One more example of how the far right is just as toxic to women as the far left

Republican and Democratic Party Leaders holding a joint meeting.

There is just no end to the examples. They just keep coming.

I have said plenty of times that the only difference between the far left and the far right is the far right doesn’t even bother pretending they give a rat’s ass about women, and every single day, they prove me right.

When Sarah Palin was treated to sexist,  misogynist behaviors from the far left, I defended her. You need only do a search on this blog to confirm that. I may not agree with her on plenty of things, and to be honest, sometimes she makes me wince, but I defended her.

When Michelle Bachmann was told to act like a lady by that decrepit old fart Arlin Specter, I came to her defense, even though I probably agree with her 10 percent of the time she opens her mouth.

I did this in spite of the fact that, in the back of my mind, I remembered what the far right did to Hillary for 15 years. It was so horrid that the Obama people didn’t even have to create their own photoshopped graphics of Hillary. All they had to do was swipe them from Republican blogs. They didn’t even have to invent the Hillary Nutcracker, but boy were they EVER offended when a Sarah Nutcracker appeared, eh? Well so was I. The problem here is plenty of us Disgusted Democratic bloggers  Give,  but we never Receive the same respect from our counterparts.

I defended these women because it’s the right thing to do for the future of America’s women as leaders. It isn’t about what their political ideology is, it’s about RESPECT. It’s about calling people out for behaving in ways and doing things they would never do to men.  It’s about not standing for remarks that are designed to deliberately degrade a woman candidate and lessen her value next to the opponent with the little dick he pretends is big. It doesn’t matter to me what the letter in parenthesis is after his name, a  deliberately degrading man should not be allowed to get away with such behaviors. He should be held up as the terrible example he is.

Even after joining with them during election 2008, the Republican Party never fails to disappoint me.  I watched some nose-picking yahoo in Texas post an ad  on Drudge with Sheila Jackson Lee’s mouth taped up. Did I hear a word about that from a single Republican? Nope.

Now we have another far right crackpot pig running against a Congresswoman in Ohio and a Medina, Ohio GOP Flier has this to say:

“take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen,”

Now, I don’t even know who Betty Sutton is. That’s not the point. The point is Sexist Bullshit, which every woman in this country should be sick of by now. Not Democratic Sexist Bullshit. or Republican Sexist Bullshit. ALL Sexist Bullshit is offensive. Sexist Bullshit towards one woman creates license to do it to any other woman, regardless of party. You would think everybody would Get That Point. But nope.

Please take a minute to stop over to Murphy’s place, where you can find out how to complain about the GOP flier remark, not that it will matter to the dirtbag Bill Heck, who doesn’t even have the courtesy to apologize for the remark, but instead thinks it’s just fine as-is. But at least people like this will know that one day, we may help them reap what they sow.

…But will I read a word about this from a single Republican blogger, much less a female Republican blogger? Nope.

And that is why I am sick of choosing between Death By Fire and Death By Drowning for women.  That is what choosing between the far left that hijacked my party and the far right that hijacked the other party means to me. I’m done with these two parties. They disgust me.

From here on in, the Republicans will get from me exactly what  Democratic women get from them when one of  Their Own Precious Boys attacks a woman opponent using degrading Gender remarks:



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  1. Pretty much covers it UW.

  2. I love it…Death by Fire vs Death by Drowning. That is exactly what it is.

  3. Give me liberty or give me death by fire.

  4. Well why not. You have a dick.

  5. Now that was an intelligent entry, 15.

    Not you – Wiki. I realize it is a quote, but gee. It is THAT type of thing that got us where we are with Oilslick Oilsoc.

  6. OT and just reported on Fox…

    DOJ IS opening a Criminal Investigation of Goldman-Sachs.


    Like anything is going to happen.

  7. Sorry, but I refuse to have this shit posted here.

  8. It’s a big dog and pony show, FF. Some phoney public-stroking among friends. Very Good Friends.

  9. Pretty much covers it UW.

    Ladies, how can you not love this guy?

  10. Oklahoma makes it legal and holds doctors harmless if they feel the need to lie to a pregnant woman about birth defects of fetuses, if the doctor is anti abortion and fears it could result in the woman having an abortion.
    Yes, let me repeat that….a doctor can legally lie to a woman about whether or not the child she is carrying is healthy.

  11. UW,

    Over the past months, you have raised my consciousness markedly about the attitude toward, and abuse of, women by politicians of all stripes and both genders

    In return, I will tell you what my wise aunt used to say when I was beyond my limit of endurance for the folly and villainy of others: “You can’t put your head on someone else’s shoulders.” Profound? No. Calming? Yes. Be of good cheer, UW, and know that you’ve fostered the feminist growth of at least one of your faithful readers, who in turn will pass it on.

  12. DE said, “Pretty much covers it UW.”

    UW said, “Ladies, how can you not love this guy?”

    Mary says, “Oh, but I already do.”

  13. The Oklahoma decision codifies and legalizes indecency. The same mentality that claims it is protecting the rights of th unborn is, in fact, defiling those rights. “You’ll be deaf, blind, retarded, crippled because we moral human beings say so.”

  14. It has been illegal for a long time to withhold information about a patient’s own health, but then these crackpots have had a long time to creep on women and destroy their lives, and now, in addition, they have earned the right to keep information about her own baby from a woman. Make that recepticle rather than woman.

    If I were a female legislator in Oaklahoma (fat chance) I would submit legislation to make it legal to withhold information about men’s balls and penises, even if it means they die. See who well they would like that.

    What, you say? You have a RIGHT to know what’s going on in YOUR own body?

  15. We’re worrying about Islam and I tell you true, if these fake Christian zealots could get away with it, they would hobble us just as badly. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

  16. Amen, Uppity.

  17. It isn’t about what their political ideology is, it’s about RESPECT.

    The image of the political oinkers party at the trough is so appropos. And the lack of respect, character, values, and respect they so willingly, openly, and flauntingly display. It is just so thoroughly amazing how a girl can threaten a guy(s). Just amazing!

  18. GRETA was indignant about Iran being named to the Status of Women human rghts subcommittee.

  19. would a court uphold a lawsuit against a doctor who lied about the health of an unborn child and make the doctor responsible for all medical bills for the child’s lifetime?

    As far as respect for women these fools don’t even have respect for the country.

    Arizona made some changes in the immigration bill.



  20. sorry Towncrier I disagree. That pic is an insult to barnyard animals everywhere

    great post Uppity!

  21. Yup we talked about that in yesterday’s thread Barbara. It’s over unless and until women take to the streets by the millions. But that would mean the girlz at Ms and NOW would break their fingernails.

    Did you see the link where Oaklahoma now made it legal for a doctor to lie to a pregnant woman about birth defects if the doctor thinks it could end in abortion?

  22. Gotta love that Cleveland Plain Dealer. They’re the ones who figured out that one person was writing the same letter to all the newspapers across the country, blowing Barack Obama.

    Medina County Republican executive chairman Bill Heck says no harm meant, it was just a GOP inside joke, when a local party newsletter recently exhorted fellow Republicans to take Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton “out of the House and put her back in the kitchen!”

    But the comment went viral for a reason: It was no joke. This was a conscious insult that betrays backward thinking, narrow-mindedness and sexism about women’s roles in American life.

    “We’ll be more politically correct as we go forward,” Heck told the Medina Gazette.

    How about a simple apology instead — especially if Heck wants to take his politics out of the Middle Ages and put them back in modern life.

    Well Heck, Mr. Heck. Aren’t you just the Number One poster boy for Republican Assholeness.

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