US Government: We’re here to help. Tear out that poisonous Chinese drywall we let into the country.

Did you build a home or renovate during the housing boom? Well your government is here to help.

Your government, that you depend upon to keep you safe in this “Free Trade” environment,where everything enters the country and precious-little leaves our country,  has a little problem. Well, it’s not really your government’s problem. No sir. Now it’s yours. If you live in Florida or Louisiana and you installed drywall, chances are especially good that you are one of the suckers home owners they are talking to.

It seems that our bankers, the Chinese, have sold us a bill of goods. Again. This time it’s drywall. You know, the stuff that’s on all the walls and ceilings of your home, the place where you and your children live? Well the drywall is dangerous. So remove it, mmmmmmmkkkkayy? Get right on it. It should only cost you about $100k to gut those walls, so get on it.

The federal government on Friday instructed families with certain Chinese-made drywall to rid their homes of the material and replace electrical wiring, gas pipes and sprinkler systems.

Yes, you have been instructed. Oh, and one more thing:  Our lax trade controls let this happen. But the cost is your problem. And if you don’t do it, this is what you have to look forward to:

The drywall has been linked to respiratory and electrical problems in thousands of new homes, primarily in Florida and Louisiana. Consumer advocates have argued that high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the drywall corrode electrical wires and create health risks.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is very concerned for you! Isn’t this the same group  who had the special person to monitor the foreign toy industry, the one who seems to have a really special relationship with the Chinese, who declared that even though those Chinese toys had lead in them, their toys are really safe? I mean, really, really safe.

Nothing spells “I Feel Safe” like a Product Safety Commission that doesn’t bother preventing things and instead reacts when things get out of control. I know you feel better knowing that they are out there to tell you that you’ve been screwed again. Your pets were poisoned with melamine. No big deal. Your kids were poisoned with lead and their baby formulas contained melamine. No problem. In fact, we are now instructed that there is actually a safe level of melamine (euphemism for plastic) your baby can ingest. It’s what you do when a country owns your country financially.

Here are your instructions. Basically, it’s about gutting your home and paying for it out of your own suckered pocket. I know that the people affected by this problem are just thrilled to know that their government agencies are right there to help after yet another dangerous import made it to our shores

Dear Congress: I need more thumbs. –Love, Dutch Boy.

It’s nice to know that our government is reactive and rarely thinks ahead. Makes you feel safe. I haven’t read this bill because I already know that our special interest shills on Capitol Hill did just as good a job as they did on Credit Card Reform and Health Care Reform. In other words, there are probably enough leaks in that dike to put the Little Dutch Boy into a straight jacket.

However, your government is recommending that the IRS allow homeowners who have to gut their homes to deduct the cost from their taxes. I mean let’s face it, every middle class American can find use in deducting about $100k they will spend from their taxes when they pay a fraction of that in taxes. But it’s a great idea for America’s really wealthy “victims”! They are real sports, aren’t they?

It’s a good thing this didn’t happen on important Wall Street  instead of in useless unimportant working Americans’ homes — or there would be a bailout!


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  1. Stop, stop… you’re KILLING ME!!! Please, Uppity, tell me this is just a VERY WELL CONCOCTED STORY, YES!!!

    Tell you what: we rent and I ain’t gonna’ inspect any f_____’n dry wall. Much as I could use the deduction, of course. But they can stand me up aginst the wall and shoot me before I undertake anything like that.

    Not that I don’t love livin’ in the USA, of course…


  2. Thanks for posting this UW I have been meaning to for a while.

    You also have to replace your AC and ductwork.
    None of this drywall was sold through Depot or Lowes so DIYer weren’t affected it was the large builders who buy in quantity building track homes and communities that got this stuff.
    It’s nice how our government goes after JAPAN (Toyota) for $16 million over the Prius. But China gets to walk.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up, DE. And I suppose the builders have no liability either. Just the screwed home owners.

    I’m thinking though, what of homeowners who hired some of these same contractors to renovate or build additions?

  4. MS if you rent, the building owner is responsible. And we both know your landlord is getting right on it. lol.

  5. “i’m from the gov’t, i’m here to help.”

    yep, the scariest words in the english language.

  6. Florida is having such a hard time of it with the economy already, this is the last thing they need in their out of control real estate market crash. People have walked away from well made homes rather than pay the mortgage on a home that has lost value at a precipitous rate.

    Many good people who did nothing wrong have lost all they had, all their life savings wrapped up in their homes. So many have lost jobs.

    A co-worker went down there to check out retirement communities and was astounded what she could get for next to nothing. The prices are often 1/5 of what they were 5 years ago. Some of those communties have 80 percent vacancies and the bank owns most of it and just wants occupants.

    I’ll tell her to check the drywall before she buys.

  7. I wonder if it is illegal for a realtor to sell a piece of property down there without full disclosure on the drywall.

    I would tell your friend to buy a building that was not built during the boom.

  8. You can tell if the house or building has Chinese drywall in it the moment you walk in. The smell is overpowering. Like walking into a house full of pee filled carpet.

  9. GAWD.

    They said they got over 3000 complaints.

  10. Better builders are helping homeowners. FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT THAT SHOULD NEVER HAD BEEN ALLOWED TO BE IN BUSINESS AFTER ANDREW like Lenar have washed their hands of the whole thing.

    The builders shouldn’t be liable anyway. How the hell were they supposed to know. It would be like holding parents liable for shopping at ToysRus and getting toys covered with lead.
    Responsibly lies with the manufacturer PERIOD. If China wont stand behind their products don’t let them in.

  11. DE the thing is, the most innocent and least at fault are the homeowners. It moves on up the chain.

    You buy a dishwasher from an appliance store and it doesn’t work. The appliance store says call the manufacturer. You say, I didn’t buy it from them, I bought it from YOU. At least that’s what I do. That way, the most innocent does the least work to resolve the problem.

  12. I’ll tell you whose fault this is. Our government’s fault for having agencies chock full of appointees who are not looking out for our best interests any longer. That’s why they are reactive all the time. They are letting China get away with murder. Literally. But it’s not just about China. It’s about politics. A scuzz like Don Rumsfeld strong arms the FDA into approving Aspartame. The media covers the bullshit about saccharin to help them out and the next thing you know, people are sick from a product that the FDA was WARNED about by their own employees. This kind of shit is going on everywhere. The poultry industry gets away with it, the beef industry gets away with it, the produce industry gets away with it, and they only do something when they get caught.

  13. ‘The Donald’ had an interesting comment on Neil Cavuto’s show – can’t remember the whole thing but basically he said that the Chinese suck & that if our government had any stones they would hike up the import tax on the shit from China and if so, all of the US companies that went overseas ‘cuz it’s so cheap would all of a sudden decide that maybe the US isn’t so bad after all and we would be making stuff again – like toys, cars, tvs, appliances – big & small , textiles, etc. He said he hates dealing with the Chinese for various reasons but he’s convinced that we don’t need them – if we had somebody in Washington who had a brain – move on people nobody there – just a narcissistic POS – the fraud actually had the nerve to say that he doesn’t think Sarah Palin has any business saying anything about HIS nuclear policy – really?????????????????? He doesn’t think she has any experience???????? Oh really – she certainly has had a lot more experience than that POS

    Jeezuz – can’t we impeach him yet??

  14. OMG – geraldine ferraro finally overloaded on the frickin’ kool aid – just was gushing about the fraud on fox – is worried about the POS cuz he’s just rushing around doing so much & so many things – she’s worried about his health – he just needs to slow down & take a break – guess she forgot about the parties every other day at the WH – probably wasn’t invited – will be now – I used to like her cuz she supported Hillary but guess not so much anymore……………….
    She also agrees with the slam against Israel – basically saying they asked for it – the nerve…………heard somebody say yesterday that compared to US – Israel is about the size of Rhode Island – certainly puts things into a little bit more perspective for me – small country………………………..

  15. Oy. God only knows what they DO to these people.

  16. susie, honestly, we cannot DO a thing to China. They OWN us. Seriously.

  17. I know Uppity – I know, but I need to find that clip of the donald speaking – it really was an interesting bit of info – will see if I can find and post a link –

    We gotta do something – country is going to hell in a handbasket & that gd basket was made in China too –

    I don’t wanna learn chinese and I want things to be made here – that crap from China is just that – crap –

  18. Hey – found it:

    sounds pretty good to me but hell, I don’t know – I live in flyover country and I’m an old white woman so maybe I don’t know anything…………………………….

  19. I’m betting this Chinese-made shit is in other states and this could be the tip of the iceberg. Nice when your banker kills you, huh?

    You forgot to mention that anti-freeze somehow made it into Chinese-made toothpaste. One brand was a
    counterfeit “Colgate.”

  20. susie, walmart had approximately 4000 little sweat shops in China back in the late 90s. I suppose they have more now. Just won more reason I NEVER shop in the place that single handedly started the effort to lower the standard of living in the USA.

  21. The government lowered the standard of living, Uppity. Wal Mart was just like the bandaid they placed on the economy so people wouldn’t notice how bad things have gotten. As long as we can still buy cheap goods and charge groceries on our credit cards, we don’t have to face the reality of our economy.

  22. yttik, I disagree with you. Immensely. Walmart was working its plan in the early 90s. I did a technical exchange with them and knew then they were poison. Everywhere they went, Y, the jobs suffered. They closed stores around them and then they hired the layed off employees for less money, thus lowering the standard of living. Walmart is the quintessential Chinese champion. They were into making things there and selling them here before most companies thought of the word, “Outsourcing”. The original pimper of the “Permanent Part-Time” worker, sans benefits. To make it even more delicious, they now snooker Americans daily with cheaper toothpaste to keep their goal intact. Other companies Learned from Walmart, make no mistake about it. They saw how it all worked, the light bulb went off and they held them up as a “Model”. Walmart has been a steady disgusting yellow nasal drip as the Instructor of how to lower income for Americans, and it benefits them daily because now, more and more people can’t afford to shop anywhere else. They squeeze vendors until they bleed to get the best prices, driving some of THEM out of business too. It’s a gotcha.

    And let us not forget the times they have been caught in things like using child labor in dangerous jobs (as in chain saws!), the fire that found the night shift cleaners LOCKED in the building, and other unsavory disgusting acts for which they have managed to get slaps on the hand by the department of labor, which has now made a deal with them to give them ten days WARNING before inspecting them. Oh yes, Walmart is what it is. Just ask all the illegals they have hired in the past.

    Now, if you want to talk Wall Street and our two parties, which are really One, then I will agree that they together helped their sponsors screw us for the rest of our lives, and they aren’t done yet either.

  23. I just wish The Donald would stop his addiction to building businesses, bankrupting them and stiffing his suppliers. I might like him even more.

  24. I’m back – had to run some errands – I don’t go to walmart – first time I was ever in one of those places was in Texas back in the late 70’s – thought it was the dirtiest crappiest store I had ever been in and my mind has never been changed – they can claim how nice they are but it’s like putting lipstick on a pig – it’s still a pig – my discount store of choice is Target but that’s probably becuz they started here in my home state – the quality of crap is just a little big higher than wallymart – I know stories about their crappy business practices too –

    if I can – I buy local from small biz who make stuff here – not imported from the chinese – I made a point this past Christmas that the toys I bought for little nieces & nephews were made in the US – it’s hard but I try

    There was a project that started here in MN about spending $50.00 a month between 3 local businesses & that would help to keep them going – do what I can……………………………

    Donald Trump is an arrogant ass but he did say on the clip that he did give the bid for furniture to a US company rather than China – so good for him – hope he pays them………………………..

  25. I know Wal Mart is poison, Uppity, but the Gov absolutely helped to create them. Wal mart keeps people from storming the castle with torches and pitchforks and holding the Gov accountable. Whenever you see a Wal mart try to get into a community, you’ll see tremendous political support. That is because when people can buy cheap plastic goods, they can convince themselves that the national debt is no big deal, that the quality of life in the US has not declined. Wal Mart would not even exist in it’s current form if the Gov had not written special policies, trade agreements, and tax breaks.

  26. O/T – but does anybody else wonder? The fraud isn’t even on the ground yet – but as soon as he gets to the WH – he’s ready to give a speech – guess who else is appearing on C-Span at the same time – but she’s nobody ya know…………………………………

  27. Oh yeah Susie, Barack has been doing that since his primary days. He doesn’t like when her superior mind is allowed to express itself, makes his mediocre self look like……look like…….well, look like what it is.

  28. Yup, I read about that. They are going to make sure you cannot sell your home unless it is up to cap and trade standards, which means you cannot afford to sell your home.

    Like I said, these people are despicable on so many levels, even in the face of being exposed for the frauds they are.

  29. Mind blowing UW.

  30. A license for your home H.R. 2454 (Cap and trade bill)

    These people are despots, folks. I am talking honest to God despots who are out to hobble their Subjects into submission and poverty.

    Beginning 1 year after enactment of the Cap and Trade Act, you won’t be able to sell your home unless you retrofit it to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of this Act. H.R. 2454, the “Cap & Trade” bill passed by the House of Representatives, if also passed by the Senate, will be the largest tax increase any of us has ever experienced.

  31. I guess everyone should be happy with caves and huts.

  32. However, according to this is NOT true. It WAS in the early bill but it is NOT in the bill the House passed. I bet those blue dogs stopped it, thank God.

    Note that it mentions “existing homes”. This means new homes will have to be passing the muster of the Despots.

  33. Funny how they never mention their cell phones and other microwave-inducing toys.

  34. So who says Obama isn’t Bush 3?

  35. I see the man whose face isn’t finished, Lindsey Graham is behind this. Really, the republicans need to get rid of that guy.

  36. The Bipartisan Despots are all in agreement. No opportunity for government abuse of information here, is there?

    The national ID cards would include a “unique biometric identifier,” according to Graham and Schumer. Some of the likely candidates include finger prints, retinal scans, or even the layout of a person’s veins in the top of their hand. Employers who refuse to “swipe the card” would face “stiff fines” and “prison sentences,” the Senators noted. “Our blueprint also creates a rational system for admitting lower-skilled workers,” they added.

    President Obama promptly signaled his approval and pledged to “act at the earliest possible opportunity.” The White House released a statement noting that the President would do everything in his power to push the issue, and Obama called the Schumer-Graham proposal “a promising, bipartisan framework which can and should be the basis for moving forward.”

  37. I would be okay if Graham didn’t wake up from his next plastic surgery procedure.

  38. “and pledged to “act at the earliest possible opportunity.” ”

    isn’t this what he ALWAYS does?

  39. I don’t assume he ever had plastic surgery on his face. If he has, he has a lawsuit. I think his face literally is disturbingly Not Finished. He has no features. He reminds me of the Richest Man in Bogata story. The man is the beginning of a pod person from …..

  40. I think he has had a few things done…nothing major. He was born with that mug.

  41. I will defer, then.

  42. Okay where is everybody. Guess I should just close down the blog, then.


  43. oilsoc and his league of demons don’t have to Worry about re-election. Long beore 2012 they will have accomplished their goal–so severely crippling the America economy, legal system, and morale that we cannot survive as a democratic soverign nation.

  44. UW quit with the bs about closing down the blog. We have hooks too ya know.

  45. The biometric wo’t require your fingerprints or retinal patterns. A chip implanted in every person will be used in tadem with the national id cards.

  46. They aren’t going to chip me like a pet. Fuck that shit.

  47. Dear DE,

  48. Cool noodles, we wont be constituents we’ll be pets.

  49. UW,

    Double bingo! We are being dehumanized.

  50. Check this bullcrap out will you? They are going to assassinate Awlaki just like they were going to assassinate Bin Laden. I guess we need another boogie man. Who the hell are these people kidding? Here we go again.

  51. Systematically

  52. UW,
    Bullcrap squared!

  53. Those well coordinated and perfectly timed audios and videos from Awlaki will be so much easier to understand since he speaks English. I mean those well coordinated perfectly timed audios from Osama were such a drag!

  54. There is a lot of this toxic drywall in my area. A lot of people have had to walk away from their houses because their house makes them physically ill. My house was built during the boom, but I don’t think I have this drywall. Like DE said if you have it you know it. It corrodes your pipes, turns your mirrors black, your electrical wiring black, and your house smells like a sewer.

    I may not have toxic drywall, but I have plenty of other issues with my house. Trust me in Florida a builder can do just about anything and not be held responsible. The laws in this state heavily favor builders.

    As for the biometric ID cards. My husband was just issued one for his job. Some contractor has been processing and issuing them to every FAA employees……the contractor must have friends on both sides of the aisle. Don’t they all???

    Uppity well coordinated, perfectly timed audios….you are such a cynic!

  55. oilsoc had to be shamed and pushed screaming into killing Somali Pirates who had an America in their hands, so somehow I don’t thik he’s about to go after ay Muslim bro. But the Low Life Media (LLM–my latest coinage) will make him a hero for this fatwah.

  56. Uppity well coordinated, perfectly timed audios….you are such a cynic!

    I prefer to think of myself as a realist.

  57. You know, that’s just it, Mary. At home, he refuses to call them what they are, yet he has no problem flying over with those drones and killing a bunch of them. Now the Fatwah against this guy. His messages in the field don’t seem to mix with the crap he says at home.

  58. Ah DE, leave it to you to make me one of the fold. 😀

  59. UW,

    Probably pats himself on the back for those drone killings because he’s helping Muslims become martyrs for Allah. This fatwah is all for show. Just like his promise to homosexuals in the military. All for show, all to keep the despotized citizenry off balance.

  60. “Those well coordinated and perfectly timed audios and videos”

    All a little stagey, isn’t it?

  61. Thanks for the article, Uppity. I hate Wal-Mart. Did a bunch of protests at local Wal-Mart stores with NOW and others. I went to the NOW National Conference several years ago and we all bussed to the nearest Wal-Mart at picketed in the hot sun for 45 minutes, then headed to the bus to go back to the hotel. Our bus driver was missing. She had taken the opportunity to cross our line and go and shop in Wal-Mart. While she was shopping we were practically having heat stroke because it was so hot and some of us had run out of water. I can tell you she got an earful when she returned and many wrote to her company.

    Still, if people were paid decent wages and could afford to shop elsewhere maybe they would. Oh well, I hate Wal-Mart and all their horrific practices.

  62. It’s circular, Senneth. Walmart IS one of the reasons people aren’t paid decent wages and can afford to shop elsewhere

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