Congratulations, John Edwards! You’ve got a real live one, you shitbag.

Very classy, Reille. Very classy.

You and that bag of shit deserve each other. May you  both disappear into oblivion. Soon, we hope. You and that bag of crap are walking proof that sometimes the wrong people get terminal cancer.

And of course, this is all Elizabeth’s fault, isn’t that right, Reille? What a wonderful example you are for young American girls! I truly hope your sex video leaks out all over the internet, so that you and that scumbag will have to move to your own island and we won’t have to see or hear from either or you again — except to laugh when we click “Play”. It’s what you both deserve.

Below are photos from Reille’s interview with GQ. Aren’t we all just a wee tad sorry that these two lowlifes aren’t in the White House?

UPDATE: Apparently, Reille is “In tears” over the photos that appeared in GQ, which she POSED FOR. Let me get this right, Reille, because I wouldn’t want anybody to think you look like a 50 cent hooker looking for more action or anything, but you posed with Kermit in John’s (or somebody else’s) shirt and you are shocked that the photo appeared? You posed with your child for a photo that would be confiscated if it were found on a pervert’s PC, and you are surprised? Okay, I see. Be gone, dirtball!

I predict that, by the time you are done milking your despicable behavior, John will be wishing he wore two condoms and duct tape. Serves him right, the pig.


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  1. This has to be the MOST revolting photo display that I have seen in terms of sexualizing the new mom. Wh-hat? Reilly in a man’s dress shirt, a la Risky business, no pants but with pearls? Ooooh… I wonder if that dress shirt belongs to John Edwards???? And on her daughter’s bed with a Dora doll???? WTF! The second photo of her hugging her daughter is no better as it is meant to show of her flat tummy. Dear god our culture sucks.

  2. Are we supposed to be impressed by this woman who behaves like an adolescent? I couldn’t post anymore of her barf behavior. They deserve each other.

  3. I just turned on my computer to see that the MAIN story on google news is entitled: ” Rielle Hunter: I Will Love John Edwards ‘Till Death Do Us Part'”
    I couldn’t read, didn’t link, but nearly threws up in my mouth (more than a little)
    I still want to puke. And the photos here are more than a little nauseating.
    And then there is oilsoc in a Cleveland suburb telling another batch of lies about HCR. Couldn’t he have gone far away? like to Siberia to pread his lies? Jeez, what a way to start my week!

  4. pread = spread

  5. OMG Uppity my admiration for you just went cosmic ..and it was stupendous even before that !!! I adore my PUMA friends …….and doesn’t it just stand to reason that the rocks in his head fit the holes in hers? love and HUGS

  6. A half a dollar hooker has more class than this slut.

    A funny thing hunter or what ever your real name it, you do not know what the future will bring. When your daughter is a teenager and you go to correct her , I can hear it now
    ” but mom, you and dad were whores”



  7. That second photo should be illegal.


    And THIS is why we do not have Hillary in the White House? Because the man who was sleeping with this irresponsible slut connived with Mr. Obama to keep her from winning the primaries??

    Oh. MY. Gawd.

  8. and in a USA Today article that just popped up on Google News (sorry, but it’s where I work) Ms Hunter is said to be “In tears about the “racy photos” in GQ”.
    My heart is just breaking for this woman. How could they defile her and her feelings for Edwards so? /snark

    Really, if it weren’t on the front page of every news site, I’d never have seen this.

    And what SYD said!!

  9. Yes helenk, that day will come and I would love to be the fly on the wall.

  10. Oh she’s in tears because they used the photos she POSED FOR? What. A. Hooker.

  11. Hey thanks Swannie!! XXOO.

  12. UW ~ I know. W.A.Hooker is right.

  13. I’ve updated the post to reflect more information.

  14. And THIS is why we do not have Hillary in the White House? Because the man who was sleeping with this irresponsible slut connived with Mr. Obama to keep her from winning the primaries??

    Oh. MY. Gawd.

    just knowing this is enough to make me weep

  15. two questions
    The timing of the publishing of the interview. MSM cover the slut while health care is being voted on.
    Is there any way that Elizabeth Edwards can keep the male whore from having custody of her kids in the event of her death?
    Can she claim that the lack of morals will harm the children?
    I would do whatever I had to do to keep my kids away from this.



  16. Doesn’t GQ have to take some heat for this as well ? “or is this just what ” gentlemen ” do …run for president…. have whores … the men remain gentlemen and the whores are well ..just whores …

  17. Ironic as their name is, “Gentleman’s” Quarterly, this would fall into their typical category of Boyz Will Be Boyz.

  18. She’s a skank – and definitely the perfect mate for him

  19. Yes it’s hardly a suprise that they found one another.

  20. “Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!”

  21. helen, I see no way that she can keep him from having their children, unless of course she kills him before she dies, which might not be a bad idea for her, since she won’t see a day in jail. However, barring that possibility, what army is going to beat a slick trial lawyer like John Edwards? And it’s not against the law for fathers to have sex, even if it’s not with the mother. However, this ditzy skank (perfect word for her!) looks like she hasn’t got a clue and she probably doesn’t want his kids anyhow. I find it amusing that old John thinks she’s going to wheel him around in twenty years and not cheat on him. My grandmother used to say whatever a person will do once, he/she will do again.

  22. glad i had my barf bucket handy

  23. A perfect example why there is no shame left in this world. If Karl Rove can be called up on Fox to offer his “brilliant analysis” when he should be in jail and Cheney appears regularly to do the same for his actions, then why not Rielle joining the list along with Tiger’s BFF’s to talk about the “love affair” with a married man to garner some attention.

    Next stop: a segment with Barbara Walters where all miscreants go to “salvage” their reputations replete with tears. Doesn’t get much sleazier than this.

  24. Uppity
    what ever it takes to keep her kids away from this. What are these two going to teach them it is ok to be porn stars and you can screw a country and get away with it.



  25. Just received the census form. Was very easy to complete. They want to know if you are F or M, White or all the other choices, own or rent, and if you own, they want to know whether you have a mortgage or own free and clear. They want your birth date and phone number. This was a huge departure from ten years ago when I got stuck with the busy-body long form that I am sure is being sent to random people. Very intrusive. VERY intrusive.

    Two things struck me
    1. No question on USA Citizenship. How convenient for redistricting.
    2. Allows for recording of up to 12 people living in one apartment, home or mobile home. That’s not a home, that’s a commune.

  26. helen, a man divorced with a girlfriend he sleeps with is not grounds for keeping kids from him. Even if he’s not divorced, it’s not grounds for keeping his kids from him.

  27. Sick.revolting.trrrash.

    Yes, it IS believable how Hillary was robbed in the primaries by a creep like Edwards who HAD NO INTENTION of winning the nomination, just making sure “the woman” wouldn’t….and I’ll bet Barfy was in on the planning.

    What’s doubly digusting is how the MSM tore apart Elizabeth (not John) because she knew about his infidelity and kept quiet, they claimed, “because of her own ambition to be in the White House.” Uh, huh….a dying woman has ambitions to live in the WH?

    As Uppity noted, it beats all that Reille is in tears over photos for which she POSED. What.a.dingbat.

  28. Oh, dingbat is not even close. Skank, slut, trash, whore, all seem closer to the truth. (I rarely resort to calling women names. But I made an exception in this case.)
    There was a phrase that glared at me this morning when I opened my internet :

    Rielle Hunter, has broken her years-long silence about their relationship, describing the entire arc of their affair from the “magnetic force field” of their first night together . . .,,20351583,00.html

    I honestly couldn’t keep down coffee after seeing just that little bit.

  29. That looks a lot like a plastic surgery belly button to me. gross.

  30. Race-Other-American UW.

  31. She is sorry that the photos were printed. She willingly posed for them, judging by the expression on her face, and the poses taken.

    Toss a little spin into the presentation by saying you are sorry, so the whole thing doesn’t make you look as bad as it really is. Fail.

  32. Pat Johnson

    Next stop: a segment with Barbara Walters where all miscreants go to “salvage” their reputations replete with tears.

    Odd, how society seems to view those who pass unto the hallowed seat opposite Barbara Walters (late night hosts, etc.) as a public confessional, really should have long ago reined in their “magnetic forces.” Still a Fail.

  33. UW, questions about birthdate and tel are already too intrusive. Next thing ya know, all the telemarketers will be calling and hawking their junk. It was hard enough to get the No Call list.

    So why no question about citizenship?

    What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Birthdate, tel# is more important than citizenship?

  34. Hey TC, will she be sorry when they are deposed on their video? The devil is in the details and it is pretty disgusting.

    It’s not just the raw nature of the video, but its context—a married presidential candidate with a cancer-stricken wife, roughly a dozen weeks before his make-or-break moment, the Iowa caucuses—that makes it so damning. A leading candidate to be commander in chief putting himself in an easy position to be extorted.

  35. McN, A leading candidate thinking with the wrong head.

  36. No kidding. What a doofus.

  37. McN, it was a day at the beach next to the long form I got stuck with ten years ago. I was so incensed they had to come to my door and threaten me to complete it. they wanted to know all my finances and a host of personal shit that I just thought was none of their damned business. I also recall them asking if I ever had a stilborn child or an abortion. I can’t remember all of it, but it got more and more instrusive as it moved on and I finally said, screw you, this ain’t your business. So they came knocking at my door and if I hadn’t been so busy, I would have taken the jail sentence just to prove a point.

  38. OMG, UW that is so wrong. There is no need for that type of intrusion. I am going to have to guzzle a bottle of booze before I can answer anything like that lest I unleash the torrent of dogs on them.

  39. Crier, they exempted themselves from the Do Not Call list, so they can badger you for donations and on election day with their incessant and annoying video tapes and calls from The Party. I hand up on all of them. I blew a whistle a few times because they just. do. not. stop.

  40. By the way, some people are filling out the Census, putting “other” for race and filling in “American.”

    I think I’ll end up doing that.

  41. Allows for recording of up to 12 people living in one apartment, home or mobile home. That’s not a home, that’s a commune.


  42. There’s a skunk that lives in the neighborhood. It might be called out when the census folks come over.

  43. Do communes get tax exempt status?

  44. I don’t know if they are exempt but I would hate to be the landlord of the building that has 12 people in one apartment. Imagine the plumbing repairs, the water bill and the wear and tear.

  45. Lots of Guatemalans live that way here. That way their little construction gangs can underbid everyone else.

  46. off topic.

    I just got an automatic phone call inviting me to a climate phone conference. They said something about Al joining in later. Now they’re talking about Florida Repower America group.

  47. Gore will be on in a few moments.

    Alliance for Climate Protection Maggie Fox.

    They said 10,000 RSVP people are on this call. I have long been involved with Green groups but am not currenly signed up with any of them.

    Sherrod Brown from Ohio is coming on now.

    oh, and on topic – in the items Andrew Young handed over to the courts was a paper having to do with Hunters group – the SLUT club.

  48. LOL! This sums up my feelings about John and Reille.

    Warning, bad language from the Onion:

  49. Looking at those photos and the way Reille is posing pretty much sums up the 2008 primary/caucus season. Sleezy, slimey, sexist, misogynistic, phoney-baloney, lying, cheating, scum.

  50. We have three crisis in the country right now – economic, climate and the national security crises which led us to o war in Iraq – over worry about oil market. The unstable region gets our oil money and our security forces lives. We are dependent on carbon based fuels.

    He talks about how our government isn’t working well and how special interests rule it these days.
    He claims 2 million new jobs can be created with clean energy manufacturing etc. We have to act soon, the heat will reach thresholds. He’s talking about what other countries are doing with creating green company jobs.

    Al’s still talking. he’s now doing a question and answer session that was all pre-arranged. I had to hang up after a half hour, I have things to do.

    Basically, he made a lot of sense, unfortunately it is all smoke and mirrors. Greed motivates his lies.

  51. Wonder who paid for her plastic surgery and make-over?

    This women is a crack pot. She and Edwards deserve each other…but pity that poor child.

  52. Al Gore is not going to make another 300 million. Al Gore is a scam and I frankly don’t know why he doesn’t just ride off before he gets arrested.

  53. Because Al Gore believes his own publicity, and deep down believes that he is important. Sigh, if only we could deprogram people that believe in their own importance and exaltedness – Al, Oilsoc, Gibbs, Michelle, Rahm, Axelrove, Rove, Brazille – geez, the list is never ending.

  54. insofar as Ms Hunter is concerned, she is doing what she does best – selling herself to the public. It’s a sad, shameful society that we live in that she gets any attention at all. Women who work darned hard to better the lives of other women and humanity in general do not get a one on one with any major magazine, yet this has been videographer whose one claim to fame is having a child out of wedlock, with one, who I suspect is probably a serial adulteror, – yeah, shameful – and I’m an atheist, so it’s not about god with me. It’s about people treating other people the way that they want other people to treat them – and it’s about dignity and self respect – old fashioned perhaps, but it’s time for dignity and self respect to make a return.

  55. Uppity, are you telling it’s against the law not to fill out the census? If so, I wonder if anyone’s tested the constitutionality of any such requirement.

  56. “Allows for recording of up to 12 people living in one apartment, home or mobile home. That’s not a home, that’s a commune.”

    That’s hilarious, UW. Of course it’s also a profile of ACORN’s target voter registration group.

  57. Wish you were right about Al, Uppity. I suspect he’s just as likely to become the world’s first “green billionaire” as he is to get arrested.

  58. Yes NES, you are required by law to complete the census. The fines are fairly hefty too.

  59. I believe the fine is $5,000.

  60. Are you required by law to fill it out to the best of your recollection??

  61. Because I recall being black and having 50 illegal aliens living in my basement.

  62. Well you can only record 12 of them.

  63. Damn I’ll have to classify my house as an apartment building with 4 rooms.

  64. Yikes on the fine! Dang! Time to hoist the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.

  65. That’s hilarious, DE. Well then, you have 51 votes for BO!

  66. Can’t wait for Uppity’s rant on THIS ONE! LOL

    Seems the degradation of women by politicians is just the way it is. Even in naming their boats…

  67. OMG now I’ve seen everything….this woman is in tears over her skeevy pics being published, but has no problem dishing details about her affair with a married man whose wife was ill with cancer??? And had a baby with said scumball who then DENIED this child with her tacit approval??? Those 2 are the Tag Team from hell. Poor Elizabeth. I’ll bet she’s sorry she spent what will surely be her last months with that PIG.

    My God, I cannot get over the crap that’s happened in the last 3 years. It’s like the whole world is getting ready to completely flip its axis.

  68. Uppity – the Ides of March art from the previous post brings up images of what the Democrats in the House will do to Pelosi when Obama bolts and runs to Indonesia after he signs the Senate Bill and it never get back to the House…

  69. sorry… I think I’m gonna be sick.

    I feel bad for the child – NarcDad… BimboMom

  70. did you all just hear chile has had another bad quake – a 6.7

  71. FF is that the story with the dem pol that has a boat with the name BITCH on it?

  72. yes DE – that’s SEXY Bitch

  73. my favorite is Foley’s Boat (not registered in the good old USA)

    “But they’re humble dinghies next to the 47-foot “Sexy Bitch,” the sports yacht that Republican Linda McMahon’s husband docks in Boca Raton, Fla. They’d be swamped in the wake from “Odalisque,” Republican Tom Foley’s 100-foot ship flagged under the Republic of Marshall Islands and hailing from the port of Bikini. (Odalisque, if you must know, comes from the Turkish for a slave in a harem.)”

  74. Can you stomach “The View”? Ba-Ba Wa-Wa is practically falling over herself in defense of Reille. Talking about “what a great mother” she is….. Also, discussion on the photo spread (excuse the pun) above:

  75. No! At The View they defended her? Why I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!


    Video footage of parts of the photo shoot. Digital camera — instant viewing capability — the only thing that could have made her cry about the photos would be they didn’t do the doctoring they promised to make her look like she is 20 years younger than she is. Personally, I think the photos GQ chose were not flattering — especially not at the thighs.

    She’s been married, and she was in her 40’s when they met. The choice to take this route in finding a partner was not done out of youthful ignorance.

  77. Foley must think it’s code for Family Values.

  78. Grrrrrr…

    My cat claws at the screen to come in. I get up and let him in. He walks around and head butts the dog, then goes back to the door and yells till I get back up and let him out.

    Total time. 90 seconds

  79. Babs has the same history, and she wrote about it in her autobiography (the guy is still alive). If Elisabeth defended her, then it is only because the other women threatened her with something if she didn’t.

    Many women are defending Rielle. My guess is they either have a history of dating married men, or they have no respect for the marriage they are in. it’s not all her fault, of course, but she does own the choices she’s made in the surrounding events: all the high living while trying to hide out, the interviews, the photos, and the things she has said to disparage Elizabeth in order to justify her own behavior.

  80. Fainting Redux to Promote Obamacare?

  81. Too bad the label TRAMP has gone out of style.

  82. Oh cripes, not that fainting horse shit again.

  83. Looks to be so, Uppity.

    anyway – i am off to bed.

    And politicians need to remember – the sure way to get term limits is to vote YES on Obamacare!

  84. Uppity – I read there were only about 200 ‘folks’ at that rally in Ohio. So, if someone was fainting for REAL, it was because of something else. Not the crowd “heat”. And we ALL know it wasn’t Oilsoc’s charisma…

  85. It’s rigged up bullcrap just like during the primaries.

  86. Maybe the person fainted from too much beer and bratwurst.

  87. Of course Barbara Walters defended Reille – they are one and the same.

    Walters admitted in her autobiography to being a scumbag, having an affair with married U.S. Senator Edward Brooke. Of course, she chose to keep it a secret until she was looking to milk sales of her book.

    Walters & Hunter are both disgusting whores.

  88. Maybe she fainted because BO stands for more than oilsoc’s initials.

  89. I remember reading that one need answer only a handful of questions, but I don’t recall what they are. Anyone know?

  90. How awful for John Edward’s children to be able to read about what their father and this piece of dreck were REALLY doing while they were left at home to tend to their sick mother.

    Barbara Walters, and the whole ‘View Crew’–have officially Gotten On My Last Nerve. I hereby propose we revoke their membership in the Sisterhood.

  91. HT at 812, Well said. Dignity and respect for oneself and others are really important character traits.

  92. Gweema

    The choice to take this route in finding a partner was not done out of youthful ignorance

    Was it done out of elderly bliss?


  93. Re: filling out the Census, Bachmann Refuses and what it could mean:

  94. I think Bachman might be wrong. Supreme Court 1999.

    In any event this census is NOTHINg compared to the last one which, like I said, was TRULY invasive. Her objection is ACORN, and rightfully so, but her excuse is the census is invasive but it is not.

    My concern is the census is used to determine districts and congressional representation. So letting non citizens fill out a form gives them power over determining how many reps their state would have and where, that they should not have any such equal powers to those who are here legally. In reality, under the laws and past practices, they should be deported. So the sneaky part of this census is in not asking if peope are US citizens.

  95. Boston Herald has a hillarious column on Rielle’s missing pants. Dora the Explorer is going on an adventure to find them!

  96. Well, thetowncrier, if you read the sentence previous to the one you pulled out of context, nothing said about elderly….just eyes wide open and knowing full well what she was doing.

  97. JE would not have minded one iota if Reille had had an abortion.

    And what was his reaction [to the pregnancy]?
    He was always very gracious about it. And always said that he would support whatever decision I made. But I believe on some level he was hoping I would get an abortion. Because he didn’t—he wasn’t happy about the timing. Which is understandable. [laughs] He was married and running for president. And I find it interesting that my daughter thought that would be a good time to come into the world. That daddy was running for president and married to someone else. “Gee, I think now’s the perfect time.” There’s something to be said for divine timing…

    So he was gracious, really? There were no fights about it?
    No, there were no fights. He was very gracious, but I always felt the underlying discontent in his graciousness. I remember one time in Miami—or was it Orlando? [laughs] I traveled a lot to see him. But he said to me, he was like, “There’s just nothing I can say to make you change your mind about this.” and I said, “Nope.” he said, “Guess I’m just gonna have to accept it.” very teasing and sweet.

  98. OMG!!

    WHAT A SLUT!!!!

  99. Oh God. SOmebody just needs to stuff a rag in that woman’s mouth and light it or something. She needs to shut the hell up.

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