In addition to their disgusting taste, Peeps have moral issues as well.

Peeps. They are immoral.

They have no shame. They reproduce at alarming rates.

And they taste like crap. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

I think the Moral Majority should get right on this.  The Spongebob thing is getting old.

“Peep Show”


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  1. Now I know what goes on in my freezer when I am working! LOL.

  2. Please don’t tell me if you freeze them, they come back when you thaw them like frogs!

  3. Oh, now I get it, they’re just like the Republican staffers that go to S&M clubs on expense accounts.

    Democratic female air-head obot Bunnies are being watched by Republican male fat-cat yellow piggish peeps. Let us hope this doesn’t lead to tragic slug shaped offspring.

  4. LOL, funny!

    I love peeps. Somebody gave me some stuffed ones that are just adorable. I’ve got a couple that are made out of foam rubber and would probably taste better then the edible ones.

  5. OMG UPPITYITES! You will NOT believe this horrible story. A new all time low in the world for women. This is what happens, progressives, when you attack someone with gender hate.

    read this and weep and then write them all!

  6. Karen Willis, executive officer of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, said: “While I don’t think that playing games causes people to go out and do things, what it can do for those who may already have that preclusion is further break down social barriers to them taking that action.” (ANI)

    If the person didn’t have that preclusion why in the hell would they play this game???

  7. And the hits just keep on coming.

    Obama is going to pick and chose what our college kids learn and he is going into the gov’t text book biz?

    What a scary thought. Rules for radicals revisited.

    “So, once this act is implemented, any federal money involved will give government the opening to begin controlling everything in the process of creating and distributing college textbooks.”

    another link says it was bush who started it:

    Do you all remember how they skewered Palin falsely over book banning at her library just because she had asked the librarian a question? Wanna bet the obots are thrilled with dear leader editing their books with his worthy socialistic ideals? Maybe he can get uncle jeremiah wright to write some studies on race relations and history. Or Farrakhan, who is btw still spewing horrific venom about race as per a video of him from Sunday, featured on Fox.

    Oh, and isn’t it funny how obama says they haven’t chosen a church yet because they would be too disruptive if they became members of one. What a load of malarky.

  8. It just hit me how ironic it is that I posted that link to this rape game on this PEEP show for PEEPS.

    One of these days women are going to respond with a penis cutting off game. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind…

  9. The Peeps just want peeps….I mean peace

  10. Let’s not forget about “Peeps Badminton”…..

    They make excellent birdies when microwaved on low for about a minute. A little bigger and absolutely bulletproof

    My family’s traditional Easter game.

  11. OMG you guys are all killing me!

  12. Eye for Eye refers to the One Eyed Trouser Snake, I am assuming.

    Peeps on Earth. ROFLMAO.

    I never thought of PeepMinton! What a great idea!

  13. Karen, what’s the difference with college text books? The professors are mostly marxists anyways. I’m sure there will be more pages dedicated to Barack Obama than any other president Evah.

    The colleges have all become federal money whores anyways, and you would never know it considering their tuition costs. College is dumb down for the dumb down high school students anyhow. It’s becoming the equivalent of a high school diploma. That’s what happens when you give a degree to ANYONE. The bottom line is, four year degree grads are a dime a dozen and their prospects are pretty much dim in the employment arena. But their parents do get rid of them for four years. Then they come back home and wait for some CEO to make them Lord of the Company.

  14. Aw hell Karen, you must have not been an Uppityite when I covered Rapelay.

    Hell’s Toy Store….April 2009.

  15. I think we need an internet Glock 19 similator just help women practice protecting themselves. Nobody’s brave looking at a barrel. Perhaps we could similate Dick Shooting. That seems fair, don’t you think? I mean if raping women and girls is perfectly acceptable, what’s a little fun shooting off some balls? in 3D!!!

  16. Up,

    I was here, mostly lurking, since early 2008. I didn’t read about this game from you because I was in Europe for a few weeks that month and when I came back I didn’t bother catching up at NQ or here.

    And yeah, the college students seem to be malleable these days, but there are plenty of exceptions, too.

  17. Well a trip to Europe is definitely an acceptable excuse! Been lurking that long hey? Thanks!

  18. I gotta put up peeps on earth as a post. It’s just tooooooooo good.

  19. MKB has gotten ahold of the peeps!! What happened to the penguins?? What happened to my pengy????

  20. I think the peeps are getting to me because I suddenly recalled visions of men getting a bit undone when women hold up those interesting cigar cutters for snipping things off. Perhaps a game that allows the player to chose from various options/sizes – and makes the guillotine connection more prominent. This along with that Glock 19 alternative would get some attention.

  21. Yes Mt. Laurel, we could offer a variety of weapons with which to enjoy BALLPLAY. I think this would be a good name for the game because it would attract men, who would then wince and revile when they see the game in action, much like what would happen to use if we looked at RapeLay. I like it. We could have guillotines, and pretty much any other violent, painful tool. We could also add Pre-Deballing accessories. For example, Crazy Glue.

  22. Would you like the Rusty Spoon for your new game? (What my husband always threatened to use to castrate any body who in any way harmed his daughter)

  23. ginsu circumcision knives are always a good thing to keep in the house.
    I just got a deli pro knife that you can measure the thickness of how much you want to cut.

    I read yesterday that India is charging the family that killed the couple in a so-called honor killing with a capital crime.
    More countries should follow this practice.



  24. You gals are scary. (Donning chainmail pants.)

    Yeah, RapeLay has been marketed in Japan since 2006 by delusional Illusion=

    It was banned in the US as a video game in 2008 by Amazon and Ebay and there was no outcry over censorship.

    However, now that it has morphed into this Internet “game,” it’s pretty disturbing, since any little cretin is an “adult” on the net that knows how to use a computer.

    Now THAT”S scary. And what about inmates on the web, doing time for sex crimes? Big “help.”

    Another thing: The Internet has survived repeated calls to censor content. RapeLay could be one of the strongest arguments yet.

    Your assessment Uppity?

  25. My “assessment” is it’s time to counteract with ball removing games and see how the boys like that, Hal.

  26. Yes, I’m all for counteraction, but the trouble is, then there would be “mock shock” and feigned horror from the likes of Chrissy and Olby that such a game was on the web.

  27. OT but MKBill is always a topic= Is our boy too worn out to tweet now? The health care summit was a month ago. Or is he led astray by those awful Peeps?

  28. Well apparently you are not satisified with all the time MKBill puts into entertaining you day and freaking night, making it easy for you to just click and read while sipping your coffee. Is this enough? Nope! We must monitor his tweeting as well, as if there are endless hours in the which… he…should be dedicated just for your pleasure.

  29. But, sputter….a MONTH LONG CATNAP?

    OK. It’s not as if Bill was one of us lowly humans.

  30. My apologies to Bill….I see he tweeted again 3/21.
    My bad.

  31. Then it’s a ghost. Bill hasn’t tweeted in a month.

  32. Ah I see the price of oil is rising, right on schedule. Just like clockwork so it’s good and high to screw everyone for summer vacations. Apparently, most of America is supposed to be too stupid to notice this happens every year.

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