Happy Frank and Patrick Day.

Re-enactment of Frank's behavior at his last parade.

Catholics love to celebrate Saints and Patrick is no exception. It’s been a long time since I was a Catholic, and contrary to the belief, it really isn’t like riding a bicycle. So I can’t remember if this is what they call a Holy Day of Obligation or not, but if it is then you are definitely obligated to attend a parade and party.

In fact, some of the parties and parades on this day are so good, they draw in just as many Protestants, agnostics, atheists pickpockets, fall down drunks and freeloaders. Because a St. Paddy and Frank Day parade has little to too with sainthood and everything to do with a good time.  I mean, a parade is a parade, right?

Yes, you read right. I said Frank Day. As you all know, our regular Uppityite, Frank,  was born on this day and has witnessed many a parade in his honor in NY City. Now I never knew Patrick, but I can attest that Frank is a good dude. However,  I also have it on good authority that, unlike Patrick,  Frank is no saint.

I’ve attended many fantastic Frank and Patrick Parades in my time. My dog and I particularly love a good  parade. So that is why I am doubly proud to know Frank. And from what I understand, Frank is really responsible for all of those parades now, and Patrick is just kind of hopping onto the bandwagon!

Anybody who has attended a big Frank Day parade knows that Frank is one popular guy! So Happy Birthday, Frank! You too, Patrick! If it weren’t for you we would never have pots o’ gold, rainbows, clovers, Lucky Charms and green beer! And who can resist that sticky pavement? But most of all, thank you for corned beef and cabbage. I was wondering, could you maybe arrange it with the Big Guy to see to it that I can find briskets with the little spice packs all year around instead of just around your day?  I really like that stuff. Thanks! Amen!

Here’s somebody’s dog at the last parade.

Except for this dog, which resembles a dust mop, I can’t remember  much more, because the beer was really cheap and it hit me right between the eyes.

 This was particularly odd because I don’t drink beer, so I can only attribute the problem to fumes.

All I can tell you is I suddenly felt much closer to God the next morning.

In closing, I would like to point out that no saints were harmed during this post. But, as a former Catholic whose relatives are all Catholic and regard me as a heathen, I know instinctively that I should duck and run right now.


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    If you are Irish or those who would like to be today is a Holy Day of Obligation for the rest of them not so much.
    We do know how to party . Sorry the rest of you do not.



  2. Frank! Had I known that today was your birthday all these years, I would have been celebrating!

    You must be so humbled to have all this commotion!

    Happy Birthday!


  3. Some congressman may be getting present in honor of Frank’s birthday.
    Backtrack tells them if they do not vote for the healthcare bill he will not campaign for them. Hell that is a good reason to vote no like most of the American people want them to do.



  4. Happy Birthday Frank- tis also me youngest grandson’s birthday!
    My Dad was always a huge fan of all things Irish- being the descendant of the Breens. Wish I had a pic of him with his green mustache!
    You have a wonderful day! And forgive me if I don’t march with you!

  5. You that feeling you get when you see things happening and you want to crow?
    Well I want to say to the congress persons, ” you lied, cheated,bribed and sold you soul and the country to get backtrack. Now he owns you and tells you to jump and you ask how high. How does it feel a**holes?



  6. Many happy returns Frank. Erin go bragh!

  7. Hope you have a great birthday Frank. And a great parade!

  8. I thank you all for helping me celebrate today. Long ago I past the age when people want to stop counting but two things constrained me: first I considered the alternative; and second, so many people would’ve been deprived of an excuse for a grand parade.

    Thanks much, Uppity.

  9. BTW: I surely wish I could still dance that jig!

  10. It is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation, but you’re still obligated to go to a parade; it’s also Frank’s birthday, for heaven’s sake. I’ve never been sure ( and I’m Catholic too), but is this the day St. Patrick was born, died, was canonized or chased the snakes out of Ireland? does anybody know ? Happy Birthday Frank

  11. Happy Frank’s Day! I shall wear green in your honor.

    I actually have to go on a leprechaun hunt today, so it should be fun. I’ll let you know if I catch any.

  12. Mornin’ Uppity – I’m only part Irish & usually say Happy St. Paddy’s Day – but didn’t know about Frank – Happy Frank’s Day –

    Did you see Kucinich on the tube??? Cheap, cheap cheap – Ride on AF1, bag of peanuts & BJ – he caved….hope the voters in Ohio finally get rid of him – damm – he kinda reminds me of a leprechaun…………………………………….. eeuuuw!!

  13. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!! We of the Irish surnames and blarney wish all of you extra luck.

    Happy birthday Frank!!

    I don’t do the drinking thing so much anymore, but I do love a good parade.

  14. You’re welcome Frank! See ya at the party. And you’re never too old, Frank.

  15. Yeah I heard he caved, Susie. Just when I was starting to think he made sense. He does have those pointy ears though.

  16. Hi Joanie, sorry you landed in spam. First comment usually does. I have no idea if he was born, died or was canonized on this day, but I do know the parades are great!

    He chased snakes out of Ireland? Boy, I’ve been out of the fold a lonnnnnnnng time. I didn’t know that.

  17. Not to worry Uppity, it’s a legend, nothing more. There were no snakes in Ireland before Patrick, and there are none now, however, some monks created the legend after his death to spread his legacy of converting the Irish from their dreaded pagan ways. to Rome’s brand of Xianity.

  18. Saint Paddy forever!

    saint paddy for PREZ.


    hugs & a Happy day filled with four leafed clovers to all!

  19. Hey Frank, have a terrific day, but remember, what you do today may have unintended consequences tomorrow!
    Just for fun, the former Irish Rovers – Wasn’t that a Party.

  20. First – Happy Birthday Frank you lucky son of a gun – not everyone gets parades thrown in honor of their birthday – so you must be very special.

    As to being a Holy Day of Obligation – not so much.. Even in Catholic school we did not have to go to church (unless is was Friday because we always went for Stations of the Cross every Friday in Lent – but that’s another topic altogether). We made silly shamrock hats in art class and had a party for much of the day (and of course spent part of the day focused on the history of St Patrick ).

    If the winter had been mild and we had snow days left over, we would be treated to a day off from school – so I guess that means that St. Pat ranks right up there with the major players like St NIck.

  21. Happy Frank Day all you Uppity people!

    Perhaps you should live in the south Uppity because the briskets with the little spice packs are available all year around my neck of the woods. My husband LOVES corned beef and cabbage, the kids not so much. But I make it several times a year for hubby and the kids just have to order pizza, LOL!


  23. A very Happy Frank & Patty Day to all! 🙂

  24. Huh?


    $72.00 per DAY is the average “spending”

    as far as I can tell, the story leans towards “Consumer Spending”
    although they do not say if this includes gas, food, electricity bills etc. – they also say “job growth” has contributed to this growth!

    I tell ya – if folks are out buying crap after being out of work for months then they deserve what they get.

    I don’t know about you but there is no way in hell I could spend $72.00 per day and pay ANYTHING else.

    Can someone explain this to me?

    And I’ll check back in after work…

  25. FF it depends on what the spending is towards, and it doesn’t indicate that in the poll results. And remember it’s an average, which means someone might spend one thousand per day on Doctor and hospital bills, and the next person might spend $2.00 per day on milk. There is also no breakdown of economic classes. One person, making $200,000 per year might spend $70.00 per day in power lunches, while someone on $25,000 per year might spend $5.00 per day on food. Do not trust these poll results without a detailed report on who, when and what they polled. Just my humble opinion, of course.

  26. FF, I want to know this as well. I sure as hell can’t afford to blow through $72 a day. Thanks UW, forgot about the combined $$$ blowout.

  27. Sure I can explain it, FF. But it’s not about job growth, it’s about the cost of staying alive. If you average out the cost of a gas and electrict bill, the cost of water, the cost of home upkeep, taxes, , phone, car insurance, cable, food. gas. and other necessities, you spend more than $72 a day unless you are a 25 year old obot living at home with your parants, who pay for all of that. And I didn’t even toss in health insurance.


    Did anyone see that lying sack of bullshitmofo con artist disgusting putrid Transformer? bleeechhhhh. He was in true living color, thank goodness. purple lips flapping, flying bullshit. He’s got gall. He really does.

    ~~ Friends,
    May all your days be bright; and all your nights, may they be still. ~~ Happy St Paddy’s Day!

    (Saving all my NYC days for DC days…just in case.)

  29. spend $72.00 per day: Can someone explain this to me?

    Spending up 32% says to me that the hyper-inflation about which UW warned us has begun.

  30. Happy B’day Frank.

    Everyone being Irish on St Patrick’s Day, top o’ the mornin’–well, ok, evenin’– to you all.

    What do you mean, there were never any snakes? You’re pulling my leg, right?

  31. helenk, at 8:10 AM Said: “Well I want to say to the congress persons, ” you lied, cheated,bribed and sold you soul and the country to get backtrack. Now he owns you and tells you to jump and you ask how high.”,

    Helen, they have willingly put on the yoke of slavery. The goal of the black power movement has been realized and the goal of the Islamto subjiugate the world to Sharia law is rapidly advancing. What they don’t know–yet– is that their souls are irreparably damaged.

  32. A special St. Patrick’s Day greeting to MK Bill.

  33. Papoose,


  34. Mary, not in the least. Check out the National Geographic discussion on St Patrick. Honest, I wouldn’t pull you leg on a religious saint – that doesn’t mean other areas are off limits.

  35. St Patrick was Italian. Born and raised in Genoa.

  36. Bill,
    the penguins are getting out, they’re behind you. Bill…Bill watch out!

    Happy Frank and Patty day!

  37. Mary,



  38. Happy B’day Frank. And top o’ the morning to all of you.
    Papoose, were you talking about Barry’s appearance on Fox? Word is he bombed — too defensive and non-response. What did people think?

  39. Thanks to all for the replies to the $72 question. HT – I understand your POV and that could be the case. And Uppity, I figured your answer was almost the only way this could be an “average” from this poll. But without the internal data, it is a worthless poll, and simply designed – I believe – to spread more Unicorns around the failed policies of The Current Administration.



  40. DE, I don’t suppose I can delay sending my money to NY State since they are delaying everyone’s refund?

    NES I didn’t see him. I don’t believe anything he says. I hope I get this right.
    Falsus in uno, Falsus in omnibus .

  41. UW, you give good Latin.

  42. False Altogether? Treachery?

  43. Yes, Fox, Nes.

    Even his make up was off color. First African American President, my ass. He resembles no on in my Family nor does he have anything in common.

    He’s using our Brethren.

  44. Happy Birthday Frank!
    What a day to celebrate.

    I have really good friends whom I call “the all-American couple”. He was born on April 15th. Her birthday is July 4th! I think they ought to have a coat of arms or something made up with all kinds of dollar signs and fireworks.

  45. I didn’t know about the Fox interview until reading about it here. I just went to the Fox site and linked to the transcript:


    oilsoc lived up to his name. again.

  46. Let’s stick with the March 18th 2910 DEADline.

    Let’s Vote. Show us. Don’t tell us.

    Let the American people draft the Reform bill.

  47. Yeah 2910, that’s the Ticket.

    3/18/10…vote or shut up. Finally, please.

    So we can respond in spades.

  48. uh, uh, uh I gottta tellyya, Brett, is people, uh uh uh people are losing their houses because they can’t pay their medical bills.

    Oh. so lets invent something called Medic-Aid.

    How come the Government fails to state and declare as fact that the American taxpayers already fund such a program? And they have, faithfully for many, many years?

    Good thing we have the Government to allocate our earnings.

  49. UW, you give good Latin.


  50. Social Security is not an entitlement. It’s an annuity that becomes effective upon retirement at your leisure after the age of 62.

    It bears in promise and carries the Principal of Insurance. To Make Whole. No more. No less.

    Its a Membership. All for one and One for all> >>>>as long as you participate. Its not an entitlement because you exist. OK?

  51. How do you say, Bogus Bullpuckies in Latin?

    Seriously. For real.

    Deem and pass, in other words?

  52. Well put about social security, Papoose. And it wouldn’t be “going broke” if congress and presidents of both parties hadn’t raided the pot and stuck IOUs in there they never intended to pay. Thus, to hide their IOUs they would love to get rid of social security.

  53. Can somebody find a video of that blowass biden trying to be funny at the press dinner? It was downright painful to watch. He has the sense of humor of a yak.

  54. I just saw this about 30 minutes ago and I couldn’t watch it all. I think it’s only a soundbite, but I couldn’t tolerate it, so I left.
    Someone else will get better videos, I’m sure.


  55. oh no …. my crazy green bird is gone!!
    It’s time for bed. g’nite.

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