gasbag owes that woman an apology for calling her a trigger.

  13. Clicked on the name Pat Brown and look…

    Pat Brown
    From Wikipedia

    “Edmund Gerald “Pat” Brown, Sr. was the 32nd Governor of California, serving from 1959 to 1967. He is the father of former California governor Jerry Brown.”

  14. Swell I’m sure there are thousands of Pat Brown’s. It’s not exactly a unique name. Hey everybody, check out my update to Pat brown.

  15. Hey he’ll probably still be on death row in 2011 on our dime, feeding this bastard on taxpayer money. So ACORN can go in there and get his absentee vote.

  16. Oh, I clicked on the Pat Brown up in your story, and on the page was “About this topic, Pat Brown”. Didn’t realize it was a wiki ad. Silly me.

  17. UW- look at your WSJ sidebar- yet another American woman has gone insane and been arrested in Europe for terrorist stuff-
    What is in the water nowadays?

  18. Mom, i vote they send her to Iran. See how well she likes it there. Or maybe Afghanistan. Yeah that’s it. Give her to her buddies in the Taliban.

  19. Good idea UW and maybe she will run into some female marines on the way!

  20. OT – kinda –

    But I would put money on Eric Massa offing himself before the month is out if these freaks on the right and the left keep on him.

    So, he is a wack job? Who cares? Nancy Pelosi and Tom Delay are wack jobs too – but as a gay person, i find the RELENTLESS ASSAULT from BOTH sides a message meant for ME, and for ANYONE who tried to upset the status quo of lying and corruption. Say what you will but betweem Jimmy Falon, Sean Hannity, Rham Emanuel, Pelosi and Glenn BEck – not to mention about 1000 others, this man’s life is destroyed, his family deeply damaged and his potential for employment severely diminished.

    I am disgusted by what I have seen and heard and cannot imagine this as my country anymore.

  21. This Pat Brown, a woman, does criminal profiling on CNN.

  22. This article about Alcala says Pat Brown is a she

  23. I could only stand a couple minutes of the Dating Game, I always hated that show. If it were me, I’d make sure the guy lived for a very long time…rotting in a cell, wondering when one of his fellow inmates was going to show up with a nice sharp object to slit him wide open. Let him look over his shoulder the rest of his life, and by all means he should be brutally sodomized by every 300 lb. convict in the place…twice daily.

  24. Nunly, yes I like the sodomy idea, but while it still hurts, he needs to be dragged into that chamber and die. he needs to be scared out of his wits when he sees that table and he needs to pee his pants when they strap him down. Then he needs to know he’s on his way to hell. Then he needs to go there.

  25. ok so she’s a female asshole instead of a male asshole. And a terrible profiler.

  26. Although a career in crime profiling would be a good transitional career choice for a former Gov. of California, sinceone would be very familiar with the workings of the criminal mindset working in politics for years.

  27. Hey Swell, what you really mean is a politican would make a great criminal profiler cause it takes one to know one. lol.

  28. That guy is really creepy, uppity.

    Off topic, but I am officially frightened. My daughter filed her taxes and she was getting a refund. She just got a letter saying her refund would be delayed indefinitely and all she could do is file this hardship claim and if she was found to be in need, there would be a chance she could get it sometime in August.

  29. Rejection didn’t pull the trigger on this nutcase. He was bent out of shape long before that. That cache of photos appears like he had these girls sold that he was a photog for a modeling agency.

    Watching him preen over himself, uh uh doesn’t it remind you of antisocial Barfy? This creep looked the part in the video and STILL looks creepy today. And yes, most likely voted for that other narcissist, whathisname.

  30. Time to start following these pigs around town and hold protests outside their fancy luncheons and shindigs, with signs that say “Brown Bag It You Scumbags”, “Drink Water Not My Tax Refund”, and “Quit Spending My Tax Refund On Wagyu Beef”

  31. The whole story just makes me sick at my stomach. What a creep and whoever said he had eyes similar to Ted Bundy was right. I hope and pray none of the people in those pictures were victims of his. I hope they are all alive and well. What the hell happens to people to turn them into animals like this???

  32. Yttik are you talking about your daughter’s state taxes or federal???

  33. “Found In Need”? In need of her OWN money? WTF????????????? Now these people are determining if people are needy enough to get their OWN money???????????????????????????????????????????

  34. You folks have to read this about this creep. I mean it. Read this.

    Oh and guess who he was a student of? Why, Roman Polanski. So I guess raping kids was no big deal.

  35. Well, a cross between Polanski and Bundy.

  36. He looks like Tiny Tim.
    “Tip Toe Through the Tulips”

  37. Sorry here’s the link. A MUST Read. This pig was out on 10k bail when a young girl called the police after excaping him. While on bail he killed twice. He has been sentence to death TWICE and got it overturned both times. This maniac was freed numerous times in California when the law was “indeterminate sentencing” for sex criminals. They said he was “much improved” and released him to kill and rape again. It’s all here and it’s disgusting.

  38. I chat online with someone who follows a lot of serial killer cases. Pat Brown has a reputation of being one of the worst profilers on TV. That’s why she’s on TV and not profiling.

    I think I’m going into work Monday and increasing my exemptions by 1. The government can’t hold my refund if I don’t get one.

  39. Yeah 15, well it shows. She profiled him as snapping after that show. It was all the woman’s fault. He killed twice, possibly three times before he was on that show.

    He’s been sentenced to death. Again. Third time in 30 years. This animal must die.

  40. imustsingitinfalsetto…..

    Got your ukulele? Tiny Tim married “Miss Vicki”
    on the Johnny Carson show in 1969. They had a daughter named Tulip Victoria, after an earlier Vicki miscarried an earlier, which became the butt of jokes for comedians, who said the kid should be named VicTim. Tiny Tim died in 1996. Victoria has remarried.

  41. Yes 15, advise everyone you know to increase exemptions. Better you keep your money than the state.

  42. Wedding on Carson. Tiny Tim and Vicki.

  43. More creepy Alcala stuff. Guess he was showing naked pictures of children around the work place, but people thought he was just weird.

  44. Hi bullmoose. I just saw your comment in spam. I guess the link was too long or something. I clicked on it, and yup, another Jesus Freak, religious nutcase tortures his family. What an animal.

  45. This guy Alcala is just another narcissist. This time he’s a homocidal narcissist. Sociopath, psychopath… doesn’t matter the label. They are people who are in their own reality. They feel no remorse, they have no empathy…..they are crazy. And they should be locked up. If they are somewhat functional….they should never, ever be given positions of authority and power……

  46. All killers of this type are sociopaths but not all sociopaths are killers. Most of them just ruin other people’s lives for as long as they are around. Nasty business, Narcissists are. Very nasty business.

    I knew one of these creatures. Fortunately he wasn’t mine, but he sure was a nasty piece of work who ruined the lives of everyone he touched. Narcissists see everything according to Me. You are nothing.

  47. They often become CEOs. And Presidents. And I would wager Wall Street is riddled with them.

  48. “They said he was “much improved” and released him to kill and rape again. ”

    Whoever dclared him “much improved” should be given the same sentence as he gets. If this were to become standard practice, we’d be amazed at how unsentmental about criminals all the shrinks would suddenly become.

  49. I now have had at least 5 coaching clients (I coach victims of Narcissists & Psychopaths) who have found out their ex has numerous pictures of women, dating profiles and FOLDERS of what they told each woman… just to keep the lies straight.

    I make no excuses for telling people NEVER to use online dating EVER for ANY REASON… do you have any idea how many guys like him are on those sites?

    I know of a well-known counselor who has over 50 clients with exes like this.

    This guy is not an anomoly. He’s a Psychopath who got caught. Most of them don’t kill – they just destroy lives.

  50. BTW – Narcissists would never go as far as this guy. This guy is father up the Cluster B personality scale – squarely a Psychopath.

    Just like some politicians we know.

  51. Yes exactly, the ones that kill are psychos but not all pyschos or socios kill. They just ruin lives.

    I think MANY politicians who do it for life are Narcissists though.

  52. If you read the Fine Art of Killing link I posted here in the comment section, you will see that California let these animals run loose in the 70s. They would free them because they actually believed they could “treat” killlers and rapists. They set “Indeterminate” sentences, which means some crackpot psychiatrist or even a parole board could free them if they seemed “improved”. Then they would do it again. And again. Pedophiles were allowed chance after chance.

  53. Yes, Uppity, the idea that California was letting these monsters loose is horrifying. Reportedly, Jerry Brown put an end to it when he was governor.

    A couple other things strike me about this creep. Is it coincidence that he left two of his victims bodies on or near the estates of the rich and famous (Brando and Rockefeller)? I am not a profiler but it struck me as odd.

    And notice how some people were disturbed by him when physically close? (For example, one of the other Dating Game contestants and even, apparently, the young woman on the show.) The young woman on the show apparently did not detect the issue (or she would not have selected him) until she met him in person. I wonder if his murders had some physical effects on his body chemistry.

    It brings to mind an experiment in the opposite direction where Russian scientists created a breed of tame foxes in 40 years, basically through selection and love. One of the many interesting things is that the foxes changed physically, bringing forward a piebald pattern.

    I would think behavior such as this monster’s might also bring forward small changes, perhaps in his hormones and smell, that some could sense as warning signs when close to him physically. Just thinking. Another reason why one should be careful about dating on-line.


  54. Oh yes, djmm, he was definitely emitting some bad pheromones or impulses. Every woman has felt that at one time or another around guys they just sensed creepiness in. It’s hard to explain, but it clearly is there, subtle but there. It’s the old “There’s something about him” feeling, sometimes it’s a good feeling and sometimes it’s a Rodney feeling. We all have pheromones and we emit ESD (electrostatic discharge), and through evolution, we don’t use our senses about those things daily, but once in awhile our ability comes through. It’s our inate survival instinct, women need to have it. I would say this guy definitely was emitting some bad stuff, bad aura, call it what you want. It’s clear she wasn’t close enough to him during questioning and she couldn’t be in his immediate vicinity, so she wasn’t reviled. As with all creeps, he had charm behind that mask. You could tell in the video by her body language that she clearly felt she picked the wrong guy, and if given the opportunity to do it over agian, would have picked Number Two.

    I think the rich and famous venues were a way of thumbing his nose. He was rubbing elbows in a circile he didn’t really belong in but feigned it well, just like all psychos do. He was a con in that circle and probably got a huge kick out of burying his kill on their properties.

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