Interesting First Quarter winners and losers

First Quarter Winners I thought might interest you:

Goldman Sachs, currently participating in a BS dog and pony show with their Congressional BFFs and Servants and the White House appointees at the SEC, enjoyed $12.78 billion in revenues for the first quarter of this year, up by 35.5% over last year.

Google, proving once again that the more a company destroys your privacy and steals intellectual properties, the more money they can earn, reported revenues of $6.77 billion in the first quarter, up 23% over last year’s first quarter.

Snake Bank

We screw America one customer at a time.

Poor Poor Bailout-Needy Bank Of America, the Bastion of Loan Sharking, found that their  profits rose 0.7% over last year to $2.83 billion, most likely off the backs of their best-paying customers who woke up one day to find their new interest rate had been arbitrarily increased up to 29%. Boy, that “Credit Card Reform” sure hurt them badly and helped their customers, didn’t it?

Poor Poor Bailout-Needy JP Morgan Chase, a Member of Loan Sharks Anonymous, beat all estimates with revenues up 11%, totalling $28.2 billion. Other sites say their revenues were only $27.7 billion, poor babies.

Poor, Poor Bailout-Needy Citigroup suffered the highest income since Q2 2007. They raked in $25.4 billion.

Poor Poor Bailout-Needy Capital One Financial, knocked all estimates out of the box with a revenue jump to $4.3 billion from $2.9 billion last year. Net income: $636.3 million, all off the backs of their most reliable credit card payers who woke up one morning to find that their  single-digit interest rate had arbitrarily been raised to loan shark levels just in the knick of time before “Credit Card Reform” kicked in–knowing fully well their customers with great FICO scores wouldn’t cancel the cards because it would affect those scores. I think it was so nice of Congress to give companies such as this bastion of integrity a 90 day warning, don’t you?

Ford records $2.1 billion profit and surpasses estimates. Which goes to show you that companies not run by the government really are better off.

Helped by higher oil prices that hurt you, UK’s  BP oil records $5.59 billion in profits for first quarter, up from $2.38 billion in first quarter of 2009. This is the same careless company that filled up the Gulf with their oil recently, and even as we speak, that spill is reaching Lousiana’s shores,killing animals and sea life in a most horrific manner, touching off what is clearly about to become the worst environmental disaster in history. It appears that this spill will make the Valdez look like a baby diaper leak. Just to give you a feel of how far-reaching this spill is and how dangerous it is to Life, the spill occurred when a pipe associated with a well ONE MILE BELOW the water exploded. Now perhaps we all understand why so many people oppose offshore drilling and have no trust in oil companies and their  greedy, cavalier attitude toward every species, including human beings.

Finally, I can’t for the life of me find GM’s AKA Government Motors’  Q1 earnings report, but then it’s always hard to find things that are controlled by the government. I mean, when I Scroogled all the other company names, link upon link appeared showing their Q1 earnings reports. Not so with GM. However, I did find quite of few dog and pony reports on how “Optimistic” they are for Q1. Here, their CEO, “hints” at “Solid” results. I guess that means they are hoping they lost less money this quarter. That’s an improvement, right?  All righty, then.

Here is the list of biggest First Quarter Losers:




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  1. “You can get more with a gun and a smile than with just a smile” – Al Capone”

  2. Fox truly makes me puke just like MSNBC does. They are talking about BP’s oil explosion and all they are worrying about is whether we won’t be able to drill. These people have no souls. Animals and sea life will die for years to come, waters will be polluted AGAIN forever and people will die from eating fish, fishermen will be out of business and what is FOX talking about? Whether this was sabotoge done deliberately to stop drilling.

    I keep trying to give these news channels a chance every now and then, but it’s futile.

  3. Funny, they called the age of the Robber Barons the gilded age. I wonder how history will label this – the age of unregulated thievery? The age when gambling became the SOP of investment. The age of totally immoral capitalism?

  4. Funny you should mention GM. I just got an email from them a few days ago, letting me know that they had paid off their loan:

    Dear (Stooge)

    We are proud to announce we have repaid our government loan – in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule. We realize we still have more to do. Our goal is to exceed every expectation you’ve set for us. We’re designing, building and selling the best cars and trucks in the world. Like the award-winning Chevy Malibu, the all-new Buick LaCrosse, the versatile Cadillac CT,

    blah blah blah.

    How the hell did they do that? No one is buying cars right now. If they are, they’re paying interest rates that border on usury.

    WTF is going on?????????

  5. Irlandese they paid off their loan with another loan. Three card monte bigboy style.

  6. Irlandese, they borrowed more money to pay off their previous loan. Peter pays Paul again.

  7. Ha! DE you beat me! My server is a little slow today! (as am I….more caffeine needed)

  8. Dear (Stooge)


    Cheer up, sucker. Chrysler told us point blank they have NO intention of paying off their loan and nobody said a word.

  9. they paid off their loan with another loan.

    From us.

    Ah God. Barack is going to be on TV talking about the economy shortly. More bullshit.


    U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights


  11. Well they really wanted to be on the Human Rights commission but the USA objected to that. So they put them on the Women’s Commission since women aren’t humans, so no harm done.

  12. Well they really wanted to be on the Human Rights commission but the USA objected to that. So they put them on the Women’s Commission since women aren’t humans, so no harm done.

    OMG Uppity that really made me LOL! Except I’m not really laughing in a happy way…….

  13. What has the UN ever done for the United States? EVER? Have they ever given aid in an emergency? Anything?

  14. It’s the truth, imust.

    New Post up.

  15. As far as Oilslick and the Boyz At Goldman Sucks, seems Oilslick is in Bed with Big Oil too –

    this poster (who is always smart) at Hi44 had this to say…

    Mrs. Smith
    April 30th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Well, it looks like this Gulf Oil Spill is going to be Obama’s legacy. A major mistake holding Obama responsible for allowing offshore drilling after regulators warned not enough safeguards are in place.

    The spill is pumping 42,000 gals a day into the Gulf, 5,000 ft down under the ocean floor and theres no way to plug up the leak.

    The BP VP Richard Morrison, convinced Obama and his Energy czar, it was too much trouble to require or be mandated taking the necessary safety precautions advised by concerned environmentalists to the oil rig. Morrison suggested they follow Voluntary programs as the most efficient for all concerned because the suggested precautions were too disruptive to their operations. George Frazier, the accountant for Trans Ocean Ltd. agreed with Morrison, adding there would be a prohibitive amount of paperwork, Frazier stating “just too much paperwork” for the company. I wonder how Obama, Morrison and BP’s CEO feel now seeing the spill is over 1800 sq miles with no end in sight.

    Now that the Gulf Oil Spill is part of Obama’s legacy. Demonstrating a president too weak to stand-up to potential corporate donors. When he was elected to represent America’s best interests once again proving, he’s not the man for the job.

  16. …and I also heard it was – wait for it – Haliburton(!) who poured the cement at the well-head and there was a “flaw”

    So there ya have it – it was Bush’s fault.

  17. I like the “Oilslick” moniker, FF! Looks like the oil spill episode is going to be BO’s ‘Katrina.’ Hey, couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.

  18. I want to say something about Gulf Drilling for Oil and I will probably get jumped on by many. Having lived in both Galveston, and now in Saint Petersburg, FL – BOTH on the Gulf – I surely have a dog in this hunt.

    With over 4000 rigs in the Gulf, this is the first major environmental disaster we have seen here. I think it is HORRENDOUS, and the long-term effects are as yet unknown, but do not look good. All the usual victims will be harmed – animal and marine life and marine ecosystems – all of which I LOVE DEARLY (it’s WHY I live by the water) – thousands – perhaps and more likely hundreds of thousands of generally poor Americans losing their livelihoods, and of course, tourism.

    But despite Uppity’s attack of FauxNews and the question of “was it sabotage?” there seems to be a need to at least ASK that question. There are many many groups who oppose US oil drilling for a variety of reasons – MOST laudable – some wacko, but the fact remains that these types of spills are EXTREMELY rare, and at this point, NO ONE KNOWS – but YOU CAN BET British Petroleum will find out.

    These are very strange times, and what we SEE isn’t always what is there. It is MUCH TOO EARLY into the investigation to determine anything. remember – the first three reports in disasters are wrong, but there is a strange silence among the press as to the cause. This, the same press, who reported that the Polish President’s plane “tried to land four times” when in fact, it did not. This is the same press that well, you know, lies about everything.

    I believe this WAS a terrible accident, HOWEVER, many Oil-rig workers and military folks calling in to morning radio here had grave doubts that ALL the fail-safe systems failed. The BEST scenario I heard is that when the rig itself sank, it busted off the stop valve (which automatically trips in a gas blowback) there by unleashing the torrent of black tar. If there is no valve to “turn off” – all attempts will fail. Short of that, or another rare failure, sabotage MAY be the cause. Look at Toyota – just too many odd things in that – from a company who also had a pretty good safety record.

    So, here we are with a conundrum. We can continue to buy ALL our oil now from these women-hating and/or drug cartel nations, or we can clean up, suck up and do better. We DO need to develop alternative energy, but HERE – not in China – and of course, this disaster willl naturally “make gas prices skyrocket” to paraphrase the CiC when he spoke about Coal and CAP AND TRADE. But we need oil. Pure and simple. If the “magic bullet” were invented TODAY that would take away to need, the fact is NOTHING can run without oil (or not much of anything) including your bike, your sewing machine and your lawn mower.

    When I lived in Texas, in Galveston, we had NO problem with oil on the beaches. In fact, it was MEDICAL WASTE there that was the problem. Needles, pill bottles, stuff from industrial medical garbage.

    America ALWAYS REACTS and never “responds” – nor do we do real planning – When Mary Landreau described this as as “an unmitigated disaster” it makes my point even more clear. We REACT in a kneejerk way. The TSA is a great example.

    I support off-shore drilling AS WELL AS development of other sources of fuel. But I have grown cynical – even more so in the last 2 years, and I cannot help but consider – especially with the billionaire players already in Cap and Trade – including the POTUS, that we may have a fox in the henhouse.

    Time will tell.

  19. and THIS is TOTAL BULLSHIT from Axelgrease (on the BBC link in the sidebar)

    “He also defended the administration’s response to the 20 April explosion that destroyed the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig saying: “We had the coast guard in almost immediately.”


    Who is he kidding?!
    The Coast Guard, unlike the Army, etc., does not have to wait for a command from the President to act! If you remember IN KATRINA, it was the Coast Guard who was on the job immediately – and didn’t have to wait fro orders from Bush. While Brownie and Nagan and W were fucking around, Coasties were flying in and out and there in rescue boats. I live 20 miles from the largest SARRR CG Station IN THE WORLD for Air Operations, and I can tell you already the aircraft traffic, as during Katrina, has increased outta here already.

    Alxlegrease, like his boss Oilslick, are just flat out liars.

  20. You might be surprised but I am not going to argue with you, FF. I have been thinking, Gee, how convenient the economy collapsed just in time for Barack Obama, who was down in the election polls at the time. And now there’s this drilling problem, and Barack, being the kind of guy with a fence post up his ass at all times, now can get out of drilling because BP did this terrible thing, and well Golly it’s not his fault. Shucks.

  21. I DO however, what to know what BP’s exposure is for the economic and environmental devastation their spill has wrought upon the the Gulf.

  22. Hccording to a BP spokes person in the BBC story, they will pay for it, along with TransOcean (I did annual report stuff for them when I lived in Texas).

    I IMAGINE – as these things go – the courts and the lawyers will make a bundle – HOWEVER locally they reported today that BP is already hiring fishermen who will be losing their gigs to help with the cleanup.

    Good for them.

  23. And Uppity – I KNOW how you feel about Beck – but it SEEMS he has tied the corruption collective into a neat bag – with Cap and Trade as the big Enchilada (as opposed to those annoying illegals Oilslick panders to)

    read at RBO…and suffer through him. Other blogs with readership are starting to take notice.

    The thing is, if he is right, he is a dead man walking.

  24. No you don’t really know how I feel about Beck. It’s much worse than you think, even. I see him as the other evil side of a double evil coin. And if George were president today, you wouldn’t be hearing a thing from him. I don’t trust him. I don’t think he’s sincere. I think he’s doing it for the money and the viewership and I KNOW he is the quintessential asshole Mormon who hates women and he can just go fuck himself. I hated him long before he called women psychos. That was just my last straw.

    If they take him out, it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Listen, what good is fighting for anything if we are all going to be shackled because we don’t have dicks? What’s the difference which side shackles us?

    And I never gave much of a crap what other blogs take notice of, you know that, FF. I beat to my own drum. I like the size of my blog. I am perfectly happy with my readership and if I lost it all tomorrow, I would carry on. My first and number one priority is to do what I can to make sure women aren’t burned at the stake. Again. And to excuse this from anyone is to invite a very bad future.

    Anyone that wants to see beck can go see him somewhere else. Half the stuff he talks about i covered on this blog more than a year ago.

  25. I DO however, what to know what BP’s exposure is for the economic and environmental devastation their spill has wrought upon the the Gulf.

    NONE after they get it declared an act of terrorism.

  26. Well we have to ask ourselves. Who would benefit by this spill and in what ways?

  27. “NONE after they get it declared an act of terrorism.”

    so true, DE. And so far my money is leaning that way based on the quiet nature of” blame”

    As for benefit, Uppity? Boone Pickins, whose Empire fell short when gas prices fell…along with Pelosi’s investment – Cap & Trade folks – Green Jobs Folks Cash Infusions, Unions, China, Al Gore…all the usual suspects. Not to mention the Mexican Oil Cartels and Chavez.

    But this is awfully big in conspiracy theories. I say wait and see. BUT – there WILL BE BENEFIT to now ramrod C&T. Right along with two Mine disasters, it’s a no-brainer. POTUS wins.

  28. FF I would love to see them explain how cap and trade is related to this oil spill. How does pretending to trade carbon units fix this problem? I’m telling you if they do this, they are not only going to lose congress in November, but there is going to be an echo in the Democratic caucus room.

    And I think that dumping the illegal immigration issue for cap and trade is the dumbist thing they have done yet, given the severity of the issue right now. They can kiss the latinos goodbye.

  29. Let’s see. He screwed women. He screwed gays. He screwed Jews. Now he screwed latinos. Nobody could be this stupid. It’s got to be deliberate.

  30. And I see where Al Gore is buying a new $8.8 million mansion.

    Anybody get it yet?

  31. “And I see where Al Gore is buying a new $8.8 million mansion.

    Anybody get it yet?”

    He’s downsizing to be more GREEN.

  32. $8.8 buys a nice fixerupper in CA

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