Your open thread and a man and his cat

Meet Lava. I love men who love their cats, don’t you?

Lava the Cat was on Cats 101 (Animal Planet). Apparently this guy takes his cat with him everywhere.

Here’s Lava and Dad boating to their sailboat.  At the very end of this video, you will see Lava jump onto Dad’s sailboat for a nice sail. h/t TowneCrier.


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  1. Lava looks, sounds and acts like my Harry Potter.

    I think it’s the Bombay breed. They are quite dog-like in behavior. (And pantherlike in appearance.) Best cats ever!

  2. What a good cat. Thanks, Crier and UW.

    Harry Potter the cat. LOL.

  3. Well – all I have to say is that once again, MKB was the trend-setter. HE was wearing the fashionable Kitteh Personal Flotation Device way back when he was saving Pengys in the Antarctic. Lava must have seen the movie.

  4. And regarding large EQ’s from the other thread, too bad POTUS postponed his trip to Indonesia –

    Maybe he will go to Japan next, where today they had a 6.6 offshore. No other news yet that I know of.

  5. Oh wow! You have a Bombay? I have never seen one except at shows. Gorgeous cats. My mother’s soul cat who followed her EVERYWHERE …we used to call him Bombay because he looked so much like one. I would LOVE to have one but alas, they never need rescuing around here. They have fur that is so shiney and black. And those round copper eyes!

  6. Yes indeed Bill looked quite snappy in his floatation device.

  7. LOL, do people understand that setting our clocks ahead does not really give us “more” daylight? I’m starting to wonder. The news is practically saying, because of the government declaring daylight savings time, the people are blessed with an extra hour of daylight! Uh, no we’re not. It’s just as dark and gloomy out there as it was yesterday! The day’s have not suddenly become an hour longer.

  8. Aww…..I remember when Bill saved the pengys! He was cute!

  9. yttik, no of course not, we aren’t that stupid yttik. We know the day is still just as long, it’s just that you have another hour of llight at the end of the day in which it is light when it would have been dark an hour sooner. It is obviously darker in the AM because you have to take that hour from somewhere. But for those who wait with seasons, summer with that extra light hour at the END of the day is appreciated. Nobody bbq’s at 6 AM. Also after Dec 21, the amount of light in the day slowly increases, so that also helps to make the time of light seem longer. After a long winter, it’s a pleasure to see it not be darkening at 5 PM. Saying is an “extra” hour of light is just a figure of speech that people understand by default.

    Cripes, do you really think we are that braindead, seriously. Laughing here.

  10. And also, all those evironmental freaks should LOVE DST as you are more apt to use more electricity in lighthing throughout the house in the evening, so that’s one hour where you don’t have to. So they should love it. The power company, not so much.

  11. Wait a minute, I thought……

  12. We haven’t had any seasons up North this year, Uppity. Just one long dark year. It’s the rest of the country that has gotten all the seasons this time around.

    Seriously, the news has been promoting daylight savings time as if we have actually gained an extra hour. I finally shot the local weatherman an email because he’s starting to embarrass us.

  13. He’s using a figure of speech yt. And I’m up North and we had all our seasons. In fact, this is the first year when we didn’t skip right from five minutes of fall to winter. And last week, I noticed sun! It was like a miracle. And our snow is gone.

  14. …..smacking DE upside the head. lol.

  15. yttik said: LOL, do people understand that setting our clocks ahead does not really give us “more” daylight? I’m starting to wonder.

    My husband and son were watching TV yesterday and on some weather channel the woman was talking about all the rain on the east coast and that it’s a good thing they were changing their clocks ahead so it would be over faster. The scary thing…I think she wasn’t kidding. My husband was just cracking up and said, “Well, there ya go! Next time it rains, set the clock ahead!”

    Regarding the video…I’m going to show it to my dog to embarrass her. The last time we took her on a boat she got sea sick and threw up.

    My daughter has a Bombay cat (she didn’t know what it was, got it from a shelter) and it acts just like that…very vocal and runs to the door meowing when someone rings the doorbell.

  16. beautiful video..

  17. Yes SYD, Lava is a Bombay.

  18. A Bombay in a shelter would be a very rare thing. There just aren’t that many Bombay’s around. Lava doesn’t look like one to me either. He looks like a black Domestic Shorthair.

  19. Uppity, are you supporting DST because you can grill later? I can’t wait for a cookout tonight at 7pm in the rain and the temps in the 40s.

  20. Man all my life I’ve thought the day was an hour longer during DST. Now that illusion has been shattered…..I feel like somebody just told me there is no Santa Claus, but of course that would be silly because we all know he brings gifts every Christmas and that rascally rabbit will be visiting us soon with candy too!!

  21. what? I thought the president was Santa Claus.

  22. I’ve got Angi for that UW.

  23. LOL 15
    Obama Akbar!

  24. no, no, no….
    Obama is Christmas and New Years and Hanukkah all rolled into one. Or at least that’s what Naomi Wolf said.

  25. Well whattaya know. Clarence Thomas’ wife is a tea party organizer.,0,6505384.story

  26. 15 I’m sure you will get SOME summer where you are, presumably a Spring as well. Or as a minimum, 4th of July and winter.

  27. Well, really, one has to question the validity of the video. For example, in my situation Zeke would be propelling the boat, and Cleo in her flotation device would be directing. I, of course, would be preparing the next meal – damn those chains that tie me to the kittly litter cleanup and food dispensal – they chafe. Help, I’m being held captive in what used to be my hone!

  28. oops, meant my home, not hone. See, they’ve taken over and are dictating how I type!

  29. HT I think we need to send the penguins to your hone…..I mean home! The pengys are really good at keeping uppity cats in line!

    [ducking and running]
    PIE anyone? Before I bid a hasty retreat?

  30. (I’m typing from a secret room in the basement)
    imust, that would be a great idea, however, I think I’ve got kamikaze cats that would take out the pengys before dinner (which I have to cook up soon, otherwise they’ll hurt my furniture). I wouldn’t want to put innocent penguins in the front lines , unless, of course, they were universal soldier kind of pengys.
    PIE, did someone mention PIE? the apples are getting soft – so I should make some PIE.

  31. UW, I think he is a mix. They had a clip featuring Cats 101 and the “experts” called him a Bombay.

  32. HT- You should be eating Pie today because it’s National Pi Day (3-14) . I even did my post on Pi…er, Pie. You must eat pie today because it’s the law of the land. You don’t want Homeland Security pounding on your door, do you?

  33. Just dropping by to say hi, after ages!

    love the new banner too!

  34. love cats – unfortunately my allergies aren’t that fond of them. 😦

  35. Did someone mention PIE? Again??

  36. Whether you do or do ot know what tomorrow is, Beware!.

  37. Hey, who’s been rewriting history?.

    While Bill ldid, indeed, look very handsome in his life jacket, he was not saving those drat penguins from anything. He was saving the header from the penguins, who had already surrounded FF’s home.

    Ah, Good Bill, how soon they forget.

  38. Yes indeed Mary, beware the ides of March!!

    And as for the history re-write……you are so right!!! I had completely forgotten about what really happened. Maybe it’s the scotch or maybe I was fooled by some Tom Hanks movie, I don’t know….but the truth will reign!!! Thank you Mary!
    (would you like a slice of PIE?)

  39. There were so many penguins, I had to move.

    AS for Daylight Savings Time, was I supposed to USE that hour of daylight? I thought I was supposed to save it!

    Well then….

    Maybe I will redistribute it to the end of the day. After all, we’ve had far too many hours in the morning. We’ve been greedy that way.

    The evening has not gotten its fair share.

  40. I’m not saving my daylight, I’m spending it all. I’m hoping that the Stimulus Package will kick in and I won’t need to save……AND I’m gonna get a free pony too!

  41. …as it is, it’s too late now to use it anyway – so I am off to bed.

    maybe I can do something with it tomorrow.

  42. FF take imust’s suggestion and have some PIE.
    and re that extra hour, don’t know why there is such a big deal – we still have the same ole 24 hours per day, and we still have the same number of hours of daylight. DST was only intended to ensure that children went to school and came home in daylight. Twas a safety issue – at least where I come from.

  43. FF youmusthavepie
    and it’s not that late. It’s only 8pm PST which is really 7pm….except that I got up at 7am which was really 6am so I’m really……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  44. Ah, imust, the Heroine of Kit,m. You remembered the significance of tomorrow’s date and the true History of the Header. ER…was the scotch or watch?

    “There were so many penguins, I had to move.”

    LOL. Well, at least some good came out of those Rotund Rascals’ irreverence

  45. Anyone want to trade me her dark night hours for my light night ones?

  46. Anyone want to trade me her dark night hours for my light night ones?

    Are we allowed to do that??

  47. “Are we allowed to do that??”

    Probably not, but that never stopped me before.

  48. Mary, I’ll trade any hours in exchange for a decent night sleep. Guarantee me that, and you’ve got youself a deal.
    For those of you Uppity regulars and lurkers who think I’ve gone over the edge and Zeke is just a wonderful little kitteh with a terrible mom, here’s what Zeke is really like – Rum Tum Tiger redux.

  49. imust,

    Since we have the place pretty much to outselves right now, I feel that I can unburden myself to you. You see (gulp)–and please don’t think me sacreligious–I don’t like p.i.e. Well except for pizza pie. Oh, I respect your pleasure in the custards and meringues, but truth be known, I’m a chocolate cake diva. There, I’ve said it.

  50. HT,

    It’s a deal. I’ll even ask MK Bill to go along and keep Zeke occupied while you knit up the ravell’d sleeve of care.

    Simply put, I am a night person–Circadian rhythms and all that New Age stuff–so Daylight Savings Time, and especially extended DST, gives me the shakes. I used to say, “I do my best work at night,” but too many raised eyebrows and sniggers put an end to that announcement.

  51. HT….after watching the video of your cat Zeke, I think THESE are the Penguins you need at your house to keep that cat in line:

  52. Mary…….you….don’t……….like……..PIE??? 😦
    Say it isn’t so! Cake? Cake is your fancy? Let them eat cake???

    Thank you for telling me the truth, I know itmusthavebeenhard.

  53. ……..Daylight Savings Time, and especially extended DST, gives me the shakes.
    @Mary: imustask…….are you a vampire???

  54. Mary??? Mary?? HT? Uppity?

  55. imust,

    Do the word “Transylvania” mean anything to ya? Did I mention that I’m allergic to garlic?


  56. Can I recommend some special recipes:

  57. imust,

    Chocolate covered garlic–ROFL. Also, thay’s enough to gag a buzzard. But I did like this part: “Chocolate is oily and fatty.” Mmmm!

    imust,You remain the Queen of Finding Stuff on the “Net.

    btw,, re: being a vampire, hold the garlic and pointy sticks.)

  58. You want to know passive-aggressive? I didn’t turn the clocks ahead till 3 minutes ago. And changing the time on the answring machine twice a year is always a treat. Bah, humbug!

  59. The coolest part about that cat is that he recognizes the boat and when to jump. Animals never cease to amaze.

  60. Good observation, crier.

  61. imust, while I appreciate the penguins proven propensity for pugilistic pyrotechniques (note P aliteration, in reverence to the P in penguins), Zeke is a guerrilla warrior. He would never be caught in an end zone fight – just not his modus operendi. I’ll find a way to stop his imperial ambitions – I’m thinking about changing his food…..yeah sounds small, but to a cat, that is major sheite.
    But thank you so much for your suggestions.
    and in response, I offer you a scene from one of my favorite movies, with my favoritest star of all time – Judy HOlliday.

  62. HT,
    A five-point alliteratio: go to the head of the class.

  63. oooo…..nice alliteration HT! Mary will be so proud as she is the queen of alliteration!

  64. Ha! Mary! Wemusthavebeentyping at the same time!

  65. Mary at 1203, there are humans who don’t even know what bus or train stop to get off on. The cat gets a mega treat.

  66. crier,

    Agreed. I give that boy a whole bag of cat yummies. The leap itself, and his identification of the boat, were breathtaking.

  67. Laker & I love that cat. I’ve been craving rhubard-strawberry pie lately, but that’s a summer pie, isn’t it?

  68. Ooops. rhubarb.

  69. Hi annie and lakerwade. 🙂

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